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March 2009
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                                                          Th                                           Biking 101
Whiteface Mountain Biking                                                                              By Kevin Spiletic
By Jeff Spiletic                                                                                       For two afternoons Mr. Zenyuh’s classroom was transformed from a typical
         The           smell of burning brakes in the cool mountain air is the norm at Whiteface       Chemistry lab into a bike repair shop as the newly founded Tri-Fit club
Mountain Bike Park. Although Whiteface is most popular for its winter downhill ski and                 continued to make its mark on Harborfields with its recent seminar on bike
boarding area, the mountain changes gears in the spring as the slopes melt and the flowers             maintenance. Interested students arrived to class with little or no knowledge
bloom. As the warm weather rolls in and all the snow melts, mountain bikers flock to                   on how their bikes really worked; didn’t have any clue how to fix them
slopes.                                                                                                should they break. This course changed all that.
           Riders who purchase a $30 ticket from High Peaks Cycles at the base of the mountain                  Cycles Plus of Huntington was kind enough to come to our school
gives them access to the Cloud Splitter Gondola, which comfortably transports the rider and            and offer the workshop, which ranged from fixing flats to completely taking
the bike to the top of the mountain. From the top, one can choose from over 30, adrenaline             a bike apart and putting it back together again. These skills can become
filled trails which descend the rider over 2,500 feet. But riders must be aware that the gondola                                    extremely valuable to a rider when they find
                                            only services expert trails. Thus, in order to conquer                                  themselves stranded in the woods with a flat tire,
                                            the upper mountain, a legitimate mountain bike is                                       or a snapped chain. There is no disappointment
                                            strongly recommended. Senior Mark Carrasco’s                                            worse than not being able to complete your ride
                                            Huffy would ultimately lead to injury as it “has                                        due to a bike malfunction.
                                            trouble jumping off curbs.” A respectable bike does                                              Luckily, each rider now possesses the
                                            come at a cost as they need to be equipped with disk                                    skills necessary to fix their bikes on the spot, so
                                            brakes, wide tires and suspension, often starting at                                    they won’t find themselves with a long walk home.
                                            around $1,000.                                                                          Natalie Weil who attended the seminar exclaimed,
Launching Over a Jump!                               Over the years, trail 16 has become very                                       “I learned how to fix a flat!” One interesting
                                           popular. The trail starts of with a gradual decline, in                                  technique that was offered in the class was the
which a rider can reach speeds of excess of 40 mph. But riders must be aware the trail                                              dollar bill trick. If a rider finds themselves on the
becomes very steep and curvy in which low speed and balance is necessity to stay on the                                             trail with a punctured tire they can use a folded
bike. After conquering the cliffs of the upper mountain, man made features such as jumps are                                        up dollar bill to help seal the hole for the ride out.
incorporated into the trail. A 60 foot long teeter tot has become very popular, dropping the                                        Although this trick is not permanent it could prove
rider three levels. Various other features have been incorporated into the trail such as 2-4 foot      useful for the time being.
drops off natural rocks. For those who are pure adrenaline seekers, they have the opportunity                   These bikers also did a favor for their wallets, as they no longer have
to launch over forty plus feet.                                                                        to pay mechanic labor fees because they can do all the work themselves. A
           But Whiteface Mountain is versatile to all types of riders. For beginners, the              textbook was also included for everyone to keep, as a refresher in the future
mountain offers a mini bus; better know as the “magic school bus” according to student Billy           should they forget anything they learned.
