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									                                                                                                     August             1996             #{149}   Volume         200,     Number              2

A ,,ioiitlilil      journal           dt’vott’d
to clinical radiology                  and
allied      sciences      OZL’?lt’d

111111   pziblislzc’d171/Tlic’
Radiological           Society         of
North        Aoit’rica,       Inc.

                                                                                                                                                       341         Diffuse   Lung Disease:       Assessment
Contents        of Radlo!ogi/          copy-                 State        of the Art                                                                               with Helical   CT-Preliminary
righted      1996 by the Radio-
logical    Society         of North                                                                                                                                Observations              of the Role                  of
America,         Inc. Society          Office,        297    Selective          Use of Radiographic                        Low-
2021 Spring            Rd. Suite 601),
                                                                                                                                                                   Maximum               and Minimum                       Intensity
                                                             Osmolality            Contrast  Media                      in the
Oak Brook,            IL 60521.                                                                                                                                    Projection            Images
    Radio1o,’iI           published
                                                                                                                                                                        Meenakshi              Bhalla,         David        P. Naidich,
monthly         by the Radiological                             James        H. Ellis,        Richard              H. Cohan,
Society of North               America,                                                                                                                                 Georgeann              McGuinness,                 James            E
                                                                Seema           S. Sonnad,           and       Nina          Shafiroff
Inc. 2021 Spring              Rd. Suite                                                                                                                                 Gruden,          Barry   S. Leitman,                  and
600, Oak Brook,               IL 60521                          Cohan
                                                                                                                                                                        Dorothy          I. McCauley
(ISSN     0033-8419).            Printed        in
USA. Periodical               class postage                                                                                                            349         Opportunistic         Bronchopulmonary
paid at Oak Brook,                  IL. The                  Editorials                                                                                            Infections       after Lung Transplantation:
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for the USA, Canada,                   and                                                                                                                         Clinical      and Radiographic         Findings
Mexico       is $205.00          per year             312    Volumetric        Analysis     of Volumetric                                                               Revati      Shreeniwas,                 Larry       L.
(add $40.0() for postage                   to                Data:     Achieving        a Paradigm     Shift
Canada        and Mexico).             The                                                                                                                              Schulman,    Yahya     M. Berkmen,
resident       subscription            rate is                  Geoffrey             D. Rubin,             Sandy        Napel,                                          Canton    C. McGregor,     and John                                 H.
$75.00     per year (foreign                resi-               and Ann              N. Leung                                                                           M. Austin
dents    add $40.00        for post-
age). The foreign          and Pan-                   318    Tethered    Cord and Associated
American       subscription        rate is
                                                             Anomalies      in Children    and Infants
$205.00     per year (add 545.0(1                                                                                                                                  Breast           Imaging
for surface      mail postage).                              with Imperforate       Anus:    Evaluation
(Air freight      is available;      rates                   with MR Imaging          and Plain
 are furnished            on request.)                                                                                                                 357         Positive   Predictive     Value of Breast
 Single      copies      are $25.01) each                                                                                                                          Biopsy    Performed      as a Result   of
 (foreign       add $5.00 for post-                             Elias      R. Meihem
                                                                                                                                                                   Mammography:           There    is No Abrupt
 age). Members’               notice      of
 missing        issues     or change-of-              320    Whither            Thou        Goest,          Magnetization                                          Change     at Age 50 Years
 address        (include         old mailing                 Transfer?                                                                                                Daniel   B. Kopans,     Richard   H. Moore,
 label and new address)
 should       be sent to RSNA                                   David           M. Yousem                                                                               Kathleen       A. McCarthy,                     Deborah                 A.
 Membership              Department,                                                                                                                                    Hall,    Carol   A. Hulka,                    Gary    J.
                                                      323    Deep   Venous               Thrombosis:                     One         Leg
 Suite 600, 2021 Spring                    Rd.                                                                                                                          Whitman,              Priscilla        J. Slanetz,             and
 Oak Brook, IL 60521-1860.                                   or Both Legs?
 Nonmembers’                orders       for sub-                                                                                                                       Elkan       F Halpern
 scriptions.         remittances,            and
                                                                John       J.   Cronan
 change-of-address                  notices                                                                                                                361     Microcalcifications         in Breast     Core
                                                      325    Role of the Imaging      Specialist      in the
 (include        old mailing           label                                                                                                                       Biopsy      Specimens:       Disappearance
 and new address)                  should       be           Detection  of Opportunistic         Infection
                                                                                                                                                                   at Radiography         after Storage       in
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                                                                                                                                                                   son for Yield of Breast    Tissue
  90 days of the date of issue.                       327    Glossary              of Terms          for     CT of the
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  Rd. Suite 600, Oak Brook,                    IL      333   Diffuse    Infiltrative         Lung Disease:
  60521.     Dues are payable                an-                                                                                                                    Tumors
                                                             Clinical    Value of Sliding-Thin-Slab
  nually     in January.          In accor-                                                                                                                              Antti      T. Markkola,                Hannu         J.      Aronen,
  dance     with U.S. postal             regu-               Maximum          Intensity       Projection   CT
  lations,     $102.50       of active
                                                                                                                                                                         limo       Paavonen,               Erkki        Hopsu,          Leena
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  membership            dues     and $37.50                                                                                                                              M. Sipil#{228},Jukka               I. Tanttu,        and        Raimo
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                                                             Micronodular            Patterns
                                                                                                                                                                         E. Sepponen
  are allocated          to a subscrip-                          Martine            Remy-Jardin,                   Jacques           Remy,
  tion of Radiology.
                                                                 Dominique               Artaud,   Franck
                                                                 Deschildre,             and Alain    Duhamel

