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					                                         Bell Island Community
                                       Policing Newsletter                                        October 2006

                                                                                The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
                                                                                   Avalon East District – Bell Island
                                                                                     Executive Editor: Donna Kubik

                                 From the Corporal’s Desk
                                                                                          across often and it seems
                       The following is a letter     alcohol, tobacco and
                                                                                          like the majority in the
                       sent to a radio talk show     cannabis.
                                                                                          media have bought
“Some of these         host discussing a topic
                                                                                          in, for various reasons.
people just want       that doesn’t go away. I am    I am among those who
                                                                                          The average person hears
to legalize            sure you will find a lot to   listened to you regularly,
                                                                                          their message and thinks
cannabis for           discuss and think over.       missed you and are glad
                                                                                          it sounds logical because
medicinal              Drugs kill! Sometimes         you are back. I hope to inspire
                                                                                          they haven't thought it
purposes, some         they take years but what      you to think a little more
want to just           they destroy can never be     carefully about this particular
legalize               replaced.                     subject. As very popular
                                                                                          I would like to ask a few
cannabis for                                         celebrities, you tend
                                                                                          questions for you to
adults, some want      Stay safe!                    to have a lot of influence over
                                                                                          consider whenever
to legalize it for     Boyd Merrill.                 people who listen to your
                                                                                          someone suggests that
everyone and                                         show.
                                                                                          legalization is the easy
want to legalize all                                 I often hear the frustration that
drugs, period.”
                       Dear Radio show host in       people have with the
                                                                                          1. If we legalized it, what
                       British Columbia,             marijuana grow operations,
                                                                                          would that look like?
                                                     lax laws, and other issues
                                                                                          - would it be legal for
                       I would like to comment       around the laws concerning
                       on your radio show            cannabis. Many have heard
                                                                                          - if not who wouldn't it be
                       yesterday morning             the well spoken, practiced
                                                                                          legal for?
                       (Thursday, Sep. 14th). I      media lines of those who
                                                                                          - what laws and how
                       am in the RCMP, with          would like to legalize drugs.
                                                                                          would you enforce the law
                       34.5 years service. I have
                                                                                          regarding those who
                       been in Drug Enforcement      Some of these people just
                                                                                          couldn't legally buy it?
                       for 29 years, with the last   want to legalize cannabis for
                                                                                          - where would you sell it?
                       11years as a Drug             medicinal purposes, some
                                                                                          - if you taxed it, the price
                       Awareness Coordinator. I      want to just legalize
                                                                                          would have to include that
                       spend my time trying to       cannabis for adults, some
                                                                                          tax; so, could you sell it,
                       help people, mostly youth,    want to legalize it for
                                                                                          tax included for less than
                       make good, healthy            everyone and others
                                                                                          organized crime sells it
                       decisions with regards to     want to legalize all drugs,
                       using substances like         period. Together, they get
                                                                                          - if organized crime still
                                                     their message
                                                                                          sold it cheaper or sold
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                  (From the Corporal’s Desk continued…)

