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Ambassador of Belgium visits Oriental Negros

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									JANUARY- MARCH 2007                                             TUG-ANI                                                                        1

 2   Editorial
                                     Ambassador of Belgium
     projects implemented

                                      visits Oriental Negros
 3 In the eyes of a child
 5    A realization of DAR
 6 Exclusive CARPO
     Tessie T. Corpuz
 7 Unfinished Business
 11 ARCDP2 in the past
     three years
 Administrative Order No. 8


 Executive Editor

 Editor in-Chief
 Aileen C. Alaban
                                                            Ambassador Verdakis beams as he lifted his cup of coffee
 Richard Thomas T. Leduna              The Ambassador of Belgium               The 2 classroom has a total      It is beyond architecture,” he
                                to the Philippines, His Excellency      project cost of P850,000.00.            added.
 Contributors                   Gregoire Verdakis, visited                     For Ambassador Gregoire                The Ambassador was
  Marcial B. Ada                Oriental Negros last March 29. He       Verdakis, extraordinary thing           grateful for the people’s hospitality.
                                visited BIARSP Phase III Project        happened in this visit however, he’s    He also thanked the Mayor and
 (DF Siaton)                    in Bayawan and at the same time         fortunate to hear good news from        the Barangay Officials. He is
 Shiela B. Caballero            participated in the project turn over   Mayor Sarana. He admired the            hopeful that the children will also
 (Legal Officer Canlaon)        ceremony of the 2 classroom             Chief Executive of Bayawan in           take good care of the structure and
 Engr. Jonathan A. Francisco    Elementary School of Buli-Buli, a       administering the delivery of the       he extended luck for future
                                collaborated project of the             project ahead of schedule and that      endeavor.
 Elizabeth L. Meneses
                                Department of Agrarian Reform           made him very happy.                          Mayor German Sarana
 (OIC MARO Mabinay)             (DAR), Belgian Integrated Agrarian             “This building is the most       expressed his joy that the structure
 Edwin G. Arnado                Reform Support Programme                complete and very attractive down       was completed ahead of schedule
 Charilyn G. Palalon            (BIARSP) and the Local                  to its details,” Verdakis said. It is   and he thanked DAR-BIARSP for
                                Government Unit of Bayawan.             something done by professionals.        making this project possible.

                                                                        DAR-BIARSP turnover 2 CL
                                                                               The Department of Agrarian       by the Ambassador of Belgium to
                                                                        Reform-Oriental Negros and Belgian      the Philippines, His Excellency
                                                                        Integrated Agrarian Reform Support      Gregoire Verdakis; Belgian
                                                                        Programme (BIARSP) and the              Programme Coordinator Peter
                                                                        Local Government Unit of Bayawan        D’Huys; CARPO for BDCD Regional
                                                                        turned over the Construction of 2       Office Dr. Antonio Del Socorro; Chief
                                                                        classroom elementary school of          Legal DAR NegOr Atty. Louie
                                                                        Buli-Buli to DepED.                     Naranjo; Municipal Agrarian Reform
                                                                               This project has a total         Officer of Bayawan Sherwin B.
                                                                        project cost of P850, 000 .00, the      Tubog; Bayawan Mayor German
                                                                        grant from BIARSP is P335, 000.00       Sarana; Bayawan Vice Mayor Rene
Ambassador Verdakis, Belgian Programme Cordinator Peter D’Huys
                                                                        while GOP fund is P515, 000.00.         Gaudiel and DepEd Superintendent
and Dr. Antonio Del Socorro during the Turnover
                                                                               The turn-over was attended       Dr. Milagros Velez.
2                                                                TUG-ANI                                     JANUARY- MARCH 2007

                                                                                              ALL ABOUT TUG-ANI

                                                                       TUG-ANI is a local dialect which means “To Tell.” As conceived herein,
                                                                       Tug-Ani is a combination of “Tug-An” meaning to TELL and “ANI”
                                                                       meaning HARVEST. As a compound word, it means more than its
                                                                       simple meaning; it may mean Telling One’s Harvest.

                                                                       TUG-ANI as an official newsletter of the Department of Agrarian
                                                                       Reform-Negros Oriental (DAR-Negros Oriental) does not only simply
                                                                       “Tell” but goes beyond its suggested meaning.

                                                                                           HOW TO REACH TUG-ANI

                                                                       MAIL:                     TUG-ANI
                                                                                                 DAR Provincial Office
                                                                                                 Solon Building, Hibbard Avenue
                                                                                                 Dumaguete City

                                                                       TELEPHONE:                (035)422-0608
                                                                       TELEFAX:                  (035)422-5736

                          WINNING MOMENT

                                                                        About this issue
         Success means winning.
         Would it also mean gains in the organization?                         This issue contains different success stories of
                                                                        cooperatives assisted by BIARSP and farmer
         Personal prosperity in the lives of our farmer                 beneficiaries who were benefited from the same
    beneficiaries?                                                      assistance.
         Or, would it also be winning admiration in leadership.                 The stories in this issue will surely motivate,
         There are so many faces of success. Such are the               encourage other cooperatives to come up with innovations
                                                                        that will help improve their services and enlightenment to
    different stories of our cooperatives assisted by BIARSP
                                                                        other farmer beneficiaries that there is more to life if we
    and some farmer beneficiaries who benefited from CARP.              only work hard and change our attitude.
         Every human being wants success. Everybody wants
                                                                               Through this issue, we want to thank our
    the best this life can deliver and so with our Institution. DAR     contributors for helping us document the so called “winning
    Oriental Negros through PARO Grace Fua’s leadership                 moments” of our coops and our farmer beneficiaries.

    cuts off mediocrity in the delivery of services.
         DAR Oriental Negros hits 100% target of 2006 in
                                                                                The Editorial Staff
    Land Tenure Improvement. Through the concerted efforts
    of the technical staff, the Municipal Agrarian Reform
    Officers and its staff, the CARPO for Operations, the PARO
    I and the PARO II, it hits 4, 821.7021 hectares against 4,
    244 hectare target. Truly a great winning.
         There is nothing mystical about this. It is more of what
    we believe and do. A successful Institution doesn’t mean               “I studied the lives of great men and famous women. I
    that there are supermen inside the workforce. Nor does it              found that the men and women who got the top were
    require to have a super-intellect. DAR Oriental Negros                 those who did the jobs they had in hand, with every-
    through a well defined management and strong workforce                 thing they had of energy and enthusiasm.”

    has met the target because we believe that we can
    accomplish and we do what we believe in.
                                                                                                  - Harry S. Truman
  JANUARY- MARCH 2007                                                     TUG-ANI                                                                           3

                                                   In the eyes of a child
                                                   (The Aya story on a remote Philippine mountain)
                                                                 By Aileen C. Alaban

                                                                                  to get a picture of her.. alas! Got         disability; it can help protect the
                                                                                  ya.. it’s hard to strike a pose and         people in that remote area from the
                                                                                  flash the best smile.                       environmental health hazards and
                                                                                       Wait and hope for help to come.        educate them about health in general.
                                                                                  Wait and hope the little ones would              In an isolated place like Aya
                                                                                  get the food, water, clothing, and          would mean limited medical
                                                                                  aid they needed just to survive,            resources and those infectious
                                                                                  maybe, is what that little girl has in      diseases could likely thrive.
                                                                                  mind.                                            During the launching, La
                                                                                       A better life: that was the theme      Libertad        Mayor      Jocelyn
                                                                                  of every child who has struggled for        Limkaichong thanked BIARSP for
                                                                                  survival. Through the aid of BIARSP,        the assistance given to her
                                                                                  Aya is blessed with this kind of            municipality. “We (referring to La
                                                                                  investment. It means better health,         Libertad LGU) have decided to put
                                                                                  better future.                              up equity since we feel the need of
                                                                                       In the April-September 2006            putting up this barangay health
                                                                                  issue of Tug-Ani, I wrote about the         station. I’d like to bring some
                                                                                  importance of public health in the          improvements to Aya,” she added.
                The smiling black eyes of a little girl in Aya                    community. That public health is                 Building this health station is
                                                                                  said to be protection and                   something that I see it as simply
                                                                                  improvement of the health of the            helping those in need. The essence
     On January 25, 2007, earlier on     Station funded by the Belgian            entire populations through
that day, I set off with nong Dodoy      Integrated Agrarian Reform               community-wide action, primarily                                               9
to Aya, La Libertad on jagged paths      Support Programme (BIARSP).              governmental
which last up on a village over an            Upon reaching Aya, I have this      agencies like DAR
hour away from the foot of the           feeling of sadness, seeing the           and the LGUs.
mountain. With the steep, soaring        residents there as deprived. But         Putting up a
hills and precipitous valleys, I said    what touched me most is that dark        barangay health
to myself that I will never return to    haired, violet skinned, smiling black    station is a way to
this place again.                        eyes little girl alongside her younger   protection and
     Aya is a barangay located high      sister. Her eyes had shown flicker       improvement. With
up a mountain on the Philippine          of hope with the realization of that     the barangay health
Island of Oriental Negros which is       Barangay Health Station. What            station, it may aid
the last barangay of La Libertad and     interests me most was her being          the residents there
boundary of Negros Occidental. We        attentive to the different speeches      in the prevention of
rushed to catch up with the              of the guests… as if she understood      human diseases,            This is Aya, a barangay located high up a mountain
                                                                                  injury,           and      on the Philippine Island of Oriental Negros
launching of a Barangay Health           what it was all about. I was eager
 4                                                                             TUG-ANI                                              JANUARY- MARCH 2007

