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 Nati                                          September 2009
                                          Volume 132, Number 1
  The Official Organ of The National Amateur Press Association

                Officers                              The National Amateur
President ........................ Jack Visser
335 N. Grant St., Wooster, OH 44691-3424                  The Official Organ of the
              330-264-6932                            National Amateur Press Association
                     Volume 132 Number 1       September 2009

Vice President ................. Bill Volkart         Published quarterly by the National Ama-
   2278 Berry Road, Amelia, OH 45102              teur Press Association, a non-profit organiza-                    tion established July 4, 1876 to promote ama-
Secretary-Treasurer .......William Boys           teur journalism as a hobby. Members write,
6507 Westland Drive, Knoxville, TN 37919          print, publish and exchange journals by direct
             865-584-9222                         mail or through the association’s mailing bu-
        <>                     reau which collects and distributes a “bundle”
                                                  of journals every month. Membership is not
Official Editor .......... Gary T. Bossler        restricted by age, sex, or race.
 145 Genoa Ave SW, Massillon Ohio 44646
home:330-477-1711          cell 330-309-2161          Anyone interested in the hobby, upon en-
          <>                      dorsement by a present member, will be con-
                                                  sidered for membership. This includes a sub-
Recorder .......................... Marti Abell   scription to The National Amateur, and en-
 RR 3, Box 3000-G, Rome, PA 18837-9431            titles a member to participate in association af-
Executive Judges .. Leah Warner, chair            fairs. Dues are $20 for U.S. members. For mem-
 116 Rosewood Dr, Greenbelt, MD 20770             bers outside U.S., bundles sent surface mail,
         <>                     $27.50 Europe air mail, $50, Far East air mail,
    Judge: Guy Miller, Springfield, OH            $60.
  Judge: Arie Koelewyn, East Lansing, MI              Active members are qualified to vote in the
                     .                            annual election of officers held at the annual
Bureau of Critics ............. Heath Row
 101 Russell St. #4-R, Brooklyn, NY 11222         convention. Any active member may also par-
            <>                      ticipate in the annual laureate competition, use
                                                  the mailing bureau and the manuscript bureau.
Mailing Bureau Manager Harold Shive               Additional members in the same household may
           501 Sand Gap Rd,                       join for $2 annually, but only one copy of the
         Pennsboro, WV 26415                      official organ and the bundle will be sent to this
         <>                    household.

Recruiting Chair ................ Wilson Barto
            P.O. Box 1265                           Please send any change of address
       Skippack, PA 19474-1265
            610-222-0428                            or phone number or e-mail address
Director of Publicity ....... Gigi Volkart                      Bill Boys,
 2278 Berry Rd., Amelia, OH 45102-9175
       <>                             Secretary Treasurer
                                                          6507 Westland Drive,
Librarian ......................... Stan Oliner               Knoxville, TN
   1278 Dexter St. Denver, CO 80220
              303-355-9630                               Phone: 865-584-9222 or
         <>                                     e-mail:
Director of Publicity ........ Gigi Volkart     
   2278 Berry Road, Amelia, OH 45102

Page 2                                                                The National Amateur
     President’s Message                     related functions and is co-opting
   In the wake of this year’s                assistance.
Parkersburg/Mineral Wells convention            As of this writing, one important
… one may find both ripples of delight       position unfilled as that of Chair of the
and waves of discontent.                     Manuscript Bureau. We need a
   My own delight comes not only from        “proactive” (heard several times at the
the customary camaraderie and activity       convention) person to put submitted
of our friends, but in particular from the   manuscripts into the hands of willing
prominence of letterpress. Austin and        publishers. In other words, the Bureau
Jean Jones, with their demonstrations of     should be more than a repository for
old-time typecasting with a hand-held        material, waiting passively for a
mould, printing on an antique English        publisher to call for it. Who would be
common letterpress, bookbinding and          willing to solicit pieces and then to find
more; and Rich Hopkins, with his             someone to get them into print?
letterpressed keepsake, open in the          Although this service is not needed by
center for handset paragraphs by             many of our presently active writers, it
attendees, and his well-illustrated          can be a great attraction for prospective
banquet speech; reminded some of us          members. For the present, writers
of “how it used to be” and enlightened       seeking publishers may ask Secretary-
us on typecasting as it is still done.       Treasurer Bill Boys to list their pieces
   My own discontent, on the other           on his NAPA Email News for possible
hand, shared by many, arises from our        matching.
organizational frustrations: We lack the        When it comes to this and other
WHO-power to do the necessary work           vacant positions (include also
to keep our Association alive and well.      Historian), I would rather not go blindly
And we struggle with HOW best to             through the roster and hope that by wild
improve our structure in a way that will     chance my finger will fall on some
honor both the place of tradition and the    unknown and unsuspecting but happily
need for simplification.                     surprised individual (although, truth be
   In order to relieve the discontent, I     told, I have done just that). You can
am looking for the right persons to do       either step up to a position yourself or
the right things in the right positions –    recommend someone who you feel
“presidential pills” if you will.            would be willing and happy to do it.
   In light of the convention’s merging      Meantime I prefer to leave a position
of the Recruitment and Publicity             unfilled rather than unfulfilled.
budgets, and until a replacement is             As to the perennial discontent over
named as Chair of Recruitment (or            how we function as an organization, I
possibly the two positions merged by         am proceeding to name a task force to
amendment?), Publicity Director Gigi         review the constitution and by-laws, to
Volkart will handle both of those closely    look at it from all angles, and to bring

Sept 2009 Vol. 132 No. 1                                                       Page 3
to the next convention (2010) an           sea of amateur journalism.
amendment in clear and concise form        As I remarked in my brief report to the
that can be either rejected by the         convention, each generation makes its
convention or approved (with any           own mark. With the growing absence
revision) for placement on the following   of long-time members, there is talk of
year’s (2011) ballot for vote by the       “the end of an era.” Since 1876 – after
membership. Any of you willing to          several generational eras – what shall
participate in the deliberations of this   we, or posterity, call the one we see
task force are asked to let me know.       passing? What will the emerging one
   May delightful ripples continue (with   be called? Thanks to you faithful
ripple effect!), and may upsetting waves   members who “continuously carry on”
be calmed. We are not a “sinking ship”     as H.P. Lovecraft said to an earlier
(as declared for a long time by            generation. We can work together to
doomsayers) so long as we continue         further the cause.        —Jack Visser
with good will to navigate the rewarding

