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Aquarium Fieldtrip


									                               Baltimore Aquarium Fieldtrip

20 points

Each student will write a two or three paragraph essay on some aspect of his/her experience on
the field trip to the National Aquarium of Baltimore. The essay can cover a wide range of topics,
but some possible ideas are listed below.

   1. Describe your favorite organism at the aquarium. Details may include appearance,
      habitat, behavior, etc.

   2. Describe your favorite exhibit. The exhibit may be one particular aquarium or it may be
      an entire area. (ex. Freshwater aquarium, rainforest exhibit)

   3. Compare and contrast two different organisms at the aquarium. You may choose any two
      organisms that you desire.

   4. Many other possibilities exist for essays. However, if you choose to not do one of the
      above be sure to gain approval for your choice from Mr. Leese or Mr. Prescott.

The essay will be graded on content, sentence structure, spelling, proper punctuation, etc. This
essay will be worth 20 points. Time will be given in class to work on the essay upon your return
from the fieldtrip.

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