REPORTS OF THE DISTRICT DIRECTORS

                              COASTAL PLAINS DISTRICT WORKSHOP

  The annual meeting of the Coastal Plains District of the Mississippi State Society Daughters of the American
Revolution was held Friday, August 1, 2008 at the Days Inn in McComb, Mississippi. Following the
processional, the meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m. by Coastal Plains District Director, Maureen Curley.
  The Opening Prayer was given by Paula McClure, Regent of the Declaration of Independence Chapter. The
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America was led by Jill Reed Taylor, Regent of the
Unobee Chapter. The Salute to the State Flag was led by Natalie Howard, Regent of the Ole Brook Chapter.
The American’s Creed was led by Martha Tynes, Regent of the Harmon Runnels Chapter. The National
Anthem was led by Sally Campbell of the Picayune Chapter. A welcome address was given by Kay Allred,
Regent of the Judith Robinson Chapter. Distinguished guests included Bettie Horrell Johnson, Honorary Vice
President General, Honorary State Regent; Cindy Segraves Phillips, Past Historian General, Honorary State
Regent; and Sharon Cothern Nettles, Honorary State Regent. Special guest, John Taylor, State SAR President,
was introduced.
  The State Officers present were greeted, followed by the State Chairmen present. The Roll Call of Chapters
was read and recorded by Mary Jane Reynolds, Regent of the Amite River Chapter.
  The State Regent, Polly Hunter Grimes, gave her report. This was followed by the State Officer’s reports:
First Vice Regent: Janet Looney Whittington; Second Vice Regent: Berkeley Sistrunk Ostrander; Chaplain:
Mary Jo Deevers Morrison; Recording Secretary: Charla Mitchell Jordan; Corresponding; Secretary: B. J.
Odom Swafford; Organizing Secretary: Billie Foutch Breedlove; Registrar: Frances Smith Williams;
Historian: Librarian: Laurie Adams Crowson; Rosalie Chairman: Cindy Segraves Phillips.
  State Chairmen involved with this year’s theme of patriotism presented their reports:
Americanism Chair, Wilma Thomas; Community Service Award Chair, Montine Bond; Constitution Week
Chair, Maxine Hamilton; DAR Service for Veterans Chair, Betty Arbo; Good Citizens ROTC Medals Chair,
Bobbie Thomas; The Flag of the United States of America Chair, Dana Moore; National Defense Chair, Dianne
Norman; Commemorative Events Chair, Betty Lane Hudson; DAR Project Patriot Chair, Lori Godwin’s report
was presented by Berkeley Ostrander. President of the C.A.R., Nicole Hathaway, reported. Rosalie Governing
Board Chairman, Cindy Segraves Phillips, reported. Break out sessions for Chapter Regents, Chapter
Treasurers, and the General Membership were held throughout the facility.
  There being no unfinished or new business, the meeting adjourned at 12:00. Maureen Curley thanked the
Hostess Chapters: Amite River, Chickasawhay, Declaration of Independence, Harmon Runnels, Judith
Robinson, Ole Brook, Tallahala, and Unobee; the Pages: Juliette Cassagne, Andrea Harden, Jo Hubbard,
Maggie Hubbard, and Mary Ann Hess. Lynell Holland, Regent of the Tallahala Chapter, gave the Blessing.
Lunch was served. Dogwood Cross provided patriotic and inspirational music. The Judith Robinson Chapter
provided door prizes. Funds were contributed for Juniors through Helen Pouch. The Travel Blessing was
offered by Marjorie Giles, Regent of the Chickasawhay Chapter. Attendance: Total Present: 114
Coastal Plains District Regents present: 19
Number of Coastal Plains members present: 83
Number of guests present: 4
State Officers present: 12
Honoraries present: 3
Out of District: 27

                                                         Maureen Curley, PhD, Coastal Plains District Director
                                     DELTA DISTRICT WORKSHOP

  The Delta District of the Mississippi Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution held its annual
workshop on July 26, 2008, at the First United Methodist Church in Batesville, Mississippi. The meeting was
preceded by registration and a coffee hour.
  After the processional and posting of the colors, the District Director, Rebecca Raney Lamb, called the
meeting to order and welcomed the group to the second year of the Polly Hunter Grimes administration.
  The invocation was given by the Rev. Pat Ludlam of the First United Methodist Church. Billie Breedlove,
Regent of the James Gilliam Chapter, introduced the Mayor of Batesville, Mr. Jerry Autrey, who welcomed the
group to Batesville and thanked the DAR for its work. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United
States of America was led by Ann Milburn, Regent of the Hush-Puck-A-Haw Chapter. Billie Breedlove,
Regent of the James Gilliam Chapter, led the salute to the Mississippi State Flag. The American’s Creed was
led by Rachel Tate, Regent of the Mississippi Delta Chapter. Dorothy Herron of the Felix LaBauve Chapter,
led the National Anthem, accompanied at the piano by Susie Thomas, Regent of the Madame Hodnett Chapter
and MSSDAR State Pianist.
  Delta Director Rebecca Lamb introduced our capable and gracious State Regent, Polly Hunter Grimes. Other
distinguished guests were introduced as follows, Bettie Horrell Johnson, Honorary Vice President General,
Honorary State Regent; Cindy Seagraves Phillips, Past Historian General, Honorary State Regent; Sharon
Cothern Nettles, Honorary State Regent. The State officers were introduced : Janet Looney Whittington, First
Vice Regent; Berkeley Sistrunk Ostrander, Second Vice Regent; Mary Jo Deevers Morrison, Chaplain; Charla
Mitchell Jordan, Recording Secretary; B.J Odom Swafford, Corresponding Secretary; Billie Foutch Breedlove,
Organizing Secretary; Frances Smith Williams, Registrar; Bettie Horrell Johnson, Parliamentarian; Cindy
Seagraves Phillips, Rosalie Governing Board Chairman. The chair led the roll call of chapters.
   Our State Regent Polly Hunter Grimes gave her report recalling a year of visiting chapters and mentioned the
Recruitment Award for Mississippi. She urged chapters to determine ways to decrease the cost of postage.
Regent Grimes stated that Patriotism will be the theme and focus for the coming year.
   Reports from state chairmen involved in this year’s theme of Patriotism were heard. Americanism – Wilma
Thomas; Community Service Awards – Montine Bond; Good Citizenship and ROTC Medals – Bobbie Thomas;
Constitution Week – Maxine Hamilton; The Flag of the United States of America – Dana Mayfield Moore;
National Defense – Dianne Norman; Commemorative Events – Betty Lane Hudson; and DAR Project Patriot –
Berkeley Ostrander.
  Jean Prestridge introduced our new C.A.R. State President Nicole Hathaway. Cindy Phillips, Rosalie
Chairman, gave a report of the renovation being done at Rosalie and announced the Rosalie Day Celebration
events 2008. The 70th Anniversary Celebration will be October 27-28.
  Janet Whittington, First Vice Regent, explained the breakout sessions. Chapter Treasurers met with Mary Sue
Douglas, Pam White (Finance Committee and past State Treasurer), and Martina Mayfield (Chairman of
Chapter Achievement). The Chapter Regents’ meeting was chaired by State Regent, Polly Grimes. The
remainder of those attending met with Emma Crisler, State Program Chairman; Dr. Billie Breedlove,
Organizing Secretary; and Sharon Nettles, Membership Chairman.
  After the breakout sessions the meeting was moved to the fellowship hall and called back to order.
Announcements were made by Rebecca Lamb, and all who helped in making the meeting a success were
thanked. Mary Sue Douglas, Continental Congress Chairman, gave the 2009 Report. An entertaining
Registration report skit was presented by Susie Thomas, registration co-chairman, dressed in Southern Belle
               Total Present: 97
               Number of Delta Chapter Regents Present: 12
               Number of other members present from the Delta: 54
               Number of Non-DAR guests present: 1
               Number present from Hills District: 8, Heartland 16, Coastal Plains 6
               State Officers present: 10
               Honoraries Present: 3
 Luncheon grace was given by Sally Hampton Powell, Regent of Rosannah Waters Chapter, after which the
Daughters enjoyed a delicious meal.
 The invitation for the 2009 District Meeting was issued by Emily DuBose Shafer, Regent, David Holmes
Chapter, Indianola, MS.

                                              Sara O’Neill Trotter, Recording Secretary, James Gilliam Chapter
                                                                  Rebecca Raney Lamb, Delta District Director

                                  HEARTLAND DISTRICT WORKSHOP

  The Heartland District of the Mississippi State Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution held its
annual summer meeting on August 2, 2008 in the Clubhouse of the Country Club of Jackson in Jackson, MS.
The meeting was preceded by registration and refreshments.
  Amelia K. Langford, District Director, called the meeting to order at 9:20 A.M. and welcomed the assembly
to the second district of the Hunter Grimes Administration.
  Hostess Daughters of the Heartland District were escorted to the platform by Jennifer Nettles to lead in the
DAR Rituals. The invocation was given by Lourene B. Stebbins, Regent of the James Foster Chapter. The
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America was led by Kay McKinnon, Regent of the
Rebecca Cravat Chapter. The Salute to the Flag of Mississippi was led by Marcia Ball, Regent of the
Annandale Chapter. The American’s Creed was led by Lori Godwin, Regent of the Magnolia Chapter. The
National Anthem was led by Pricilla Ann Harper, Regent of the Yazoo Chapter and accompanied by Sarah M.
Langford, State Chorus Pianist.
  After the posting of colors, the Chair recognized distinguished guests present: Betty Horrell Johnson,
Honorary Vice President General, Honorary State Regent; Sharon Cothern Nettles, Honorary State Regent;
Mary Jo D. Morrison Chaplain; Charla Mitchell Jordan, Recording Secretary; Billie Foutch Breedlove,
Organizing Secretary; State Officers and State Chairman were recognized as called upon to stand as a group.
The 2009 Rosalie Calendars were presented to Amelia K. Langford, District Director of the Heartland District
and Janet Looney Whittington, First Vice Regent by State Regent.
  State Regent Polly Hunter Grimes opened reporting to the assembly on the 117th Continental Congress and the
forty (40) Mississippi Daughters and seven (7) guests who travelled to the congress. The State Regent was
honored by Sharon Nettles, Hostess of the Mississippi breakfast, ―Grits and the Southern Ladies‖, which was
attended by one hundred sixty-three (163) guests.
  Membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution is critical to the organization. In January 2008 the
total membership in Mississippi was 4,042 and on July 17, 2008 the total was 4,047. This is the first increase in
a number of years. To facilitate increases in Chapter membership the State Regent encouraged each Chapter to:
    1. Establish a Membership Chairman separate from the Chapter’s Registrar.
    2. Have a Chapter newsletter to disseminate information to current members and to be used as a tool to
        interest prospective members in the activities of the Chapter.
    3. Develop a Chapter web site to encourage prospects.
    4. In the spirit of harmony, communicate with the members in the Chapter and those interested in the
  Jo Hubbard, Regent of the Chief Red Jacket Chapter and Volunteer Information Chairman, was recognized
for her work on the State’s website.
  An on-going concern for both the National and State organizations is the financial condition of the
organizations. Several line items and services have been deleted because of lack of funds. The Financial
Committee is researching what can and cannot be done with the current level of funding.
  One item being affected by finances is the DAR newsletter which has historically been mailed to each
member, the cost of which was covered by the State dues. With the increasing costs of paper and postage it
may become necessary to either increase the dues or offer the newsletter on-line.
  2008-2009 will be the year we emphasize Patriotism. Educate and inspire your Chapter members and the
community to recognize veterans, fly the United States flag, and support our troops.
  Reports of the State Chairmen were received by the following: Americanism – DAR Project, Wilma Brown
Thomas; Children of the American Revolution, Kathleen Gray Henry, Jean Prestridge, Senior State President
and Nicole Hathaway, State President, MS Society of C.A.R.; Rosalie Governing Board Chairman, Cindy
Seagraves Phillips; Community Service Award, Montine Y. Bond; Constitution Week, Maxine B. Hamilton;
DAR Service for Veterans, Betty F. Arbo; Good Citizenship ROTC Medals, Bobbie Shows Thomas; The Flag
of the United States of America, Dana Mayfield Moore; National Defense, Dianne Norman; Commemorative
Events, Betty Lane Hudson; DAR Project Patriot, Lori Vaughan Godwin.
  First Vice Regent Janet Looney Whittington instructed the assembly for the break-out workshop sessions.
After the sessions, groups moved to the dining room for the luncheon.
Credentials Report from Registration Chairman, Lori Godwin, Regent of the Magnolia State Chapter reported
as follows: 20 Heartland Chapter Regents, 81 Members from the Heartland District, 5 Non-Dar guests, 8
Members from Coastal Plains, 8 Members from the Delta District, 7 Members from Hills District, 11 State
Officers, 3 Honoraries and 38 State Chairmen present, a total of 109.
  Other announcements were made and the meeting was adjourned.
  Bettie Horrell Johnson, Regent of the Ralph Humphries Chapter, gave the blessing.
Patriotic American eagle and Statue of Liberty table decorations and floral arrangements were sold. These
proceeds went to Crossnore. Also, beautiful, patriotic door prizes were given to members toward the end of
  Miss Langford thanked the Hostess Chapters – Annandale, Doak’s Treaty, James Foster, LeFleur’s Bluff,
Magnolia State, Ralph Humphreys, Rebecca Cravat, and Yazoo for their dedication, hard work and commitment
for successfully making this a fun, high spirited and entertaining as well as informative day. She thanked the
management and staff for the delicious meal and the accommodations at the Jackson Country Club. She also
expressed appreciation to the timekeepers, Nell Tharp of the Annandale Chapter and Maureen Simpson of the
Doak’s Treaty Chapter, Recording Secretary, Michelle Shaleen of the LeFleur’s Bluff Chapter, and Pages –
Shana D. Fondren, Leathe Maxwell, Dana M. Moore, and Jennifer Nettles.

                                                       Michelle Annemarie Ivey Shaleen, Recording Secretary
                                                              Amelia K. Langford, Heartland District Director

                                     HILLS DISTRICT WORKSHOP
                                             July 25, 2008

  The meeting was called to order by Dana Mayfield Moore, District Director. The opening prayer was given
by Maralyn Bullion. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Betty Brandon, the America’s Creed was led by
Sarah Hallum, and The National Anthem was led by Carol Carpenter. We were welcomed by Dr. Robert Allen,
Administrative Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Oxford, MS.
  Honorary Regents present were Bettie H. Johnson, Margaret J. DeMoville, Sharon C. Nettles, and Cindy S.
Phillips. Margaret J. DeMoville gave special thanks to all who attended the Natchez Trace marker rededication
service at which over 150 were present.
  State Officers present were: Janet L. Whittington, Berkeley S. Ostrander, Mary Jo D. Morrison, Charla M.
Jordan, Betty Jane ―B. J.‖ Swafford, Billie F. Breedlove, Frances S. Williams, and Cindy S. Phillips.
  Roll call of the Chapters.
  Polly Hunter Grimes, State Regent, presented Dana Mayfield Moore with the first Rosalie Calendar for 2009.
Billie Breedlove was presented a certificate for ―Outstanding State Organizing Secretary‖ from Organizing
Secretary General. State Regent gave opening remarks concerning membership and communication, promoting
state web pages, and due to the cost of printing the DAR news we were asked to let them know if we do not
want mailings as the DAR news is available online. Emphasis will be placed on Patriotism, to educate and
inspire, recognize veterans, and to support the troops and their families left behind. We were asked to give
awards for Conservation and Constitution Week and to promote our right to vote. The State Regent highlighted
her trip to Washington and said that National has given us a new committee – the Historic Preservation
  The following reports were given from the State Chairmen:
1. Montine Bond – Community Service Awards.
2. Maxine Hamilton – Constitution Week; presented Constitution Week Proclamation from Haley Barbour,
Governor of Mississippi, to Polly Hunter Grimes, State Regent.
3. Bobbie Thomas – ROTC Medals.
4. Dana Moore – The Flag of the United States of America; get involved in promoting the flag and flag codes
and involve our young people.
5. Diane Norman – National Defense.
6. Betty Hudson – Celebrating two events: Treaty of Paris and Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday.
7. Berkeley Ostrander – reported for Chairman Lori Godwin on Project Patriot.
8. C.A.R. report – Nicole Hathaway was introduced as new president.
9. Report from Rosalie Governing Board Chairman – Cindy S. Phillips.
10. Breakout sessions by Janet L. Whittington.
                                                                     Dana Mayfield Moore, District Director

                                 REPORTS OF THE CHAPTERS
                                AMITE RIVER CHAPTER – GLOSTER
                                      Organized January 9, 1958
                                 Organizing Regent Mrs. Isaac L. Toler

  MEMBERSHIP: 44, 1 LIVING CHARTER MEMBER. We lost 1 member, Vilet Louise Draughn, and 1
former member, Mildred Smith. MEETINGS: 5 times a year, no meetings during June, July, August, and
December. Chapter contributions to DAR funds met Chapter Achievement requirements.
  CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: We sponsor the Magnolia C.A.R. Society.
CONSERVATION: Members recycle, plant trees, and feed birds. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: 2 pins and 2
awards were given. The May meeting consisted of an award ceremony for the recipients of the DAR GOOD
CITIZENS AWARD, who presented their biographies and what good citizenship means to them. Their families
attended. Also during the May meeting we held an award service for our DAR members for years of service.
Letters were read from State Regent Polly Hunter Grimes and Mississippi’s First Lady Marsha Barbour
congratulating the award recipients. To close our meeting, a memorial service was held by Maureen Curley,
Coastal Plains District Director, to honor Sadie Pearl Ravencraft and Nell Katherine McNeil.
PATRIOTIC programs included joint programs with the American Legion on Veterans and Memorial Days
held at the Amite County Courthouse. Deceased veterans were honored with wreaths placed on the Veterans
Memorial on the courthouse lawn. Junior ROTC presented the flags, patriotic music was sung, and taps was
played. NATIONAL DEFENSE: A report on national defense is given at each meeting. These reports usually
come from the ―National Defender.‖ ROSALIE: Rosalie reports are given at each meeting. A cash donation
was sent to Rosalie for the spring and fall Pilgrimages. GENEALOGICAL RECORDS: A member worked to
preserve original member church records from 1824-77 by providing acid free boxes for their storage and
making 2 copies for public use. The book ―Songs and Ballads of the American Revolution‖ was donated to the
Liberty Library. One member donated a plaque in loving memory of Sadie Pearl NcNeil Ravencraft to be
displayed on Open Doors of Hospitality Donor Wall while they were attending Continental Congress.

                                                                       Mary Jane Conner Reynolds, Regent

                                ANNANDALE CHAPTER – MADISON
                                       Organized June 11, 1971
                                  Organizing Regent Mrs. R. C. Upton

 MEMBERSHIP: 36 members with 3 supplementals and 1 new member to be approved.
  The PROGRAMS and activities this past year included celebrating the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, the
new Mississippi Crafts Center, and the Museum of Natural History. We joined with other chapters to observe
CONSTITUTION WEEK and a visit from our State Regent.
  We honored our DAR GOOD CITIZEN winner and JROTC medal winners. AMERICAN HISTORY: We
were honored to nominate Mr. Tom Watts as Outstanding Teacher of American History, and he was the State
Winner. He received the State award at the National Defense Luncheon at State Conference.
  One of our favorite activities was to honor our VETERANS. We participated with the Jackson area chapters
to serve refreshments at the Veterans Day program in November 11th at the War Memorial Building. We
collected socks and other personal items for the State Veterans Home for Christmas. We have also sponsored
bingo for them and served refreshments. One of our members is the weekend nurse supervisor. DAR
SCHOOLS: We sent soup labels, Boxtops for Education, ink cartridges, and old cell phones to the Kate
Duncan Smith School and 3 bags of items for the Tamassee DAR School.

                                                                                         Marcia Ball, Regent

                                 ASHMEAD CHAPTER - VICKSBURG
                                      Organized December 16, 1931
                                  Organizing Regent Mrs. Eva C. Hoggart

  MEMBERSHIP: 63 members on January 1, 2008. 16 new members joined by application, 1 new member by
reinstatement; 5 members pending with two verified, 2 transfers, 2 deceased. Regent presented certificates to
two 25-year members, one 60-year member. Regent is member of State Membership Committee. New member
installation and oath of membership was led by State Regent Polly Grimes, in Dec. 2008. New Member Kits
given. Regent won 1st place in State Membership Essay contest and State Membership Photo Contest.
MEETINGS: September – May with annual meeting in Jan. on first Saturday at 10 a.m. at historic George
Washington Ball House. 77th birthday luncheon at Main Street Market in Dec. Includes refreshments and social
time, Ritual, Pledge to the Flag of the United States of America, American’s Creed, Preamble, Star-Spangled
Banner, President General’s Message, National Defense Report, program, reading of the minutes, Treasurer’s
report, reports of other officers and committee chairmen including Flag Fact, Rosalie minute, Indian minute,
Conservation minute, Sunshine Report, unfinished and new business, announcements, benediction. Executive
Committee met at Vice-Regent’s home in August for luncheon and planning meeting. 5 members, 3 HODARs
plus 6 other guests attended 2008 State Conference. 2 members attended Heartland District meeting.
AWARDS: Gold MSSDAR Chapter Achievement 2007-2008; Level 1 NSDAR Chapter Achievement 2007-
2008; over 40 MSSDAR awards; 7 division and NSDAR Awards. Paid required amount for President General’s
Project. AMERICAN HERITAGE: Won honorable mention for Best Chapter Chairman report in Southeastern
Division. AMERICAN HISTORY: Chapter had 5 programs on American history and heritage, had chapter
winners for both American History and Christopher Columbus essay contests, and gave 3 Women in American
History awards. AMERICAN INDIANS: Chapter member presented program on Indian Schools. 40 Campbell
Soup labels/UPC codes sent to Bacone College and Chemawa Indian School. Regent attended American
Indians Luncheon at Continental Congress. AMERICANISM: 5 members took Citizenship Quiz at 4 members read DAR Manual for Citizenship online on DAR Web site. Louisiana Governor,
Bobby Jindal, spoke at Regent’s church. CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: C.A.R.
participated in Constitution Day Celebration, presented chapter programs on Constitutional Convention and
Abraham Lincoln. Regent attended SAR meeting at Duff Green Mansion when C.A.R. presented program on
Patrick Henry. Associate chapter member and 3 C.A.R. members attended South Central Regional Meeting in
Tulsa, OK, June 20-21, 2008. Chapter received Certificate for Creative Learning Experiences Involvement with
Youth from Southeastern Division. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Chapter had programs on Treaty of Paris
and Abraham Lincoln. COMMUNITY SERVICE: Frances Koury received NSDAR Community Service
Award and pin. Members volunteered their services through churches, museums, historical societies,
genealogical societies, First Families of Mississippi, music clubs, Relay for Life, Chamber of Commerce, Miss
Mississippi Pageant, and ―Gold in the Hills‖ theater production, which has been performed every year since
1936, and is in Guinness’ book of World Records. Two members are Auxiliary volunteers at River Region
Medical Center. Members made donations to Blair E. Batson Children’s hospital, Humane Society of South
MS, the Salvation Army, Gideons International. CONSERVATION: Member designed Earth Day ad for The
Vineyard in Clinton. Junior donated 11‖ of hair to Locks of Love. Members planted bulbs, shrubs, flowers, trees
and plants in yards; preserved food by canning and freezing; recycled and/or re-used plastic, paper, newspapers,
magazines and aluminum; used fluorescent light bulbs. Chapter received Conservation Committee Certificate of
Appreciation from Southeastern Division and Conservation Committee Certificate of Participation NSDAR
Conservation Award from Southeastern Division. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Chapter, C.A.R. and SAR led
Constitution Day Celebration at Old Court House Museum. Court House bell was rung at 4:30 p.m. after
patriotic program. Regent distributed 26 Constitution Week posters, 500 George Mason/Bill of Rights leaflets,
500 Pledge/American Creed cards, 500 Preamble bookmarkers to 20 schools. 27 displays. Two proclamations
signed by mayors. Regent wrote Letter to Editor. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: New Junior member serves as
committee chairman. Information sent to 5 schools. Chapter winner, his mother and Headmaster attended
National Defense luncheon at State Conference 2009. DAR LIBRARY: Chairman donated $25 to MSSDAR
Library and $25 to NSDAR Library. DAR MAGAZINE: 32% subscribe; advertising requirements met. DAR
MUSEUM: Regent toured DAR Museum Period Rooms during Continental Congress. SCHOLARSHIP: One
$500 one-time scholarship given to graduating high school senior. DAR SCHOOLS: Yellow school bus
passed at each meeting. 390 soup labels, 37 ink cartridges, 28 lbs. of clothing and 68 Christmas ornaments sent
to approved schools. One Lady Bug pin purchased. Regent attended DAR Schools supper at Continental
Congress. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Gave $100 to Sonny Montgomery VA Hospital in Jackson.
Regent attended DAR Service for Veterans’ luncheon at Continental Congress. FLAG OF THE UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA: Large flag on stand, given to chapter by past regent, was displayed at each meeting.
Members flew flags on all holidays; several flown every day. Over 152 flags placed on Veteran’s graves for
Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day. 3 members participated in Flag Disposal Ceremony with Elks
Lodge. HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMITTEE: Member showed video about restoration of NSDAR
buildings in her home. INSIGNIA: Chapter owns regent’s pin and large Chapter flag and American flag on
stands. 2 insignia pins were purchased. JUNIOR AMERICAN CITIZENS: One club with 19 members. 2 JAC
contest entries won first place at State level. Chapter won first place at National for JAC scrapbook and 3 rd
place at National for JAC publicity. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: Six new Juniors by application. Total of 8
Junior members. Regent attended Junior Membership luncheon at Continental Congress. LITERACY
PROMOTION: 2 members tutored children and adults for 14 hours. 6 children’s books donated. NATIONAL
DEFENSE: 3 Bronze ROTC medals presented. Regent and husband attended National Defense Luncheon at
Continental Congress. PROJECT PATRIOT: 250 Christmas cards signed and with notes; 88 requested items
valued at $280 (plus $185 for postage) sent to hospital in Germany. Chapter received NSDAR Certificate for
Outstanding Support of Project Patriot. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA: 642.75 square inches of print
coverage in 21 newspaper articles and announcements with 11 photos. ROSALIE: Regent took 1,000 rack
cards to Vicksburg-Warren Welcome Center. 7 members attended Rosalie Day (2 of them attended the
Candlelight Tour); items valued for at least $200 contributed to Mansion Market. 3 hostesses were at Spring
Pilgrimage. $30 contribution sent for fall Pilgrimage. Book valued at $50 sent to State Library. SCRAPBOOK:
Won first place in State. STATE REGENT’S PROJECT: 100% contribution. VIS: 40 members use computer
and email for communication, genealogical research and DAR activities including compilation of yearbook,
newsletters, bylaws, name badges, agendas, chapter correspondence and genealogical research. WOMEN’S
ISSUES: Chairman won 3rd place in State Essay Contest. Members made contributions for March of Dimes,
American Cancer Society, breast cancer and heart disease research, and participated in Relay for Life.