           Minutes of the 134th Convention of NAPA
             July 16, 17, 18, 2009, Comfort Suites
               Mineral Wells/Parkersburg, WV
Session 1 — July 16th, 2009                Appointment of Pro tempore
 9:00 am — President Jack Visser called    officers
the meeting to order. Bill Boys moved        Tom Parsons was appointed both
to recess until more members arrive.       Vice President and also Chairman of
Seconded by Gary Bossler.                  Absentee Ballots to serve with Marti
9:07 am-- The meeting was called back      Abell, and Bill Boys.
to order with 12 persons present.            Auditing Committee— chair, Jon
President Jack Visser thanked our good     McGrew and Alice Warner.
hosts, Harold Shive and Gary Bossler.        Amendments Committee— chair,
   The Pledge of Allegiance was led by     Gary Bossler, Leah Warner and Arie
Harold who then welcomed everyone          Koelewyn.
to the 134th Convention.                     Budget Committee — chair, Melody
Roll Call followed, with each member       Warner and Dave Warner.
stating their home residence and/or          Resolutions Committee— chair,
publication. Those present were Jake       Jake Warner and Marti Abell.
Warner, Leah Warner, Bill Boys,              Memorials — chair, Arie Koelewyn
Dave Warner, Alice Warner, Gary            and Bill Boys.
Bossler, Arie Koelewyn, Jon McGrew,         Annual Report of Officers
Tom Parsons, Marti Abell and Jack            Jack submitted his president’s report.
Page 4                                                     The National Amateur
No report from the Vice President.               Regular, New Members           187.50
Secretaries Report                               Regular, Reinstatements          20.00
                                                 Regular, Renewals             1,847.50
Bill Boys made a motion to approve               Total Membership
those who joined the association within             Dues Income                             2,079.00
past year. Those were:                           Miscellaneous Income                        200.00
   Catherine Celani (family member)              Refunds Received                             880.27
   A. Walrus, (Louise Lincoln’s                      Trust Fund Income                   2,261.55
mascot-family member)(approved by a              Total Income                         $ 7,975 .02
vote of the 2008 convention)
   Nathalie Spiesser                             Expenses
                                                 2008 Convention                          $ 1,012.00
   Donald J. Allen
                                                 2009 Convention Advance                      200.00
   Eunice Probert                                Mailing Bureau                             2,478.10
   Floyd Hugh Palmer                             National Amateur
   Deborah J. Greenberg                             Clearing House                         388.38
   Heath Row                                     National Amateur, The                   1,711.17
                                                 Publicity                                 600.00
   Gerry Kleiman                                 Secretary-Treasurer Expenses              140.29
   Edwin C. (Chris) Clubb                        Website Hosting                           240.00
   Marc Brosey (family member)                   Total Expenses                       $ 6,769.94
   Guy Abell (family member)
                                                 Net Increase (Decrease)                   $1,205.08
   Tom Rozzell (reinstatement)
Gary seconded, and the motion carried.           Regions Bank CD’s
 Treasurer's Report—Copies were                   interest automatically
distributed to those in attendance.               reinvested, as noted below              ($1,228.08)
    July 2008 through June 23, 2009              Bank Balance,                      __________
                                                 June 23, 2009                       $ 3,651.25
                                                 Other Assets
Bank Balance, June 30, 2008         $3,674.25
                                                 Regions Bank CD ******2676
2008 Convention Income,                          Value on July 1, 2008   $10,287.22
   Auction                $ 457 .00              Accrued interest
2008 Convention,                                  to June 23, 2009           507.17
   Banquet & Photos         555.00               Value on June 23, 2009    10,794.39
Total 2008                                       Regions Bank CD ******2684
   Total Convention Income           1,012.00    Value on July 1, 2008  $10,000.00
Gifts Received                         $ 60.00   Accrued interest
Interest Income                                   to June 23, 2009            720.91
Life Member Fund CD                     252.43   Value on June 23, 2009    10,720.91
Money Market Bank Account                 1.69   WesBanco Bank CD
Regions Bank CD’s                     1,228.08   (Life Member Fund)         8,376.37
   Total Interest Income              1,482.20                                      __________
Membership Dues                                  Total Equity                      $ 32,263.24
Family, New Members           4.00
                                                    Respectfully submitted,
Family, Renewals              20.00
                                                    William E. Boys, Secretary-Treasurer

Sept 2009 Vol. 132 No. 1                                                                    Page 5
Librarian’s Report —                                 Recorder’s Report—
   Greetings to the NAPA Convention as I              Marti Abell read the Activity Report. It was
mark my 55th year of Membership.                     noted that Robert Bierman as well as Margaret
   The NAPA Librarian had a quiet year. The          Kuring are deceased.
American Antiquarian Society collection of             Melody Warner moved to accept the
amateur journals at Wocester, MA continues
to absorb the massive Moitoret Family
                                                     Activity Report and Gary Bossler
Collection, 1870-1901. A few queries were            seconded. The motion carried.
answered from public libraries now eager to          Official Editor —
add holdings from past amateur journalists.          Report of Official Editor Arie
                                —Stan Oliner         Koelewyn gave a report on his recent
Manuscript Bureau Report —                              Four issues of the National Amateur were
Final Report                                         published, though the March number was a bit
July 1, 2009                                         late and a bit thin. Still even that number
Manuscripts on hand:                                 exceeded the minimally required 8 pages of the
    5 Essays - short, 1 page,                        constitution.
            personal experience.                        Using the option granted to the OE a couple
            contributed by G. Volkart                of years ago, I opted to use first class postage
    4 poems - each 4 lines                           for all issues of the National Amateur This
            contributed by K. Camberlain.            greatly simplified the task of mailing and the
Requests for MS to publish: ZERO                     organization saved the cost of the $250 for the
    No requests have been receieved in the last      second class permit. It also allowed the print
five years.                                          run to approximate the number mailed out thus
Comment:                                             lowering that cost and also eliminated mailing
    I have been the manager for the last nine        out duplicates needed to reach the 200 minimum
years. In that time I’ve noticed that the items in   required by the Post Office. The additional
the bundle have gone from mostly printed, and        postage cost of first class was pretty much
those mostly letterpress, to mostly computer         covered by the savings of the mailing permit and
produced. This should raise some questions           printing and mailing of extra issues.
about the direction that NAPA is going.                 I’ve enjoyed the experience, but do not wish
    Even about the name of the organization.         to repeat it as I find I’m not temperamentally
The “P” used to stand for “Press.” It can’t stand    suited to deadline work. Thanks to all who
for “printers” or “publishers” unless you want       assisted, especially Guy Miler, Jack Visser, Bill
to change the definitions of the words.              Boys and Heath Row for providing copy on
    Since there has been comments about my           short notice and Jake Warner for timely mailing
not being on the internet, and no e-mail address,    labels and membership lists.
I feel it necessary to step down so that someone                                     —Arie Koelewyn
more “modern” could run the bureau. There
fore in words of one syllable:                       Bill Boys made a motion to accept the
                      I QUIT!
                                                     National Amateur report and Melody
Phillip E. Lewis                                     Warner seconded. Motion carried.
                                                     Mailer —
P.S. Please send me the name and address of          Mailer Report by Alice Warner was
the new manager so that I may ship him the file      given from July 2008 to Dec. 2009. The
case of the Bureau.                                  report was accepted.
Page 6                                                                 The National Amateur
Harold Shive gave the following report:         are available on request. They are
   In January 2009 148 domestic and 6 foreign   ommited here because of space
bundles were mailed. By July 2009 there were    limitations.
137 domestic and 6 foreign were mailed. The
                                                The meeting was recessed until 9:00 am
total cost was $1234.72.
   Hal announced that beginning in the
next bundle, the count will go down
                                                Session 2 — July 17th, 2009
from 170 to 155 in each bundle.
                                                9:02 am-- Session called to order
   A motion was made to accept the
                                                Roll Call— Those present were Tom
Mailers' reports by Bill Boys with Jon
                                                Parson, Rich Hopkins, Guy and
McGrew seconding. Motion carried
                                                Annabel Miller, Gary Bossler, Arie
Bureau of Critics —
                                                Koelewyn, Alice Warner, Dave
    Jack remarked that he had asked
                                                Warner, Bill Boys, Harold Shive, Leah
Heath Row to chair the Bureau of
                                                and Jake Warner, Melody Warner,
Critics, and that he has been pleased to
                                                Marti Abell, Jack Visser.
see his reviews.
                                                   Gary Bossler announced that the
Executive Judges —
                                                Amendments Committee would meet
Leah reported that she has had no
                                                at 7 pm so that is the deadline for
communication with Troy McQueen,
                                                proposed amendments.
therefore, no report.
                                                   Dave Warner was asked asked to
Historian Report —
                                                preside over the election.
   Gary Bossler said that his report is
                                                Absentee Ballot Committee
printed in the National Amateur. The
remaining part of his duty is to write a
                                                   Of the 20 absentee ballots, six were
short history of the previous
                                                rejected for failure to meet the activity
administration to be published in the
                                                requirement. They were
December 2009 NA.
                                                        Coleman, Milton
New Business —
                                                        Crew, June
  Jack said that he received 20 absentee
                                                        Davis, Dwayne
ballots from Bill Venrick, Custodian of
                                                        Harrigan, Francis
Ballots, which were referred to the
                                                        Hoye, Charles
Absentee Ballots Committee.
                                                        Jackson, James
                                                Dave Warner said that the chair will
There was a lengthy discussion on the
                                                entertain a motion to accept the report
Manuscript Bureau.
                                                of the Absentee Ballot Committee. Guy
Jon McGrew gave a report on the status
                                                Miller made the motion which Melody
of the NAPA website.
                                                Warner seconded, motion carried.
Editor’s note: Details of convention
                                                Election —
business, including the lengthy
                                                President--Jack Visser with 24 votes
discussion on the Manuscript Bureau
                                                also nominated were Jake Warner,

