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Dobson June 2011 36 pg.indd by wuyunyi


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  VOL. 37 NO. 6                                     THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF DOBSON RANCH                                                    JUNE 15, 2011

                       Take your
                       car ...
                                                                                                 MICROBREW TASTING
          to the
     Dobson Dolphins                                                                   Admission: Bring a 6 pack or Growler (64oz or more)
                                                                                                of your favorite microbrew
       Swim Team                                                                                    Ale, Lager or Stout!
        Car Wash                                                                      Put on your drinking cap, choose your brews and enjoy a
                                                                                       tasting of other beers that participants have brought.
  Saturday, July 2 – 8:00 a.m to noon                                                         Tasting will last as long as the beer flows!

           at Dairy Queen                                                                            Must be 21 years & older to attend
    Northwest corner Alma School and Guadalupe
                                                                                          Games                  Munchies                       Prizes

       Support the Dolphins with some                                                               Friday, July 15 @ 6:30pm
         GOOD, CLEAN FUNdraising

     Eat at Dairy Queen that day with proceeds
                going to the Dolphins.

Board elects officers, approves swim team sponsorship
   Election of board officers, approval   present for the one-hour meeting were    outside Dobson Ranch—was outlined          eral Ranch pools. The basketball court
of a $500 sponsorship of the Dobson       Ted Disbrow, president; Joanne Smith,    by Michele Ray-Brethower, executive        is also complete at Los Altos. She also
Dolphins swim team and approval           treasurer; and board members Susan       director. (The crime report appears on     explained the City of Mesa has received
of the purchase of maintenance lift       Powers, Sandra Murray, Ron Magaw,        page 5.)                                   a request from Hooters to relocate in
equipment were among action items         Chuck Fletcher and Jay Jones.               Board President Ted Disbrow pre-        the former Islands Restaurant at the
at the May 19 board of directors meet-       Under homeowners’ comments,           sented an update on legislative action     northeast corner of Alma School and
ing.                                      Susan Fuegger, president of the Dobson   which impacts homeowner associa-           Isabella.
   The first order of business was the    Dolphins Swim Team Committee,            tions. Some of the legislation, which         The board approved the March and
election of officers, with the previ-     requested a $500 sponsorship of the      becomes effective in July 2011, per-       April financial statements, based on
ous slate of officers selected as the     team for the upcoming summer ses-        tains to flag poles, transfer fees and     recommendations from the Budget
new officers. Serving as officers for     sion. The board approved the request     open meetings.                             and Finance Committee.
2011-2012 will be Ted Disbrow, presi-     under the Ranch’s sponsorship policy.       Under the report from Michele Ray-         Craig Wilson, water management
dent; Barry Hegrenes, vice president;        A review of the City of Mesa Police   Brethower, executive director, it was      director, reported that a new Web site
Joanne Smith, treasurer, and Lynda        Department calls for service in the      noted that work is near completion on
Bailey, secretary. Board members          Dobson District—which includes areas     the resurfacing of pool decking at sev-               (Continued on page 3)
 2                                                                                                                           JUNE 15, 2011 / RANCHERS' ROUNDUP

                               From the Director’s Chair...
                                         by Michele Ray-Brethower, Executive Director