                  better grade (higherTHC), why         there would be more people using       like saying tobacco never
                  would anyone buy from the             rather than less?                      killed anyone. You can't
“ …saying         government store?                     - several studies have shown that      overdose from either but the
pot never         - if you tried to undersell           as the perceived risk goes down,       effects of continued use can
killed anyone     organized crime, where would          use                                    be deadly. We do not know
is like saying    you get all this money for            goes us.                               enough about cannabis to say
tobacco           treatment, etc                        - the more people that use, the        how much it takes, but we do
never killed                                            more that end up having problems       know that it contains all the
anyone. You       2. How would it affect organized      resulting from that use                same carcinogens as tobacco.
can't             crime?                                - there is a strong correlation        You smoke less, but you hold
overdose          - why would they stop selling it      between pot use and meth use.          it in your lungs longer.
from either       just because it was now               The more kids that use pot, the        - would less people smoke
but the           available in                          more that go on to use other           and drive if it were legal?
effects of        the government store?                 drugs, especially meth.                Yes, cannabis does impair the
continued         - how would you make them stop        -if we want to stop kids from using    ability to drive and cannabis
use can be        selling it, just because it is        meth, we need to get to them           mixed with alcohol is even
deadly.”          available in a store?                 early, before they start to use pot.   more impairing than either by
                  - obviously, by the amount being      We need to help them make the          itself.
                  grown in BC, it is not all staying    decision.                              -would people make better
                  here; therefore, unless it            To delay first use (risk of harm       decisions on legal pot?
                  becomes legal everywhere, Org.        goes down dramatically as the
                  Crime will still grow it to ship to   body matures to age 21).               Pot affects your
                  the other countries (Do you see       - a recent study from Dalhousie        ability to make good
                  the USA legalizing it anytime         shows clearly that youth below         decisions. There are a lot of
                  soon??)                               grade ten do not understand harm       people in jail who
                  - to say that Org. Crime would go     reduction (how to use safely).         admit they were high when
                  away if we legalized pot, is very     They need help learning the skills     they committed their offence
                  naive. Org. crime did not go          to make the decision not to use.       and that they
                  away when we legalized booze,                                                probably would not have
                  they just found other products to                                            committed the offence if they
                  sell. Right now, they still sell      4. What would be the effects of        weren't high.
                  booze, tobacco, drugs, women,         legal pot?                             The more people smoking pot,
                  stolen ID, fake trademarked           -I get lots of calls from concerned    the more bad decisions being
                  merchandise, etc, etc,                parents whose children have            made. The police
                                                        dropped                                don't often get called because
                  3. How would a legalized market       out of school, have no motivation,     someone made a good
                  affect use?                           are headed down hill fast. The         decision about
                  - right now, we have too many         only drug they are doing is pot.       something...
                  kids using pot - leading to all       Will it help console those parents
                  kinds of bad decisions regarding      to tell them, that's okay because      5. Is pot any worse than
                  school, work, driving, etc            pot is now legal???                    alcohol?
                  Does in not stand to reason that      - would less people smoke it, if it    -maybe not but alcohol kills
                  if pot was sold at the corner         were legal?                            about 1800 people per year in
                  store,                                - saying pot never killed anyone is    BC. (continued on page 3…)
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(continued from page 2…)

                                          Rather than giving up
More people use alcohol because it                                              If more adults with influence, like the
                                          (legalizing), what if we could
is legal (use went up after                                                     two of you, would help us do
                                          educate our kids
prohibition ended). Is our goal to                                              educational material, we may
                                          and help them decide not to try
make pot legal like alcohol so more                                             actually be successful in conveying
                                          it until they get older (or perhaps
people will use it leading to more                                              the message that pot is not good for
                                          not at all). Prevention does
problems? Shouldn't our goal be to                                              you. How about helping them
                                          work, if you do it. Examples of
try and reduce the harms associated                                             Understand that they are actually
                                          good prevention (changing
to all drugs including alcohol, as well                                         better off doing more healthy
                                          public attitudes) are the anti-
as other drugs, like pot?                                                       activities like sports, music, arts,
                                          smoking, drinking and driving,
- Pot is like mixing alcohol and                                                hiking, biking, computer games, etc.
                                          and seat belt campaigns. They
tobacco together - it impairs you and
                                          all worked but it took about ten
causes cancer and respiratory                                                   We have never had a
                                          years of comprehensive
problems.                                                                       comprehensive drug prevention
                                          prevention (penalties,
- just because we (society) made                                                strategy in Canada.
                                          education, media,
mistakes with alcohol doesn't mean                                              Until we have had one, we cannot
                                          etc). When was the last time
we have to make the same mistakes                                               say that it has failed. What say that
                                          you heard anything on the radio
with pot, too.                                                                  we try one before we give up and
                                          of television helping inform
- you can drink a little alcohol                                                legalize?
                                          young people about the
without getting drunk; would you
                                          possible consequences
smoke pot if you weren't trying to                                              Thank you for taking time to read
                                          of a decision to use drugs? And
get high?                                                                       this.
                                          if you did, was it Canadian?
- pot has about the same addiction
                                          Instead, we hear lots of people
rate as alcohol (approx. 10%) do                                                Yours sincerely,
                                          talking about the benefits of
you want your kid to be that 1 out of                                           Chuck Doucette, S/Sgt.
                                          legalizing pot.
10?                                                                             Drugs and Organized Crime
                                          Gee, I wonder what message
                                                                                Awareness Service
                                          the kids are getting? Do you
I could go on, but I hope you are
                                          think they are sitting there
getting my point. I agree that
                                          thinking " oh yeah, they want it
something needs to change. I just
                                          legal because they just
need some good evidence to
                                          don't want me to get a criminal
support that legalization will lead to
                                          record if I get caught, they don't
a better world for our youth to grow
                                          really want me to smoke it until I
up in.
                                          get old enough for my body to
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RCMP is asking people to put their next of kin on ICE
(In Case of Emergency)

