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									                                                                                  Dear Sir,
                                                                                  Well, we were reading a lot in the papers about
                                                                                  heart health. Numerous advertisements kept com-
                                                                                  ing in the papers and TV on a range of products
                                                                                  good for the heart. Issues concerning the heart
                                                                                  were very well described in your magazine. Heart
Dear Sir,                                                                         issues and the cover story on pain were really
                                                                                  interesting to read.
Being in my 60s I suffer from pain in my knees
from a long time now. It bothers me a lot physi-
cally and mentally. Going through your cover story                                Vasudha,
on pain was an enriching experience. I developed a
greater understanding to my problem which helps                                   Chandigarh
me deal with it effectively. I am really thankful to
you for writing such pieces which are beneficial to
                                                                                  Dear Sir,
                                                                                  Being a south Indian I love tender coconut water
                                                                                  and we use coconut oil for cooking. However going
Roshni Nair,                                                                      through the many wonders of coconut has helped
Mumbai                                                                            me understand the utility of coconut much more
                                                                                  than what I ever thought. Now I enjoy its varying
                                                                                  benefits, thank you for so much useful informa-

                                                                                  Anita Mathew,

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Executive Director
Divya Srivastava
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Executive Editor
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Beenum Yadav                             Dear Reader,
Editorial Co-ordinator
Kanchan Khurana                          You must be quite relaxed by now and must be back to your normal routine after
                                         hectic Diwali celebrations. The ‘no holds – barred’ celebrations must also have taken
Kapil Gupta                              a toll on your balanced lifestyle and eating habits and I’m sure you must have started
Art Director
Vijay Guglani
                                         working on getting back to a normal, healthy routine. This change of season is also a
                                         great challenge to keep yourself and the family (particularly the kids) in good health.
Graphic Designer
A. Alagesh                               As you inadvertently face these challenges in this part of the year, we have tried to
Asst. Graphic Designer                   bring an issue full of information on ‘simple remedies to fight cold and flu’ as well a lot
V. Soundhararaja
                                         of stuff on healthy eating, diet for Diabetics and news and features on health & fitness.
Hariom Tyagi
                                         In what might appear as an interesting contrast, our Editorial Team has worked hard
Vice President - Strategic Development
Dr. Harshit Jain
                                         to bring out to you a detailed analysis of RICE, one of the most common food items
                                         in India, a common factor of sorts, which binds east, west, north & south India as
Partner-West India
Shailesh Pandey                          far as food habits go. Rice is one item that is eaten in almost every corner of India
Brand Management                         and is cooked almost in the same way and tastes pretty much the same everywhere.
Sharad Gupta
                                         We have predominantly tried to bring out the ‘healthy features’ of RICE. It is a very
Senior Manager - Marketing & Response
K. M. Lal                                common misconception that excessive consumption of RICE adds to excessive fat, as
Subscription Coordinator
                                         it is rich in carbohydrates and bad fat.
Ambika Kaushal

Medical Coordinator
                                         We want you to enjoy the richness of RICE this winter by cooking and eating it in the
Dr. Manish Sharma                        ‘healthy way’.
Nutrition Specialist
Binu Bhatia                              We also feel that it is very important for your ‘health & well-being’ that you find a
Business Development                     balance between physical, mental & spiritual well-being. That is why we organized a
Kumar Sushant                            Seminar along with Escorts Heart Institute & World Academy of Spiritual Sciences
                                         wherein the therapeutic applications of ‘ Spiritual Medicine’ were discussed in
Anmol Manuj Goel                         detail. Most of the modern day medicine gurus at the seminar agreed that combining
Chennai                                  Spiritual discipline with modern medicine is a very good idea and has been observed
Sudhir Kumar
                                         to yield tangible results in terms of improving Health outcomes.
Abhishek Saran
                                         ‘Spirituality and Science’ is one of the many things we have tried to capture in this issue.
B.L. Prasanna

Abid Ahmed                                                                                                          Warm regards,
Business Consultant (U.P.)
Ashish Das

Business Consultant (Bangalore)
Rohil Kumar

Circulation Team
DK Singh                                                                                                       Swadeep Srivastava
Rupesh Deshmukh
Kumar Abhishek                                                                                             Consulting Editor & CEO
                                                                                                                       HEAL India

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               Dr. Ketan Desai Elected as the President of
                    World Medical Association (WMA)
                 Only Doctor from India to be elected as
              WMA President after Dr. AKN Sinha (1982-83)!
                                                                                 Elected as WMA
                                                           Re elected at         President (2009)
                                                          President MCI

                                         Elected as National
                                        President IMA (2001)
                       Elected as Gujrat
                       Medical Council
                       President (1999)
  Elected as Medical
   Council of India
  President (1996)

                                                                                                             Concept: SWADEEP SRIVASTAVA
                                                                                                             Cartoon: VIJAY GUGLANI,
                                                                          What Next???

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patient?                                                       Do you think that it is blatantly
                                                               unethical that a DMC Member be
1. Yes                                                         allowed to defend the medical
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      98 Bones Removed to Correct One!
Mrs. Selvi walked in for an appointment to Bone         people often come with fears and doubts about
and Joint Care, Wockhardt Hospitals, Bannerghatta       the success of such a surgery. “It is natural to be
Road. She had traveled overnight from Karoor, Tamil     anxious about a major surgery like that. People tend
Nadu to Bangalore because of consistent pain in both    to put it off because it is not a matter of life and
her knees. After preliminary talks, the doctor found    death. Moreover, horror stories get magnified and
out that Mrs. Selvi started feeling pain in her knees   cause more fear. Though it is not a life-threatening
around 15 years back. However, she decided to ignore    condition, it completely disfigures the person’s life.
the pain. When the pain persisted, she contacted a      Their comfort zone keeps shrinking and finally they
doctor who advised surgery. However, the fear of        are limited to their bedroom. Mrs. Selvi experienced
surgery forced her to ignore the pain for some more     that,” says Dr. J.V.Srinivas.
time. The pain gradually kept increasing making
                                                        Upon preliminary examination, Dr. J.V.Srinivas felt a
everyday work for Mrs. Selvi extremely painful as she
                                                        few bony loose pieces lying loose in the knee joint
was unable to walk, climb stairs or sit cross legged.
                                                        and she was unable to bend the knee joint completely.
When she could bear it no more, she decided to
                                                        An X-Ray was advised for further diagnosis. “When
consult the specialist at Wockhardt Hospitals.
                                                        we got her X-ray reports we were surprised to find
According to Dr J.V.Srinivas, Consultant Joint          multiple bony loose bodies in the knee joint.” says
Replacement Surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals,             Dr. J.V.Srinivas. This situation is called synovial
                                                        chondromatosis. Generally in this condition there
                                                        will be some bone formation in the synovial sheath
                                                        (tissue covering the knee). Normally these bone
                                                        pieces vary from 2 to 5 mm in size. Very rare
                                                        occasions there may be 2 to 3 large bone pieces. At
                                                        the same time her knee was severely arthritic. So we
                                                        decided to perform total knee replacement.
                                                        “On the operation table when we opened the knee
                                                        joint we noticed there were 98 loose bone pieces
                                                        that were ranging from 5 mm to 40mm. Most of them
                                                        were loose and few had attached themselves to the
                                                        synovium of the joint.” says Dr. J.V.Srinivas.
                                                        After a long process of removing each loose bony
                                                        piece on by one, the knee joint damaged by arthritis
                                                        was replaced by a prosthetic joint, a common
                                                        procedure called Total Knee Replacement. Two
                                                        days after the surgery Mrs. Selvi was able to walk
                                                        without pain and can move her knee completely. She
                                                        was discharged after 4 days and went back to her
                                                        hometown Karoor.
                                                         “Till a few days back, I couldn’t turn on bed or lie flat
                                                        on my back. My grandchildren would call me to play
                                                        with them and I couldn’t do that. Weddings were an
                                                        embarrassment because people would have to make
                                                        special arrangements for me. Fear of surgery and lack
                                                        of awareness made me stay away from getting the
                                                        treatment done. But now I am absolutely fine and can
                                                        move around independently.” says an elated
                                                        Mrs. Selvi.
O                                        Cover Story
N                                        Rice
                                         - The Symbol of Life
                              Science & Spirituality
N                             Heart Health Guidelines

T                             Tuberculosis no longer taught

                              Walking & Moving the Joints

                              Venky, the Nobel Laurete
                              Voice conservation surgery

                                      Is the heart smarter          18
                                      than the brain ?

                                      Franatic Lifestyle           24
    Cover Design by V.Soundhararaja

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Prthorexia Nervosa          56                26              Technology
                                                                 Lighter side of life

Food cure for diabetes     58                 64            Stem Cells : an insight

Fruits : fresh or dried

Beauty & Vanity
Natural Skin Care Protection

Rare Disease
Alien Hand Stndrome

                                      50                         Wellness
                                                             Vertigo & Imbalance        O
                                      52                     Ayurvedic Protection       N
Reality Canapes
Enroute San Francisco
                                   54             Homeopathy during winter              T
                     62            66                       Stay Fit with diabetes
                          Celeb Fitness                                                 N
                          Suman Sharma

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                          ut of the blue
                                                                                                     Want to
                                                                                                     taste this

                                                                                                     bitter pill?
                                                                                                     Well, at
                                                                                                     your risk
                                                                          Cartoon by Vijay Guglani

by R. Shankar

                 edicines, pills and anything that we gulp          viruses or mindless and headless bacteria or morphing
                 down our throat to flush out illnesses             microbes. So, when a girl did not attain puberty on time,
                 and ailments are always referred to                she was given a few hours of whipping; another girl who
                 as bitter ….bitter pill, bitter medicine,          had excess bleeding during her periods was dragged by
                 bitter syrup. This despite the fact that           her parents and thrown under the mercilessly dancing
drug companies have pinched out the bitterness by                   whip as part of a strange cure.
`capsuling’ drugs or sugar coating them. But here is a
                                                                    The 2000 women were made to squat in an open ground
story of a real bitter pill; not just bitter but stinging too
– a medicine you would never ever try out. And no drug              near the temple and the line of `possessed women’
company can reduce the bitterness of this remedy.                   extended over half a kilometre. The priests then came
                                                                    with a thick whip and chanting mantras, they whipped
A village in a Tamil Nadu has a strange practice to drive           the women for over five hours. Despite the crying
out ailments in women – just flog them. And you guessed             and endless yelling in pain, the bitter medicine was
it right – the `medicine’ is administered by muscled                administered on small girls and women.
men. Over 2000 women got this gruelling piece of
medicine when they received blood-oozing lashes for                 People believe that a few lashes would cure illnesses
over five hours. The whipping ceremony took place on                that afflict women. Some get the lashes as a blessing.
Vijayadashami day in the ancient Sri Achappan Temple                But why only women and girls? Why not men? The
at Bavithram Vellalapatti, a remote village situated on             villagers have an answer: spirits love to reside in bodies
the border of Tiruchi and Namakkal districts.                       of women! So they have to be whipped once every year.

The group whipping was done by men priests dressed                  Bavithram Vellalapatti village is probably one of the few
in flowing red robes. They literally cracked the whip on            places were men can flog women in public in the name
the women and girls to drive away their ailments. And               of traditional medicine and get away. This is one `bitter
many of the ailments, according to the locals, are caused           pill’ all of us would never ever take. So, stay away from
by huge monster type evil spirits, not by little wriggly            Bavithram Vellalapatti. HI

                                                                   HEALINDIA wu       November        2009   tv
     bangkok diary
Very Few Indian Nutritionists & Researchers Participating
In 19th International Congress Of Nutrition 2009 At
Bangkok Demoralizes The Indian Diaspora

       ndia also bidding for 21st ICN in 2017 reveals          Universities who should have given financial help to
by Swadeep Srivastava

       IUNS President. It was quite disappointing for          their selected Nutritionists who had avid interest in
       the Indian diaspora actively involved with ICN          Nutrition research and would have facilitated their
       2009 at Bangkok to see that only 76 Delegates           registration & TA/DA at ICN 2009 as this conference
       registered from India, the second largest popu-         is organized every 4 years and was hosted in Asia
lace country while China still fared well with 116             only after 20 years.”
registration out of total registered delegates of 3453
                                                               The Nutrition Specialist also pointed out that, “Since
comprising of Nutrionists, Researchers, Scholars, Nu-
trition Scientists, Consumer Healthcare Companies’             Registeration fees is as high as 500 US $ and air-
Executives & Nutrition Marketing Specilists from 106           travel & hotel stay would add upto another 1000 US
countries. Compared to 76 registered delagates from            $ so the Universities and Reasearch Institutes along
India, neighboring Bangladesh fared quite well with            with Govt. of India should provide some grant to
45 while Pakistan seemed to be quite engaged with              aspiring Reasearchers & Practitioners in the field of
in-house terrorism and instability problems and only           Nutrition & Dietetics to participate in International
& delegates participated in the International Conven-          Conferences of relevance to enhance and upgrade
tion of Nutritionists held in the neighboring Thailand.        their knowledge on science of nutrition by personally
The host Thailand obviously topped the list with 765           interacting with international experts of repute.”
registered delegates while USA stood at second with            Small countries like Denmark (28), Finland (29),
405, Japan at third with 279 registered delegates              France (70), Iran (74), Malaysia (76), Netherlands
followed by China (116), Indonesia (105) & Australia           (61), Phillipines (48), Switzerland (60), Sweden
(101), the only 6 countries which could cross 100              (32) & Vietnam (38) still figured well, probably
mark.                                                          indicating that their interest & involvement in
This definitely cannot become a standard index                 bringing out remarkable policy changes in the field
meter to analyse the interest and involvement of               of Interventions in Public Health & Nutrition and
any country on the subject of Nutritional Science              promoting innovative, breakthrough research and
and malnutrition, under-nutrition & over-nutrition             studies in Nutrition Behaviour & Sciences is much
(obesity) issues related to it, but as a Nutrition             higher compared to India, which still stands to be on
specialist from a leading multi-national pointed out,          the list of WHO’s top ‘malnourished’ countries with
“This shows that the Dieticians are still deprived             a severe level of iron, iodine & essential vitamins
of the privelege of participating in Nutritional               & minerals defficiencies resulting in a very high
Science issues in India and moreso, it also shows              incidence infant mortality and under-nourished
lack of support from Medical/ Nutrition Institutes &           children with stunted growth. HI

Dr. Reddy’s Stellar Contributions To Public Health
It was a proud moment for India when one of the Key Plenary Sessions was addressed
Acclaimed At The 19th Icn 2009 Bangkok
by Dr. K Srinath Reddy, President of Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) & Prof. of
Cardiology, AIIMS, New Delhi in presence of H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirihindron, the
Princess of Thailand. The princess appreciated Dr. Reddy’s efforts and his enlightening
views on merging knowledge of Science with Public Health Initiatives. Dr. Reddy’s
stellar efforts towards effecting life style modifications and ensuring appropriate policy
interventions were also acclaimed. It was emphasized that there is a need to merge the
two for achieving Public Health Interventions in Developing Countries. Dr Reddy, in turn,
cited the successful implementation of organized Public Health Intervention in bringing
down tobacco related deaths in both developed and developing countries. His views were further endorsed by W.
Philip T James, Chairman, International Obesity Task Force, UK who also reiterated the fact that causes of Obesity
and Chronic Diseases are inter-related to Climate Change and should handled in totality.

                                                          10   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
     kolkata diary

Cancer finds new answer in Kolkata
     by Charles Nandi

                    ith the cancer cases on the rise in         in early diagnosis and detection of cancer patients,”
                    Kolkata in recent times, Netaji Sub-        he said.
                    has Chandra Bose Cancer Institute
                                                                He also pointed out that the Union health
                    (NSCBCRI) is setting up ten tele-
                                                                department under the National Cancer Control
                    medicine centres in different parts
                                                                Programme sanctioned Rs 50 lakh to set up such
of the state. City-based oncologists say that there has
                                                                facilities in West Bengal.
been an increase in the number of cancer patients
with nearly 75,000 new cancer patients being treated            The telemedicine centres will be located at Siliguri,
in the city each year.                                          Malda, Alipurduar, Krishnagar, Diamond Harbour,
                                                                Barrackpore, Bankura, Midnapore and Raigunj.
The cancer specialists also point out that while 20
percent of cancer patients are treated in the city,             Dr Mukherjee says that the main purpose of the
80 per cent of the cases are detected and treated               centres is to share information about symptoms and
in the peripheral health care centres run by rural              detect cancer at an early stage.
practitioners. In India around 25 lakh patients suffer
                                                                With the help of the centres, Kolkata oncologists can
from various types of cancer each year, with 10 lakh
                                                                also train the rural practitioners so that they can
new cancer patients being treated each year.
                                                                detect the symptoms of cancer at an early stage.
“Alarmed by the sudden rise of the cancer patients,
                                                                The telemedicine centres are going to link oncologists
the tele-medicine centres are being set up”, said Dr
                                                                from NSCBCRI, Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute
Asish Mukherjee, director of NSCBCRI. “This will help
                                                                and other independent bodies like Cancer Care and
                                                                Welfare Home, to provide comprehensive cancer care.
                                                                The centres will be functioning under NSCBCRI as the
                                                                nodal centre in Kolkata.
                                                                The centres will be inaugurated on 7 November in the
                                                                presence of the Union health minister of state, Dinesh
                                                                Meanwhile a city based NGO, Fight Cancer is also
                                                                coming up with a project to help patients from
                                                                eastern India through counseling and low-cost
                                                                treatment for the patients belonging to lower-strata
                                                                of the society.
                                                                “Cancer patients go to Mumbai, Delhi and other parts
                                                                of the country for treatment and end up spending
                                                                huge money without getting any results. Sometimes,
                                                                they are duped by touts.
                                                                Most of them are forced to return to Kolkata and seek
                                                                treatment here,” doctors said. NGOs like Fight Cancer
                                                                will be helping them a lot. HI

                                                                                 Charles Nandi
                                                                                 Consultant, HEAL India

                                                           11   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
                                                                                 ut of the blue
                                                    ICU patient dies due to
                                                    power failure
                                                    A 74-year-old under intensive care at Delhi’s Govind Ballabh
                                                    Pant Hospital passed away on Saturday, Oct 10, after her life
                                                    support system collapsed due to a power cut.
                                                    Mrs Sharada Gaur would have celebrated her 75th birthday on
                                                    Sunday, Oct 11. But the power cut lasted for over 45 minutes,

                                                    and the doctors.
                                                    couldn’t revive despite their best efforts, a media report said.
Raj Mangal, the deceased’s son-in-law, the doctors, in a bid to save her, resorted to using light from their cellphones
to manually revive her.
According to him, the back up generators didn’t kick in when the power collapsed, plunging the entire ICU and CCU
wings into darkness and shutting off important life support machines.
The family has decided to sue the hospital with criminal negligence.

      es     Maintain a strong immune system during winter
            he miserable symptoms of a cold or the flu
            are actually signs that your immune system                Many products claim to boost or support
                                                                      Can herbs or supplements boost immunity?

            is working to fight off the offending virus.              immunity, but the concept of boosting immunity
            You get a fever, for example, because your                actually makes little sense scientifically.
            immune system’s cells work better at a
                                                                      In fact, boosting the number of cells in your body
higher body temperature, while germs don’t reproduce
                                                                      — immune cells or others — may not be a good
as well at higher temperatures. The swelling in your
                                                                      thing to do. There are many different kinds of
sinuses is due to the fact that armies of immune cells
                                                                      cells that respond to many different germs in
are rushing to the area to fight the germs. A runny nose
                                                                      many ways.
allows your body to flush out germs along with mucus.
                                                                      Which cells should you boost and to what
                                                                      number? So far, scientists do not know the
                                                                      answers to these questions. What is known is that
Your immune system is your best defense against

                                                                      the body is continually generating immune cells.
infectious illnesses. Keep it in optimum shape with