Sept 2009 Vol. 132 No. 1                                                         Page 7
Arie Koelewyn, and Gary Bossler             revive the tradition of actual type setting.
Vice President-- Bill Volkart received      Baskerville 11 point type is to be used.
25 votes                                    He offered any assistance needed.
Official Editor-- Gary Bossler had 23       Spacing is variable, coming from
votes with one each for Melody Warner       monotype. There will be a tweezer
and Jake Warner.                            which can be used for fine justification.
Recorder-- Marti Abell with 24 votes           Tom wanted to have a word about
Executive Judge-- Arie Koelewyn             the auction. Dave is to be the
received 22 vote with one for Jake          auctioneer, assisted by Jon McGrew.
Warner.                                     Please get your auction items out now;
Convention Site, 2010-- nominated           not 10 minutes beforehand.
were Chicago, Cincinnati, Ohio;                Bill Boys moved to recess. The
Lexington, Kentucky, Maine                  motion was seconded by Guy Miller,
Bill Boys nominated the Chicago site        and the meeting was recessed until 9:00
saying that we have been invited by         am tomorrow.
AAPA to share some activities. Barry
Schrader, member of both
organizations is willing to be a host for   Session 3 — July 18th, 2009
AAPA.                                       The session resumed at 9:10 am with
Convention Site 2010-- Chicago area         14 present.
with 12 votes                               Roll Call — Jack Visser, President,
Convention Site 2011-- sites suggested      conducted the roll call by state starting
were one person each for Chicago,           with West Virginia having the most
Denver, Lansing, Michigan from              attendees.
absentee voters, extra nominations          Report on auction —
were: Milton Keynes in England, Pinch,      Marti Abell reported that we realized
WV and Nashville, Tennessee; also two       $672, thanks to Dave Warner, our
for Ashtabula, Ohio. Nashville was the      excellent auctioneer.
winner with 10 votes.                       Installation of Officers —
   Leah made a speech in favor of a            Bill Boys was asked to do the
secret ballot and not cast a unaminous      installation of officers, which he did.
vote for any candidate.                      Auditing Committee —
Miscellaneous/New Business —                The Auditing Committee headed by
   Rich Hopkins remarked that his           Jon McGrew found only a minor 51
memory of conventions is people not         cent error. Approval of the report was
associating with each other but sitting     moved and seconded. The motion
in the corner setting type. He left two     carried.
pages for others to set. You have to         Treasurer's Report —
have text written and submitted to Rich     It was moved and seconded to approve
before setting type. Hopefully we can       the Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried.

Page 8                                                        The National Amateur
Budget Committee —                        some inconsistencies. After lengthy
Dave Warner presented the following       discussion, all the amendments were
Budget fot 2009-2010:                     withdrawn by Gary, so that nothing
                                          more could be done with them. Bill
  Income                                  Boys felt that numbers 2 and 3 looked
  Dues                      $1900
                                          okay. Jake remarked that he does not
  Trust Fund                 2000
  Convention                 1000         get the activity requirement not being
  Interest                    500         kept. Arie said the meritless
  Donations                   200         amendment could be set in proper
                            $5600         form, as 2 and 3 are, but the originator
                                          has withdrawn it. Gary said that he was
                                          just trying to make things run smoother.
  National Amateur          $5000
  Mailer                     3000         Guy urged him not to throw it away,
  Treasurer                   300         but keep working on it.
  Recruiting/Publicity        500            Bill said that he and Dave went thru
  President                   100         the Constitution and feel that it is awaste
  Recorder                     25         of time to go into the amending at this
  Convention                 1500
                                          time. Maybe a Consitutional Review
                            $10425        Committee?
  Deficit                  ($4825)           Rich Hopkins said he was recruited
                                          for the Convention Paper Committee.
   It was moved to hold Resolution and    The job is done. Time to hand it out.
Memorial Committee reports to be             Motion to recess made by Guy
given at the banquet. Motion seconded     Miller, seconded by Melody Warner,
and carried.                              motion carried.
Amendment Committee—                      Banquet — July 18th, 2009
   Gary Bossler presented three              Members attending the convention
amendments. Copies of the three           with some spouses added, assembled
proposed        amendments        were    in the courtyard area where chairs had
distributed. One was having officers      been brought for the traditional group
serve for two years and make voting by    picture. Four or five cameras with
mail replace the present voting system.   tripods and remote controls were
(Editor’s note: This was really to be     aimed at the group and a number of
presented as two amendments but in the    pictures were taken. Dave Warner’s
rush to get the amendments in proper      shot was used for the official picture.
wording these were consolidated.) The        In the Gilbert room next to where
second amendment was do away with         we had met for other sessions was a
the activity requirement. A third one     display set up by Rich Hopkins, who
would remove the “three consecutive       gave an after-dinner presentation
days in July.” Jake Warner pointed out    showing samples of the various kinds

Sept 2009 Vol. 132 No. 1                                                    Page 9
of work he has done in relation to his       out the many printing samples Rich had
typecasting and letterpress hobbies,         laid on the table.
which he calls "obsessions." He started         The evening session was then called
with a visual showing himself as a kid       to order by President Visser.
with neighborhood kids producing a              Dave Warner made a motion that
newspaper, taken in Charleston, WV,          Jean and Austin Jones be presented with
in 1953. This was presented to give          an honorary membership. Tom Parson
evidence that Rich has been doing            seconded. Motion passed.
"amateur journalism" for a long time.           The Memorial Committee of Bill
He showed several visuals of his             and Arie took turns reading the names
extensive collection of typecasting          and short comments about 7 members
equipment and matrices, explaining that      who left us since the last convention.
he has seven operational casters in the      Sadly, that included Harold Segal, who
basement of his home. His wife Lynda         had just died that morning.
was present to verify such banter. Rich         Resolutions Committee of Jake
said he is able to cast type from 4½ point   Warner and Marti Abell—First, be it
up to and including 72 point. Among          resolved that our thanks be extended to
the items he showed was a bound              Harold Shive and Gary Bossler, co-
compilation of his "first 43" pages for      hosts of this convention. They have
It's a Small World (among his pages          obviously worked hard to provide an
were notation of the end of Linotype         excellent site for the convention and
manufacture in 1971, the auctioning off      have provided entertaing extra-
of American Type Founders in 1992,           curricular activities as well as hauling
and the end of Kelsey in 1993), a 150-       us to these activities. Our special thanks
page book he produced via letterpress        for the model railroad experience.
last year titled Chasing Monotypes, and      Be it resolved that we thank Austin and
various issues of the American               Jean Jones for a full afternoon of
Typecasting Fellowship Newsletter,           interesting and very instructive
which he has printed and published for       demonstartions of type casting,
over 30 years. His most recent amateur       printing, and bookbinding.
journal told the story of how he closed         We thank Austin Jones for providing
down the Philadelphia Airport coming         a 6x9 press and thank Rich Hopkins
back from the AAPA convention last           for providing new type and supervising
Summer. Commenting on the fate of            of the printing of our convention
NAPA, AAPA, APA, and perhaps                 journal--the first time it has been done
others, he made a pitch for                  in quite a few years.
consolidating mailings to shorten the           We resolve to remember how much
pressrun needs for people with multiple      fun it is to actually set type.
affiliations.                                   Be it resolved that we thank the hotel
    A brief recess allowed us all to check   for excellent facilities and service. Any