                      Responding to the Survey Results Part II                        on one with each of their fences and figuring out the solution, and if any portion
                                                                                      of their fence is exempt due to concrete or patios. Pictures are taken for the
   As promised, I would try to respond to several survey comments in a couple         file and contracts have to be signed per property. Some homes are vacant so it
of my monthly articles. This is part two of the responses. You can also find the      takes longer to get those fences inspected. After the exterior walls are patched
percentage results within this Ranchers’ Roundup on pages 22, 23.                     and stuccoed, it takes at least 30 days for the concrete to cure. We test to see
   I truly love living here! My favorite aspect is the lake and the paths around      if they can be painted by using a product that you squirt on the concrete. If it
the lake. It is very peaceful. Keep working to enforce the by-laws to help keep       turns a hot pink/purple color it cannot have any drylock or paint on it.
our property value and curb appeal up!                                                    Serious problems: Trailer and motor homes. Thank you all, staff.
   Thank you. Many of the residents expressed their love for the lake view                 The Architectural Guidelines state . . . No mobile homes, travel trailers, tent
and the paths around the lake. We continue to enforce the CC&Rs and work              trailers, trailer, recreational vehicle, motorhome, detached camper, boat, boat
diligently to try to get the front yards of those vacant or abandon homes main-       trailer, ATV, off-road vehicle or race car shall be parked on any street, driveway,
tained. We work with Neighborhood Preservation departments with many banks            carport, front or side yards. Such vehicle or equipment when parked in a rear or
to keep some of the foreclosed properties cleaned up, but because the banks           sideyard may not exceed the height of the fence, and may not be visible from
have so many homes it takes awhile to get service.                                    the sidewalk, street or common area. There is a grace period of a MAXIMUM of
   Keep journals on homes—not just periodic snapshots—to see if the prob-             three days for loading and unloading of the recreational vehicles as we realize
lem is temporary or continues. Every homeowner has a CC&R account and                 it is difficult, to load and unload your travel trailer and such in a storage facility.
pictures, violations and violation letters are all in the account, as well as notes   You must call into the administrative offices and put your name on the three day
of conversations with homeowners and complaints received by homeowners. It            trailer list so that you do not receive a violation. When the CC&R inspectors are
isn’t a periodic snapshot; it is an ongoing account from the original owner to        out making their rounds they may see a trailer but before sending a violation
the current owner.                                                                    they are to check the trailer list prior to sending out a letter of violation.
   Is there a breakdown of our finances available online?                                 I searched for 20 minutes on the Web site to find the hours of operation for
   Yes, you just log in with your user name and password, and it is on the left       the recreation centers to no avail . . . perhaps adding these would be helpful.
task bar, click on financials. If you do not have a user name and password, click         The administrative office hours as well as the recreation center hours are
on resident log in on the bottom left hand side and follow the instructions to        on the home page of our Web site,; scroll down,
request a login. If you have forgotten your user name and password, then click        and as the hours change for the seasons they are posted here as well. They are
on resident log in and click on forgot information and follow the prompts.            always on the home page.
   Been here 34 years. Love my neighborhood and neighbors. Appreciate the                 Why can’t the smaller pool at Los Altos be an all adult pool like it used to
wall repairs.                                                                         be?
   This process is taking a long time because it is working with homeowners one           Fair Housing law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion,
                                                                                      national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or disability. Fair Housing laws
                                                                                      do not apply to all pools, but do apply to those pools owned by community or
                                                                                      neighborhood associations. Since we are not an age restricted community, we
                                                                                      cannot restrict the age at a pool/amenity or common area. However, we will be
 $29 – 1 HR. MASSAGE                                                                  posting set hours for lap swimming, but the pool will be open for others during
                                                                                      the same time. There will be Open Fitness hours from 4:00-6:00 p.m., Monday
                                                                                      through Friday. All individuals in the small pool during this timeframe must be
     * First massage only                                                             moving in the water in a fitness-style manner/participating in some type of fit-
                                                                                      ness. Free swim or play must take place at the junior Olympic pool during the
                                                                                      posted schedule. The Dobson Dolphins will be utilizing the junior Olympic pool
     Exam and first                                                                   Tuesday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to noon each day, and there are two
                                                                                      home meets scheduled for two Saturdays this summer. Hopefully, providing fit-

     Adjustment                                                                       ness hours, lap swim, water aerobics, swim lessons and swim team, along with
                                                                                      free swim, will accommodate all residents’ needs.

     Only $
                                                                                          I would like to thank you all for participating in the survey. The board of
                                                                                      directors will be reviewing the survey results in their entirety at a board retreat
                                                                                      in June. This is the meeting where they determine what capital projects will be
                                                                                      done in the upcoming year and what the goals and objectives will be for this
                                                                                      upcoming year, as well as the strategic plan for the next five years. If you are
                                                                                      interested in any of this information, call or e-mail me and I would be happy
                                                                                      to provide you with their upcoming plans as soon as they are finalized. Thanks
      20 + years                                                                      again and keep cool this summer!

      of experience
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      quality                                                                                                 THE DOBSON RANCH ASSOCIATION
      healthcare                                                                                       2719 S. Reyes, Mesa, Arizona 85202
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                                                                                                  Executive Director                                       Advertising
                                                                                               DONNA CHAPMAN                                        DONNA CHAPMAN
                                                                                                          Editor                                          Photographer