 Don’t smoke. If you already smoke, try to quit, even if
healthy-living strategies such as these:

   you’ve been unsuccessful at kicking the habit in the               Although some herbs and supplements have been
   past.                                                              found to alter components of immune function,
 Eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains,            thus far there is no evidence that they actually
   and low in saturated fat.                                          bolster protection against infection or disease.
 Take a multivitamin if you suspect that you may not
                                                                      Demonstrating whether an herb — or any
   be getting all the nutrients you need through your
                                                                      substance for that matter — can enhance
                                                                      immunity is a complex task. For example,
 Exercise regularly.
                                                                      scientists don’t know whether an herb that seems
 Maintain a healthy weight.
                                                                      to raise the levels of a type of immune cell in
 Control your stress level.
                                                                      the blood is actually doing anything beneficial
 Control your blood pressure.
                                                                      for overall immunity. Following general health
 If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation.
                                                                      guidelines is the best step you can take toward
 Get adequate sleep.
                                                                      keeping your immune system strong and healthy.
 Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing your
   hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly.                                                     (Courtesy: Cold and Flu)

                                                           12   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
Starkey Introduces Sweeping

Changes to Hearing Aids;
Touch Screen Meets Hearing
Aid in New S Series BTE
Patients Overwhelmingly Prefer Sweep
Technology to Traditional Controls

by Kamlesh Bishnoi, Senior Audiologist, Starkey India

          tarkey Laboratories, Inc., one of the world’s
          leading hearing technology companies, is
          excited to introduce the new S Series™ BTE
          with Sweep™ Technology – providing a
          completely new way to adjust hearing aids.
Sweep Technology replaces all of the traditional hear-
ing aid buttons and dials with an innovative touch
surface that allows users to adjust volume up or
down and change memories with the simple sweep
or touch of a finger. Even patients with limited dexter-    The new S Series BTE is a flexible option that can be
ity can easily change their hearing aid settings.           fit with standard earmolds or open with thin tubing.
“This technology makes hearing aids both smarter            The instrument includes Advanced HydraShield™,
and simpler,” said Jerry Ruzicka, President of              Starkey’s proprietary moisture and corrosion
Starkey. “We have spent three years researching and         protection system, as well as T2, giving patients the
developing a way to package this advanced touch             ability to adjust hearing aid volume or memories with
surface technology into a hearing aid – and it paid off.    a touch-tone phone. The instrument was designed for
Patients in our clinical trails have overwhelmingly         optimal patient acceptance, utilizing the same design
preferred Sweep Technology to traditional controls.”        language as the award-winning S Series receiver-in-
                                                            canal (RIC).
Traditional hearing aid buttons, switches and dials
are often difficult for patients to find and manipulate.    The new BTE with Sweep Technology rounds out
With Sweep Technology, there is no mechanical               Starkey’s S Series with Drive Architecture™ line
movement required for activation, no push buttons           of hearing instruments, which already includes
that oxidize and fail with time, and no openings            completely-in-canal, in-the-canal and in-the-ear
around the volume control wheel that allow moisture         styles, along with a full RIC family, in four technology
and dirt to enter the hearing aid. The sweep surface        levels. Drive Architecture triples the processing
is a single seamless control, giving patients full access   power of previous platforms, enabling industry-
to volume, memory and standby controls – smarter            leading feedback cancellation, superior integrated
technology that makes patients’ lives simpler.              noise management, live real ear measurement,
                                                            and much more. It is engineered from the ground
                                                            up to deliver maximum performance, comfort and
    Sweeping a finger up increases the volume and
Here’s how it works:
    sweeping down decreases the volume.
    Memory adjustments are made with a simple touch

    of the surface.
                                                                 To have the Starkey experience for yourself, please
                                                                 visit your hearing professional or visit us at www.
                                                               or call 0120-4081000.

                              Symposium On Science and
                         Spirituality Projects Spirituality As A
                             Useful Disease Fighting Tool
       t was probably the heady mix of Science and             Spirituality, as seen from the modern perspective,
       Spirituality as also the ambience that made it a        is not an aloof abstract concept but a pragmatic
       memorable evening. As people emerged from               ‘hands – on approach’ in terms of countering lifestyle
       the conference hall at Hotel Le Meridien on             illnesses.
       Thursday evening the conversations were mut-
                                                               Dr. Mitchell. W. Krucoff, Professor of Medicine/
ed and the calm palpable. The evening Symposium
                                                               Cardiology and Director of Cardiovascular Devices
on ‘ Science, Spirituality and Healing’ that they were
                                                               Unit at DUKE University made an interesting
here to attend seemed to have had the desired effect.
                                                               presentation on the MANTRA study Project (briefly
Organized by Escorts Hospital in association with the
                                                               the Monitoring and Actualization of Noetic Training).
World Academy of Spiritual Sciences, Cardiological
                                                               He dwelt at length on the therapeutic effects of
Society of India and HEAL India, a complete Health
                                                               Music, Imagery, touch and Prayer, projecting these
and Family Magazine, the Symposium saw scientists
                                                               as useful adjuncts to Cardiovascular care. He quoted
of international repute discussing Spirituality.
                                                               some studies he and his team conducted at DUKE
Chaired jointly by Dr. Ashok Seth, Chairman and Chief          University on some patients with Heart Disease
Cardiologist, Escorts Heart and Research Institute             wherein the patients were divided into two groups
and President of the Cardiological Society of India,           with one group receiving only the standard treatment
Dr. S.K.Sama, Senior Consultant Gastroenterology,              and the other group receiving the MIT (Music
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Dr. H.K.Chopra, Chief               Imagery Touch) therapy in addition to the standard
Cardiologist Moolchand Medcity, the Symposium                  treatment. The results, he said, were astounding
provided some interesting insights into the                    with the latter group showing marked improvement
communion of Science and Spirituality. The common              with respect to all the disease indicators as also
thread running through all the presentations was that          with respect to the end results. Dr. Krucoff also

                                                          1   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
emphasized that there cannot be an‘ either – or’               Dr. S.C. Manchanda, Senior Consultant Cardiologist,
scenario as far as modern Medicine and ‘spiritual              Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Vice – Chairman World
therapy’ are concerned. MIT has to be seen as a very           Academy of Spiritual Sciences, in his speech dealt
useful adjunct to the therapy modern Medicine has              specifically with the benefits that necessarily
on offer.                                                      accrue from a Yogic Lifestyle. He cited many studies
                                                               specifically the Lifestyle Heart Trial (conducted by
                                                               Ornish and colleagues, 1990, 1998), Yogic Heart
                                                               Trial (Manchanda et. al, 2000) and the Rajyoga Trial
                                                               (Gupta 2006). All these trials, he emphasized,
                                                               had repeatedly proved that practicing Yoga markedly
                                                               improves Heart Health. Practicing Kriya Yoga, for
                                                               example, results in a drop in Blood Pressure and the
                                                               Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) levels. It also reduces
                                                               the Basal Metabolic Index (BMI). Similarly Mahajan
                                                     , in a study conducted at AIIMS observed that
                                                               in people practicing Shavasana there was a marked
                                                               reduction in the blood Pressure. Dr. Manchanda
                                                               observed that these findings acquire particular
                                                               significance in view of the fact that Heart Disease
                                                               claims a large number of victims in the country every
                                                               year. Of all the deaths occurring in India annually
                                                               Heart Disease accounts for 28%. Yoga, he said, is a
                                                               holistic and intensive lifestyle modification that aims
                                                               at the harmonious development of body and mind
                                                               leading to physical well – being and mental peace,
                                                               ultimately culminating in positive Health outcomes.
                                                               Contrary to popular perception Spirituality is
Said Dr. Ashok Seth, “ Spirituality as a therapeutic           not only about Metaphysical speculations and
modality has immense potential. Spirituality is as             Ontological questions, it is also about morality, ethics
much about a disciplined, balanced approach to                 and an overall disciplined & balanced approach to
life as about pursuit of things Metaphysical. In its           life. This acquires particular significance in view
various manifestations, as for example Music and               of the stressed, ‘ over the top’ lives most people
Prayer Spirituality has been observed to have a                lead today. This approach helps prevent a host
considerable impact in terms of preventing diseases            of lifestyle diseases, some of which have started
and promoting healing. For instance, it has been               acquiring epidemic proportions. In this context
observed that Music is a great healer and listening to         Spirituality deserves far more attention than it has
it helps relieve stress. This, in turn works wonders on        so far received. It needs to be taken much more
our Cardiovascular System”. He also briefly touched            seriously by the scientific community and studied
upon the Metaphysical aspect. He said he has often             accordingly, employing scientific methods. For this
wondered why treatment modalities that have                    to happen, however, perspectives need to change. Dr.
worked wonders for 98% of his patient don’t seem to            W. Selvamurthy, Chief Co- coordinator, R&D, DRDO
be working for the other 2%. It makes him suspect,             outlined a ‘ Scientist’s Perspective of
he said, that there probably are ‘ intangibles’ and ‘
imponderables’ at work. This makes sense too since             Spirituality’. He made interesting observations about
Modern Medicine has very little understanding of               the unbelievable dogmatism that seems to overtake
the complex mechanisms at work inside the Human                some scientists when they are dealing with matters
body. For this very reason it is important that in the         spiritual.
true scientific spirit we should attempt a thorough            Overall, it was an engrossing evening at Le Meridien.
scientific understanding of things Spiritual and try           The Symposium is expected to go a long way in
to forge a union between the two, which does bring             helping people transform their stressed lives,
tangible benefits as studies are already proving.              employing a judicious mix of Scientific rationale and
The Symposium also saw Yoga being hailed as a vital            Spiritual discipline. In helping prevent disease this
preventive Healthcare Intervention.                            may just prove to be our best bet. HI

                                                          15   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv

World Congress On Clinical Preventive
and Geriatric Cardiology
Lays Down Heart Health Guidelines

              Organizing                       President                                 Scientific
              Dr. H. K. Chopra                 Dr. Navin. C. Nanda (USA)                 Dr. S.K. Parashar

              Organizing                       International                             Chairman

                ore than 1500 delegates from India             Great Icon of the Century in Clinical and Preventive
                and abroad participated in scientific          Cardiology” for outstanding contribution to the
                deliberations at World Congress on             field of Cardiology for the last 32 years and Dr. S.K.
                Clinical Preventive and Geriatric              Parashar received the “Pioneer in Clinical and Non
                Cardiology (WCCPGC), 2009. Held                Invasive Cardiology” award.
at Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi from 2nd
                                                               The awards were presented by the Lt. Governor of
to 4th Oct. 2009 and inaugurated by the Hon’ble Lt.
                                                               Delhi Sh. Tejinder Khanna at the Inaugural function.
Governor of Delhi Sh. Tejinder Khanna and Finance
                                                               “WCCPGC-2009 Lifetime Achievement awards” were
Minister Dr. A.K. Walia, the Congress saw 32 Interna-
                                                               also bestowed upon Dr. V. K. Bahl, Dr. R. K. Panda,
tional Speakers and 108 speakers from India explore
                                                               Dr. Naresh Trehan, Dr. Ashok Seth, Dr. Vinod Sahgal
a range of issues connected with Heart Health.
                                                               (USA), Dr. Sandeep Gupta (UK), Dr. Rakesh Gupta, Dr.
The overarching aim of the conference was to                   I. B. Vijayalakshmi, Dr. G. S. Sainani, Dr.K. K. Aggarwal
lay down ‘Clinical and Preventive Cardiology’                  and other eminent doctors.
guidelines for Indians in view of the epidemic
proportions Coronary Artery Disease has acquired
in the country. It merits mention that the last 50
                                                               Some of the key learnings from the conference

years have seen a tremendous increase in the                    Lifestyle Optimization including regular exercise

incidence of Heart Disease in India. This compares               for 30 minutes daily, complete abstinence from
unfavourably with the Global incidence of Heart                  tobacco consumption, consumption of more fruits,
Disease. This burgeoning incidence of Heart Disease              vegetables and nuts is eminently desirable as far
can be ascribed to a host of factors including Faulty            as preventing Heart Disease is concerned.
Lifestyles, Smoking, Obesity, High Cholesterol,                 Fat rich diet especially fried fast food should be
Hypertension, Diabetes, high levels of negative stress,          abandoned.
faulty eating habits and genetic predisposition.                Managing weight is absolutely essential. Ideally,
                                                                 abdominal girth should be less than 90 cms. in
The conference also saw awards being conferred
                                                                 men and less than 80 cms. in women.
on Dr. Navin C. Nanda International President of
                                                                Bad Cholesterol (Triglycerides) should be
WCCPGC, Dr. H.K. Chopra, Organizing Chairman and
Dr. S.K. Parashar, Scientific Chairman. Dr. Nanda                less than 130mg% and (LDL – Low Density
received “The Cardiologist of Millennium” award                  Lipoprotein) should be less then 70mg%.
for distinguished services to the medical fraternity            Blood Sugar Fasting should be less than 110 mg%.
for the last 40 years. Dr. Chopra was awarded “The              Blood Pressure should be 120/80mmHg. HI

                                                          1   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv

           Physicians No Longer Taught
              To Treat Tuberculosis
                                                                accepted strategies for management and control
                                                                of TB, will link to the WMA’s MDR-TB course which
    Concern that many doctors are no
                                                                has been running for the past two years. It is free
                                                                of charge and can be used by physicians in private
   longer being taught to diagnose and

                                                                practice as well as in the public. Physicians will be
 treat tuberculosis (TB) has led the World

                                                                able to receive credits for completing the course

Medical Association to launch a new online

                                                                as part of their continuing medical education
      refresher course for physicians.

   ‘TB is often thought                                         programme. Although the course is available only
                                                                in English at the moment, it will be translated into
  to be a “disease of
                                                                Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese. Dr. Seyer
  the past,” but 4,500
                                                                said that tuberculosis caused nine million new
  people a day are
                                                                cases and two million deaths every year. Two billion
  dying from it, most                                           people were infected with the disease worldwide.
  of whom are in their                                          In some parts of the world, 75 per cent of HIV-
  most productive                                               positive patients were infected with TB. The new
  working years, aged 15 to 54’.                                online course is being financed by an unrestricted
                                                                educational grant by the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership,
  Executive Director, Global Tuberculosis Institute             which comprises several other organisations who
                                                                are working together to improve tuberculosis control
  Dr. Lee B. Reichman,

                                                                worldwide and to support the new Global Plan to
             he refresher course will provide basic             Stop TB 2006-15. HI
             clinical care information for TB including
             the latest diagnostics, treatment and
                                                                                                  (World Medical Association)

             information about multidrug-resistant
                                                                   Elected President,
             TB. It will also provide information on
                                                                   Dr. Ketan Desai,

                                                                   World Medical Association
how to ensure patient adherence and infection
control and will include many aspects of TB care                   The World Medical
and management with a global scope so that it can                  Association (WMA) at its
be used across regions. The course was launched at                 General Assembly held in
the WMA’s annual General Assembly in New Delhi,                    New Delhi between 14th
India. Dr. Julia Seyer, medical adviser at the WMA,                to 17th October, 2009
said: ‘When we started an online multidrug-resistant               unanimously elected Dr.
tuberculosis (MDR-TB) training course in 2006,                     Ketan Desai, President,
we discovered that many physicians were missing                    Medical Council of India and former National
the most basic knowledge about normal TB. With                     President, Indian Medical Association as the
the disappearance of the disease from large parts                  President (Elect) of the World Medical Association.
of the world, many physicians from the developed                   The General Assembly of the World Medical
world had never even seen a case of TB and had no                  Association was held in India for the first time
basic training in diagnosing and treating what is a                wherein delegates and representatives from well
preventable disease. ‘Now that TB has re-emerged                   over 94 countries participated.
as a serious global disease, it is vital that physicians
                                                                   The General Assembly was inaugurated at the hand
around the world regain the basic knowledge they
                                                                   of Hon’ble Smt. Pratibha Patil, the President of India
once had. The course will be useful in developing
                                                                   in the august presence of Hon’ble Shri Gulam Nabi
countries, where the majority of TB cases are, and
                                                                   Azad, the Union Health Minister, Govt. of India.
will serve as a refresher of what physicians may have
learned some time ago.’ The new course was written                 The General Assembly of the World Medical
for the WMA by the New Jersey Medical School                       Association in electing Dr. Ketan Desai as its
Global Tuberculosis Institute, USA. The new course,                President has conferred this honour on an Indian
which incorporates key strategies of internationally               for the first time in the recent history.

                                                           1   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv

Is the heart smarter than the brain ?
                  In today’s age of high work stress, crunching deadlines,
              hard-to-achieve targets, it’s important that firms use emotional
                intelligence as a tool to de-stress and motivate employees.

by Dr. Harshit Jain

     n present day scenario, there has been a                have opportunities for growth in various sectors,
     remarkable change in the way we work and                leaving no time for the new leaders to go through the
     the rules that we adopt. People are not only            entire learning curve, which comes with experience.
     evaluated by how smart or intelligent they are,         Dynamic business conditions demand a certain level
     or the training and expertise attained, but also        of maturity and emotional intelligence from leaders
how well they handle themselves.                             at every level. The typical example of this can be
                                                             the high levels of attrition in some sectors where
Research conducted at Center for High Performance
                                                             employees have no emotional connection with the
Development (CHPD) concluded that ten years ago
                                                             organization they are working in.
the leadership environment was stable, simple and
steady. Therefore, a strong leadership could impact          One of the demands that leaders today need to cope
10-12 per cent performance behavior. However,                with is being able to foresee and create the future,
in the current dynamic, complex and competitive              and then paint a clear picture of their vision in front
environment, leadership can be the definite edge.            of those who they lead.
With a growing Indian economy, the demand for                So, do developing high levels of emotional intelligence
talented young leaders is almost insatiable. People          help employees become leaders of tomorrow?

                                                        1   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
             Go to the gym, take an exercise class or participate in activities that reduce your stress level.
                    Take up a new hobby or sport that involves interacting with other people.
                                  Take a class at your local community college.

                                               Join a support group.
                                              Keep a feelings journal.
                              See a counselor to help you deal with your emotions.
                                        Take an anger management course.
                                     Enroll in a communication skills course.
                            Read books about emotional intelligence and social skills.
                                      Do emotional intelligence workbooks.
        Ask your friends and family to help you recognize the things about yourself that may need correcting.

1. A friend has borrowed something small, but                    4. Your boss has assigned you your first big
   high in sentimental value. You’ve asked for your                 project, and the success or failure of the project

                                                                 A. You get nervous and pace. Nervous energy helps
   friend to return the item, but your friend has                   could make or break your career.

A. You give your friend the cold shoulder until he or               fuel the process.
   failed to bring it back.

   she returns your item.
                                                                 B. You push it aside; you’ll get to it later.
B. You admit to your friend how important the item
                                                                 C. You spend the next week planning the project out in
   is to you and why you would like it back, and ask
                                                                    careful detail before telling anybody.
   your friend to return the item to you.
                                                                 D. You take a few minutes to relax, give yourself time
C. You end the friendship. You don’t need a friend who
                                                                    to think, bounce ideas off a colleague, and decide to
   disrespects you and your feelings.
                                                                    pursue the idea that makes you feel most confident.
D. You let it go. Friendship is more important than
   material items.
                                                                 5. You are walking down the street, suddenly trip,

                                                                 A. You regain your poise, laugh at yourself, and
                                                                    and almost land flat on your face.

                                                                    continue on your way.
2. Your long-term partner has ended your
   relationship and you are upset because you

                                                                 B. You look around and give anyone who is looking at
A. You immerse yourself in many projects -- maybe
   wanted the relationship to continue.

                                                                    you a dirty look.
   you won’t think about it.
                                                                 C. You turn red with embarrassment, put your head
B. You stay home every night and cry about the
                                                                    down, start walking, and hope no one noticed.
                                                                 D. You get mad and curse yourself under your breath.
C. You decide to make the best of it and find healthy
   outlets for your feelings.
D. You get involved with someone you don’t care
   about just to be with someone.
                                                                 6. You are on a first date, and you notice that your

                                                                 A. You start to obsess that there is something wrong
                                                                 date seems to be very uncomfortable.