                            PAMUFACO’s growth and success
                                                                       By Elizabeth L. Meneses

      PAMUFACO started extending ser-       actively contributing members with al-      good standing as PAMUFACO mem-           Pantao, Mabinay, Oriental Negros. Or-
vices to its member in the year 1998        most P600,000.00 share capital from         ber and borrower they were able to       ganized in 1996 and was registered
when it has accessed funding from           P22,000.00 in 1998. The BIARSP fund         send their children to college educa-    with the Cooperative Development Au-
BIARSP of a little more that P800,          accessed by PAMUFACO has now                tion and build better houses and their   thority in 1998. Its financial statement
000.00.                                     reached to almost P1.4 million and the      dream of better and convenient life is   of operation is externally audited an-
      During the early life of PAMUFACO     total assets of PAMUFACO as of July         now within their reach through hard      nually since the year 2000. PAMUFACO
it went through hard times, it has also     31, 2006 is now almost P4 million.          work and prayers.                        now stands with a building of its own.
its trying moments. Its first year of op-   PAMUFACO has established a produc-               This is Pantao Multipurpose
eration was a failure. Repayment rate       tion loan line of P1.5 million with the     Farmers Cooperative (PAMUFACO) of
was very low due to untimely delivery       Land Bank of the Philippines. This loan
of inputs coupled with plant damaged        is utilized to finance ARB’s farm area
caused by the attacked of DULON. But        which lacks capital making their land
most of all due to officers limited edu-    productive rather than have their area
cation, incapable of formulating ironed     (in arriendo) to moneyed people. This
policies, cannot strictly implement for-    is one of PAMUFACO’s available ser-
mulated policies, lax in monitoring of      vices extended to interested ARB
projects and above all their under-         members. This has helped a lot es-
standing of cooperative is more of as-      pecially after installation period when
sistance to the poor than business,         new Landowner ARBs cannot afford to
grant and not loan not different on         finance their area to keep it productive.
many Land Bank organized coopera-           With God’s grace, PAMUFACO has
tives that mostly if not all failed.        maintained its credit standing with LBP
      It was so much of a struggle for      for already five successive years which
anyone assisting PAMUFACO at that           includes PAMUFACO in LBP’s list of A-
time. PAMUFACO officers’ attitude to-       1 borrower. Just recently, PAMUFACO
wards cooperativism is an added             again qualifies to avail the services of              PAMUFACO Officials with MAROs Meneses and Luzuriaga
problem. Just like any Pre-Schooler,        NORPAC for another P500, 000.00. For
they will have to know the basics and       now, PAMUFACO has various services
to understand that cooperativism may        offered to MIGS members to fit their
not be the best way but it is the only      needs. Its officers are now good in for-
way for them to be developed socially,      mulating policies in each project
economically, politically and be uplifted   strictly implementing and monitoring.
of their dignity as MAN.                         The concrete manifestation of
      By educating and coaching the of-     PAMUFACO’s growth and success is
ficers, an increasing attendance dur-       the status of our ARB members
ing meetings both in BOD and owner-         namely Hussein Bordago and Garry
ship is noticeable. Officers were slowly    Maghari. These two ARBs were just an
able to formulate a more effective poli-    ordinary tapasero / farmlaborer of the
cies and scheme in delinquent loan          former landowner Nicolas Solon. They
collection, which reduced the delin-        joined PAMUFACO right after they were
quency rate to less than 15%. Though        installed at Nicolas Solon estate in the
increase in general membership is not       year 2000. With PAMUFACO behind
very impressive, but it has now 220         their needs and by maintaining their
JANUARY- MARCH 2007                                                                   TUG-ANI                                                                              5

                                                                                    A realization of DAR’s vision
                                                                                         By Shiela Caballero

      It was another rainy August           Scale, a computer and an assortment                 ter than before.                          dance to various seminars and
morning. It had been raining for            of farm tools and equipment.                             Marilou Castillo is another ex-      trainings embolden her to take the re-
weeks now. But Isabelita Lumabit                                                                ample. She was also a farm worker of      sponsibility of the manning the new-
was sweating despite the cold                    RAMPUCO offered various ser-                   the former Hacienda. She supple-          est service of RAMPUCO – their ca-
Canlaon morning. She, together with         vices to its members. Among them are                mented her income by selling banana       tering service.
the few other women coop members            the following:                                      cue at the sidewalks of the public              She is now very adept in menu
were unloading large kettles, basins,          1. Lending (which started since 1998)            school. She was also among the first      planning-course with the assistance
ladles, serving trays and the likes            2. Savings mobilization (retention from loan)    incorporators of RAMPUCO in 1997.         of their DF, SARPT Ms. Daisy
from hired tricycle at the east en-            3. Sugar production (in partnership              She availed of the services of the coop   Geonson-table setting, getting book-
trance of the DARMO in Canlaon City.               with the LBP)                                to finance her sugarcane farm. Today      ings, and particularly the tedious pa-
She was giving quick instructions to           4. Farm Inputs assistance/loan (for sugarcane,   her success can be easily seen in the     per works like preparations of vouch-
the others.                                        corn, and rice)                              concrete house she owns complete          ers, receipts, reimbursements /
      “Day, lihug lang ibutang and             5. Feed mixing (ceased operation in 2004)        with household appliances and gad-        claims for payments and the likes.
mga gamit sa kitchen.” (Day just               6. Agricultural Financing to CLOA Holders        gets which she enjoyed with family.       Hers may not be financial or eco-
place it please in the kitchen)                7. swine raising                                      The family of Lopito Baltazar is     nomic gains but rather a great im-
      “Dira lang una sa kilid sa table         8. Job generation (farm activities)              also worth mentioning. Lopito and his     provement in her being a person.
iplastar ang mga pinggan ug baso.              9. Catering services                             wife Fermina are active members of        She now demonstrates picture of
Ang flowers itupad sa gi-arrange na              The Catering Services is the new-              RAMPUCO. Lopito was among the first       confidence and manifestation of
mga prutas” (Place the plates and           est addition of their services. The idea            members of the BOD. He was an ordi-       DAR’s mission of an empowered in-
tumblers on the one side of the table.      was a brain child of SARPT Daisy L.                 nary farm worker before who also          dividual.
And arrange the flowers beside the          Geonson after the feed mill ceased                  struggled to manage a small sari-sari           In terms of assets, RAMPUCO
fruits.)                                    operation in 2004. During those times               business. Now they engaged in sug-        may not be the best as compared to
      “Unaha lang and tubig init.           DARMO Canlaon hosted a number of                    arcane production and go into the busi-   other cooperatives but its success is
Damo gid na mangayo kape ron.”              seminars and trainings of POs and                   ness of services contracting like haul-   best seen in the members’ ingenu-
(Prepare the hot water first. A lot shall   ARBs. Catering services was neces-                  ing trucks and tractor services.          ity, hard work, and dedication contin-
be asking for coffee later).                sary for the participants and lecturers             Fermina, on the other hand is con-        ued and struggled to stand strong
      These women are preparing for         alike. It triggered the entrepreneurial             nected with the NIRD Inc. (Canlaon), a    and upright despite failures and ad-
the one-day seminar sponsored by            potential of the coop and offered to do             Non Government Organization as a          versities. The spirit of optimism and
the Sugar Regulatory Authority and          catering services exclusively for these             Local Community Organizer (LCO).          solidarity are its        best suc-
the Philsurin at DARMO, Canlaon.            seminars.                                           This husband and wife team success-       cess.
RAMPUCO is contracted to do cater-               Since then, RAMPUCO served al-                 fully produced four college gradu-
ing services to some one hundred            most all of the seminars held at                    ates. One of her daughters is pres-
participants.                               DARMO Canlaon. Now visiting groups                  ently a volunteer of NIRD Inc.
      RAMPUCO is the acronym of the         of ARBs and POs from other munici-                  (Bayawan).
Ramrod Agricultural Multi-purpose           palities now likewise employs their                      Lastly, is Isabelita Lumabit,
Cooperative. Its members are basi-          services.                                           who is fondly called Bebing.
cally agrarian reform beneficiaries              RAMPUCO is the most visited co-                Her husband, Hermilito, and
and farm workers of the sugar haci-         operative among the other agrarian                  she were among the pio-
enda formerly owned by the spouses          beneficiaries’ cooperative in Canlaon               neer      cooperators       of
Rosendo and Anita Dela Rama. The            City. (Educational tour destination, it             RAMPUCO who remained
cooperative was first organized in          often interest foreign spon-                        active in the various coop
1997 by Ms. Rose Gonzales of the            sors/benefactors-Bel-                               activities until     to-
Philippine Peasant Institute (now           gian representatives,                               day. The
known as NIRD Inc.) a Non Govern-           and DAR Secretary,                                  family
ment Organization (NGO) based in            Undersecretaries,
Canlaon City. Its Certificate of Reg-       Central Office Staff,
istration was granted by the Coop-          and the different
erative Development Authority (CDA)         Regional Direc-
on April 21, 1997.                          tors).
      Initially it only had 22 member-           The suc-
cooperators from whom seven                 cess of any coopera-
members of the Board of Directors           tive can be best mea-
were elected. They were Amelita             sured by the individual suc-
Magdayao sa Chairman, Nilda                 cesses of its members. For about
Lapinid, Senin Togalon, German              nine (9) years of existence
dela Paz, Leonardo Baradero,                RAMPUCO made possible of the
Marilou Castillo, and Lopito Baltazar       success of the members through its
as members. They likewise elected           services.
Isabelita Lumabit as secretary. Their            One of them is the family of
paid-up capital or Capital Build Up         Leonardo Plaida. It was her wife Mellie,
(CBU) then was only P2,300.00. Dur-         who worked as a farm laborer of the
ing the latest ARC Level Develop-           Hacienda, while he worked as a car-
ment          Assessment       (ALDA)       penter. The family’s earnings then
RAMPUCO was ranked Level 5.                 could hardly meet the family’s basic
                                            needs. However, with the financial as-
     To date its membership remark-         sistance and other services from the
ably multiplied to 308 members.             coop he was able to make their sug-                 now owns a
Eighty (80) per cent of the members         arcane farm productive, invest in con-              hauling truck and their daughter
are CLOA Holders and beneficiaries          struction business-which his son is                 is now a nursing freshman in Silliman
of the former Dela Rama Estate.             presently managing in Samar, and                    University.
Their CBU presently totaled P269,           sent his children to college. Her                        Bebing is by nature, hardworking.
386.35 and they have total assets of        daughter Leume is presently the book-               But her world basically revolved in her
P 2, 036, 924.97. Their fixed assets        keeper of RAMPUCO. Presently their                  own household—tending the needs of
includes their coop building, a Ham-        economic standing is way, way far bet-              her daughter and husband. Her atten-
mer Mill, a Feed Mixer, a Weighing
 6                                                                             TUG-ANI                                                 JANUARY- MARCH 2007