                                                                                    Linda Rozier Davis, Regent

                                BELVIDERE CHAPTER - GREENVILLE
                                        Organized January 6, 1912
                                Organizing Regent Mrs. James Harper Winn

  TOTAL MEMBERSHIP: 47 members, 4 junior members. MEETINGS: Third Saturday September-May
except Christmas tea-December. CONTRIBUTIONS to DAR funds met Chapter Achievement requirements.
AMERICAN HERITAGE: Chapter member is State Chairman. Chapter member presented program on
American Heritage to two other chapters. AMERICAN HISTORY: Programs on American Indians, Election
Awareness, State Quarters, Boston Tea Party. Members assisted with Confederate Memorial Day activities.
C.A. R. Member is Senior State President. Member is State President. Regent presented history program to third
graders. Two members attended event for the Delta Queen paddlewheeler’s last voyage down the MS River.
CHAPLAIN: Sunshine report at each meeting and cards sent. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Proclamation was
delivered to Mayor. Constitution minute at each meeting, special program at first meeting. Information provided
to local television station. COMMUNITY SERVICE: Member visits hospitals and nursing homes as a clown,
appears at other local events, and mentors students in reading. Member was presented Jake Stein Award for
Community Service. Chapter donated books to retirement home. Member is neighborhood watch chairman.
CONSERVATION: Program on water conservation. Member counts birds. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: Presented
six students with certificates and pins. Winning essay sent to State Chairman. Regent presented award on
Award’s Day at local school. DAR SERVICE TO VETERANS: Regent presented wreath at Veteran’s Day
ceremony. Members attended ceremonies at local schools. Cell phones donated to MySoldier program. Care
packages mailed to troops in Afghanistan. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Flag
information was provided for teachers. Three members gave program on the Flag to first graders.
GENEALOGICAL RECORDS: Two members participate in indexing project. One member attended genealogy
conference of MS Genealogical Society, one member is a volunteer genealogist. AMERICAN INDIANS:
Indian Minute at all meetings. Program on Winterville Mounds. HISTORIC PRESERVATION: Regent is
member of board of friends of Lakeport Plantation. Two members were docents at Lakeport. Members toured
local historic cemetery. MEMBERSHIP: ―Today’s DAR‖ DVD was presented at meeting. NATIONAL
DEFENSE: Report at each meeting. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Newspapers 50‖, information distributed to local
TV on Constitution Week. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: 31 members use computers for
chapter news and research. ROSALIE: One member is on Rosalie Governing Board. Items were donated to
Mansion Market for State Conference and District Meeting. Chapter donated a book to Rosalie Library.
WOMEN’S ISSUES: Member’s essay placed in SE Division competition. Program on ―Vials of Life.‖
  Belvidere Chapter was represented at State Conference and District Conference in Batesville. Regent and
members attended meetings in Cleveland (American Heritage), Leland (Women’s Health, American History),
Ruleville (Quilts in the DAR Museum).
                                                                                       Frieda H. Hardee, Regent

                            BERNARD ROMANS CHAPTER – COLUMBUS
                                    Organized October 30, 1913
                                Organizing Regent Mrs. Howard King

  MEMBERSHIP: 57. We have 7 new members, 2 pending, 11 new supplementals, 5 pending supplementals.
Two members received 60 years membership certificates, two 40 years, and one 25 years. MEETINGS: Fourth
Wednesday, September through May, except December. These are usually luncheon meetings that include
Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance, American’s Creed, National Anthem, National Defense Report, Indian Minute,
President General’s Message, Rosalie Minute, minutes, business, and program. We celebrated our 85th
anniversary this year and each member received a pin to commemorate the event. CHAPTER
ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: All requirements met for State and National. AMERICANISM: Participated in a
naturalization ceremony and gave out 165 American flag lapel pins to new citizens. AMERICAN HISTORY:
Five historical programs were presented at meetings. CHAPLAIN: Purchased gravestone markers for deceased
members to be placed in 2009. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Participated in July 4th activities and Veterans
Day parade. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Received proclamation from Columbus mayor proclaiming
Constitution Week. Display presented at chapter meeting and local library. COMMUNITY SERVICE:
National DAR award given to Dr. Marilyn Swingle. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: 8 schools contacted, 4 schools
and 1 home school participated. DAR MAGAZINE: Increased our subscriptions. DAR SCHOOLS: Collected
labels and cartridges. DAR SERVICE TO VETERANS: Collected gift items for Women’s Veterans’ Day at
Tuscaloosa Veterans’ Hospital. One member participated in the Flu Immunization Day at hospital. DAR
PROJECT PATRIOT: Assisted the YMCA in signing Christmas cards for our servicemen and servicewomen.
HISTORIAN: Sponsored a contestant in the NSDAR Outstanding Teacher of American History Contest.
LINEAGE RESEARCH: One member serves on the state Lineage Research Team. LITERACY
PROMOTION: One of our members developed and serves 80 students in after school program. NATIONAL
DEFENSE: Presented 1 ROTC medal and certificate at high school awards program. We have members on the
Columbus Air Force Base Community Council to assist with needs at CAFB. PUBLIC RELATIONS: We had
12 articles and 4 pictures for a total of 214 inches in the newspaper. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES
OF AMERICA: Participated in distributing flags in neighborhoods on July 4. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION
SPECIALISTS: One member created a chapter website. Fifteen members use their computers for DAR
activities and receiving the newsletter. WOMMEN’S ISSUES: Members volunteer for various community and
church projects. We had one program on childbirth.
  Regent and members attended both the State Conference and the Hills District Meeting.

                                                                                Glenda Kay Jobe Box, Regent

                         BETSY LOVE ALLEN CHAPTER - ROLLING FORK
                                    Organized February 17, 1977
                                Organizing Regent Mrs. Konrad White

  MEMBERSHIP: 28 Members. We have an average attendance of 12–15 members. Our membership has 13
non-resident members, so nearly all of our local members attend each meeting. MEETINGS: We meet at noon
on the second Wednesday of each month at the Fine Arts Room of the local library. We do not meet in
February, June, July and August. Each meeting is opened with the Ritual and includes the Pledge of Allegiance
to the Flag of the U. S., American’s Creed, National Defense report, Indian Minute, and President General’s
AMERICANISM: Many of our wonderful programs have covered the afore-named subjects. One member is
principal of the Coushatta Indian Elementary School and $150 was given to Indian schools. Members
participated in three local markings: Blue Star Memorial; Klaus/Grundfest Fine Arts Room; Muddy Waters
historical marker; and Great Delta Bear Affair. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Proclamations were signed by
Sharkey County and Issaquena County Board of Supervisors and the Mayor of Cary, Mississippi. DAR GOOD
CITIZENS: An award was presented to a student from each local high school; one public school and a private
school. DAR MAGAZINE: The magazine is received by 13 of 28 members, nearly 50%. DAR SERVICE
FOR VETERANS: Gifts valued at $178 were presented to the Veterans Nursing Home in Jackson.
NATIONAL DEFENSE: A national defense report is given at each meeting. A medal was presented to the
outstanding JROTC cadet attending the local public school. PROGRAM: Some outstanding programs were on
antique quilts, Tracing your Ancestry, and DAR Schools. ROSALIE: Donations were made to Rosalie and a
book was given to the Genealogical Library.
  The chapter was represented at State Conference, District Meeting, and Rosalie Day as well as Ashmead
Chapter’s 40th Anniversary meeting.

                                                                          Mary Mattingly Weissinger, Regent

                                     BILOXI CHAPTER – BILOXI
                                         Organized April 15, 1950
                              Organizing Regent Mrs. Delores Davidson Smith

  MEMBERSHIP: 44 with one life member. We have one reinstatement this year and we lost one member in
death. We have one working on her papers. MEETINGS: We only meet four times a year since Katrina; our
November meeting was held on a Saturday after the wonderful plaque dedication at the VA Cemetery in Biloxi.
Honorary State Regent Sharon Nettles joined us. Our January meeting was on our usual 3rd Wednesday at 10
a.m. We collected sweaters for Tamassee DAR School and money to buy Burger King gift-cards and
international phone cards to be sent to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. Contributions to all
DAR funds met Chapter Achievement requirements. DAR Magazine: 12% of our members subscribe and we
contributed $40 for the co-op ad. DAR SCHOOL: 75 labels sent to several schools and 40 lbs. of clothing sent
to Tamassee. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Stamps were donated to the stamps for the wounded
program and donations were collected to buy gift cards to be sent to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in
Germany. NATIONAL DEFENSE: The members presented ROTC Medals at 5 local high schools. PUBLIC
RELATIONS: Pictures and articles about the ROTC presentations were in the local papers. ROSALIE: $5 of
each member’s dues go to Rosalie and we made a $500 donation to the window fund. The chapter was
represented at State Conference, Rosalie Day and the District Meeting. We have one member serving on the
Rosalie Governing Board and one member serving on a national committee. AMERICAN HERITAGE: Our
chapter has several members who belong to numerous heritage organizations. C.A.R.: The Alexander Oden
Society signed and sent Christmas cards to wounded veterans in the hospital in Germany. We also have several
working on papers for our C.A.R. Society. CONSERVATION: We have several members who are active in
the local garden clubs and/or civic organizations.
                                                                                  Susan Barnett Easter, Regent

                                   BOBASHELA CHAPTER-NEWTON
                                          Organized March 1, 1976
                                   Organizing Regent-Mrs. H. P. Montague

  MEMBERSHIP: 37; five working on papers. Meetings are held the second Thursday of October, December,
January, March, and April with the times varying to try to attract more members who work. Meetings include
Ritual, Pledge, American’s Creed, President General’s Report, National Defense Report, new and old business
which includes a report of papers in progress and prospective members, a program, and refreshments. One
member serves as co-chair of a MSSDAR committee. EDUCATION: one program presented. HISTORIC
PRESERVATION: One program presented. LINEAGE RESEARCH: Presently assisting five prospective
members with applications. NATIONAL DEFENSE: One program presented and Good Citizen contest
sponsored and over-all winner provided with a $100.00 stipend and a $25.00 stipend given to each participant.
  Chapter was represented at State Conference.
                                                                                   Ann Hunter Burkes, Regent

                              CATHERINE ARD CHAPTER – COLUMBIA
                                       Organized January 20, 1966
                                Organizing Regent Mrs. Bret B. Bradley, Sr.

  MEMBERSHIP: 36 with 2 new members, 1 deceased, Julia Estelle Cabale Hathorn (09/04/08). MEETINGS:
Held the second Thursday in September, November, February and April. Executive Board Meetings are held in
September and December. Meetings include, DAR Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States
of America, the American Creed, President General's Message, National Defense Report, Minutes, Treasurer’s
Report, Announcements, Old and New business, Program and Social time. Programs are designed to meet State
and National guidelines. CONTRIBUTIONS: Chapter contributions to DAR funds met Chapter Achievement
requirements. AMERICAN HERITAGE: Members continue to be involved with the preservation of the historic
John Ford Home. AMERICAN HISTORY: In November a program was presented on the NSDAR Museum as
well as President General: Project Open Door of Hospitality American History Essay Contest: 5 schools were
contacted; 48 certificates were presented as well as 8 bronze medals. AMERICAN INDIANS: ―American
Indian Minute‖ was observed during each chapter meeting. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Several chapter
members participated in National Day of Prayer and Veteran’s Day. In February a program was presented on
Abraham Lincoln commemorating his 200th Birthday. CONSERVATION: 3 meetings included ―Conservation
Minutes‖. We had several members participate in Arbor Day activities. We continue to replace trees lost during
Hurricane Katrina. Members also continue to plant shrubs, bulbs and flowers as well as feeding birds and
wildlife. Most all members continue to recycle. CONSTITUTION WEEK: A Constitution sidelight is read at
each meeting. Members are encouraged to fly flags. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: Contacted 4 schools and all 4
schools participated. The students, parents and school officials were invited to the February meeting where each
was honored with certificates, pins and wallet card. The winning essay was sent to State Chairman. Winner and
parents were invited to the National Defense Luncheon held during State Conferences 2009. DAR
MAGAZINE: 15% of members subscribe. The President General’s Message from the Newsletter is read at each
meeting. DAR MUSEUM: 1 program presented on the Museum. DAR SCHOOLS: Required donations to
schools made. DAR SERVICE TO VETERANS: Members gave $118.00 for Christmas gifts. Chairman
traveled 80 miles and 3 donated volunteer hours to the veterans. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF
AMERICA: 1 program presented and Flag literature and DAR Flag Coded brochures were distributed.
LINEAGE RESEARCH: Registrar and members assisted new prospective members. LITERACY
CHALLENGE: Member tutors local students. MEMBERSHIP: 2 new members, Mary Garrison Jordan and Joy
West Rawson Wallace. NATIONAL DEFENSE: National Defense report was given at each meeting with
discussion among members. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Newspaper 19‖ article regarding DAR Good Citizen and
Christopher Columbus Essay. ROSALIE: Every meeting we have a Rosalie minute. VOLUNTEER
INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: 3 members use computers for chapter activities. WOMEN’S ISSUES:
Chapter Regent participated in fundraiser for local Main Street in order to preserve our downtown area. Several
members belong to Certified Local Government (the preservation of historic homes). Several members
participate in fundraisers for women’s health, heart and cancer research. Chapter Regent presented program on
Personal Safety to several clubs.

                                                              Cheryl Aultman Bourne (Mrs. James T.), Regent

                              CHAKCHIUMA CHAPTER - GREENWOOD
                                     Organized December 10, 1911
                                 Organizing Regent Mrs. Sallie H. Gwin

  MEMBERSHIP: 87. MEETINGS: 2nd Wednesday, September-May, Meetings include Ritual, Pledge of
Allegiance to the Flag, American’s Creed, President General’s Message, National Defense Report, Minutes,
Treasurer’s Report, other officers’ reports, committee reports, announcements, old and new business, Grace,
lunch and social time, program. AMERICAN HERITAGE: program and video of Rosalie, American Christmas
Music program. AMERICAN HISTORY: Christopher Columbus Program. AMERICAN INDIANS: Baskets-
mini program. CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: requirements met for State and National.
CONSERVATION: 3 ideas as education-minutes. DAR MAGAZINE: 3 articles used as education-minutes.
DAR MUSEUM: 2 education-minutes. DAR SCHOOLS: Box Tops for Education. DAR SERVICE FOR
VETERENS: 1 adult-5hours, $121 donated, 145 Christmas Cards sent. NATIONAL DEFENSE: National
Defender articles pointed out at meetings, Chapter National Defense Luncheon featured speaker Gunny
Alderson, Commander of NJROTC of Greenwood High School with the winner of the DAR National Defense
Medal. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA: write-ups and pictures of meetings and projects in local
newspaper. ROSALIE: program with video led by past regent Rebecca Lamb. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA: Flag facts presented at January meeting. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION
SPECIALISTS: Members used computers to share DAR information, all reports, download forms, update
membership data, work on genealogy, and write-up minutes. Members participated in COMMERATIVE
  Chapter was represented at State Conference, District Meeting, and Rosalie Day. Chapter hosted State Regent
Polly Hunter Grimes.
                                                                              Dorothy Duncan Walcott, Regent

                            CHEROKEE ROSE CHAPTER - HAZLEHURST
                                       Organized June 8, 1949
                               Organizing Regent Miss Colie Covington

  MEMBERSHIP: 39. 4 new members, 1 junior member, 1 resignation. Chapter member Sharron Hailey Baird
is a member of the Rosalie Governing Board and DAR Scholarship State Chairman; Billie Jane Shotts Davis is
S.A.R. liaison. MEETINGS: Third Wednesday, September through May. Each meeting includes Ritual, Pledge
of Allegiance to the Flag, The American's Creed, President General's Message, National Defense Report,
Constitution Sidelight, Indian Minute, Rosalie Minute, business meeting, program, and social time.
CONTRIBUTIONS: Chapter contributions to DAR funds met Chapter Achievement requirements.
AMERICAN HERITAGE: Program on "Musical Heritage." AMERICAN HISTORY: Sponsored current essay
contest with 44 participants and presented participation certificates to each. Presented 3 certificates of award, 3
medals to winners. 2007-2008 American History Essay chapter winner won second place in state. CAMEO
SOCIETY: 3 members. CHAPLAIN: Gave report on members at each meeting. C.A.R. Sponsor Mount Dexter
Treaty Society. Chapter member Billie Jane Shotts Davis is senior leader. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS:
Members attended city celebrations of Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Railroad Commemorative Ceremony, and
Courthouse Dedication (Renovation). CONSTITUTION WEEK: 1 program, 1 display in local library,
proclamation by mayor, 1 church rang bells. DAR GOOD CITIZEN: Chose 2 DAR Good Citizens, entered
essay contest. DAR MAGAZINE: 26% of members subscribe. Chapter provides subscriptions for local school
and local library. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Members collected items for 30 gift bags and delivered to
VA Nursing Home. FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES: 3 certificates and 3 flag pins to sixth-graders who
conduct daily flag ceremony at Copiah Academy. Flag brochures distributed to local commemorative events,
courthouse, library, and City Hall. LIBRARIAN: 66 books donated to local library, including 10 to the archives
collection. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Program by Lt. Jim Jordan, MS Highway Patrol, Asst. Dir. of Protection
for Gov. Haley Barbour. Report from The National Defender at each meeting. Presented 1 JROTC medal.
PROGRAM: Programs on women’s issues, historic preservation, and musical heritage. PRESIDENT
GENERAL'S PROJECT: 100% participation. PUBLIC RELATIONS: 367 inches newspaper, including 17
articles, 14 pictures, and 9 meeting announcements. Telephone members prior to each meeting. ROSALIE:
Rosalie Minute at each meeting. Members were hostesses at Spring and Fall Pilgrimage. Chapter made various
monetary contributions to Rosalie. Honorarium sent to Rosalie for each program speaker. Donated over $100 in
items for Mansion Market. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: Used computer for State business.
Used eMembership service from NSDAR. STATE CONFERENCE, DISTRICT MEETINGS: Chapter
represented at 2 District Meetings and at State Conference. AWARDS: Received numerous awards at 2008
State Conference, including Honorable Mention in the state for scrapbook; Level 1 in State Chapter

                                                                                    Judith Randle Brewer, Regent

                               CHICKASAW NATION CHAPTER – RIPLEY
                                       Organized December 11, 1974
                                   Organizing Regent Mrs. Faye Wildman

  Total membership: 24. We have six meetings each year, September, October, November, January, February,
March and April. We meet on the third Thursday at 4:00 p.m. Our programs consist of Constitution, Patriotism,
Women's Issues, American History, Heritage (genealogy) and Conservation. Highlights were our George
Washington Tea in February and our Good Citizen Recognition Ceremony and Reception in April. All
meetings include opening rituals, Pledge of Allegiance, Americans Creed, National Defense report, reading of
minutes from the previous meeting, committee reports, financial report and any old or new business. We then
have our program and benediction. AMERICAN HISTORY: We had one program, mainly concerning folklore
and folk music. AMERICAN INDIANS: Contributed to American Indian Scholarship Fund.
AMERICANISM: Each member was given a flag lapel pin. Had a program. CHAPLAIN: Sent cards of
sympathy and reported of donating a book in memory of a loved one. CHAPTER CONTRIBUTIONS:
Contributed to State Regent’s Project and President General's Project. We met all chapter achievement
requirements. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Candidate speaking at city park on Fourth of July.
CONSTITUTION: Had a program on origin of The Star Spangled Banner. We had several children singing
patriotic songs. We displayed a large poster in the Library of the Constitution given to us at District meeting.
We also had two additional displays in the Library. DAR GOOD CITIZEN: At our April meeting we honored 5
students from area schools with a tea. We presented each with a DAR Good Citizen pin and a certificate.
GENEALOGY: We had a genealogy workshop at our March meeting that resulted in two prospective members.
Guests were Sheila Fondren and Billie Breedlove. DAR MAGAZINE: Two subscriptions; participated in co-op
ad. DAR PROJECT PATRIOT: Mailed a box containing many gifts to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.
DAR SCHOOLS: Donated ink cartridges and money. LIBRARIAN: Donated 2 books, 1 in memory of the
husband of one of our members and 1 in honor of the Librarian, who is retiring. ROSALIE: Had reports from
Rosalie. HILLS DISTRICT WORKSHOP: Regent and 1 attended the meeting in Oxford. We carried several
items to be sold at the Mansion Market, and we each purchased items.

                                                                           Patricia Boyette Hamilton, Regent

                           CHICKASAWHAY CHAPTER - WAYNESBORO
                                        Organized April 17, 1976
                             Organizing Regent Mrs. Horace Spencer Hudson

  MEMBERSHIP: 42. Two new members. MEETINGS 3rd Wednesday, September through May. Meeting
includes lunch, Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, American's Creed,
invocation, President General's Message, National Defense Message, Indian Minute, program, business, Rosalie
Report, committee reports and announcements. Committees 35 National Standing, 3 Special State.
  PROGRAMS: Met requirements on Education, Patriotic, and Historic Preservation. Members watched the
DVD "Open Doors of Hospitality". American History Essay winners presented their essays in a program to
Chapter members. All county schools participated in the American History Essay contest with 59 entries being
received. Three certificates were presented. A donation was made to American History Fund.
One meeting was held to plan programs for the 2008-2009 year. AMERICAN INDIANS: Donations were
made to colleges and schools. In the absence of the chairman on Indians, a special report was made by the
Regent on a trip she had made to Oregon recently, where the Lewis and Clark expedition wintered over among
the Clatsop Indians, who helped their crew to survive the cold wet winter of 1805. CHAPLAIN: Along with the
Regent, the Chaplain led DAR Ritual at meetings and sent cards to members celebrating birthdays, sympathy
and get well cards. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Displays in library and schools, and church bulletins
announcements. Proclamation by city Mayor, bells rung by hand bell choir, with Chapter daughters as special
guest at local elementary school. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Chapter members participated in the
county-wide celebration of the 4th of July. Team W, a county promotional team, chaired by one of our
members, Margaret McCoy Carr, helped organize and implement the street fair held on the 4th of July. Many
crafts and food vendors set up their wares on the main street, which was closed to traffic. Several chapter
members judged a blueberry baking contest. Blueberries are a major economic enterprise in Wayne County.
The all day celebration included local talents, square dancing, singing and other entertainments, ending in a
fireworks display at the end of the day. John Adams would have been proud! DAR MAGAZINE: 63%
subscribers. DAR PROJECT PATRIOT: Greeting cards and clothing, as well as personal items, were sent to
the troops in Landsthul, Germany. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Our Veterans chairman carried 30
paperback books and 25 National Geographic Magazines to the Collins, MS Veterans facility. A visit to the
Veterans Memorial Museum in Laurel, MS was made at the November meeting, remembering all those who
have sacrificed so much for our freedom. A donation was made by several members. DAR members attended
the Veterans’ Day Celebration and gave out pins to all veterans attending. INSIGNIA: The Chapter displays the
DAR banner at each meeting. This is a handmade banner made by a member who unfortunately has been
forgotten. LINEAGE RESEARCH: Two lineage workshops were held. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Three-
minute spots were given at each meeting. National Defender publication shared with each member. PUBLIC
RELATIONS: Five newspaper articles published with 2 photos. ROSALIE: A report was shared at each
meeting with facts about the happenings at Rosalie. Change was collected for the upkeep of said Rosalie.
VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALIST: Our membership chairman is an e-mail whiz. She keeps all
members informed as to all current events in the DAR and sends a weekly e-mail to those having the internet
connection. Our Regent is connected with our MSSDAR communications chairman and passes along facts as
they come. Members attended District meeting, Rosalie Day, MSSDAR conference and National Continental
Congress in Washington, D.C.
                                                                                      Marjorie Giles, Regent

                             CHIEF RED JACKET CHAPTER - BRANDON
                                      Organized October 23, 1978
                               Organizing Regent Marjorie Wingo Murray

  MEMBERSHIP: 65 members, including 5 junior members. Members are kept informed by a regular chapter
newsletter and emails. Chapter member Charla M. Jordan continues to serve faithfully as MSSDAR Recording
Secretary. This past year we lost two cherished daughters, Leona Faith Lowery and Hazel Love Stephens.
MEETINGS: Our chapter holds meetings September through May. In November in lieu of a regular meeting
we participated in various Veterans Day activities. This year brought a return of our Christmas party with an
entertaining Heritage Show and Tell. AMERICAN HERITAGE: Chapter members are active in historic
activities in Rankin County. AMERICAN HISTORY: This year we had 18 students participate in the essay
contests. AMERICANISM: We continue to be involved in many patriotic activities in our county. Our Regent
gives the history of Memorial Day each year at the Rankin County observance. The chapter sponsored
Declaration of Independence displays at the Rankin County Courthouse and Brandon Library. CHAPTER
ACHIEVEMENT: Contributions to DAR funds met Chapter Achievement requirements. We met all
requirements for National Level I and State Gold. CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: We
are proud of our sponsorship of the Gerard C. Brandon Society. The society co-sponsors our annual Christmas
party at the VA Nursing Home. Chapter members Kathy Henry and Patricia Ridgon serve MSSDAR as co-state
chairmen for C.A.R. Also, Patricia Ridgon is National Division Vice Chairman C.A.R. Southeastern Division,
and Kathy Henry is Senior Vice President for South Central Region C.A.R. CONSERVATION: Chapter
members continue to work on preservation projects throughout Rankin County, such as the historic Old
Brandon Cemetery. CONSTITUTION WEEK: The Mayor Pro Tem of Brandon signed a proclamation. We
distributed posters to all Rankin County schools and placed displays at the Rankin County Courthouse and the
Brandon Public Library. DAR GOOD CITIZEN: Chapter Vice Regent Cynthia F. Mangum continues to serve
as MSSDAR Good Citizens State Chairman. 9 students participated in the contest. DAR MAGAZINE: We
sponsored an ad for deceased member Leona Faith Lowery and contributed funds to the Heartland District page.
Chapter Registrar Patricia T. Dampier continues to serve as MSSDAR Magazine State Chairman. DAR
PROJECT PATRIOT: We collect contributions through the year for Operation Wounded Soldier. The chapter
presented $10.00 gift cards to the Family Readiness Group of the 113th Military Police Company from Brandon
(1 card for each of the 157 members of the company). DAR SCHOOLS: Members collected enough labels and
other items to send another large package to KDS DAR School. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: The
chapter’s annual Christmas party for veterans at the VA Nursing Home in Jackson, co-sponsored by the Gerard
C. Brandon Society, was a treat to all in attendance. Refreshments and entertainment were provided. Socks
were given as well as patriotic T-shirts provided by the Crossgates Exchange Club. GENEALOGICAL
RECORDS: Chapter Regent Jo F. Hubbard contributed to the Copiah County Historical and Genealogical
Society Cemetery Recording Project. The chapter donated the book More Lincoln County, MS Cemeteries to
the MSSDAR Genealogical Library as well as 3 books to the Brandon Public Library Genealogy Room.
NATIONAL DEFENSE: Each meeting has National Defense Reports. PRESIDENT GENERAL’S PROJECT:
Our chapter remains committed to 100% participation in this project. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA:
Our activities are well published in the four Rankin County newspapers. RESOLUTIONS: Our chapter
continues to submit resolutions for consideration with the guidance of Chapter member Eddie Myrtle Moore,
Chairman of the MSSDAR Resolutions Committee. ROSALIE: Our chapter is proud to remain a ―Friend of
Rosalie‖. In addition to monetary contributions, donations were made for the Mansion Market. Several
members continue to serve as hostesses at pilgrimage. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: Our
chapter continues to communicate its activities to the public through the chapter website Chapter Regent Jo F. Hubbard is honored to serve as MSSDAR
Volunteer Information Specialists State Chairman. WOMEN’S ISSUES: A chapter priority remains in
addressing issues of importance to our members. One chapter meeting this past year took an entertaining look
at Women’s Historical Fashion and the social and economic factors that played a role. Health information is
available at meetings for members and guests. Chapter member Charla Jordan continues to serve as NSDAR
Southeastern Division Vice Chairman for Women’s Issues.