                                                                    with you.
3. Your significant other has a habit that annoys

A. You threaten to leave the relationship if things don’t        B. You make an effort to get your date involved in a
   you more and more each day.

   change.                                                          conversation and find out more about him or her.
B. Live with it! You have annoying habits too.                   C. You assume your date isn’t interested in you -- then
                                                                    start flirting with someone across the room.
C. You tell the person what annoys you and why.
                                                                 D. You decide that on your next date you will plan
D. You try to make a joke about it so he or she might
                                                                    something he/she likes to do, even if you don’t
   get the hint to stop.
                                                                    enjoy that activity.

                                                            19   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
                                                               9. You are hanging out with a group of friends and
                                                                  one of your friend’s starts to make negative

                                                               A. You tell your friend that you don’t feel comfortable
                                                                  comments about a friend who isn’t there.

                                                                  talking about people who aren’t there, and change
                                                                  the subject.
                                                               B. You keep quiet and beat yourself up for not saying
                                                                  anything to stop it.
                                                               C. You add a few negative comments about the friend
                                                                  who isn’t there.
                                                               D. You say nothing at the moment, and later you
                                                                  privately talk about your feelings to your friend
                                                                  who made the comment

                                                               10. Your best friend has recently broken up with

                                                               A. You bash your friend’s mate and tell your friend
                                                                   someone and is taking it hard.

                                                                  that he or she is better off alone.
                                                               B. You ask your friend what you can do to help him or
                                                                  her get through this.
                                                               C. You take him or her out for a wild night on the
                                                                  town to get his or her mind off the breakup.
                                                               D. You start to worry about your own relationship
                                                                  and if you might get dumped.
                                                               Each answer represents the concept of emotional
7. You find out that the promotion you were

A. You lock yourself in your office and cry.                   intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is about having
   hoping for was given to someone else.

B. You obsess over what the other person had that              empathy for others. It is about standing up for what
   you didn’t and compare yourself to him or her               you believe in a tactful and respectful way. It is
                                                               about not jumping to conclusions, but getting the
                                                               whole picture before you react. The key to emotional
C. You continue to do your best; you know the next             intelligence is an understanding of your emotions
   promotion is yours.                                         and the emotions of others, and acting in the most
                                                               appropriate way based on that understanding.
D. You forget about it. You didn’t want the job that
   much anyway.                                                Having a healthy emotional intelligence is very
                                                               important in order for human beings to live happy
                                                               and successful lives. Healthy emotional intelligence
                                                               helps us set our personal boundaries, make decisions
                                                               about our lives, and communicate with the people we
8. Your significant other is spending a lot of extra

   time at the office and acting distant.

                                                               Regardless of your score, keep in mind that your
A. You have been so busy you haven’t noticed.                  emotional intelligence can change. People are always
B. You devise a plan to get your partner’s attention at        evolving. You can increase your EQ at any point in
   all costs.                                                  your life by learning to identify your emotions and
                                                               taking responsibility for those emotions. And just
C. You automatically assume that your partner is               as easily as you can increase your EQ, you can also
   having an affair with a coworker.                           decrease it. You must continue to identify and work
D. You talk to your partner about what is going on             on areas within yourself that need work. HI
   at work and see if there is anything you can do to
   help.                                                       iceberg.jpg

                                                          20   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv

                                      “      Life is Movement & the
                                             Movement is Life
                                             Dr. Raju Vaishya, (MS Ortho, MCh Ortho)

                                             President, Arthritis Care Foundation & Sr. Consultant
                                             Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon Indraprashta
                                             Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

                      Walk for Life, is an initiative taken by Dr. Raju Vaishya of
                       Arthritis Care Foundation to infuse a new lease of life in
                    patients suffering from Arthritis. Arthritis is not the end of ones
                     journey and can be prevented by developing some healthy
                             habits- WALKING & MOVING THE JOINTS!!!

                    alking & moving the joints,                knee which is just like a natural knee and can help
                    are easy and the safest way                him or her to walk and enjoy the life fully, “ says Dr.
                    for most people with arthritis             Raju Vaishya.
                    to improve their bone & joint
                                                               One such patient attending the walk for life run
                    health. The event (11th October
                                                               was 70 years old Mrs. Usha Rani Ahuja a from a
’09) started with a free bone density check and
                                                               retired teacher & principal of a Delhi School, was
consultation from the doctors, physiotherapists,
& dietitian. It was followed by a 50m race of the              suffering with disabling pain in both the knee &
arthritis patients and a badminton match. Then                 Right shoulder due to advance osteoarthritis of
there was a prize distribution by the president of             these joints. These arthritic joints made, an active
Arthritis Care Foundation Mr. Raju Vaishya Senior              lady, totally handicapped to the extent that she was
Consultant Orthopaedic & Joint replacement Surgeon,            wheel chair bound & could not do essential activities
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital and the Chief Guest Mr            of her daily living independently & was a victim
Ajay Ratra (Former Wicket Keeper of Indian Team).              of depression, therefore. She has had successful 3
                                                               joint replacements (both knees & Right shoulder)
“Walking adds minutes to your life. A normal and a fit         in a single sitting on the same day & is now almost
person usually wouldn’t understand the importance              free from pain & has been comfortably doing her
of walking. A patient with arthritis understands the           activities.
essence of walk in his life. People with arthritis are
unable to take a walk as it leads to restriction of the        “I lost hope of walking & faith of independent living.
knee movement which makes the life of the person               I was nervous to think about my painful & bedridden
painful. People can get crippled with severe pain              future. Ground sitting squatting became a dream for
throughout their life. However, it is essential for            me .Now I can sit and go for walking and jogging. He
everyone to understand that now with advancements              has changed my life and has given me a new lease of
in the field of joint replacements one is able to get a        life,” Mrs. Usha Rani.

                                                          22   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
Mrs Sarita Chauhan, 47 year old, was a victim of
Rheumatoid poly arthritis for past 10 years. Multiple
joints of her body got affected by this autoimmune
disease. The worst affected joints were both the
knees, which made her crippled & immobile, causing
severe pain, deformity & stiffness of the knees. She
has had successful total knee replacements of both
the knees. Now she is completely free of pain & has
useful range of painless movements of the knees,
making her mobile again.

Mrs. Chauhan had already suffered so much pain.
I wanted to give her a new life. This was a rare
surgery that was performed where in an implant
                                                                    A Good Replacement Surgery lasts a Lifetime
was transplanted through a small size cut (MIS) with
reduced operation time, blood loss, cost of hospital           Treatment of arthritis will depend on the type of

and stay in the hospital, “ said Dr.Raju Vaishya,              arthritis, its severity, and the arthritis patient’s
Senior Consultant Orthopaedic & Joint replacement              overall health. Joint replacement surgery is the
Surgeon, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.                         most common & successful treatment for arthritis.
                                                               It consists of replacing painful, arthritic parts of the
                                                               joint with artificial surfaces shaped in such a way as
    Arthritis - top ailment in our country
                                                               to allow joint movement.
Arthritis has become one of the topmost ailments in

our country. A recent report stated that one million
people are affected by this disease but only 14%               There are several myths about joint replacement
shows interest in the surgery. Experts claim that most         surgery. Most of the people feel that an implant would
Indians don’t go for replacement surgery. Rather, they         not last for lifetime, most would last 15-20 years
trust other traditional methods such as massage,               - whereas certain category of implants have known
home remedies, acupressure, etc to get rid of the              to last for 30 years as per latest studies. And after
pain. And in the process, they damage their joints,            15-20 years a revision surgery can be done to give
which further complicate treatment                             predictable results.

                    Leads to other Health Related                   Improve your quality of Life
                                                               The surgery not only improves the quality of life
                                                              

                             People with arthritis             tremendously but also helps in keeping the other
                              have worse health-               body parts intact. If a person with problem in one
                              related quality of life          joint delays the treatment, it affects other joints. For
                               than people without it,         example, a person with problem in one knee joint will
                                 regardless of sex, age        limp. The limping not only aggravates the pain in the
                                 or education level.           affected joint and lower back.
                                 Not only it affects
                                            the health
                                                                    Get rid of the misconceptions
                                              but also
                                              people           One of the major reasons that prevent people from

                                              suffer           undergoing surgery is the misconceptions that they
                                           from                have about surgeries. Where as such surgeries are
                                         mental                now so common all over the world and have become
                                       stress and              means of improving life style dramatically.
                                                               Certainly, newer advancements in joint replacements
                                                               are gradually catching attention of people all over
                                                               the world and they are taking conscious decisions to
                                                               bring life back to their life. HI

                                                          2   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv

                                                Is your Frantic Lifestyle

                                                an Ache ?
                                                       Our tech savvy lives are taking a toll on the
                                                    musculoskeletal system. This is leading towards a
                                                     higher incidence of musculoskeletal complaints.
                                                     A few hundred years ago if you spoke about the
                                                    importance of exercise to reduce musculoskeletal
                                                   complaints people would laugh at you. They got all
                                                 the exercise they needed from work, outside or home.

                 aking a living, raising a family,              of the body. She has pain in the entire spinal region
by Beenum Yadav

                 walking to and from places, gave               from the neck to the back. Her hassled schedule
                 them enough movement, so they                  never allowed for adequate time to see a doctor,
                 didn’t have to worry about exercise.           now she has pain radiating down the arms and legs
                 Today we have high-tech machines               too. This is the current state of affairs of almost all
and gadgets, to help us move around. We are walking             corporate executives. Research in the Journal ‘Spine’
less, courtesy high tech modes of transport, but                has revealed that 22% to 70% of the individuals have
complaining of knee pain much more than ever                    neck pain sometime in their lives. Faulty postures
before. We have an access to custom made shoes to               while sitting – at the workstation & sleeping – with a
meet our requirements but a higher incidence of foot            pillow too high or too low and carrying a heavy hand
and ankle pains. Do you fall in this category of never-         bag are one of the common reasons for neck pain
ending joint pains?? Are you one of those who spend             says Dr Attri, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Apollo
most of their time sitting at their office desk and end         Hospital. According to a recent survey, 51% of people
up having aches and pains all through the body?                 in Delhi suffer from back pain. Back pain is one of
                                                                the commonest causes of disability in the working
Shradha, young software professional grinds                     population. Overuse, normal aging process and poor
long hours at her corporate job. She complains of               posture while sitting, sleeping (sagging mattress) and
musculoskeletal aches and pains in multiple areas               driving are the common causes of back pain.

                                                          2   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
Ankur, call centre executive was repeatedly
complaining of back pain while sleeping and after
getting up from bed in the morning. After suffering
for 2 months, he finally decided to consult a doctor.
He was made to understand that pain might have
been due to a sagging mattress. He confirmed that
he felt that the mattress was sagging but was too ….
Lazy to change it. A firm mattress is ideal to provide
adequate support to the curvatures of the spine.
Avoid sleeping without a pillow, as it causes the neck
to bend in awkward positions, leading to excessive
stresses on the spinal region. Use a back support
while driving a car to firmly support the back,
especially during long distance journeys.
The joints in the low back region and the entire lower
extremity are excessively loaded with use of high
heeled footwear. In a lifetime, the average person will
walk around the planet four times. Imagine the stress
on the knees and ankles to walk this distance in high
heeled footwear? That’s a lot of time spent on our
feet; therefore it’s important to ensure that feet are
adequately supported to support our body weight for
standing and walking. Well fitting and comfortable
flat shoes are ideal. They provide adequate support
to the feet and reduce any excessive stresses on the
                                                                Being tech savvy individuals; our lives are largely
lower extremity.
                                                                dependant on the technology. “Walk when you
A survey conducted by Tata Consultancy Services has             talk” the punch line has caught the attention of a
revealed that 99% of Delhi’s children have access to            wide range of people. Getting rid of the technology
mobile phones. There are reports of Repetitive Stress           is almost out of question. The idea is to alter our
Injuries (RSI) affecting children as young as seven             lifestyles so that the technology is not hazardous
due to excessive SMS-ing and gaming. “The principle             to our lives. Good and evil part of the technology
is the same, whether you’re a programmer, typist or             is bound together in an equilibrium that cannot be
a violinist,” explains Dr. Attri “RSIs are cumulative           sundered. The most we can do is to try and tilt the
injuries that develop due to excessive stress build up          equilibrium toward the good. If SMS-ing starts to
over a period of time, starting from stage one, where           hurt, stop. Alternate between hands and fingers you
there is intermittent pain which vanishes shortly               use. Don’t text for more than a few minutes at a time.
after you stop the activity to stage three, where you           Take lots of breaks to stretch and relax .Do not grip
are in constant pain with or without any activity”.             the phone tightly. Press the buttons lightly.
                                                                Maintaining a fitness routine incorporating stretching
                                                                exercise, cardiovascular activities, strengthening
                                                                exercises help in preventing musculoskeletal
                       “Research in the Journal ‘Spine’

                                                                complaints and their recurrence. Regular exercise
                       has revealed that 22% to 70%

                                                                improves the blood supply and releases endorphin
                       of the individuals have neck

                                                                which naturally provides pain relief. Walking as an
                       pain sometime in their lives,

                                                                exercise is highly recommended for back pain as it
                       faulty postures while sitting

                                                                relieves the pressure on the discs. Upright sitting and
                       – at the workstation & sleeping

                                                                standing go a long way in reducing the recurrence
                       – with a pillow too high or too

                                                                of musculoskeletal complaints, says Dr Attri. He also
                       low and carrying a heavy hand

                                                                said that, “Bend your knees to lift objects and hold
                       bag are one of the common

                                                                them close to the body while lifting them from the
                       reasons for neck pain”.

Sr. Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon,                              ground to avoid excessive stresses in the low back
Dr. K. B. Attri

Apollo Hospital, Delhi                                          region. Avoid twisting your body while lifting and
                                                                prefer pushing than pulling heavy objects”. HI

                                                          25   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv

                    Lighter Side of Life, Series
by Dr. Nandakishore Dukkipati

                                                                long lasting treatment for morbid obesity and many
                                                                related conditions, but now mounting evidence
Bariatric Surgery - The only long
                                                                suggests it may be among the most effective
                                                                treatments for metabolic diseases and conditions
term weight loss solution
Obesity is the unseen epidemic turning into a silent
                                                                including type-2 diabetes, hypertension, high
killer today. Obesity and its related complications and
                                                                cholesterol, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and
conditions are the second leading cause n the world
                                                                obstructive sleep apnea.
right next to Smoking.
                                                                The consensus statement from world reknowned
Also, latest research and publications show that,
                                                                organizations such as National Institute of Health
approximately 10% of the Cancers are now being
                                                                (NIH), American Society forMetabolic and Bariatric
caused by Obesity. Obesity can cause cancers of
                                                                Surgery (ASMBS) is that,
many organs in the body such as, stomach, pancreas,
large intestine, prostate in men and uterus cancer in           “Surgery for severe obesity goes way beyond weight
women. These are just a few of the conditions Obesity           loss. This surgery results in the complete remission
can cause besides ailments such as Diabetes, High               or significant improvement of type 2 diabetes and
blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglyceride               other life-threatening diseases in most patients”.
levels that can lead to stroke etc.
                                                                Surgical options for weight loss have been in
Obesity is a major problem of 21st century and it               existence for few decades. This field of science has
should be dealt with quickly and efficiently to prevent         evolved significantly in last decade due to obesity
a catastrophic future effects. Childhood obesity is on          becoming a global epidemic and also in part due to
the rise and every fourth child is obese in our schools.        availability of new technology and instrumentation
This will create a large number of young adults and             that allowed for these procedures to be performed
teen age kids with health problems and conditions               in a minimally invasive or laparoscopic approach.
that are usually seen in their fourth decade of life.           In this, the surgical procedures are performed
                                                                with usage of very small skin incisions and camera
Proper diet combined with exercise and changes in
life style should be practiced to reduce the impact of
this Obesity epidemic. Several methods of weight loss           The available current surgical options for morbid
are available today for weight loss, but, most of them          obesity are
target the short term weight loss. This lost weight can
come back with in next few months.
                                                                A balloon is placed into the stomach under direct
                                                                1.Intra-Gastric Balloon

                                 However, Bariatric             vision with an endoscope (camera through the
                                 surgery offers a long          mouth). Once the balloon is in place, it is inflated to
                                 term weight loss               450 to 550 ml of fluid. The balloon occupies most of
                                 solution that not only         the space in the stomach and helps in reducing the
                                 helps in reducing the          food intake. One can feel full with very little food. This
                                 excess weight but
                                 also helps prevent
                                 future weight gain.
                                 Surgical procedures
                                 performed to reduce
                                 weight (Baros),
                                 is called Bariatric
                                 Bariatric (weight
                                 loss) surgery is
                                 known to be the
                                 most effective and

                                                           2   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
balloon needs to be removed within 6 months since              This procedure is irreversible and is relatively new
the gastric acid will damage it. It can be replaced            with data of efficacy for past 3 years. This procedure,
again.                                                         originally designed as an initial stage of another
                                                               extensive surgery, has been shown to be effective for
                                                               weight loss by itself. Good weight loss is seen with
                                                               this procedure; however, concern exists regarding
2. Laparoscopic adjustable Gastric band

In this operation, a silicone gastric band is placed
                                                               the possibility of re-enlargement of the stomach

around the upper part of the stomach, creating a
                                                               tube. This should not result if the appropriate diet
small pouch. The small size of the pouch means that
                                                               guidelines are followed.
you feel full sooner. The band can be adjusted in size
by inflating or deflating the band.
This allows the health professional to adjust the
                                                               Laparoscopic Roux-en-y
size of the opening between the pouch and the
stomach and in turn can effectively control amount
                                                               Gastric Bypass
                                                               This procedure combines the restrictive factor
of food required to obtain early satiety. Gastric band
                                                               by reducing the amount of food can be consumed
procedure is the simplest and safest of all weight loss
                                                               and adds the component of mal-absorption by re-
procedures and yields similar weight loss compared
                                                               routing the small intestine. This procedure till date
to all other procedures over a course of 2-3 years.
                                                               is considered as the ‘Gold standard’ among weight
As is the case with all weight-loss procedures, this           loss procedures. It involves creation of gastric pouch
also requires patient’s adherence to diet and lifestyle        which is completely separated from the remainder of
modification guidelines.                                       stomach and is re-attached to small intestine. There
                                                               is another additional attachment (Anastamosis)
                                                               between to two loops of small intestine to facilitate
                                                               the flow of food material. Due to the component of
Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve
                                                               mal-absorption, some may experience deficiency in
Approximately 85% of stomach is removed during                 vitamins, calcium, iron etc. These components can be
this surgery leaving a narrow tube like stomach. Due           supplemented successfully to avoid such issues.
to very small capacity of the tubular stomach, less
food can be consumed and early satiety achieved.
                                                               Intuitive surgical minds are constatnly exploring the
                                                               Emerging Surgical approaches
                                                               possibilities of newer and innovative procedures
                                                               that can surgically correct the health ailments such
                                                               as diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Most of these
                                                               procedures are still in the experimental stage with
                                                               no significant long term information or large enough
                                                               number of procedures performed yet to induct
                                                               them into mainstream surgical procedures. These
                                                               approaches include procedures such as Duodeno-
                                                               jejunal bypass, ileal transposition +/- Gastric
                                                               sleeve resection, etc.. Regardless of the procedure
                                                               performed, the efficacy of these surgical procedures
                                                               is unquestionable. The same is shown in the picture
                                                               below that suggests the significant improvement in
                                                               quality of life after such surgeries. As the time moves
                                                               forward with relentless fervor, start working towards
                                                               the resolutions you made to improve the quality of
                                                               life. Make every day count towards your success in
                                                               achieving your personal goals. HI

                                                                                Dr. Nandkishore Dukkipati,
                                                                                Director/Chief Consultant - Bariatric Surgery
                                                                                Institute Apollo Health City,
                                                                                Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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29   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
    cover story

Rice - life
The symbol of
What is common to Toyota and Honda ? Other than being leading car brands from
Japan, they share a rice recipe. Not quite, but Toyota refers to “ bountiful rice field ”
and Honda sums up as “ the main rice field.” Japan’s obsession with rice is evident
everywhere as this staple winner has conquered the world.
Cheap, plentiful and nutritious, rice is the driving force behind the world’s most
popular food staple that supplies no less than half of the daily calories for more than
half of the world. 90 % of all rice is still grown and consumed in Asia. It continues to
be deeply embedded in our cultural heritage. Rice is the symbol of life and fertility.
Imagine the numerous customs and rituals associated with rice throwing, particularly
at marriages.