               Tessie T. Corpuz
       “A woman who shows what mastering grace
               and courage is all about”
                  By Aileen C. Alaban

Part of my job is to do actual interview   Administrative Officer II. She’s into the
with important people within the           same position from 1989-2005. She
organization. I always get excited to      received the Most Outstanding
know the kind of individual I am with,     Section Head, Regional Level in 1997
as I do the face to face talk. I get to    and has been designated OIC-
know more people. I get to know            CARPO for Administration several             issue
what’s embedded inside them, their         times. Today, she is now the CARPO           t h e
convictions and more.                      for Operations.                              directive
                                                                                        restraining me to
It was during International Women’s        However, life is not at all without trying   perform          my                                                      with the
day that I conducted a very emotional      moments. Maam Tessie has her                 functions as CARPO.                                              field operations
interview with our new CARPO for           deepest anguish…                                                                                 personnel.         Relatively
Operations- Tessie Corpuz.                                                              In the last quarter of 2006, there was      contributing towards achieving the
                                           TRYING TIMES                                 another move to divide the DIVISION         mandate of the Department were all
I’d like you to meet maam Tessie…          “I started to experience opposition          into two, southern and northern             the Division Heads, Operations Staff,
                                           immediately when I assumed the               operations, the former to be headed         the MAROs, field personnel, as well
Tessie Torres Corpuz is her full name.     position of CARPO Operations. Some           by me. This was planned by the              as the regional staff, most especially
She is married to Rogelio Q. Corpuz        DAR region and division officials,           Region in view of eagerness to meet         our beloved Regional Director, Datu
and has two children, Amy Luz the                                                                                                   Yusoph B. Mama. Proper coordination
eldest and Barry Jay. Corpuz was born                                                                                               and linkage with various Department
on November 11, 1954 in Amlan,                 “Success is a product of personal conviction, sacrifices and                         Heads and personnel of various
Oriental Negros. She finished                  determination, by the aid of the Divine Providence, to triumph                       government agencies, i.e., LBP,
elementary at San Jose Elementary                                                                                                   Register of Deeds, LMS, CENRO, etc.
School in 1968 Valedictorian;                   vr eetn tuge, ifclis n hlegs t s civd
                                               o e r l n i gs r g l s d f i u t e a dc a l n e .I i a h e e                         have also contributed to the
Secondary at Foundation University in           hog h eun oprto n upr rm or ueir,
                                               t r u ht eg n i ec o e a i na ds p o tf o y u s p r o s                              successful output in 2006. And to all
1972 with Consistent Principal Honor                                                                                                the aforementioned personnel, I
Award; Finished Bachelor of
                                                olaus n uodnts lk.
                                               c l e g e a ds b r i a e a i e ”                                                     extend my profound gratitude and
Business Administration at Silliman                                                                                                 thanks.
University in 1977 with Consistent         provincial staff and mostly MARO’s           and deliver 100% accomplishment. Of
Class Honor Award and Masters in           doubted my capabilities to handle            course strong doubts lingered that I
Business Administration in 1995 at St.     DAR operational matters. This was            cannot spearhead for an assured             CALL         FOR         CONTINUED
Paul University.                           primarily due to my background which         satisfactory results. It was not easy       COOPERATION.
                                           was limited to Administrative                then facing the regional quarterly          To my constituents, I sincerely
Prior to entering DAR, she worked at       functions. In my first few months there      assessments due to apprehensions            acknowledge and thank for your
CDCP Mining Corp., Basay, Oriental         was a move to unseat me,” CARPO              and lack of confidence. Again the plan      valuable contribution towards the
Negros from 1977-1981. She entered         Tess recalled.                               to divide the division to serve the         Department’s success that has been
DAR in October 1988 as contractual                                                      above purpose did not prosper. The          realized in 2006. I am proud to say that
employee and then in January 1989          “I’m fortunate. PPLAO in its letter          normal operational set up persisted.        through your concerted efforts,
got     a   regular   position   as        dated 22 nd February 2006, did not                                                       unselfish dedication to duty and
                                                                                        A SURVIVOR.                                 cooperation we have achieved
                                                                                        Despite all odds, I surpassed the           another milestone that we will be
                                                                                        trials. Many factors contributed to my      remembered always. Please keep up
                                                                                        persistence to stick on the job and         the excellent work. Again I am
                                                                                        deliver the objectives and targets.         requesting for your continued
                                                                                        Foremost, I had the vision to succeed       cooperation and support. Let us gear
                                                                                        in all honesty, integrity, dedication and   up to meet the target and challenges
                                                                                        hard work.                                  in 2007.

                                                                                        DETERMINATION TO LEARN.                     PUTTING UP VISION.
                                                                                        I was determined to learn, to lead and      To the young blood, put up your vision,
                                                                                        meet the demands of the Department.         work out to achieve your goals, never
                                                                                        My intent was further strengthened by       falter for any failures. Work as if there
                                                                                        the trust, confidence, cooperation and      is no tomorrow, do not sit on your
                                                                                        support      and     encouragement          laurels. Remember that in unity there
                                                                                        sincerely poured by PARO II Grace B.        is strength. You can only lead and
                                                                                        Fua, who believes that we could really      command when you know how to
                                                                                        meet the target on Land Acquisition         obey. Keep learning, be pro-active…
                                                                                        and Distribution. As an experienced         you are in a dynamic world of
       CARPO Tess Corpuz, PARO Grace B. Fua, OIC PARO I Pacifico                        operations man, PARO I Pacifico             computer age. The future is in your
       Quindo, Jr. and the Operations Division Staff                                    Quindo, Jr., unselfishly shared             hands!
                                                                                        operational strategies corroborating
JANUARY- MARCH 2007                                                                TUG-ANI                                                                        7

                          QUO VADIS PINOY?
                        By: Engr. Jonathan A. Francisco

                    Totoy, Totoy bakit ikaw ay nasa tambakan?
                    Naghahalungkat ng bagay na pakinabangan,
                    Upang ibenta at maaring pagkakitaan.
                    Hindi ba dapat ikaw ay nasa paaralan?

                    Nene, Nene bakit ikaw ay nasa bangketa?
                    Sa kung anong bagay maghapon kang nagtitinda,
                    Upang kahit paano’y tumubo’t magkapera.
                    Di ba dapat ikaw ay pumasok sa eskwela?