Page 10                                                       The National Amateur
hotel that furnishes free martinis cannot       The Laureate Awards were
be anything but good.                        presented by President Visser and can
   A presentation from the Fossils was       be found elsewhere in this issue.
made by Gary Bossler. The Russ               Congratulations to all the award
Paxton Memorial Award is to be               winners.
presented to the person who has given           Harold Shive said, “I'd like to thank
vast amounts of his own time and             everyone who helped out and
resources for the benefit of his fellow      participated. He had directions to the
amateur journalists. It was started by J.    picnic. Melody seconded the motion
Ed Newman. This year's worthy                made by Gary to adjourn and at 9:40
recipient is Jake Warner.                    pm we were adjourned sine die.
Laureates-- Jack has returned copies         Picnic—
                                             Picnic—The          Post-Convention
for Laureate awards for anyone who           gathering was held at the City Park in
would like them. These are the 2008          Parkersburg. The announced time was
awards. Thanks to those who submitted        11:00 am to 2:00 pm and Harold
nominations. We are thinking of              supplied directions on how to get there.
Louise Lincoln and her remarks about         This was not his first choice, as he had
laureates from The Kitchen Stove.            planned to have it at Fort Borman Park
Could those present take or send on          which is perched on a hilltop which
awards to those not presnt?                  gives a breathtaking view of the Ohio
                                             River.Seventeen people attended.

AUG. 15, 2009

Renewals -- Regular (2)
  Anthony, John, Exp. Aug. 31, 2010.
  Griggs, Dorothy Brown, Feb. 28, 2010.

Reinstatements -- Regular (2)
  Elliston, Michael F., 96 Sparrows Herne,
Basildon, Essex SS16 5EX, UK
Exp. Aug. 31, 2010.
  Gough, Paul, 598 Route 148, Killingworth
CT 06419-1107. Exp. Aug. 31, 2010.

Addr. Changes/Corrections/Additions
  Warner, Alice, change to married name

Respectfully submitted,
William E. Boys, Secy-Treas.                 Austin Jones Demo      photo by Jon McGrew

Sept 2009 Vol. 132 No. 1                                                     Page 11
x                                                                    x
            The 2009 Laureate Awards
Art Laureate Loy McWhirter, “redhanded: a song forre the loste,” part 2;
      Published in Boxwooder #471,HONORABLE MENTION: Lana Lambert for
      “Galleon”published in Pennant Bravo, May 2008.

Editing Laureate: Arie Koelewyn for Lake Effect, #15 & 16. HONORABLE
      MENTION: Jake Warner for Boxwooder $462-473

Editorial Comment Laureste: Loy McWhirter for “redhanded: a song
      forre the loste,” part 3; published in Boxwooder #473. HONORABLE
      MENTION: Bill Venrick for “Respect — Service,” published in
      Wordwright Press Journal February 2008.

Fiction Laureate: Robert Bierman for “Your Father’s Moustache,”
       published in Boxwoodeer #473. HONORABLE MENTION: Louise Lincoln
       for “The Yellow Gingham Dress” published in The Kitchen Stove #95.

History of AJ Laureate: Jake Warner for “Townsend Convention 133,”
      published in Boxwooder #470. HONORABLE MENTION: Guy Miller for
      “Our Final Salute,” Published in Lamplighter #17.

Misc. Prose Laureate: Loy McWhirter for “redhanded:a song forre the
      loste,” part 1, published in Boxwooder #469. HONORABLE MENTION:
      Fred Gage for “Hush Money,” published in The Gage Pin #81.

Poetry Laureate: Louise Lincoln for “After the Storm,” published in The
      Kitchen Stove #97. HONORABLE MENTION: Kent Clair Chamberlain for
      “Song for Sleep,” published in Oregun Outlook #IV

Printing Laureate: Bill Boys for Pennant Bravo April & May 2008.
      HONORABLE MENTION: Arie Koelewyn for Lake Effect #15 & 16.

Page 12                                               The National Amateur
     Historian’s Report                   Ohio Views, #27, Jul 2009, 4¼x7, 4pp,
            by Gary Bossler               Gary Bossler
                                          Ohkee-Doekee, #46, 2009, 4¼x5½, 4pp,
June 2009 Bundle        12 items          Dave Schwartz
2009 Absentee Ballot, 3½x8½, 1pp, Bill    Oregon Orations , #1, Apr 14, 2009,
Boys                                      8½x11, 2pp, Kent Clair Chamberlain
Convention Flyer, 5½x8½, 1pp, [Harold     The Boxwooder, #480, Jul 2009, 5x7,
Shive]                                    12pp & Cov, Jake Warner
impressions by hal, #77, Jun 2009, 5x7,   The Flexible Voice , #325, Jul 2009,
4pp, Harold Shive                         5½x7, 2pp, Robert Orbach
Mambrino's Golden Helmet, Vol VII, #3,
Jun/Jul 2009, 5½x8½, 16pp, Harold W.      August 2009 Bundle 9 items
Cheney Jr                                 Flyer, Notice to Members on quanity for
Marti's Mouser, #59, Jun 2009, 8½x11,     bundle, 5½x8½, 1pp, Harold Shive
2pp, Martha Babcock Abell                 impressions by hal, #79, Aug 2009, 5x7,
Ohio Views, #26, Jun 2009, 4¼x7, 4pp,     4pp, Harold Shive
Gary Bossler                              impressions by hal, Special Edition, Aug
Pennant Bravo, Jun 2009, 4¼x7, 16pp,      2009, 5x7, 4pp, Harold Shive
Bill Boys                                 Mambrino's Golden Helmet, Vol VII, #4,
Return Envelope, Custodian of Ballots,    Aug/Sep 2009, 5½x8½, 16pp, Harold W.
Bill Boys                                 CheneyJr.
The Boxwooder, #479, Jun 2009, 5x7,       Marti's Mouser, #61, Aug 2009, 8½x11,
8pp & Cov, Jake Warner                    2pp, Martha Babcock Abell
The Buck Creek Press, #59, Jun 2009,      NAPA Convention Special , Jul 15-19,
7x8½, 4pp, Willson L. Barto, Sr.          2009, 5x7, 8pp & Cov, Rich Hopkins &
The Kitchen Stove, 100th Heating, Jun     Convention attendees
2009, 5x7, 4pp, Louise Lincoln            Ohio Views, #27, Aug 2009, 4¼x7, 4pp,
The Offshoot, #38, Jun 2009, 5x7, 8pp,    Gary Bossler
David L. Warner                           The Boxwooder, #481, Aug 2009, 5x7,
                                          12pp & Cov, Jake Warner
July 2009 Bundle         11 items         The Kitchen Stove, 101st Heating, Aug
Foci Coquinaris, 2009, 8½x11, 1pp, Ken    2009, 5x7, 4pp, Louise Lincoln
impressions by hal, #78, Jul 2009, 5x7,
                                          Executive Judges Report
4pp, Harold Shive
In-Between, Vol 4, #2, Jul 2009, 8½x5½,   The Executive Judges met after the re-
2pp, Harold Cheney                        cess of the business session on 18 July.
Marti's Mouser, #60, Jul 2009, 8½x11,     We approved unanimously the $5000
2pp, Martha Babcock Abell                 budgeted for the National Amateur.
Minor Review , Vol. 3, #1, Jul 2008,
8½x11, 2pp, Marsha Barrett                Leah G. Warner, Chairman
NAPA Membership List, 6/2/09, 8½x11,      Guy Miller
3pp [Jake Warner]
                                          Arie Koelewyn

Sept 2009 Vol. 132 No. 1                                                 Page 13
   The 134th Annual NAPA Convention - July 16-18, 2009
            Mineral Wells/Parkersburg, WV

Front Row (left to right) Gary Bossler, Guy Miller, Annabel Miller, Jean Jones,

Page 14                                                    The National Amateur
Leah Warner, Jake Warner, Alice Warner, Jon McGrew, Arie Koelewyn, Ruth
Boys. Back Row (left to right) Lynda Hopkins, Rich Hopkins, Marti Abell, Austin
Jones, Melody Warner, Dave Warner, Tom Parson, Guy Abell, Jack Visser, Harold
Shive, Bill Boys.