                                            30   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
       n some Asian languages, the word for rice and the
       expression for food are the same. In China it is called
       ‘fan’ and there are endless varieties of fan. Rice is
       presumed to be white and the unpolished rice we know                                Editor’s Note
       is brown but there are red, blue, black purple and even
striped rice ! Rice is rich in genetic diversity, with thousands
of varieties grown throughout the world. However, there are
three basic kinds of rice – long, medium and short grains.
Short grain rice has the highest starch content and is the
stickiest rice (usually goes well in congee), while the longer
variety is lighter and tend to remain separate when cooked. It
generally accompanies other dishes.
Belonging to the grass family, rice is related to other plants
which give us grains like wheat, oats and barley. It is known to
have been cultivated in India and China more than 7000 years
ago. It is only after AD 1000 that rice reached Europe !                       When the Shah of Iran was crowned
                                                                               in1967, he received exotic and
                                                                               expensive gifts from all over the world.

  Rice has the quality of balanced energy. Besides an
                                                                               One gift was unique –a bag of aromatic
Nutritional Facts
excellent source of carbohydrate, rice contains fair amount
                                                                               rice from the President of Philippines. In

protein that includes 8 essential amino acids. The good
                                                                               the Chinese tradition the precious things

thing about rice is that it is free from cholesterol, gluten,
                                                                               are not pearls and jade, but the five

sodium and sugar which makes it an ideal staple that goes

 well with all other diets.
                                                                               The precious cereal is world’s number

        With any grain, the more refined the product, the
                                                                               one crop that feeds more than half the

             lesser vitamins and minerals in it. The bran and
                                                                               world. It provides 35 to 80 % of the

                     the germ are the store house of nutrients
                                                                               calories in the daily diet of the world.

                            ( B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus)
                                   and they are stripped during
                                                                               Rice is versatile - eaten plain, or

                                                                               mixed with just anything from simple

                                    Often the rice is parboiled
                                                                               vegetables to meat ball, fish and fowl.

                                (before milling) to retain the
                                                                               It goes equally well with a good many

                                 nutrients. At times the rice is
                                                                               fruits, nuts, honey and spices. Again

                                 enriched with vitamins that are
                                                                               there are countless ways of preparation

                                 added after it has been milled.
                                                                               - boiled, baked, steamed, stir fried.

  The removal process of bran ensures a speedy cooking
                                                                               Finally culture, tradition and geography

and it checks the anti nutrient factors (like presence of
                                                                               defines the endless names and uses. In

phytic acid in the bran) that inhibit the absorption of
                                                                               Spain, rice is “arroz”, in Italy,”risotto”,

minerals and vitamins like iron and calcium. White rice
                                                                               in the Middle East, “pilaf”, and in

goes through a complete milling and process that results
                                                                               Creole,”pilau.” It is a part of sushi, sake,

in a loss of upto 90 % of its B vitamins, minerals like iron,
                                                                               congee, soups, vinegars, sweetmeats,

manganese and phosphorus. At places, there are regulations
                                                                               baby food and countless confections.

to ensure that white rice is enriched with some B vitamis
                                                                               Beyond the culinary catalogue, rice is

and iron. However there is no replacement for a dozen other
                                                                               part of the cosmetic club, works as an

nutrients lost.
                                                                               ideal home remedy and countless other

  The resistant starch in rice (more in brown rice) slows
                                                                               uses. This issue touches upon few

down the digestion process. It reaches the bowel undigested
                                                                               of the aspects.

and this keeps the bowel healthy by encouraging the growth
of beneficial bacteria. This helps in a steady release of
glucose into the blood and thereby controlling blood sugar
                                                                                                          Shahid Akhter

levels in diabetes.
                                                                                                         Executive Editor

                                                           31   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
BENEFITS                                                                                   DISADVANTAGES
Excellent source of starch.                                                        Too much of white or polished rice
Gluten free carbohydrate, ideal for people with                                        may be deficient in B vitamins.
wheat intolerance.
                                                                                   Too much of brown rice can lead to
Helps to steady blood sugar level.
                                                                                        iron and calcium deficiencies
Can reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

                                                 Varieties of Rice
                                        Basmati – the long grained aromatic rice
                                        is well known in India. It is hailed as the
                                                    prince of rice.
                                         Jasmine rice is the Chinese equivalent
                                           which is equally fragrant but with
                                                    stickier texture.
                                            Bhutanese red rice has a nutty,
                                                    earthy taste.
                                        Forbidden rice is the black colored rice
                                         that turns purple upn cooking an has a
                                            sticky texture and a sweet taste.
                                          Wild rice is not true rice but the long
                                        and slim seeds of an aquatic grass from a
                                       completely different family. It is chewy and
                                        has a nut like flavour. Often used in salads
                                         and mixed with brown or basmati rice.

                                                                 of nutritive elements and is an excellent source
                                                                 of manganese, and other minerals selenium and
Why is Brown Rice One of the World’s Healthiest

   The difference between brown rice and white rice              magnesium. The process of milling and polishing

is not just in color! A grain of rice consists of several        converts brown rice into white rice destroys 67%
layers. Only the inedible, outermost hull is removed             of the vitamin B3, 80% of the vitamin B1, 90% of
to obtain the brown rice. From a nutrition point of              the vitamin B6, half of the manganese, half of the
view, this is the healthiest rice with minimum loss              phosphorus, 60% of the iron, and all of the dietary
                                                                 fiber and essential fatty acids.
                                                                   If brown rice is further milled to remove the bran
                                                                 and most of the germ layer, the result is a whiter rice,
                                                                 but also a rice that has lost many more nutrients. At
                                                                 this point, however, the rice is still unpolished, and it
                                                                 takes polishing to produce the white rice we are used
                                                                 to seeing. Polishing removes the aleurone layer of the
                                                                 grain - a layer filled with health-supportive, essential
                                                                 fats. Because these fats, once exposed to air by the
                                                                 refining process, are highly susceptible to oxidation,
                                                                 this layer is removed to extend the shelf life of the
                                                                 product. The resulting white rice is simply a refined
                                                                 starch that is largely bereft of its original nutrients.

                                                            32   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
                                                               Scientists identify flood-tolerant
                                                               gene in rice
                                                               A Taiwanese scientist has said her research team has
                                                               found the gene that allows rice to grow under water
                                                               and believes the breakthrough could help develop
                                                               other flood-resistant crops.
                                                               The gene, named CIPK15, a type of enzyme, “allows
                                                               rice seedlings to survive and continue to grow
                                                               even when submerged in water,” said Yu Su-mei, a
                                                               research fellow at the Institute of Molecular Biology
                                                               at Taiwan’s Academia Sinica.
                                                               Yu said she believed the discovery would help
                                                               breeders generate new rice varieties with greater
                                                               seedling growth under flood-water, which would save
                                                               on labour and use of pesticides, potentially benefiting
Rice is always washed before being cooked. It is
                                                               the environment.
akin to a ritual that signals the commencement of
meal preparation. The required amount of rice is
                                                                                                    (Science Signaling)

submerged in a shallow bowl and swished around
with hands till the impurities surface up for removal.
Depending upon the quality of rice, the process is             Yes now you can cook rice without heating it. Indian
                                                               Cooking rice without heating
repeated and even if the rice comes from a prepacked           Scientist have developed a rice variety that can be
source. Finally the water is drained and ready for             cooked by simply soaking it in cold water for about
use. The rinsing water is put to numerous uses.                45 minutes.
Soaking of rice in water and the time required for             They were inspired by a traditional sticky rice variety
cooking varies and this depends on rice variety. It is         in Assam. The Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI),
hard to give a perfect instruction for rice cooking.           Cuttack has successfully grown a glutinous (waxy)
                                                               variety of rice called Aghunibora in the Orissa plains
                                                               without losing its characteristic in the heat and
                                                               humidity. Aghunibora is actually a cross between
                                                               a traditional bora and a high- yielding variety
    Rice rinsing water
           The Japanese women’s “common sense”                 developed at the Regional Rice Research Station of
    beauty treatment since the generation before               Assam Agricultural University, Titabor.
    facial soap Japanese rice bran wash contains               “We are trying to grow it elsewhere and also
    essential fatty acids, rich in the Vitamin                 researching into its biochemical and physiological
    E complex that includes tocopherols and                    characteristics, said CRRI director,” Dr.T.P.Adhya.
    tocotrienols. This 100% natural Rice bran wash
                                                               Bora is versatile, but lo-yielding, it can be ground
    helps to remove all traces of dirt and gently ...
                                                               and made into a cake, boiled, steamed or wrapped
                                                               in leaves and roasted. It can be made into what the
           In China, the rinsing water (second or third        Assamese call ‘komal saul’ (soft rice) by soaking it in
    wash) is usually saved to soak strong smelling             hot water for 15 minute or cold water for 45 minutes.
    fish. The starchy water absorbs the smell.                 It can be consumed with milk or yogurt and jaggary. A
                                                               delicacy, it has social and religious significance.

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Sweet and Nutritious
Sprouted Rice
by Letha Hadady

Traditionally, grains have been soaked,
sprouted or fermented before eaten.
Sprouted organic brown rice, known
as hatsuga genmai in Japanese, is
brown rice that is allowed to germinate
by soaking the rice before cooking.
It tastes sweeter and the process
of germination enhances the bio-
availability of nutrients by neutralizing
phytic acid, the enzyme inhibitor in
all grains, seeds and beans that bind

nutrients within the grain until the
conditions are right for it to sprout.
Consumption of unsprouted grains
can lead to poor absorption of grain
nutrients. Poorly digested grains
often irritate the intestines, leading to
inflammation and allergic reactions.
Neutralizing the phytic acid releases the
protein, vitamins and enzymes in rice
allowing them to be absorbed during

          ome people, though not many, eat the                Thanks to a number of recent scientific studies done
          sprouted rice with little cooking. Sprout-          on gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a naturally
          ing directions vary depending on the kind           occurring amino acid created during the germination
          of brown rice used and personal tastes.             process, sprouting rice has again become fashionable
          Short, medium grain brown rice, also brown          in Japan. The consumption of GABA is credited with
basmati (but not Texmati) rice will sprout. White rice        important health benefits that range from lowering
or wild rice are dead and won’t sprout. Standard long         cholesterol and blood pressure, boosting the immune
grain rice doesn’t sprout. Soaking time may vary from         system, improving sleep, and inhibition of cancer
12 to 48 yours. Some people sprout the rice until they        cells. So it makes good sense to soak and sprout your
see a small green shoot, others soak the rice in water        rice and it is easy to do. Any kind of brown rice will
overnight or for 12 hours, then sprout it for 12 hours        work. White rice won’t work because the part of the
and cook the softened grain without the green sprout.         rice that germinates has been removed. Here is the
Longer soaking may result in a sour taste.                    process:

                                                         34   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
1. Rinse 1 1/2 cups (or more if desired) brown rice
   several times until the water is clear. Remove tiny
                                                                Cooking the rice
   stones of a rice shaft that floats on the water.             Never heat oils to smoking because the fumes are
                                                                carcinogenic. To your sprouted rice and water, add
2. Place the rice in a bowl and cover well with filtered        1 tsp. of oil and your favorite spices and simmer the
   water.                                                       rice in a covered ceramic-coated pot. After the rice is
3. Let stand 12 hours or overnight.                             done, remove it from the heat and toss it lightly with
                                                                a fork.
4. Pour rice into a strainer and rinse well.
                                                                I like adding turmeric, cumin seeds, nutmeg powder,
5. Set the strainer over a bowl to drain out of direct
                                                                a bay leaf, black pepper, and cardamom. Turmeric
   sunlight. Cover with a clean dishtowel. Or use a
                                                                and cumin are cooling and digestive. Turmeric has
   sprouting jar, which can be made with any large
                                                                antibiotic properties and enhances digestive fluora.
   mouth glass jar covered with cheesecloth secured
                                                                Cumin is useful for reducing stomach irritation.
   with a rubber band. Place the jar on its side inside
                                                                For stronger digestive power to reduce bloating
   a kitchen cabinet away from light.
                                                                discomforts, add a dash of asafoetida. Some recent
6. Every 12 hours, rinse the rice well with cool fresh          Chinese research suggests that asafoetida (AKA
   water.                                                       “devil’s dung”) may even have HIV-inhibiting effects.
7. After 24 to 48 hours, small sprouts will appear. Use         In Ayurveda turmeric and cumin reduce excess Pitta.
   or refrigerate the rice until ready to use.                  Nutmeg, pepper, and bay leaf reduce Vata because
                                                                they are warming and help quiet nervousness and
8. Cook as you would cook unsprouted brown rice,
                                                                reduce digestive bloating and gas. Cardamom, which
using slightly less water (for the 1 1/2 cups of rice in
                                                                is warming sweet and stimulating for the heart and
this recipe, use 2 cups water). The cooking time will
                                                                digestion adds a sparkling flavor.
also be shorter.
                                                                After the rice is cooked, I might add sliced almonds,
Sprouted brown rice has a pleasant nutty taste, and is
                                                                raisins, and some diced dried fruit or chopped lightly
less heavy and noticeably more digestible compared
                                                                steamed vegetables. It makes a nice meal along with a
to unsprouted rice.
                                                                vegetable curry, some cucumber yogurt and chapatis. HI

               To plow 1 hectare of land in the traditional way, a farmer and his water buffalo must walk 80 km
               Did You Know!
               and it takes 5,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of rice.
               The average Asian consumer eats 150 kg of rice annually compared to the average European who

               eats 5 kg.

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     beauty & vanity

           Reinforcing Natural Skin Protection
           Mechanisms For A Change
by Dr. Preetaish Kaul

                                                       So, what is this scientific approach to skincare all
                                                       about? Let’s attempt a sneak peek…
 One of the primary concerns for a woman

                                                       Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Think of it
in her 30s is the health of her skin. Worries

                                                       as a sort of body armour that protects the insides of
    about wrinkles, freckles and age spots

                                                       your body from the assaults of the external environ-
   are uppermost in her mind. She makes
                                                       ment – your first line of defense. Our skin also assists
                                                       the Liver and the Kidneys in eliminating toxins.
     strenuous efforts to deal with her skin
 problems, employing a range of methods.
                                                       Protecting against bacteria and eliminating tox-
 Unfortunately, in her zeal to overcome her
                                                       ins! Bet you never thought of that. Having said that
                                                       however, the next obvious question that crops up,
   ‘skin – related’ troubles, she sometimes

                                                       is – how does the skin manages this feat? Well! For
  tends to overlook the scientific approach

                                                       one the skin wields a very effective weapon, a slightly
    that any attempt at tending to the skin

                                                       acidic layer known very appropriately as ‘the Acid
necessarily entails. Eventually skincare is all
 about making judicious choices – choices

                                                       The Acid Mantle, a fine film on the surface of the skin,
 based on an in – depth understanding of
                                                       prevents the growth of bacteria that might otherwise
the concept of skincare and the importance
                 it holds for us.
                                                  36   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
have entered through the skin and caused harm. It                  According to Dr. Satish T. Bhatia, Dermatologist &
is essential to understand that it is the acidity of the           Cutaneous Surgeon at Lady Ratan Tata Medical &
Mantle that makes your skin such an effective barrier              Research Centre, Mumbai “The concept of pH Vis – a
to pathogens. It is the pH of the skin therefore that              – Vis human skin is either not understood at all or
decides how effectively pathogens are tackled. pH                  misunderstood. In remedying the problems caused
is a measure of acidity or alkalinity. The higher the              by an alkaline pH it becomes important to ensure
pH, the lower the acidity and weaker the pathogen                  that we strike a balance. While it is desirable to avoid
neutralizing ability of the skin.                                  products that have a high pH, it is equally desirable to
                                                                   avoid products with a very low pH. The trick is to find
In the early twenties, the Acid Mantle layer of the skin
                                                                   just the right balance; a product with a pH that falls
is completely developed. It keeps the pH of the skin
                                                                   in the ‘4.5 – 6’ range. To this end it is essential that
in the normal ‘slightly acidic’ range and therefore the
                                                                   people make informed choices. Eventually it boils
skin provides effective protection against potentially
                                                                   down to knowledge and awareness”.
harmful pathogens and other environmental fac-
tors. It also ensures that there is minimal moisture               In a nutshell a host of factors, natural (like aging)
loss and lipid loss, hence the skin looks healthy and              and otherwise (like repetitive washing and alkaline
supple. As we hurtle towards our 30s and 40s the                   cleansing agents) tend to weaken or even destroy
pH of the skin starts increasing and tends to veer to-             the acid protection barrier of the skin. More often
wards neutral. This has obvious implications in terms              than not, the skin is also deprived of oil and moisture
of increased bacterial growth in the skin leading to               in the process. All this inflicts damage on the skin
infections. This, in a way, accelerates the normal ag-             leading to problems like irritation, infection, sagging,
ing process of the skin. What this means is that the               dryness etc. To guard against damage therefore it
skin begins to lose its elasticity and firmness. Basical-          becomes essential to reinforce the acid protection
ly the increased bacterial growth causes biochemical               barrier. This automatically preserves the skin’s eco-
changes in the connective tissues under the skin. The              logical balance and enhances its protective function.
skin also tends to become ‘more dry’ and as a result               The restoration of the acid protection barrier can be
starts sagging.                                                    achieved very effectively by using cleansing agents
                                                                   with the right pH balance.
So pH is the operative word here. Now the pH of
healthy human skin ranges between 4.5 and 6 (in                    Cleansing agents made from natural ingredients with
adults). For healthy, glowing, breathing skin therefore            minimum allergenic potential, devoid of harsh chemi-
it is essential that the pH of the skin stay in this range.        cals, based on the scientific rationale of an ideal pH
Now we know that the pH of human skin tends to                     and conforming to highest quality standards are ideal
increase with age. It also increases due to some other             for keeping your skin in fine fettle.
problems unrelated with age like repetitive washing,
                                                                   As far as skin care goes it is prudent that interven-
using alkaline cleansing agents etc. In dealing with
                                                                   tions be made early on. In doing so, instead of making
skin problems therefore, it is important that the pH
                                                                   arbitrary, ill –informed and unscientific choices, it
of the skin be kept within the normal range (4.5 – 6).
                                                                   is a good idea to obtain a thorough scientific un-
The ideal to be attained is a pH of 5.5.
                                                                   derstanding of the needs of your skin first . In this
As it is, some chemicals as well as some alkaline                  context pH of the skin is a concept of fundamental
soaps (pH range of 9- 11) on account of their highly               importance. Cleansing agents that help maintain the
alkaline nature tend to raise the pH of the skin. As               right pH balance could prove to be very effective as
already explained this leads to a spurt in the growth              far as dealing with your skin problems is concerned.
of bacteria like propionibacterium acnes (normally
                                                                   Having understood the concept and having adopted a
present in the skin but not harmful until their popula-
                                                                   scientific attitude towards tackling your skin prob-
tion increases), eventually leading to skin problems
                                                                   lems, it is a mighty good idea to embark on your jour-
like acne. Furthermore, alkalinity also tends to kill
                                                                   ney towards a healthier skin immediately. Afterall, a
some bacteria like Staphylococcus epidermidis (nor-
                                                                   healthy, glowing, radiant and flawless skin is
mally present in the skin; contribute to the acidic pH
                                                                   yours by right. HI
of the skin).