 ChiroCare Plus                                    480-899-0882
                                                                                          The articles and comments in this monthly publication are intended to inform, illustrate or
                                                                                          provide explanation to members of the Association and do not necessarily serve as official
 Dr. Gregory Hertzberg                         1941 W. Guadalupe Rd. #117
                                                                                          opinions of the board of directors, executive director or editor. Neither the Dobson Association,
                                                                                          its board of directors, staff nor its members make any representation as to the validity or
 Chiropractor                                              Mesa, AZ 85202                 qualifications of any advertiser.                       SE corner of Dobson and Guadalupe
 RANCHERS' ROUNDUP / JUNE 15, 2011                                                                                                                                      3

Board meeting                                                                                              Happy
(continued from page 1)
outlining water conservation informa-        yard at Baseline and Dobson. The                          Fourth of July!
tion has been introduced. More infor-        project will include turf removal and
mation on the site appears on page           introduces water conservation proce-                The administrative office will be closed on
15.                                          dures. The Association will be eligible             Monday, July 4 in honor of Independence
   The Zone One fence project contin-        for a grant from the City of Mesa for               Day. The recreation centers will observe
ues with 51 out of 101 homeowners            water conservation efforts. The proj-               the following hours: La Casita, Los Altos
completing the work. The executive           ect will be done in-house at a cost of              and Saratoga will be open from 10:00 a.m.
director reported homeowners have            $29,650—a savings of approximately                  to 6:00 p.m.
until June 15 to comply with the water-      50 percent by doing the work in-
proofing of the interior of their fences.    house.
After that time violation letters will be       The Ranch, and other homeowner

sent. Homeowners are encouraged to           associations in the area, continue to
contact the Association to outline their     be plagued by theft of signage. At last
efforts on the fence project.                count, entire signs or letters have been
   Work has started on the Medical           stolen from 13 Ranch locations. The
Plaza fence project on Lake Four near        theft cost is now up to $31,000. Police    Board elects officers 4
the Ranch’s Memorial Rose Garden.            have one lead and believe the thieves      Crime report 5
The wrought iron has been removed            are adults who disguise themselves as
and the Association is working with          workers. The Association is investi-       A shower suggestion 5
the medical plaza on the project. It is      gating a different style of signage and      by Craig Wilson, water management director
anticipated the work will be completed       will not immediately replace the signs     Women’s Club 6
by the end of May.                           with the current style signage.            Donate bottled water 7
   The board voted to purchase a                In other action items the board
used boomlift at a cost of $15,700.93        approved the request from Woodcreek        Converting to xeriscape 7
with an additional $648 for a service        subassociation to release its share of     Summer programs: water aerobics, swim lessons,
agreement. The boomlift replaces the         their rental properties fund. The board      Kids Camp, Fabulous Fridays ...........................pages 8, 9
Ranch’s current lift which is unreliable     agreed to release $380 to Woodcreek        Recreation Happenings: Fitness in Park, Bridge, yoga,
and unsafe. The lift is used to clean        from the fund the Association has col-
tennis court lights, replace lights and      lected from rental properties.               Zumba, tai chi, Young Children’s Group, painting,
ballast on all path lights in all the com-      The next board of directors meeting       social dancing, Bunco, pilates, parent/child dance,
mon areas and the tennis courts.             is June 16. All residents are invited to     1st ballet class, Coupon Sense Seminar, Texas
   The board also voted to approve           attend the open meetings which are           Hold’em, creatively inspired afternoon, young
replacing the irrigation systems at          held at 7:00 p.m. at La Casita.
Laguna Park and at the maintenance                                                        painters’ studio, fabulous faux class, instant
                                                                                          guitar ............................................................pages 10-12
                                                                                        Kimi’s Korner 12
    THE RANCH SELF STORAGE                                                                by Kimi Towery, recreation director
                                                                                        Los Altos pool: lap swim, fitness swim, pool closed
      1930 S. PENNINGTON                                                                  for meets 13
                                                                                        Ranch cleanup 13
         MESA, AZ 85202                                                                 Discounts: Golfland, Big Surf 14
                8 7                                                                     Democrats meet 14
                                                                                        New bookkeeper 15
                                                                                        Home improvements 15
             STORAGE STARTING AS LOW                                                    New water Web site 15
                AS $40 PER MONTH!!!                                                     Retirees Happenings ........................................pages 16, 17
                                                                                        WWII vet visits memorial ..................................pages 18, 19
                PAY 6 MONTHS AND GET                                                    Garden Club 20
                  ONE MONTH FREE!!!                                                     Energy efficient pool program 20
                                                                                        A chair for Santa 21
                                                                                        Resident survey results ....................................pages 22, 23
                NEW RENOVATIONS                                                         Ranch band/Space Rock 24
                 CLEAN PROPERTY                                                         From the 25
                 UHAUL RENTALS!!!                                                         by Ed Ricci, Fish Conservation Club
                 MANAGER ON SITE                                                        Good neighbors 26
                                                                                        Neighborhood violations 27
            MONTH TO MONTH CONTRACTS                                                    Tennis 28
                                                                                          by Tim Barnes, tennis pro
               CALL FOR MORE DETAILS AND                                                Tennis classes 28
                      INFORMATION                                                       Splash pad 29
                                                                                        Green Thumbs 30
     LOCATED NORTH OF BASELINE BETWEEN                                                  Kids Corner .....................................................pages 31, 32
         DOBSON AND ALMA SCHOOL                                                           End-of-year awards
4                                                                                                                     JUNE 15, 2011 / RANCHERS' ROUNDUP