Sept 2009 Vol. 132 No. 1                                              Page 15
     Remembering                                which ran 10 issues (4 in NAPA) before
Mr. NAPA — Harold Segal                         he changed its name to The Sea Gull.
                                                   Harold's original "printing kit"
                                                included a font of 6 pt. Copperplate.
              by Guy Miller
                                                Eventually he acquired enough 8 pt. to
                                                print 47 issues of The Sea Gull (12
   When in October 1930, 15 year-old
                                                pp.+cover) one page up on a 5x8
Harold Segal paid his $1.50 for
                                                Kelsey. In 1948, with his acquisition of
membership in NAPA, he didn't yet
                                                the 1890 7xll treadle Pearl, originally
know how the Special Recruit
                                                owned by Will Bates Grant ( The
Committee got his name. Actually, it
                                                Friendly Quill), he could print 2 pages
was simple enough: the Committee
                                                up. Campane 12 (Jan. 1949) was the
spearheaded by Vincent B. Haggerty
                                                first issue printed on this press.
and Edwin Hadley Smith had contacted
                                                Concave platen not withstanding
the Kelsey Company from whom
                                                (Harold had it smoothed "evenly as a
Harold's parents had just ordered
                                                plate of glass" in the '60's), Pearl gave
Kelsey's 3x5 "printing kit" for him.
                                                unparalleled joy to its owner and fellow
Messrs. Haggerty and Smith, alerted by
                                                ajays until 2002 when it was moved to
the showing of a measely four members
                                                the Graphic Design Division of The
at the 1928 Niagara Falls convention,
                                                University of the Arts in Philadelphia.
determined that NAPA would not
                                                   According to the Moitoret Index
expire, and invested $276 in a recruiting
                                                (courtesy of NAPA Librarian Stan
campaign that eventually netted 23
                                                Oliner), The Sea Gull appeared from
printers. Harold was one. Ralph
                                                1931-1936. At the same time Harold
Babcock and F. Earl Bonnell were
                                                published one issue each of of The
soon to follow. Thus, the 1933 New
                                                Times and The New Times. Then in
York convention, Harold's first, had
                                                1936 began a 17-issue run of The New
over over 100 attendees. At this meeting
                                                Times. Harold liked to dub it "TNT,"
Harold became president after duly
                                                which suggests the flavor of its contents.
elected Edwin Hadley Smith declined
                                                In Campane 91, he admits, "TNT was
the honor. The year before he had
                                                fun, but much of the news was contrived-
served as official editor. All in all, before
                                                -for correspondents were not often
his death on July 18, the final day of the
                                                dependable." Harold joined AAPA in
Parkersburg WV convention, Harold
                                                1937 and circulated TNT No. 7 (as well
had been president a second time in
                                                as two No. 7 NAPA editions). He
1975, official editor for three more
                                                expressed an interest in AAPA
turns ('77, '87, '96), and a prolific
                                                gatherings and attended a few, the 1954
printer. In fact, before his affiliation, he
                                                New Jersey meeting, for one, where he
was publisher of a pass-around (10
                                                met forever-friend Alvin Fick.
copies) titled Good Timers' Club News

Page 16                                                          The National Amateur
                                                                 The National Amateur
   Harold's initial meeting with "real live   for the inside, and four dedicated
amateur journalists" was in 1931 when         youths-- Harold Segal, Raph Babcock,
he was invited to attend the second           George Andersen, and Walter
meeting of the Amateur Printers Club,         Stevenson--pulled all-night sessions to
convening in New York on Nov. 22.             see them through to completion.
As he recollects in Campane 142,                 Like other ajay undertakings, neither
"Awaiting me was an amateur journalist,       APC News nor APC meetings had an
the first of the specie I was ever to meet-   uninterrupted trip from its first issues
-George Trainer." Among the founding          in New York to its last at 8949 Turton
members besides Mr. Trainer was               Drive. The important fact is that those
Vincent B. Haggerty who, along with           who made up the buoyant convivial
Edwin Hadley Smith, had worked to             sessions created an effervescent spirit
rejuvenate the flagging NAPA. Six issues      which bubbled over beyond the sites of
of the first official organ of APC, The       their several presses.
Amateur Pressman, were printed at the            APC News and Campane were not
editors' homes. Harold was editor of          the only business to occupy Harold's
issue number one.                             time. Again, a review of the Moitoret
                                              Index shows a whole range of
                                              publications including his quarterly
                                              APA offerings, the pre-centennial
                                              convention paper Philadelphia
                                              Almanack, hardbound books, among
                                              them LVH—A Profile by Thomas B.
                                              Whitbread, Which Way's the War?,
                                              The First 100 Years...., visiting fireman
                                              issues such as BoxOffShandyPane:
                                              Harold and Hazel Segal, Dave, Jake and
                                              Leah Warner, and Shampane—that
                                              never-to-be-forgotten flame of creativity
                                              sparked jointly by Harold Segal and Al
                                              Fick (or Harvin Figal?). Although the
                                              two first met in 1954, it as not until 1963
                                              when, on a visit of the Segals to the Ficks'
                                              near Amsterdam NY, that they
    Vincent B. Haggerty, Walter Stevenson,
Ralph Babcock George Anderson with Harold
                                              collaborate. The title suggests that
in front of the group.                        initially it might have been a visiting
  The first issues of APC News, six 6x9,      fireman production (Al's paper for
were printed on a 5x8 press at the 1933       NAPA was The Shambler). The second
New York convention (Harold's first).         Shampane came out almost 10 years
Vincent offered advance Linotype pages        later. Succeeding issues were composed

Sept 2009 Vol. 132 No. 1                                                        Page 17
through personal visits, of course,but         Harold gives Hazel credit for his
also by telephone and correspondence.       having chosen to give up Kennerley for
   That second issue was more a loose       Baskerville. According to an account
gun affair with its "Guide for Convention   in the Summer 1965 issue of The
Bird Watchers"—"Bill Boys will be           Fossil, when Hazel "dumped" his case
carrying charts, graphs and news of         of Kennerley he switched to
population explosions in a.j."; Louise      Baskerville. Probably his tales in No.
Lincoln will be swatting down cigar         161 and 212 come closer to the facts.
smokers in her presence." From there        When Harold was finally able to print
on we have pages filled with well-          two up, his Kennerely was a little too
directed satire, unbridled hyerbole, zany   limited. Rich Hopkins thereupon
off-the-wall observations, and              supplied him with enough Baskerville
preposterous puns. Al describes the         so that Harold could set 18 pages.
experience: "Working with Mr. NAPA          Rich's matrices were originally cut for
has been the most fun I ever had with       Reader's Digest.
my clothes on." Although it saw its final      Baskerville remained the house type
number 127 in 2006, one still loves to      even after Harold went offset with the
review issues. The copy we came across      August 1997 issue (184) and finally
recently (May 8-9, 1976) contains one       January 1988 when the computer and
of our favorite groaners: "Jack             laser printer turned out the final
Hageman says "I Kennewick any man           numbers.
in the house." The pun refers to the           Take note for all time that "campane"
upcoming Kennewick WA convention            is a word, and not some contrivance.
of 1978. The Garrett Grouch, Jack           In issue 161, Harold instructs us that
Hageman was to be the host. It was at       "a campane is a bell, as the one the town
that convention that Gussie was             crier tolls to attract attention to his
introduced to those who had not already     messages."
met her at a meeting of the Virginia           After Kennewick '78, Harold and
Amateur Press Club, or the New Year's       Gussie were front and center at
APC gathering.                              consecutive conventions, sadly
   We have figured that over all,           interrupted by illness which kept them
Harold had attended at least 61             from Chattanooga '03. But they were
conventions since his first in 1933.        present at Lexington in 2004. Vic
After the 1941 meet, his attendance was     Moitoret had been visiting the Segals
interrupted by World II service (1942-      and helped to convey them to the
45). But he was present at Newark 1946      convention (Harold could no longer see
with British bride Hazel. We note that      to drive; so, Gussie had to do all the
soon after his return Harold's Campane      chauffeuring). Vic died in 2005.
No. l3 appeared, eventually running to         Harold and Gussie were able to
Number 255 in August 2007.                  attend Carson City and New Orleans,