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Venky -- A master painter of life’s atoms
by R Shankar

      f one were to attempt to study this year’s Nobel
      laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan’s work
      in chemistry and put it into an understand-
      able context, one may describe him as a master
      painter of chemistry. This, because he has
found the `right strokes’ behind the arrangement of
atoms on the cell’s protein factory called the ribo-
Ribosomes manufacture proteins and in turn life
revolves around complex proteins. Ribosomes are the
workhorse in the cells and are small granules, about
20 nanometers in width (1 nanometer = one billionth
of a meter) found in all cells. The ribosomes derive
the code carried by DNA molecules to build proteins
What Venky did was to solve the mystery behind
how proteins actually get built in the cells. Using a
technique called X—ray crystallography (a kind of
3-D photography using X-rays) he `painted’ a picture
of a particular part of the ribosome. That was in
2000. Later he built the whole picture of every atom
in a ribosome, which contains thousands of atoms.
This helped in revealing how protein molecules are
constructed atom by atom.
                                                              ribosomal subunit of E Coli. He has been studying
What are the benefits for mankind? Well, Venky’s              ribosome structure ever since. Ramakrishnan, now a
research can be turned around to disable the                  senior scientist at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular
ribosomes of hostile bacteria that cause diseases in          Biology in Cambridge has authored several important
human body.                                                   papers in academic journals.
The two other scientists who shared this year’s               Though Venky left Vadodara almost four decades
Chemistry Nobel, Thomas A. Steitz of US and Ada E.            ago, he still keeps is links alive. From helping girls of
Yonath of Israel too had worked on the same lines.            the minority community affected in the 2002 riots to
``This year’s three Laureates have all generated              lecturing at the MS University, where he studied as an
3D models that show how different antibiotics                 undergraduate, Venky is a sort of icon.
bind to the ribosome. These models are now used
                                                              Venky’s father C V Ramakrishnan and his wife
by scientists in order to develop new antibiotics,
                                                              Rajalakshmi had founded the department of
directly assisting the saving of lives and decreasing
                                                              biochemistry in the Maharaja Sayajirao University of
humanity’s suffering,’’ said the Nobel citation
                                                              Baroda in 1955. Ramakrishnan is proud of his son.
Born in 1952, Venky earned his B.Sc. in Physics               The Nobel Prize, he believes will spur him to
(1971) from Baroda University in Gujarat and later            greater heights. HI
migrated to the US. He earned his PhD in Physics
from Ohio University in the US and later worked as a
graduate student at the University of California from
1976-78. As a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University,
he worked on a neutron-scattering map of the small
                                                                              R. Shankar
                                                                              Editor (South), HEAL India

                                                         38   HEALINDIA wu   November    2009    tv
 HEAL (Health Essayists & Authors League) Organized the 2nd National
  Health Writers’ & Communicators’ Convention on September 23rd to
25th 2009 at India International Centre, New Delhi. The Convention was
  inaugurated by Chief Guest Shri Amar Singh, MP, Chairman Standing
                  Committee on Health Govt. of India.

   The convention was organized with the objective to address serious
issues like honest and responsible health writing and problems faced by
Health Writers in general. Moreover, Health Writers play a crucial role in
 disseminating issues to the layman in a language he can understand, on
       the latest advancements and findings related to healthcare.

                      Highlights of the convention.
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                                                 & Im
             -disorders of the balance system

     Sensations of giddiness, dizziness, swaying, rotating, spinning or those of instability,
     staggering and falling down indicate a disorder of the balance system. Disorders of
   the balance system are extremely common and a recent study done in USA shows that
     42% of the general population of USA had sought medical consultation for balance
 disorders sometime in their lifetime. In medical parlance the typical sensation of rotating
  or spinning whether of the surroundings or of the self (which is commonly referred to as
giddiness) is termed as VERTIGO and the feeling of falling down or instability is termed as
 IMBALANCE. People who have had the misfortune of ever experiencing it know how bad
         it is and will unhesitatingly vouch that it is the worst of all human maladies.

                                            50   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
              he sensation of vertigo and imbal-
              ance is so scary that many people
                                                     The modern management of vertigo is done by holistic

              who suffer from chronic or recur-
                                                     approach which is an integrated therapy comprising of a

              rent attacks of vertigo or imbalance     1) Treatment of the underlying disease after a definite cause
                                                     4 pronged therapeutic protocol and consists of :-

              live in constant fear and ultimately       has identified through detailed history-taking, clinical
develop psychic problems like anxiety and de-            neurotological tests and the relevant neurotological
pression. The function of the balance system is          investigations.
not only to prevent falling down or preventing         2) Provide symptomatic relief from the vertigo with anti-
an attack of vertigo. It is much beyond that. A           vertigo drugs. Most of these drugs can at best provide
properly functioning balance system stabilizes            some degree of symptomatic relief only without curing
the visual environment so that the surround-              the causative disease as explained above.
ings do not appear to be moving (technically           3) Physical exercises for vestibular re-education or re-
called gaze stabilisation), stabilises the body           calibration of the vestibular system through some
and maintains the erect posture (posture con-             specific exercises. Whenever there is a damage to the
trol), controls motion so that the body does not          balance system especially the balance organs (vestibular
fall off while moving, provides the sense of spa-         labyrinths) in the ears, the damage is very often
tial orientation i.e., informs us about how the           permanent and the damaged vestibular labyrinths cannot
body is placed in relation to the surrounding             be regenerated by any medical or surgical means.
space, regulates of the autonomic reflexes and         4) Psychological counseling and psychotherapy as and
provides the sense of psychological well-being.           when required especially in cases of chronic / persistent
   Vertigo or imbalance is however not a disease          vertigo where the persistence of the vertigo / imbalance
in itself. Just like pain or fever, these are just        and the failure of diagnosis / treatment has led to
symptoms of some underlying disease. There                psychological disorders like helplessness, depression,
are more than a hundred known diseases that               anxiety and frustration. HI
can present with vertigo or imbalance as the
only manifestation. And these diseases can be
anything from a very simple self limiting viral
inflammation of the 8th cranial nerve (one of
                                                                              Dr. Anirban Biswas
                                                                              Consultant Neurotrologist

the 12 nerves that originate in the brain) to
                                                                              Belle Vue Clinic, Kolkata

very complex life threatening conditions like a

tumour in the brain or even dreaded diseases
like multiple sclerosis or a stroke (cerebro-
vascular accident) in the lower or back part of
the brain. Symptoms of vertigo or imbalance
hence should not be taken lightly and a
thorough medical consultation is warranted in
all patients presenting with vertigo.

  As already explained vertigo and imbalance
are just a symptom or manifestation of some
underlying medical disorder and can be caused
by different types of disorders of different
systems and different organs in the body from
the eyes to the ears , brain etc. The different
causes of vertigo or imbalance need different
forms of treatment. The same treatment cannot
be prescribed to each and every patient of
vertigo. There is no blanket therapy of vertigo.
The doctor first needs to carefully find out the
exact cause of the vertigo and identify what
exactly is the disorder that is causing the
vertigo / imbalance and then only can he treat
the patient logically and scientifically.
                                                                                                          Cartoon by Vijay Guglani

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                                                          Ayurvedic Protection
                                                          Against Colds and Flu

                                                               A cold often comes on gradually so that
                                                              you hardly notice your stiff neck and sinus
                                                             congestion. After an exhausting week, after
                                                               being caught in the rain without proper
                                                             clothing, or after hearing depressing news,
                                                             you may feel under the weather. If exposed
                                                              to germs, you may develop a sore throat.
                                                            Colds penetrate defenses unless you regularly
                                                                           defend immunity.

by Letha Hadady

                   ith Ayurveda, we aim at preventing                Tibetan goji berries, one of our best sources of
                   illness by promoting health. Chills,              essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to
                   aches, and fever indicate the body                boost immunity, energy and youthful vigor.

                   is fighting fatigue and infection. In             Vitamin C - from lemon and orange juice.
                   general, if you smoke, eat richly                 Amla (East Indian gooseberry) is rejuvenating and
and/or have underlying problems with Kapha (mucus                    rich in revitalizing tannins and acts as an anti-acid

congestion, poor digestion, weakness and edema)                      for digestion. Add 1 tsp. amla daily to water, juice

and/or Pitta (inflammation/fever), it is best to                     or tea.
prevent colds/flu by continually building immunity:                  Garlic and parsley oil capsules - are anti-microbial,
Cleanse, reduce impurities to increase resistance.                   fortify circulation. The capsules are odor-free.
Prevent and treat infection-related discomforts with                 Pickle raw garlic with vegetables, omitting sugar,

a warm lemon tea and hand wash adding fragrant                       salt, and vinegar; and dice and smash raw garlic
antimicrobial organic tea tree oil, oregano oil or pine              into salad dressings.
oil. Oregano and pine oil (antibacterial and antiviral)              Fermented foods and supplements, especially
also come in capsules. Take yogurt or acidophilus                    fermented soybean which contains probiotic
when using any antimicrobial.                                        bacteria, isoflavones, saponins omerga-3 fatty

                                                                     acids, and phytosterols, help to build immunity
                                                                     by maintaining peak levels of natural killer cells
                                                                     and macrophages (white blood cells) and by
COLDS - Prevention
During stressful times, if your family is sick, or when              supporting cytokine production, which responds
traveling, increase these foods to build a defense                   to infections.
against weakness and bacterial infections, including                 Fresh fruits and vegetables - watercress, celery,
colds:                                                               cucumber, scallions, walnuts, and orange or

                                                           52   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
    grapefruit sections make a refreshing, cleansing
    Hemp nuts and oil provide all 10 essential amino
    acids and a good source of Omega 3 and 6 EFAs.
    Green tea - provides antioxidants and boost

    energy. It is cleansing. You might use 10 drops
    of the extract three times daily for weight loss

    and detoxifying the body. One cup of green
    tea provides 10-40 mg of polyphenols and has
    antioxidant effects greater than a serving of
    broccoli, spinach, carrots, or strawberries. The
    high antioxidant activity of green tea makes it
    beneficial for protecting the body.
    Neem pills detoxify the body, reduce fever
    conditions and rashes, and protect immunity.

To prevent a cold, get adequate rest when possible,
Rest and Regroup
get regular gentle, relaxing massages, avoid cold,              organic produce is sprayed with some pesticides and
damp rooms and sick people, and stay warm to                    may be handled by people infected with flu. Germs
prevent muscle pains from fatigue.                              may live in wax used to protect foods. If you prefer
 After a swim or when chilled, add 3 Tbsps                     the aroma, use essential oil of wild oregano or white
   of powdered ginger to your bath to increase                  pine because they are anti-viral and available in most
   sweating.                                                    health food stores.
 Drink cinnamon tea to reverse hypothermia.
                                                                To clear sinus congestion and (very important!)
                                                                to kill germs daily, gently swab the inside of each
                                                                nostril with a Q-tip moistened with a little aloe
Reducing Kapha in the body will improve vitality
Colds - Treatment
                                                                vera gel and 1 drop of one of these essential oils:
and weight loss, but may not directly affect colds.             Tea tree oil, organic essential oil of eucalyptus, pine
However, reducing Kapha in the head increases                   (Pinus sylvestres) or wild oregano. They are strongly
oxygen intake: Sniff the contents of a gotu kola                antimicrobial. You might want to use the oils as a
capsule to clear a sinus headache. Marichyadi Bati,             safety screen against flu germs. Add 5 drops of your
made by Baidyanath, combines a proprietary blend of             preferred anti-microbial oil to 1 Tbsp of aloe gel and
anti-Kapha herbs along with piper longam and ficus              use it as a skin and scalp treatment.
to ease congestion from colds.

                                                                After returning home from outside and/or possibly
                                                                Protect Your Home and Family
Flu symptoms are often sudden and dramatic: fever,
                                                                being exposed to germs, remove and wash your
sore throat, a rattling cough with abundant phlegm or           clothing and shoes. Or keep your shoes away from the
a dry cough and chest ache. Exhaustion or emotional             family. Pets and toddlers are especially susceptible to
stress, of course, lower resistance, but anyone can             carpet and floor germs. Invigorating essential oils can
catch the flu if exposed to the germs by being close to         be used in your clothes closet and for housecleaning.
an infected person who talks or sneezes in a confined           Essential tea tree oil is effective for killing germs, for
space such as a car, room, airplane or elevator. Flu            refreshing the body and cleaning your home. Add
germs may live in such an environment for hours                 some to an oil-based house cleaning liquid. You can
after the sick person has left.                                 also add 5 - 10 drops to 1 tsp milk in order to dissolve
                                                                the oil in your bath. HI
Anti-microbial Essential Oils for
Wash your hands, objects you handle, and fresh fruits
Personal Cleansing
and vegetables with water and one drop of anti-
bacterial, anti-fungal Australian Tea Tree Oil. Even
                                                                                Letha Hadady, is the author of Asian Health
                                                                                Secrets and Feed Your Tiger.

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                              Homeopathy During Winter

                                               Beware Beware
                                             The Winter Is Here,
                                   Be Prepared And Take The Sweet Pill
                                    It Will Save You From Falling ILL !
by Dr. Priya Kapoor

                                               ost of the people are waiting for the winters after the
                                               scorching summer heat till the fag end of the autumn
Homeopathic treatment
                                               season. The time for hot coffee and cozy dinners is soon ap-
                                               pearing. At the same time, this is the most dreaded time for
has multiple advantages

                                               parents of children who are prone to recurrent cold/ cough.
to offer to the children

                              The charm of the chilling season is stolen ruthlessly by the frequent visits
besides just treating them

                              to the pediatrician. The prescription runs into a course of antibiotics, an an-
of their present illness.
                              tipyretic, an anti-inflammatory, a nasal spray, a cough syrup and an inhaler
Children are prone
                              for the more serious bronchitic group. It is of interest to note that the use of
                              some cough syrups was banned in America recently, of course due to their
to recurrent infections

                              toxic effects on the immune system. Similarly prolonged regular use of anti-
because of poor immunity.

                              allergic agents causes irreversible hypertrophy of the nasal mucosa.
The immunity of the body

                              The Homeopathic approach to recurrent upper respiratory tract infection
is not a constant factor,

                              (URTI); considers the fact that any infection is manifested due to an
it waxes and wanes.

                              interplay of the causative and defensive forces. While the conventional
Homeopathic remedies
                              medicine deals with the causative agents in this disease process, the
have a stimulatory effect
                              Homeopathic remedy boosts the immune system and prepares it for further
                              interaction with the causative agents.
on the immunological
processes. It is a holistic
                              Most of the people feel that Allopathy and Homeopathy cannot be used
                              together, but the fact is that a rational use of the two in combination or
form of treatment taking

                              separately can make many situations more manageable.
care of all the symptoms
at the same time.

                                                54   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
For example, if a child suffers from high fever with
severe pain in the throat, it is advisable to give
an antipyretic with the prescribed Homeopathic
remedy to avoid the complications of hyperpyrexia
in children. While the Homoeopathic remedy tries to
cure the inflammation per se; the anti-pyretic will do
its own job and can be slowly withdrawn on the 2nd
or 3rd day of the treatment.
Homeopathic treatment consists of two approaches
                                                                              Ipecac – Rattling cough with nausea and
in the cases of recurrent URTI. One is to deal with
the present acute infection, along with Allopathy and
the other is to prevent the recurrence and boost the                     Sambucus – Suffocative cough
immune system. For the latter approach, it is best                       worse at midnight with crying
recommended to visit the Homeopathic consultant               and dyspnoea. Snuffles of children. Child
personally and take up a regular treatment plan. For          awakes suddenly; nearly suffocating; sits
acute conditions, needing urgent attention, a few             up and turns blue.
remedies could be a handy support.
                                                                          Nux Vomica – Nose is stuffed up
                                                                          especially at night. Stuffy colds, snuffles
                                                                          after exposure to dry, cold atmosphere;
            Aconite – Sudden onset of respiratory
                                                                          worse, in warm room. The nose is so
            symptoms on exposure to cold air.
                                                              stuffed up that the infant is unable to nurse.
           Belladonna – Severe pain
                                                              Rhustox – Nose block worse on the
           in throat with difficulty in
                                                              side lain on with restlessness at night
swallowing and fever.
                                                              especially in damp cold weather.
           Hepar Sulph – Splinter
                                                                              Silicea – Sneezing in morning
           – like pain in the throat with soreness of
                                                                              with headache on exposure to draft of air.
           nostrils. Worse from slightest exposure to
           cold air and better by warm drinks.

Merc Bin Iodide - Fauces dark red; swallowing
painful. Phlegm in nose and throat. Disposition to
      hawk, with sensation of a lump in throat.
      Stiffness of muscles of throat and neck.
                                                                               Dr. Priya Kapoor, B.H.M.S., M.D. (HOM),

      Arsenic – Burning in throat and chest with
                                                                               Homeopathic Consultant,

      suffocation worse at night.
                                                                               Department Of Homeopathy
                                                                               Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital, Ghaziabad

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Or thorexia Ner vosa
Another Eating Disorder
by Deepshikha Agarwal

                                                              ratman named this eating disorder in
                                                              1997 from the Greek word orthos for,
  “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the
                                                              “right”, and orexis for “appetite”. Literally
                                                              meaning “correct /right appetite”. This
 fattest one of all?” Now days many of

                                                              word is modeled on anorexia (another
us relate to this proverb or should I say
                                                 very common eating disorder), “without appetite”, as
 many of us ask ourselves this question
                                                 used in definition of the condition anorexia nervosa.
                                                 According to Bratman orthorexia is an unhealthy
every morning. We still prefer to stay in

                                                 obsession (as in obsessive-compulsive disorder)
 the old fantasy world instead of being
                                                 with what the sufferer considers to be healthy eating.
confident about ourselves and therefore
                                                 Orthorexia Nervosa is a disorder in which a person
                                                 is obsessed with “eating right” kinds of food. They
  get grabbed into the dreadful trap of

                                                 may take a healthy diet to extremes .It is more of the
            eating disorders.
                                                 psychological disorder than a physical one. A person
    One of the latest eating disorder
                                                 suffering from orthorexia nervosa is obsessed over
                                                 what is eaten, how much of it is eaten and how it is
 commonly found in today’s youngsters

                                            56   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
prepared. Due to this obsession ones Relationships,
social activities, school and work gets neglected and
suffers. They become socially isolated.
                                                                Ways to Beat Orthorexia Nervosa
                                                                Education on proper nutrition or a balanced diet
There are many reasons that can cause the                       and nutrient deficiencies is an important part
development of this disorder. One of the most                   of treatment. People with orthorexia are often
prominent one is Media influence , images and words             resistant to the treatment because they believe they
in the media tell people that being thin means they             know what a healthy diet is, and that their diet is
are beautiful, happy and in control of their lives.             balanced. They are proud of their dietary choices.
                                                                But psychiatric counseling is always recommended.
They use food to create their identity. Because of this         They must become little flexible in their food
people tend to set unrealistic goals for oneself, go            choices. In some cases antidepressants or anti-
for extreme weight loss that is not healthy leading to          anxiety medications may also be effective in treating
developing one or the other eating disorder.                    orthorexia nervosa. The biggest challenge in this
While other reasons can be like when people are                 disorder is the patient should accept that he/she
surrounded with lot of stress from all aspects of their         require help. Once orthorexics are willing to take
life like relationship conflict, a disordered home life,        treatment, some may overcome this problem within
work stress, transition events such as moving or                3 months while some may take a year. It varies from
starting a new job all tend to act as triggers for some         person to person.
people to begin disordered eating behavior.
                                                                One can prevent oneself or others from falling in prey
                                                                to this syndrome by keeping few things in mind:
                                                                 Get a healthy balanced diet planned from a
Who can be Orthorexic
There is no particular age group which gets affected
                                                                    professional dietician / nutritionist so that there
by this disorder. But it can be commonly seen in the
                                                                    is no scope of deficiencies. Do not go on extreme
younger group who gets very easily influenced by                    diets.
media , are obsessed with their favorite actor/actress           Educate oneself on balanced eating.
and just follow their regime (diet/exercise) blindly             Parent should not obsess about their weight,
without taking professional help. People with low self              appearance, and diet in front of their children.
esteem and negative thinking can be some of its easy             Do not tease people about their body shapes or
victims.                                                            compare them to others.
                                                                 Try to eat meals together as a family whenever
                                                                    possible; avoid eating alone. Chat with your
                                                                    children on topics like healthy eating and enjoying
Symptoms of Orthorexia Nervosa
                                                                    life, importance and role play of food in our life.
                                                                    Discuss about eating disorders, ill effects of junk
A person suffering from Orthorexia will show

                                                                    foods with children in a very causal manner.
typical characteristic behavior like:

                                                                 Avoid negative self-talk or any kind of criticism.
    Weight loss more than what is required.
                                                                 Spend time doing something enjoyable every day.
    He /she will not trust others cooking and will
                                                                 Participate in group physical activities like
    refuse to eat food prepared by others because

                                                                    trekking, dancing with friends. Attend and try to
    of which one will never see a orthorexic eating

                                                                    be active in social events. HI
    outside in a restaurant or in any kind of social
    gathering even if it is at home.
    Planning menus days or weeks ahead
    Depression, low self esteem , under confident,
                                                                               Ms. Deepshikha Agarwal

    Losses interest in creative activities, hobbies,
                                                                               is a Mumbai based Dietician and Sports Nutritionist

    family, and friends and always think about his/her
                                                                               at Siddhivinayak Polyclinic. Besides writing for

    food and exercise.
                                                                              national dailies, she is associated with various
                                                                               corporate companies and conducts workshop.