Macaluso. The bus services the lower mountain which is not as steep and less rocky allowing                     Upon the completion of the course the members of the Tri-Fit Club
for a much safer ride. Student, Ralph Brown, has pondered riding Whiteface. “I like the idea           knew all the skills necessary to maintain and repair their bikes. They could
that you don’t have to pedal but I think I would fly over the                                          now ride without the fear of wondering what they would do incase their
handlebars.” The lower mountain is perfect for people like                                             bikes failed them. Since they learned many techniques for fixing their bikes
Ralph. It offers smooth gradual descends that prepare the                                              on the trail, they will no longer have to worry about getting stranded. Junior
rider to graduate to the intense riding that is offered from                                           Mike Stone stated that, “I learned everything I needed to know about bikes.”
the top which consists of jaw dropping descents along rocky                                            He will no longer have to wonder what each part does. Macon Fessenden
cliffs.                                                                                                recalled, “The class was really helpful and I can’t wait to start doing work
            Unlike, the Diablo Free Ride Park in New Jersey                                            on my bike.”
which only offers free riding, Whiteface offers a wide array                                                     With the approach of spring, members will shift their attention to
of riding including downhill, cross country and some free                                              the outdoors as they prepare for the many group rides offered by the club. A
ride. Whiteface is also statistically built stronger as it is                                          variety of different rides will be offered for both road bikers and mountain
located in the heart of the Adirondack high peak mountains. Racing from the Top of the Mountain!       bike junkies throughout the remainder of the school year.
Whiteface offers almost three times as much vertical drop,
with an average trail length of 3 miles compared to the short 1 mile trails at Diablo. Whiteface
simply has more mountain, which has allowed for the wide array of trials. Thus, it is a no
brainier that Whiteface is the mountain biker heaven of the northeast.                                 Darius Goes Greenlawn
‘Automatic’ Showstopper                                                                                By Noel Imbriale
By Alex Gurley                                                                                                   Over the past                                           weeks now.          T-shirts
                                                                                                       few weeks, Harborfields                                           continue to be sold
Who: Automatic Loveletter (Juliet Simms,                    A Cursive Memory served as the             has     been     erupting                                         outside the cafeteria.
James Falson, Wayne Miller, James                  main support for Automatic Loveletter and           with activities to raise                                          Harborfields also hosted
Fatoorechi, and Daniel Currier )                   got the crowd pumped as they anxiously              money and awareness                                               a Bandfest for Darius..
What: Almost Have a Bus Tour                       waited for Juliet and her band to perform.          for Duchenne Muscular                                             Darius was present and
Where: Highline Ballroom                           ACM played some of their most popular               Dystrophy        (DMD).                                           his crewmembers even
When: February 12th, 2009                          songs off their second full length release,         DMD is one of nine                                                peformed. The bandfest
                                                                                                                                   Darius with Dylan and Deanna
Check them out at:                    Changes, which celebrated its one year              types     of    muscular    Thompson at the Bandfest fund-        took place on Tuesday,
AutomaticLoveletter                                anniversary just days after the New York            dystrophy, a group of       raiser.                               March 17th. In an effort
                                                   City show. The crowd sang along with                genetic,     degenerative   Darius is a 15 year-old               to sell tickets, sophomore
          On a windy February night,               the band’s catchy hooks and their most              diseases        primarily   who goes on a quest with              Phil Langella exclaimed,
Automatic Loveletter arrived in New York           recent single “Perfect Company.” After              affecting       voluntary   eleven friends.     Their             “Dude! Darius is gonna
City to play the next stop on their ‘Almost        front man and lead vocalist Colin Baylen            muscles.     Harborfields   mission was to travel                 be there!” The dodge balls
Have a Bus Tour’ at Highline Ballroom.             asked permission from the crowd, they               has decided to fight for    across the county to                  were thrown on March
The tour, which features A Cursive                 performed several new songs from their              this cause, largely due     California to get Darius’             18th in the South Gym.