377   Tethered      Cord and Associated         Vertebral    Anomalies                433   Recurrent    Angina       Pectoris    in Patients      with Internal
      in Children       and Infants   with Imperforate         Anus:                        Mammary       Artery     to Coronary        Artery     Bypass:
      Evaluation      with MR Imaging         and Plain                                     Treatment     with Coil Embolization              of Unligated
      Radiography                                                                           Side Branches
         Frederick     R. Long, Jill V. Hunter,      Soroosh                                   Ajay Chavan,       Andreas      Mugge,      Claudia     Hohmann,
         Mahboubi,       Angela   Kalmus,    and John M.                                       Ivo Amende,       Thorsten      Wahiers,     and Michael
         Templeton,      Jr                                                                    Galanski

383   Diagnostic    Value of Spinal        US: Comparative                 Study
      with MR Imaging         in Pediatric      Patients
         Wiltrud   K. Rohrschneider,         Michael     Forsting,         Kassa
         Darge,  and Jochen      Tr#{246}ger                                          437   Benign      Biliary     Obstruction:          Is Treatment    with the
                                                                                            Wallstent       Advisable?
389   Normal    Gyration  and Sulcation      in Preterm   and
                                                                                               Klaus A. Hausegger,              Christian     Kugler,   Martin
      Term Neonates:     Appearance      on MR Images
         Marjo S. van der Knapp,     Gerda    van Wezel-Meijler,                               Uggowitzer,         Johannes       Lammer,       Radenko     Karaic,
         Peter C. Barth, Frederik   Barkhof,    Herman    J. Ad#{232}r,                        Guenther         E. Klein, and Manfred            Maurer
         and Jaap Valk
                                                                                            Abdominal             and       Gastrointestinal
                                                                                      443   CT and MR Imaging                in the Staging   of Colorectal
397   Dacron-covered            Stent-Grafts        for the Percutaneous
                                                                                            Carcinoma:        Report       of the Radiology      Diagnostic
      Treatment        of Carotid       Aneurysms:         Effectiveness        and
                                                                                            Oncology       Group      II
      Biocompatibility-Experimental                      Study     in Swine
                                                                                               Elias A. Zerhouni,          Carolyn   Rutter,  Stanley      R.
         Johann      Link, Bernd        Feyerabend,       Matte Grabener,
                                                                                               Hamilton,      Dennis       M. Balfe, Alec J. Megibow,         Isaac
         Ulf Linstedt,       Joachim       Brossmann,       Holger     Thomsen,
                                                                                               R. Francis,    Albert     A. Moss, Jay P. Heiken,        Clare M.
         and Martin        Helter
                                                                                               C. Tempany,       Alex M. Aisen,       Jeffrey  C. Weinreb,
403   Optimization         of Parameters    for the Detection         of                       Constantine       Gatsonis,       and Barbara   J. McNeil
      Cerebral      Aneurysms:        CT Angiography         of a Model               453   Dynamic       Contrast-enhanced           Subtraction          versus     T2-
         David     F. Kalimes,    Avery J. Evans,    Richard     J.                         weighted      Spin-Echo         MR Imaging        in the Follow-up
         Woodcock,        Reed A. Omary,     James    E. Dix, Barry C.
                                                                                            of Colorectal       Neoplasm:        A Prospective           Study     of 41
         McNulty,      Chad A. Holder,     and Jacques        E. Dion
                                                                                               Karen    Kinkel,     Anne A. Tardivon,          Philippe       Soyer,
                                                                                               Alain Spatz,       Philippe    Lasser,   Philippe        Rougier,     and
                                                                                               Daniel    Vanel
407   Do lodinated        Contrast       Media     Increase      Serum                459   Liver     Masses:          Replacement         of Conventional     T2-
      Potassium       Levels?                                                               weighted          Spin-Echo        MR      Imaging    with Breath-hold
         Katsumi      Hayakawa         and   Yoshihiko        Shimizu                       MR      Imaging
                                                                                               Jochen Gaa, Hiroto                 Hatabu,    Roger               L. Jenkins,                    J.
                                                                                               Paul    Finn,     and     Robert       R. Edelman
                                                                                      465   Focal Liver Disease:        Comparison      of Breath-hold
413   Traumatic      Aortic    Injury:      Diagnosis     with Contrast-                    Ti-weighted        MP-GRE     MR Imaging        and Contrast-
      enhanced      Thoracic       CT-Five-year         Experience    at a                  enhanced       CT-Lesion      Detection,    Localization,      and
      Major Trauma          Center                                                          Characterization
         Stuart  E. Mirvis,      Kethirkamuganathan                                            Eduard      E. de Lange,  John P. Mugler       III, Spencer   B.
         Shanmuganathan,            Barbara     H. Miller, Charles    S.                       Gay, Gia A. DeAngelis,        Stuart  S. Berr, and Eugene
         White,   and Stephen         Z. Turney                                                K. Harris
423   Deep     Venous      Thrombosis       of the Lower       Extremity:             475   Fistula     in Ano:   Endoanal       Sonography           versus
      Efficacy      of Spiral    CT Venography          Compared       with                 Endoanal        MR Imaging        in Classification
      Conventional          Venography       in Diagnosis                                       Shahid     M. Hussain,     Jaap Stoker,       Willem      R.
          Manfred      M. Baldt, Thomas        Zontsich,     Andreas                            Schouten,     Wim C. J. Hop, and Johan              S. Lam#{233}ris
                         Erich Minar,
                                         and Gerhard
                                                             H. Mostbeck                                                                .   . -   .‘,..   .‘ .    .       .-   .   :       .‘
                                                                                                                                                                                       #{149}        ‘
                                                                                                                                                                                                 #{149}.:   k

429   Suspected     Deep     Venous     Thrombosis:      Is US of Both                                                                                                :                         :‘-‘