Many times when police arrive        Here are some easy rules to            ICE was developed by Bob
at an accident scene the             follow when picking your “ICE”         Brotchie, a Cambridge
victim in                            contact:                               based paramedic after
unconscious or in shock. This        - Make sure your contact person        struggling to get contact
means they are unable to give        agrees to be your ICE contact          information from shocked or
the officer                          and has                                injured persons.
important information that           information for responders to          The RCMP highly
could save their life or inform      assist in treatment, i.e.; allergies   recommends that all people
their family that                    and                                    put an “ICE” contact in their
they have been in an accident.       current medications                    cellular phone.
                                     - Your ICE contact should have a
The RCMP is asking everyone          list of names and persons to           For more information,
with a cell phone to do one          reach on                               contact Cst. Paul Nicholson
simple task                          your behalf                            at RCMP Community and
that will help out greatly during    -If you are under 18, your ICE         Aboriginal Policing Services,
an emergency. It is called           contact should be a parent or          Phone: (709) 772-7285/
“ICE” (In                            guardian                               Cell: (709)
Case of Emergency) and it is         that can authorize treatment           690-4903.
a simple method of assisting         - If you have more than one
medical or first                     contact, list them as ICE1, ICE2,
responders in identifying a          ICE3,
contact at an accident or injury     etc.
scene. You                           - If the ICE contact is deaf then
simply type the acronym ICE          type ICETEXT followed by the
in your phone contact list and       name and
then put the                         then save the number
name of your next of kin or          - Make sure the ICE contact
contact person next to it and        number is easy to reach ( the
their contact                        contact will
information (phone,                  normally be at the number listed)
relationship).                       - In the event you have a person
                                     listed in your directory more than
This contact person should be        once with the same phone
able to provide important            number, place * after the number
information as                       you are
responders are making life           identifying with the ICE contact
and death decisions or may           name. This will allow the name
simply want to                       to be
contact family and friends.          displayed with the number
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 Bell Island – “Truly caring, generous people”
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  Wabana Town Council News