Board elects officers—re-elects same board members

Ted Disbrow, newly re-elected board        Barry Hegrenes, newly re-elected              Joanne Smith, newly re-elected           Lynda Bailey, newly re-elected board
president                                  board vice president                          board treasurer                          secretary
   At its May 19 board of directors           Ted Disbrow was re-elected to the          dent. He was elected to his first term     Lynda Bailey was elected to the
meeting, the board re-elected the          board in April 2010 and is serving            on the board in 2005. He is a member     board in 2009. She serves on the
same slate of officers for the May         his third term. He formerly served as         of the Master Planning Commission.       Ranch’s Recreation Commission. She
2011-May 2012 term.                        board vice president and as board                Joanne Smith was first elected to     served as board secretary in 2010-
   Officers re-elected were Ted            president. He serves on the board’s           the board in 2009. She is a member of    2011.
Disbrow, president; Barry Hegrenes,        Master Planning Commission.                   the Ranch’s Recreation Commission.
vice president; Joanne Smith, trea-           Barry Hegrenes formerly served as          She served as board treasurer in
surer, and Lynda Bailey, secretary.        board secretary and board vice presi-         2010-2011.

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                                              Member SIPC
             Wayne S Bailey
             Financial Advisor
             Dobson Ranch
 RANCHERS' ROUNDUP / JUNE 15, 2011                                                                                                                                                    5

Crime update for Dobson Ranch District Warm water for showers—a suggestion
   Listed below are crime sta-                      includes many other neighborhoods,                          by Craig A. Wilson,              to reach corners
tistics for April for Mesa’s Police                 retail centers, apartment complexes                     water management director            where the irriga-
Department Patrol District 1. This                  and other areas. These figures are for                                                       tion lines have
District, based at the Dobson sub-                  “calls for service” and may not reflect               What happens when you are the          broken or it is
station, covers Dobson Ranch, but also              actual crimes.                                     first one to shower? Is the water cold    just too inconve-
                                                                                                       because the water heater is at the        nient to run new
                                                                                                       other end of the house and it takes       lines.
                                                                                                       forever for the hot water to reach the       How      much
                      Includes apartments, retail                                                      shower head? Can that water be put        water can be cap-
                                                                                                       to good use?                              tured? Sometimes it can take 45 sec-
                    centers & other neighborhoods                                                         One solution is to always have         onds before the hot water reaches to
                                                                                                       warm water available at the shower        the shower head. In that time, upwards
                                                                                                       head. Home stores sell recalculating      of 3 gallons of water can be collected.
                                                                                                       pump kits that pump the hot water         Even if only 2 gallons of water is cap-
Check Welfare ........................ 49           Credit Card Fraud ..................... 6          that has cooled off back to the cold      tured and used for irrigation, over the
Subjects Disturbing ................ 35             Drugs ...................................... 6     water line to the hot water heater to     course of a year nearly 1,000 gallons
Burglary Alarm....................... 23            City Code Violation ................... 5          draw hot water into the hot water line.   of water can be conserved. If one in
Traffic Hazard ........................ 20          Assault .................................... 5     It works quite well for most homes,       five homes in Dobson Ranch adopted
                                                                                                       but it requires heating a lot more cold   capturing the cold water waste, the
Suspicious Activity ................. 16            Theft from Residence ............... 4             water to keep the lines always charged    result would be nearly one million gal-
Loud Music, Noise .................. 15             Found Property ........................ 4          with hot water.                           lons of water saved each year.
Juveniles Disturbing ............... 13             Vehicle Burglary ....................... 3            Nancy R. Crocker, water sustain-          There is one caveat. Using a sodi-
                                                                                                       ability program coordinator for the       um chloride type of water softener
Trespass .................................. 8       Stolen Vehicle .......................... 3
                                                                                                       University of Arizona’s Cooperative       adds sodium to the water that can
Suspicious Person .................... 8            DUI .......................................... 2   Extension Service, suggests placing a     damage the soil and kill many garden
Residential Burglary ................. 7            Fight........................................ 1    water pitcher in the shower to collect    plants and grasses. Check and see if
Dog Barking ............................. 7         Shoplifting ............................... 1      the initial flow of cold water. When      the water softener can be converted
                                                                                                       the water finally warms and you are       to use potassium chlorine as the rins-
Abandoned Vehicle ................... 7             Recovered Stolen Vehicle .......... 1              ready to bathe, set the pitcher aside.    ing agent. Water thus softened can be
Missing Person ......................... 6          Harassment ............................. 1         Later you can take the pitcher of         used to irrigate plants.
                                                                                                       water to the garden to water your            Look      to     the    Web      site
                                                                                                       favorite plants. Rotating which plants for more
                                                                                                       are watered each day can meet much        water awareness issues and answers.
                                                                                                       of the garden’s irrigation demand,        Remember: Water is there for those
                                                                                                       especially those located in the hard      that use it wisely.