                    Nanay, Nanay bakit ikaw ay namamasukan?
                    Sa konti mong sahod at pinagkakakitaan,
                    Tungkulin sa mag-anak iyong napabayaan.
                    Di ba dapay ikaw ay nasa inyong tahanan?
                                                                                                                   A farmer planting rice
                    Tatay, Tatay bakit ikaw ay nasa sugalan?
                    Sa pagliliwaliw muntik mong makaligtaan,
                    Panustos sa mag-anak iyong napabayaan.
                    Di ba dapat sila ang un among paglaanan?
                                                                                                     Unfinished business
                                                                                                                  By Edwin G. Arnado
                    Bayan, Bayan bakit ba tayo nagkakaganyan?
                    Sa hanay ng Bansang Asiano sa kaunlaran,
                    Ating Bansa lagging huli at napag-iwanan.
                    Di ba dapat umunlad na rin an gating bayan?                             At the peak of the mountain, I       a convergence strategy to maximize
                                                                                       realized man is just an insignificant     the use of scarce funds for
                    Pinoy, Pinoy ano pa ba ang hinihintay mo?                          detail of a miniature. Perceiving man     assistance to farmers that which
                    Simulan na ngayon ang tunay napagbabago,
                    Mula Pangulo hanggang sa huling Pilipino.
                                                                                       in his nothingness, stripped from self    gives birth to these ARCs.
                    Di ba dapat taas-noong nagmalaki tayo?                             acclaimed glory, and grandiosity, I            I went into data gathering for me
                                                                                       see unity and oneness in nature.          to support my stand in extending
                                                                                       Nature designed no class distinction,     CARP. I found out from the data
                               o wakas o
                                                                                       inequality, nor hierarchy of existence.   supplied by the operations, BDCD
                                                                                       Truly, man is born free and equal. We     and Legal Division that our program
                                                                                       are free insofar as we do what is right   has a great impact in the rural areas,
                                                                                       and equal before the very eyes of our     and by looking at the support
                       SHIFTING TO ORGANIC?                                            creator.                                  services extended to our
                            Second of Seven Series                                          Our nation believes in the           beneficiaries, we have contributed a
        (“Mga Mag-uuma, mao na kini ang tubag sa inyong panginahanglan”)               concept of equality in opportunities      lot to our economic development.
                            NATURAL FARMING SYSTEMS
                                                                                       and in the development of our             With adoption of ARCs, the strategy
                                                                                       potentials as persons. This is            has been proven to increase the
 I.         MGA KINAHANGLANON                                                          precisely the reason why we have          income and the quality of life of
            1.    Manila Paper—————————————— 1 pc                                      the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform         farmers in agrarian reform
            2.    Kamay————————————————— 1 kl                                          Program in order for our government       communities. Translating the figures
            3.    Goma————————————————-— 1 pc
            4.    Sudlanan (Balde)——————————----— 1 pc
                                                                                       to promote equality of opportunity        I got from our record, that these
            5.    Timbangan——————————————— 1 unit                                      through land distribution. Land           farmers were formerly earning only
            6.    Tadtaran———————————————— 1 pc                                        distribution is a de facto taxation on    up to P38, 000 a year, now they are
            7.    Kutsilyo————————————————— 1 pc
            8.    Luwag————————————————— 1 pc
                                                                                       wealth in which I believe is for the      earning at least P65, 000 a year. In
            9.    Kaha—————————————————— 1 pc                                          common good. The distribution of          Oriental Negros, basing it in our
            10.   Sala-an————————————————— 1 pc                                        lands to the farmers is good for the      success stories gathered, we found
 Oriental Herbal Nutrient (OHN)
                                                                                       economy because it provides               out that they are now even earning
                                                                                       mobility in the social stratum of our     more than P100, 000 a year.
           1.     Luya/Ahos/Sibuyas Bombay———-----——— 1 kl                             society. The vast of lands remaining           Through other support program,
           2.     Beer Grande —————————---------------— 2 btls.
           3.     Mallorca/ Gin  —————————---——— 5 btls.                               in the hands of the minorities or the     the establishment of farm-to-market
                                                                                       privileged few shall only increase the    roads would ease the transport
 II.        MGA PAMA-AGI:                                                              economic gap between the rich and         burden of farmer beneficiaries and
            1.    Paghiwa ug luya (1 kilo) mas gagmay pagkahiwa mas maayo              the poor.                                 hasten the delivery of agricultural
            2.    Sagoli ug 2 ka botelya nga beer grande o bisan unsang beer                The distribution of land to the      products. With good roads in place,
            3.    Taboni ug Manila paper, higti ug goma unya bunyagi
            4.    Ibutang sa mangitngit ug mabugnaw nga lugar                          landless farmers shall not only give      transportation cost has been reduced
            5.    paghuman sa 12 ka oras sagoli ug kamay nga 1 ka kilo                 them an opportunity to increase their     considerably, from P1 a kilo of farm
            6.    Taboni ug ibutang pagbalik sa mangitngit ug mabugnaw nga lugar       income but also give them a sense         goods to 0.60, and fare prices has
            7.    Human sa usa ka semana sagoli ug mallorca o gin
            8.    Ibutang pagbalik sa mangitngit ug mabugnaw nga lugar                 of dignity. This is not merely a          decreased by P20, from P50 down
            9.    Human sa duha ka semana bukara ug ilain ang duga sa tinupsan         speculation, but an idea founded on       to P30. The department has
            10.   Puwede na kining gamiton                                             reality. However, implementing CARP       completed various infrastructure
 III.       ANG PAGGAMIT SA NATURAL INPUTS                                             does not only mean distribution alone     projects like irrigation facilities, the
                                                                                       but as we transfer the land, it is the    record show. Thus, increasing the
            Templada 1:500 (1 OHN:500 Tubig)
                        1 OHN: 5 Tubig                                                 instrument of empowering our              production of our farmers.
                                                                                       people, particularly the rural poor, by        The Comprehensive Agrarian
            Magamit direkta sa tanum, liso, hayop ug tawo.                             launching Agrarian Reform                 Reform Program is about to end next
            1.    Tanum- isagol sa OHN ug suka dayon ibisbis sa tanum                  Communities (ARCs) not only in            year, and yet there is still so much
            2.    Liso - isagol sa OHN ug suka dayon ihumol ang liso                   Oriental Negros but nationwide. The       to be done. The problem still stands
                  Liso nga dugay moturok – 8 ka minutos
                  Liso nga dali moturok   - 4 ka minutos                               support services is the second            until today that DAR cannot
            3.    Sa tawo- Usa ka parte nga OHN sa lima ka parting tubig.              critical component of Agrarian
                                                                                       Reform. The department has adopted
 8                                                                                 TUG-ANI                                             JANUARY- MARCH 2007

                                                             LEGAL CONCERNS
                                                                  LEGAL CONCERNS

                                                  ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 08
                                                                               Series of 2006

SUBJECT: GUIDELINES ON STANDING CROPS ON LANDS ACQUIRED BY                                        Order.
        R.A. NO. 6657                                                                       2.    Taking of possession – refers to the explicit act/s of the DAR, through
                                                                                                  an ocular inspection or any other acts by which the landowner is in-
                                                                                                  formed of DAR’s taking actual and physical possession of a certain
                                                                                                  agricultural land acquired under CARP as evidenced by a Certification
     I.          PREFATORY STATEMENT                                                              of Deposit (COD) issued by the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP)
                                                                                                  pursuant to Sec.16 (e) and 24 of R.A. No. 6657.
     The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) recognizes that the absence of                 3.    Harvestable – refers to the stage or phase where the crops have
clear guidelines on standing crops has remained a critical concern in complet-                    reached maturity or have substantial economic value either for con-
ing the process of land acquisition and distribution. Among the issues con-                       sumption or for marketing/trading purposes at the time DAR takes pos-
fronting the DAR are confusion and varying interpretations on what shall be con-                  session of the land.
sidered standing crops and as to when a particular standing crop is consid-                 4.    Usufruct – refers to a real right conferred on the beneficiary/ usufructu-
ered harvestable or completely harvested. Thus, the presence of standing crops                    ary to enjoy the property of another with the obligation of preserving its
is one of the prevalent and persisting problems preventing many Agrarian Re-                      form and substance.
form Beneficiaries (ARBs) with awarded and registered CLOA-titles to enjoy the
fruits and have peaceful possession of the land awarded to them.                            V.        POLICY STATEMENTS