Arena Opens for
  Special Interest                 further                          and costs in court. We are
There have been many
   Articles:                                                        asking all dog owners to
renovations and repairs to         During the intervention the      act responsibly and to
the Arena over the summer.         town was represented by          keep dogs from creating a
   • Add a highlight
The entrance has been
      or your point of             Edward Kent of Kent              nuisance on roads and
improved with a ramp and
      interest here.               Financial Services.              private property.
new steel doors. Inside the
   • Add there has
building a highlight been a        Human Resources                  Thank You To Ferry
lot ofor your point of
        repainting and                                              Workers
      interest There
upgrading. here. was a             The Human Resources
major repair job done on           Committee has examined           The Council would like to
   • Add a highlight
      or your point the
the insulation inof ceiling.       proposals from consultants       publicly thank Mr. Ben
     interest here.                for an analysis of the human     Hammet and all who work
The Arena will officially          resources and management         with the ferry service for
open on October 6.We               structure of the town. It was    their cooperation and
welcome back the Junior            decided to award the             “going beyond the call of
Blues, Minor Hockey and            contract to AEM Human            duty” during the past
Figure Skating for a new           Resources Consulting. When       summer.
season.                            this is complete, we should
                                   have a number of                 House Numbers
PUB Hearings on Fuel               recommendations to
Costs                              consider.                        We have encouraged
    Inside Story      2
                                                                    home owner in a previous
During the past year there         SPCA                             publication to put numbers
      a proposal the
was Inside Story to 3                                               on their houses. This is
Public Utilities Board (PUB)
     Inside Story   4              The SPCA is proposing to all     not only convenient for
that would have fuel oil           municipalities the need to       home deliveries but may
     Inside Story
customers on Bell5   Island        implement effective              be essential during an
     Last cents
paying 4Story a litre more
                    6              legislation and education that   emergency.When
for oil than in the St. John’s     encourages responsible pet       members of the RCMP
region. Because of the             ownership. The town will be      are first stationed to the
Town’s intervention in the         meeting with officials from      Island, they can respond
proposal the 4 cent a litre        the SPCA in the near future      in a more timely manner if
difference was reduced to          with a view to enacting new      they know which house on
1.3 cents. As a result Bell        regulations concerning dogs      a street is in need of
Island now has the second          that are chained in backyards    assistance. We would
lowest fuel oil prices in the      for long periods of time.        certainly encourage all
province.                                                           home owners to put
                                   We are also concerned with       numbers on your homes.
There was also a proposal          the number of dogs that are
for a 0.8 difference in gas        roaming free in the
prices. The town was also          community on a daily basis.      Submitted by Councillor
successful in reducing this        Irresponsible pet owners cost    Patrick Craig
difference to 0.6 cents. We        taxpayers money through
are hoping to reduce this          investigation of complaints
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                  Wabana Boys & Girls Club
                     “A Good Place to Be”
                       The members are back           This is one of our              will be offered every
                       into school and the            fundraisers that we             Friday. So we
                       evenings are getting           depend on, but we need          encourage the members
                       shorter, therefore days        you to attend to make it a      to come to the club and
“Starting in early     are getting busier at the      success.                        take part in this program.
October we will be     club. The programs are                                         We have also received
starting another
Jump Start program     starting up in the first       From Novembers 16 – 20          $10,000.00 grant from
that have be           week in October. We are        we will be hosting our          Sears Canada for other
sponsored by           reminding the members to       annual Fall Fair. A list of     after school programs.
Canadian Tire. This
will be a day of fun   please drop in and             events will be posted in        As you will see above the
activities that will   register. We cannot offer      the next couple of weeks.       grants that we receive
help the members to    the different programs to                                      are for programs only
take part in some
extra fitness and      the members if you don’t       The next lotto will be          and monies cannot be
some games that        participate.                   starting on Saturday            used for other operating
they would enjoy.”                                    October 14th. It is 50/50       cost, therefore it is very
                       Our annual summer ticket       draw and it cost $10.00         important that we keep
                       draw took place on             and you have to enter 6         fundraising to keep tour
                       Sunday Sept.3rd at the         numbers (1-49). This has        doors.
                       Curling club. The winners      been a great fund raiser
                       were $1,000.00 Rhonda          for the club and at time a We ask that you continue
                       Sweeney and the $500.00        nice jackpot that you can  supporting the club.
                       was Gerald Hynes. The          win. If you are interested
                       tickets were drawn by          and didn’t want to get pay
                       Wade Reardon and Keith         $10.00, get a friend or
                       Kent. We would like to         family member to go $5.00
                       thank all those who            each.
                       purchased tickets in
                       support of the club.           Starting in early October
                       On Thursday September          we will be starting another
                       14th we started our            Jump Start program that
                       Escalating Bingo. Each         have be sponsored by
                       week we will add $50.00        Canadian Tire. This will
                       to the jackpot, if the full    be a day of fun activities
                       card doesn’t go in 50          that will help the members
                       numbers or less. We are        to take part in some extra
                       hoping that this will bring    fitness and some games
                       interest back to the bingos    that they would enjoy.
                       and get some of our            Const. Pike will assist staff
                       regulars back.                 with this program and it
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  A Message from the Bell Island Special Olympics