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6                                                                                                             JUNE 15, 2011 / RANCHERS' ROUNDUP

         President’s Message          temperatures. However, we had a            Honor Society. He will attend ASU and    made each outgoing board member
         by Chris Dugandzic           truly unusual spring with temperatures     pursue a biochemistry degree. He then    a “Friendship Album.” Friendship is
                                      ranging from the 60s to the 90s. After     plans to enroll in New York University   what binds our Club together. Each
                   The     Dobson     dinner we all needed sweaters.             Medical School to become an anes-        album is different and filled with quotes
                Ranch     Women’s        One of the highlights of the eve-       thesiologist.                            describing the meaning of friendship.
                Club held its annu-   ning is always meeting the scholar-           Another scheduled event is both       They’re artfully done and in each
                al, year-end Salad    ship winner and presenting the award.      the presentation of the gifts for the    recipient’s favorite colors.
                Supper in early May   This year we awarded $500 to Baylor        outgoing Club president, who this year      The evening would not have been
                so the members        Sezate. A couple of his achievements       was Patricia Prosek, and by the Club     complete without the installation of
                wouldn’t melt in      include: being captain of the Speech,      president to the entire outgoing board   the officers for 2011-2012. They are:
                Phoenix’s normally    Theater and Debate team, awards in         of officers. This year the president’s   president, Chris Dugandzic; vice presi-
                high 100-degree       orchestra and treasurer for the National   gifts were truly phenomenal. Patricia    dent, Laurie Moe; secretary, Karen

2011 Scholarship Winner Baylor Sezate with Vice President Wendie Clement         2011-2012 Officers (left to right): President – Chris Dugandzic, Vice President
(left) and President Patricia Prosek.                                            – Laurie Moe, Secretary – Karen Johnson and Treasurer – Patricia Prosek.
 RANCHERS' ROUNDUP / JUNE 15, 2011                                                                                                                                       7

                                                                                       Donate bottled water at La Casita
WOMEN’S CLUB HAPPENINGS                                                                   With temperatures about
                                                                                       to hit triple digits on a regu-
Johnson, and treasurer, Patricia             30th year. The best is yet to come.       lar basis, the City of Mesa is
Prosek.                                      See you in September and remember         working with nonprofit agen-
   The new board is working on some          Friendship is Social Security.            cies to provide supplies of
fresh ideas as the Club celebrates its                                                 water to the homeless and
                                                                                       unsheltered. The fifth annu-
                                                                                       al Mesa Hydration Donation
                                                                                       campaign began June 1.
                                                                                       Ranch residents are being
                                                                                       asked to donate water at La
               One of many                                                             Casita Community Center
         Friendship Albums                                                             and the staff will deliver the cases of       including A New Leaf-East Valley
                                                                                       water to the City of Mesa.                    Men’s Center, Paz de Cristo, Saint
                                                                                          Last year, 109,125 bottles of water        Vincent de Paul and Central Arizona
                                                                                       were donated during the campaign,             Shelter Services.
                                                                                       far exceeding the previous year’s total         The Mesa Hydration Donation
                                                                                       of approximately 60,000. The water is         Campaign will be collecting water until
                                                                                       distributed through United Food Bank          Friday, September 16.
                                                                                       to numerous agencies in the Valley,