                                                                                Jo Fitzgerald Hubbard, Regent

                                CHIEF TISHOMINGO CHAPTER – IUKA
                                      Organized December 2, 1979
                                  Organizing Regent Mrs. Edna Earl Tapp

  MEMBERSHIP: We began the year with 22 members, 3 members resigned, 2 members were approved, 1
application pending application was unsuccessful in locating one item of proof and 1 new application is being
prepared. Our current membership is 21. MEETINGS: Seven meetings and events were held this year. Meetings
include DAR Ritual, President General's Message, Constitution Side Light, Conservation Minute, Flag Fact,
Indian Minute, National Defense Report, Rosalie Fact, business, program, and social time. Two members
attended the Hills District Meeting. One member is planning to attend the State Conference. Chapter
contributions to DAR funds met Chapter Achievement Requirements. AMERICAN HERITAGE: 2 programs.
AMERICAN HISTORY: 2 programs, 2 displays. One student won first place at District and State Level.
AMERICAN INDIANS: American Indian Minutes were read at chapter meetings. A proclamation of Native
American History Month was made in November by the Mayor. AMERICANISM: One member is involved in
a project to collect Tishomingo County Veterans histories. Constitution Day was celebrated by chapter at the
old Tishomingo County Courthouse. 150 flags, 5 flag pins, 150 bookmarks and 150 Pledge of Allegiance to the
U.S. Flag/American Creed cards were given to out to the public. CHAPLAIN: Sunshine reports were given at
chapter meetings. A DAR marker was placed and a memorial service conducted for a deceased member.
NSDAR Day of Prayer was observed. CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: We sponsor the
Chief Tishomingo Society C.A.R. which has 8 members and 2 DAR senior members. CONSERVATION: One
meeting on Energy Conservation. Members save aluminum cans for grave markers’ fund. Members feed birds;
planted trees, shrubs, flowers and bulbs. One member contributed 2,565 volunteer hours to the Tishomingo
County Archives & History Museum (TCAHM) and 225 hours to the restoration of the historic Midway School
House. One member is participating in a county-wide cemetery resurvey project. Conservation minutes were
given at chapter meetings. CONSTITUTION WEEK: A Mayor Proclamation was made in our city. The 2008
Constitution Day was celebrated at the historic old Tishomingo County Courthouse. The ―Brave Voices‖
Tishomingo County High School Show Choir performed patriotic songs. The Children of American Revolution
prospects handed out programs. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: Two students were awarded certificates and medals.
DAR MAGAZINE: Two members subscribe to American Spirit Magazine. Our chapter contributed to the
magazine advertising fund. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: One member is assisting local historical society
in collecting local veteran histories and in compiling a county book of veterans. Three members along with our
Chief Tishomingo CAR Society visited a local nursing home and presented veterans with flags and
refreshments. DAR SCHOOLS: Soup labels were sent to the KDS School. FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES:
Flag retirement ceremony was held. Flag facts were read at chapter meetings. LIBRARY: 30 books donated to
local library. 7 books donated to local archives. NATIONAL DEFENSE: A National Defense report is read at
each meeting. One member subscribes to the National Defender. Christmas cards were sent to our local
National Guard Members. PUBLIC RELATIONS: 459 inches newspaper. ROSALIE: One program was
dedicated to Rosalie. A Rosalie fact was given at each meeting. Items were donated to Mansion Marketplace.
VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY SERVICE: Members are active in church, hospital and nursing home volunteer
programs, as well as ―The Tishomingo County Historical and Genealogical Society.‖ VOLUNTEER
INFORMATION SPECIALIST: The Chapter Website has been updated and maintained. Two members use
computers for projects and communications. Master Questionnaire and Chapter Achievement Reports were
submitted. .
                                                                                   Cindy Whirley Nelson, Regent

                              CHLOE HOLT CHAPTER - BOGUE CHITTO
                                     Organized September 1969
                                    Organizing Regent Miss Bonnie Cole

  MEMBERSHIP: 58. 1 member serving as State Chairman, 2 members serving on Rosalie Governing Board.
MEETINGS: Second Saturday, September thru April. Meetings include Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
of the United States, American’s Creed, President General’s Message, National Defense Report, Rosalie Report,
Flag Fact, Business, Program and Social time. CONTRIBUTIONS: Met National and State Chapter
Achievement Award requirements. AMERICAN INDIANS: Contributions and soup labels. CHAPLAIN:
Ritual at meetings. Valentines and Christmas cards to veterans; get well, sympathy, and birthday cards sent.
C.A.R.: Contributions to State and National, a member donated $100 to the Magnolia C.A.R. Help sponsor a
C.A.R. chapter. CONSERVATION: 2 Life Promoters. Planted trees, bulbs, flowers and shrubs. Fed
birds/wildlife. Recycled paper, glass, plastic and aluminum. Saved drink can tabs for Blair Batson Children’s
Hospital. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: 4 schools contacted, 4 schools represented with students and parents
honored at Christmas Tea and presented pins and certificates. DAR MAGAZINE: A $40 co-op advertisement
was submitted to the state for inclusion in the Daughter’s Newsletter. DAR PROJECT PATRIOT: $100
contribution by member. DAR SCHOOLS: Monetary contributions, soup labels, and ink cartridges. DAR
SERVICE FOR VETERANS: 1 party (Harvest Festival) with 75-80 gifts of personal items given. Valentine
Party given with valentines and party food served. 2 members sent Christmas cards and personal items to the
veterans. Observed special holidays by flying American flag. FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY: Contributed
monetary gift and donated books and magazines to DAR Library, local library, and school. HISTORIAN:
Contributed monetary gifts to NSDAR Americana Collection and NSDAR Archives. JUNIOR
MEMBERSHIP: 7 Juniors, 2 Chapter Chairmen, 2 Chapter Officers. Support Helen Pouch Fund. LITERACY
CHALLENGE: 2 members involved. NATIONAL DEFENSE: 1 Program. Colonel Kenneth Powell presented
a program entitled Defense of America. Colonel Powell is stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia. He has made
numerous trips to Iraq in his service to the military. 5-10 minute National Defense report each meeting. 2
members receive the National Defender. PROGRAM: 75 chapter yearbooks donated by chapter member at no
cost to chapter. PRESIDENT GENERAL’S PROJECT: 100% participation first year. ROSALIE: 100% to
State Regent’s Project. Gave memorials for deaths and honorariums in lieu of speakers’ gifts. Members
attended Rosalie Day. 2 members serve on Rosalie Governing Board. SEIMES TECHNOLOGY: Monetary
gift. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Flag displayed at each meeting, pledge and flag
fact given. HISTORIC PRESERVATION: Rosalie Chairman, Cindy Phillips, presented a program on the
―History of Rosalie.‖ Historic restoration projects were detailed including description of window glazing
project. The ―digitization of Rosalie possessions‖ project was outlined. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION
SPECIALIST: Use computers for yearbooks, chapter correspondence, genealogical research, National and State
information. Chapter represented at State Conference, District Meetings, Rosalie Day, and Continental
  The October meeting honored Miss Bonnie Cole, 50 Year Member of DAR and Organizing Regent of Chloe
Holt Chapter, with a program highlighting her contributions to her family, DAR, genealogy, and historic
preservation. She was presented a dozen red roses and was honored with a special cake designed for her. After
the death of my mother, Fannie Lee Lewis, active member and past regent of Chloe Holt Chapter on August 30,
2008, it was very difficult to organize and implement Chapter programs and activities. Mother and Miss
Bonnie had been my motivation to serve as regent.

                                                                             Norma Jean L. Hammill, Regent

                             CHUQUATONCHEE CHAPTER - HOUSTON
                                   Organized November 1, 1975
                                Organizing Regent Mrs. V. A. Snyder

   MEMBERSHIP: 48. MEETINGS: Third Thursday, August, September, October, November, February,
March, April and May. Meetings which are either a lunch meeting or an afternoon meeting include the Ritual,
 Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, The National Creed, President General's
 Message, Constitution Minute, Flag Fact, Indian Minute, Rosalie Spot, National Defense Report, Business
 Session and a Program. Programs are in keeping with NSDAR focus of Education, Historical Preservation and
 Patriotism. AMERICAN HISTORY: A park ranger with the Natchez Trace Park Service presented a program
    on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. She has actually been on the trail which they traveled. AMERICAN
       INDIANS: Required contributions. Had a program on the Chickasaw Indians. CHILDREN OF THE
AMERICAN REVOLUTION: Sponsor The Horse Nation Society. Had a Sunday afternoon program honoring
     the Society members and Veterans on December 7, 2008, the 67th Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl
 Harbor. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Letters to the editor of the two local newspapers, displays in schools and
       libraries, news articles and radio spots for Constitution Week and Independence Day. DAR GOOD
   CITIZENS: 1 awarded at 1 school, certificate, lapel pin and metal presented to winner. 1 Scholarship Essay
  entry. Winner and parents were guests of the chapter at the National Defense Luncheon at State Conference,
     accompanied by chapter regent. DAR MAGAZINE: 15% of members subscribe; contributed $40.00 to
  MSSDAR ad. DAR SCHOOL: Monetary contribution required; Campbell Soup labels and Box Tops were
sent to Kate Duncan Smith School DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Contributions required. Honored local
  veterans on 67th Anniversary of bombing of Pearl Harbor. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: No Junior Members.
 LINEAGE RESEARCH: One prospective member. MEMBERSHIP: Two new members. Two deaths. One
 member deleted because of nonpayment of dues. Recruitment is done by invitations to meetings and publicity
      of activities. Each is offered assistance for help with lineage research and preparation of applications.
    NATIONAL DEFENSE: 3 minute report is given at each meeting. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA
   COMMITTEE: 16 notices of meetings in two local weekly newspapers for a total of 32 notices. There is a
    follow up article with picture of program speakers in newspapers. ROSALIE: Donation to Genealogical
 Library as an honorarium for speaker. Contribution sent in the absence of chapter representation as hostesses.
  THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES: Pledge of Allegiance at each meeting. Flag fact at each meeting.
      INSIGNIA: Had a program about the Insignia and DAR pins. PRESIDENT GENERAL'S PROJECT:
      contribution as required. Representation at State Conference: 1; Representation at District Meeting: 0

                                                                               Andrea Peden Marshall, Regent

                               COPIAH CHAPTER - CRYSTAL SPRINGS
                                         Organized March 18, 1909
                              Organizing Regent: Mrs. Elizabeth Jones Parsons

  Total Membership: 43 members. Chapter meetings are held on the first Saturday of selected months at the
historic Tomato Museum at Chautauqua Park Visitors Center. Each meeting includes social time, DAR ritual,
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, the American's Creed, singing the National
Anthem, the President General's message, flag minute, Rosalie minute, National Defense report, Constitution
sidelights, and program. Membership records are kept on computer and updated regularly. PRESIDENT
Daniel Johnson Society C.A.R. held its organizing meeting in March 2008 with 15 charter members. State
C.A.R. President Rachael McInnis presented and installed the officers. All of the senior officers in the Daniel
Johnson Society are Copiah Chapter members. In January 2009 Dan Johnson presented a program at a joint
meeting of the DAR and C.A.R. on his ancestor Daniel Johnson, for whom our C.A.R. chapter is named. Daniel
Johnson is the patriot ancestor of many of our chapter members; he was a Copiah County pioneer, and his grave
was marked by our chapter in 1934. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: The Copiah Chapter was very active in
the planning and promotion of the Crystal Springs Sesquicentennial Celebration in June 2008. Regent Melody
Worrell, Vice Regent Teresa Slay, and Registrar Johnnie Yakstis dressed in historical costume to attract
passersby and promote the events at the sesquicentennial. The highlight of the sesquicentennial was the evening
cemetery tour, which featured Regent Melody Worrell portraying our founding regent Elizabeth McKey Jones
in 1909 costume, and Vice Regent Teresa Slay portraying Magdalena Lotterhos, another prominent early citizen
of Crystal Springs, in 1880's costume. Regent Melody Worrell portrayed our founding regent Elizabeth Jones
while dressed in 1890's costume for a meeting of the Crystal Springs Floral Club for their Federation Week
observance. Founding Regent Jones was instrumental in forming the Floral Club as well as Copiah Chapter
DAR. Worrell's program emphasized the economic and social conditions of the 1890's which may have inspired
Jones in the forming of these organizations for the education and cultural benefit of local women. All of the
Copiah Chapter's meetings in 2008 included discussion of plans for our chapter centennial in 2009.
CONSTITUTION WEEK: In September the Ringing of the Bells was celebrated. The Regent obtained
proclamations from Mayor Arthur Lee Evans of Crystal Springs and the Copiah County Board of Supervisors.
DAR GOOD CITIZEN: One school participated, one Good Citizen named. NATIONAL DEFENSE: In
November Rev. Cregg Puckett presented slides and spoke on his service in Afghanistan as a chaplain with the
National Guard. Puckett described the military situation in Afghanistan and the culture, emphasizing the
National Guard's efforts to better the situation for the Afghan people. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Chairman
Melody Worrell and Joyce Carney assisted with publishing in The Meteor 168 inches newspaper.

                                                                                 Melody Anne Worrell, Regent

                                     COTTON GIN PORT - AMORY
                                          Organized June 21, 1921
                                 Organizing Regent Mrs. Harriet Moses Flynn

  Membership 19: Meetings: Third Thursday, October, November, March and April. Meetings include Ritual
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, American's Creed, Preamble to the
Constitution, Star Spangled Banner, Constitution Sidelight, Flag Fact, Treasurer's Report, Minutes, Committee
and Officers’ Reports, Business, Program, and Social Time. Contributions: Met National and State
Achievement Award requirements. AMERICAN HERITAGE: 1 program. AMERICAN HISTORY: 1
program. AMERICAN INDIANS: Contributions to schools and scholarship funds. CONSERVATION:
Members planted trees and flowers, canned and froze food, fed birds, and recycled papers and cans. INSIGNIA:
Chapter owns a Regents pin. LINEAGE RESEARCH: Chapter Chairman, Registrar, and Regent help
prospective members when asked. NATIONAL DEFENSE: 1 program, 5 minutes each meeting. VOLUNTEER
INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: Three members using computers for DAR projects and communications. One
member attended Hills District meeting.
                                                                              Verna Mae Parish Carroll, Regent

                                DANCING RABBIT CHAPTER - MACON
                                        Organized April 14, 1956
                                  Organizing Regent: Mrs. W.W. Whitten

  MEMBERSHIP: 57. MEETINGS: Four per year, third Saturday, September, October March and April.
Agenda includes lunch, Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance, Preamble, American’s Creed, National Anthem, President
General’s Message, National Defense Report, Business, and Program. CONTRIBUTIONS: Met all DAR
Chapter Achievement requirements. AMERICAN HISTORY: Four historical programs presented at meetings.
CONSERVATION: One member has constructed a Serenity Garden with 40’ circumference flower bed,
fountain, and evergreen shrubs to be a bird sanctuary and four seated trellises for community residents to pause
and reflect. CONSTITUTION WEEK: One church rang bells; one of our members, a school counselor, had a 5th
grade teacher explain the Preamble line by line. These students presented a program for the entire student body
of 500 students. Another teacher (6th grade) had her students dress in period costumes and presented a program
on the Constitution for the PTO group. They also presented a play entitled ―A Day with Ben Franklin.‖ DAR
GOOD CITIZEN: Good Citizen and his parents entertained at our March meeting. DAR MAGAZINE: Our
Chapter’s name was featured one month in the Magazine. FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:
One flag donated to the town cemetery. NATIONAL DEFENSE: 2 Good Citizenship Medals presented at one
local school. PROGRAM: One original program was submitted to Outstanding Program Contest. PUBLIC
RELATIONS: all 4 meetings were reported in the local paper. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION
SPECIALISTS: 5 members use computers for DAR projects and email.

                                                                                  Margaret E. Freshour, Regent
                              DAVID HOLMES CHAPTER - INDIANOLA
                                     Organized November 20, 1958
                                 Organizing Regent Dorothy Baird Allen

  MEMBERSHIP: 92, including 14 Past Regents, 6 junior members, 1 member serving National Society, and 3
members serving State Society. MEETINGS: Second Friday at 9:30 a.m., September through May, except no
meeting in December. Meetings include DAR Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance, American’s Creed, Flag Facts,
Constitution Highlights, Indian Minutes, National Defense Report, Rosalie Report, Officer and Chairman
Reports, Business Session, Program and social time. Contributions to DAR funds met State and National
Chapter Achievement requirements. AMERICAN INDIANS: An Indian minute read at each meeting.
CHAPLAIN: Memorial services and grave markers were placed for 3 deceased members. CONSTITUTION
WEEK: Posters were displayed in business store windows. 250 bookmarks distributed to 2 local schools.
DAR GOOD CITIZENS: Medal and pin given to Good Citizen winner. DAR GOOD CITIZENSHIP:
Certificates awarded to a student in each of the Six Grade classes in 7 schools in the area. DAR MAGAZINE:
12 subscriptions—including 2 to local libraries. DAR SCHOOL: 105 labels mailed to Tamassee. DAR
SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Assisted with reception honoring veterans and their families following the
Veterans Day Assembly Program at local high school. Placed flags on 358 graves of veterans. Brought
valentines to be mailed to veterans at VA Home in Kosciusko. LIBRARIAN: 1 book, estimated value $35,
given to local library. LINEAGE RESEARCH: 1 member is a lookup volunteer for Random Acts of
Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK). 3 members are volunteers to assist prospective members. NATIONAL
DEFENSE: 1 program. Report given at each meeting. 1 ROTC bronze medal presented. PUBLIC
RELATIONS AND MEDIA: All meetings and special events are submitted to local newspaper. ROSALIE:
$125 donated to the Gutters Fund. 2 members made cash contributions on Rosalie Day. FLAG OF THE
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Chapter members placed flags on 358 veterans’ graves. VOLUNTEER
INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: Chapter Regent, Chapter Treasurer, and Chapter Registrar use e-
Membership. 33 members use their computer for DAR activities. INSIGNIA: 2 pins were ordered from
Caldwell. The chapter owns banners and a Chapter Regent’s Pin. LITERACY PROMOTION: 3 members
participated in literacy programs. PRESIDENT GENERALS PROJECT: $546 is required for the project and
the amount for the second year has been sent. VOLUNTEER GENEALOGISTS: 1 workshop. 3 members
assist prospective members with their papers. 1 Outstanding Volunteer Genealogist.

                                                                                Emily DuBose Shafer, Regent

                                 DAVID REESE CHAPTER - OXFORD
                                        Organized October 9, 1899
                                 Organizing Regent Minerva Helen Conkey

  MEMBERSHIP: 58. MEETINGS: First Friday of each month September through May with special February
guest day luncheon. First meeting is a salad luncheon followed by a reorganizational business session. Ritual
is followed at each meeting with a presentation by a speaker on a subject relevant to DAR. These have included
the director of Red Cross, a former lady Mississippi Supreme Court Justice, and military officers from an
ROTC unit at Ole Miss. There is currently much interest by prospective new members who are invited to attend
meetings. At present there are six whose papers are being prepared or awaiting approval. Two new members
were added in the last year. SERVICE TO VETERANS at the local Veterans Home has been of special
interest. Each month we sponsor a birthday cake and ice cream event. Special Christmas gifts are presented to
each client. Members attended and participated in the Veterans Day Celebration at the National Guard Armory.
  Members attended and helped with the dedication of the newly restored L.Q.C. Lamar Home and also served
as docents for a special exhibit on Abraham Lincoln held at the Lamar Home. Flags were given to 200 new
citizens at a NATURALIZATION Service in the University of Mississippi Fulton Chapel with six members
assisting in distributing the flags. Our local LIBRARY has a special room devoted to genealogy. Members
participated in a special workshop there to acquaint people in the use of the room for research. Two books on
genealogy were donated to the collection. As a COMMUNITY SERVICE activity, a member helped with the
cleanup of an 1830’s cemetery that was once owned by DAR and she was instrumental in insuring
responsibility for care by the University of Mississippi, who is the current owner. MEDIA coverage has been
good, especially for meeting notices and special events. Prospective members are given information on where
to get research help and are invited to attend a meeting. A NATIONAL DEFENSE report is given at each
meeting. Four medals were awarded to University of Mississippi ROTC students and two were awarded at
local high schools. Oxford Mayor Richard Howorth issued a proclamation announcing CONSTITUTION
WEEK. Articles about the constitution were printed in both the ―Oxford Eagle‖ and the ―Daily Mississippian‖
at Ole Miss. RACIAL RECONCILIATION is an area of interest as members assist in the restoration of a
former African American church that will be a multi cultural meeting place and museum. CONSERVATION is
becoming more important as members recycle and plant trees. Several members are active in the Garden Club
and participate in beautification projects at the library and other places. Members are taking part in an ORAL
HISTORY project to preserve on tape memories of older Oxford residents. Members are saving stamps and
cartridges and pennies to benefit INDIAN SCHOOLS. At each meeting the registrar collects pennies for an
Indian school. A highlight of our year was hosting the Hills District Meeting in July under the leadership of
District President Dana Moore, our former regent. More than 80 daughters attended, including Regent Polly
                                                                                 Maralyn Howell Bullion, Regent

                                   Organized May 28, 1963
                            Organizing Regent Carol Nelson Murphy

  TOTAL MEMBERSHIP: 22, one death, with an average attendance of eight. Prospective members are
invited to attend. Six prospective members involved in research. MEETINGS: First Tuesday, October through
April, except January. Agenda includes DAR Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of
America, American’s Creed, President General’s Message, National Defense Report, Sunshine Report,
American Indian minute, business, program and social hour. The Mizpah is recited at the close of each
meeting. Four members attended State Conference, 2008, and Coastal Plains District Meeting, 2008.
AWARDS: Level I NSDAR Chapter Achievement 2007-2008, President General’s Project requirement met,
first place in Commemorative Events, numerous awards of excellence in other categories. AMERICAN
HERITAGE: Continuation of project to improve genealogy section of the local library has resulted in added
volumns and increased usage. December program of historical Christmas music, program on preservation of
antique furniture, printed documents and priceless linens. AMERICAN HISTORY: Program on the history of
45 years of Declaration of Independence Chapter, displaying old records. AMERICAN INDIANS:
Contribution made to American Indian fund and American Indian minute given at each meeting.
AMERICANISM: Participation in 4th of July celebration in honor of National Guard Unit. American Creed
recited at each meeting. CHAPLAIN: Cards were sent to 90 year old and ill and bereaved members. Sunshine
Report is given each month. Attendance by members, State Regent, and other State and National Officers at the
memorial service of Carol Murphy, who served many years in local state and national positions. Memorial gifts
made to Rosalie. COMMERATIVE EVENTS: Program on 200th Birthday of Abraham Lincoln, Chapter
celebration of 45th Anniversary with tea and special presentations to members with longest years of
membership. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Proclamation by Mayor, Flag Flying, Radio Spots, Four displays in
public places, and newspaper articles enhanced the week. DAR GOOD CITIZENS AWARD: Chapter is
giving the award this year after a few years of non participation. DAR MAGAZINE: 31.8% of the membership
subscribes to the magazine and a subscription was donated to the Veterans Center. DAR PROJECT
PATRIOT: Phone cards and 175 Christmas cards signed with personal handwritten notes were sent to
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. DAR SCHOOLS: Sent required and extra donations, 485 labels and box
tops. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Subscription to American Spirit Magazine, 3 oz stamps to VA
hospital. $167.00 of beautifully gift wrapped packages delivered to VA Home in Collins, MS. Emphasis on
Veterans work brought at each meeting. FLAG OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Participation in Flag
retirement service with local Boy Scout Troop. Presentation of America’s Story A Pictorial History of the
Pledge of Allegiance to 5th grade class for use in study on Americanism. Chapter will supply individual flags
for each child at the time of the study. GENEALOGICAL RECORDS: 25 back issues of the DAR magazine
were presented to the local library for use in program planning and research. HISTORIC PRESERVATION:
Program entitled ―This Old House‖ presented by owner describing her home and renovation process. Program
entitled ―Through the Ages‖ - guide for preserving antique furniture, historic documents and treasured linens.
Chapter meeting (―The ABC’s of the Old County Line School‖) presented by Chairman of the restoration
committee. Chapter made a presentation toward the project and pledged its support. MEMBERSHIP:
Currently six prospective members are engaged in research. These prospective members are invited to meetings
and used as much as possible in the overall program of our Society. Members accompanied prospective
members to three summer workshops at a nearby genealogy library. Actual hands-on assistance was given
including library and computer research. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Subscription to American Spirit Magazine
to VA Hospital. Subscription of National Defender presented to the local library. Chapter honored local Boy
Scouts with Good Citizenship award. Medals will be presented at Flag Retirement Ceremony. ROTC award
presented. PUBLIC RELATIONS: 11 newspaper articles; 10 radio spots. Newsletter mailed to members and
prospective members. ROSALIE: Hostesses were unable to attend Pilgrimage, but monetary gifts were sent to
Hostess Fund. Mansion Market items were generously contributed, State Conference $365.50, District Meeting
$149.00. Chapter was fourth in District for purchases. 75 Rosalie brochures were placed in various public
places. VIS: Members use computer and email for society business, chapter correspondence, preparation of
chapter newsletter, genealogical research, yearbook submission and receipt of State Newsletter. WOMEN’S
ISSUES: Four members who are retired medical personnel routinely share information on health issues,
solutions and wellness data. Members participated in March of Dimes, Cancer Walk, as Hospital and Red Cross
Volunteers, and women’s work in their churches.
                                                                                     Paula W. McClure, Regent

                                        DEER CREEK - LELAND
                                          Organized June 3, 1949
                                    Organizing Regent Mrs. Dean Hebron

  MEMBERSHIP: 45, which includes 7 non-resident members, 4 fifty-year members,
9 past regents and 3 deaths. MEETINGS: Held the second Wednesday of each month, October through May,
except January. Each meeting includes the DAR Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of
America, the American's Creed, President General's Message, National Defense Report, Sunshine Report,
business and programs which meet Chapter Achievement Award requirements. Contributions to DAR funds
met Chapter Achievement Award requirements. AMERICAN HERITAGE: 1 program, American Heritage
Luncheon in December. AMERICAN HISTORY: 4 programs. AMERICAN INDIANS: 2 "American Indian"
minutes at meetings. Donations made to American Indian Scholarship Fund, Bacone College, Chemawa Indian
School, Indian Youth of America Summer Camp Program. AMERICANISM: 25 Flag, Pledge of Allegiance
and American's Creed bookmarks distributed. CHAPLAIN: All members informed of DAR events, Sunshine
Report at each meeting, get well and sympathy cards sent. Memorial Service for deceased members.
CONSERVATION: 1 program. DAR GOOD CITIZEN: 1 student honored at luncheon in April, recognized at
school awards program, photograph in 2 local newspapers, awarded pin, certificate and wallet card. DAR
MAGAZINE: 1 subscription. Contributed to co-op ad with Delta District. DAR PROJECT PATRIOT: 400+
signed Christmas cards sent to wounded soldiers. DAR SCHOOLS: Sent required donations, 600 labels for
education. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: 25 copies of DAR Flag Code brochures
and 25 Flag bookmarks distributed. America's Story A Pictorial History of the Pledge of Allegiance donated to
2 libraries. HISTORIAN: Donations made to NSDAR Americana collection and NSDAR Archives. HISTORIC
PRESERVATION: 1 program. NATIONAL DEFENSE: National Defense Report at each meeting. Contributed
to NSDAR ROTC Award Program. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA: Chapter newsletter sent to all
members twice each year. Photograph of DAR Good Citizen in 2 local newspapers. VOLUNTEER
INFORMATION SPECIALIST: 2 members use computer for DAR projects. WOMEN'S ISSUES: 1 program. 3
members volunteer for fund-raisers for medical research. Deer Creek Chapter was represented at State
Conference and at Delta District Meeting.
                                                                                   Nancy Walker Bell, Regent
                                DOAK'S TREATY CHAPTER - CANTON
                                         Organized May 28, 1949
                                  Organizing Regent Mrs. John B. Howell

  MEMBERSHIP: 28 members, 1 death, 1 prospective member. MEETINGS: Held on the fourth Thursday
of each month, September-May. The order of Business includes the Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance, Preamble to
the Constitution, the American's Creed, The President General's Message, Silent Roll Call and Minutes,
National Defense Message, Reports of Officers and Executive Board, Standing Committees, Unfinished
business, New business, PROGRAM, adjournment with DAR Creed, social hour. Chapter contributions to
DAR funds and Chapter Achievement Requirements met. Three DAR GOOD CITIZENS and two JROTC
bronze medal winners were honored by our chapter. Members of the Chapter traveled to Natchez to participate
in the "ROSALIE DAY" activities. For each of our speakers a donation to Rosalie is made on their behalf. Our
AMERICAN HISTORY/PATRIOTISM was spotlighted by the Canton Academy First Grade play. Our
Chapter participated in the activities of this "PATRIOTIC" play and helped to support its production. This
program highlights the history of our country and recognizes each of the branches of our military. This is very
important to Doak's Treaty as we have a NATIONAL DEFENSE report each meeting. A report is given by our
DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS committee chairman regarding the needs of those in our Veterans Nursing
Home. Stamps, Christmas cards, magazines, toiletries, socks and other items are given on request.
NATIONAL DEFENSE: Col. Fred Shaw, Retired, spoke on the historic perspective of the military.
HERITAGE: Penny Sanford Fikes presented collections that reflect our glorious heritage.
  Doak's Treaty and Annandale Chapters welcomed our State Regent Polly Hunter Grimes and her daughter to
our November meeting, which was held in the Historic Madison County Jail. The City of Canton Mayor and
Board of Aldermen issued a resolution the 1st Tuesday of September observing September 17-23 as
"CONSTITUTION WEEK." A Constitution Week window display was placed in the entrance of the Madison
County Chancery Building. EDUCATION: Soup labels were collected. HISTORIC PRESERVATION:
Program presented on the history of the area of the site of the second County Seat in Madison County. DAR
MAGAZINE: $40 co-op ad with Heartland District. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Radio spot for Constitution
  Members attended the State Conference and District Meeting
                                                                                    Maureen S. Simpson, Regent
                                             Organized January 11, 1956
                                     Organizing Regent Mrs. Clifford Schwalb

Wednesday of each month at 10:30 a.m. 9 months of the year. Meetings include Ritual, Pledge, American’s
Creed, Business Report, Program and Lunch. Each meeting is ended by reciting the Mizpah and a prayer.
March 5, 2008 our new regent and officers were sworn into office. The Chapter had a small banquet at a local
restaurant to welcome the new officers. On April 2, 2008 our chapter presented the Pascagoula Public Library
a copy of the newly published PATRIOT INDEX. April 26, 2008 the Regent and Vice Regent attended the
rededication of one of the oldest concrete roads south of the Mason Dixon Line, which was in Saltillo,
Mississippi. In May our chapter attended the 45th anniversary of The Declaration of Independence Chapter in
Lucedale, Mississippi. In August 2008 our chapter returned from summer vacation to put a grand finish on our
year. In September we were granted proclamations from 3 cities. For Veterans Day our chapter was given a
slide show by the daughter of one of our members. This was given by a young lady that has been to Landstuhl
Regional Medical Center in Germany several times. This is the largest American Military hospital outside of
the United States. In October the regent and 3 members attended the ROSALIE DAY meeting. In November
we held our GOOD CITIZENS contest. There were 6 schools represented, with one overall winner. Each
student was presented a handbook on the CONSTITUTION and a pamphlet about our American Flag. The
winner was given a monetary amount. In December our annual Christmas tea was held at the OLD PLACE, a
beautiful old home overlooking the Pascagoula River, and the old family home of one of our members. Our
Regent and her husband graciously attended. All Coastal Plains District chapters were invited, and a few did
attend. We put many articles and pictures in our local paper. Public relations 130.‖
  The Regent and 3 members attended the District meeting. Our chapter is presently working to bring in 2 new
                                                                             Deloris Williams Blacklidge, Regent

                                 FELIX LABAUVE CHAPTER – WALLS
                                      Organized September 27, 1975
                                   Organizing Regent Mrs. John Gardner

  Total membership: 54. Meetings: 5 per year in October, November, January, March and May. Meetings
include a Board Meeting, Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, National
Anthem, American’s Creed, President General’s Message, National Defense Message, Rosalie Moment,
Women’s Issues, Treasurer’s Report, Minutes, Business Committee Reports, Program, Blessing, and Lunch.
Contribution to DAR funds met State and National Chapter Achievement Requirements.
  Programs: Mr. Forest Hamilton, State Representative from Desoto County, discussed patriotism and the
duties of every responsible citizen in America. Mrs. Deborah Napper, Historical Education, discussed her
creations of period era porcelain dolls. Mrs. Emily Nelson, Desoto County Schools, gifted teacher, discussed
the importance of sponsoring gifted education within our local community and the outcome of producing
responsible citizens within Mississippi. Mrs. Wanda Jennings, State Representative from Desoto County,
discussed responsible citizenship, why it is important to voice your concerns to state and local lawmakers, and
the importance of sponsoring programs to promote citizenship within Desoto County schools.
AMERICANISM: Dorothy Herron gave flags to the First Baptist Church. She also distributed Flag Codes to
the youth at church. CHAPLAIN: Sandra Brent organized a graveside ceremony for her mother, Mrs. Evelyn
Simms, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. C.A.R.: Our chapter continues to sponsor the Isaac Morgan Society in
Hernando, Mississippi. There are currently twelve members. C.A.R. members presented American Flags,
copies of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Four Proclamations
were signed by local Mayors of Desoto County and four displays were placed in local libraries. DAR GOOD
CITIZENS: Our chapter gave three $50 cash awards to local students who created wonderful essays on what
constitutes a good United States citizen. DAR MAGAZINE: 24% of our members currently subscribe to
American Spirit. LITERACY PROMOTION: Members who are teachers tutored approximately three hundred
hours to promote literacy in children. ROSALIE: Our chapter met state requirements for monetary donations
and read Rosalie Moment at each meeting. DAR SERVICE TO VETERANS: Members donated time and
articles to local veterans’ facilities. INSIGNIA: Chapter owns a Regent pin. Members have also purchased
various pins from J. E. Caldwell this year.
  Members were present at the summer District Meeting and February State Conference.