I would like to let you
                               participants were treated     Mary O’Rourke, Joan
know that the Special
                               with hot dogs and a           Lahey, Cynthia Butler,
Olympics has begun for
                               drink.                        Paul Lahey who kindly
another year.
                                                             gave up their time to walk
                               The Bell Island athletes      with the athletes. Thank-
Our athletes participated
                               stopped by Diary Queen        You to Joe Cummings for
in a walk held on
                               for a cool treat on the       driving us to and from the
Saturday, September
                               way home. All athletes        event.
23rd at Quidi Vidi Lake in
                               had a fantastic time at
St. John’s. The walk
                               this event and it was         A special thank you to all
was sponsored by the
                               evident they really           who support the Bell
Law Enforcement Torch
                               enjoyed it.                   Island Special Olympic
Run. While on the walk
                                                             team. The support of our
the athletes were
                               Thanks to all sponsors        volunteers and the
greeted by the RNC
                               who made this event           community is very much
police horse, Townsend.
                               such a success.               appreciated.
As they arrived back
they were congratulated
                               At this time I would like
by the Fog Devil’s
                               to take this opportunity to   Josephine Lewis,
mascot “Scorch.”
                               thank our student             Head Coach,
Everyone was excited to
                               volunteers from St.           Bell Island Special
see these celebrities and
                               Michael’s High, Leann         Olympics
get their pictures taken
                               Bickford and Raymond
with them. When the
                               Whalen. Also thanks to
walk was complete, all
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The New Bell Island Food Bank!

The old one was in deep trouble
so a good number of changes
were needed and are being
implemented by the executive.
Sounds really           Eastern Health, Kiwanis, the greater
                                                                             we are misunderstood.
is. For over 8 years the Food        community, Anglican Church, United
bank has been serving an             Church and others soon to join. The
                                                                             4) We need volunteers who can
average of 300clients twice a        result is there will be better
                                                                             help distribute the produce when it
month. Presently that could all      communication going to and from the
                                                                             comes in. Those with vehicles who
stop. Also the food to the lunch     Board. Everyone has a say and
                                                                             can spare a few dollars gas a few
emergency program, the Boys          speaking of that:
                                                                             times a month are the ones we need
and Girls club and other specific
                                                                             most. We also need to start training
community groups are in              3) There will be a full page in this
                                                                             those who would like to work in the
jeopardy. The FB could close!        newsletter outlining a suggestion
                                                                             Food bank. God bless the present
                                     form. If you don't like what we do,
                                                                             Volunteers but they cant do it all for
We had to change. Here is what       say so and why. If you like what we
                                                                             ever. We need persons who would
is happening:                        do say so and tell us how to make it
                                                                             be able to contribute two days a
                                     better. We need feedback.
                                                                             month to serve the clients and learn
1) The elementary school kids        Comments in the community do not
                                                                             the system in place and to make
have been invited to name our        help. We are aware there are some
                                                                             recommendations to the board to
new Food bank. The old name          who flat out do not support what we
                                                                             streamline what we do.
has too many negative images.        do. We think that is for three
Kids can best say what is on their   reasons.
                                                                             5) We need the churches and
minds and can come up with a
                                                                             volunteer organization to rise up to
name that means something            One - the past misconceptions about
                                                                             the challenge and start processes to
to them. In reality it is the kids   persons abusing the service;
                                                                             contribute to feeding the needy.
who the Food bank serves most
                                                                             There is no more serious need on
often. The contest will start this   Two - the feeling that no one should
                                                                             this Island. Each church needs to
October. More information is         get free food (yes we have those in
                                                                             think about how they can help and
available in a separate story.       our community who feel that way
                                                                             we start working together. Any
Prizes are available......           and are quite vocal), and;
                                                                             businesses here or abroad that can
                                                                             help is also encouraged to find ways
2) Our board has been expanded       Three because there are some who
                                                                             to keep children from being hungry.
greatly. No longer is the board      really don't know what we do. Some
just the FB volunteers and a few     people think we operate sort of a
                                                                             6) Presently the FB has a
more. Presently it has been          soup kitchen that is opened daily but
                                                                             tremendous amount of crackers and
almost doubled in size to include    the reality is the FB is only
                                                                             cereal but little else. The canned
all service groups, all churches     open for clients two days a
                                                                             goods we once received in bulk no
and expanded into the                month....two. They still get the
                                                                             longer come
community for those who want to      produce days mixed up with the FB
                                                                             as the Food sharing association in
help. Last meeting we welcomed       service days. The FB has little
                                                                             town no longer gets their supply
reps from the Knights of             control over the produce days as we
                                                                             from (continued on pg. 10…)
Columbus, Masonic Lodge,             call them. This is the biggest reason
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(Food Bank Continued…..)
                                   system to stop. You are the ones
the mainland like they once                                                hard! Please get on board and
                                   who make our efforts tough. It is
did. Because of this and                                                   make this program work if for no
                                   the one percent that abuse what
because there is                                                           other reason but for the kids in Bell
                                   we do who are noticed and are
an extra GST cheque in the                                                 Island.
                                   referred to every time we seek
community this October we
                                   community help. If you know an
have no choice but to                                                      All who belong to groups of any
                                   abuser who is ruining the FB
cancel service days. Not a                                                 kind are encouraged to take this
                                   efforts please advise and they
decision we made lightly. We                                               article and read it at your next
                                   will get no more. You are the
need food, donations and                                                   meeting.
                                   reason we have tough times with
assistance. If we have no food
                                   concert, ticket sales etc. You are
we can't supply same can                                                   Thank You!
                                   reason that there are efforts here
we. Over October we will be
                                   to eliminate the FB totally. You will
obtaining some resources and                                               Bell Island Executive Board.
                                   be stopped and soon.
will be able to open again in
November. That is our goal.
                                   Our FB donations are thoroughly
Our board will meet again in
                                   audited and examined monthly and
October to update.
                                   at year’s end. That is a given. Our
                                   processes are being examined and
7) We need the few and we
                                   corrected when needed.
mean very few who obtain
                                   We are committed to being
food and steel it, throw it on
                                   effective and to eliminate the
the roads and abuse the
                                   chance of abuse that has been
                                   reported. We are trying