Memory, and newly-signed Friday Night              upcoming CD.                                                                    wheelchair pimped on                             Darius       and
Boys, stops in 33 cities across the country                 When      Automatic    Loveletter                                      MTV’s hit show, Pimp                  the DMD cause have
until mid March.                                   finally hit the stage just before 10:30,                                        My Ride. While on their               acquired a great deal
          The female fronted band, led by          the crowd was more than ready to hear                                           journey, the boys visited             of importance in the
singer Juliet Simms, hails from Tampa,             the headlining band. They started off by                                        many interesting places,              Harborfields community
Florida and was recently signed to major           playing some of their most popular songs                                        including The Grand                   over the past few weeks.
label Epic. Juliet’s band included some            including “The Day That Saved Us” and                                           Canyon, which Darius                  The school has really
new faces Thursday night, having gone              “Hush.” Juliet bantered with the crowd,             to the fact that one of     encourages everyone to                come together to raise
through a line up change after being signed        laughing at comments made by admirers               its students is currently   go see. At the beach,
to Epic. The new band members seemed to            that referenced the We The Kings song               battling the disease.       Darius was also able to
surprise the crowd gathered at Highline but        “Check Yes Juliet.” Mid-way into the set,                     Senior Deanna     not only visit, but ride
it didn’t hinder their ability to sing along       the band stepped off stage so Juliet could          Thompson       expressed,   the ocean waves with
with Juliet’s heartfelt vocals.                    perform a moving acoustic version of the            “Everything is going        the help of his friends.
          Opening bands Tickle Me Pink             band’s song “Make-up Smeared Eyes.”                 great. We have a lot of              Darius        has
and the Friday Night Boys seemed to                “Juliet’s voice just keeps getting better           events coming up to raise   even visited our own
impress the audience as well, many of              every time I see the band play,” concert            money, not only giving      Harborfields         High
whom were seeing the smaller bands for             attendee Sam Cohen beamed. “The show                my family inspiration,      School! In preparation                money and awareness for
the first time. Colorado natives Tickle Me         was great.”                                         but bringing the school     for this culminating                  such a prevalent issue.
Pink got the chance to play songs off their                 What’s up next for Automatic               closer together as well.    event, which took place               After the assembly on
newly released album, Madeline. “I had             Loveletter? They just released a self titled        It makes me happy           on Wednesday, March                   Wednesday, Sophomore
never heard of Tickle Me Pink prior to the         3 song EP and are heading out on a radio            that more people are        18th, Harborfields bustled            Dan Guarino declared,
show,” junior Kym Knoph explained. “But            press tour at the end of March. They also           becoming aware of           with DMD spirit. Fund-                “It was so awesome to
they sounded really good so I’m definitely         hope to join the Warped Tour once again,            my brother, Dylan’s         raising activities have               see Darius and the crew!”
going to check them out online.” The               where you can catch them all summer                 disease and helping         been under way for                    If you were are unable
Friday Night Boys were also fortunate              long!                                               this cause. We’re one                                             to attend these fantastic
enough to join the lineup, the tour being                                                              step closer to a cure.”                                           events, check out the
one of their times out on the road since                                                                         To start the                                            upcoming        Harbinger
being signed to indie label Fueled by                                                                  efforts, our own physical                                         Newsletter to find out just
Ramen. The Virginia pop rockers were                                                                   education         classes                                         how great Darius Goes
able to showcase a variety of new songs                                                                devoted class time to                                             Greenlawn really was.
off their upcoming full length release. “I                                                             watching Darius Goes
saw The Friday Night Boys once before                                                                  West, a documentary
and they’ve totally improved vocally and                                                               about Darius Weems, a
instrumentally,” says Harborfields student                                                             teenager from Georgia       Darius in the mosh pit at Bandfest.
Megan Flanagan.                                     Juliet Simms performing for Automatic Loveletter
                                                                                                       with DMD. In the movie,
                                                 ShrEDITORIAL Snow Clash                                                                                                                                        Page 2

         Two is Better Than One                                                                                                      Snowboarding SLAYS
By: Kaushik Lohia                                                                                          By: EJ FELD
As the fall comes to an end, the sight of        the end, the skier, who started off with less                         Ever since the birth       can be chosen to complement a           Snowboarding is far more prac-
mountains becomes more and more wel-             difficulty possesses more skill.                          of the mountain, the advent of         snowboarder’s personality. Due          tical than skiing. After blasting
coming. With fresh snow powder gently                        In regard to ski poles, snow-                 the chairlift, and the discovery       to their skinniness, skis don’t         down the trails with speed and be-
accumulating on the majestic mountain            boarders often criticize skiers for using                 of snowmaking, there has been          lend themselves to such graphic
slopes, skiers and snowboarders from all         poles to supposedly “help keep them up                    the age-old question. Caus-            designs, and as such have much
over the world travel far and wide to expe-      on their feet.” To disprove this pretense,                ing bitter rivalries and plaguing      less room for personalization.