                                                                                Deborah Louise Atkins, Regent

                                 FORT ROSALIE CHAPTER – JACKSON
                                         Organized April 16, 1955
                                   Organizing Regent Eleanor Day Hughes

  MEMBERSHIP: 87 members including 8 junior members and an honorary State Regent plus 1 associate
member. We gained 5 new members including 2 new junior members, lost 3 members to death. 1 member
serves as a national chairman, 2 members serve as National Vice-Chairman, 1 member is on the Rosalie
Governing Board, 1 member is a personal page to the State Regent and 2 members serve on State Level with
chairmanships. MEETINGS: Held first Saturday of each month October through May at the Municipal Art
Gallery in Jackson. All meetings include the Ritual, Pledge to the Flag of the United States of America, the
American’s Creed, the Preamble to the Constitution, the National Anthem, President General’s Message,
National Defense Report, American Indian Minute, Registrar’s Report, Rosalie Report, Flag Fact, Sunshine
Report, Committee Reports, Business and Social Hour. Program includes a speaker each month except in
December which is a Christmas Tea and in May which is a Spring Luncheon. All contributions and CHAPTER
ACHIEVEMENT AWARD requirements were met for State and National. AMERICAN HERITAGE: 1
program on ―Language As Our American Heritage.‖ AMERICAN HISTORY: 18 students from 2 private
school participated in the American History Essay Contest. All participants received certificates. Chapter
Winners received a bronze medal and were invited to National Defense Luncheon at State Conference. 1
Certificate along with a silver medal was presented for Outstanding Work in American History.
CONSTITUTION WEEK: 1 poster measuring 2 sq. ft. was displayed in a classroom and 2 high school
principals issued proclamations. CONSERVATION; 1 program; DAR GOOD CITIZEN: 2 schools contacted, 1
school participated. A certificate, pin and wallet card was presented to winner who also was invited to National
Defense Luncheon during State Conference. DAR SCHOOLS: A total of 300 labels and box tops were sent to 3
schools and a $100 Wal-Mart Gift Card was sent to KDS School. DAR MAGAZINE: 28% of members
subscribe. HISTORIC PRESERVATION: 1 program. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: 8 Junior members; 1 junior
member is a committee chairman. NATIONAL DEFENSE: 1 program on Terrorism and report on National
Defense at every meeting. 2 Junior ROTC Medals and 4 Good Citizenship medals were awarded. PRESIDENT
GENERAL’S PROJECT: Chapter had 100% participation. PROJECT PATRIOT: Members signed Christmas
cards and contributed personal articles and money to purchase supplies for wounded soldiers at Landstuhl.
ROSALIE: Hostesses were provided for Spring and Fall Pilgrimages, monetary gifts were given to the Mansion
Fund, items were contributed to the Mansion Market and 4 members attended Rosalie Day. VOLUNTEER
INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: 12 members use a computer and the internet to perform tasks related to DAR
responsibilities. Certificates were given to members who had been in the DAR for 25, 50 and 65 years. The
chapter was represented at Continental Congress, State Conference and all 4 District Meetings.

                                                                           Anne Marie Mendell Hewitt, Regent

                            FRIENDSHIP OAK CHAPTER - LONG BEACH
                                      Organized March 31, 1983
                                 Organizing Regent Mrs. John C. Elkins

  Friendship Oak Chapter has members from the Gulf Coast cities, Waveland to Biloxi and including
Diamondhead. This year we celebrated our 25th Anniversary with a Silver Tea and honored returning charter
  MEMBERSHIP: As of January 1, 2009, there are 51 members including 5 Junior Members. MEETINGS: Our
monthly luncheon meetings are held alternately on the second Wednesday or Saturday of the month. All begin with
the NSDAR Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance, the American’s Creed and the Preamble to the Constitution.
AMERICAN HERITAGE Our chairman continues to support the preservation of our American Heritage by
attending various workshops in several cities to observe American arts and crafts. To promote ―Our Heritage - A
Patchwork of our Past,‖ she assisted in the 2008 Mississippi State Quilters Assn. with Penny Sanford. She
interviewed some of the quilters about amazing stores of fabrics that were lost and recovered during and after
Hurricane Katrina and then used in quilts which raised money to help victims of the storm. AMERICAN
HISTORY: Guest speaker Col. Glenn Frazier recounted his experiences in a Japanese prison and how he survived
the Bataan Death March during WWII. AMERICAN INDIANS: We observed American Indians month with a
proclamation from the Mayor of Long Beach along with an Indian display at the Long Beach Library.
AMERICANISM: Committee Chairman Ruth Hopkins distributed 88 flags and flag code booklets to new citizens
during two Naturalization Ceremonies. CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT: Contributions have met this committee’s
requirements. CONSERVATION: Our Conservation Chairman’s contributions and efforts for preserving wildlife
and the conservation of Mississippi’s wetlands are ongoing and constantly increasing while working with the
USDA Wetlands Reserve Program and Ducks Unlimited. CONSTITUTION WEEK: One proclamation was made
at the Long Beach city council meeting. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: One volunteer continues to serve the
VA in the Biloxi Division. DAR MAGAZINE: Friendship Oak contributes $40.00 to ad space and also maintained
27.5% participation in subscriptions to American Spirit. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Mr. Tom Simmons spoke about
the role the Merchant Marines played during WWII as well as the peace treaty signed in Paris after WWI and our
how the poppy became a symbol to honor our soldiers buried in the poppy-covered fields of Flanders. PROJECT
PATRIOT: We have donated $100.00 through the State Treasurer as well as more quilts and blankets to be used
during airlifts of our wounded military to hospitals. ROSALIE: Friendship Oak is a charter member of Friends of
Rosalie and contributes $300 yearly as well as supporting it with memorials, honorariums, and hostess funds.

                                                                                             Betty F. Arbo, Regent

                                  GRENADA CHAPTER – GRENADA
                            Organized October 7, 1907; Disbanded April 14, 1917
                                   Organizing Regent Mrs. T. E. Moody
                                      Reactivated: December 3, 1951
                                 Organizing Regent Miss Lida Lake Owens

  TOTAL MEMBERSHIP: 39, 3 new members pending. MEETINGS: Third Friday September-May with the
exception of January no meeting is held. The Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States, the
American’s Creed, National Defense Message, Flag Minute, program, and social time. AMERICAN
HERITAGE: One Literary program presented. AMERICAN HISTORY ESSAY CONTEST: 1 school and 28
students participated: 4 certificates and 2 bronze medals awarded. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS ESSAY
CONTEST: 1 school and 50 students participated. 6 certificates awarded. CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT
AWARDS: Chapter donations to the DAR funds met requirements. CONSERVATION: Several members fed
wildlife, set out trees, also participate in recycling aluminum cans, plastics, and newspapers. To save energy
many members have changed to fluorescent lights. Three members and two prospective members attended a
Conservation Workshop presented by Mississippi State University. One member participated in a three day
workshop presented on Timber Management. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Proclamation by mayor and picture of
signing in local paper. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: 2 schools participated. 2 medals awarded during the Honor
Day’s program at each school. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: 10 hours spent in visiting veterans in local
nursing homes and extended care facility. Several copies of the book ―The Faith of the American Soldier‖ were
given to veterans, also lap blankets were given to veterans confined to wheelchairs. THE FLAG OF THE
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: 300 small flags are to be given to the attendees of a program to be
presented by the U. S. Army Band at Holmes Community during Feb. MEMBERSHIP: 1 workshop on filling
out DAR application papers was presented. Members continue to mentor and give support to prospective
members who are working applications. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: Gained 1 new junior member. NATIONAL
DEFENSE: Report given at each meeting. 1 program ―Threats to our Nation‖ was given during the April
meeting. 1 Bronze Medal was presented to the outstanding ROTC student. PUBLIC RELATIONS: 151 inches
in our local newspaper. ROSALIE Report: Money was donated to the hostess fund.

                                                                                    Wanda Jean Willis, Regent

                                 GULF COAST CHAPTER - GULFPORT
                                       Organized February 9, 1916
                                  Organizing Regent Mrs. Eaton J. Bowers

  MEMBERSHIP: 29. Chapter gained two new members and lost one member due to resignation.
MEETINGS: Third Wednesday of each month September thru May, with the January meeting devoted to
chapter officers’ business affairs; May is always our annual Spring Picnic. This year spouses and friends were
invited in an attempt to make it a Family Spring Picnic for now and in future years. December meeting is
devoted to our Christmas party and is also the week we give awards to the American Essay; Christopher
Columbus Essay; and Good Citizens award winners. This year we gave two local Good Citizen awards; one
American Essay award, and sent one Good Citizen essay to district for competition for State Awards. In April
of each year we have a program with the local high schools to present a new American Flag that has flown over
the Capitol and present awards to outstanding JROTC Cadets. All meetings include and opening prayer by the
Chaplain; DAR Ritual; Pledge of Allegiance to U.S. Flag; Pledge to Daughters Flag; American’s Creed;
National Defense Report; President General's message; Rosalie Minute; Indian Minute; reading of chapter
minutes; treasurer's report; old and new business discussions. The U.S. Flag and the NSDAR Flag are
displayed at all meetings. CONSERVATION: A program in the early spring presented by a local nursery taught
members about local plants, when to plant, and how to care for plants that thrive along the Gulf Coast area.
Everyone received a plant to take home. Focus for the 2009 year is to find a local 'new' school or public
building where we can plant two live oaks as community service from our Chapter. DAR MAGAZINE: 37 % of
our chapter members subscribe. DAR SCHOOLS: Donations of cash are donated yearly to the DAR Schools.
HISTORY: In November our chapter held a 'Marking of Graves' Ceremony. At the Biloxi National Cemetery
in Biloxi, MS. a memorial plaque with the official DAR grave marker emblem and brass names plates on a
beautiful oak plaque now hangs at the Hall of Flags for public view. The original plaque only displayed four
names of deceased daughters buried at the National Cemetery, but new names can be added as proof of the
deceased Daughters grave being at this cemetery. One new name will shortly be added due to the information
from a neighbor chapter who has presented us with a new name which is proven to be a former DAR regent
from Biloxi chapter. We are happy to add new names when and if they are submitted to our chapter regent or
secretary for approval. The program was well attended by our chapter members, spouses, family and friends, as
well as the families of some of the DAR Daughters being honored this day. Many of our State Officers and
some local dignitaries also attended. This is a program we hope will be taken up by other chapters in areas
close to National Cemeteries. Permission for this was obtained from National DAR and from National
Cemetery officials before the ceremony could take place. It took almost two years to get everything into place.
Our chapter is very proud of the Plaque as a way to mark graves. The families honored were so appreciative, as
well. We feel the efforts here are a way of preserving history; promoting public awareness; and educating our
youth to honor the work of their ancestors. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Medals are presented at the April JROTC
Flag ceremony to two outstanding cadets. The ceremony includes proper retirement of old and tattered flags;
rifle corps drills and marching drills by JROTC Cadets. Once again this year ROSALIE received cash donations
because no member was able to be a hostess during pilgrimage. Efforts continue to involve the local SAR
chapters into our activities and they as well often ask us to attend some of their projects. We will continue to
work closely with them in our combined efforts in schools, community events, and public awareness of DAR
and SAR societies.
 The objectives of our chapter in 2009 will be to improve our school essay and good citizen contacts and awards
and to take part in more community activities such as parades, veterans’ projects, and seminars to promote
membership in DAR.
                                                                               Margaret Shehorn Marasco, Regent

                           HARMON RUNNELS CHAPTER - MONTICELLO
                                    Organized January 12, l980
                                Organizing Regent Mrs. C. W. Tynes

  MEMBERSHIP: 15. MEETINGS: 4th Tuesday in September. November, January,
March, and May. Meetings include DAR Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the
United States of America, the American's Creed, President General's message, National
Defense Report, Constitution Sidelight, Flag Fact, Indian Minute, Rosalie Minute,
treasurer's report, minutes, business meeting, program and social time. Chapter contributions to DAR met
National and State Chapter Achievement requirements. The
Chapter was represented at State Conference and District Meeting. AMERICAN HERTAGE: Members
participated as docents in local "Longino House" tours. CHAPLAIN: Led DAR Ritual at all meetings and kept
members informed of illnesses of chapter members and in the community. CONSERVATION: Assisted in
taking care of flower beds and plants and trees and shrubs at local civic sites. DAR MAGAZINE: Regent and
Magazine chairman share information from "American Spirit Magazine/Daughters Newsletter". 33% of
membership subscribe to magazine. DAR SCHOOLS: Members urged to collect labels and printer cartridges
to be sent to schools. Monetary contributions to schools met Chapter Achievement Requirements. DAR
SERVICE TO VETERANS: Members represented Chapter at Veterans' Day Service at County Court House
Nov. 11, 2009 and participated in service. FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Flags were
distributed at churches July 4, 2009. LINEAGE RESEARCH: Chapter Registrar and Regent assisted with two
requests for genealogy information pertaining to application papers. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Copies of
"National Defender" shared with members at meetings and National Defense Report was read at all meetings.
VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: Two members used computers for DAR activities and in
assisting in genealogy searches. WOMEN'S ACTIVITIES. Two members donate at least 40 per week in local
pregnancy crises center and in Civil Air Patrol activities. PRESIDENT GENERAL'S PROJECT: Contributions
made as required for Chapter Achievement Report. ROSALIE: Members served as hostesses for spring
pilgrimage. Rosalie Minute given at each meeting. STATE REGENT'S PROJECT: Contributions made for
Chapter Achievement Report.

                                                                                      Martha G. Tynes, Regent

                                   HIC-A-SHA-BA-HA – STARKVILLE
                                         Organized October 8, 1910
                                   Organizing Regent: Mrs. Eric Nash Hand

  MEMBERSHIP: 54 members (2 new Junior members by application, 1 by transfer, 1 by reinstatement). Lost
5 due to 2 transfers, 3 resignations. MEETINGS: First Thursday, September – May. Includes Ritual, Pledge of
Allegiance, American’s Creed, National Anthem, Salute to MS Flag, President General’s Message, National
Defense Report, Indian Minute, Business, Program. CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Requirements met
for state and national. AMERICAN HISTORY: 26 students participated in essay contest, 3 certificates and 3
bronze medals awarded. AMERICAN INDIANS: 1 program, Indian Minute read at meetings. CHAPLAIN:
Sent cards to members with illnesses or deaths in their families. CONSERVATION: Program by local
photographer on wildlife in Oktibbeha Co. Members fed birds; planted trees, shrubs, bulbs, and flowers;
recycled newspapers, magazines, plastic, aluminum, and glass. 1 butterfly garden constructed at local school by
chapter regent with elementary students. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Letter to editor appeared in local
newspaper. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: 4 certificates awarded and 4 articles about students appeared in local
newspaper. DAR MAGAZINE: 22 subscriptions including 3 to local school libraries and 1 to local university
library. 37% member subscriptions. Contribution made for co-op ad. DAR PROJECT PATRIOT: Sent
Christmas cards to servicemen on the USS John C. Stennis. DAR SCHOOLS: Soup labels and box tops
donated. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Personal hygiene gifts, money, and stamps donated. Members
attended Veterans Day program at local VFW. Program presented by MSU Director of the Center for America’s
Veterans. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Flag Fact presented at meetings. Members
encouraged to fly the flag regularly. 2 books donated to local fifth grade libraries about the Pledge of
Allegiance. HISTORIC PRESERVATION: Chapter donated funds to have historical marker replaced in
Starkville through MS Department of Archives and History. INSIGNIA: Chapter owns Chapter Regent’s Pin
and banners. LIBRARIAN: 2 books donated to public library and 1 to NSDAR library. LITERACY
PROMOTION: 2 members tutor students with reading disabilities. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Report presented
at meetings. PRESIDENT GENERAL’S PROJECT: Paid yearly quota. PROGRAM: Members viewed DVD,
―Today’s DAR‖. State Regent Polly Hunter Grimes visited chapter in September to give update on MSSDAR.
PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA: Announcements of chapter meetings listed in activities calendar of local
newspaper. ROSALIE: Contribution sent for pilgrimages in the absence of chapter representation as hostesses.
Rosalie Minute presented at meetings. VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY SERVICE: Members active in church,
hospital and nursing home volunteer programs, as well as Oktibbeha County Historical and Genealogical
Society. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: Chapter regent, treasurer, and registrar use e-
membership. 11 members use computers for local, state, and national DAR business. Yearbook produced via
computer by chapter regent. WOMEN’S ISSUES: 1 program on incontinence by local physical therapist.
  The chapter was represented at the Hills District Meeting and State Conference.

                                                                                    Hellen Hicks Polk, Regent

                                  HONTOKALO CHAPTER – FOREST
                                       Organized May 20, 1976
                                    Organizing Regent Etoile Loper Hopkins

  MEMBERS: 38. In the past year, two of our members have died. including our organizing regent Etoile
Loper Hopkins and member Martha Stuart. We have added two new members after helping both with their
DAR papers, and we have lost two other members due to non-payment of dues. None of our members are
currently serving in state or national positions. We meet 8 times per year on the first Tuesday of the month at
various places in Forest, Mississippi. Meetings consist of the Ritual, the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the
United States, the President General’s Report, the National Defense Report, business, a program, and
refreshments. Our programs over the past year have been in the categories of American Heritage and History,
American Indians, Today's DAR, DAR History, DAR Buildings, National Defense, and Personal Safety for
Women. Of special note this year was our marking of the grave of organizing regent Etoile Loper Hopkins. A
special service was conducted at the grave site in December 2008.
  Also, of special note was a program we arranged and opened up to the community featuring speaker, Dr.
Bryant Boswell, who recounted his experiences during participation in the bicentennial reenactment of the
Lewis & Clark Expedition. This was a two-year reenactment sponsored by the federal government, and Dr.
Boswell was selected to portray Meriwether Lewis. This program was outstanding in its scope and in the
artifacts displayed by Dr. Boswell. It took place in October 2008.

                                                                                   Sarah Peebles Strohm, Regent

                                       Organized April 8, 1905
                              Organizing Regent Alma Robertson Waymar

  MEMBERSHIP: 22; six working on papers: MEETINGS: Held the second Wednesday of each month from
October - May at the Bryan Public Library. Meetings include the DAR Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
of the United States of America. The Star Spangled Banner, The American's Creed, The President General's
Message, Flag Minute, Program and Social time.
  Chapter contributions to DAR funds met Chapter Achievement Requirements.
  Horseshoe Robertson Chapter celebrated 103rd anniversary with our State Regent Polly Grimes at Old
Waverly Clubhouse. AMERICAN HISTORY: Esther Pippen reviewed works by Daniel McCullough.
AMERICAN INDIAN: A three minute report is given at each meeting. CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT
AWARDS: Norman Armstrong was presented this award. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Five articles were written
by Lucille South for our local newspaper. An article and a picture of Lucille South appeared each day during the
week. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: Awards were given to three seniors in our West Point Schools, with parents
present. A picture was in local newspaper with students and parents. DAR MAGAZINE: 30% of members
subscribe. DAR SERVICES FOR VERERANS: Boxes were packed and sent to Landstuhl, Germany Hospital
for wounded soldiers. LINEAGE RESEARCH: Esther Pippen gives three days each week working in our
local library in the History Room doing research. NATIONAL DEFENSE: We have a three minute report at
each meeting. A guest speaker, Beth Freshour, gave ―Dining with Mr. Jefferson‖ at our Christmas Party.
Sharon Nettles discussed ―Building of DAR Membership.‖ Lucille South gave ―A celebration of Lincoln's
200th birthday.‖ Carolyn Cooper discussed ―Women as Voters in America.‖
  We had five members to attend the Hills District Meeting. Our Chaplain Joanne Westbrook gives our
devotional at the end of each meeting.
                                                                                    Jeanette Ming Unger, Regent

                                   HUSH-PUCK-A-HAW – DODDSVILLE
                                           Organized July 14, 1976
                                    Organizing Regent Mrs. A. E. Staggs, Jr.

  MEMBERSHIP: 22 MEMBERS, INCLUDES 3 Junior Members. MEETINGS: Monthly, September
through May includes Ritual, President’s General Message. National Defense Report, Flag Fact, Rosalie
Moment, and Monetary Donation, Committee Reports, Business and Program. AMERICAN HISTORY: A
total of 54 students in the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades at North Sunflower Academy participated in an essay
contest and awards were presented at a special assembly. AMERICAN INDIANS: Contribution made to
Chemawa Indian School, Bacone College, American Indian Scholarship Fund, and Indian Youth Camp.
COMMEMORATIVE EVENT: Members were assisted by Baptist Youth Group in placing 160 flags on
veteran’s graves in Lehrton Cemetery in Ruleville, MS on Veteran’s Day. A guest speaker presented January’s
program celebrating the 225th Anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Paris. CONSTITUTION WEEK:
One program on the constitution was given with posters displayed. Churches were notified and given
pamphlets for their Sunday bulletins and a Bell Ringing was held on September 17th. A local attorney spoke on
the present-day observance of the Constitution. GOOD DAR CITIZEN: Pin and certificate were presented to a
North Sunflower Academy senior at a chapter meeting and later recognized at Awards Day at the close of
school. DAR SCHOOLS: Chapter sent soup labels to Bacone College. ROSALIE: Memorials have been
made to Rosalie. One member serves on Friends of Rosalie Committee. October meeting featured ―Rosalie,
Pride of Mississippi Daughters.‖ DAR MAGAZINE: Three members subscribe. DAR SERVICE FOR
VETERANS: 160 flags were placed on grave sites of veterans at Lehrton Cemetery in Ruleville, MS. 118 gifts
beautifully wrapped and decorated were taken to Veteran’s Home in Kosciusko, MS and value was estimated to
be approximately $1,600. REPRESENTATION: DAR Schools Chairman is a chapter member and one
member serves on Friends of Rosalie Committee. Two members attended Hills District meeting and three
attended State Conference. CAMEO SOCIETY: Three members.
                                                                                 Anne Evans Milburn, Regent

                                    IKLANNA CHAPTER – BELZONI
                                        Organized December 1, 1964
                                    Organizing Regent: Grace Aust Brown

   Total membership: 34. MEETINGS: Second Tuesday of each month September-May except February when
we attend State Conference. Meetings include DAR Ritual, American’s Creed, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
of the United States, a Patriotic Minute, American Indian Minute, Rosalie Minute, President General’s
Message, National Defense Report, roll call, minutes, Treasurer’s report, old and new business, program, prayer
for our nation, and social time. Members attended State Conference, District Meeting, State C.A.R. Conference,
and Rosalie Day. Iklanna contributed to all Mansion Markets. All contributions and Chapter Achievement
Award requirements were met for State and National. President General’s Project paid by yearly quota. DAR
Project Patriot: Donated DVDs and CDs to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.
   AMERICAN INDIANS: Program on local Jaketown Indians; members serve as docents at local Indian
Museum which Dr. Rebekah Ray visited. Members attended a seminar on local Indians and then went through a
local ―dig.‖ Some members traveled on the Trail of Tears this summer. CONSTITUTION WEEK: A member
who is a retired history teacher with 30 years experience taught 6 classes and gave 1 DAR program during
Constitution Week. PATRIOTISM: On November 11, Iklanna had a special program honoring veterans of
WWI through the current conflict in the Middle East. As an on-going project, the chapter has started a project to
list all the men and women from Humphreys County who have served their country from 1941 to present.
Memorial Day and July4th a program is given and a wreath placed at the War Memorial at the local courthouse.
Visitation and ―goodies‖ to veterans in local nursing home by members. A report was made by the Regent on a
trip to Boston and the Freedom Trail, Lexington, Concord, and Salem. Members participate in community-wide
July 4th musical honoring veterans. Patriotic notices have been placed in the local paper and church bulletins.
Members celebrated July 4 with a cookout at the Regent’s home. Flags are flown city-wide. DAR GOOD
CITIZEN: 1Good Citizen pin awarded along with $100.00 scholarship. Article and picture in paper. Winner and
family attended State Conference. CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: Iklanna sponsors
Jaketown Society. 3 chapter members are Senior Leaders. WOMEN’S ISSUES: 1 program brought out the
dangers for women in places like shopping centers and how to minimize the dangers. A review of Our Founding
Mothers was given. CHAPLAIN: Members attended National Day of Prayer. 2 members do Sunday devotionals
at the local nursing home. The Regent will begin a Bible study at church in February. We observed the deaths of
several members. CONSERVATION: Families subscribe to wildlife magazines, discuss with children the need
to preserve wildlife, habitats, and our responsibility for our environment. Members joined Friends of Wister
Gardens to maintain a beautiful garden left to the community. Members recycle. DAR MAGAZINE: About
50% of members subscribe. Iklanna uses both the DAR Newsletter and the American Spirit for material for
programs and articles for discussion. DAR SCHOOLS: As noted in Chapter Achievement Award, Iklanna sends
labels, clothing, box tops, and ink cartridges to the schools. Also, our Regent visited KDS this summer and
donated $150 to them. MEMBERSHIP: We invite prospective members to meetings. We have also found that
the National Defense Luncheon at State Conference has sparked interest in the DAR. In volunteering to help us
on different projects such as Good Citizen and DAR Project Patriot, some have become interested.

                                                                                       Kate Halbrook, Regent

                           ISH-TE-HO-TO-PAH CHAPTER – NEW ALBANY
                                     Organized February 25, 1929
                                Organizing Regent Mrs. Anabel Stephens

  TOTAL MEMBERSHIP: 21. MEETINGS: Third Thursday of each month September through May (except
December). Includes Rituals, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, Flag hints,
American’s Creed, President General’s message, National Defense Report, Minutes, Business, Program.
Contributions met for State and National. AMERICAN INDIANS: Contributions made for all Indian schools
and labels sent to each. CHAPLAIN: Sympathy and get well cards sent and visits made to hospitals and care
homes. CHILDREN OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION: Contributed to MSSDAR fund for C.A.R.
CONSTITUTION WEEK: Chairman presented program. Posters displayed in schools. New Albany High
School student selected for DAR GOOD CITIZEN. Winner and mother invited to attend February American
History Luncheon and presented pin and certificate. DAR SCHOOLS: Chapter chairman sent soup labels and
contributions made. FLAGS displayed at all meetings. AMERICAN HERITAGE: Guest speaker presented
program on history of American music. HISTORIAN: Contributed funds. LITERACY: One member again
tutored for 40 hours. Literacy council presented with donation. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Each meeting ten
minute report given and one full program. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Coverage by NEW ALBANY GAZETTE.
Chapter is host of ―Luncheon with Books‖ at November meeting of Friends of the Library.