             A Sincere Apology
             In the last newsletter we the Cummings Family extended a
             special thank you to all businesses who donated prizes or
             supported in any way the benefit dance we had in aid of
             Wanda Cummings, there were a couple of businesses that
             we forgot to mention ( there were so many), they are Black &
             White Lounge and Sag Holdings.

             We would like to take this time to apologize and thank you
             deeply for all of your support and generous donations, also
             to anyone else who we may have forgotten to mention.

             The Cummings Family
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 Christmas Hampers                    ?????......
  Each year the Salvation         that the Bell Island Food      Food bank wanted to
  Army is gracious enough         bank is responsible for        make this clear as persons
  to support and organize         this effort. That is not       were calling the board
  a Christmas Hamper              accurate.                      members making inquiries
  program on our Island.                                         about the hampers and we
  This program supports           This program is                don't have any
  those who qualify for           administered from              connections to them.
  such by means of an             the S.A. organization in
  application process. If         town but it includes           Hope this makes matters
  one meets the process           volunteers from our            clearer. The reality is again
  then the hamper is              area.                          the same volunteers came
  issued. Theses rules                                           forward to meet the needs
  have been viewed as             Some of these                  of those who need help
  strict but certainly fair in    volunteers are also            and it became confusing.
  all cases.                      volunteers from our own        We simply need more
                                  Food bank. Hence the           volunteers. Stay safe and
  An issue did arise each         misunderstanding. The          helpeach other.
  year which is the reason        board of directors of the
  for this note. There                                           Food Bank Executive.
  is a misunderstanding

                           Thank - You Bell Island!!!

   The Touch Of Class Building Renovation Committee would like to extend a sincere
   thank you to the residents of Bell Island for making our project a huge success. Due
   to the generous donations of money, time and expertise we have a new and much
   improved facility to serve people with disabilities who reside on Bell Island.

   Renovations include a new roof, exterior and interior paint, new sign, bathroom
   renovations, mural lighting, new flooring, improved kitchen and classroom facilities
   and pest control services.

   When a community unites to achieve a common, worthwhile goal, anything is
   possible. The volunteer effort put forth by residents of this community was
   phenomenal. To each and every one of you...much thanks.
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Bell Island Food Bank Survey – Your Opinion Counts!
We need to know what you think about the level of service the food bank currently offers.
With your feedback we will be able to better focus on the improvement of our food
bank services.