      Legs Necessary?                                                                 483   Benign     and Malignant       Gynecologic   Disease:
         James   B. Naidich,     Joanne    R. Torre, John S. Pellerito,                     Clinical    Importance     of Fluid and Peritoneal
         Ira S. Smalberg,     Daniel    J. Kase, and Kenneth      S.                        Enhancement         in the Pelvis   at MR Imaging
         Crystal                                                                               Eric K. Outwater,      Evan S. Siegelman,    Kim                                        M.
                                                                                               Wilson,    and Donald     G. Mitchell
489   Prostate      Cancer:      Metabolic         Response     to
      Cryosurgery          as Detected        with 3D H-i MR
      Spectroscopic          Imaging
                                                                                         541   The     Role     of Radiology             in the      Oklahoma               City
         John Kurhanewicz,              Daniel     B. Vigneron,    Hedvig
         Hricak,     Farhad      Parivar,      Sarah J. Nelson,     Katsuto
                                                                                                  Peter J. Nye, Timothy                  L. Tytle,       Robert       N. Jarman,
         Shinohara,        and Peter R. Carroll
                                                                                                  and Bob G. Eaton
497   Transvaginal          Uterine     Cervical     Dilation        with
                                                                                         545   Too Many          Radiologists?             Update
      Fluoroscopic          Guidance:        Preliminary          Results     in
      Patients     with     Infertility                                                           Murray        L. Janower         and     Jonathan          H. Sunshine
         Kevin       W. Dickey,     Tony    G. Zreik,     Henry       C. Hsia,
         David       J. Eschelman,        David     L. Keefe, David          L.
         Olive,      Jeffrey   S. Pollak,     Melvin    Rosenblatt,         and
         Morton         G. Glickman                                                      551   The Radiological        Society   of North      America                             82nd
                                                                                               Scientific   Assembly       and Annual        Meeting,
                                                                                               McCormick        Place,  Chicago,    Illinois
                                                                                                  Ernest  J. Ferris
505   Quantitating          Regrowth       Delay     of Prostate          Cancers
      after Failure    of Radiation      Therapy                                               Technical    Developments
         Shelli Hood-Hanks,        Alexandra     L. Hanlon,                 and                and Instrumentation
         Gerald    E. Hanks
                                                                                         553   Human          Lung    Air     Spaces:        Potential            for MR           Imaging
                                                                                               with     Hyperpolarized              He-3
                                                                                                  James    R. MacFall,     H. Cecil Charles,     Robert     D.
                                                                                                  Black, Hunter       Middleton,    John C. Swartz,        Brian
509   Imaging      of Osseous      and Cartilaginous           Intra-                             Saam,    Bastiaan    Driehuys,    Christopher      Erickson,
      articular    Bodies     in the Knee:      Comparison            of MR                       William    Happer,     Gordon    D. Cates,    G. Allan
      Imaging      and MR Arthrography             with CT and CT                                 Johnson,     and Carl E. Ravin
      Arthrography         in Cadavers
         Joachim     Brossmann,       Klaus-Werner        Preidler,                      559   Selective       Percutaneous              Transhepatic             Embolization
         B#{233}nedicte Daenen,     Robert    A. Pedowitz,        Reimer                       of the Portal Vein in Preparation      for Extensive                                    Liver
         Andresen,       Paul Clopton,      Debra    Trudell        Mini
                                                                                               Resection:   The Ipsilateral   Approach
         Pathria,    and Donald       Resnick                                                     Masato        Nagino,      Yuji Nimura,    Junichi                 Kamiya,
                                                                                                  Satoshi      Kondo,       and Michio    Kanai
519   Labral Injuries:    Accuracy      of Detection      with
      Unenhanced       MR Imaging       of the Shoulder                                  564   CT Angiography      with Volume                         Rendering:
        Peter B. Gusmer,     Hollis   G. Potter,    Julie A. Schatz,                           Advantages     and Applications                       in Splanchnic
        Thomas    L. Wickiewicz,      David    W. Altchek,     Steven               J.         Vascular        Imaging
        O’Brien,   and Russell      E Warren                                                      Pamela        T. Johnson,       David     G. Heath,               Brian      S.
                                                                                                  Kuszyk,        and Elliot       K.Fishman
525   Percutaneous          Vertebroplasty         for Osteolytic
      Metastases       and Myeloma:             Effects    of the Percentage             569   Breath-Hold,          Contrast-enhanced,                    Three-
      of Lesion     Filling      and the Leakage          of Methyl                            dimensional           MR Angiography
      Methacrylate         at Clinical     Follow-up                                              Daniel A. Leung,             Graeme         C. McKinnon,       Clarence     P.
         Anne Cotten,         Florence     Dewatre,       Bernard   Cortet,                       Davis,  Thomas            Pfammatter,          Gabriel   P. Krestin,    and
         Richard    Assaker,        David    Leblond,      Bernard                                Jorg F. Debatin
         Duquesnoy,         Patrick    Chastanet,       and Jacques                      572   Unusual         Burns of the Lower Extremities                           Caused               by
         Clansse                                                                               a Closed        Conducting   Loop in a Patient                         at MR
531   MR    Imaging     of Digital        Mucoid       Cysts                                   Imaging
        Jean-Luc     Drape,      Ilana Idy-Peretti,         Sophie                                Michael     V. Knopp,      Marco            Essig, Jurgen            Debus,
        Goettmann,       Arielle      Salon,    Philippe     Abimelec,                            Hans-Joachim        Zabel,    and           Gerhard    van           Kaick
        Henry     Gu#{233}rin-Surville,      and Jacques       Bittoun                   576   Aneurysm          Clip Testing      for Ferromagnetic
                                                                                               Properties:        Clip Variability      Issues
                                                                                                  Emanuel        Kanal,  Frank G. Shellock,          and                Jonathan              S.
537   First-Trimester        Nuchal  Translucency:        A Risk                         579   Pelvic Abscesses:   Transvaginal  US-guided
      Analysis        on Fetal Chromosome          Abnormality                                 Drainage   with the Trocar Method
         John    M. G. van Vugt, Rieteke         M. van Zalen-Sprock,                            John P. McGahan,                Bradley       Brown,        C. Darryl              Jones,
         and Piet J. Kostense                                                                    and Moni Stein
582   Capitated          Contracting          in Radiology                                   332   High-Resolution              CT of the Chest:           Comprehensive
         Edward          Petrella                                                                  Atlas
                                                                                             348   Radiographic            Exposure:       Principles       and Practice
582        Reply
                                                                                             376   Manual         of Neonatal        Emergency          X-ray
              David      C. Levin
583   Managed            Care:   The       Reality       Must         Be Controlled          406   Magnetic         Resonance         Imaging       of the Brain and
        Martin          A. Schwartz                                                                Spine
                                                                                             4i2   Integrated         Mathematics         of Radiographic           Exposure
583        Reply
                                                                                             474   Comprehensive              Radiographic           Pathology      2nd ed.
              Richard       M. Friedenberg
                                                                                             504   Physical        Principles      of Medical         Imaging.     2nd ed.
583   Future    of Radiology                                                                 518   MRI of the Musculoskeletal                    System.       3rd ed.
         Sharon    C. Siegel                                                                 544   Radiography:             Program       Review       & Exam
584        Reply                                                                                   Preparation
              Edward        V. Staab                                                         550   Nuclear        Medicine.       2 Vols.