                                                                                     Sheri Hall Smith, Regent
                                   ITAWAMBA CHAPTER – FULTON
                                      Organized February 26, 1969
                                     Organizing Regent Odell Nanney

  Total membership: 18, 1 new member, 3 dropped. Meetings: 1st Monday in October through December and
February through April. Meetings include DAR Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of
America, the American’s Creed, President General’s Message, a National Defense Report, Indian Minute,
treasurer’s report, minutes, business, program, and fellowship. AMERICAN HISTORY: 1 school participated
and the students will be honored with a certificate in February. CHAPLAIN: All members were informed of
DAR events. Sunshine reports were given at our meetings and cards sent when appropriate. CHAPTER
ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: Requirements met for State and National. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Publicity
in local newspaper. DAR GOOD CITIZEN: 2 schools were contacted, 2 schools participated and the students
will be honored with certificates and pins at our February meeting and their essays and pictures will be
published in the local newspaper. DAR MAGAZINE: 4 members subscribe and $ 40 was sent in for
advertisement. DAR SCHOOLS: Christmas gifts and clothing were sent to the children at the Tamassee DAR
School; box tops for education and $ 25 sent to Kate Duncan Smith School. DAR SERVICE FOR
VETERANS: 1 member donates her time to our local veterans. INSIGNIA: Chapter owns 1 ribbon, regents
pin, 1 pin purchased. NATIONAL DEFENSE: National Defense reports were given at each meeting.
PRESIDENT GENERAL’S PROJECT: The required contributions were sent. LINEAGE RESEARCH: 1
member’s compilation of Salem Cemetery, Itawamba County, Mississippi is updated yearly on
and is in the process of digitizing. PUBLIC RELATIONS: 5 pictures, 6 newspaper articles. ROSALIE: $60
contributed for Pilgrimage periods. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALIST: Our Regent, Vice-Regent,
and Treasurer use the computer for corresponding within the chapter as well as State officers, the Patriot lookup
service. Our regent used the computer to prepare and print the chapter yearbook. The chapter was represented
at the State Conference and the District Meeting.
                                                                                       Donna L. Abbott, Regent

                                 JACKSON MILITARY ROAD – PURVIS
                                         Organized April 21, 2007
                                    Organizing Regent Dr. Rebekah Ray

  MEMBERSHIP: 24 members [19 charter members including a junior plus 4 new by application and one by
transfer]; 23 charter associate members. MEETINGS: First Saturday, Sept. through May and mid- summer
luncheon in late June. Meeting agenda: DAR Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of
America, American’s Creed, devotional, President General’s Message, Flag Fact, National Defense Report,
American Indian Minute, Rosalie Report, business session, refreshments. Members include MSSDAR State
Officer (Laurie Crowson, State Librarian) and MSSDAR State Chairman (Rebekah Ray, American Indian). In
its second year, the Chapter focused on publicity, community involvement and civic participation.
  CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD requirements were met for State and National. AMERICAN
HERITAGE: Four members belong to the ―Southern Strings Dulcimer‖ group and performed Revolutionary
War music for our Christmas luncheon and performed colonial and period music in other civic venues. One
member knitted 32 blankets for premature babies born in a local hospital. AMERICAN HISTORY: We
honored four women (2 Army, 1 WAVE, 1 Marine) WWII veterans at our November meeting; One member
presented two programs on ―The USS Constitution and the Mississippi Connection‖ on the history of the ship
and 1929 renovation materials supplied by the Major-Sowers Saw Mill in Tallahala, Miss. AMERICAN
INDIANS: Minutes were read at each meeting. The Regent spoke to four chapters on American Indians. The
Regent attended the National Archaeology Month observance at Winterville Mounds in Greenville, Miss.,
toured the Indian Museum in Belzoni, donated to Indian Youth of American Summer Camp Program, and
attended NSDAR American Indian Luncheon at Continental Congress. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: In
February the chapter observed the 200th birthday of President Abraham Lincoln as well as birthdays of the three
other presidents born that month [Reagan (6th), William Henry Harrison (9th), and Washington (22th)].
CONSERVATION: Conservation Minutes were read at every meeting; two members ordered 10 trees each
from the National Arbor Foundation; three purchased birdseed; one planted a maple tree; one planted grass seed
to prevent erosion; another delivered pecan trees to establish an orchard. CONSTITUTION WEEK: The
Constitution was read at every meeting. Bookmarks (475) of the Preamble of the Constitution were distributed
to 5th and 11th graders at 4 schools; index cards (250) of the Preamble were placed in 2 museums, 3 libraries,
and distributed to two Girl Scout troops; posters (7) were placed in two businesses, 2 museums, 3 school
libraries. A display was set up at the Hattiesburg Area Historical Society Museum. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: 3
new schools were contacted; 2 participated; 1 submitted her essay for state judging. Allison Gore was named
Chapter Good Citizen. Essay materials were offered to the same three schools to participate. DAR
MAGAZINE: 30% of members subscribe; the Chapter provides American Spirit subscription to local library.
DAR SCHOOL: Donated 100 Campbell’s soup labels to each DAR school for total of 800; gave $31 to
Chemawa Indian School. LIBRARIAN: One member serves as State Librarian and donated 5 books to the
Rosalie Library. SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Magazines, books, CDs, videotapes, etc. were delivered to the
State Veterans’ Home in Collins. In February 2009, Chapter made Valentines and gift bags for to remember
Veterans at Veterans home in Collins. FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES: Six members fly flags year-round;
in December one member visited the Smithsonian exhibit of the flag that flew at Fort McKinley and inspired
Francis Scott Key to pen ―The Star Spangled Banner.‖ SEIMES TECHNOLOGY CENTER: Member initiated
―Dimes for Seimes‖ campaign and collected at every meeting. WOMEN’S ISSUES: Minutes were presented at
each meeting; chapter collected pink Yoplait Yogurt lids for breast cancer awareness.
  The Chapter was represented at all four 2008 district meetings, Rosalie Day, the 2008 State Conference, and
Continental Congress, at which the Regent was honored to serve on the Credentials Committee.
   Our programs this past year--One-Room School Houses. Being a Good Ancestor, DAR Schools, Mitchell
 Farms/Jackson Military Road, Women WWII Veterans, Revolutionary War Music, and Presidential Birthdays--
 focused on American heritage, patriotism, and education.
                                                                                 Dr. Rebekah Ray, Regent

                                    JAMES GILLIAM CHAPTER - MARKS
                                           Organized February 2, 1942
                                    Organizing Regent Eva Belle Welsh Malone

  MEMBERSHIP: 104. Changes during the year include 8 new members by application, including 1 junior, 4
resignations, 1 death, giving a net gain of 3 additional members. Two of the most effective methods used to attract and
recruit prospective members were to radiate enthusiasm about chapter activities among friends and to invite prospective
members to chapter meetings as guests of an active member. MEETINGS: Six regular meetings are held. Meetings
were held on the fourth Wednesday of September, October, November, January and April; adjustments were made
depending on calendar dates for Rosalie Day and Thanksgiving. In May the meeting is held on the third Wednesday.
Meetings were rotated between locations in Batesville, Sardis, Como and Senatobia. Each regular meeting included
DAR Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, Patriotic Exercises, President General’s
Message, a National Defense Report, an Indian Minute, a Rosalie Minute, U. S. Flag Minute, Commemorative Events,
a Sunshine Report, program, business, and a luncheon. Twenty-seven committees were active. The chapter was
represented at NSDAR Congress, District Meeting, and State Society Conference. Chapter Chaplain led members in a
Memorial Service during the May meeting, kept members who were unable to attend meeting updated of chapter events
and projects, and cards were sent to chapter members who are 90+. AMERICAN HERITAGE: A display of heritage
crafts was displayed at a meeting. AMERICAN HISTORY: The Story of the Pledge of Allegiance to ―Old Glory‖ was
presented. Three schools participated in the American History Essay Contest, 23 certificates of participation, 5
certificates of award, 1 bronze and 3 silver medals were presented to essay students. American History Medals and
Certificates were presented to students during End-of-Year Honors Assembly in 10 area high schools. AMERICAN
INDIANS: 156 qualifying labels were sent to Bacone College. American Indian Scholarship and the Summer Camp
Project were included in budget. AMERICANISM: Flags, flag pins, and bookmarkers were distributed to a school.
Several daughters participated in Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Fourth of July events. CHAPTER
ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: Chapter met required points for Level 1 award. CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAN
REVOLUTION: C.A.R was included in budget. COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD: Certificate and pin were
presented to a deserving citizen from the chapter area. CONSERVATION: Martha Land Goodwin, a chapter member,
established an Adopt-a-Stream environmental group of high-school seniors. This group does water quality analysis
tests on Senatobia Creek once a month. Each session is two hours. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Members rang bells on
September 17th with 5 youth groups participating in the event. Ten displays were exhibited. DAR GOOD CITIZENS:
Awards were presented to students from ten accredited high schools. DAR MAGAZINE: Forty-four percent of
members have subscriptions and contributed to the newsletter ad fund. Two members each gave 5 gift subscriptions.
Chapter gave gift subscriptions to 6 local libraries. DAR MUSEUM: NSDAR Museum Exhibition Fund was included
in budget. DAR PROJECT PATRIOT: Two projects were supported, 150 signed holiday cards sent and $300 donated.
DAR SCHOLARSHIP: Members donated $55 to NSDAR National Scholarship Funds. DAR SCHOOL: Members
donated $254, 692 qualifying labels and 89 ink cartridges sent to KDS School. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS:
Members did 60 hours of volunteer service, traveled 400 miles, contributed $150 in cash and non-cash items, and
donated 8ounces of stamps. Members participated in activities including bingo, visitation, parties, community events,
VFW Parade, made and distributed 100 tray favors for four holidays. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF
AMERICA: Youth were involved in 43 Flag Events. Flags, Flag certificates, and Flag Code brochure were
distributed. FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY: Members donated $202 and chapter member, Sara A Smallwood Henley,
served as State Chairman. GENEALOGICAL RECORDS: One member abstracted ten miscellaneous pages and is
participating in the NSDAR Master Every-Name Index Project. JUNIOR AMERICAN CITIZENS: Chapter included
National JAC in budget. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: Allison Coulton was named and presented an Outstanding Junior
certificate. Chapter contributed to the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund. LINEAGE RESEARCH: Two members did
Lineage Research Look-ups. Eight requests were made for assistance from the LRLV and 7 requests were made of the
State Lineage Research Chairman. Eight Linage Research workshops were conducted. Ten prospective members were
identified from these workshops. A chapter member served as Southeastern National Division Vice Chairman.
LITERACY PROMOTION: Members contributed 465 hours promoting literacy in adults and children. Twenty-six
books were donated to promote literacy. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Two Jr. ROTC metals and certificates were
presented to outstanding seniors participating in Jr. ROTC programs and 10 Good Citizenship medals and certificates
in local area high schools. The NSDAR ROTC Award Program was included in budget. PROGRAM: Chapter
programs focused on the MSSDAR theme: Celebrate our Heritage in the Spirit of Faith, Harmony and Hospitality.
The area of emphasis was celebrating patriotism and chapter programs were designed to educate members and
celebrate the meaning of patriotism and its impact on individual citizens who are our country. PUBLIC RELATIONS
AND MEDIA: The chapter published a newsletter and sent it to all members. Announcement of each chapter meeting
was listed in the activities calendar of three newspapers. Articles with pictures were sent to three local newspapers
following each chapter meeting. ROSALIE: Items were donated for the Mansion Market. Rosalie Day activities were
attended by Regent. Contributions were made to the Friends of Rosalie and Hostesses Projects. SEIMES
TECHNOLOGY CENTER: The center was included in budget. VOLUNTEER GENEALOGISTS: Members continue
to mentor and give support to prospective members who are working on applications, complete and print applications
and conduct workshops. Twenty prospective members were mentored from six other MSSDAR chapters.
VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: Fifty-five members used the computer for chapter activities
including e-mail, producing nametags, program leaflets, yearbook, web sites, compiling chapter minutes, and doing
volunteer work on state or national projects. Martha Land Goodwin continues to develop and improve the chapter’s
website. WOMEN’S ISSUES: A discussion program included issues of identity theft, personal theft, and personal
safety. Literature was passed out to members in attendance. Literature concerning health issues was made available at
other meetings. DAR GENEALOGY PRESERVATION: Two members participated in the project contributing 428
volunteer hours. INSIGNIA: Members ordered 18 pins from J. E. Caldwell, including MS State, VA State,
Bookworm, Members-for-Members, American Spirit, Ancestor bars, Chapter officer, Heritage Club-Ruby, 2007-2010
Open Doors of Hospitality, and Insignia. The chapter owns a Chapter Regent’s Pin. PRESIDENT GENERAL’S
PROJECT: Members contributed over $4,000 to President General’s project.

                                                                                     Billie Foutch Breedlove, Regent

                               JOHN ROLFE CHAPTER – HATTIESBURG
                                        Organized September 4, 1936
                          Organizing Regent Mrs. D. P. Cameron (Mary Pierce Folkes)

   Members 75. Two DAR lifetime members. The John Rolfe Chapter contributes to all state and national
   Achievements of members of the John Rolfe Chapter. One member is an Honorary President General. One
 member belongs to the Baton Rouge Art League whose goals include education and promotion of the arts.
 Three members are members of the Marshal County Genealogical Society. One member is a member of the
 Tennessee Genealogical Society. Two members are members of the Lauren Rogers Museum in Laurel, MS.
 One member is on the Board of the Lucille Rogers museum in Sumrall. One member contributed over 100
 hours of service for Hattiesburg Civic Chorus and Concert Association. One member is on the Board of the
 Lucille Parker Museum at William Carrey College. One member regularly writes an historical column for the
 Hattiesburg American. The John Rolfe Chapter is represented by members on the USM Museum, the Pine Belt
 Historical Society, Southern Mississippi Genealogical Society, and the Mississippi Genealogical Society. One
 member of East Tennessee Historical Society. One member is board member of the Historic Hattiesburg
 downtown Association and is working with ―Save the School‖ project. One member is on USM’s Board. One
 member is a founding member of the Meister Singers. Two members sing in the Carlow Choir which sang for
 the Pope at the Vatican in 2008. Three members are members of the Arts Council. Seven members are
 members of the USM Symphony. Several members are member of the Hattiesburg Civic Light Opera.
 One member donated her BMW to the AP Fatheree School in Laurel, MS to teach young people to repair
 BMWs. Several members in the Cameo Society. Several are members of the Colonial Dames of Mississippi.
 One member was crowned the Homecoming Queen at Millsaps College. Several Friends of the Hattiesburg
Library and one member a friend of the Oak Grove Library. One member lives in a house on the national
register. HISTORIC PRESERVATION: One member is currently restoring a house in the historical area.
 CONSERVATION: The past regent donated 1000 pansies to be planted in downtown Hattiesburg. DAR
MAGAZINE: The chapter provides subscriptions to the American Spirit magazine for two local libraries and
the two local universities.
 DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Two members regularly volunteer at the Veteran’s Home in Collins.
Four members regularly volunteer at the Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby. The John Rolfe Chapter is
represented in the membership of the Marine Corps, the VFW Auxiliary, the Purple Heart Club, and the
American Legion
  SEIMES TECHNOLOGY CENTER: Donations. ROSALIE MANSION: One member is on the Rosalie
Governing Board. Several members support the Gardens of Rosalie. Four members served as Docents at
Rosalie. One member donates to the Friends of Rosalie monthly.
                                                                                      Debbie Pollitz, Regent

                             JUDITH ROBINSON CHAPTER – MCCOMB
                                       Organized June 13, 1913
                                 Organizing Regent Madge Quin Fugler
                                             NO REPORT
                                                                                 Belinda Kay Allred, Regent

                                 LA SALLE CHAPTER – CORINTH
                                       Organized January 22, 1907
                                 Organizing Regent Mrs. Russell Dance
                              Honorary Organizing Regent: Mrs. W. T. Young

  MEMBERSHIP: 25. We had no resignations, transfers out, nor deaths. We had one member dropped for
failure to pay dues. We have one associate member. MEETINGS: We meet five times a year, the 2nd
Thursday of the month. Our meetings are conducted according to the DAR Ritual, including The Pledge of
Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, a National Defense Report, a Rosalie minute, a
Sunshine Report, program, business and refreshments. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: Four young people from the
local high schools were chosen to receive Good Citizen Awards based on their participation in writing a paper
about citizenship. We honored these students and their parents at our November meeting. DAR SCHOOLS:
Five ink cartridges were sent to the Kate Duncan Smith school. LITERACY PROMOTION: One of our
members, Dorothy Hopkins, is the Director of the Literacy Program in Alcorn County. She supervises a
number of volunteer teachers. Another member, Edith Bland, read to the children who are most in need of
personal help, and also read to fourth graders during the summer. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA: The
local newspaper reports the activities of our meetings each month. We had approximately 106 inches, including
pictures of our DAR Good Citizens.
  Programs this year included one about women writers during the Revolutionary period. Another meeting was
held in an assisted living home, where one of our members is a resident. We mingled with the other ladies and
gentlemen who made this their home. The program was a mini-concert of Christmas music presented by a
pianist and a flutist.
                                                                                    Bobbie B. Anthony, Regent

                              LEFLEUR’S BLUFF CHAPTER - BRANDON
                                      Organized February 3, 2007
                                 Organizing Regent Gloria Bright Oswalt

  MEMBERSHIP: 43 members plus 3 associate members; 4 juniors; applications submitted for 2 prospective
members and 6 supplemental applications; 17 prospective members. MEETINGS: The Chapter meets every
third Saturday of the month from September to May. Chapter contributions to DAR funds met Chapter
Achievement Requirements. CONSERVATION: One member is on the Executive Board of a Community
Beautification Group and another is an active member of a local garden club. DAR MAGAZINE: 41% of
members subscribe to the American Spirit Magazine. DAR PROJECT PATRIOT: In October 2008 we
donated 65 cell phones to the Cell Phones for Soldiers project which resulted in 65 one hour calling cards to be
sent active duty service personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. In December 2008 we donated 35 Adopt-A-Boxes
filled with personal care items, gifts, books, magazines, Christmas decorations, and personal greeting cards.
These boxes were delivered by a prospective member who is a flight nurse on a military flight to Germany and
dispersed to active duty personnel serving in Iraq. DAR SCHOOLS: Soup labels, box tops, and clothing sent to
both the Crossnore and Kate Duncan DAR schools. FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Three
flags are displayed at every meeting: the Mississippi State Flag, the 1777 Betsy Ross Flag, and the current U.S.
Flag. Flag Minute presented at every meeting. Regent held the flag at the lead of community 4th of July
Parade. LINEAGE RESEARCH: Assisted 11 prospective members. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Devoted three
minutes to National Defense at each meeting with information from the ―National Defender.‖ PUBLIC
RELATIONS and MEDIA: Multiple publications with photos have been presented in numerous local
newspapers accounting for an increasing number of prospective members. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION
SPECIALISTS: Two members are participating in the Genealogy Preservation Committee’s Descendants
Project and have already completed 450 applications and 160.5 volunteer hours. 38 members use their
computers for DAR. CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: National Requirement met for Level 1 Chapter
Achievement Award and Silver Award for State. ROSALIE: Two members served as Hostesses at Spring
Pilgrimage. Chapter was represented by fourteen (14) members at Rosalie Day and was awarded the Silver
Bowl for having the most members present for a SECOND year in a row. Donated two books and $300. One
member donated a handmade crochet rose afghan which generated $125 in voices to the Rosalie General Fund.
Seven members donated $415 dollars worth of items (jewelry, plates, books, collectibles, etc) for Mansion
Marketplace. We also had 11 members attend State Conference and 5 members attend the District Meeting.

                                                                                 Michelle Ivey Shaleen, Regent

                                      LOOSA SCHOONA - BRUCE
                                       Organized November 21, 1968
                            Organizing Regent Mrs. Clara Cook Davis (Mrs. W. J.)

  MEMBERSHIP: 46. MEETINGS: Second Monday, September through May. Each meeting includes DAR
Ritual; President General’s Message; National Defense Report; Flag, Indian, Constitution, Conservation,
Women’s Issues, and Rosalie Minutes; business; and program. Chapter contributions to DAR National and
State Funds met Chapter Achievement requirements. Chapter celebrated its 40th anniversary at the Nov.
meeting. AMERICAN HERITAGE: One program, ―A World War II Christmas Celebration.‖ AMERICAN
HISTORY: Two programs presented by member to other groups. AMERICAN INDIANS: Two programs,
―The Northern Cheyenne Tribal School‖ and ―Prehistoric Artifacts from Calhoun-Yalobusha Area.‖ Chapter
Project: Contributions of money, school supplies, and clothing sent to Northern Cheyenne Tribal Schools.
Bacone College was sent 154 soup labels. AMERICANISM: 50 flags presented to Boy Scout Troup. 125
copies of both Pledge of Allegiance and American’s Creed given to school children. CONSERVATION: One
program: ―Roses Old and New.‖ One member a Master Gardner who had over 40 volunteer hours on several
community projects. Several members provide food and habitat for wildlife, and many recycle aluminum cans,
ink cartridges, and cell phones. Chapter Project: Helping maintain grounds of the headquarters of the Calhoun
County Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. CONSTITUTION WEEK: 8 inches newspaper including ad
placed by chapter; 3 proclamations obtained; 87 square feet in 9 poster displays in local schools, one of which
was of United States First Ladies; 10 broadcast minutes on TV of spot announcements. DAR GOOD
CITIZENS: 4 medals presented to school children. DAR MAGAZINE: Chapter participated in Hills District
co-op ad. DAR PROJECT PATRIOT: 28 signed Christmas Cards, 2 DVD’s, and 1 CD sent to Landstuhl
Regional Medical Center. Other support: 5 care packages sent by members to soldiers on active duty overseas.
DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: 4047 miles traveled by volunteers providing transportation and other
services and 282 volunteer hours given. $1519 contributed for clothing, gifts, magazines, puzzle books.
Several members attended both Memorial Day and Veterans Day programs and 1 member participated in Bruce
Memorial Day program. Member contributed $20 in quarters for bingo at a local nursing home. Chapter hosted
1 birthday party for another local nursing home, both homes having veterans as residents. One member donated
$200 for comfort items for the Oxford Veterans Nursing Home. Numerous cards sent for Valentine’s Day,
Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: 125 copies of both
DAR Flag Code brochure and other Flag literature distributed to school. HISTORIC PRESERVATION:
Project: historic preservation of old photographs, documents, and genealogy in conjunction with the Calhoun
County Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. Project involves transcribing cemetery inscriptions.
Volunteers traveled in excess of 2500 miles and gave over 2132 volunteer hours and gave over $5,391 in
supplies, photography, photocopies, and monetary donations to historic preservation projects. LITERACY
PROMOTION: 2 books donated to local library. One member purchased 970 copies of a regional newspaper
issue containing a ―Kid’s Scoop‖ page for third and/or fourth grade classes at 3 county schools to promote
literacy. Members donated in excess of $1000 to local community project focusing on tutoring at all grade
levels, especially in reading and math skills. MEMBERSHIP: 1 deceased member, 2 resignations; 3 new
members. 3 programs dealing with membership including video ―Today’s DAR.‖ PUBLIC RELATIONS
AND MEDIA: In excess of 144 inches newspaper, 10 TV spots. WOMEN’S ISSUES: Information and
handouts at meetings on health and safety issues. Community volunteer work includes work at Bruce Sawmill
Festival, Calhoun City Ace Cannon Arts and Crafts Festival, Relay for Life, Calhoun City Tour of Homes, local
food pantries, nursing homes, schools, and churches. One member went to homes and gave flu shots to shut-ins.
Chapter donation of $100 to local food pantry and to Christmas food baskets. Other contributions of food,
money, and items by members to local food pantries, schools, nursing homes, and organizations such as the
American Lung Association.

                                                                           Sarah Margaret Few Hallum, Regent

                            MADAME HODNETT CHAPTER - CLEVELAND
                                     Organized October 10, 1916
                               Organizing Regent Mrs. Lewis S. Johnson

  MEMBERSHIP: 36, including 1 new member and 2 Junior members. MEETINGS: Bimonthly at Bolivar
County Public Library include: devotional, patriotic exercises, ritual, pledges, and business reports.
CONSERVATION: Soil and water conservation poster contest and Arbor Day poster contest followed by tree
planting. DAR MUSEUM: Kathy Eubank, American Heritage/Historic Preservation Chairman, shared
information about the museum and how to preserve family memorabilia. CONSTITUTION WEEK: American
History display at school. Chapter members attended bell ringing ceremony. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: Good
Citizens Awards presented to 3 high school seniors. DAR GOOD CITIZENSHIP: Good Citizenship Medals
presented to two 6th graders. Forty-nine students submitted American History Contest essays. Winner received
a medal and honorable mentions received certificates. DAR SCHOOLS: Chapter contributions to DAR funds
met Chapter Achievement Requirements. PATRIOTISM: Cleveland Newsleader editor presented ―Freedom of
the Press‖ program. At the annual May joint luncheon meeting with Hush-Puck-A-Haw & Mississippi Delta
Chapters, Dr. James Robinson, Delta State University Professor of History, entertained with patriotic music and
gave information regarding his Veterans’ Memorial Atrium project. Madame Hodnett Chapter was responsible
for the program for 2008. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Patriotic display and DAR
flag brochures distributed at school. DAR MAGAZINE: Chapter Regent and members subscribe to American
Spirit, and subscriptions are given to 2 libraries. EDUCATION: Delta Business Journal editor presented
―Conservative Americanism‖ program. NATIONAL DEFENSE: National Defense reports are given at all
meetings. PUBLIC RELATIONS and MEDIA: 125 inches newspaper. ROSALIE: One member was hostess
during 2008 Spring Pilgrimage. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: Six members, including
Regent, Treasurer, and Registrar, use computers and e-Membership for DAR Activities. Linda G. Bassie
assisted Delta District Director Rebecca Lamb with computer-generated registration, sign-in sheets, and name
badges for 2008 District Workshop in Batesville. Charlene Barr is President of MSSDAR Chapter Regents
                                                                                         Susie M. Thomas, Regent
                             MAGNOLIA STATE CHAPTER - JACKSON
                                       Organized November 8, 1929
                          Organizing Regent Miss Frances McNair (Mrs. J.W. Bell)

  Total membership 52, deaths 2, dropped 3. Meetings are held 8 times per year on the first Saturday of every
month, October thru May. Included is Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,
The American’s Creed, the Star Spangled Banner and the reports of the National Defense and Rosalie
Chairmen, as well as President General’s message, Flag Fact, and American Indian Minute. Business session
includes reports from Chaplain, Registrar, and Treasurer. Programs include American Heritage, DAR Good
Citizen and Good Citizenship Awards, Historic Preservation, Project Patriot, and Women’s Issues. A Guest Day
Coffee was held to promote membership. The chapter sponsors an American History Scholarship open to
students at Mississippi colleges in the amount of $1000 per year. We contribute memorials for deceased
members to Rosalie each year. We provide support to our DAR schools by monetary and other donations. We
participate in the Veteran’s Day Memorial Service held at the War Memorial Building. We provide and
Awards Ceremony for our ROTC, Good Citizen, and Good Citizenship recipients and their families. We have
sent over 60 Holiday cards and 5 boxes of gifts to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Several members tutor
children in reading. We provided Hostesses at Spring Pilgrimage at Rosalie, as well as Hostess funds. All
NSDAR and MSDAR Contributions and Deadlines met. Members and Regent attend both State Conference
and District Meetings. Member Lori Godwin serves State Society as DAR Project Patriot Chairman. Member
Berkeley Ostrander serves State Society as Second Vice Regent and as Hostess Chairman, Rosalie Governing
                                                                                       Lori V. Godwin, Regent

                                 MARY STUART CHAPTER - TUPELO
                                        Organized May 1, 1912
                                   Organizing Regent Mrs. J.R. Jones

  MEMBERSHIP: 90, including 1 associate who is an officer of DAR in the State of Mexico. MEETINGS:
Third Fridays, September through May, with 2 exceptions. Meetings include patriotic exercises, the Ritual,
pledges, and a message from the President General. Our chapter fulfilled National and State requirements.
  AMERICAN HERITAGE: A program on the beauty and history of ―Crosses.‖ Bibs were made by several of
our members for residents at the Veterans Home in Oxford. AMERICAN HISTORY and DAR GOOD
CITIZENS: Under the direction of History Chairman Sarah Harris and DAR Good Citizens Chairman Gabrielle
Cooper, Student Awards Day was held at Lee County Library. About 80 people attended and awards were
presented. AMERICAN INDIANS: A book review of the life of Te Ata, American Indian princess. Also, our
First Vice Regent corresponds with a leader of the Chickasaw Indian Nation. CHILDREN OF THE
AMERICAN REVOLUTION: We sponsor the active Old Towne C.A.R. Society and give $25 yearly for
support. At our April Student Awards Day, two C.A.R. members took part. High school senior Zachary Curtis
presented our program, ―The Siege of Yorktown,‖ and one of C.A.R.’s leaders led in singing ―America.‖
CONSERVATION: Members recycle newspapers and volunteer in community beautification projects.
CONSTITUTION WEEK: Proclaimed by our mayor; posters made by one of our members were placed in 3
schools and the Lee County Library; church bells rung; radio and TV coverage given throughout Constitution
Week. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Four members visited the Veterans Home in Oxford and carried
gifts and personal supplies. HISTORY: A book review, A Measure of Our Days, about former governor
William Winter, given in October. In December ―Christmas at Valley Forge‖ was given by Kathryn Stephens,
our Chaplain. HISTORICAL PRESERVATION: Rededication of a historical highway marker in April. About
80 people attended. For February our State Regent Polly Grimes will present a program on Historical
Preservation. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Eight pictures, about 6‖ square each, of our members and programs
presented in our local Neighbors magazine. Two members took part in Tupelo’s Cultural Event, celebrating the
diversity of our city’s population.
ROSALIE: ―Christmas Tea for Rosalie‖ held in the beautiful home of Jean Laney. Our Christmas teapot
received $100 from our members-donations for Rosalie. In addition, $145 was given by our members as
honorariums and memorials. SPECIAL PROJECTS and PROGRAMS: A patriotic skit written by Edith
Simpson, member, and presented in September. Our Flag Chairman Betsy Berry presented a program on Flags,
with a beautiful display of her personal collection. VIS: Betsy Berry, VIS chairman and immediate past regent,
sends out needed information by email.
                                                                                        Mary Troy Hurt, Regent

                             MISSISSIPPI DELTA CHAPTER – ROSEDALE
                                      Organized February 16, 1916
                                Organizing Regent Mrs. Walter Sillers, Sr.