Please take a moment to anonymously fill out this brief survey and return it to the Bell
Island RCMP detachment in person or by mail to:
Attention: Boyd Merrill
Bell Island RCMP
P.O. Box 1179
Bell Island, NL A0A 4H0

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Calling all Students of St. Augustine’s
School……. $$$$$$$ Here’s Your Chance
to Win Some Cash!

We’d love you to name our new Food bank.

We want you to come up with a new name that will promote a positive
image of the Food Bank. So, put your thinking caps on! It’s easy, just
think about what the Food Bank means to you.

$25.00 goes to the student who creates the best name that
represents what we do.

Your entry needs to have: The new name for the Food Bank, your
name, your grade and your telephone number.

You can drop your entry off at the RCMP detachment or Mail it to:
Name the Food Bank Contest
Bell Island RCMP
P.O. Box 1179
Bell Island, NL A0A 4H0

Don’t miss out on your chance to win.
Contest ends on October 31, 2006 and the winner will be announced
in the November edition of the Bell Island Community Policing

Good Luck!
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Bell Island, you made us           service, led by pastors of the
proud! As we look back on          Anglican, Roman Catholic,
our first annual “Breast           and United churches, was an
Cancer Awareness                   uplifting tribute to those who   For the Committee which
Weekend” in aid of the             have lost their battle with      planned and hosted this first
Atlantic Chapter of the            lung cancer, those still         annual breast cancer
Canadian Breast Cancer             fighting that battle and the     awareness weekend, while it
                                   survivors in our community.      was a lot of hard work, it was
Foundation, we can report                                           truly a labor of love. Four of
that it was an outstanding                                          our members are breast
                                   There was hardly a dry eye
success, beyond our wildest                                         cancer survivors, and each of
                                   in church that evening as
expectations, with the whole       each of us stood to place our    us has been touched in some
community turning out to           pink ribbons of remembrance      way by the disease. But
support a cause that is dear       on the breast cancer symbol      even in our wildest dreams,
tothe hearts of all of us, for     especially constructed for the   we could not have imagined
there are few of us that           event by Marg and Fred           the level of support that made
have not been touched in           Cahill. The beautiful hymns      this weekend so special and
someway by breast cancer.          led by Karen Seward, Janet       made the late nights, early
                                   Brazil and Bonnie Spracklin      mornings and all the
                                   added a special touch to this    planning worthwhile. From
At the end of the                                                   the tons of goods delivered
weekend, we’re at                  memorable evening, which
                                   ended with a reception,          to the Boys & Girls Club for
$10,000 and still                                                   our yard sale, to those of
counting! Attendance at            hosted jointly by your
                                   Planning Committee and St.       you who participated in our
our weekend events – the                                            pancake breakfast – you all
pancake breakfast, yard            Michael’s Parish, at which a
                                   symbolic cheque for $10,000      gave a kickstart to a
sale, concert, our Walk of                                          weekend that left us in awe
Hope, ecumenical service           was presented to Brenda
                                   Bietenman, Provincial            of your support and
and reception – showed a                                            commitment to helping us
depth of community                 Community Development
                                   Coordinator for the Atlantic     work towards a future
support that was                                                    without breast cancer.
absolutely awesome!                Chapter of the Canadian
Who will ever forget the           Breast Cancer Foundation.
                                   “I’m totally in awe of a         A million thanks to Leona
approximately two                                                   and Joey who allowed our
hundred people walking             community that would
                                   provide such support to a        group to literally take over
together towards St.                                                the club – especially Joey
Michael’s Church, and              cause” said Ms. Bietenman
                                   in accepting the cheque.         who we dragged out of bed
the crowd awaiting our                                              early on Saturday morning
arrival.                           “Breast cancer can hit any
                                   one of us at any time, and to    when all our griddles
                                   see a community fighting         completely whacked out
The touchingly beautiful                                            the wiring!
                                   back with a commitment like
                                   I’ve seen on Bell Island today
                                   is just unbelievable!”           (continued on page 15…)