Page 18                                                      The National Amateur
but, again illness kept them from             of any words divided with a hyphen
Massillon 2007. It was a joyous event,        between lines. The other things might
then, to greet them in Townsend the           be that the quality of the printing was
next year. From that time on, Harold's        always excellent. The typography would
health so deteriorated that, when the         always be outstanding. If you didn’t
Warners stopped by to visit on their          know that this was an “amateur” paper,
way to Parkersburg, Harold was                you might think it was done by a
bedfast--but alert. When Gussie had to        professional.                     —Ed.
tell him that he was not well enough to
go, his response was typical Harold:
"Excuses, excuses."
   Al Fick in his Spring Shambler
observes that for Harold NAPA "is the
polestar of his life." Official Editor Gary
Bossler, in his March 2004 article,
echoes Al's appellation: "Harold
deserves the title of 'Mr. NAPA'." And,
we know you agree that "Mr. NAPA" it
shall always remain.

   The Harold I Knew
   When I joined the National Amateur
Press Association in 1972, Harold had
already been a member for 42 years. It
did not take me long to realize that
Harold was one of the “movers and             Whitbread Remembers
shakers” in the organization. Elsewhere
in this issue there is a listing of all the      I met Harold Segal at Newark, NJ in
amateur publications that Harold had          1946, and last saw him at Townsend,
a hand in, either completely or partially     TN, in 2008. Between those years he
setting the type for the publication or       set a record for convention attendance,
book and printing it. You could not           having quietly become the stalwart heart
open a bundle without seeing something        and soul of NAPA.
either printed by Harold or influenced           Harold enjoyed the friendships he
by him.                                       made and renewed at annual gatherings.
   You could tell by looking at the           Between conventions, he issued
printed piece that Harold had a hand          Campane, to whose pages he welcome
in it. First of all, the complete absence     articles on the hobby and poems by

Sept 2009 Vol. 132 No. 1                                                     Page 19
Louise Lincoln. He encouraged me in          his total out put for the hobby.
many ways, drinking beers of welcome
to the long-delayed final installment of     APC News No. 155 February 1994.
my L. V. Heljeson: Profile at Des            Harold participated in the setting and
Moines in 1964, publishing ten of my         printing of virtually every issue of the
pieces in all, and promoting my service      APC News from 1941.
in various offices.
   In the old days when conventions
                                             BoxOffShandyPane. September 1973
had controversies, Harold was the            with Hazel Segal, Dave, Jake and Leah
calming voice of reason who fostered         Warner.
   More and more, over the years, the        BoxOffWordShandyPane November
order of business was ignored and            17, 1973 with Hazel Segal, Jake, Leah
Roberts Rules of Order unknown.              and Dave Warner, Bob and Louise
Sometimes the current President was          Williams.
absent. Year after year, Harold would
take the chair and steer the ship of state   Campane No. 0 February 1, 1941 to
safely through the agonies of agenda.        No. 255 Aug 2007.
At Wichita, KS, I asked hime why he
kept doing this? His reply: “Someone’s       It's a Small World. Harold contributed
got to do the job.”                          at least 44 times, 1960-2003.
                —Thomas B Whitbread
                                             Cellar Orgy with Alvin Fick and
                                             Sheldon C. Wesson.
           Harold Segal’s
                                             The Crumb. April 12, 1975 with Tom
          Amateur Output
                                             and Maryann Rozzell, Dave and Jake
  The following was sent to Guy Miller       Warner, Bob and Louise Williams.
and Ken Faig from Stan Oliner, NAPA
Historian. As I understand it, this was      Diamond Jubilee convention booklet
taken from the card file kept by             for 1952 NAPA convention in
Anthony Moitoret and later by Vic            Philadelphia.
                                             Eastern Conspiracy with Al and Alma
                                             Fick and others.
The card file for The New Times lists
New Series No. 7 both an NAPA                Entrada with Victor A. and Rowena
Edition for December 20, 1937 and            Moitoret.
No. 7 AAPA edition for December
1937. I am sending you below the             Flexible Pane with Robert L. Orbach
complete file on Harold in the hope that     and Victor A. Moitoret.
Ken (or the NA) can run a sidebar listing    Giffgaff with Gussie Segal, Jake and

Page 20                                                      The National Amateur
Leah Warner.                             Septemb er 1936.
                                         Shampane with Alvin S. Fick to # 127
Glad Thai-dings with Sheldon C.          Dec 2006.
                                         The Tired Feeling with Alvin and Alma
Good Timers' Club News 10 issues         Fick and others.
January 1930-February 1931. Title then
changed to The Sea Gull.                 Treasure Gems. Contributed to 1987
                                         and 1988.
LVH-A Profile September 1964.
Hardbound book by Thomas B.              Trophee des Alpes with Victor A.
Whitbread.                               Moitoret.

The Mail-Bag 1935.                       The Victory Party. 2 issues March 2,5
                                         1936-April 23, 1936.
Mulligan Stew with Hazel and Nancy
Segal, Vic Moitoret.                     The Visiting Sexton with Dick Fleming.

The National Amateur.                    The Wasafi Corbs with Alvin Fick,
4 issues September 1932-June 1933,       Jacob L., Leah and David Warner.
4 issues Septtember 1977-June 1978,
4 issues September 1987-June 1988,       Weaker Rabbit June 26, 1953 with Bill
4 issues September 1996 -June 1997.      and Tilly Haywood, Vic Moitoret,
                                         Ralph Babcock.
The New Times 1 issue 1933, 20 issues
May 1, 1934-August 1, 1940.
Philadelphia Almanack & 101              Welcome Mat with Hazel, Nancy and
Occurences. Pre-convention issue May     David Segal, William F. Haywood and
1, 1976, 4 issues produced at            others.
centennial NAPA convention, 2 issues
July-September 1976.                     You're Invited undated ca. 1965.
                                         (Date taken from The Moitoret Family
The Red Rooster 1 issue with Ralph W.    Index of Amateur Journaslism
Babcock.                                 Publications, 1870-2004.)

The Scrob February 1974 with Hazel
and David Segal, Tom and Maryann         National Amateur Presses Assembled.
Rozzell , Jake, Leah and Dave Warner.    Contributed to 1976. My mailing
                                         address is: Stan Oliner, 1380 Detroit
The Sea Gull (formerly Good Timers'      st., No. 411, Denver, Colorado USA
Club News) 47 issues March 1931-         80206

Sept 2009 Vol. 132 No. 1                                              Page 21

Died July 18, 2009, in Wyncote, PA.
Husband of Gussie (nee Kofsky)
Segal. Father of Nancy Segal (Steven
Metzger), David Segal and Wendy
Segal (Lynwood Fessler). Brother of
Charlotte Harris. Grandfather of
Alyssandra (Scott) Holmes and
Brayden Fessler. Great grandfather of
Kale Holmes. Contributions can be
made to the NAPA, c/o William
Boys, 6507 Westland Dr., Knoxville,
TN 37919 or the International Print-
ing Mus., c/o Mark Barbour, 315 W.
Torrance Blvd., Carson, CA 90745.