rience the initial rush of mountain air. Af-     snowboarders should learn that skiers do                  winter resorts for generations,                     Aside from the ap-
ter ski poles are dug up from sheds, gloves      not learn how to ski using these poles, thus              this fractious query has irrecon-      pearance of their boards, snow-
and hand warmers are frantically searched        the accusation of poles helping skiers keep               cilably split winter athletes into     boarders have one of the greatest
for in basements, last year’s Christmas skis     their balance is completely irrational. In                two distinct factions: skiers and      role models of all time: Shaun
are unwrapped, and jackets are shoved into       fact, once a skier advances, poles are in-                snowboarders. Hopefully, these         White. Having won multiple
the trunks of cars, skiers who are simply        troduced to allow for faster turns through                groups will be able to coexist         gold medals in the Winter X
looking for a peaceful few days, see the
sight of their biggest rivals, the snowboard-
ers. Since the snowboarder first stepped on
                                                 quick jabs in the snow known as “pole
                                                 plants.” This is much more efficient then
                                                 the sloppy turns of a snowboarder, because
                                                                                                    T      peacefully in the powder, but for
                                                                                                           that to happen, the question must
                                                                                                           be addressed:
                                                                                                                                                  Games and the Olympics, the
                                                                                                                                                  “Flying Tomato” (as he is re-
                                                                                                                                                  ferred to by his loving fans) is        A crazy snowboarder executing some

                                                                                                                                                                                          mid-air madness.
the foot of the mountain (for snowboarding       skiers have the ability to make quick and                 What is truly the greatest winter      awe-inspiring and unbelievable.
was invented after skiing) both snowboard-       easy turns, rather than snowboarders who                  sport: skiing or snowboarding?         Corey Mavleos, a junior who
ers and skiers have been clashing over the       have to take wider ones. The gear make-up                 Once we can all agree that snow-       has snowboarded for four years,         ing forced to wait for their slower
question, “Which winter sport is better,
snowboarding, or skiing?”
                                                 for skiers also permits for time at ski lift
                                                                                                    O      boarding is far and away the
                                                                                                           most supreme winter sport, this
                                                                                                                                                  commented that “Shaun White
                                                                                                                                                  is an amazing snowboarder. His
                                                                                                                                                                                          skier buddies, snowboarders can
                                                                                                                                                                                          comfortably lean back and sit
For those select few who seem to be quite                                                                  controversy will be laid to rest.      versatility in both pipe and park       down on the slopes. Due to the
knowledgeable on the matter, the answer is                                                                             Now, I realize that        makes him an astonishing athlete        inherent design of a snowboard’s
                                                                                                           many people (especially skiers)        in his field. His attitude towards      bindings, boarders can sit back
                                                                                                           will balk at the true answer to the    the sport also shows why he has         and relax on the slopes while
                                                                                                    V      question. “How can snowboard-
                                                                                                           ing possibly be more awesome
                                                                                                                                                  become the athlete he is today.”
                                                                                                                                                  Elli concurred. “Shaun White is
                                                                                                                                                                                          simultaneously showing their
                                                                                                                                                                                          sweet board designs to chairlift

                                                                                                           than skiing?” they will ponder         pretty awesome. The gold med-           riders above them. This comfort
                                                                                                           with indignation. In order to cast     als definitely prove that. I like       is further enhanced by snow-
                                                                                                           aside these doubts, there are cer-     Gretchen Bleiler as well. She           board boots with plushy interiors
                                                                                                           tain undeniable characteristics        proves that you can be beautiful        and flexible designs that allow
                                                  Shredding out on the mountain top!                       of snowboarding which, when            and be an ill boarder at the same       for warm and cozy feet. Skiers
                                                                                                           clearly outlined, will attest to the   time.” Any snowboarder would            are not allowed such a luxury.