                                                                                          If you put it up . . .
                                                                                          you must take it
Converting grass to xeriscape                                                                Putting up a sign for a garage
                                                                                          sale? Don’t forget to remove it the
   Grass to Xeriscape: Replace your          from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m.                       same day. Nothing looks tacki-
lawn with a beautiful desert landscape          Nick Bourque, landscape designer          er than out-of-date garage sale
is the topic for the July 9 City of          will be the featured speaker. For more       signs stuck on cardboard boxes,
Mesa Living Green workshop. Dobson           information, call 480-644-4400 or visit      light poles or other signs.
Ranch branch library will be the loca-
tion for the free workshop scheduled

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8                                                                                                                                                            JUNE 15, 2011 / RANCHERS' ROUNDUP

          Put on Your Happy Face
       This year marks the 38th summer for the Dobson Ranch Association and                                                 REGISTRATION forms for all summer programs can be downloaded
    the Recreation Department is excited to offer several new and renovated                                               on the Association Web site at or picked up at La
    programs and activities. Our most popular program during the summer is                                                Casita Recreation Center, 2719 S. Reyes, Mesa, Arizona. Program fees are due
    La Casita Kids Camp. This year we have added five more hours to each day,                                             during the registration process unless otherwise noted.
    along with adding Fridays to camp. This is a big change and we hope it will
    accommodate more families within our community. We have also scheduled                                                  QUESTIONS concerning any recreation program or activity? You may
    many more activities and encourage you to spend some time with your kids                                              contact La Casita Recreation desk at 480-831-7464; Recreation Supervisor
    to see what interests them.                                                                                           Emily Sherman at 480-831-2594 or or Recreation
                                                                                                                          Director Kimi Towery at 480-839-2826 or

                          Gear up for this morning class that will get you ready
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                          class will challenge your movements and get your
                          heart rate going without all the jumping. Expect to
                                                                                                                               Designed for children age 6 - 36 months old. It emphasis’ on parent
                          raise your heart rate and have fun doing it.
                                                                                                                               participation, water adjustment, safety skills, and blowing bubbles.
                              Pay at Saratoga Pool or La Casita Rec Center for passes.                                         Child learns the comfort of water while having fun. One child per adult.

     Tadpole: Designed for 3 to 5 yrs old. Child is potty trained and can be sepa-
                                                                                                                             Tadpole: 5:35 to 6:05 p.m.           Frog: 6:45 to 7:15 p.m.
     rated from Mom/Dad. It focuses on enter and exit of water independently,                                                         6:10 to 6:40 p.m.                 7:20 to 7:50 p.m.
     self submerging, opening of eyes to retrieve objects, and ability to float.
                                                                                                                               Tadpole: Designed for 3 to 5 yrs old. Child is potty trained
     Frog: Designed for 4 to 8 yrs old. Frogs will be introduced to entering water                                             and can be separated from Mom/Dad. It focuses on enter
     by jumping by side of pool, front and back floats independently, changing                                                 and exit of water independently, self submerging, opening
     directions while on front and back, combine leg and arm action.                                                           of eyes to retrieve objects, and ability to float.
       First class will assess the child’s level of swim abilities. Class is a 1:4 ratio.
                                                                                                                               Frog: Designed for 4 to 8 yrs old. Frogs will be introduced to entering water by
                                               CLASSES OFFERED                                                                 jumping by side of pool, front and back floats independently, changing directions
                                                                                                          et                   while on front and back, combine leg and arm action.
                                   Tadpole:          9:05 to 9:35 a.m.                             ust me
                                                                                           Class m
                                                     9:40 to 10:10 a.m.                        m inimum                                      First class will assess the child’s level of swim abilities.
                                                                                              require                                     Class must meet minimum requirement. Class is a 1:4 ratio.
                                   Frog:           10:15 to 10:45 a.m.
                                                   10:50 to 11:20 a.m.

                              Registration forms are available at La Casita Rec Center or at

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