     II.         LEGAL BASES                                                                1.    The payment to the landowner as evidenced by the COD signals the
                                                                                                  completion of the take actual possession of the land and simulta-
     Pertinent provisions of R.A. No. 6657 on these matters are as follows:                       neously request the proper Register of Deeds (ROD) to issue a Trans-
                                                                                                  fer Certificate of Title in the name of the Republic of the Philippines and
     Section 16.Procedure of Acquisition of Private Lands.- For purposes of                       thereafter proceed with the distribution of the same of the qualified
     acquisition of private lands, the following procedures shall be followed:                    Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) pursuant to Section 16 of R.A
                                                                                                  No. 6657;
            xxxxx                                  xxxxx                                    2.    The landowner shall retain his/her share of any standing crops unhar-
             xxxxx                                                                                vested at the time the DAR takes actual possession of the land and
                                                                                                  shall be given a reasonable time to harvest the same.
          (e) Upon receipt by the landowner of the corresponding payment or, in             3.    The presence of standing crops shall not pose as a hindrance to the
     case of rejection or no response from the landowner, upon the deposit with                   exercise by the ARBs of their right of possession over the land/s
     an accessible bank designated by the DAR of the compensation in cash or                      awarded to them as evidenced by Certificates of Land Ownership Award
     in LBP bonds in accordance with this Act, the DAR shall take immediate                       (CLOAs) issued pursuant to R.A. No. 6657, regardless of whether or
     possession of the land and shall request the proper Register of Deeds to                     not an Order from the DAR directing the physical possession of the
     issue a Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) in the name of the Republic of the               land by the ARBs has been secured.
     Philippines. The DAR shall thereafter proceed with the redistribution of the           4.    The rights and responsibilities of the ARBs as owners shall commence
     land to the qualified beneficiaries.                                                         from the time the land was awarded to them as evidenced by Certifi-
                                                                                                  cates of Land Ownership Award (CLOAs). As owners thereof, the rights
     Section 24. Award to Beneficiaries.- The rights and responsibilities of the                  of the ARBs with CLOA-title pertain to the exercise of all acts of domin-
     beneficiary shall commence from the time the DAR makes an award of the                       ion including taking possession of the lands covered by their titles.
     land to him, which award shall be completed within one hundred eighty                        This, shall not anyway diminish the right conferred on the identified
     (180) days from the time the DAR takes actual possession of the land.                        ARBs to the possession and enjoyment of the property under a usu-
     Ownership of the beneficiary shall be evidenced by a Certificate of Land                     fruct arrangement pending receipt of the CLOA-titles.
     Ownership Award, which shall contain the restrictions and conditions pro-              5.    Crops that were introduced from the time of or after the former LO’s
     vided for this Act, and shall be recorded in the Register of Deeds concerned                 receipt of the notice/advice that the landholding/s has/have already been
     and annotated on the Certificate of Title.                                                   effectively acquired by the State (CARP-LA Form No.27) as evidenced
                                                                                                  by a COD shall be considered as plantings or sowings done in bad
     Section 28. Standing Crops at the time of Acquisition.- The landowner                        faith by the former landowner. The former LO/agents/assignee loses
     shall retain his share of any standing crops unharvested at the time the                     what is built, planted or sown without right to indemnity. The crops shall
     DAR shall take possession of the land under Section 16 of the Act, and                       automatically redound to the benefit of the CLOA-title holders whether
     shall be given a reasonable time to harvest the same.                                        already installed or not. However, the CLOA-title holder may demand
                                                                                                  for the removal of what has been planted, built or sown at the expense
     III.        COVERAGE                                                                         of the planter or sower in bad faith.

     This Administrative Order (AO) shall apply to all private agricultural lands                 Crops which are not yet harvestable and introduced by the former LO
     covered under Compulsory Acquisition (CA) and Voluntary Offer to Sell (VOS)                  prior to the latter’s receipt of the above-cited notice/advice are consid-
     Scheme of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) and those                         ered plantings or sowings in good faith. Since they are not considered
     covered under E.O. 407.                                                                      standing crops the right to harvest the same shall already belong to
                                                                                                  the CLOA-title holders. The planter or sower shall be entitled to reim-
     IV.         DEFINITION OF TERMS                                                              bursement for the cost of plantings or sowings; the payment thereof
                                                                                                  shall only be made after the CLOA-title holders had obtained the pro-
     1.      Standing crop – refers to harvestable agricultural produce or a portion              ceeds from the initial harvest of such plantings/sowings. The CLOA-
             thereof (e.g. fruits, sap, root) normally harvested for such particular crop         title holders may, however, choose to make earlier reimbursements.
             growing on land at the time the DAR takes possession thereof pursu-
             ant to Sec. 16 (e), 24 and 28 of R.A. No. 6657.
                                                                                            VI.       OPERATING PROCEDURES
             In the case of lands planted to sugarcane and such other crops with
             ratoon, standing crop shall refer to the original crop at the time the         1.    Within five (5) days from receipt of the Certification of Deposit (COD)
             DAR takes possession of the land excluding future harvest from ra-                   issued by the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), the Provincial Agrar-
             toons. If what exists at the time of actual possession is already the first          ian Reform Officer (PARO) shall simultaneously:
             or second ratoon crop the landowner shall be entitled to harvest that
             particular ratoon crop only.                                                         1.1 request the Register of Deeds (ROD) to issue Transfer Certificate
                                                                                                      of Title (TCT) in the name of the Republic of the Philippines (RP)
             Provided that crops introduced by the landowner directly or through his/                 for titled properties (CARP-LA Form No. 23);
             her/its agents, on or after the landowner’s receipt of a notice from the             1.2 instruct the Municipal Agrarian Reform Officer (MARO), of the place
             DAR that the land has already been effectively acquired by the State, as                 where the property is located, to take possession of the property
             further provided under Par.V 5 below, regardless of the crops’ nature or                 for titled and untitled properties (CARP-LA Form No. 26); and
             stage/phase, are deemed to have been introduced in bad faith and
             shall not be considered as “standing crops” under this Administrative
JANUARY- MARCH 2007                                                       TUG-ANI                                                                                 9

 ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 08                                                                   no agreement is reached, the right of the former LO to harvest the stand-
 from page 8                                                                                   ing crops shall be respected. The right of the former LO to protect the
                                                                                               standing crops pending harvest thereof shall be limited to normal visi-
      1.3 advise the LO that the property has, for all intents and purposes,                   tation rights. In all cases, such visitation rights shall preclude the use
          been acquired by the State pursuant to law and that the DAR shall                    of force or intimidation by the former LO especially with the intervention
          accordingly take actual possession thereof and inform him/her of                     of armed agents/representatives.
          his/her rights to harvest standing crops, if any, within a reason-
          able time (CARP-LA Form No.7). The LO shall likewise be informed             6.      In areas where there are complaints or allegations of plantings or
          that any further improvements, plantings and sowings on the prop-                    sowings in bad faith, the PARO shall, upon investigation and determi-
          erty thereafter are to be deemed as introduced in bad faith.                         nation on the merits, issue within five (5) days from receipt thereof a
                                                                                               Cease and Desist Order (CDO) to the concerned former landowners.
 2.   The DARMO shall:                                                                         The PARO is hereby authorized to issue a CDO pursuant to Sections
                                                                                               2.16, 7 and 20 of DAR AO 3, S.2003. Said Order shall, among others,
      2.1 Within five (5) days from receipt of the PARO’s instruction, conduct                 provide that the State through the DAR has the right of possession of
          an ocular inspection of the property or any other acts to take pos-                  the land pursuant to Sec. 16(e), R.A. No. 6657) and that the former LO
          session of the same and determine the existence of standing crops                    no longer has the right to continue the cultivation of the subject land.
          or unharvestable crops, if any. The taking of possession shall be
          evidenced by, among others, pictures taken showing the identifi-                     The disregard of the CDO shall be deemed a willful prevention and
          able landmarks of the property and standing crops or                                 obstruction of the implementation of the CARP. Accordingly, the DAR
          unharvestable crops, if any, which shall be integral to the ocular                   shall file the appropriate criminal case against the former LO before
          inspection report, specifying the findings, to be submitted to the                   the proper court in accordance with Sec. 73 (d) of R.A. No. 6657.
          PARO (CARP-LA Form No. 28).
      2.2 In case there are existing standing crops, schedule the conduct of           7.      In the event that the former LO harasses or threatens the ARBs, the
          detailed inventory which shall be undertaken within seven (7) days                   DAR and/or the ARB shall report the matter immediately to the PNP
          after taking possession of the property, together with the                           and coordinate with the same in order to maintain peace and order.
          landowner’s representative, identified ARBs, and Barangay Agrar-
          ian Reform Committee (BARC) representative or Barangay Coun-                 VII. SANCTIONS
          cil representative in the absence of the BARC using CARP-LA Form
          Nos. 29, 30 and 31)                                                          Non-compliance with the foregoing provisions on the part of concerned DAR
                                                                                       officials and employee without justifiable reason shall be a ground for im-
          The inventory shall determine and ascertain the nature, quantity of          mediate filing of proper administrative and/or criminal actions against them
          the standing crops, total area planted and the indicative period of          pursuant to Secs. 73 and 74 of R.A. No. 6657 and other applicable laws.
          harvest thereon. The manner and method of inventory shall be
          based on the discretion of the MARO, whichever he/she deems                  VII.        REPEALING CLAUSE
          appropriate in coordination with the BARC and in accordance with
          the established norms to determine and reckon the unharvested                 All Administrative Orders, Memorandum Circulars and other issuances in-
          crops and date of completion of harvest, respectively (CARP-LA               consistent herewith are hereby amended, modified or repealed accord-
          Form No. 32).                                                                ingly.

          Failure on the part of the former LO/s or his/her representative to          VIII.       EFFECTIVITY
          participate in the inventory in spite due notice shall be deemed a
          waiver on his/her part to contest the findings of the MARO.                  This Memorandum Circular shall take effect ten (10) days after publication
                                                                                       in a newspaper of general circulation.
      2.3 Submit the inventory report to the DARPO together with the ocular
          inspection report within five (5) days after the conduct of inventory,       .
          copy furnished the BARC, the former LO and the ARBs’ represen-               Diliman, Quezon City, September 20, 2006.