                                                 exit points After waiting for a snowboarder               true superiority of the sport.         agree that it’s an honor to follow      They must constantly remain
                                                 to strap their boots and board back on after                          First of all, snow-        in the footsteps of such incred-        standing on the slopes in those
                                                 getting off the chair lift, a skier uses poles            boarding is a novelty. As an           ible athletes.                          uncomfortable ski boots. In case
                                                 to go faster and to make up for time that
                                                 has been lost at the lift exit, waiting for the
                                                 skiers boarding friends to get ready to go!
                                                                                                    N      extremely new sport, it inher-
                                                                                                           ently appeals to the younger gen-
                                                                                                           eration. Along with sports like
                                                                                                                                                               The process of learn-
                                                                                                                                                  ing how to snowboard contributes
                                                                                                                                                  greatly to its appeal. Some say
                                                                                                                                                                                          you have never experienced the
                                                                                                                                                                                          discomfort of a ski boot, imagine
                                                                                                                                                                                          locking your foot in bank safety
    Skiing: Not Just for Parents!

clearly carved in the mountain face: Ski-
                                                 Skiers do not have to waste time strapping
                                                 up their boots every time they get on and
                                                 off the lifts. Instead, they just click in their
                                                                                                    E      skateboarding, BMX-biking, and
                                                                                                           motocross racing, snowboarding
                                                                                                           is dominated by youth. Provid-
                                                                                                                                                  that snowboarding is much hard-
                                                                                                                                                  er to learn than skiing. While this
                                                                                                                                                  is true, it’s not necessarily a bad
                                                                                                                                                                                          deposit box for six hours. This
                                                                                                                                                                                          comfort is a huge factor after a
                                                                                                                                                                                          long day on the slopes.
ing beats snowboarding, in almost every          boots to their skis, and go!                              ing today’s rebellious teenagers       thing. According to Tyler, “I re-                   The final advantage
aspect! However, for those who do not            Okay, skiers should admit that ski boots are              with a chance to escape society        ally love snowboarding because          of snowboarding over skiing
agree with this accurate statement, or do        far more uncomfortable; however, Kenny                    and the norm, snowboarding is          on challenging terrain, I feel that     involves crashing. Everyone
not possess the knowledge necessary to           believes that skiing is much smoother than                the epitome of a youthful sport.       it’s harder to snowboard than ski,      is bound to have a tough wipe-
make such a valid conclusion, the different      snowboarding (unless a boarder com-                       Elli Geiss, a senior and two-year      and I like a challenge.” For any-       out at one point or another, but
aspects must be analyzed.                        pletely scrapes off all of the fresh powder               snowboarder, remarked that             one who wants to be able to pick        snowboard crashes are far more
            Let us start with the basics,        on a slope, making the slope much more                    “snowboarding is almost exclu-         up a sport in under a few days          downplayed and low-key. When
learning how to ski versus learning how to       rough of a ride for skiers). There is also a              sively for the younger crowd.          with relative ease and little effort,   a snowboarder catches an edge
snowboard. When a snowboarder begins             much larger variety of skis than there is of              It’s like having a lingo with your     skiing is the right sport. But for      and goes down into the powder,
learning the many fundamentals of snow-          boards. For example, there are cross coun-                friends and your parents not un-       those who want a challenge and          they can simply sit resting for a
boarding, they often spend most of their         try skis, race skis, slalom, giant slalom, su-            derstanding a word of it.”             want to feel the impressive sense       minute or so, then get right up