                                                           57   HEALINDIA wu    November      2009   tv
     food & nutrition

by Binu Bhatia

“Documentation shows that
diabetes, the most common
                                     Food Cure for Diabetes
                                   Diabetes is such that it cannot be cured, only managed. Today it is
                                   commonly found in childern due to change in lifestyle and faulty
metabolic disorder, is affecting

                                   eating habits.
populations in all geographical

                                   When it comes to diabetes, food isn’t the enemy—it’s the solution.
regions of the world, thus,

                                   To improve blood sugar which can help prevent or manage type 2
increasing globally in epidemic

                                   diabetes, simple lifestyle changes like eating right and getting more
proportions across all age

                                   exercise helps a lot. Many of us are aware of some of the bounty that
groups. The World Health
                                   has gained the nickname of “diabetic food” such as whole grains,
Organization (WHO) has
                                   fish and vegetables. But some pack more of a punch when it comes
                                   to fighting the disease.
projected that there is an
apparent epidemic of diabetes
which is strongly related to
lifestyle and economic change.
Over the next decade the
                                                    Black Tea
                                   According to a study published in the Journal of Food Science,
projected number will exceed

                                   2009, black tea can help in controlling diabetes. Results show that
200 million. India leads the

                                   polysaccharides are useful to people with diabetes because they can
world with largest number

                                   help retard absorption of glucose. The researchers at Tianjin Key
of diabetics. The number of
                                   Laboratory in china found that of the three teas, the polysaccharides
people with diabetes in India
                                   in black tea had the most glucose-inhibiting properties. The black
                                   tea polysaccharides also showed the highest foraging effect on free
currently around 40.9 million

                                   radicals, which are involved in the onset of diseases such as cancer
and is expected to rise to 69.9

                                   and rheumatoid arthritis.
million by 2025 unless urgent
preventive steps are taken.”

                                            58   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
                                                                 Nuts, loaded with “good” fats which are rich in
                                                                 polyunsaturated fats, Omega oils and vitamins can
A recent finding published in the American Journal
of Clinical Nutrition concludes, flavour-potent chilli           fight disease such as heart disease. These fats have
helps in easing walloping cardiovascular disease                 even been shown to help reduce insulin resistance
as well as diabetes. Study conducted by an Indian                and make blood sugar easier to control. The latest
researcher, Kiran Ahuja,at the University Of Tasmania            findings published in the European Journal of Clinical
School Of Life Science, proved that capsaicinoid                 Nutrition (EJCN), 2009, states, keeping the diet for
present in chillies has the ability to lower the level of        type 2 diabetes under control gets a lot of help from
glucose and insulin in blood, prevent arteriosclerosis           including daily amounts of foods with the right kind
and blood clots and that too, without the irritating             of fats such as walnuts.
side effects of medications.                                     The study conducted by researchers at the University
                                                                 of Wollongong, found that the group given 30 grams
                                                                 of walnuts a day had more of the good fats in their
                                                                 diets than those who followed a low fat diet alone.
                                                                 Walnuts also deliver fibre, vitamin E and other
                                                                 components with anti oxidant activity. The walnut
                 Coconut oil
Recent study published online in the international
                                                                 group also showed improvements in insulin levels
journal, Diabetes (2009), Sydney’s Garvan Institute
                                                                 and this may have been due to the presence of good
of Medical Research, demonstrates that a diet rich
                                                                 fats in the diet.
in coconut oil in animals protects against ‘insulin
resistance’ (an impaired ability of cells to respond
to insulin) in muscle and fat. The diet also avoids
the accumulation of body fat caused by other
high fat diets of similar calorie content. Together
these findings are important because obesity and
insulin resistance are major factors leading to the              Natural chromium from food is a good insulin
                                                                 regulator.So, enjoy eating a lot of broccoli ,the best
development of Type 2 diabetes.
                                                                 source of natural chromium and still have blood
                                                                 sugars in control.
                                                                 Sulforaphane from broccoli may help counter
                                                                 processes linked to the development of vascular
                                                                 disease in diabetes (Science Daily, 8/26/08)
It’s amazing to believe, just by sprinkling cinnamon
on your foods, you could lower your blood sugar.
Components such as MHCP which aids the fat cell to
response more effectively to insulin; thus reducing
the level of blood sugar. A recent study found that in
people with diabetes, just 1/2 teaspoon a day can
significantly lower blood sugar levels. So go ahead              The Harvard University School of Public Health found
and add powdered cinnamon to your whole wheat                    that soy protein and soy nuts can improve insulin
toast, oatmeal, lemonade and chutneys. Or soak a                 sensitivity, and lower bad cholesterol. Soy nuts have
cinnamon stick in hot water to make a soothing and               the biggest impact, possibly because they provide soy
curative cup of cinnamon tea.                                    protein, polyunsaturated fats and a greater amount of
                                                                 isoflavones. HI

                Did You Know!
                Several studies show that if you increase your plant based Vitamin C intake (synthetic Ascorbic
                Acid will not work) the risk of developing Diabetes falls by 62%.
                The concentration of lignins in flaxseed is more than 100 times greater than found in any other

                lignin containing foods such as grains, fruits and vegetables! Flax seed may also lower blood glucose
                and improve insulin tolerance as it is a super source of Lignans, Fiber and Omega-3 fats.

                                                            59   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
      food & nutrition

                                                                                  Ms. Geetu Armanani,
                                                                                  Nutrition Consultant
                                                                                  She is the co-author of the book
                                                                                  Bitterness of Sugar.

Fruits – fresh or dried ?                                                       Many people love the convenience
                                                                                 and sweet taste of dried fruits.
                                                                                  But are dried fruits healthy?

While I was doing grocery shopping, I overhead a                     reduced. The drying process may deplete vitamin
mother telling her daughter to get few packets of                    C content too. Even if dried fruit is rehydrated with
dried apricots. She told her that dried fruit is as good             water, it is not as good as fresh.
as fresh fruit. Interesting.                                         Sugar is added to some dried fruits and making it
                                                                     sweet and sticky. So, it may not be good for your

                                                                     Before you buy the dried fruit, look at the nutrition
Let’s look at the good and bad before we jump into
Is dried fruit really as good as fresh fruit?

                                                                     facts from the ingredient labels. The fewer
                                                                     ingredients, the less processed the food is. The

                                                                     first ingredient should be fruit, such as raisins,
                                                                     dates, apricots and not salt, sucrose partially-
                                                                     hydrogenated oil.
    Dried fruit has concentrated nutrients (vitamin                  Though with more nutrients, dried fruit also has
Advantages with Dried Fruit
    and mineral). For example, raisins (which are                    more calories. For example, a cup of sliced fresh
    dried grapes) are richer in iron compared with

                                                                     plums has about 90 calories whereas a cup of

    fresh grapes. Prunes has more fiber too which help               prunes has about 400 calories.
    relieve constipation.                                            Not all dried fruit is dried fruit. Dried banana chips
    Dried fruit is a healthier replacement to other                  are not.
    sweet snacks or junk food.

    Some athletes eat dried fruit as a source of quick

    energy.                                                      The amazing health benefits of fruit are well
    Dried fruit has a much longer shelf life than fresh          known. Consumption of fruits has been shown to do

    and can be kept for 6 months to a year in an airtight        everything from reduce the risk of cancer to helping
    container.                                                   with the promotion of weight loss. Fruits also have

                                                                 been shown in studies to have a blood pressure
                                                                 lowering effect due to their low sodium and high
Things To Watch Out With                                         potassium content. With more and more health
                                                                 benefits of fruits being identified, it’s not surprising
    The reason fruit is dried is to reduce the water             that people are increasing their intake of these sweet
Dried Fruit
    content. As water is a good transport medium                 and colorful orbs. Due to their convenience, many
    for oxygen, with less water, oxygen level will be            people are also reaching for bags of dried fruit to

                                                            60   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
fulfill their fruit quota. But are dried fruits healthy?             relieve constipation, lower blood cholesterol, and
                                                                     control diabetes. It’s also a healthier alternative
Although fruit in any form is going to be healthier
                                                                     to other sugary snacks and a good source of quick
than a creamy chocolate or a nougat rich candy
                                                                     energy for athletes or others who burn lots of
bar, the health value of dried fruit is less clear.
                                                                     calories. Many dried fruits are also high in iron,
When fruit is dried, the process used to remove
                                                                     potassium, and selenium — all important nutrients
the water also removes many of the water soluble
                                                                     for maintaining healthy blood and muscles. They’re
vitamins including Vitamin C, the B vitamins,
                                                                               especially helpful to people who suffer from
and potassium. Since it’s potassium that
                                                                                    anemia, so you might consider a daily
gives the blood pressure lowering
                                                                                       handful of raisins if anemia is a
effect, dried fruit may not favorably
                                                                                          concern for you

affect the blood pressure profile as
                                                             dried fruits

fresh fruit is known to do. Plus,                                                            Although not as healthy as
                                                      contain more minerals

the sugars present in the fruit                                                               fresh fruits, there are health
                                                  (like iron and potassium) per

become more concentrated as                                                                    benefits of dried fruit that can
                                                 serving than fresh fruit, eating

the water is removed which                                                                      make them worth keeping on
                                            them can be a quick and easy way to

means you’ll consume more                                                                       hand. Dried fruits are a good
                                          boost your intake of these nutrients. On

calories with dried fruit than                                                                  source of fiber and roughage
                                           the other hand, because of the higher

you would for an equal number                                                                   which can help to promote
                                           carbohydrate load per serving, people

of pieces of fresh fruit.                                                                      colon health. Plus, they have
                                         who are watching their total sugar intake

                                                                                               a shelf life of up to a year
                                           should limit how much they consume.

Another problem with
                                                                                              and take up little shelf space
                                                Finally, dried fruits are there to

substituting dried fruit for fresh
                                                                                            in your cabinets. When you’re
                                           complement, not replace, your intake

fruit is that many dried fruits
                                                                                          ready to eat them, it’s as simple as
                                                 of fresh fruits, so choose fresh

contain sulfites which are used
                                                                                       tearing the wrapper off the package
                                                    when possible and include

as a preservative. Some people are
                                                      dried for variation once

                                                                                     and enjoying them straight from the
known to have severe allergic reactions to
                                                             in a while.

foods that contain sulfites, further calling into
question the health of dried fruits. One way to resolve              To get the health benefits of dried fruit, try sprinkling
this problem is to purchase organic dried fruits which               them lightly on your morning oatmeal or other
generally are free of sulfites.                                      cereal, adding them to yogurt, baking them into quick
                                                                     breads, or using them as salad decorations. This is an
On the up side, besides antioxidants, dried fruit has
                                                                     excellent solution for the colder months when you
a few other benefits. It’s high in fiber, so it may help
                                                                     may not have access to a plentiful supply of quality
                                                                     fresh fruit. When summer comes and fresh fruit is
                                                                     in abundance, you may derive more potential health
                                                                     benefits from switching to fresh fruit.
  Per 1/2 cup          Fresh                    Dried

                                                                   Having said that, dried fruit is an alternative to fresh
 Apricot      40 kcal                  157 kcal

                                                                   fruit when fresh fruit is not available. My advice is,
              9 g carbohydrate         41 g carbohydrate

                                                                   do not eat whole bag of dried fruit as snack. Instead,
              2 g fiber                5 g fiber

                                                                   having a few of them in plain yogurt in the morning
              214 mg potassium         755 mg potassium

                                                                   is good enough. Given a choice, fresh fruit is still the
 Figs         83 kcal                  186 kcal

                                                                   better food. HI
              21 g carbohydrate        48 g carbohydrate
              3 g fiber                7 g fiber
              260 mg potassium         507 mg potassium
 Plums        38 kcal                  209 kcal
 (prunes)     9 g carbohydrate         56 g carbohydrate
              1 g fiber                6 g fiber
              130 mg potassium         637 mg potassium
 Grapes       31 kcal                  217 kcal
 (raisins)    8 g carbohydrate         57 g carbohydrate
              0.4 g fiber              3 g fiber
              88 mg potassium          543 mg potassium

The following table compares the nutritional
values of some fruits fresh and dried:
     reality canapes

                                                      Enroute San Francisco
            es, you get no points for guessing…I’m               I have not been here post 9/11 but to put it politely
by Renee Ranchan

            in San Francisco (the title makes it                 the ‘checking’ once you deplaned was awful. A
            amply clear). Got here a little over 48              mile long line snailing in an untidy shuffle. ‘Was
            hours ago and the trip down was an                   there a separate queue for first class, business class
            eye-opener of sorts though it’s strange,             passengers?’ No, came the empowered grunt. Okay,
considering I travel a little too often. (Once you get           ‘What about senior citizens ?’ No, the same satisfied
to the destination it’s fine, but before that believe            smirk. ‘What about the pregnant lady with sweat
me, you quite literally enter the panic cum fatigue              streaking down her face, gelling her hair?’ ‘And how
zone…packing, not for one but for three, closing the             about the weepy, cranky toddlers that were pulling
house down which means using all the sheets and                  at the stretchable demarcation belts (to keep the
bed covers to shield the sofas, tables, t.v.s and all the        herd in tow)? Some sympathy for them?’ The same
rest of the paraphernalia so that on return they go              gruff response! You’d think these fellas’ were getting
more or less, unhit by the dust-storms we so well                a sadistic kick out of the situation…So the only thing
know etc. etc.)                                                  that would facilitate a poor ailing you would be to
                                                                 get on a wheel chair?! That would mean you were
                                                                 infirmed, under-weather, put a concrete, tangible
ack to the flight down here. Well, we all know a                 mark on your need for assistance. (By the way, the
trillion times over, how after 9/11 the tenor of travel          only reason why I brought first class and business
changed forever. So for over 8 long years we have                class to the fray was because if you pay 3 to 5 times
to check in at the airport 3 hours before take off, be           more for a ticket, burning as a consequence, a hole in
subject to a tediously tiring security-check while all           your pocket than you would think there would be an
the time the officer-in-charge dashes back and forth             expressway to the procedure…) Ok’s, so after an hour
suspicious looks at you, ascertaining if the picture             or more of shuffling your feet like a sclerotic tortoise,
on your passport is really yours before he, with a               you hurray, finally make it to the ‘check- point’.
military stomp, stamps a go-ahead on your booklet.
                                                                  The same procedure all over again but…but this time
By the time you flomp on your seat in the plane---
                                                                 ‘they’ carry on a full- body search in full-view. Sure,
what after, taking off your jacket, belt, loose coins
                                                                 there is a woman officer for travelers of the same
clanking somewhere in some unknown pocket and
                                                                 gender but couldn’t there be a separate enclosure
putting your hand-baggage and yourself through
                                                                 of sorts ?! So here you have the burly officer search
x-ray doors which generally tend to let their alarm
                                                                 you all over, settling her hands on your breasts
bells go off while you are half way through, you are
                                                                 for a second longer, whopping your derriere----no
exhausted. Done for the day. Well, with that over, you
                                                                 ammunition stashed at those points. Even the soles
thank your stars when the plane finally, at long last
                                                                 of your shoes are x-rayed. Why don’t they simply tell
taxies into the skies...Now you can have a small meal
                                                                 you to remove your footwear like they do in London-
and perhaps, some spasmodic sleep…That’s how we
                                                                 --it’s simpler. Visualize this : a shriveled, tottering
made it to Frankfurt.
                                                                 old man looking dehydrated having to bend his legs

                                                            62   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
                                                               cocking his head straining his olfactory senses and
                                                               then deciding there was no zeera powder or other
                                                               agricultural produce stashed in it, would trail on.
                                                               Though the animal was navigating the man it was
                                                               pretty clear who the Boss was! The guy with his black
                                                               and white jersey saying something like Department
                                                               of Anti Agricultural Smuggling---well, not exactly,
                                                               remember my long-haul journey, as a result of which I
                                                               went bleary brained---was literally willing the Sniffer
                                                               to declare some piece of a askew luggage. And voila,
                                                               he succeeded ! The dog stood in front of cherry-red,
                                                               hard-bodied suitcase and refused to budge. Aah, haah,
                                                               so someone was going to be in serious trouble---this
                                                               while he wrench-opened the suitcase. A good deal of
                                                               checking later (he flung out all the clothes etc, poked
                                                               his gloved fingers around and with defeat spawning
                                                               his face, gave up). Tail tucked tightly between his legs-
backwards to show it if anything comes up on his               --the man set off in the opposite direction towed by
shoes. Who’ll be accountable if he falls head-on over          a reluctant dog. If you ask me, the tired dog needed a
his knees and cracks or breaks one?? Of course, we all         break and liked the red of the suitcase enough to park
know that in the present climate we live in, you can           himself infront of it. Don’t you think?!
never be cautious enough but…but… But there are
many ‘buts’ in- between.                                        Well, San Francisco is a marvelous city. The wind, the
                                                               seagulls, the Bay, the ferries and the accompanying
 When our plane careened into San Francisco                    vibrancy. This later, and the bustling organic Farmers’
International Airport I thought all was behind us.             Market next time. Did you know that you can have
And in a way, yes, it was. We breezed through a                a special variety of bottled dried mushrooms that
clinical immigration check (no, here at destination            are stress-reductive, erase those limb-joint aches
point, you don’t go through the previously thrown-up           forever…The Nutritional Journey next month.
rigmarole). The luggage was waiting for us and while
                                                                For now I have to airdash this piece though I could
we were tugging it towards the trolley, a uniformed
                                                               send it by Yesteryears’ Pigeon-Post, considering there
dog leading an officer with matching clothes, was
                                                               are so many here. But they are as plump as pumpkins,
busy doing his job. Aah, a Sniffer Dog pressing
                                                               these pigeons, and so would be slow in flight and it
his snout against the piled up luggage freshly off
                                                               wouldn’t do to keep my Editor waiting. HI
the caracole. No, the dog wasn’t intimidating---no
snarling, ready-to-rip-your-innards-out Doberman
but a cutesy long-lashed, flaccid, furry-eared creature
with his flaps almost brooming the floor. So the mutt
                                                                                Renee Ranchan, having lived both in America

went circling and circling ’round ‘n’ ’round suitcases
                                                                                and India and an avid traveller writes exclusively
                                                                                with anecdotal ease on social issues, changing

pausing at one piece of luggage for a wee longer,
                                                                                life styles and matters that touch us all…

                                                          63   HEALINDIA wu   November     2009    tv

                                     Stem Cells – An insight
           When life does actually begin? From the time when a mother starts feeling a
          single cell inside her body that is going under numerous transformations? Or
          from a fully developed fetus? What are stem cells? Growing humans? Or just
         simple undifferentiated cells that gave hope to the era of scientific research???

by Anshul Shokeen

             lot of pro-life supporters believe that
             life begins at conception when the egg is
                                                                 Commonly, stem cells can be
             fertilized and a pre-embryo is a complete
             human being having a soul. It is often
                                                                 divided in two main types:
                                                                 Embryonic stem cells - Stem cells taken from human
             bickered that this embryo deserves
                                                                 embryos. Within three to six days after a human egg
the same status as any other full grown human.
                                                                 is fertilized, it grows into a ball of a few hundred cells
Therefore, destroying it (to extract stem cells) is
                                                                 known a blastocyst. Within this ball a small number
parallel to murdering a person. Scientists, in contrast,
                                                                 of cells go on to develop into the embryo. Scientists
argue that stem cells are incapable of growing into a
                                                                 extract these stem cells from a thickening in the
complete person. They may be wheedled to develop
                                                                 blastocyst called the inner cell mass and grow them
into nerve cells or heart cells. But, at most, they can
                                                                 in the laboratory. These are known as embryonic
become an organ, not a complete living person. Hence
                                                                 stem cells or ES cells. They have the potential to
they cannot be considered a form of human life.
                                                                 produce all the cell types in the human body.
Basically, human life can be explained as any living
                                                                 Adult stem cells - Stem cells taken from adult tissue.
entity that contains human DNA. So, each adult or
                                                                 In adults, dozens of stem-cell types have been
child skin cell, an ovum, a pre-embryo, an embryo,
                                                                 identified and many more remain to be discovered.
a fetus, a newborn, and even a human cancer are all
                                                                 These stem cells are called tissue-specific as they
forms of human life. But human life is not necessarily
                                                                 normally replace only one particular tissue. They are
considered to be a human person by everyone.
                                                                 also sometimes called adult stem cells. These stem
Let us discover what these stem cells are and why                cells have been found in tissues such as the brain,
there is so much brouhaha about their culture.                   bone marrow, blood, blood vessels, skeletal muscles,
                                                                 skin, and the liver. They remain in an inactive or non-
                                                                 dividing state for years until activated by disease or
Stem cells are unspecialized cells that have two                 tissue injury.
Get familiar with your stem cells…
defining properties: the ability to differentiate into
other cells and the ability to self-regenerate. The
ability to differentiate is the potential to develop into
other cell types and self-regeneration is the ability of
stem cells to divide and produce more stem cells.
What are they used for?
Stem cells have the ability to change into other
types of cells. Usually, when a stem cell divides
into two, one daughter cell goes on to make a more
specialized type of cell, or even gives rise to several
different cell types. The other daughter cell remains
a stem cell, ready to produce more stem cells when
they are needed. Because these cells can become
bone, muscle, cartilage and other specialized
types of cells, they have the potential to treat

Alzheimer’s, and cancer. Stem cells have an
many diseases, including Parkinson’s, diabetes,

immense but still uncertain medical potential.