 3.   The ocular inspection and inventory report shall be sufficient notice for        (SGD.)NASSER C. PANGANDAMAN
      the former LO or his/her representatives to harvest. This provision not-         OIC-Secretary
      withstanding, the PARO shall, within five (5) days from the receipt of
      the inventory report with the ocular inspection report, issue a notice to
      the former LO of the harvest date/ period relative to the standing crops     In the Eyes...                                Unfinished...
      (CARP-LA Form No. 33).                                                       from page 3                                   from page 7
 4.   Pending the award of the CLOA, the DARMO shall inform the ARBs that
      they have been identified and qualified to receive the land conferring
      upon them the right of usufruct. Said right of usufruct shall be available   of this is the Belgian Integrated             distribute without the landowners
      within the whole or part of the acquired landholdings wherein no stand-      Agrarian Reform Support Program               participation and cooperation which
      ing crops, as defined in this AO, are present.                               through Mr. Peter D’Huys, Elmo                is very vital if agrarian reform is to
                                                                                                                                 accomplish its ultimate objective.
      Upon the failure of the former LO to conduct harvest/cutting of the stand-   Banares, our coordinators Edna
                                                                                                                                 Ending the program may only mean
      ing crops within the defined harvestable period, the same shall consti-      Senador, Engr. Mely Carillo, Mr. Bart
      tute a waiver of the former LO in favor of the MARO to cause the imme-                                                     increase of unemployment, waste
                                                                                   Villarubia and the Municipality of La         of money because the lands
      diate harvesting/cutting of the said standing crops for the account of
      the LO. The cost of cutting/harvesting shall be charged against the pro-     Libertad really spent a lot of its time,      distributed may not be monitored,
      ceeds of the standing crops. The net proceeds shall be turned over to        effort and resources to come up with          and the beneficiaries may have the
      former LO or deposited in an accessible bank in the name of the LO,                                                        tendency to lose their lands through
                                                                                   one great project for this poor
      which act shall constitute a bar for an action for damages against the
      MARO and/or the ARBs.                                                        barangay.                                     land grabbing due to absence of
                                                                                        Maybe to BIARSP, they felt it was        legal support services as history
      The right of usufruct shall be conferred to the ARBs immediately after
                                                                                   truly an important project and were           taught us. To leave the work
      the completion of the harvest by the DARMO over the area where there                                                       unfinished is shameful and the next
      are overdue standing crops.                                                  probably pleased to help this local
                                                                                                                                 generation will look upon our present
                                                                                   community.                                    leaders with disdain for
      The MARO nor the ARBs shall not be held liable for the loss of the
                                                                                        As we set back home, I gaze              extinguishing the fire of hope for
      value or the deterioration of the standing crops by reason of the failure
      to reap the same within the identified reasonable period of harvest.         back to that little girl. The clear eyes      better life, as reflected in the eyes
                                                                                   and the smile tell me not to lose my          of our beneficiaries.
 5.   In case the ARBs are willing and capable to compensate for the value                                                            Equality among men is an
      of the standing crops in exchange of their right to harvest the same, the
                                                                                   true heart, which must have been
      MARO shall exert efforts towards getting the former LO, on the one hand,     simple and innocent. Each day, we             elusive dream. However, one thing is
      and the ARBs, on the other, to conclude an agreement within the              all had something to talk about: a            certain, as the bell tolls; it beckons
      harvestable period whereby the latter are allowed to compensate the
                                                                                   story that impressed us, an                   us to the womb of inexistence.
      landowner for the value of his/her share of the said standing crops.                                                       Nothingness awaited for each one of
                                                                                   affectionate gesture that touched us,
                                                                                                                                 us, rich or poor, educated or not. The
      Regarding as an acceptable alternative to the former LO’s exercise of        or a funny story. And more
      the right to the standing crops with concomitant right to harvest the                                                      question still lingers in my mind: We
      same, the MARO must ensure that the terms and conditions between             importantly, we see people happy              are all equal in our nothingness and
      the ARBs and the former LO are reasonable for both parties. In case          when help comes.                              why can’t we be equal in our
 10                                                                      TUG-ANI                                                    JANUARY- MARCH 2007

                           BOFARMPUCO: A long way to development
                                                                      By Marcial B. Ada

      The Bonbonon Farmers Multi-         Highway are so rough that only few      was granted to help them in efficient          cooperative leaders and officers. On
purpose                Cooperative        vehicles can be seen plying to and      land preparation, hauling of farm              the BSS, the amount granted by the
(BOFARMPUCO) is one of the five           from the barangay. A vast track of      products and for reproduction.                 BIARSP totaled up to P1,
DAR assisted cooperatives, located        land left untilled as owners seemed     Another micro-project granted was              072,411.90, not mentioning the
at Bonbonon, a component                  to be of lack interest, capital and     the fertilizer loan for corn production,       counterpart from the Local
barangay of the Agrarian Reform           technical know-how on improving         which help them increase farm                  Government Unit (LGU) of Siaton.
Community          (ARC),      South      farm production and increase            income by 20% and produced better                    Another intervention granted by
Development Center (SDC) Number           income. There was no available          quality of corn grains. Another one            BIARSP was the Rural Infrastructure
Ten (10), Siaton, Oriental Negros. It     potable drinking water supply as the    was the swine breeding, which was              (RI) project, particularly the farm to
has come a long way since it was          basic element for development, that,    to help augment their income by                market road. This was the
organized sometime in 1998 and            the folks have to spend P5.00 per       another 20% and improve the quality            rehabilitation of the seven kilometers
registered with the Cooperative           water container hauled by habal-        of meat of the hogs. The last one              rough barangay road from the
Development Authority (CDA) in            habal. The elementary school            was the fertilizer loan for sugarcane          National Highway. Before the
1999.                                     buildings were old and dilapidated      production, which helped them                  intervention, the road was rough that
      This cooperative was organized      that needs rehabilitation or            increase the sugar content with an             only motorcycles can be seen
with the joint efforts of DAR             construction of new ones.               average of 22.0 Lkg/TC as well as              passing at a very low speed, four
Municipal Office personnel and a               Through the efforts of the         the tonnage of cane. The total                 wheel vehicles were rarely seen.
Community Organizer hired by the          Municipal Agrarian Reform Officer       exposure of the BIARSP intervention            Presently the road is widened and
Belgian Integrated Agrarian Reform        (MARO) and the Development              for the agri-productivity reached up           rehabilitated, and all kinds of
Support Programme (BIARSP), with          Facilitor (DF), the cooperative was     to the amount of P524, 411.00.                 vehicles can pass on it smoothly.
the active cooperation of some            formally organized and registered            Aside from the PSD micro-                 All kinds of farm and marine
Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries             with CDA. With the assistance of        projects, the BIARSP also extended             products are easily transported to
(ARBs) by conducting a house to           DAR-BDCD personnel and other line       Basic Social Services (BSS) to the             market places and the folks seemed
house invitation to attend the Pre-       agencies, several trainings for         barangay through the cooperative.              also so busy making their daily
Membership Education Seminar              Social Infrastructure, Building and     One of them was the provision of               activities to make a lot easier.
(PMES).                                   strengthening (SIBS) were given to      educational materials, health and                    Fortunately, the cooperative is
      It was really tough during the      equip them with knowledge and           nutrition to the Day Care pupils.              accredited with the United Coconut
organizing phase as recalled by the       skills to enhance their capability in   There was also the construction of             Planters Bank (UCPB); all
former chairperson, Marilyn M.            their business enterprise.              the two elementary classrooms,                 documents required were met and
Calisin and Janet A. Palarpalar,               The ARC SDC IO was already         which were recently turned over on             granted additional capital of P200,
“pulling hands of the ARBs to join”.      launched sometime in 1998 and           August 9, 2006. The basic felt need            000.00 released on November 2005.
It started with 13 ARBs with an initial   barangay Bonbonon was a                 of all was the water and sanitation.           This was loaned out to member-
Capital Build Up (CBU) of P3,             component barangay. It was really       This was addressed by the provision            borrowers who are coconut farmers
800.00. Having no place to hold their     a big break for the cooperative         of potable water through the Water             at a minimal interest rate. Presently,
meetings, the coop then utilized a        because with the interventions given    and Sanitation (WATSAN) project.               the cooperative collected 85%
classroom of Bonbonon Elementary          by the BIARSP was an avenue of          This was done through the tapping              repayment of the loan extended to
School.                                   opportunities for the members. The      of spring                source          at    members. By December this year, if
      During that time, the barangay      initial conditional grant                                        Igang Creek 3         they can have 100% repayment, the
seemed to be so sleepy with no            extended                                                          kilometers           banks will double the loan next year.
apparent activities for development       by      the                                                       away. At first             The BOFARMPUCO has its
going on. The 12 kilometers road          BIARSP                                                             the project         own small cooperative office where
going to the poblacion and 7              was for the                                                        met         stiff   all the daily business transactions
kilometers going to the National          Productivity                                                        opposition         are done; manage by the
                                                                                                              from some          Management and Staff. Services
                                                                                                              sectors of         offered are the Productive and
                                                                                                               t     h      e    Providential Loans, as well as the
                                                                                                               community         water and sanitation collection. It
                                                                                                                that delays      has total assets of P1, 307,305.51
                                                                                                                 i    t     s    CBU of P279, 685.56 and savings
                                                                                                                  completion.    of P9, 379.00. It is composed of 186
                                                                                                                  Now it has     members with whom majority are
                                                                                                             26 tapstands        ARBs.
                                                                                                            serving 200                Some of the previous young,
                                                                                                           households            hardworking and active leaders are
                                                                                                           under level 2,        more successful in their lives for they
                                                                                                           and            40     have gained better educational
                                                                                                          households             attainment, and are now regular
                                                                                                          under level 3          classroom teachers, on the likes of the
                                                                                                          with       whom        first chairperson, Marilyn M. Calisin,
                                                                                                         majority are            BOD members Necifora P. Palarpalar
                                                                                                         ARBs,          thus     and the first manager, Luzviminda
                                                                                                        saving the cost of       Gadiana, to name a few. Others wait
                                                                                                        fare and labor for       for employment while still active to
                                                                                                        hauling of water.        participate in all cooperative activities.
                                                                                                       The project is                  This is the general look of the
                                                                                                       managed by the            BOFARMPUCO for the span of 8
                                                    Systems Development                                cooperative               years. Hopefully, the cooperative will
                                                    (PSD) Micro-projects,         through its Special Committee on               run smoothly into the future, and be
                                                    which was the 20 head         WATSAN project through its                     the vehicle for development not only
                                                  draft animals for the 20        efficiency; it is one of the fund              in itself, but to the whole community
                                            ARB member-borrowers. The loan        sources for honorarium of                      where it is operating.
  JANUARY- MARCH 2007                                                              TUG-ANI                                                                                    11