  Total membership: 68, 5 resignations, net loss 5. Meetings 3rd Thursday, September – May, except
December and February include DAR Ritual, President General's Message, National Defense, business,
program, and social time. Hosted joint May meeting with Madame Hodnett and Hush-Puck-A-Haw Chapters.
Contributions to DAR funds met State and National Honor Roll. Scrapbook submitted. Chapter represented at
District meeting, Rosalie Day, and State Conference. AMERICAN INDIANS: Indian minute given at each
meeting. CHAPLAIN: 2 graves marked. CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: National level 2, State
honorable mention. CONSERVATION: Conservation minute presented at each meeting, including seeds for
summer planting, encouraged ―green‖ meetings. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Bells rung, display in library and
preamble read. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: Award given at Rosedale High School. DAR MAGAZINE: 23%
Participation 2 subscriptions for libraries one public and one school. Co-op ad. DAR PROJECT PATROIT:
Emailed active duty airman and include on prayer list. DAR SCHOOLS: 1 program, 50 labels contributed.
DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Stamps and toilet articles donated. FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES:
Flag flown at every meeting. Attended flag retirement program. HISTORIC PRESERVATION: Chinese in
Mississippi Delta. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: September 2008 program by Junior member. ROSALIE: Silver
Tea collected $240.00 donation for windows project. PRESIDENT GENERAL’S PROJECT: Received
certificate of participation.
                                                                   Rachel Cuming Tate (Mrs. William F.) Regent

                                    NAHOULA CHAPTER - LAUREL
                                         Organized October 6, 1909
                                    Organizing Regent Mrs. Mabel Sanders

  MEMBERSHIP: 83 members, 6 junior members, 1 new member and several applications in progress. We
have 3 members with over 50 years of membership. We held our annual memorial service where we honored
Margaret Murphey Lindsey, our only death. MEETINGS: Held 8 chapter meetings and several planning,
officer, and scrapbook committee meetings. Business meetings include Ritual, Pledge, American’s Creed,
President General’s Report, National Defense Report, business, program and refreshments. Programs have
dealt with education, conservation, patriotism, heritage, women’s issues, literacy, American Indians and historic
preservation. AMERICAN HERITAGE: 1 member won 2nd place in the Southeastern Region in the 2008
American Heritage Craft Contest. Members have submitted entries in the jewelry and art contests for 2009.
AMERICAN HISTORY: Programs on the Civil War, Iraq War and Local history. Participated in the
Christopher Columbus Essay Contest. AMERICAN INDIANS: MSSDAR American Indians Chairman Dr.
Rebekah Ray accompanied the chapter to a see a photographic exhibit and basket collection. Laurel Mayor
Melvin Mack signed a proclamation for American Indians month. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Celebrated
the chapter’s 99th birthday. Members participated in Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and 4th of July Celebrations.
Chapter Officers observed Flag Day. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Poster Contest, school assemblies. A library
program and luncheon were held. Laurel Mayor Melvin Mack signed a Constitution Week Proclamation. DAR
GOOD CITIZENS: Certificates and pins awarded to 3 students from 3 high schools and all 3 students
participated in the essay contest. LITERACY: Hattie Phalen, MSSDAR Literacy Promotion Chairman
presented a program and in conjunction the chapter raised money for the children’s library. NATIONAL
DEFENSE: Luncheon was held at the Laurel Country Club. Special guests were the DAR Good Citizens and a
C-17 air evacuation pilot who gave a presentation on her mission to evacuate wounded warriors from Iraq.
PUBLIC RELATIONS: Photographs in newspaper and magazines, contacts made with members by email,
newsletter, notes, and telephone calls. ROSALIE: 4 members attended Rosalie Day. Members chair and co-
chair Mansion Market. The chapter has donated generously to the Mansion Market. WOMEN’S ISSUES:
Celebrated Women’s History Month. Member submitted essay to Women’s Issues essay contest. 2 delegates
attended Continental Congress. 5 members attended State Conference. 3 members attended the Coastal Plains
District Meeting.
                                                                                      Suzanne A. Boyd, Regent

                                NANIH WAIYA CHAPTER – LOUISVILLE
                                      Organized November 27, 1956
                                 Organizing Regent Nancy Randolph Parkes

  MEMBERSHIP: 64 as of 1-1-08. Fall 2008: 3 transfers, 1 death, 12 new members. MEETINGS: Fourth
Thursday, 2:30 p.m., September through May. Each meeting includes Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance, American’s
Creed, National Defense Report, President General’s Message, Indian Minutes, Rosalie Minute, Constitution
Minute, Flag Minute, program, business meeting and social time. AMERICAN HERITAGE: Sponsored a 4-
week class on American Revolution for interested adults in February 2008 at the local library, invited public to
come and watch as sorghum molasses was made on a member’s farm. 1 member is chairman of the Louisville
Historic Preservation Commission. A Methodist minister gave a program on Circuit Riding Preachers.
AMERICAN HISTORY: Offered 4 classes for 15 adults interested in the American Revolution during October
2008 at the Winston County Library in Louisville. AMERICAN INDIANS: Had an Indian Minute at our
chapter meetings. AMERICANISM: Had a program on Governmental Affairs. CHAPLAIN: Contacted
members who were not able to attend meetings, gave Sunshine Report at each meeting, sent Birthday cards to
each member of the chapter, had a memorial service at the October meeting for a deceased member.
COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: One member attended the 200th Birthday Party for Jefferson Davis and the
reopening of Beauvoir on June 3, 2008. CONSERVATION: 2 members belong to the Master Gardeners of
Winston County and work on several beautification projects in the county. They also participate in Arbor Day
activities. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Church bells rung, proclamation signed by mayor, photos taken;
newspaper article; posters set up at library and at area schools. Constitution minute read at monthly meetings.
CONTRIBUTIONS: Met Chapter Achievement Requirements for State and National. DAR GOOD
CITIZENS: 4 students were chosen as winners from 4 area schools. DAR MAGAZINE: 6 member renewals. 6
gift subscriptions to the local and school libraries. DAR SCHOOLS: Empty ink cartridges were carried to MS
State Conference. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Collected Christmas gifts for veterans from members.
Gifts were delivered to Kosciusko VA Hospital. GENEALOGICAL RECORDS: 1 member is working on
family history book to be published. HISTORIC PRESERVATION: 1 member and husband have purchased an
old building in downtown Louisville and are refurbishing it for an art gallery and tea room. JUNIOR
MEMBERSHIP: We welcomed one new Junior member. LIBRARIAN: 2 books donated to local library.
LINEAGE RESEARCH: Conducted a lineage workshop and had 10 prospects begin work on their papers. 7
have had their papers approved, 1 is in process, and 2 are close to having their papers ready to submit. 5 of
these were sisters. LITERACY: 2 members very involved in teaching not only adults but children, with 520
total hours. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Report of meetings printed in local newsletter and photos with captions,
radio spots, chapter newsletter printed twice a year with a ―round up page‖ printed at the year’s final meeting in
May. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: 32 members use computer for DAR activities.
WOMEN’S ISSUES: 1 member is the chairman of the Cancer Survivor Luncheon and gave a program on
Health Awareness. MSSDAR: 1 member serves on the State Lineage Committee, 1 is Insignia Chairman of
Special National Committees, 1 is Chairman of State Courtesy/Hospitality of Special State Committees.

                                                                                 Frances King Woodruff, Regent
                                    NATCHEZ CHAPTER - NATCHEZ
                                            Organized May 5, 1896
                                 Organizing Regent Miss Alice Quitman Lovell

  MEMBERSHIP: 94; 1 new member. 1 transfer member, 2 reinstated members, 4 dropped members, 4
deceased members, 4 members working on papers. Meetings are held third Tuesday of each month. Chapter
meets eight times each year. Meetings include Ritual, Pledge, American’s Creed, President General’s Report,
National Defense Report, Program, Business, and refreshments. AMERICAN HERITAGE: 3 heritage
programs. One program featured performers from the Natchez Festival of Music. AMERICAN HISTORY: 3
programs. One on the history of Camp Van Dorn, a military base of WWII located in Centreville, MS.
AMERICAN INDIANS: Display during November about American Indians. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS:
Chapter members participated in Veteran Day Program at Camp Van Dorn. CONSTITUTION WEEK:
Mayor signed Proclamation proclaiming Constitution Week in Natchez. Displays placed in public library, bank
and antebellum home. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: Two chosen from local schools. PROJECT PATRIOT: Sent
boxes of sweets and candy to Landstuhl Hospital in Germany. DAR SCHOLARSHIP: Recommended applicant
for DAR scholarship. DAR SCHOOL: Collected and sent 527 labels, 8 used cell phones, 22 ink cartridges and
160 lbs. clothing. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Sponsored ―Do Something Nice for a Veteran Day.‖
Members sent cards of appreciation, gave small gifts, and/or treated a veteran to lunch. Mailed Christmas cards
to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Member Julie Kendall serves as Jackson Division Representative on
committee. She volunteered 3 days at the VA hospital Memorial Day weekend. 8 volunteers worked 150 hours,
traveled 1,500 miles and chapter donated $600 worth of non-cash items. FLAG OF THE U. S. OF AMERICA:
Member Bettina Cooper researched and taught 100 5th and 6th graders proper etiquette in displaying and
disposing of the flag. Members conducted a Flag Burning Ceremony. Placed 13 flags on gravesites of veterans
in Kingston Cemetery. HISTORIC PRESERVATION: ―Present Day Rosalie‖ a program presented by Docent
MS. Karlyn Ritchie. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: Nominated member Juliette Cassagne as Outstanding Junior for
State of Mississippi. LINEAGE RESEARCH: Members attended Genealogical Society Workshop in Canton.
MEMBERSHIP: Issued special invitations to programs and other activities. Each new member is assigned a
mentor. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Joint meeting with William Dunbar Chapter in February. MS. Cheryl
Munyer presented program ―U.S.S. Mississippi‖ and what it meant to our country’s defense. PUBLIC
RELATIONS AND MEDIA: Pictures and articles about chapter program and guests appeared in local
newspaper. Chapter Regent and Vice-Regent attended district and state meetings. Regent attended Continental
Congress. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: 15 members use computers for chapter activities
and reports. WOMEN’S ISSUES: Program presented ―Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Women’s Health
Issues.‖ Members participated in fund raiser for Cancer research ―Relay for Life.‖

                                                                                    Mary Francis Willard, Regent

                             NATCHEZ TRACE CHAPTER – BOONEVILLE
                                        Organized April 1, 1926
                                Organizing Regent Mrs. W. L. Newhouse

  Membership: 43. Meetings: First Thursday of each month from September through June. Programs: 3
Patriotic, 2 educational, 5 historical. Each meeting includes the Ritual, the Pledge of Allegiance, Salute to the
Mississippi Flag, the Americans’ Creed, the National Defense Report, the President General’s Message, the
Chapter’s business, a program and social time. Contributions met Chapter Achievement Award Requirements.
  COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Participated in Fourth of July celebrations, assisted in honoring veterans.
CONSTITUTION WEEK: Mayoral Proclamation, one picture and accompanying article in local newspaper
and placed eight displays in local schools. DAR School: Collected 200 soup labels. DAR GOOD CITIZENS:
5 participating schools. The winners and their parents were honored at the November meeting. One picture in
the local newspaper. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Presented $42 to the Administrator of the Veterans’
Home in Oxford, Mississippi. NATIONAL DEFENSE: 5 minutes at each meeting and 1 program. PUBLIC
RELATIONS: 10 pictures and 10 articles in the local newspaper, 24".
 Two members attended the District meeting.
                                                                                      Laura C. McElroy, Regent

                                       Organized April 17, 1961
                            Organizing Regent Mrs. Kathleen Ross Vardaman

  MEMBERSHIP: 62. Seven new members including two juniors: 5 by application, 1 transfer in, and 1
reinstatement. 5 resignations. 1 50-year member. MEETINGS: Chapter meets third Monday morning,
September through May, except December. Light refreshments are served prior to meetings which include
DAR Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance, American’s Creed, President General’s Message, National Defense Report,
Sunshine Report, various ―minutes,‖ business, and program. Meeting ends ―on time‖ and, except for May
―indoor‖ picnic, is held in the same location. AMERICAN HERITAGE/AMERICAN HISTORY: Members
create changing displays on American, Mississippi, and local history at the Hattiesburg Area Historical Society
Museum. Recent displays include WWII Navy uniforms and inaugural ball gown of Evelyn Gandy,
Mississippi’s first female Lt. Governor. AMERICAN INDIANS: ―Minute‖ at each meeting.
AMERICANISM: Program about on-line Citizenship Manual, welcome card and flag pins presented to 38 new
citizens at naturalization ceremony, court clerk took card for daughter to show to class. CHAPLAIN: Cards
sent to ill and bereaved members. CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: Satisfied requirements for
MSSDAR Gold and NSDAR Level 1. C.A.R. Member is Senior President of John Dodd Society.
COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Program on 50th Anniversary of Alaska’s Statehood and mini-program on
225th Anniversary of Treaty of Paris. CONSERVATION: ―Minute‖ at each meeting, member participated in
public beautification and planting events. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Display and mini-program. DAR
MAGAZINE: 38% participation, used as meeting resource. DAR PROJECT PATRIOT: Chapter program,
chapter sent 4 boxes of clothing, snacks, and toiletries to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, member sent
items to chaplain in Iraq for distribution to soldiers, others sent food, books, etc. DAR SCHOOL: Clothing
collected, donated to all schools. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: 163 hours, 740 miles, non-cash items
valued at $1,513, assisted with two WWII reunions, attended DAR Memorial Plaque dedication at Biloxi
National Cemetery. FLAG OF USA: Pledge and fact at each meeting, members fly flags daily, 400 flag
codes/literature and 40 flag pins distributed. GENEALOGICAL RECORDS: Member participates in Master
Every-Name Index Project. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: Two new members. LINEAGE RESEARCH: One
Lineage Lookup Volunteer. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Report at each meeting, gold ROTC medal presented at
University of Southern Mississippi, Good Citizenship certificate presented to student at Presbyterian Christian
High School. PRESIDENT GENERAL’S PROJECT: Fulfilled financial requirements. PROGRAM: Included
―Open Doors of Hospitality‖ DVD, ―The USS Constitution and the Mississippi Connection,‖ a review of The
Greatest Generation, and a history if the Mississippi Judicial System. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA:
Chapter Newsletter. ROSALIE: ―Minute‖ read at each meeting, $165 donated, chapter represented at 70th
Anniversary Rosalie Day, 59 items contributed to Mansion Market. STATE PRESIDENT’S PROJECT:
Fulfilled financial requirement. VOLUNTEER GENEALOGISTS: One member has attended training.
VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: 12 members regularly use computers for DAR activities.
WOMEN’S ISSUES: Addressed fire safety, identity theft, banking fraud, health issues. PARTICIPATION:
Chapter represented at Continental Congress, State Conference, and District Meeting. Member is National
Committee Chairman for DAR Speakers Staff and State Protocol Chairman.
                                                                                        Lynn Jones Meador, Regent

                            OLD CHOCTAW COUNTY CHAPTER – EUPORA
                                         Organized May 29, 2004
                                 Organizing Regent Jocleta Cain Cartledge

 MEMBERSHIP: 47members, 9 juniors, 2 transfers in, 2 transfers out, 62 Associate Members; MEETINGS:
Second Saturday October-April, excluding December, Ritual, President General’s Report, National Defense
Report, Pledge of Allegiance, American’s Creed at each meeting. CONTRIBUTIONS: State and National
requirements met. AMERICAN HERITAGE: 3 members working on Choctaw County Pioneer Families
Project. AMERICAN HISTORY: 2 programs. CHAPLAIN: Sunshine Report at each meeting, cards sent as
needed. DAR GOOD CITIZEN: Contacted 5 schools, response from 4. Our Good Citizen Essay by Anna Long
is in the top 5 in the state this year. Certificates and pins awarded to winner from each school responding. DAR
SERVICE TO VETERANS: $387.36 in toiletries and t-shirts donated to State Veterans Home in Kosciusko.
DAR SCHOOLS: Required donations met, ink cartridges donated to KDS. INSIGNIA: 1 associate member pin
purchased, 1 DAR Genealogy Preservation pin purchased. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: 9 juniors, 5 hold chapter
chairmanships, 1 chapter officer, 1 state page co-chairman. LIBRARY: Patriot Index donated to local library,
cash donated to Rosalie Library. LINEAGE RESEARCH: 3 workshops, 11 papers prepared. 1 member serves
on State Lineage Research Committee. STATE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: 1 member serves on State
Membership Committee. VIS: Members network. PARTICIPATION: 5 members attended centennial
celebration of Shuk-Ho-Ta Tom-A-Ha Chapter in Columbus, 5 attended Hills District Workshop in Aberdeen, 2
attended Delta District Workshop. April meeting held in the historic Col. Drane House at French Camp with
Mrs. Billie Breedlove, State Organizing Secretary, installing new members and new officers. Toured French
Camp Academy. PUBLICITY: 3 pictures and articles in newspaper, 2 letters to the editor titled American
Pride. VOLUNTEER FIELD GENEALOGIST: 1 member serves as chairman of Volunteer Field Genealogist
                                                                                 Mary Sue Watson Boatman, Regent

                           OLD ROBINSON ROAD CHAPTER - CARTHAGE
                                       Organized February 8, 1977
                             Organizing Regent Nadine W. Cooper (Mrs. Sam)

  MEMBERSHIP: 20 members (2 Juniors), 2 deceased. MEETINGS: Fourth Saturday morning-March, April,
May, July, September, Rosalie Day in October, November/December Luncheon-Meeting, January, February-
State Conference. Each meeting opened with Dar Ritual and Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the
United States of America, The Americans Creed, Dar Creed, President General’s Message, National Defense
Report (5-10 minutes), Reports of Officers, Reading of the Minutes, and Reports of Chairmen. 3 attended State
Conference, 3 attended Heartland District Meeting, 2 to Continental Congress 2008 and 1 HODAR.
AMERICAN HERITAGE: Wanda McCann presented program on ―First Land Owners of Leake County.‖
AMERICAN INDIANS: Native American Indian Proclamation signed by Mayor Jimmy Wallace of Carthage,
MS. Proclamation read on the steps of the Leake County Courthouse followed by a luncheon with program on
―Facts of Native Americans‖ by American Indian Chairman Dr. Rebekah Ray in November.
CONSERVATION: Amelia K. Langford planted crepe myrtles and bulbs in the Lena Park in November.
CHAPLAIN: Conducted 2 grave ceremonies with Regent, reported deaths, sent cards, and acknowledged
birthdays of members unable to attend. CONSTITUTION WEEK AND COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Mr.
Paul Breazeale, CPA, presented program on ―The Declaration of Independence.‖ Chapter promoted
Constitution Week and Independence Day events, 3 square feet display in library. Mrs. Francine Horn obtained
proclamations from both Mayor of Carthage and the Leake County Board of Supervisors. Flags flown around
courthouse. DAR MAGAZINE: 5 renewed, 1 co-op ad with Heartland District. DAR SCHOOLS: Chapter
Achievement Award requirements met. INSIGNIA: Own Chapter Regent’s pin, purchased National Division
Vice Chairman Historic Preservation pin. Mansion Market: 2 Junior members, items donated to the Mansion
Market. FLAG: NSDAR Flag Retirement Ceremony was conducted and 25 flags were given to individuals at
the Lena 4th of July Celebration, flags flown on the 4th of July, Flag Day, Memorial Day and during Constitution
Week. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Print media, 5 articles and 3 photos. ROSALIE: $100 honorarium for
Program Speakers, 1 attended Rosalie Reunion Day. PROGRAM: 23 donated, 7 regular programs.
NATIONAL DEFENSE: Mr. Andy Thaggard presented program on ―Tour of Duty in Afghanistan.‖
AMERICAN HISTORY: Ellen Pettit presented program on ―History of Genealogy from Biblical Times.‖
COMPUTERS: 3 with e-mail, 2 with DAR Application. Old Robinson Road is honored and graciously
privileged to have the following members serve on the State Level and National Levels: Amelia K. Langford-
Heartland District Director, 2008 House Committee Member, 2008 National Division Vice Chairman of
Historic Preservation Committee and State Chorus Director; Sarah M. Langford, State Pianist for DAR
CHORUS. During the 118th Continental Congress, Amelia K. Langford graciously accepted invitations to sing
at the National Vice Chairman Association’s Memorial Service singing acappella ―Amazing Grace‖ and during
the NSDAR Memorial Service conducted by Chaplain General Dell Dickins Scoper in which vocal
performances of ―Find Us Faithful‖ and ―Eternal Love‖(The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi) were presented by
Amelia (Soli Deo Gloria).
                                                                                 Amelia K. Langford, Regent

                               OLE BROOK CHAPTER - BROOKHAVEN
                                          Organized June 1958
                                  Organizing Regent Mrs. R. L. Therrell

  MEMBERSHIP: 33, 2 new members, 2 applications pending. We held 2 membership events, 1 was a covered
dish luncheon and white elephant auction the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Patricia Jacobs, and 1 was our
Semicentennial Celebration which was held at the Ole Brook Festival where members distributed genealogical
research information, membership information about joining the DAR and sold homemade ice cream and cold
drinks. MEETINGS: Second Saturday, September through May; at the Lincoln/Lawrence County Library at
2:00 p.m. Meetings include: Call Meeting to Order, Prayer (Chaplain), DAR Ritual, The Pledge of Allegiance
to the Flag of the United States of America, The American’s Creed, National Anthem, President General’s
Message, Flag Fact, National Defense Report, Program, Minutes, Reports of Officers and Committee Chairmen,
Rosalie Report, Unfinished Business, New Business, and DAR Creed before adjourning. All contributions and
CHAPTER ACHEIVEMENT AWARD requirements were met for State and National. AMERICAN
HISTORY: Information was sent regarding the American History and Christopher Columbus Contests to all
Lincoln County and Brookhaven City Schools, both private and public, with no participants this year.
CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: Society organizational work continues.
CONSERVATION: Ole Brook chapter presented the NSDAR Conservation Medal to Mrs. Karen Sullivan, for
her work with Easthaven Cemetery, Restoration of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and beautification efforts in the
Brookhaven Area. CONSTITUTION WEEK: A display was set up at the Lincoln County courthouse for the
entire week. We also displayed the constitution week display at the Ole Brook Festival. COMMUNITY
SERVICE: Ole Brook had a wonderful program given by City of Brookhaven Alderperson, Shirley Estess on
public service. DAR SCHOOLS: Program given on NSDAR Schools and over 100 labels donated. JUNIOR
MEMBERSHIP: Juniors are being recruited vigorously. NATIONAL DEFENSE: National defense report at
each meeting. A wonderful tour of the Brookhaven Military Museum and program on National Defense was
given by Mr. Paul Jackson, Jerry Reins, and James Cox. Good Citizenship Medal and ROTC Medals were
presented at Brookhaven High School. PRESIDENT GENERAL’S PROJECT: 100% participation.
ROSALIE: 2 members, Regent Natalie Herndon Howard, and Registrar, Mary Ann Smith served as hostess
during fall and spring pilgrimage, respectfully. Members attended Rosalie Day. VOLUNTEER
INFORMATION SPECIALIST: 11 members use computers and internet. A chapter website is in operation at VOLUNTEER GENEALOGY: 2 members participate in volunteer genealogy data
entry for the NSDAR, Mary Ann Smith, Registrar, and Natalie Herndon Howard, Regent. A very interesting
program on genealogy and historic preservation was given by Mary Ann Smith on Headstone Epitaphs with
great interest shown by all.
  The chapter was represented at Continental Congress, State Conference, and Coastal Plains and Heartland
District Meetings.
                                                                        Natalie Herndon Howard, M.S., Regent

                               PATHFINDER CHAPTER -PORT GIBSON
                                       Organized January 16, 1914
                                  Organizing Regent, Harriette A. Person

  Total membership: 22 Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month (September-May) in
conjunction with the Claiborne-Jefferson Genealogical Society sharing the same program, but holding business
meetings separately. Together the members have become more educated on the U.S. Constitution, learned
about Tom Bowen’s strong connections with the area and about some of the outstanding citizens who molded
him, delved into Mississippi history with Barbara Haigh of Natchez and Terry Merritt of Collina (ante bellum
home) in Port Gibson, and were fascinated with Penny Sanford Fikes’ tales of forensic genealogy. Each
meeting for the DAR began with the DAR Ritual, Preamble to the Constitution, Pledge to the Flag, American’s
Creed, Rosalie Minute, and the National Defense report from the National Defender or an update on present day
fighting in Iraq or elsewhere. We do use the President General’s message when the magazine arrives in time for
our meetings. All required contributions to NSDAR and MSSDAR funds were paid by Pathfinder Chapter and
one member is part of the FOR program to fund day-to-day expenses for Rosalie in Natchez. DAR Good
Citizen pins were given to a senior at Port Gibson High School and also a senior at Chamberlain-Hunt Academy
and DAR Good Citizenship pins were given to outstanding students at Claiborne Educational Foundation
(elementary) and Chamberlain-Hunt Academy. Also the JROTC Medal was presented to an outstanding JROTC
student at Port Gibson High. The chapter donates a subscription to American Spirit to the Harriette Person
Memorial Library, named for our organizing regent. During Constitution Week, the chapter has students from
Claiborne Educational Foundation ring the bells at St. James Episcopal Church and also has a proclamation
signed by Mayor Fred Reeves published in The Port Gibson Reveille. Flags were placed on several graves of
veterans to observe Flag Day in June and our chapter tries to watch out for flags around town which are
showing wear. We then order new flags through the county’s Veterans Affairs officer. New flags were
presented to Port Gibson Middle School and also to the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Department. One member
is on the Natchez Trace Parkway Association Board and is continuing the DAR connection with the Trace
begun so many long years ago. Also a member is on the Claiborne County Preservation Commission and
fulfilling the DAR’s objective of promoting preservation, was in charge of recognizing Hermanville United
Methodist Church with a plaque this year. Three members attended the State Conference in Jackson and
enjoyed being with our two DAR Good Citizen winners and their families. Also three members were present
for Rosalie Day in Natchez in October.
                                                                                     Emma Flautt Crisler, Regent

                                    PICAYUNE CHAPTER – PICAYUNE
                                          Organized October 15, 1966
                                    Organizing Regent Mrs. William R. Burke

  MEMBERSHIP as of January 1, 2008: 60. Meetings 2nd or 3rd Saturdays from September to May. Meetings
include Devotional, Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, American’s Creed, Preamble to the
Constitution, and 5-10 minute National Defense presentation. Minutes of previous meeting and President
General’s message are printed for distribution. Chapter contributions to DAR funds met Chapter Achievement
requirements. AMERICAN HISTORY: 1 program on American history, sponsored American History Essay
contest in 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades in 7 schools, 218 certificates of participation awarded. From the 7 schools
participating, one overall 1st place winner was chosen for each grade. Winners received medals and read essays
at chapter meeting with family, teachers, and principals present; 6 medals for Outstanding Work in American
History. CHAPLAIN: Conducted devotional at each meeting, sent cards to ill and bereaved, participated in two
Welcoming Ceremonies for new members. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Mayor’s proclamations issued in both
Picayune and Poplarville: posters in 6 schools, 2 libraries, 2 city halls, and 30 flags flown on Goodyear
Boulevard for the entire week. Flags were posted by NJROTC of Picayune High School. Spot announcements
on local radio stations at 45 minutes. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: 3 awards presented, recipients honored at
chapter meeting and on awards day at high schools. DAR MAGAZINE: 19% of members subscribe. DAR
PROJECT PATRIOT: 150 signed Christmas cards sent to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. DAR SERVICE
TO VETERANS: Veterans recognized at November meeting, ―thank you‖ notes and gifts presented, 15
additional ―thank you‖ cards mailed. FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Flags flown on
Goodyear Boulevard in honor of Constitution Week, flag code booklets distributed to all fifth grade students in
Pearl River County, booklets entitled ―The Pledge of Allegiance‖ given to the libraries of schools with fifth
grades. MEMBERSHIP: 5 resignations, 3 lost to death, 2 new members by application, total membership
January1, 2009, 54. NATIONAL DEFENSE: 2 bronze ROTC medals presented, 5 Good Citizenship medals
presented. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Monthly newsletter, newspaper publicity for 7 of 9 meetings, 43‖ in
pictures and 59‖ in text.
  Chapter was represented at Continental Congress, State Conference, all four District Meetings, and Rosalie
                                                                                     Judy Mitchell Seal, Regent

                             PONTOTOC HILLS CHAPTER - PONTOTOC
                                       Organized September 6, 1960
                               Organizing Regent Beulah Ferguson Simmons

  MEMBERSHIP: 53. 2 new members, 2 Junior members. MEMBERSHIP: First Tuesday of each month
September through May, meetings include rituals. AMERICAN HERITAGE: Six members volunteer regularly
at the museum with other members volunteering periodically. Members donated numerous items to local
museum, three members working on plans for Lewis and Clark Commemoration. AMERICAN HISTORY:
Two programs on American History, 5 displays in schools, 50 students participating in American History
Contest, 3 students participating in the Christopher Columbus Contest, 8 certificates of award. AMERICAN
INDIANS: Indian Minute at 7 meetings, required donations given, one member donated $50 to North American
Heritage Assoc. AMERICANISM: Five manuals for citizenship given to a local pastor of Spanish speaking
mission to use with congregation. CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: Requirements and contributions
for state and national were met CHAPLAIN: 1 grave marked,1 memorial service, sympathy and get well cards
sent, memorials given for three deceased members. CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION:
Required donation met. CONSTITUTION WEEK: 2 articles in newspaper, large display placed in local library,
DAR GOOD CITIZENS: 3 awards given at reception and program for winners and their guests. DAR
MAGAZINE: Required donation made, 21% subscribed to magazine. DAR MUSEUM: Required donation
made DAR SCHOLARSHIP: Required donation made, scholarships made available to 3 schools, no applicants.
DAR SCHOOL: Required donations made. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Visited veterans regularly in
local nursing homes, participated in planning and attended celebrations of Memorial Day and Veterans Day,
gave Christmas Party for residents of VA Nursing Home in Oxford providing entertainment, refreshments and
gift bags. GENEALOGICAL RECORDS: 412 genealogy and census books donated to Pontotoc County
Library. HISTORIAN: donated $202 to Archives and Americana. HISTORIC PRESERVATION: Two
members contributed sections of a book of the 100 year history of a local church, members attended ceremony
marking the oldest paved road in the South. JUNIOR AMERICAN CITIZENS: Required donation met.
JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: 2 members, l new member. LIBRARIAN: Required donation to DAR Library,
donated to Pontotoc County Library 16 large print books, 4 non-fiction books, 412 genealogy and census books.
LINEAGE RESEARCH: sponsored 1 workshop. MEMBERSHIP: Prospective members discussed at each
meeting, 2 new members. NATIONAL DEFENSE: National Defense report given at each meeting. 1 program
on national defense, l member serving as an officer in Qatar. PROGRAM: Programs planned and presented
according to national guidelines. PUBLICE RELATIONS AND MEDIA COMMITTEE: 9 printed articles and
AMERICA: Presented program on flag to seven elementary classrooms and one senior citizen group; most
members display flags. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: 8 members use computer for DAR
activities. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Members and guests joined SAR in a dinner and program
celebrating Presidents Day, joined SAR in dinner and portrayal of Patrick Henry by a direct descendant of
Patrick Henry, joined American Legion in a community-wide celebration of Memorial Day and Veterans Day.
DAR PROJECT PATRIOT: $100 donated. FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY: Required donations made.
INSIGNIA: 1 program by Margaret DeMoville. LITERACY PROMOTION: 45 hours of tutoring students.
PRESIDENT GENERAL’S PROJECT: Required amount sent. PROTOCOL: Copies made from Betty
Bradley’s guidelines and given to members. VOLUNTEER GENEALOGISTS: 1 workshop, 2 assists to other
chapters, nominated the late Hazle Neet for Outstanding Volunteer Genealogist. WOMEN’S ISSUES: Members
donated money, wore pins, displayed yard signs for Breast Care Awareness.
                                                                                           Thelma Saxon, Regent
                                  PUSHMATAHA CHAPTER - Meridian
                                       Organized November 14, 1907
                                  Organizing Regent Virginia Gibson Owsley

  The Pushmataha Chapter had another good year. MEMBERSHIP: 56 .Three transfers and one new member, 5
prospective members, 1 resignation, and 2 deceased. MEETINGS: Second Thursday of each month, except
October, December, and April, at Northwood Country Club. The February meeting is a Patriotic Luncheon held
with the Samuel Dale Chapter. Each meeting includes Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance, Salute to the Mississippi
Flag, American’s Creed, Indian minute, National Defense report from the National Defender, and the President
General’s Message from the current DAR magazine. A Rosalie minute and Flag facts were given. One member,
Mrs. Ginger Willis was presented a 50 Year Pin. PROGRAMS: Education, Patriotic, Service and Preservation.
AMERICAN INDIANS: Mayor declared November as American Indian Month. Display at the local library.
AMERICAN LITERACY: One member spent several hours reading to children at a local Elementary school.
Chapter donated a book to the local library. PROJECT PATRIOT: Sent greeting cards to troops. DAR
SERVICE FOR VETERANS: DAR members attended Veterans Day Parade. CONSTITUTION WEEK:
Program on the ―Constitution As It Relates to the Election‖ presented by Dr. Kathy Baxter. DAR MAGAZINE:
Several members subscribe and a subscription is sent to the local library and to the Community College.
PUBLIC RELATIONS: Six newspaper articles and 4 photos published. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION
SPECIALISTS: E-mail used to keep chapter members and officers informed .THE FLAG OF THE UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA: The flag was displayed at every meeting and small flags were given at one meeting.
Chapter contributions to DAR funds met Chapter Achievement Requirements.
  Members of the chapter attended the District meeting and the MSSDAR Conference.

