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Assessment Criteria Rubric Descriptors - Visual Arts

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									Assessment Criteria Rubric Descriptors - Visual Arts
This is a holistic rubric serving the function of helping you understand your growth as an art student in a given course. The 5 criteria are areas that will help you
become a better creative thinker and artist. Think of each category as stepping stones, not grade levels. There is always room to grow and achieve more.

                                  EXCEPTIONAL                          STRONG                          STANDARD                       REASONABLE                        BEGINNING
Imaginative Expression      Visual expression embodies a      Visual expression exhibits       Composition demonstrates a       Work shows a basic              Work reflects an indiscriminate
Visual explorations,        strong and uniquely individual    an individual approach in        personal interpretation of an    understanding of                understanding and
forms, and solutions are    conceptual and contextual         the development of               idea characterized by            conventional concepts,          representation of an idea.
                            development of visual             concept and context.             conventional visual              imagery, and forms.
creative, original, and
                            imagery presented in original     Imagery is mostly original in    representations using
unique. Ideas and visual
                            forms and design.                 source and form.                 traditional forms and design.
forms are presented in an
inventive manner.
Purposeful Exploration      Visual expression represents     Visual expression exhibits a      Composition demonstrates a       Work shows basic awareness      Work portrays a minimal use of
Thoughtful exploration of   thoroughly examined cultural     conscious and thoughtful          relevance of context, personal   of how context, personal        formal and personal
the creative process,       contexts, personal knowledge     reflection on cultural contexts   knowledge and available          knowledge and experience,       knowledge in expressing an
                            and available resources to       and an intentional use of         resources in forming and         and available resources         idea.
personal choice, and
                            inform creative intent, the      personal knowledge and            communicating ideas.             inform the creative process.
intent reflecting
                            creative process and             available resources to inform
knowledge of the world      individual choices.              the creative process.
around you and available
Formal Qualities            Visual expression represents     Visual expression exhibits a      Composition demonstrates         Work shows conservative         Work reflects a basic
Strong compositions,        an excellent command of          purposeful and thoughtful         understanding and                application of design           knowledge of design qualities.
clearly reflecting an       appropriate design systems,      application of design             competency in use of design      elements and principles.
                            elements, and principles         structures and the elements       systems, principles and
understanding and
                            which strengthens creative       and principles of design in       elements in support of a
application of design
                            intent.                          support of creative               personal perspective.
structures, elements and                                     Intent.
Technical and Media         Visual expression represents     Visual expression exhibits a      Composition demonstrates a       Work shows sufficient control   Work reflects a limited
Skills                      adventurous choices and          purposeful and thoughtful         personal preference and          of media, techniques, and       proficiency of media
Command of media and        excellent command of             application of media,             competent use of media,          tools.                          techniques and tools.
                            appropriate media,               techniques and tools in           techniques and tools in
techniques. Attention to
                            techniques, and tools which      support of creative intent.       support of a personal
detail, craftsmanship,
                            strengthens creative intent.                                       perspective.
appropriateness, and
overall effort.
Meaning and Function        Visual expression embodies       Visual expression exhibits a      Composition demonstrates a       Work shows sufficient           Work displays minimal
Finished product            an exceptional unity of          distinctive blend of individual   successful combination of        capability in choosing          purposeful relationships
expresses a synthesis of    original thought, imagery,       perspective, imagery, form,       imagery, media, technique,       appropriate imagery, media,     between idea, imagery, media,
                            form, media and techniques       media and techniques in           and design to express a          and form to present a           and skills.
concept, personal and
                            in support of creative intent.   support of creative intent.       personal perspective.            conventional idea.
formal knowledge, and
technical skill.
GROWTH   Exceptional                         Strong                            Standard                   Reasonable                Beginning
         There is substantial visual and     There is a good amount of         There is a satisfactory    There is some work, of    There is little work
         written work of high quality,       quality work, both visual and     amount and quality of      uneven quality, and       or evidence of
         showing evidence of excellent       written, which shows              work, and evidence of      evidence that some        growth. The student
         growth in five assessment           considerable growth in the five   growth in five             growth in five            shows minimal
         criteria during the course. The     assessment criteria during the    assessment criteria. The   assessment criteria has   ability to discuss
         student demonstrates the ability    course. The student               student shows an ability   taken place. The          his/her own
         to discriminate between his/her     demonstrates some ability to      to discuss his/her own     student shows some        development.
         works of different quality and to   discriminate between his/her      development.               ability to discuss
         articulate clearly the              works of different quality and                               his/her own
         relationship to his/her             to relate them to his/her                                    development.
         development.                        development.

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