              ARCDP2 and its implementation in
                   the past three years
                                                                                        By Aileen C. Alaban

                                                               In the past three years, shared to the project, “he added.                 in October 2003, the DAR-PPO has a
                                                         ARCDP2 in Oriental Negros               Of course, ARCDP2 is without any target are of 100 hectares. The area
                                                         has       accomplished        the training conducted for the ARBs but in identified was Lot#5807 declared under
                                                         following, to start from the most their detailed report they observed that the names of Dolores Quimosquimos,
                                                         recent,        under       Rural the ARBs were more interested on the Liberato Baylon, and El Retiro/5S Agro
                                                         Infrastructure (RI) component, livestock training than crops.                    Industrial Development Corp as co-
                                                         they have the Datag Communal            In an interview with the Project owners. These landholdings have a
                                                         Irrigation System (CIS) with 170 Deputy Director of ARCDP2 Pacifico total area of 120.6543 hectares.
                                                         has.- ground breaking held last Quindo, Jr., when asked of his personal However, early in the negotiation stage,
                                                         July 5, 2006, the rehabilitation assessment of the project since the problems already began to surface.
                                                         of 2 kms Inalad-Canaway Road time it started to the present, this is what One of these was the expression of
                                                         turned over last November 28, he said and I quote, “As far as the disinterest in the Project by the two of
      Inauguration of Inalad-Canaway                     2006; the repair/rehab of 1 km success or the impact of the project, on the landowners. Their indecisiveness
              FMR in Siaton                              Datag-Canaway Road-ground the three components, Rural Infra has stemmed from the Department of
                                                         breaking held on November 28, just completed the 2.4 km Inalad - Environment and Natural Resources’
      In February 2004, the Second             2006; the reconstruction of 2.4 km Hi- Canaway of which the objective there (DENR) certification that a portion of that
Agrarian Reform Communities                    way to Salngan FMR ( thru CMARPRP)- is to reduce the travel time of the area falls within timberland, per LC Map
Development Project (ARCDP2) was               ground breaking held last November beneficiaries in bringing their farm 2698. If the area is timberland, this
formally launched here in Oriental             28, 2006; rehab of 4.560 kms Villegas products to the market. At present, the means that it could not be sold, much
Negros. In the policy framework it is to       Brgy. Road with 43.63% physical road is being utilized by our farmers in less individually subdivided among the
be implemented over a period of four           accomplishment. Under Community the area. For the Agricultural Enterprise farmer beneficiaries. Because of this,
years. It is to continue the momentum          Development and Capacity Building Development, we send about a few of some of the farmers became
reached by ARCDP1 in agrarian                  component                                                                   i     t    s apprehensive that the lands could be
beneficiaries development and support          as         of                                                               improvement taken from by the government. Another,
services delivery. Though, we note that        December                                                                    o          n when DAR-PPO conducted a perimeter
Oriental Negros was not included in            2006, for                                                                   production survey to determine which areas can be
ARCDP1. ARCDP2 will soon wind up               No.        of                                                               particularly, officially covered by CMARPRP, it was
that as a writer, I feel the need to write     Community-                                                                  the rice during this initial survey that some
the different events that took place and       B a s e d                                                                   we had at farmer beneficiaries in that area
the projects poured in to our Agrarian         project                                                                     o u r showed resistance, intimidated the
Reform Communities (ARCs).                     implemented                                                                 d e m o surveyors and told them to stop survey.
      This project was conceived with the      with        a                                                               farm in As a result, the area for CMARPRP
goal of significantly raising the              target of                                                                   Canaway, coverage was reduced from 120.6543
household incomes and quality of life          18, they                                                                    S i a t o n hectares to 57.5841 hectares.
of project beneficiaries by improving          have 22                                                                     and corn            It was never that easy then just like
their productive assets, rural                 a           s                                                               i          n the projects under ARCDP2 per
infrastructure and access to key support         c o pi h e t
                                               a c m ls m n                                                                Manjuyod, component. CMARPRP is about to end
services. It covers seven ARCs, 15,899         w i t h                                                                     Guihulngan as of this writing. CMARPRP will end in
                                                                      The Unveiling of signage of CMARPRP’s
households and 35 People’s                     122%; for                                                                   and also April 2007.
                                                                                     Salngan FMR
Organizations (POs) with the following         t     h     e                                                               in Siaton           After several area consultations, so
project components, namely, Agriculture        Amount of Increase in CBU, with a target and Sta. Catalina.”                               that it can attain a result favorable to all
and Enterprise Development (AED),              of 491540, they have 555476 as                    “Although, the project is about to parties concerned and with the
Community Development and Capacity             accomplishment with 113%; for the end this year, by December, the gains assistance of Area Committee (AC), the
Building (CDCB), Rural Infra (RI) and          increase in membership, with a target of the project can be observed through price was settled and the transaction
Support to Rural Finance (SRF). Since          of 702, they have 1010 as the participation of our beneficiaries closed. The total CMARPRP area
its birth, the DAR Provincial Project Office   accomplishment with 144%; for the involved in ARCDP2 in our product reached 52.9802 hectares with 25
has gained significant ground in its           amount increase in savings, with a assessment and during the CARP farmer beneficiaries. Today, the
project implementation the record              target of 17080 they have 202018.6 as Anniversary in the month of June, when CMARPRP area is planted with 1,000
show.                                          accomplishment with 1183%. Under farm products are presented to the mangoes from Guimaras, the income
      Like a new born baby, it will have to    Agricultural Enterprise Development consumers of the public,” ha added.                    from these will surely benefit the
pass different stages of development           (AED) component for No. of Enterprise             Quindo further said that its beneficiaries                     including       their
until it grows. Just as the other              Established-Individual with a target of implementation is not without any association.
development            projects,        the    106, they have accomplished 161 with problem.               Common         problems             Indeed, beyond all these, each
implementation will either have a              151%; for No. of Enterprise encountered are more on Rural Infra foreign assisted project is not without
negative effect or a positive one to the       Established-PO with a target of 6, they because of the equity needed by the any gains despite all the difficulties the
least number of people. One must not           have accomplished 5 with 83%; for the LGU. Majority of our municipalities coordinator encountered in the
disregard the fact that a project intended     No. of Adoptors on Improved engaged in the project comes from third implementation stage.
as a poverty alleviation or reduction will     Technologies with a target of 924, they class municipalities where the
have a negative impact on the intended         have accomplished 1754 with 189%. sharing is 30-70. The 30%
beneficiaries while, it is also virtually      Meanwhile, under Support to Rural comes from World Bank and
possible for a project to have positive        Finance Component, with the target of the 70% from the LGU. “Putting
impacts on all its possible                    6 coops accredited by financing up the equity is really a
stakeholders.                                  institutions, they have accomplished problem” Quindo added. Thus,
      In taking off, several consultations     only 2 with 33%, and with a target of 2 supporting the claim of Engr.
is needed. Orientation meetings were           coops accessing credit, they have Grapa.
conducted at the DAR Provincial Project        accomplished 2 with 100%.                         Meanwhile,             the
Office. They made courtesy calls to the              In an interview with the PPO Rural Community Manage Agrarian
affected municipalities’ mayors and            Infra Engineer (now OIC MARO of Reform and Poverty Reduction
barangay captains. Census of                   Guihulngan), Engr. Julius Grapa, he Program (CMARPRP) which is                       The ongoing rehab of Datag Communal
households was also conducted. To              said “that they had a hard time taking a pilot project of DAR-                                     Irrigation System
note also that field verification was also     off because first, the LGU had a hard ARCDP2-WB, is a strategy for
conducted with the technical design            time putting up their equity considering the effective transfer of lands to
engineers. This process of consultation        that their IRAs are considerably minimal qualified beneficiaries based
ensures community acceptance and               to put in to the project; second, the on voluntary farmer-landowner
support to avoid what I mentioned in the       voluminous document requirements; negotiations-the farmer as
preceding paragraph, “negative effect”.        third, while land proceeds are intact, buyer and the landowner as
      The Policy Framework and                 there is the delay of disbursement of seller. CMARPRP has entered
Guidelines of ARCDP2 are really                DAR’s budget and the later dates, the Oriental Negros when it chose
extensive and complicated for one who          peso value has rise over dollar. Barangay Napacao, Siaton as
doesn’t know about the project and             However, good thing about it, all seven a CMARPRP site.
whose heart is not into it.                    municipalities covered by ARCDP2                  At the start of the Project           The completed Inalad-Canaway FMR
  12                                                                                   TUG-ANI                                                    JANUARY- MARCH 2007