                                                                                     Angela Howington, Regent

                              RALPH HUMPHREYS CHAPTER - JACKSON
                                        Organized January 8, 1902
                                 Organizing Regent Mary Thompson Howe

  MEMBERSHIP: 72: 1 new member, 3 resignations, 2 transfer out, 1 transfer in, 1 dropped.
MEETINGS: September through April (no meetings in November and February) and a luncheon in May with a
special speaker. Meetings are opened with the DAR Ritual, President General's message, National Defense
Report, Business and Program. CONTRIBUTIONS: Chapter met requirements for National and
State Achievements and all quotas. AMERICAN INDIANS: $4.00 each to Bacone College and Chemawa
Indian School. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Participated with other Jackson chapters for Veterans Day
Ceremonies at the Mississippi Memorial Building. CONSERVATION: Chapter Chairman gave a journal to
members on the history and planting of "Four O'Clocks," along with seeds to be planted in the spring.
CONSTITUTION WEEK: Chapter Chairman had the Mayor of Jackson sign the Proclamation and the City
Administrator, Mr. Robert Walker, came to the chapter meeting and presented it. DAR GOOD CITIZEN:
Sponsored a Good Citizen from Jackson Academy. DAR MAGAZINE: Chapter participated in a joint ad in
the "American Spirit" magazine. DAR MUSEUM: One Correspondent Docent. DAR SCHOOLS: $47 to
schools and clothing sent to Tamassee. HISTORIAN: 1 Applicant to the American History Teacher.
LITERACY PROGRAM: One member gave 102 hours tutoring adults. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Bronze
Medals and Certificates presented to students of Lanier High School and Jim Hill High School in Jackson.
PROGRAMS: Dr Billy Walker gave a program on the "Market Garden Campaign‖ in Belgium and Holland;
Mr. John Day's program "Music, Music, Music‖ was a piano recital; the State Regent was our special guest in
September when Mr. Allan Edgar gave a history and displayed many kinds of cameos, along with facts on each;
―Ring Those Bells‖ - Mr. Edd Brachier was a single bell ringer of 35 bells; Pat Baird, a physical therapist, gave
a program on ―How to Recuperate from Injury and Illness.‖
  Bettie Horrell Johnson, Honorary Vice President General, NSDAR, serves MSSDAR as Parliamentarian and
is a member of Rosalie’s Permanent Advisory Board. Ralph Humphreys Chapter has supported the projects of
MSSDAR through 106 years.
                                                                                 Bettie Horrell Johnson, Regent

                               REBECCA CRAVAT CHAPTER - JACKSON
                                       Organized September 3, 1963
                                 Organizing Regent Mrs. T. L. Carraway, Sr.

  Membership: 86 plus four associates. Members serving State and /or National Society: Cindy S. Phillips,
Honorary State Regent, Past Historian General NSDAR is advisor to the NSDAR American History Committee
and Chairman of the Rosalie Governing Board; Dot. Ward, Honorary State Regent, Past Vice President
General, is on the MSSDAR Speaker’s Staff and President of the Natchez Trace Parkway Association; Cynthia
Cleveland Clayton is advisor to the NSDAR Continental Congress Platform Committee, Chairman MSSDAR
Bylaws Committee and MSSDAR Speaker’s Staff. MEETINGS: Except October and February, third Thursday,
September through April, usually in homes. Meetings include DAR Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of
the United States of America, American’s Creed, President General’s Message, National Defense Report,
Constitution Sidelight, Flag Fact, Rosalie Report, program, business and social time. CHAPTER
ACHIEVEMENT: Reports filed and contributions made to meet requirements. COMMEMORATIVE
EVENTS: Four members attended and helped provide refreshments for Veterans’ Day observance at the War
Memorial Building. COMMUNITY SERVICE: One award presented. CONSERVATION: Most members
have curbside recycling available and participate. Several members had their addresses removed from
catalogue mailing lists via the internet. One member had 180 acres planted in pine trees. One member has 280
acres set aside as a wildlife habitat. Recycled cell phones. 3 members reuse their own cloth bags when grocery
shopping. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Luncheon at Country Club of Jackson with Congressman Gregg Harper
as speaker. State Officers and other area chapters invited. Ten chapters were represented. Display set up in
local library. DAR MAGAZINE: Subscription and ad
requirements met. DAR SCHOOLS: Labels, clothing and monetary donations sent. SERVICE TO
VETERANS: Donated books, magazines and Christmas cards to VA Hospital; gave personal care items,
cookies, books, magazines, and art supplies to Veterans’ Nursing Home. Electronic cards sent to hospitalized
soldiers via Xerox internet site. FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Donated flag to Bond
Home and had retirement and dedication ceremonies, Flag Day display at library, distributed 100 flag codes,
gave demonstrations of flag etiquette. MEMBERSHIP: 2 deaths, 1 transfer, 4 reinstatements, 6 new members,
5 juniors. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Requirements met. 2 Good Citizenship medals awarded. PROGRAMS:
Historic, Patriotic, Constitution, and National Defense. ROSALIE: Contributions made. PRESIDENT
GENERAL’S PROJECT: 100% participation. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Reports of Community Service award,
Good Citizen awards and Constitution Week Luncheon were published with pictures in 4 local papers. DAR
PROJECT PATRIOT: $100 donation. Participated in Cell Phones for Soldiers campaign. Chapter represented
at State Conference, Continental Congress, Rosalie Day, District Meeting and Jackson Area Regents’ Council
                                                                     Florence Chaworth Dial McKinnon, Regent

                          ROSANNAH WATERS CHAPTER - CLARKSDALE
                                      Organized November 30, 1923
                        Organizing Regent Sallie West Herrin (Mrs. W. K. Herrin, Sr.)

  MEMBERS: 47. MEETINGS: Monthly on the second Tuesday from September to May, except in December
and January. We usually meet in member's homes, but in February we meet at Flowers Manor for our Patriotic
Luncheon. Meetings include the Opening Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States,
America's Creed, minutes of the previous meeting, treasurer's report, National Defense Report, highlights of the
President General's Report, report of committees, old and new business, program and social hour.
CONSTITUTION WEEK: A program was given on the constitution and resolutions. We also rang bells. DAR
GOOD CITIZENS: A student was selected by a faculty member in each of the four high schools. Each student's
picture was in the paper receiving a pin, a certificate and a card given by the Regent. DAR SCHOOLS:
Members brought labels to the meetings. DAR SERVICE TO VETERANS: In October we talked about the
needs of the veterans. In November gifts and monies were brought to the meeting and were taken to veterans'
homes. DAR MAGAZINE: Seven members subscribe to the American Spirit Magazine and we give one
subscription to the library. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: We have two junior members.
  The Regent and 3 members attended the State Conference, and the Regent and four attended the District
                                                                               Sally Hampton Powell, Regent

                                 SAMUEL DALE CHAPTER - MERIDIAN
                                      Organized November 15, 1926
                                   Organizing Regent Mrs. Ruth Gowdy

  MEMBERSHIP: 64, 1 new member, 6 members resigned, and one transfer. MEETING: First Wednesday of
each month, September through May, excluding December. Patriotic Luncheon held with Pushmataha Chapter
in February every year. Each meeting includes the Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States
of America, Salute to the Mississippi Flag, the American’s Creed, President General’s Message, three- to five-
minute National Defense Report, American Indian Minute, Rosalie Minute, Constitution Minute, and Flag Fact.
AMERICAN HERITAGE: Member volunteered at Merrehope, a local historic site. Two programs given. 1
program was about an outstanding American woman. AMERICAN INDIANS: Contributed to three schools and
sent labels. Indian Minutes given at 8 meetings. AMERICANISM: Gave 13 flags, 1 Bronze Medal. Recognized
Outstanding Leaders at Awards Tea. CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: Chapter contributions to DAR
funds met chapter Achievement Requirements. CHAPLAIN: Contacted 22 members who had been unable to
come to meetings. 6 Sunshine Reports given at meetings. One 90 year-old member sent birthday greetings.
CHAPTER DEVELOPMENT AND REVITALIZATION: Regent, committee members, and officers held a
summer meeting for this purpose. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Members attended Memorial Day,
Independence Day, and Veteran’s Day Events. COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD: 3 given at Awards Tea.
DAR GENEALOGY PRESERVATION: Members volunteered at Lauderdale County Archives. One member
donated a book about The Robert King Carter Family of Virginia to our local library in memory of Mr. M.F.
Kahlmus. This book is about the family of Elizabeth (Mrs. M.F.) Kahlmus. DAR PROJECT PATRIOT:
Members sent 2 boxes containing items valued at $99 to soldiers in Iraq. Members also donated $22 for
postage. DAR SPEAKER’S STAFF: One member appointed to staff. FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY: Donation
made. INSIGNA: Chapter uses Banner Flags at every meeting. Regent wears Regent Pin at every meeting. 1
Past Regent Pin ordered. LITERACY PROGRAM: Two members worked with the Meridian Library. One
workshop held. CONSERVATION: Members planted trees, shrubs, bulbs, fed wildlife, birds. One member was
active in a self-help community project to plant flowers and bulbs in the new park in South Stonewall and in the
area around the walking track at Town Hall. Thousands of flowers and bulbs were planted. All were donated.
CONSTITUTION WEEK: Constitution Minute given at meetings. DAR GOOD CITIZEN: Three DAR Good
Citizens selected and presented at our annual Awards Tea. Each was given $50 cash scholarship, certificate,
flag, bookmark, and flag pin. DAR MAGAZINE: 20% of our members subscribe. DAR MUSEUM: Donation
requirement met. DAR SCHOOLS: Sent 215 UPC labels. Donated to schools. DAR SERVICE FOR
VETERANS: 200 miles traveled, $250 and 41 ounces of stamps donated. 5 members took active part in
veterans’ activities. GENEALOGICAL RECORDS: 6 members assisted with genealogical records and 2
members served on the Genealogical Committee at the Meridian Library. HISTORIAN: Contribution made.
JUNOIR MEMBERSHIP: 1 new member. LINEAGE RESEARCH: Chairman and 5 members served on
committee. Assisted 1 new member. LIBRARIAN: Member donated a book about the Robert King Carter
Family of Virginia to the Meridian Library. It was donated in honor of Mr. M.F. Kahlmus, husband of
Elizabeth, a member of our chapter. The book is about her family. Members donated books valued at $610 to
the Meridian Library. Chapter donated to the DAR Library and to Friends of The Library. NATIONAL
DEFENSE: 3-minute report at meetings. 1 program given on National Defense. PROGRAM: Guidelines from
National DAR used to prepare programs. We have 26 active committees helping with programs. PRESIDENT
meetings sent to local newspaper. ROSALIE: Rosalie ―minute spot‖ at 2 meetings. SEIMES TECHNOLOGY
CENTER: Donation requirement met. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Flag displayed
at each meeting and pledge recited. Flag fact at meetings. Presented 13 flags. 10 youth and 3 adults received
flags during our Awards Day Program. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALIST: 6 members served.
Assisted 1 new member. VOLUNTEER GENEALOGISTS: 6 members assist in this capacity. WOMEN’S
ISSUES: Members are active in community volunteer work. SPECIAL COMMITTEES: Awards Day Tea
Committee worked to plan the program and decorate, and they also worked to have the awards ready to present

                                                                      Ethel McHenry (Mrs. Jackie E.), Regent

                           SAMUEL HAMMOND CHAPTER - KOSCIUSKO
                                         Organized December 2, 1952
                          Organizing Regent Alice Hammond Potts (Mrs. Houston)

  MEMBERSHIP: 113—7 new members, 0 deaths, 2 resignations, 12 juniors, 3 associates. Samuel Hammond
is a Level 1 Chapter and attained Gold Level on Chapter Achievement. Two members serve on the State Level:
B. J. Odom Swafford, Corresponding Secretary on the State Board of Management, and Annis Guess
Dickerson, Corresponding Secretary on the Rosalie Governing Board. The Chapter was represented at
Continental Congress, State Conference, District Meeting (highest attendance) and Rosalie Day (runner-up for
highest attendance). MEETINGS: Second Thursday at 2:30 September –May. Opening Ritual used at each
meeting, followed by President General’s Message, National Defense Report, Flag Minute, Indian Minute,
Museum Minute and Rosalie Report. AMERICAN HERITAGE: 3 programs. AMERICAN INDIANS,
outstanding program on Native American Traditions with interesting artifacts from different tribes.
CHAPLAIN: 103 year-old Daughter honored with ad in DAR Magazine, several Daughters attended 95 year-old
Daughter’s Birthday Celebration, Sunshine Report given at meetings. CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAN
REVOLUTION: 1 C.A.R. member joined DAR. COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD presented to outstanding
local businessman who has promoted and organized many community events of historical significance.
CONSTITUION WEEK: Outstanding program Christianity in the Constitution of the United States of America;
also displays, newspaper, radio and TV coverage. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: Two high schools participated,
winners honored at tea. DAR MAGAZINE: 19% subscribe. DAR GENEALOGICAL PRESERVATION
PROJECT: 1 daughter volunteered 17 hours. DAR SCHOOLS: Berry College graduate and Kosciusko resident
gave interesting and informative program, on her years at Berry. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS:
Volunteers (youth) 80, (adults) 10—hours 320 and 40, adopted Veteran at Christmas at VA Nursing Home in
Kosciusko—bought several articles of clothing for him, Regent and Chairman attended Christmas luncheon at
VANH—sitting with resident, Regent initiated project to get spinet piano for Chapel at VA—several Daughters
serve as pianist for church services, 1 Daughter wrote 150 Thank You notes to Veterans at VANH, 360 burial
flags fly at Aisle of Honor in Parkway Cemetery on Memorial and Veteran’s Days--Chapter serves sausage
biscuits to Veterans and KHS Beta Club Members erecting flags, then when dismantling serves refreshments.
THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Participated in 2 events, 277 flags presented, 72
pieces of flag literature, 1 Daughter distributed 230 flag lapel pins with verbal message ―Thank a Veteran and
God Bless America,‖ Chairman called 3 public offices about faded, torn and tattered flags, Chairman gave each
Daughter in attendance a flag to be placed on a Veteran’s grave in honor of Veteran’s Day. FRIENDS OF THE
LIBRARY/LIBRARIAN: Chapter has book account and interest is used annually to purchase book/books for
Attala County Genealogical Collection. HISTORIC PRESERVATION: 1912 DAR Natchez Trace Marker in
Kosciusko restored by stonemason, cost $850—at no cost to NSDAR or MSSDAR. INSIGNIA: 7 pins were
ordered from Caldwell, including three 50-year pins purchased by Chapter for Daughters. JUNIOR
AMERICAN CITIZENS: 3 schools sponsored, 66 students in contest, were honored along with parents at a tea.
MEMBERSHIP: 7 new members, net gain 5. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Presented 4 Good Citizenship medals,
outstanding program by local Tech-Sgt Air National Guard—winner of many photographic awards while in
military, she has one hanging in Pentagon. PUBLIC RELATIONS and MEDIA: Excellent coverage by local
newspaper—14 articles, 12 pictures, radio station and TV cable. VOLUNTEER GENALOGISTS: 3
outstanding genealogists—2 assisted other chapters. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: 50
members use computers, timely e-mails sent--others have telephone committee.
                                                                                  Anne Hughes Porter, Regent

                             SHADRACK ROGERS CHAPTER – COLLINS
                                        Organized August 16, 1946
                              Organizing Regent Onolia Williamson McRaney

  MEMBERS: 58. MEETINGS: Held each month, September through May. Each meeting includes the DAR
Ritual, National Defense Report, Indian Minute, Rosalie Minute, business, program, and social time. Chapter
contributions to DAR funds met Chapter Achievement requirements. AMERICAN HERITAGE: 4 programs.
AMERICAN HISTORY: 4 programs and 1 American History Award. AMERICANISM: Contributed to 2
flag purchases - 1 for Main Street Mount Olive and 1 for Collins Elementary School. Members participated in
4th of July parade and Veterans Day ceremonies. CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: National level 2,
State level silver. CHAPLAIN: Gave sunshine reports at meetings and maintained contact with members
through cards and telephone calls. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Members participated in Memorial Day
and Veterans Day ceremonies and in 4th of July parade. 1 program on 200th Birthday of Abraham Lincoln.
CONSERVATION: 1 member planted trees to replace those lost in Hurricane Katrina. Members put out bird
seed and cracked corn for birds and wildlife and also recycle paper, aluminum, glass, plastics, and cardboard.
CONSTITUTION WEEK: 1 proclamation by mayor, 3 articles and proclamation published in local paper, and
1 program on the Constitution at September meeting. DAR GOOD CITIZEN: 3 schools contacted, 3 good
citizens chosen. Winners recognized at February meeting with pin, certificate, and reception. DAR
MAGAZINE: Participated in a co-op ad for the district and state. Members have a 15% subscription rate.
DAR PROJECT PATRIOT: Contributed $30.00 to National for Project Patriot activities. DAR
SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded art scholarship to second year student at Jones County Junior College in honor of
deceased member Gertrude Smith. DAR SCHOOLS: More than 100 soup labels sent to Kate Duncan Smith
School. DAR SERVICE TO VETERANS: 50 hours volunteered for veterans' activities, 100 miles traveled to
volunteer site, and $200.00 in gifts to Veterans Nursing Home in Collins. FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES:
2 flag dedication ceremonies and 1 chapter program. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: 3 junior members serve as
chapter chairmen. LITERACY PROMOTION: 1 member works full time in the Barksdale Reading Program at
a school in Forrest County. 1 member volunteers at local public library to read to children. NATIONAL
DEFENSE: 1 program. PROGRAM: Outstanding topics were: the University of Southern Mississippi,
Covington Countians serving in the Korean War, Vintage area photographs, and Abraham Lincoln's 200th
Birthday. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA: 9 newspaper articles, 9 announcement spots, 4 pictures.
Prepared publicity for flag dedication ceremony. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALIST: 8 members
use computer. WOMEN'S ISSUES: Handed out leaflets on breast cancer and assisted with Simpson and
Covington County Relay for Life events.
                                                                                         Sandra E. Boyd, Regent

                          SHUK-HO-TA TOM-A-HA CHAPTER – COLUMBUS
                                         Organized June, 1908
                                Organizing Regent Mrs. Lilla Y. Franklin

  MEMBERSHIP: 27. 3 new members, 7 members live out of town; several prospective members are working
on their paper. MEETINGS: At 2:00 p.m. on the last Monday of the month – September through May- on
alternate months. Meetings include Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance, American’s Creed, President General’s
message, National Defense report, business, program, and refreshments. AMERICAN HISTORY: Program
presented on our national procedure for conducting our elections. AMERICAN INDIANS: Indian minute read
at each meeting. DAR MAGAZINE: 4 members subscribed. DAR SERVICE TO VETERANS: Furnished
refreshments at each quarterly meeting when new contributions to the veteran’s museum are accepted. Took
current magazines to our local Veteran’s Clinic for use in the waiting room. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Chapter
minutes and pictures are printed in the local paper. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Report is given at each meeting.
Certificate and medal given to 3 ROTC members. AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP: We participated in the
swearing in of 150 new American citizens, held at our local University, and presented each with informational
pamphlets on patriotic issues. ROSALIE: Met requirements. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF
AMERICA: The flag is displayed at each meeting. One member collects old and unattractive flags from
cemeteries and disposes of them in a proper way. LINEAGE RESEARCH: Vice Regent and Registrar used the
computer for corresponding with Regional and State officers. Regent used the computer to prepare and print
the yearbook. DAR GOOD CITIZEN: Presented certificate and medal to three deserving history students
attending Lee Middle School. WOMEN’S ISSUES: A program on identity theft and personal theft was
presented by a representative of a local legal firm.
  Of special note this year was our celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of our chapter. The
100th anniversary tea was held at the antebellum home ―Errolton,‖ former home of three-time regent Erroldine
(Mrs. T. D.) Bateman. The home was a beautiful setting for a lovely occasion.
                                                                                     Margaret Ellis Webb, Regent

                                 TALLAHALA CHAPTER - ELLISVILLE
                                       Organized November 4, 1983
                                  Organizing Regent – Mrs. Dozier D. Long

   MEMBERSHIP: 98            MEETINGS: 9 yearly, Third Saturday each month, 9:45 a.m. at our Amos Deason
Home, unless specified.
  Our regularly scheduled meeting for January was postponed for one week due to 3 inches of snow on the
ground in Ellisville! When we did get to meet the next week, Louise Wallace, a native Choctaw Indian from
the Sandersville reservation, was in charge of our program. She showed us how to begin making baskets from
cane. She explained to us how the cane is dyed and then woven. Several styles of baskets made by Louise were
on display. Many questions were answered concerning basket making. She also brought with her a Native
American dress that she had hand-sewn. The weather did not permit for her to wear it, so she brought it
anyway. It was a truly gorgeous piece of handwork.
  The February meeting was our National Defense Luncheon. Senator Chris McDaniel was our speaker. Chris,
born and raised in Jones County, is our newest Senator in the District. He was very informative as to where he
stands on certain bills and issues – especially teachers’ pay raises, etc. He also explained to us about how many
countries in the world America have troops. The figures were astounding.
  The March meeting will be our Women in History program. Also, some of the students from Immaculate
Conception Catholic School who took part in our essay contest will be present to read their essays. These
children have really worked hard. Certificates and monetary prizes were given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
  In April we had a real treat. Dr. Weathersby from Jones County Junior College presented a program on
butterfly gardens that attract the Monarch butterfly. She has been successful in introducing the Monarch
butterfly back to this area. She told us what type plants needed for a garden and where to get them. Her
PowerPoint presentation had technical difficulties – I wonder, could it have been Amos?
  Tom Canizaro, Master Gardner, presented May's program on Historic Gardens and Plants. He brought
different types of plants from his personal garden and shared them and their stories with the group. He had
some most unusual plants to show from his home in the Historic District of 6th Avenue in Laurel.
  Our stove was delivered during May. It really makes the kitchen in the Deason Home look authentic. There
has been much work going on in the house in the past few months. Some of the members have given much
time and effort to the restoration project. They have scraped and painted and caulked – sometimes into the wee
hours. Some of them have had strange reports of things happening while they were there and all alone. I think I
heard something about maybe a book of ghostly happenings being put together.
  Some of our members participated in the Memorial Day Service at the West Ellisville Baptist Church. Flags
were handed out to each person that had a soldier in one of the wars or served in the war. Veterans from WWII,
Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm were recognized. The pastor (Chaplain Major David Allen) was also just
back from Iraq.
  The Regent, immediate Past Regent Ann Merritt, Lorene Holland, and Jennifer Gatlin took part in the Fourth
of July celebration at the West Ellisville Baptist Church. Wreaths were laid at the altar for each of the wars
throughout our history.
  Our speaker for our September meeting was Sgt. Coleman from the Ellisville Police Department. He spoke to
our group about safety for women. We learned several safety precautions so we won’t be easy prey for
muggings, identity theft, etc.
  In October, Dr. Jaime Boler from Jones County Junior College spoke to us on The American Revolution and
the Choctaws. According to Dr. Boler, the Choctaws played a very important part in saving Natchez during the
war. Some of her work is being published at this time. Maybe soon we will have a book-signing event.
  In November the Chapter had its regular meeting at the Veterans Museum in Laurel.
Items for the Veterans at the VA Nursing Center in Collins were collected and delivered as soon as a date is set.
We had a carload of ―goodies‖ for the residents (i.e. lounging pants, socks, personal care items, individually
wrapped candies and drink powder for their hydration carts, games).
                                                                                  Lynell Harvey Holland, Regent

                                   Organized December 6, 1997
                                Organizing Regent Margaret Brokaw
                                           NO REPORT
                                                                  Sherryl Speir Schultz, Regent

                              THIRD ARROW CHAPTER – CARROLLTON
                                        Organized February 1, 2003
                                 Organizing Regent Mary Bankston Morgan