                                                            64   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
                                                                       Heart damage
Stem cells are further classified according to their                   Haematopoiesis (Blood cell formation)

potential to differentiate into other types of cells.                  Baldness

                                                                       Missing teeth

Embryonic stem cells are the most potent since

body. The categorization includes:                                     Blindness and Vision impairment
they can become almost every type of cell in the

                                                                       Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

                                                                       Graft-versus-host disease and Crohn’s disease.

The ability to differentiate into all possible cell types.
                                                                       Neural and behavioral birth defects

Examples are the zygote formed at egg fertilization

and the first few cells that result from the division of

the zygote.
                                                                       Wound Healing

                                                                  Stem cell therapy has proved to be a boon for some
The ability to differentiate into almost all cell types.

                                                                  patients. The most exciting use of cultured stem cells

Examples include embryonic stem cells and cells
                                                                  is the promise for curing many devastating diseases
that are derived from the mesoderm, endoderm,
                                                                  like Parkinson’s, Heart Disease and Diabetes.
and ectoderm germ layers that are formed in
the beginning stages of embryonic stem cell

The ability to differentiate into a closely related

family of cells. Examples include hematopoietic
(adult) stem cells that can become red and white
blood cells or platelets.

The ability to differentiate into a few cells. Examples

include (adult) lymphoid or myeloid stem cells.

The ability to only produce cells of their own type,

but have the property of self-renewal required to be
labeled a stem cell. Examples include (adult) muscle
stem cells.
                                                                  However use of human embryos for stem cell
Stem cells are at the core of a new field of science              research has raised a never ending debate and
                                                                  politics among the pro-life community and the
Stem cell Treatments

called Regenerative Medicine. Scientists across the
world are trying to figure out exactly what these                 scientists.
stem cells are capable of. Stem cells found in bone               With the advancement of embryonic stem cell
                                                                  research, all that scientists hope to achieve is the
                                                                  relief of human suffering. Without stem cells,
marrow naturally make new red blood cells and
new white blood cells. Stem cells occurring in the
brain make new neurons. They may also be used                     wounds would never heal, skin and blood could
to regenerate organs, reducing the need for organ                 not continually renew themselves, fertilized eggs

They offer scientific insights into how cells develop
transplants and related surgeries.                                would not grow into babies, and babies would not

and how some diseases might be treated.                           The ancients did not comprehend embryology, nor
                                                                  grow into adults.

                                                                  did they ever imagine that scientists might create
                                                                  and nurture what we now understand as embryos
                                                                  in the laboratory. We cannot get an answer to this by
Several clinical trials are going on
                                                                  doing laboratory experiment. There is no assessment
    Brain damage (Stroke and traumatic brain injury)              for whether an embryo is a person. As an alternative
to treat certain disorders like:
    Cancer                                                        we are left to our own devices, to our own moral
    Spinal cord injury

                                                                  reasoning and to our own judgment… HI

                                                             65   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
                                                                                                        Insulin is essen-
                                                                                                        tial to transport
                                                                                                        the sugar away
                                                                                                        from the blood
                                                                                                        into other tis-
                                                                                                        sues. Thus, these
                                                                                                        individuals take
                                                                                                        insulin injections
                                                                                                        to compensate
                                                                                                        for the lack of
                                                                                                        insulin. In type
                                                                             II diabetics their muscle cells resist the
                                                                             action of insulin and “refuse” to absorb
                                                                             surplus blood sugar. However, some pa-
                                                                             tients have a low insulin production and
                                                                             thus may require insulin.

                                                                             When exercising, the body needs extra
                                                                             Exercise and Blood sugar
                                                                             energy or fuel (in the form of glucose) for
                                                                             the exercising muscles. For short bursts of
                                                                             exercise, such as a quick sprint to catch the
                                                                             bus, the muscles and the liver can release
                                                                             stores of glucose for fuel. With continued
                                                                             moderate exercise, however, your muscles
                                                                             take up glucose at a faster rate lowering
                                                                             your blood sugar levels.
                                                                             Your physical condition determines the
                                                                             ideal physical activity for you. However, as
                                                                             a general rule a comprehensive exercise
Stay fit with Diabetes

                                                                             regime comprising of aerobic exercise,
                                                                             strength training and flexibility program
                                                                             constitutes a fitness schedule of a diabetic.
                                                                             Aerobic exercise increases your heart rate,
by Dr. Anshu Nagpal

                                                                             breathing rate and works your muscles.
                                                                             E.g. include walking, dancing, aerobics,
Life does not end because you are diabetic. Dearth
                                                                             swimming and tennis etc. Strength training
of sugar in your diet diminishes the sweetness of your
                                                                             improves the strength of the muscles and
                                                                             bones being worked out. E.g. weight lifting
life, particularly if you had a sweet tooth all through.
However, a dedicated approach to maintaining your
ideal blood sugar and fitness levels helps you live a
hassle free life. Careful monitoring and long term
                                                                                  Every 10 seconds a person dies from
                                                                              Interesting Facts!!
                                                                                  diabetes-related causes.
commitment goes a long way in enjoying a long and

                                                                                  Every 10 seconds two people develop
productive life.
              iabetes is fast becoming the epidemic of the 21st
              century. International Diabetes Federation estimates                diabetes.
                                                                                  Diabetes is the fourth leading cause of

              the total number of diabetes patients worldwide to
              be around 380million by the year 2025. In 2007,                     global death by disease.
                                                                                  At least 50% of all people with

              there were 40.9million people affected with diabetes
in India as compared to 19.2million in the U.S. Type II diabetes                  diabetes are unaware of their

often develops during adulthood, especially in people who have
a genetic history, are obese or have high blood pressure. In type                 Source: International Diabetes
I diabetes (juvenile diabetes), there is lack of insulin production.              Federation, 2007

                                                         66   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
such as bench press, push ups and squats. Flexibility
program includes stretching exercises for all major                       Lower than 100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L) - Your
                                                                     Know Your Numbers Well!
muscle groups. Stretching before and after aerobic                        blood sugar may be too low to exercise safely.
                                                                          Eat a small carbohydrate-containing snack,

exercise helps in warming up and cooling down and
also reduces the risk of injury.                                          such as fruit or crackers, before you begin your
                                                                          100 to 250 mg/dL (5.6 to 13.9 mmol/L) - Good
                                                                          for you to go. For most people, this is a safe pre-
If you are diabetic and interested in starting an
Beginning to exercise
                                                                          exercise blood sugar range.

exercise program, then you need to first determine
                                                                          250 mg/dL (13.9 mmol/L) or higher - Your
whether you are overweight, sedentary, have high
                                                                          blood sugar may be too high to exercise safely,
blood pressure and cholesterol. Consult a medical
                                                                          putting you at risk of ketoacidosis. Postpone

professional before beginning an exercise regimen.
                                                                          your workout until your blood sugar drops to a
Factors such as insulin intake or drugs will also
                                                                          safe pre-exercise range.
determine the exercise program.
 Check your resting heart rate and blood glucose
    level.                                                               eat carbohydrates like dextrose or chocolate every
 Warm up for 5 mins by slowing walking or biking                        half hour.
    with no resistance. Followed by flexibility exercises                Choose an insulin injection site away from
    for all major muscle groups.                                         exercising muscles (for example, avoid the legs if
 Now increase the intensity of your activity to a                       running)

    somewhat hard level. In case of walking – walk at a
    brisk pace. For biking – you can tighten the tension         If you take insulin, exercise after eating when you are
    knob to increase your work load. Be sure to adjust           least likely to experience low blood sugar. Test your
    the seat height so that there is a slight bend in the        blood sugar before and after exercise and if you start
    knee.                                                        feeling sick while exercising.
 Cool down – slow down at an easy pace for 5mins.
    Followed by stretching for all major muscle
    groups.                                                              If you are planning to walk or jog, be sure your
 Check your recovery heart rate and blood glucose                       shoes fit well. Always wear socks and make sure
    level.                                                               that you examine your feet after each exercise

                                                                         session for blisters.
                                                                         Avoid lifting very heavy weights while doing
Try to exercise at the same time every day,                              strength training because it increases your risk of
Exercise Frequency
                                                                         developing high blood pressure.

particularly if you are taking insulin. This practice
can help you manage insulin and glucose levels. It is                    If you are getting ready to work out, and it’s been
recommended to exercise 3- 4 times a week for about                      over an hour since you last ate, eat a snack with
                                                                         protein and some carbohydrates. If your blood

30-45 minutes.
                                                                         sugar is less than 100 to 120, eat a snack before
                                                                         you exercise. Keep a snack in your workout bag or a
                                                                         pocket, so that carbohydrates are easily accessible
Exercise helps to transport sugar away from the
Food, insulin and exercise
                                                                         in case you develop low blood sugar levels.
blood. However, diabetic people are also at the risk of
                                                                         Eat a snack 15 to 30 minutes before exercise, and
having too much sugar removed from the blood. You
                                                                         again every 30 minutes during exercise.
must take the following precautions:
                                                                         Drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after

 Adjust diet and insulin dosage, with the help of a
   doctor. A waiting period of one to two hours after
                                                                         When exercising in an outside environment, wear

   insulin injections is recommended. This ensures
                                                                         a medical alert bracelet stating that you have
   that exercise does not remove blood sugar at the

   same time as insulin does. It may also be necessary
   to reduce the dose of insulin before and after
   exercise. Consider a decrease in insulin dose by 30           If your blood sugar level is over 300mg/dl, if you are
                                                                 When is exercise a problem?

   percent during exercise.                                      sick, short of breath, have ketones in your urine or
 Choose activities that require little intensity and            are experiencing any tingling, pain or numbness in
   duration. If you exercise longer than 30 minutes,             your legs, don’t exercise. HI

                                                            67   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009    tv

Voice conservation surgery
for carcinoma larynx

    Thyroid cartilage being divided                 Specimen showing growth                 Postoperative of the Patient
                                                   in the epiglottis with hyoid &
                                                          thyroid cartilage
                                                              to pre epiglottic space. Biopsy revealed moderately
           aryngeal cancer continues to kill nearly           differentiated Squamous cell carcinoma. Chest X
UICC Fellow
           4,000 people per year in the United States,        ray was normal. His pulmonary function tests were
           despite strict ban on smoking, increased           normal, which is a prerequisite of voice conserving
           public awareness and improved treatment            surgery.
           modalities. In India head & neck cancer is         The patient was given the options of Radiotherapy
among the most common cancers. Of this laryngeal              and Surgery. Patient chose surgery provided his voice
cancer constitutes a large chunk. The ultimate goal           could be preserved. Voice preserving Supraglottic
of every clinician treating laryngeal cancer is the           laryngectomy was planned. His tumour was removed
extirpation of disease with the maintenance of voice          with negative margins, which was confirmed on
functionality and swallowing. Most early laryngeal            frozen section.
cancers can easily be treated without affecting the
‘voice’ mechanism. The options in early stage larynx          Patient’s hyoid bone, pre epiglottic space, epiglottis
cancer are conservative voice preserving surgery or           and the upper half of thyroid cartilage were
radiation therapy.                                            excised as a part of Supraglottic laryngectomy with
                                                              bilateral neck dissection .The pharyngeal defect was
Advances in partial laryngeal surgery can remove
                                                              reconstructed using base of tongue flap.
the necessary cancerous tissue without aggressive
resection of the larynx and pharynx, thereby                  During this procedure care needs to be taken for
maintaining voice. This concept of removing                   preserving the superior laryngeal nerve. Histology
the cancerous tissue while aiming to maintain                 revealed moderately differentiated Squamous cell
functionality of the ‘ voice’ mechanism is the driving        carcinoma 3.5x3cm. All margins as well as the
force behind conservational laryngeal surgery.                dissected lymph nodes were negative. The patient
The advantage of surgery over radiotherapy is                 was decannulated after 15 days. On the last follow
that the patient will be spared of the side effects of        up (at 11 months), he had normal voice and no
radiotherapy like mucositis, xerostomia etc. which            loco regional evidence of disease .So conservative
are very troublesome.                                         laryngeal surgery is a valid option for early and
                                                              advanced laryngeal cancers with a good oncological
Case Study                                                    outcome provided adequate expertise is available. HI
A 60-year-old man presented with a slight change in
voice and throat irritation since 3 months. Flexible
Direct Laryngoscopy revealed a growth of 3x2 cm
                                                                               Dr. Mudit Agarwal

in the epiglottis. Vallecula was free. CT scan Neck
                                                                               Ms, Mrcs Edin (Uk), Mch

revealed a mass in the epiglottis with no extension
                                                                               Consultant Surgical Oncologist
                                                                               Dharamshila Cancer Hospital & Research,

                                                         68   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
      event watch

                                                                       Cost Control through Technology
                                                                       & Effective Process Enrichment
                                                                       mity School of Insurance and Actuarial Science
                                                                       had organized a successful Seminar on Health
                                                                       Insurance with the theme “” on 9th October,
                                                                       2009. The response was overwhelming which
                                                                       was obvious from the fact that more than
                                                           110 participants representing 50 organisations viz. Life
                                                           and Non Life Insurance Companies, TPAs Brokers, Health
                                                           Insurance & IT companies and IRDA took part in the
                                                           seminar. The growth, though a welcome feature, has a flip
                                                           side in worrying loss ratio and ever increasing customer
                                                           issues. Hence the relevance of theme of the seminar.
Eminent speakers having more than 20 years of experience in the field shared their views on various aspects to
contain cost under this growing sector. This is the first time that an Educational Institute has brought the industry
and various stakeholders on a common platform on a burning issue and coming out with workable solutions to
enable the authorities to take appropriate action/implementation. In view of the importance of the event it was
sponsored by “Munich Re” the world leading Re-insurer, co-sponsored by LIC and Oriental Insurance Co. The
Knowledge Partner was e-Meditek and Media Partner was Heal India.

              Forthcoming Events (November 2009)
                                       Name: Ms. Audrey Tay
                                       Organising Secretariat

                                       Address: Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
                                       National University Hospital, National University of Singapore
                                       Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
                                       5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119074
                                       Tel: (65) 6772 2670 Fax: (65) 6779 4753
                                       Email: Web:

                                                                          Nutrition Society of India
Workshop on Management of SAM Children                                    41st National Conference
26th - 27th November 2009 at New Delhi                                    National Institute of Nutrition
                                                                          Hyderabad – 500 604
Through Medical Nutrition Therapy

Jointly Organized by:
 All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, India                   19-21 November 2009
 Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research, New Delhi            Dr. K. Madhavan Nair, Joint Secretary, Nutrition Society of India
 Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Sub-specialty Chapter on                  C/o National Institute of Nutrition
    Nutrition                                                             Jamai Osmania PO, Hyderabad - 500 007
(Sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India)           Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
                                                                          Telephone: 91-40-27002008, 27197269, 27197353
For more information about the Workshop, please contact                   Fax: 91-40-27019074
Prof. Umesh Kapil, Organizing Secretary of the Workshop at                                                           Website:

                                                                  70   HEALINDIA wu   November    2009      tv
                           Caffeine: A Daily Dose!
                any people in today’s urban society have the craving for their morning cuppa as it helps them “get
                going” in the morning, and coffee or tea breaks during the day give them a boost when energy
                lags.Our morning coffee contains caffeine, and so does black tea is the known fact to many of us.
                However, how sure are you about the rest of the foods and beverages that you consume daily? Do
                you actually know your daily caffeine intake or are you - like many people - assuming that your
decaffeinated coffee, or your green tea do not contain caffeine? The average adult consumes approximately 200
mg of caffeine per day - make sure you know where your caffeine is coming from!
By far our most popular (and least harmful) addictive drug, caffeine is the stimulant in coffee, tea, chocolate and
soft drinks; it is also added to some painkillers, cold medications.

Sources of Caffeine
Coffee is our most prevalent caffeinated drink;
however, many other products also contain caffeine.
The following chart shows how much caffeine can be                                   TOAST - To brown and dry the
found in some of the most common sources--                                           surface of foods with heat, such as
                                                               Kitchen Glossary

                                                                                     bread and nuts.
                                                                                     TOSS - To tumble ingredients
                                                                                     lightly with a lifting motion, as in a
   Sources of Caffeine          Caffeine Content

                                                                                     salad without mashing them.
 Coffee (150ml)

                                                                                     WHIP - To rapidly beat eggs, heavy
 Plain, brewed                60-135 mg

                                                                                     cream, etc., in order to incorporate
 Instant                      65-120 mg

                                                                                     air and expand volume with either
 Espresso (60ml)              90-100 mg

                                                                                     a hand or an electric beater.
 Decaffeinated                1-5 mg

                                                                                     WHISK - To beat ingredients
 Tea (150ml)

                                                                                     (such cream, eggs, salad dressings,
 Brewed, 1 min                9-33mg

                                                                                     sauces) with a fork or the looped
                                                                                     wire utensil called a whisk so as to
 Brewed, 5min                 20-50mg

                                                                                     mix or blend, or incorporate air.
 Iced Tea (from mix)          22-36mg
 Instant                      12-28mg
 Green Tea (230ml)            25-40 mg
 Black tea (230 ml)           40-70 mg

                                                         72   HEALINDIA wu        November   2009   tv
                     Kitchen Tips
    Do not fry paneer; immerse it in boiling water to
    make it soft and spongy.
    To prevent the growth of fungus in pickles, burn

    a small grain of asafoetida over a burning coal
    and invert the empty pickle jar for some time

    before putting pickles in the jar.
    To get the full flavour out of saffron, warm it
    slightly before crushing (you may do so in a
                                                                     Kitchen Safe Touch screen
    microwave oven for ten seconds on HIGH), add

                                                                     Digital Recipe Reader
    one teaspoon of warm milk and stir well.                         The digital recipe reader designed to go in your
    Fish has a tendency to leave its smell in the pan.               kitchen. It has a high resolution touch-screen
    To eliminate fish smell put used tea brew and                    interface that allows you to flick through 250
    boil it for ten minutes and smell should be gone.                pre-loaded recipes. The source of information

    To prevent lump formation in a salt container,                   for the Demy comes from
    put little rice granules at the bottom of the                    Up to 10000 recipes can be stored with 5000
    container, as they will absorb the moisture from                 of those containing pictures. When you get the

    the salt.                                                        device you set up a free Key Ingredient account
    Avoid washing grill top with water, instead use                  which allows you to browse the website, click
    rock salt and oil on hot grill and wipe it with                  on the recipes you like and hit a button to add
    a cloth duster before use, it ensures non stick                  them to your account. You then connect up the

    (seasoned) grilling all the time.                                device to your laptop or PC/Mac with a USB
                                                                     cable and download. There is no requirement
                                                                     to clean your hands of food stains before use
                                                                     either as it just wipes off with a damp cloth.
                                                                     Built in timers are also included as well as
                                                                     weight converters making it easier for you to
                                                                     measure just the right amounts you need.