   Right Harold and Gussie dancing
to the constant music in New Orleans.

  Below Harold gives us a lesson on
the Linotype machine in Carson, CA.

Page 22                                 The National Amateur
 Annabel Miller 1920-2009                        Al Fick Passes Away

   We were saddened to hear that Guy            NAPA, AAPA and the whole sphere
Miller’s wife, Annabel had passed away       of amateur journalismhas sustained
at home during the AAPA Convention           another major loss with the death of Al
on August 20, 2009. Her health had           Fick.
been slipping though she attended the           Alvin S. (Al) Fick, one of the hobby's
NAPA convention with Guy a few               most creative printers, died Mon. Aug
weeks before. She was his constant           31, 2009, at his apartment in a senior-
companion at many, many                      care facility near Lebanon, Pa. Alma,
Conventions. Guy did not like to go          his wife for more than 60 years, had
without her. Since the AAPA                  been looking after him on a round-the-
Convention was so close to Springfield,      clock basis.
she had insisted that Guy attend. She            By the time Al joined NAPA in June
assured him she would be okay and            1954 (sponsored by AAPA/NAPA
could take care of herself for a few days.   member Clyde Noel) he was already a
   Guy was notified at 3:00 am in the        member of AAPA and attended his first
morning by an officer of the Columbus        AAPA meeting in Newark NJ that fall.
Police Department. Since Jack Visser         His meeting with Harold Segal at that
and I had traveled together to the           convention resulted in a close 55-year
convention, we decided to accompany          friendship. Al's credential for AAPA
Guy home to Springfield after he             was Mohawk Smoke Signal No. 1 and
received the shocking news.                  for NAPA Mohawk Smoke Signal No.
   We learned from her obituary that         2. Lee Hawes tells us that Al won his
she was 89 and had been born in              first AAPA laureate, an honorable
Springfield, OH on June 3, 1920. She         mention in the essay category that year.
and Guy were married on May 29,              His lifetime record was 24 laureates,
1969.                                        in AAPA and NAPA. Through the
    Annabel was a 1938 graduate of           years his journals were distinguished for
Springfield High School. She retired         their meticulous typography."
from Columbia Gas Company having                 About 7-8 years ago, Al's eyesight
served in their public relations             began fading after several glaucoma
department. She served on the Clark          operations failed. He was blind for the
County Board of Zoning Appeals for           last 3-4 years and was in considerable
eight years and the Clark County             pain after being diagnosed with
Victim Witness Program. Annabel was          leukemia.
a member of the Daughters of the                His remains will be buried at
American Revolution, Fortnightly             Indiantown Gap National Cemetery.
Musical Club, and the Champaign              with a military service Sept. 18.
County Historical Society.          —Ed.                  —Lee Hawes & Guy Miller
Sept 2009 Vol. 132 No. 1                                                    Page 23
Posted at All the Avenues:                 organized. Even more interesting,
   The Critic’s Report                     however, was his roundup of the various
            by Heath Row                   methods used to measure the age of the
                                           Earth over history. Science made more
   To quote Oliver Goldsmith’s “An         simple! This issue reminded me of the
Inquiry into the Present State of Polite   early days of science, when it was
Learning” as published in the 1867         supported in part by a republic of letters
collection The Miscellaneous Works         or correspondence network. Amateur
of Oliver Goldsmith: “The critics … like   journalism in some ways parallels that.
Cerberus, are posted at all the avenues    Our work is more literary, and modern
of literature, and who settle the merits   science takes place in businesses and
of every performance.”                     universities rather than in the homes of
   If you’d like to join the Bureau of     amateurs and enthusiasts, but the
Critics and contribute to this column,     parallels are there. And they’re worth
contact me at 101 Russell St. #4-R,        recognizing, exploring, and celebrating.
Brooklyn,        NY       11222       or      Despite the delay in mailing, The I’m particularly           Buck Creek Press #59 (June 2009) is a
interested in collaborating with           timeless report on the whims and
members of the National Amateur            interests of Wilson L. Barto. His use
Press Association who don’t currently      of material from multiple contributors
contribute items to the monthly            is refreshing, as was his reportage on
bundles—but who’d like to share their      the letterpress workshop. My favorite
insights and opinions on, as well as       items, however, were the proprietor’s
responses to other members’ materials.     wife’s “Thinking Out Loud” and Merle
Contributions can be made by mail,         Beckwirth’s “Pearls.” The latter was
email, or fax to accommodate your          comprised of wonderful haiku-like
preferences.                               statements, some of which were quite
   This installment addresses NAPA         thought provoking. The former was a
member materials and items published       short commentary on the need to
and distributed in the bundle in June,     balance welcoming new immigrants
July, and August 2009.                     with taking care of current citizens.
   May we now settle the merits.           Well done.
                                              Impressions by Hal... #77 (June
June 2009                                  2009) was a quick read printed in blue
   Jake Warner’s “This Old Earth,”         ink on cream-colored paper. It’s a
which makes up the whole of The            pleasant collection of brief motivational
Boxwooder #479 (June 2009) was a           writing, jokes, and television dialogue.
welcome opener to the bundle. His          “The Three Words” was particularly
layman’s explanation of the age of our     humorous.
planet was informative and well               As a relative newcomer to the

Page 24                                                     The National Amateur
NAPA, I enjoyed and appreciated The            After reading Ohio Views #26 (June
Kitchen Stove #100 (June 2009). Louise      2009) by Gary Bossler, I feel even
Lincoln’s memoir of how she got             worse that I neglected to vote by
involved in the organization, as well as    absentee ballot. I don’t always open and
her break down of the different kinds       peruse the bundles as soon as they
of members, is a helpful introduction       arrive, and discovering the ballot—
to NAPA. As the most recent official        which was to be mailed in time for the
critic, I also benefited from her remarks   convention, which was held in mid-
on the different approaches to that role.   July—upon starting my submission for
Please let me know what you think of        this issue of The National Amateur was
my work thus far.                           galling. I look forward to learning about
   In Mambrino’s Golden Helmet Vol.         the proceedings of the convention. And
7, No. 3 (June/July 2009), Harold           I pledge to read the bundles sooner!
Cheney, Jr., continues to serialize “A
Mission into the Wilderness” and his        July 2009
Korean journal. I’m going to read              Similar to Louise Lincoln’s The
several installments of his Golden Fur      Kitchen Stove above, the 480th issue of
story in one sitting, so I’ll reserve my    The Boxwooder (July 2009) recounts
comments for now. I did read and enjoy      how Jake Warner got involved in
the shorter items, however. The             NAPA 40 years ago. For those of us
description of Harold’s neighborhood        who missed #400, which covered
as a child in “Strewn Goods” sounds         related topics, it was interesting and
like an amazing place for a boy: dead       inspiring. I’ve been making zines since
end, town dump, railroad bridge.            1988 and just joined NAPA last year.
Reminds me of the gravel pit not far        The histories many people have with
from where I lived as a boy, as well as     this association are amazing.
the pedal-powered BMX trails we                Though short, The Flexible Voice
carved therein.                             #325 (July 2009) from Robert Orbach
   My wife and I are going to buy a         was a newsy update on his new abode
digital camera for us to share—one          and current activities. The texture of the
better than one either of us would by       violet paper was wonderful. While I
individually. My Canon PowerShot            support and advocate e-journals, you
SD400 recently stopped working, so          can’t beat the feel of good paper.
I’m left using my mobile phone as a         Welcome back!
camera for now. The Offshoot #38               Robert McArtor’s brief piece on the
(June 2009) will surely come in handy       Wayzgoose in Impressions by Hal...
as my wife and I research what camera       #78 (July 2009) piques my interest.
to purchase. Like The Boxwooder             When I first got into blogging in the
above, this issue is a good enthusiast’s    mid-’90s, there were frequent dinners
guide to an interesting subject.            and gatherings for people participating