time dragging themselves on their behinds,       per combine, park skis, all-mountain skis,                A great argument for snowboard-        of accomplishment that comes            and keep on riding. However,
whereas beginner skiers are able to stand        powder skis, and more. The large variety                  ing’s superiority is the fact that     with mastering a truly difficult        when a skier crashes, all hell
up and move without falling constantly.          of skis allows a large variety of trails that             most of today’s snowboarders           sport, snowboarding provides            breaks loose. Ski crashes are of-
So initially, skiing starts off easier. But as   can be skied. One of the most obvious is                  began as skiers. When our teen-        just that.                              ten referred to as “yard sales” by
time progresses, one notices that executing      the cross-country trail, in which skiers can              age generation was at an age con-                   However, while snow-       hooting chairlift riders and snick-
tricks on a pair of skis requires more skill     fight gravity towards uphill, unlike board-               ducive to learning a winter sport      boarding is harder to learn and         ering locals. Poles are ripped
than it does on a snowboard. However,            ers who are at gravity’s mercy.                           (5 or 6), snowboarding was not         provides a challenge in this sense,     from a skier’s hands, boots and
some see this as a plus, such as sophomore       With the larger variety of skis, the ease of              nearly as prominent. As a result,      it is also easier to learn tricks on.   skis unclick, and within no time
Cody Kleiman who states, “You need more          learning how to ski, and the higher speeds                almost all teenage snowboarders        Learning how to carve and learn-        at all the skier’s equipment is
skill in order to be a good skier.” So a skier   that can be attained compared to the (slow-               began by skiing. If that is the        ing tricks are two completely dif-      spread out all across the trail.
going down a black diamond run possesses         er) speeds of snowboarding, it is safe to                 case, what prompted these skiers       ferent aspects of a winter sport.       While this inconveniences other
more skill than a snowboarder on the same        conclude that the use of two ski blades is                to switch over? “I hated skiing        With a more difficult carving           riders by putting them in danger
run traveling at the same speed. Junior          far better than using one snowboard. How-                 because I always had the fear that     learning curve and an easier trick      of hitting loose ski paraphernalia,
Kenny Costello exclaims, “The reward for         ever, the epic battle of superiority does not             I would accidentally do a split.       learning curve, snowboarding            it also forces the skier to waddle
mastering skiing is so much better than that     come to a halt here, for future generations               Snowboarding is more fun be-           combines the best of both.              up and down the trail in their
of [mastering] boarding!” Basically, skiing      will continue to debate which is better.                  cause carving [on a snowboard]         It is much easier to grind on           lockbox boots to recover their
is much easier to learn than snowboarding;       Perhaps a new adversary will arrive to the                is the most amazing action ever.       a snowboard; beginners can              gear. Tyler Schapero, a junior
but the challenge of accomplishing more          mountain in the near future, adding yet an-               It feels more natural and soothing     simply ride straight onto a rail,       who has snowboarded for five
on skis becomes steadily harder than ac-         other opponent to the battle of the Ruler of              than that weird side-to-side thing     while skiers must turn their skis       years, attested to the inconven-
complishing more on snowboarding. In             the Mountain!                                             that skiers do. It’s also nice not     sideways, a movement which is           ience of a yard sale. “When you
             OMS Idol: MARCH 27TH!                                                                         to hold poles.” Elli’s comment is
                                                                                                           spot on.
                                                                                                                                                  unnatural at first and definitely
                                                                                                                                                  not beginner-friendly. Also, it’s
                                                                                                                                                                                          ski and fall hard, your skis can
                                                                                                                                                                                          pop off and slide halfway down
By Alex Gurley                                                                                                                                      easier for beginner boarders to       the mountain…and that’s just
                                                                                                                                                    do midair tricks than it is for       a pain to deal with.” While skis
           What could be any funnier than Mr. Murphy                                                                                                skiers. Skiers can easily get         have bindings that engage like
and Mrs. Giordano trying to be Ryan Seacrest, all                                                                                                   their skis and poles crossed          stakes to stop sliding, they can
while wearing ridiculous outfits? Perhaps Mr. Hopkins                                                                                               while landing, resulting in a         and do invariably fail, resulting in
rapping? Or Ms. Fisher singing the YMCA? That’s what                                                                                                horrible crash; there’s no way        skis skittering down an icy slope.