  MEMBERSHIP: 48- 1 new member, 2 associate members, 2 resigned, 1 death and 2 pending members. :
October through May- Alternating day and time to encourage all members to attend. Ritual, Pledge of
Allegiance, President General’s message, National Defense Report, Rosalie Minute, Program and Social time.
Four members attended State Conference, three members attended District Meeting, Three members and one
associate attended Rosalie Day in Natchez. One member attended Continental Congress. AMERICANISM:
Christmas cards are sent to soldiers oversea and at hospitals. AMERICAN HISTORY: Three programs were
given. An outstanding student in American History was awarded a bronze medal and certificate.
Chaplain: Sympathy cards are sent at times of illness and death to chapter members as well as non -members
across. Third Arrow Daughters stay in touch with our Chaplain and keep her informed as to who to send the
cards to. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Members participated in a community worship service for the 4th of
July, honoring the Armed Forces. All veterans were given flag pins and small flags . Flags were flown in
honor of our veterans all over Carroll County on the 4th of July and Veterans Day, Nov. 11. A member
participated in ―World Day of Prayer‖ at the Vaiden Courthouse on May 1, 2008. PROGRAM: A wide range of
programs were given to promote interest and to help with attendance. Our yearbook covers a two year period.
SERVICE TO VETERANS: One members donates her time by going to the Veterans Home in Kosciusko 3
days a week, 4 hours each day, and drives 80 miles when she goes. Christmas cards were mailed to the
wounded soldiers in Germany, and members brought needed items for our military personnel at Landstuhl
Medical Hospital in Germany. Several members got together and packed 4 boxes for our Project Patriot of
needed items requested. COMMUNITY SERVICE: 67 flag pencils were donated to area schools, 500 Flag
Code and 500 Pledge of Allegiance cards were given out to 3 schools in Carrollton and Vaiden. The ―Story of
the Pledge ― by Tricia Raybond was donated to the school in Carroll Co,. A National Community Service
Award was awarded by NSDAR to a member of Third Arrow. A surprise Award Luncheon was given with the
State Regent making the award Presentation. A National Historic Preservation Award Tea was given by Third
Arrow Chapter honoring Mrs. Wessie Gee of Carrollton. DAR State Regent Polly Grimes presented Mrs. Gee
with a National Historic Preservation medal and certificate for her long-time contributions to Historic
Preservation. The Chapter participated in ―Fly your Flag‖ on Sept. 11, (7th anniversary of 9ll). Three members
serve on the Historic Preservation Commission in Vaiden. Three members are members of the Antiquities
Society in Carrollton.
DAR SCHOOLS: 574 soup labels and 40 ink cartridges were collected and mailed. One member gave a
program on DAR Schools. GOOD CITIZENSHIP: 2 awards and certificates were awarded to two 5th grade
students. Awards and certificates were given to 2 high school students
MEMBERSHIP: The Chapter actively recruits new members. A special Membership Luncheon is given every
May for our new members, prospective members, anyone who is interested in Joining DAR. This is our annual
―pat-on-the-back‖ and ―see what we have done‖ Luncheon or ―lets just have fun‖ Luncheon. NATIONAL
DEFENSE: A National Defense report is given at each meeting. PUBLIC RELATIONS: We have an
outstanding public relations chairman who gets a meeting report in the three papers in the area. This report
gives a description of the program given and by whom, list the hostesses, time and place of meeting.
LIBRARIAN: A donation of $50.00 was made to the Rosalie Library. ―Williamsburg-the story of a Patriot‖
and ―Songs and Ballads of the American Revolution‖ were donated by a member to the Carrollton Library.
LITERACY CHALLENGE: A very interesting program was given by National Chairman of Literacy
Promotion- Anna Royston. VIS: Prayer request are relayed to all members. DAR Magazine: 16% participation-
gave $50 for the Co-Op ad in DAR Magazine. C.A.R.: Sponsor of Moses Guest Society. Donation of $100 to
Society made by a member. A member of the Chapter is a Senior Treasurer. One member serves as Rosalie
Hospitality Chairman, one member serves as State Chairman of Women Issues, one members serves as
Scrapbook Chairman. All State and National fees submitted before deadlines. Regent and 4 attended District
meeting. WOMEN ISSUES: A program was given by State Chairman of Women Issues, Mary Morgan.
ROSALIE: A Duplicate Bridge Benefit ―Points for Rosalie‖ was held at the Historic Carrollton Community
House. All proceeds, $2103.00, went to Rosalie to buy a rug for Miss Annie’s room. Lunch was served, door
prizes given, and refreshment made available to all, and fun was had by all there. A Rosalie Minute is given at
every meeting. Articles valued at $45 and books valued at $55 were donated to the Mansion Market.
LINEAGE RESEARCH: A lineage workshop was given for members working on papers or supplementals.
One member is both a Volunteer Genealogist and a Genealogist Consultant. All chapter applications and
supplementals are kept on a CD for safe keeping.
                                                                                                 Pat Ellis, Regent

                                THOMAS RODNEY CHAPTER - WINONA
                                        Organized February 06, 1915
                                 Organizing Regent Mrs. Vivian Harris Talley

  MEMBERSHIP: 61, 2 transfers in, 1 resigned member, 1 deceased member, 3 new members, 3 working on
applications. MEETINGS: Held the first Saturday of each month. Chapter meets 9 times each year, September
through May. Meetings include Ritual, Pledge, American’s Creed, President General’s Report, National
Defense Report, Rosalie Report, Indian Minute, Program, Committee Reports, Business, and Refreshments.
One member serves on the DAR Speaker Staff. One member serves as a C.A.R. Senior Mentor/Advisor on the
Chapter and State level. Regent and 2 members attended State Conference. Regent and 3 members attended
District Meeting. AMERICAN HERITAGE: ―Historical Montgomery County Buildings and Their
Preservation‖ and ―Preservation of Old Houses‖ programs. AMERICANISM: Members are reminded to vote
before each election. AMERICAN HISTORY: ―Rosie the Riveter‖ and ―Cemetery Marker Symbols‖
programs. CHAPLAIN: Sends cards for birthday, illness, and death. Members send ―buddy‖ cards to ill and
shut-ins. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: One member on committee for Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day
programs at the Montgomery County Courthouse. Other members participate in and attend these events.
CONSERVATION: A conservation highlight is given at most meetings. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: Two
students were selected, awarded certificates and pins, and honored at a luncheon during the May chapter
meeting. DAR MAGAZINE: Sixteen percent of members subscribe. DAR SCHOOLS: Collected ink
cartridges and labels. DAR SERVICE TO VETERANS: 46 pairs of socks, 14 caps, and 10 shirts valued at
$120 were gift-wrapped along with wish-list gifts for 2 residents purchased with member donations of $162.20.
These were delivered to a nearby State Veteran’s Home before Christmas. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA: Pledge given at each meeting and a small flag and flag information is given to new
members. INSIGNIA: Updated insignia etiquette and purchase information is provided to members.
LINEAGE RESEARCH: Three members assist with new applications and supplementals. NATIONAL
DEFENSE: A national defense report is given at each meeting. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Coverage in the local
newspaper including meetings, special events, and recognition by local guest columnist. Blogged by state
senator in state newspaper. ROSALIE: Updated information provided to members. One member attended
C.A.R. Summer Packet Meeting. VIS: VIS chairman relays all pertinent information to members by email.
WOMEN’S ISSUES: Program on most admired first lady. Members dressed in period costume and described
qualities admired in first lady of their choice. Women’s Issues Committee presents pertinent information to
members. Outstanding Woman of the Year selected from within the county and recognized at the March
  Chapter contributions to DAR funds met Chapter Achievement Requirements.

                                                                               Rose Ann Heath Miller, Regent

                                 TOMBIGBEE CHAPTER - ABERDEEN
                                       Organized November 1, 1975
                                 Organizing Regent Mrs. W. Emerson Jones

  MEMBERSHIP: 27. MEETINGS: 4th Monday in September, October, January, March and April. Meetings
include Ritual, Pledge, American’s Creed, Preamble, President General’s Message, National Defense Report,
Flag Fact, Indian Minute, Women’s Issues, Officer and Committee Reports, Program, and Social Time.
AMERICAN HERITAGE: 1 member spoke at the N. E. Heritage Conference and led a group through the
Chancery Court Building in the Monroe County Archives. AMERICAN HISTORY: Programs given in 2
schools about the American Revolution, information about the DAR, and Flag Folding Ceremonies. Flag Codes
were given to students and teachers. AMERICAN INDIANS: Indian Minutes given at each meeting. Paper
products were collected for Tamassee DAR School. Collection jar, ―Pennies for Indians‖ was present at each
meeting. $27.36 was collected. AMERICANISM: 8 Daughters attended a Naturalization Ceremony; presiding
judge was the Honorable Michael P. Mills. 150 American flags and flag codes were given to the new citizens.
CHAPLAIN: Chaplain calls sick members, sends get well, birthday, and sympathy cards. COMMEMORATIE
EVENTS: Programs on Treaty of Paris, Birthday of Abraham Lincoln, and History of the American’s Creed
were given. CONSERVATION: Regent wrote application for Keep Mississippi Beautiful Award on the behalf
of Tombigbee Chapter for its sponsorship and maintenance of the historic Old Cemetery in Aberdeen.
Conservation Chairman, Gladys Jackson, charter member and board member of Keep Mississippi Beautiful,
attended the award luncheon in Jackson. Tombigbee was awarded a Second Place Plaque. Regent spoke at the
Keep Monroe County Beautiful luncheon, recognizing the City of Aberdeen Cemetery Crew for their upkeep,
the planting of 150 crape myrtles around the cemetery, and their association with the Tombigbee Chapter.
CONSTITUTION WEEK: 250 Pledge of Allegiance bookmarks and flags were distributed to 2 5th grade classes
during Constitution Week. 5 members put up 2 Constitution Displays featuring a large copy of the constitution
and an array of small American flags. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: 2 students were honored with pins and
certificates. DAR MAGAZINE: Met Chapter Achievement Requirements. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA: Flag Chairman, Emma Jean Howell, gives the history of a different flag at each
meeting with information about where or if those flags are still flown. LITERACY PROMOTION: 1 member
joins a group of adults who tutor a third grade class every Tuesday morning. The success of their mentoring is
measured by the improved test scores of the students. NATIONAL DEFENSE: 3 minute message is given at
each meeting. The NSDAR ROTC award is given to best cadet from the Aberdeen High School ROTC.
OTHER: Regent writes a newsletter. 4 members and Past Regent, Frances Wilemon, presented her DAR
scrapbooks to the Evans Memorial Library in Aberdeen and were placed in the Tombigbee DAR Scrapbook
collection. 6 members attended the Hills District Meeting in Oxford, 5 members attended State Conference in
Jackson, and 2 members attended Continental Conference in Washington D.C. State Regent, Polly Hunter
Grimes, and member of Tombigbee Chapter, gives a report on Rosalie, the DAR Schools, and other DAR
events she attends.
                                                                          Martha Josephine Allen Uptain, Regent

                           TWENTIETH STAR CHAPTER - HATTIESBURG
                                        Organized October 18, 1967
                                  Organizing Regent Mrs. G. A. Chancellor

  MEMBERSHIP: 30, plus 1 associate member. 5 new members including 1 junior. The Chapter has 1 State
Chairman. MEETINGS: The second Saturday of each month September through May excluding October and
March. DAR ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, the American’s Creed, President General’s Message, and
National Defense Report are given at each meeting. Also, a Rosalie minute. DAR funds met requirements for
Chapter Achievement awards. AMERICAN HERITAGE: 3 Programs. Our most notable was using dolls
costumed by our Founding Regent, Frances Chancellor, to represent the first ladies since Martha Washington.
AMERICAN HISTORY: 1 program, 32 American History Essays entered in the American History Essay
Contest from 2 schools. 1 display. CHAPLAIN: Members unable to attend meetings are called and updated on
chapter events. Sympathy and get well cards are sent as needed to chapter members. The chapter gives a
donation to Rosalie in the event of a death. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: 1 program given on the Treaty of
Paris. 10 members participated in a 4th of July event. CONSERVATION: 1 program. Members recycle
aluminum and paper. CONSTITUTION WEEK: 1 display of 26 square feet at a school and spot
announcements given at 2 schools. 1 church participated in Bell Ringing. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: The
chapter sponsored 3 schools and had 3 Good Citizens. Two students entered the scholarship contest. Pins and
certificates are given at the school award ceremony. Good Citizens are invited to the National Defense
Luncheon in February. DAR MAGAZINE: President General’s message is read at each meeting. 30% of
members receive the magazine. DAR PROJECT PATRIOT: A package was sent to Landstuhl Regional
Medical Center valued at $60. DAR SCHOOLS: 145 Campbell soup labels sent. Clothing given to Tamassee. 2
members bought Ladybug Pins to support DAR schools. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF
AMERICA: A program was given by one member to 20 children that included flag facts, folding the flag, and
showing respect for our flag. 58 flags were distributed over the year and 1 flag code was distributed. HISTORIC
PRESERVATION: 1 Program. LITERACY PROMOTION: 253 books given to the public library. Members
spent 100 hours reading to children. One member tutors 2 children every week at the public school.
MEMBERSHIP: 5 new members attained through relatives. A newsletter is sent 3 times a year to keep those
who cannot attend meetings up-to-date on chapter happenings. NATIONAL DEFENSE: National Defense
report is given at each meeting. 1 Jr. ROTC medal presented. PUBLIC RELATIONS and MEDIA: Chapter
Newsletter sent to all members. 127 square inches in the local newspaper for student awards over the year.
VOLUNTEER GENEALOGISTS: 2 members have assisted another chapter. VIS: Members with internet
access use the computer to communicate with each other. 3 members have access to E-membership and use it
for reports. WOMEN’S ISSUES: 1 program. OTHER: Chapter Regent and members attended the State
Conference and District Meeting. Regent’s council formed that represents the 3 Hattiesburg chapters.

                                                                             Harriet (Hattie) G. Phalen, Regent

                                 UNOBEE CHAPTER - TAYLORSVILLE
                                       Organized February 1, 1960
                                  Organizing Regent Hanna Eaton Jackson

  MEMBERSHIP: 54 including five charter members and seven past Regents. Three prospective members, two
have completed paperwork. Registrar has been diligent in pursuing prospects and has offered assistance with
lineage research and application preparation. MEETINGS: Four official with two unofficial meetings each
year. Meetings include Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, Ritual, American’s Creed, President General’s
Message, Sunshine report, National Defense Report, Rosalie Fact, American Indian Minute, Devotion, business
session, program, and social time. AMERICAN HERITAGE: A musical program on the Sounds of Christmas
in the Colonies presented by the Taylorsville Scope Students was scheduled. AMERICAN HISTORY: Chapter
Regent participated in 225th Anniversary of the Battle of Arkansas Post and presented a joint DAR/SAR
wreath. Participated in American History Essay Program and presented winners at February meeting.
AMERICAN INDIANS: Sent 300 soup labels to Bacone College and 300 soup labels to Chemawa Indian
School. Contributed to American Indian Scholarship Fund, Bacone College, Chemawa Indian School, and
American Indian Youth Camp. AMERICANISM: Over 100 flags given out at Veterans Day observances.
C.A.R.: Contributed to State and National Society C.A.R. CHAPLAIN: Led patriotic exercises. Helped at one
memorial service in placement of grave marker. CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: Qualified for
Honorable Mention at State and Level 2 at National. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS/CONSTITUTION
WEEK: Proclamations for Constitution Week were signed by mayors of all towns in Smith County at
concurrent celebrations followed by ringing of Bells Across America. COMMUNITY SERVICE: Chapter
Regent served as judge for the Collins Christmas parade and the Mount Olive Christmas Parade.
CONSERVATION: Members planted bulbs, trees, and plants in yards; preserved food by canning and
freezing; recycled; and fed birds and wildlife. DAR GOOD CITIZENS: Six high schools participated and six
DAR Good Citizens chosen. Winners were honored at DAR meeting and were presented with certificates, pins
and wallet card. Three newspapers covered the recognition. Contributed to DAR Good Citizens and National
Scholarship Fund. DAR MAGAZINE/ADVERTISING: One advertisement and 30% membership subscribed.
Chapter contributed $40 for the co-op ad. One gift subscription to library. DAR MUSEUM: Contributed to
DAR Museum Exhibition fund. DAR SCHOOLS: Contributed to Kate Duncan Smith, Tamassee, Berry
College Crossnore School, Hillside School, Hindman Settlement School, Chemawa Indian School, and Bacone
College. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Christmas gifts were taken to 25 veterans at Collins Veterans
Home and 25 watermelons were delivered to the G.V. Sonny Montgomery V.A. Medical Center in Jackson for
July 4th party for veteran patients. Handed out flags at Raleigh Veterans Day Parade. Donated a new flag at a
Dedication Ceremony for veterans of Mount Olive, Mississippi. Chapter member who is a World War II
veteran was recognized with a gift. Donated 4 oz. stamps, contributed to Veteran-Patient fund. FLAG OF THE
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Flag etiquette documentation furnished to Town Mayor. American flags
were distributed at Raleigh parade. An American flag was donated to the Town of Mount Olive. Graves of
local veterans were marked with small American flags. Dates to fly flag are included in chapter handbook and
members are encouraged at meetings and by email to fly their flags. Received a flag certificate from the SAR
Chapter for a flag dedication ceremony organized by Chapter Regent and attended by Chapter members.
HISTORIAN: Contributed to NSDAR Americana Room and NSDAR Archives. INSIGNIA: Chapter owns one
ribbon, Regent’s pin, and two small flags. JUNIOR AMERICAN CITIZENS: Contributed to the National JAC
Prize Fund. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: Donated items for and purchased items at Mansion Market at State
Conference. LIBRARIAN: Contributed to Genealogical Book Binding Fund, MSSDAR Library, State Library
Acquisition Fund, NSDAR Archives, Seimes Technology Center, DAR National Library, Friends of the
Library. MEMBERSHIP: 35-40% of membership attends meetings. New member recruitment is encouraged.
Families encouraged to attend DAR programs involving their children. Write-ups of meetings are put in local
papers to encourage interest. NATIONAL DEFENSE: National Defense report given at each meeting.
Department of Homeland Security representative spoke at 9/11 meeting. Made contributions to the National
Defense Fund and NSDAR ROTC Award Program. PRESIDENT GENERAL’S PROJECT: Made contribution
Website operational, linked to State DAR page. Write-ups and pictures placed in three newspapers about our
projects, meetings, proclamations, and events. ROSALIE: Rosalie Fact at meetings. Donated items for Mansion
Market. Contributed to Rosalie Library and Rosalie Hostess Fund. Rosalie Calendars used by members and
given as gifts. ROTC: Contributed to NSDAR ROTC Award Program. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION
SPECIALIST: Members use computers for yearbook, chapter correspondence, reminders, projects, and
genealogical research. Seven chapter members volunteered to read the newsletter online at OURPAGE.
WOMEN’S ISSUES: Chapter members participated in the Pink Lemonade event in Taylorsville during Breast
Cancer Awareness Month. Chapter was represented at 2008 District Meeting and State Conference.

                                                                             Janet Herrington Kelley, Regent

                               WALTER LEAKE CHAPTER - CLINTON
                                    Organized December 3, 1976
                                 Organizing Regent Mrs. C.L. Deevers
  TOTAL MEMBERSHIP: 65. 1 transfer in and 1 pending. Members are currently serving as State Chaplain,
State Treasurer, National Chairman of Literacy Promotion, State Chairman of National Defense, State Awards
Chairman, State Chairman of Sales MS Daughters & Their Patriotic Ancestors Book, 3 members on the Rosalie
Development Committee and 3 members of the Rosalie Governing Board. REGULAR MEETINGS: 2nd
Thursday, September through May alternating day, night and Saturday mornings. Meetings include Ritual,
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, the American’s Creed, President General’s
Message, National Defense Report, Business and Program. CHAPTER CONTRIBUTIONS: Met Chapter
Achievement requirements. AMERICANISM: We gave 25 flags to preschoolers and participated in
community patriotic celebrations. PROGRAMS: ―Old Towne Clinton‖, ―Veterans‖ program at the local nature
center, ―Extinction and Abundance of Mississippi Wildlife‖, ―Heritage of the American Circus‖, changes in the
Clinton school district, ―Victorian Christmas‖ and ―The Boston Tea Party‖. CHAPLAIN: Sent cards to
members during illness and made reports to national. CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: We
sponsor and promote Cowles Mead Society. C.A.R. Our chapter collected clothing and $300.00 and assisted the
C.A.R. members in purchasing and delivering clothing and fruit for a Christmas party at the State Veterans
Home. COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS: Members participated in and helped with the Fourth of July
Celebration in Clinton, and 1 member is a 2 year journeyman missionary to Bangalore, India.
CONSERVATION: We fed approximately 435 lbs. of bird seed. Members have smoke detectors and Carbon
monoxide detectors. We recycle, plant trees, flowers and feed wildlife. Members participated in Arbor Day and
Earth Day. Members planted 350 plants and 100 bulbs and 1 member participated in 65 programs to schools
and civic groups. CONSTITUTION: We placed ―Know Your Rights‖ pamphlets in the local schools. DAR
GOOD CITIZEN: 3 schools participated. The winner was presented $250.00 and invited to attend the National
Defense Luncheon. DAR MAGAZINE: 43 magazine subscriptions including to the local high school and
public library to the AMERICAN SPIRIT. DAR SCHOOLS: We gave a substantial amount of money to all of
the schools. DAR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: Chapter members along with C.A.R. members delivered
clothing and fruit to patients at the State Veterans Home. Members participated in the annual Veterans Day
celebration at the War Memorial. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Gave 25 flags to a
preschool and 88 Flag Codes to Clinton Jr. High School. LITERACY: Members spent 600 hours in reading
programs for children and donated books. MEMBERSHIP: 1 new pending member and 6 prospective members
working on papers. Articles and pictures each month in the newspaper, we use the prospective member list,
send post cards to inactive members and a chapter brochure is sent to prospective members. PUBLICITY: Ran
several articles with pictures in the local newspaper. Provide a chapter brochure to local community centers and
businesses. INSIGNIA: Purchased 12 pins from Caldwell. ROSALIE REPORT: Members and guests
attended Rosalie Day, served as hostess at pilgrimage and gave the required hosted fee. Voices are sold at each
meeting for various items and raises money for Rosalie. The chapter and 3 members are members of Friends of
Rosalie. We made numerous donations and purchases at the Mansion Market. LIBRARIAN: We donated 50
books to local libraries.
                                                                            Elizabeth Ann Shields Woods, Regent

                              WILLIAM DUNBAR CHAPTER – NATCHEZ
                                         Organized April 13, 1968
                           Organizing Regent: Lucianne A. Wood (Mrs. Bernard P.)

  MEMBERSHIP: 84, including 17 Charter and 3 Junior. MEETINGS: Second Monday September through
May (except March). AMERICAN HERITAGE: Important program on 19th-century Natchez-made silver. 1
member entered the art contest. 1 member with heritage craft - beekeeping. AMERICAN HISTORY: 90
students (2 schools) entered essay contest. 4 chapter awards (4 grades). 2 state winners in February 2008. 5
awards (2 schools) for Outstanding Work in American History. CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAN
REVOLUTION: 1 senior leader, 1 C.A.R. State Society Treasurer. CONSERVATION: Program by Nature
Conservancy State Director. Members serve on hospital Garden Therapy committee and helped create heritage
rose garden at historic cemetery. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Large poster featuring Constitution displayed at
well-trafficked store. DAR GOOD CITIZEN: 2 seniors (2 schools), each winner receives $100 savings
bond, A Century of Service, pin, certificate, and are luncheon guests. Total value: $335. DAR MAGAZINE:
$40 for advertising. American Spirit and Daughters Newsletter information used in program and
announcements. DAR MUSEUM: 1 mini-program. DAR SCHOOL: 247 Boxtops for Education to 2 schools. 5
1/2 lbs. school supplies to Chemawa. 75 lbs. clothing to 2 schools. 42 soup labels to 8 schools. DAR SERVICE
FOR VETERANS: Over $905 value and 69 hours of volunteer service. Large November Veterans party.
National Defender read there. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: 362 flags. 2 flag-
related books to library. Best Flag Fact, "The Bald Eagle: National Symbol and Conservation Success."
GENEALOGICAL RECORDS: 44 pages of family Bible records. HISTORIC PRESERVATION: Program
"Preserving Mississippi's Past: Cottonlandia" presented by its former director. MEMBERSHIP: 18 certificates
for those with 25, 40, and 50 years. NATIONAL DEFENSE: National Defense Luncheon speaker gave history
of the "U.S.S. Mississippi." 1 Good Citizenship Medal. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA: 284 inches
newspaper. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALISTS: Computers used for information,
forms, membership data, minutes, newsletters, and sending articles to the press. COMMEMORATIVE
EVENTS: "History on the Eights-- Dates to Commemorate." Treaty of Paris. 200th anniversary of Abraham
Lincoln's birth: his visit to Natchez and his being a veteran. All were mini-programs. DAR PROJECT
PATRIOT: $3,009 in manufacturers’ product coupons given to the Overseas Coupon Project. Member made
qualifying donation ($100) and purchased donor pin. INSIGNIA: 8 pins ordered from Caldwell. PRESIDENT
GENERAL'S PROJECT: $50 donation. 1 member made qualifying donation and bought donor pin. NSDAR
LIBRARY: 4 books. MSSDAR LIBRARY: 4 books. ROSALIE: $250 donated. Decanter sold for $100 Rosalie
Day donated by chapter member. Dress given. Mansion Market donations and purchases. Members were
hostesses Spring and Fall Pilgrimages. STATE REGENT'S PROJECT: $1 per member. Chapter contributions to
DAR funds met Chapter Achievement Awards Requirements. Chapter received Gold (MS) and Level One
(national). Chapter represented at State Conference, District Meeting, and Rosalie Day.

                                                                            Leslie Davidson Bruning, Regent

                                  YAZOO CHAPTER – YAZOO CITY
                                       Organized January 31, 1953
                                  Organizing Regent Kathryn Talley West

  TOTAL MEMBERSHIP: 51. 2 new members, 2 deaths, 1 Junior Member. Distinguished Members include
MSSDAR First Vice Regent, MSSDAR and NSDAR Correspondent Docents-1, NSDAR Speakers Staff -2,
NSDAR State Committee Chairmen-2, NSDAR Speaker’s Staff-2, MSSDAR Special Committee-2. Chapter
was well represented at NSDAR Continental Congress, State Conference and Heartland District Meeting.
MEETINGS: Held on Third Thursday in September, October, November, December, January, April and May.
Meetings include the DAR Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, American’s
Creed, President General’s Message, Treasurer’s Report, Sunshine Report, Indian Minute, Rosalie Minute,
Conservation Minute, Flag Minute, Business, Program and Social time. CONTRIBUTIONS: Chapter met
requirements for State and National. AMERICAN HERITAGE: Historic Preservation Program – viewed
Video on ―Rosalie‖, ―President General’s Project‖, and ―Today’s DAR.‖ AMERICAN HISTORY: Member
gave program on Women in History. AMERICAN INDIANS: American Indian Minute is presented at each
Chapter meeting. Proclamation signed by Mayor of Yazoo City in recognition of American Indian Month, was
accompanied by a photo and article. CHAPLAIN: Members not able to attend meetings are contacted.
Sunshine Report is given at each meeting and a Necrology Report is given as needed. COMMEMORATIVE
EVENTS: Members participated in July 4th Celebration. Members attended 70th Anniversary Rosalie Day and
Candlelight Tour. Members attended 77th Birthday Celebration of Ashmead Chapter, Vicksburg. Veterans Day
Program and Event, wreath placed on War Memorial, membership tea and memorial held at spring meeting.
CONSERVATION: Members planted and maintained flowers and shrubs in Historic Downtown Yazoo City
and Ricks Memorial Library as part of Historic Preservation Project. Plantings at new Nursing Home are in the
planning stages. CONSTITUTION WEEK: Picture with Mayor signing Proclamation in recognition of
Constitution Week. Outstanding display at library. Local newspaper provided reporter, article and photo
coverage. Radio spots made by member were aired during the week. DAR GOOD CITIZEN: 5 schools in the
area were contacted and participated, 1 student submitted an essay, 1 winner was honored this year. Local
winning essay was submitted to State Contest. DAR MUSEUM: 1 Member is DAR Museum Correspondent
Docent. DAR PROJECT PATRIOT: Past and active servicemen are remembered at meetings. Ongoing Regent
Project – members send cards to show appreciation to wounded in Landstuhl Medical Center and Walter Reed
Medical Center. Chapter organized and sponsored package drive – packed and sent 3 boxes to Landstuhl, 4
boxes to Afghanistan, 4 boxes to Iraq and 1 box of insect repellent was given to the local JROTC. DAR
SCHOOL: Members collected labels for Kate Duncan Smith School. THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES
OF AMERICA: Flag minutes are presented at each meeting. Chapter member places flags on veterans’ graves
on Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans’ Day. INSIGNIA: The Chapter owns the regent’s pin. Past regent
pin is presented to each outgoing regent. Members purchased pins throughout the year. One complete set of
lost pins was replaced. JUNIOR AMERICAN CITIZEN: Member contacted schools – 1 creative expression
essay was submitted and forwarded to State Contest.
MEMBERSHIP: 8 prospects were contacted and invited to attend a meeting and our Christmas luncheon.
NATIONAL DEFENSE: Yazoo JROTC Outstanding Cadets were presented medals at a program in their
honor. Yazoo JROTC made the Flag Presentation at the War Memorial during the Veterans’ Day Observance.
VOLUNTEER INFORMATION SPECIALIST: 14 members use computers for local, state and national
information and activities. 6 members use the E-Membership service from NSDAR. PUBLICITY: Local
newspaper and radio carry meeting and chapter announcements and information. Articles and photographs
appear after each meeting and recognizing special programs and activities. ROSALIE: Monetary gifts were
collected at each meeting. Members received in the spring and fall. 4 members attended the 70th Anniversary
of Rosalie Party and Candlelight Tour. 2 Members serve on Rosalie Board. Books, costumes, dresses, china
and framed vintage postcards were given as gifts to Rosalie by Wendy Davis Cartwright. Members made
monetary contributions and donated other valuable items to Rosalie and Rosalie Library. WOMEN’S ISSUES:
Women’s Issues minute was given at each meeting, including information on women’s health and medical
concerns, women’s safety information, and tips on a healthy lifestyle.

                                                                              Priscilla Allen Harper, Regent

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