584   Obtaining          Previous   Mammograms                         for Comparison
         Ferris       M. Hall, Janet K. Baum,                   and     Sughra   Raza

585        Reply                                                                             442   Pathophysiology           of Vein Graft Failure:                A Review
              Todd      E. Wilson                                                            452   Primary      Sclerosing      Cholangitis
                                                                                             482   Carcinoma         in Situ of the Bladder
585   Residual       Metal Shavings   and Fragments   Associated
      with Large-Core       Breast Biopsy
         Anita M. Kedas,      Laura J. Byrd, and Richard W.
                                                                                             340   Paracirrhites    arcatus,          Ring-eyed       Hawkfish
586   CT     Evaluation           of Pulmonary            Nodule          Enhancement        402   Ray’s Days
           Carl Lawyer                                                                       432   La Jolla, California
586        Reply
             Stephen        J. Swensen,        Larry      R. Brown,          Thomas     V.
             Colby,       and     Amy      L. Weaver
                                                                                             MR:   369, 389,     443, 453,     459,    465,   475,   483,   489,   509,   519,
586   Cost of Performing                  a Radiologic           Percutaneous                      531, 553,     569, 572,     576
      Gastrostomy                                                                            US:   383, 429,     475, 579
         Stuart   D. Bell

586   Hepatic         Artery  Thrombosis
         Ronald         H. Wachsberg
                                                                                             590   Abstracts      of Current         Literature
587        Reply                                                                             25A   Research       Information          Page
              Ian A. Sproat                                                                  1OA   Advertisers’         Index
                                                                                             14A   RSNA       Quick       Reference
                                                                                             44A   Radiology        Business        Information
                                                                                             28A   Announcements               and Books,       Audiovisual          Materials,
588   Louis   Gerard     Galdieri,    MD                                                           and Software           Received
         Edward      D. Soma,      MD, FACR                                                  3iA   Continuing          Medical       Education
                                                                                             41A   Publication         Information         for Authors
588   Joseph    Eggleston     Gardner,               MD                                      47A   Classified       Services
         Vernon    L. Medlin,    MD
                                                                                             56A   RSNA       Bulletin      Board
589   Kenneth           Douglas         McGinnis,         MD
           Karl T. Kristen,            MD

589   Howard      L. Steinbach,     MD
        Alexander      R. Margulis,    MD

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