Kitchen Remedies
A garlic soak contains powerful antifungal agents.
Steep six crushed cloves of garlic in a basin of hot
water for an hour before soaking your feet in it for 30
minutes for getting relived from foot fungus.
                                                                 2300 Pizza Oven
                                                                 Fully enclosed pizza oven has both top and bottom
To temporarily soothe the pain of an earache, warm               heating elements with independent temperature
olive oil and apply to the ear auricle (outer ear) and           control. Non-stick pan rotates for perfect pizza
just the rim of the inner ear using a finger.                    every time. Bake your own thick-crust or thin-crust
Couple black tea with a few burned toasts is an                  pizza in minutes. Choose your own ingredients
effective remedy for food poisoning. The tannic acid             for healthy, nutritional meals and snacks. Viewing
in tea and charcoal in the toast will neutralise the             window allows you to see the food as it cooks. HI
toxins and help you get much better very quickly.                                                Compiled by Binu Bhatia

                                                          73   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
                        R             E             C                       I           P              E
This vegetable-studded flatbread requires no
kneading or rising; just mix the ingredients and
spread the dough on a skillet. In fact, the word
thalipeeth loosely translates as “skillet bread.” You
may double or triple the recipe as needed.

1 medium English cucumber

1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1/2 to 1 teaspoon cayenne
1 teaspoon sesame seeds
1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric
                                                                                                               Crispy Okra Raita

9 tablespoons canola or peanut oil, divided
1 large green serrano chile, finely chopped                               Crispy Okra Raita
Peel the cucumber and then grate it using large holes                     The okra in this recipe becomes crunchy and
on the grater. You want about 1 cup.                                      addictive on its own; stirred into spiced yogurt, it’s
                                                                          even better. It goes specially well with the Thalipeeth.
Place the flour in a large bowl. Crush the cumin
seeds slightly by rubbing between the palms of                            8 ounces fresh okra

your hands to release their aromatic oils, and then                       6 tablespoons canola oil, divided
add to the flour. Stir in the salt, cayenne, sesame                       1 cup plain whole or low-fat yogurt
seeds, and turmeric and mix until well blended. Add                       3/4 to 1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons of the oil, the cucumber, and chile                         1/2 teaspoon sugar
and mix in well. Add a few tablespoons of water, if                       1/8 teaspoon cayenne
necessary, to make a sticky dough. You don’t have                         1/8 teaspoon ground turmeric
to knead this dough at all; merely bring all the                          1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
ingredients together. Halve the dough and form into                       Wash the okra and towel dry each one thoroughly.
2 balls.                                                                  Slice into 1/4-inch-thick rounds.
Place 1 tablespoon of oil in the center of a cold, heavy,                 Heat 5 tablespoons of the oil in a large skillet over
medium skillet. I prefer to use cast iron, but you may                    medium heat. When very hot, add the okra, toss, and
also use a nonstick one. Coat your palms with oil as                      let sizzle. Toss occasionally. The okra will slowly turn
well. Place 1 of the dough balls in the center of the                     crisp and brown. Once all the okra is well browned,
oil on the skillet and, using both your hands, gently                     remove to a paper towel–lined platter and set aside
press it out into a large, even circle about 5 inches in                  until ready to serve.
diameter. Make sure it is of even thickness all around,
                                                                          Make the tadka: Whisk the yogurt with the salt (to
about 1/2 inch thick. Using your forefinger or the
                                                                          taste) and sugar. Place the cayenne and turmeric in
handle of a wooden spoon, make 4 evenly-spaced
                                                                          a small pile on the raita, but do not mix in yet. Heat
1-inch holes in the thalipeeth. Fill these little “wells”
                                                                          the remaining 1 tablespoon oil in a butter warmer
with oil. Cover the skillet and place over medium-low
                                                                          or small skillet over high heat. When the oil begins
heat. After about 5 minutes, uncover and check. If the
                                                                          to smoke, add the mustard seeds, covering the pan
bread is well browned on the bottom, carefully turn it
                                                                          with a lid or spatter screen. After the mustard seeds
over. This time, leave the bread uncovered. The bread                     stop sputtering, pour the hot oil directly on top of
is done when it is browned well on the second side                        the cayenne and turmeric powder. (This cooks the
as well, about 10 minutes more. When making the                           powdered spices without burning them.) Do not stir
second thalipeeth, remember that the skillet will be                      the dressing in yet.
hot—you can either wait till it cools down, or proceed
very carefully. Oil the pan again and repeat the above                    Place the crisp okra on top of the dressing and stir it
steps.            Makes 2                                                 into the yogurt while serving.      Serves 2 to 4

                                                            74       HEALINDIA wu   November    2009    tv
Rava Tea Cake
Rava (cream of wheat) cakes are very popular in India.
Baked in a range of vivid colors, they’re served at teatime
and often dipped in one’s tea, a practice supposedly
inherited from the British. My version adds almond paste
and rose water to take this humble cake upmarket. I also
like to serve it –dressed up with whipped cream and rose
petals¬– as an elegant dessert.
Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Grease an 8-inch-square
cake pan.
In the bowl of an electric mixer, cream the butter and
1 cup of the sugar until creamy. Add the rava, almond
paste, rose water, and brandy, and continue beating until
light and creamy. Beat in the egg yolks 1 at a time. After
adding the last egg yolk, beat for an additional minute to
develop structure.
In a clean, dry bowl, beat the egg whites until frothy. Add
the cream of tartar and beat until soft peaks form. While
beating, slowly add the remaining 1 tablespoon sugar
and continue beating until the egg whites are stiff.
                                                                  1/2 cup (8 tablespoons) unsalted butter, softened
Add 1/4 of the stiff egg whites to the cake batter and

                                                                  1 cup plus 1 tablespoon sugar, divided
fold in with swift strokes. This will lighten the mixture.
                                                                  1 cup coarse rava, sooji, or cream of wheat (not quick
Now add the rest of the egg whites and fold in gently
yet firmly, without deflating the mixture. Scrape into
                                                                  4 ounces almond paste
the prepared cake pan, smooth the top, and bake in the
                                                                  2 tablespoons rose water
center of the oven till golden brown all over and a cake
                                                                  1 tablespoon brandy
tester inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean,
                                                                  4 large eggs, separated
approximately 20 minutes.
                                                                  1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
To serve it up as a dessert, place some fresh fruit               Sliced fresh fruit, such as bananas and strawberries
alongside each serving, dust with a little confectioner’s         Confectioner’s sugar, for garnish
sugar, and garnish with a dollop of freshly whipped               Whipped cream, for garnish
cream and some toasted slivered almonds.                          Toasted slivered almonds, for garnish        Serves 8

  5 spices, 50 dishes
  Things can’t be simpler than the simplicity vouchsafed in 5 spices, 50 dishes.
  by Ruta Kahate

  Indian Cuisine is characterized by complexity and sophistication that varies
  from region to region. Ruta uses just five of the basic and most common Indian
  spices ( cumin, coriander seeds, ground cayenne, turmeric, mustard seeds)
  from an endless listing to creatively bring authentic dishes that spell the Indian
  flavour. Besides the choice of spices, you need the right guidance and precisely
  this is where this little cook book comes handy in handling the ingredients. HI

            Chef, best-selling author and Indian food consultant Ruta Kahate divides her time between the San Francisco Bay Area
            and Goa, India. Her annual Culinary Tours of India, her cooking school in California, and her cookbook 5 Spices 50
            Dishes have been widely covered in the media, from the San Francisco Chronicle to the Asia Wall St Journal to the
            Fine Living Channel. 5 Spices was published by Chronicle Books in May 2007; since then it has consistently been one
            of’s best-selling Indian cookbooks.

                                                             75   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
 heal books of the month

Culture and Psychology                                Wicked Plants
The book puts psychological theories and              A New York Times bestseller - Wicked Plants: The
by David Matsumoto                                    by Amy Stewart

concepts into a cross-cultural framework              Weed that Killed Lincoln’s Mother & Other Botanical
that invites you to discover, question, and           Atrocities, is an encyclopedic work that deals with the
ultimately, understand the relationship               dark side of the plants. Precisely, plants that can kill,
between culture and psychology. It reflects           maim, intoxicate or at least offend ! The compendium
how and why psychologists should                      is replete with science, history, legends of plant
account for cultural factors in their efforts         atrocities. Besides being an informative sourcebook,
to explain and understand behaviour.                  the story telling talent of Amy Stewart is commendable.
Along the way, you’ll explore topics like
                                                      With drawings that illustrate the fate of the incautious,
changing gender roles, sexuality, self-
                                                      Stewart’s original take on the plant kingdom is one
esteem, aggression, personality, and mate
                                                      worth seeking. Wicked plants in history spells about
selection. It all adds up to a text that will
                                                      bygone plant poisons like the elixir consumed by
leave you with a deeper, more complex
                                                      Helen of Troy to end her sorrows and more recently
understanding of the nature of culture, its
                                                      how the KGB used ricin (castor bean poison) to punish
relationship to psychological processes,
                                                      the communist defectors. Down the pages are other
and the differences and similarities
                                                      sections dealing with day to day accidents. Be informed
between cultures in our increasingly
                                                      that all parts of lilies are toxic to cats, causing kidney
globalized world.
                                                      failure and death within a day or two !

                            Super Eating
                             Akin to Ayurvedic theory of food combining, every food has its own taste,
                            by Ian Marber

                             property (heating and cooling) and a resultant post digestive effect. In the
                             light of Modern Science, Ian Marber has wonderfully explained what different
                             nutrients should be used together to enhance the benefits we get. For
                              example, it is not enough to increase the amount of calcium in your diet, as
                              without the complementary effects of magnesium, the benefits can be almost
                              completely lost.
                              Marber addresses food in a number of ways and incorporates the joy of
                               eating that finally promotes good health. Like ideal food combination, there
are a number of nutrients that should be avoided. Super Eating explores the harmony between vitamins
and minerals and demonstrates how the super eating approach can be used to optimum effect. Marber
applies the principles of super eating to particular areas of well-being and examines a wide range of foods,
showing how superfoods can become supermeals.

                                                     76   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
    heal products of the month

                                       Personalised ACM Wallet
                                       Today modes and methods of payment are getting digitalized and even
                                       personal cards – are taking the shape and size of a standard credit card (ISO
                                       standards 7810). Usually we squeeze them together in a traditional leather
                                       wallet that results in damage to the magnetic strip or breaking of the chip.
                                       An ideal solution can be found in stylish and sleek(4 inches x 2.5 inches),
                                       light (60 gms) and sturdy(life time warranty) ACM (Auto Card Manager)
                                       wallets that are patented and innovative enough to organize, protect and
                                       select your cards quickly and easily at the push of a button. ACM’s precision
                                       card spacing feature is the key to preventing card demagnetization,
                                       scratching and premature failure of your cards magnetic strip.
                                       Introduction of ACM wallet makes life easier for you and your cards. Made
                                       out of brushed aluminum, the compact and streamlined wallet stores
                                       6 cards. Little sliding buttons with colourful icons (18 interchangeable
                                       choices) can be used to extract the precise card you are looking for.
                                          The ACM wallet comes in multiple choices, colours and even limited
                                          editions are made to order. A good number of accessories make the wallet
an ideal gift that gets noticed everywhere you take it out. The choice begins with 6 card wallet and 12 card wallet
in black, silver and hybrid finishes that include various colours.
The wallet is priced at 38 EURO (56 USD) can be had online from

   Organic Perfume                                                       Folded waterbottle
   An ultimate self indulgence to boast about ! The                      New Vapur™ Anti-bottle meets increasing
   fragrance is simply seductive, inviting and quite                     consumer demand for affordable, convenient
   addictive. Contrary to alcohol based perfume, Tsi La                  and eco-friendly options to disposable
              MISAKI Organic Eau de Parfum is 96 %                       plastic bottles. Flexible, fun and reusable for
               organic and 100 % natural. It is the first                consumers on-the-go at work, school or play.
              perfume to be approved by the Natural
                                                                                 Unlike traditional rigid bottles, Vapur is
              Products Association in the US. It includes
                                                                                  flexible, which means it stands upright
              soothing notes of Lavender, Bergamont and
                                                                                    when full and can be rolled, folded or
               Green Tea. Derived from organic ingredients,
                                                                                    flattened when empty, easily fitting
                pure oils and natural essences, Tsi-La
                                                                                          into pockets, purses, packs
                perfumes smell divine and they look lovely
                                                                                           or briefcases. It is extremely
                                 in bottles embossed with
                                                                                           durable and free from BPA
                                 botanical foliage. An ideal
                                                                                           (Bisphenol A), which means
                                 gift for Christmas and the
                                                                                            it can be safely re-used again
                                 New Year for $ 125
                                                                                             and again.
                                                                                            Each Vapur can hold up to
                                                                                            16 ounces (475 ml) of liquid
                                                                                         and is currently available in
                                                                                         blue, pink and green. They can
                                                                                         be purchased online at Vapur.
                                                                                         us or for $8.95
                                                                                         each or in a family four-pack for


                                                        77     HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
   celeb fitness

                                                          is n
                                                                       ot th

                                                                        men to fly the mighty
                                            Suman Sharma is first wo                            an
                                                                    jet and first civilian wom
                                         Russian MiG-35 fighter
                                                                       strike fighter F-16I N of
                                           to co-pilot the American-                             ly
                                                                     inks that fitness is the on
                                          Lockheed Martin. She th
                                                                              lues the importance
                                          mantra   to be successful. She va
                                                                              her during her flights
                                         of phys ical fitness which helped
                                                                               and stamina.
                                                 that gave her confidence
                                                                            d out more about this
                                          BEEN  UM YADAV figures to fin
                                                                            y is not the limit.
                                                jet woman for whom sk

                                                               enter the MiG cockpit in the world, which is indeed a
                                                               great feeling, but this is a small beginning, and there
HI: You are not only India’s but world’s first

                                                               is lot more to do. But being first in any field is indeed
woman to fly the mighty Russian MiG-35 fighter

SS: I have co-piloted the fighter aircraft, MiG-35,            very encouraging. I feel humbled as this was a dream,
jet, how do you feel about your achievement?

sitting at the rear, and MiG from Moscow gave me a             but I had not imagined that it would fall in my lap so
certificate to the effect that I was the first woman to        effortlessly during Aero India-2009 in February.

                                                          78   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv
                                                          meditation, having friends outside my profession and
                                                          spending time with them, listening to light music,
HI: As a pilot what is the importance of physical

                                                          thinking positive and being happy with whatever is
SS: I am not a qualified professional pilot, but since
fitness for you?

I’ve done fighter sorties as a co-pilot, therefore I
realize the importance of physical fitness. With
my brother introducing me to jogging during my
                                                          HI: When you travel, how do you make sure that you
childhood, and my mother training me in yoga and
                                                          eating the right thing?
deep breathing, plus I am jazz dancer, all of which
helped me during my flights, giving me confidence,        SS: This becomes tough, because I am a strict
stamina and black-outs. Fitness for me is also eating     vegetarian, and my profession demands a lot of
correctly. I follow a strict diet regimen before my       national and international travel. I try and stick to
flights.                                                  fruits, juices, salads and vegetables. Sometimes I
                                                          carry some home made stuff also, which is healthy.

                                                          HI: What’s your suggestion to the girls who want to
HI: How important is self control and positive

                                                          join Air force? And do you think that women are good
SS: I think they both play a very important role in
attitude to be successful in life?

                                                          professionals as men?
everyone’s life, not just to be successful but also to
lead a happy and a peaceful life. It begins early in      SS: Women are already there in the I.A.F and are
life, with taking success and failures in your stride,    doing very well, and are at par with men. There are
from where the attitude builds up positively and self     around 800 of them currently. They are not in combat
control automatically comes from discipline.              arms, sadly, and the Indian government has no plans
                                                          to induct them either in combat arms. They have
                                                          been given permanent commission in certain non-
HI: What’s your schedule to keep yourself in              combat arms and they are performing very well.

SS: I practice yoga, and jog whenever possible. During    HI: Would you like to convey any message to health

In summers I try to swim and play squash when time        conscious readers?
permits. I do deep breathing and meditation and
check my diet. I avoid junk. I don’t take liquor, tea,    SS: No matter which profession or age group one
coffee and non-vegetarian. I don’t smoke and try to       belongs to, health is of prime importance to one
                                                          and all, and if we take care of our body today, it will
avoid stress and sleep well, besides my four liters of
                                                          take care of us tomorrow. Eating right, coupled with
water everyday.
                                                          moderate exercise and positive thinking will stand
                                                          us in good stead. Happiness from within stems from
HI: Can you suggest some healthy eating habits            good health. HI
with respect to breakfast, lunch, dinner or smart

SS: Fruits, non-oily light snacks and salads are a good

way to snack in between and nuts during winters.
Breakfast can be heavy, but one should avoid oily
fried stuff in the morning on an empty stomach.
Rice and curd are good during lunch but should be
avoided at night. Early dinner is a must and should be
very light. Milk can be the last meal before bed. Lot’s
of water. Avoid salads with meals. Try to substitute
fruit juices with vegetable juices.

HI: How do you de-stress yourself? How easy or

SS: I de-stress by practicing deep breathing,
difficult it is to handle pressure?
   Alien Hand Syndrome
                                                    magine yourself watching TV
                                                    and relaxing after work in a
                                                    dimly lit bedroom. And then,
Rare D i se ase

                                                    you suddenly realize the pain of
                                                    a deep and sharp pinch on your
                                            left thigh. Much to your surprise you
                                            observe your left hand as the culprit.
                                            You release the pinch with the help of
                                            your right hand, while it resists doing
                                            so. Finally you are successful in the
                                            attempt and end up staring at your
                                            left hand which just does not feel like
                                            your own. While it sounds peculiar,
                                            it is actually a very rare medical
                                            condition known as the “Alien hand
                                            It is a rare neurological disorder
                                            in which one hand functions
                                            involuntarily, patient completely
                                            unaware of its action. As described
                                            above the symptoms involve
                                            involuntary reaching, grasping,
                                            stuffing food in the mouth and self
                                            inflicting punching or choking. An
                                            individual with this problem has full
                                            sensation in his hand, but is unable to
                                            control its movements. The hand has
                                            the capability of acting autonomously
                                            as if it has a ‘will of its own’.
                                            Also known as anarchic hand, AHS
                                            was first identified in 1909 and 40
                                            to 50 cases have been reported since
                                            then. It usually happens as a side
                                            effect of brain surgery or an injury to
                                            the corpus callosum (the area of the
                                            brain which connects the two halves
                                            of the brain), a brain tumor, aneurysm
                                            or stroke. AHS is manifested as a
                                            result of disconnection between
                                            different areas of the brain.
                                            No particular treatment for AHS has
                                            been identified till now, however
                                            the strategy is to keep it occupied
                                            and involved in a task such as
                                            manipulation of objects. Involvement
                                            of the hand in object manipulation
                                            inhibits its involuntary movement.
                                            Also, certain learned tasks help to
                                            enhance the voluntary control over
                                            the involved hand. HI

                    80   HEALINDIA wu   November   2009   tv

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