happened last year when Oldfield Middle School hosted                                                                                               for a snowboarder to cross            There is no way to downplay a
its very own version of American Idol: a.k.a. OMS Idol.                                                                                             their board up, no matter how         yard sale, and the rest of the ski-
Every spring, the event features some of the middle                                                                                                 bad they are. If a boarder lands      er’s buddies are left laughing and
school’s favorite teachers including Mr. Lockwood (and                                                                                              sideways by accident, they can        waiting impatiently before they
band), Mr. Hsiao and Ms. Colavito. OMS Idol ’09 is                                                                                                  easily pull out of it without fall-   can continue down the trail.
quickly approaching, scheduled for March 27th.                                                      An ill boarder slaying a log-grind.
                                                                                                                                                  ing. Since tricks are easier to                     So, is it really any
           Not only is the event extremely funny, but                                                                                             land and falling less painful and       contest? Snowboarding is new,
it’s for a great cause too. The teachers show off their                                                         In addition, snow-                dramatic, snowboarding is more          fresh, young, and exciting. And,
talents to benefit the Jordan Yurkew Fund and the music scholarship given in his honor,            boards are unquestionably more                 appealing in this sense. Corey          skiing? Well, let me put it this
along with the American Cancer Society. Jordan was a former student of the Harborfields            awesome-looking than skis.                     stated, “I originally skied from        way. You could shred the sport
Central School District. The Idol competition began in 2007 and has helped raise                   Vividly glossed with creative de-              ages 9 to 12, but then I switched       of Shaun White, kids your own
thousands of dollars, which the foundation donates to help find a cure for cancer. “We had         signs and pictures and juxtaposed              to snowboarding. I did this be-         age, and terrain parks, or you
an amazing turnout the last time we held OMS Idol,” commented Jordan’s sister and co-              with multicolored bindings and                 cause I originally skateboarded,        could ski with your (possibly
event coordinator, Danielle Yurkew. “I know this year’s going to be even better.”                  boots, snowboards are inspiring-               and unlike what I saw other             lame) parents. Board please.
           During the competition, teachers from the middle school “audition” in front of          ly beautiful. Boarders sail high               skiers do on the mountain, the
a panel of judges, who have quips and witty remarks ready for the competitors. Judges              in the air performing tricks and               snowboarders were more geared
include social studies teacher Mr. Shade, OMS Student Danielle Yurkew, and her dad,                showing the world their amaz-                  towards tricks and parks. That
Michael Yurkew. The audience actively participates in the show, as they vocally agree              ing board designs. With gigantic,              related to me, as I skateboarded
or disagree with the judge’s comments. Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Giordano host the event,                vibrant graphics on them, boards               this kind of terrain.”
and at OMS Idol 07, they came fully clad in 80’s prom wear. Who knows what they’ll
wear this year! Seventh grade teacher Mr. Hsiao says that Mr. Murphy has an interesting
outfit planned. “I can’t reveal much, but I think everyone’s going to get a kick out of it,”                                    Riddler’s Cove!
he explained.
           With the event only a few weeks away, teachers are trying to put the final You throw away the outside and cook the inside. I went into the woods and got it. I sat
touches on their performance. The event will surely sell out, so get your tickets now! T- Then you eat the outside and throw away the down to seek it. I brought it home with
shirts and tickets are available at OMS and through the Yurkew family until they sell out. inside. What did you eat?                    me because I couldn’t find it. What is it?
Who will sing what this year? What will Mr. Murphy really be wearing? You’ll just have
to come to OMS Idol ’09 and find out!
                                                                                                    Answer:A Chicken                                              Ansrew: A Splinter

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