         DAR launches radio program                                                                         DAR Oriental Negros hits target
                                                                                                      The Department of Agrarian               Emancipation Patent/ Certificate of
       The Department of Agrarian                    The launching was attended by               Reform Office here in Oriental Negros         Land Ownership Award (EP/CLOAs) to
Reform- Oriental Negros through the          the Director of the Public Affairs Staff            has reached 100% of its 2006 target           4, 849 Farmer Beneficiaries over 4,
leadership of Provincial Agrarian            Hugo Yonzon III, Provincial Agrarian                in Land Tenure Improvement.                   821.7021 hectares.
Reform Officer II Grace B. Fua launched      Reform Officer II Grace B. Fua, OIC                      Through the concerted efforts of              The distribution covers the
its own radio program last March 2. The      PARO I Pacifico Quindo, Jr. and some                the technical staff, the Municipal            municipalities of: Amlan, Ayungon,
program, titled “Kalihukang Agraryo Sa       visitors from DAR VII Regional Office.              Agrarian Reform Officers, the Senior          Bacong, Basay, Bindoy, Dauin,
Oriental Negros,” is aired from 5:30-                The radio program will be                   Agrarian        Reform       Program          Guihulngan, Jimalalud, La libertad,
6:00 a.m. every Friday over DYWC AM          regularly anchored by the Provincial                Technologists (SARPT), the Agrarian           Mabinay, Manjuyod, Pamplona, Siaton,
radio station in Sibulan, Oriental           Information Officer Aileen C. Alaban                Reform Program Technologists                  Sta. Catalina Proper and Sta. Catalina
Negros. This Radio Program is also           and co-anchored by the OIC PARO I                   (ARPT) of the different municipal             resettlement area, Tayasan, Valencia,
funded by BIARSP.                            Pacifico Quindo, Jr.                                offices, the CARPO for Operations             Vallehermoso and Zamboanguita.
       The DAR NegOr in line with the                We therefore invite the listening           Tessie Corpuz, PARO I Pacifico                Cities of: Bais, Bayawan, Canlaon,
intensive social marketing campaign,         public to be with us every Friday 5:30-             Quindo, Jr. and PARO II Grace Fua DAR         Dumaguete and Tanjay.
opt to hold a regular programming on         6:00 in the morning.                                NegOr hits 4, 821.7021 hectares
radio as part of our goal to reach out
                                                                                                 against 4, 244 hectare target for C.Y             This year, DAR Oriental Negros
as many members of the community
                                                                                                 2006. It has distributed 852                  has targeted 5,000 hectares for LTI.
since some of the major set backs in
our program implementation, are
caused by lack of proper information
to the public particularly the Agrarian                                                                     Barangay health station opens
Reform Beneficiaries.
       With the radio program, DAR
                                                                                                      A barangay health station opens          that all the structures constructed in
Oriental Negros can expand and                    Information Officer Aileen Alaban while
                                                                                                 January 25, 2007 in Aya, La Libertad,         Aya should be taken cared by the
strengthen participation and support of                       on Air DYWC
                                                                                                 Oriental Negros.                              constituents since the government
CARP Implementing Team (CIT),
                                                                                                      Its construction is a joint project      worked hard for it. She added the
LGUs, PNP/Military, AR NGOs, Church,
                                                                                                 of the Belgian and Philippine                 importance of the Health Station and
Media and Civil Society organizations
                                                                                                 Government under the Department of            instilled upon the minds of the
in CARP implementation; we can also
                                                                                                 Agrarian Reform & Belgian Integrated          residents there that health should not
showcase our best practices of the
                                                                                                 Agrarian Reform Support Programme             be taken forgranted.
LGU-DAR partnership in addressing
                                                                                                 (DAR-BIARSP). The construction has
health concerns and delivery of support
                                                                                                 a project cost of P480, 000. The LGU
services, infrastructure and agricultural
                                                                                                 has put up equity of Php 144,000.00
development; best cases of women-            Aileen Alaban and Hugo Yonzon, III Public Affairs
                                                     Staff Director while on Air DYWC            while grant from BIARSP is Php336,
backed entrepreneurship projects,
                                                                                                 000.00. This was inaugurated in
inform new ARBs in private agricultural
                                                                                                 coordination with the Municipal Health
lands on the rights and responsibilities
                                                                                                 Office and the Local Government of La
as new owner-cultivator and coop
members; update farmers on and
                                                                                                      La Libertad Mayor Jocelyn S.
increase their adoption on current
                                                                                                 Limkaichong who attended the
trends on entrepreneurial and
                                                                                                 inauguration and opening thanked                     Mayor Jocelyn Limkaichong with
productivity initiatives; and educate and
                                              PARO Grace B. Fua having breakfast with the        BIARSP for the assistance. She said                       District Health Officers
expand awareness on women and                  Information Officers during the Launching of
gender issues.                                  “Kalihukang Agraryo sa Oriental Negros”

                                                                                                                 DAR-ARISP II turnover 18 units
                   DAR holds planning                                                                                 Deep Tube Wells
                  assessment workshop
                                                                                                      The Department of Agrarian Municipal Agrarian Reform Officer of
     The Department of Agrarian              improvement of systems; key in                      Reform-Oriental Negros through Bayawan Sherwin Tubog; Municipal
Reform in Oriental Negros held the           program beneficiaries development;                  Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support Agrarian Reform Officer of Kabulakan
Provincial         Agrarian       Reform     ARC connectivity and pay attention to               Project II (ARISP II) turned over 18 units Sta. Catalina Ramonina Ruelo;DF
Assessment and Planning Workshop             consultancy relations strengthening;                Deep Tube Wells to the City of Myrna Toledo; Barangay Officials of
for CARP beyond 2008, last March 12,         and energizing and managing the                     Bayawan, last March 27.                      Barangay Narra; ARISP II Project
at Plaza Maria Luisa Suites Inn,             bureaucracy.
                                                                                                      This project is under the Rural Manager Engr. Gerry Gumalo and
Dumaguete City.                                  Environment Undersecretary
     The workshop called “Agrarian           Gerry Bulatao who is now a consultant               Water Supply (RWS) Development of some DAR Provincial Staff.
Reform for Broad-Based Rural Growth:         of Alliance for Rural Concerns, a                   ARISP II. This has a total project cost           Vice Mayor Rene Gaudiel thanked
Sustaining and Enhancing CARP                COMELEC-accredited          party-list              of P1, 667, 388.00. ARISP II share P1, DAR and ARISP II for extending
Gains Beyond 2008,” was in line with         organization, and a campaign and                    167,115.00 while LGU Bayawan gave assistance to the City of Bayawan and
Special Order No.154, Agriculture            advocacy network that focuses on                    equity of P500, 273.00. The number of reminded the residents to take care of
Secretary Nasser Pangandaman                 agrarian reform and rural development               units turned over is the revised one the Deep Wells.
dated February 28, 2007, to prepare          attended the activity and one of the                from the original of 25
DAR       personnel         and     other    resource speaker.                                   DTWs. The DTWs are
stakeholders for advocacy regarding                                                              located in Barangay Narra
CARP beyond 2008, and develop or                  Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer             and to benefit 624
update the Provincial Agrarian Reform        II Grace B. Fua; Assistant Regional                 Households.
Development Plan.                            Director for Operations Eliasem
                                                                                                      The activity was
     The discussion was focused on           Castillo; CARPO for Operations
the framework paper whose contents           Regional Office Isagani Yee; CARPO                  attended by OIC PARO I
are: approval by DAR Executive               for BDCD Dr. Antonio Del Socorro; OIC               Pacifico Quindo Jr.
Committee on November 16, 2006;              PARO I Pacifico Quindo, Jr.; Chief Legal            representing Provincial
Builds on “Public Report” to lay down        Atty. Louie Naranjo and a lawyer                    Agrarian Reform Officer II
a medium term framework for policy           representing the City of Bayawan;                   Grace B. Fua; Bayawan
and action; emphasizes “LTI                  different            non-government                 Vice Mayor Rene Gaudiel
acceleration” and CARP recalibration”;       organizations who are partners of                   representing         Mayor
key in LTI: priority to landholdings being   DAR; one from religious sector;                     German Sarana; Engr.                OIC PARO I Pacifico Quindo, Jr. with City Engineer of
followed up by civil society                 different people’s organizations; and               Michael Mananquil City            Bayawan Michael Manaquil and Vice Mayor Rene Gaudiel
organizations; key in agrarian justice:      other provincial staff.                             Engineer of Bayawan;                               during the Turnover

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