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aquarium field trip


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									Field Trip to the Aquarium and Stanley Park             Name: ______________________

The Vancouver Aquarium is a 15 –20 minute walk from Downtown. Follow the green
signs leading into Stanley Park on the north side of Georgia Street. Take the Skytrain to
Burrard Station and connect to the #19 bus on W. Pender & Georgia. From the school
the Vancouver Aquarium is two zones. A concession fare for school aged children is
$2.50, but if you have a concession fare monthly transit pass then there is no extra

Once in the Aquarium we are participating in a self guided trip; you are free to look
around at your own pace. Please remember that school rules apply at all times, but also
that you are in a public space. Please no running or swearing; please talk quietly, wait
patiently at an exhibit for your turn and allow others a turn as well, do not tap on the
glass, and do not feed the animals. While traveling to and from Vancouver either on the
Skytrain or bus please remember that you are responsible for your own fare, no fare
evaders are allowed. Consider the other travelers; give up your seat to the elderly or
those less able to stand, and no swearing or loud noises. Please do not embarrass
yourself, your teacher or your school when we are out in public. We will be having lunch
somewhere in Stanley Park, so either take your lunch with you, or bring enough money to
buy your own lunch.

You will be required to complete this assignment as part of the field trip requirements.
Most of the assignment is a check list.

Have you seen these animals? Check each time you spot a new animal. These are
animals we might see in Stanley Park or the Aquarium. (Not the number of times you see
the same animal. How many different individuals of the same species have you seen?)


What is an invertebrate? ________________________________________________

                          1. Where did you see this animal?
                          2. What colour is this animal? Any distinguishing features?
                          3. How does it feed? ____________________________
                          4. What is the typical environment for this animal?
                          5. How many different individuals of this species did you see?
Try to answer questions #1-5 for each of the following:


Name four characteristics of mammals that distinguish mammals from other animals:
Try to answer questions #1-5 for each of the following:

   Other animals at the Aquarium, not native to British Columbia
   Try to answer questions #1-5 for each of the following:

 Sloth                            Macaw                           Toucan



   Why do we have aquariums?
   Name a few other animals (or plants) at the Aquarium you saw that are not on this list.
   What did you find interesting about these?
   How much garbage did you see in the streets and in the parks on our field trip? And
   where does all this pollution ultimately end up? What happens to rubbish and waste that
   is not disposed of properly?

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