Sept 2009 Vol. 132 No. 1                                                    Page 25
in that new media. I’ll have to reach out     “What’s in a Name?” while short, is
to some fellow NAPA members in the            provocative, and I welcome more
New York area to see if a get-together        political content from Barrett.
is in order. I hope R. Grasso is able to      Similarly, the DVD reviews are
find another host for his Web site, from      refreshing. While not a genre (science
which the Wayzgoose item was drawn.           fiction or otherwise) apazine, I
I also got a kick out of the paired items     appreciate            the         media
“Not Worth the Price” and “Many               recommendations. Finally, the personal
Happy Returns.”                               rant of sorts that closed off the issue is
    The juxtaposition of the two items in     interesting. Overall, this is a spirited
Harold Cheney’s In-Between Vol. 4,            apazine—and I look forward to seeing
No. 2 (July 2009), “It Has All Been           more.
Downhill Since” and “One Hundred                 Gary Bossler continues to share
Years Ago” indicates that in some ways,       ideas for improving the NAPA in Ohio
things have gone uphill , perhaps.            Views #27 (July 2009). Many of them
Despite the challenges the advent of the      focus on the convention rather than
Web has brought traditional media and         improving the organization writ large,
newspapers, bringing the New York             but his points are still well taken.
Times archives to the public in this way      Personally, I think his suggestions that
is a real service. Hopefully most major       the elections be held by mail (albeit with
dailies will be able to preserve their past   an activity requirement, not without, as
similarly.                                    he proposes), that the conventions be
    “Why Do We Go to Reunions?” in            more easily and flexibly planned, and
Marti’s Mouser #60 (July 2009) is             that the constitution and by-laws be
nicely relevant given that the                simplified (read: consolidated and
convention, a reunion of our own, took        updated) have merit. Regardless, take
place in July. While interesting, the         a look at the picture on the last page of
piece doesn’t really answer the question      this issue. That is why we’re in the
posed by the title, though.                   NAPA. People, prose, and printing. I’d
    I think that Vol. 3, No. 1 (July 2009)    share time and table with those four
is my first exposure to Marsha Barrett        folks any old day.
and her Minor Review. Initially, I’m             As with the previous issue, Dave
impressed by the variety of material          Schwartz delights with Ohkee-Doekee
included, as well as its flexible layout.     #46 (Sometime in 2009). The clip art,
The sidebar on the left side of the first     the typeface, and the printing combine
page might be better placed on the right      in a most effective way, almost making
of the main bar, but I like the idea of       the actual content or text secondary.
offering a glossary of key terms, relevant    Regardless, Dave doesn’t disappoint,
quotes, and other resources that run          and the two Lone Ranger-related items
parallel to other text in the issue.          do bring a grin. The package is as

Page 26                                                        The National Amateur
pleasing, if not more so, as its package.      requested by fellow members. That
   Finally, we have Kent Clair                 could also be done quarterly. Given that
Chamberlain’s Oregon Orations #1               I might be moving from New York to
(March 4 and April 14, 2009). Of all           California by the end of the year,
the apans I’ve corresponded with since         however—and that I already volunteer—
getting involved in this hobby, Kent—          the timing might not be right, but please
and his apazines—rank among the most           involve me in discussions of how that
intriguing and inspiring. There’s heart        role could be maintained. I think the
and head behind that old typewriter,           bureau adds value. Congratulations to
squirrelly script, and occasionally            all elected to their respective positions.
disjointed prose and poetry, and it’s a        Also, congrats to my former hometown
pleasure to try and sort it all out. Thanks    of Chicago. The convention happening
for gracing the bundle!                        there might pull me to the 2011
                                               gathering alone. Kudos to those who
August 2009                                    published the letterpress journal at the
   A belated hello and thank you to            convention. All of the Laureate Award
everyone who participated in the 134th         winners are entirely deserving. It’s good
convention in Parkersburg, West                to see the names of all of the recipients.
Virginia. Jake Warner’s report on the          Calloo!
proceedings in The Boxwooder #481                 Harold Shive contributed two items:
(August 2009) was a solid recap of what        Impressions by Hal... #79 (August
happened. I would love a directory of          2009) and a Special Edition (August
the libraries that hold NAPA materials,        2009). The former, printed in blue on
as well as a rudimentary catalog of their      a pleasing cream, featured a piece on
holdings. I regularly donate zine and apa      the namesakes of Blennerhassett Island,
materials to library collections and           as well as the Blennerhassett Museum
would like some guidance as to where           visited as part of the convention. The
materials already reside. As the newly         role of the Blennerhassetts in self-
appointed chair of the Bureau of               publishing and ajay, as well as their
Critics, I’m not sure if I was on the hook     connection to Aaron Burr isn’t made
for a report like the Executive Judges,        clear, but the historical background is
but if I was remiss, I officially apologize.   appreciated. The latter item includes
I am also tempted to officially volunteer      Harold’s report on the convention,
as the manuscript bureau manager. As           which addresses the elections, the
such, if accepted and appointed, I would       demonstrations, the inclusion of model
provide a monthly report on items              railroading, and other experiences.
available for use—as long as their             Two extraneous short items flesh out
printing and distribution is handled as        the issue.
part of the official organ or related             In the 101st heating of The Kitchen
matter—and broker their publication as         Stove, Louise Lincoln mentions “the

Sept 2009 Vol. 132 No. 1                                                       Page 27
Ann Rhyan type.” I wonder whether she          bundle. Her description of her attempts
means Ayn Rand, and given that the             to amuse her grandson can be a lesson
piece considers a higher calling versus        to us all.
the bottom line, my question might be              As above, thank you to all involved
apt. Regardless, Lincoln’s inspiration is      in the production of the NAPA
our aspirations, and the source of those       Convention Special. Framed by the
is up for debate.                              contextual item “Here’s Some W. Va.
   In addition to Warner and Shive,            History,” the paragraphs from 2009
Gary Bossler also reports on the               convention deletates—similar to the
convention in Ohio Views #28 (August           photograph in Gary Bossler’s Ohio
2009). Like Arie Koelewyn, I volunteer         Views #27 mentioned above—
to help craft some changes to the              epitomizes why I’m active in NAPA:
constitution that can be better                people, prose, and printing. Some day,
considered by the membership. I                I’ll hold the stick mentioned by Marti
appreciate Bossler’s contributions to          Abell.
ajay. Your items continue to be read,              I encourage NAPA members to
pondered, and acted upon, even if your         include mailing comments in their own
ideas haven’t been implemented yet.            items, to print letters of comment from
Keep them coming!                              other members, and to write essays and
   Martha Babcock Abell’s Marti’s              articles in response to other members.
Mouser #61 (August 2009) resonated                 Some of the most interesting ajay
with “Strewn Goods” in Harold                  work happens between bundles, issues,
Cheney, Jr.’s Mambrino’s Golden                and members—not in individual issues
Helmet Vol. 7, No. 3 from the June             of our journals.

The Last Word . . .                            Baskerville as the primary face in this issue
   I have said several times in the past,      and and hopefully you won’t find any
that the worst part of this job is gathering   hyphens dividing words. With a computer
information on the passing of a long time      it is easy to turn off hyhenation but it is
friend and associate or their spouse. This     not always easy to avoid poor spacing
issue was not to be much different.            when you do this.
   Certainly I cannot ever hope match the          I had one more column to fill and time
abilities of Harold Segal in editing,          was getting short for this September issue.
typography and all that goes into putting      Then my surprise item came in the form
a publication like The Narional Amateur        of an AAPA Alert. Al Fick, the co-editor
together. I have always tried to emulate       with Harold Segal of Shampane had
people like Harold and Russ Paxton in          passed away. You’ll find that article on
putting any publication together.              page 23 along side the story of the passing
   In honor of Harold I have used              of Annabel Miller.                —Editor

Page 28                                                          The National Amateur