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( Breast Cancer Awareness      truly grateful as you left us free   one of the most touching
Continued …)                   to take part in our “Walk of         church services we’ve ever
                               Hope”. Too all the local and St.     attended. Your caring and
Thanks to everyone who         John’s business people named         concern was obvious, and
volunteered to make those      on our “Honor Roll” – you’re an      we long remember with
wonderful big fluffy           example we hope others will          gratitude
pancakes, fried a ton of       follow in the years ahead!           all you did to make this
sausages, poured “Tims”        We extend our thanks to the          weekend so special.
(yes, we actually had          Town of Wabana for being there       Thanks also to Father
“Tims” on Bell Island that     when we needed insurance             Wayne and the parish
weekend!) and the other        coverage to use the school, and      for helping sponsor the
thousand and one jobs that     to St. Augustine’s for turning       lovely reception which
had to be done – you were      your school gym over to us           ended this fantastic
super.                         and allowing us to share this        weekend.
                               beautiful afternoon of talent and
Special thanks to Ros and      togetherness.                        We’re overwhelmed and
Eric Hiscock who not only                                           grateful to EVERYONE
helped us find space for it    While there are far too many out     who helped make this
all, butalso set up all the    there for us to thank personally,    weekend such a success,
tables for breakfast, with     we cannot forget the generosity      especially our families
Ros even rushing away to       of Henry Crane who took and          who did so much for us
find some spare                developed all those beautiful        behind the scenes and
tablecloths from her           pictures for us, and Nate            during the weekend.
church. So everything this     Hammond who videotaped the           Your Bell Island Breast
weekend was definitely         concert.                             Cancer Awareness Group
ecumenical, which is                                                has now agreed that we
probably why it turned out     To everyone who took a sponsor       will continue fundraising
so well!                       sheet and then walked with us        on this project until
                               from the Wabana Complex in our       October 20th so there is
Our community concert          “Walk of Hope”, may God bless        still time for anyone
was phenomenal! You            each and everyone of you,            out there who wishes to
came out in force to enjoy     especially those survivors and       make a contribution.
some of the best talent Bell   the families touched personally
Island has to offer and        by cancer. The funds you             On October 25th we will
even if we did run a little    helped us raise will stay in         present our cheque at the
late, no one seemed            Atlantic Canada and will go a        Canadian Breast Cancer
to mind! Our thanks to         long way towards helping all of      Foundation’s luncheon at
our talented performers –      us fight for a future without        the Battery Hotel where
you’re the best! Our           breast cancer. Sincere thanks        Bell Island will be
gratitude to Tonya             from all of us go to our Volunteer   recognized for how it
Kearley, our M.C. who          Fire Department, our RCMP            came together and made
tried her best to keep us      detachment, and Tremblett’s          this weekend happen.
all on track even when we      Ambulance Service – all of           Your planning committee
were coming close to           whom joined our “Walk of Hope”       will proudly tell the story of
having a “group                with Gerald definitely winning the   the little community with the
meltdown” behind the           prize for the “Best Decorated        biggest
scenes. To the guys who        Vehicle in the Walk!”                heart in the world, and
helped us set up the gym,                                           how it came together to
and those who stayed           Our sincere thanks and               raise more than $10,000
behind to see that it was      blessings to Father Wayne            in one weekend
cleaned and ready              Dohey, Reverend Karen Thorne         (continued on page 16…)
for school on Monday, we are   and Canon Shirley Gosse for
   Page 16 of 27                  Bell Island Community Policing Newsletter

( Breast Cancer Awareness         Remember – together we
Continued …)                      can make miracles                       BELL ISLAND OUR BREAST
                                  happen, we saw one in this              CANCER
to support the cause of                                                   AWARENESS WEEKEND
                                  community in September
breast cancer research and                                                “HONOR ROLL OF
treatment. Our weekend of                                                 SUPPORTERS”
awareness and fundraising
                                  “The whole community was
will now be an annual event                                               Bell Island Home Care
                                  behind us in this event, and the
on Bell Island, perhaps in                                                Nate Hammond
                                  support was phenomenal.
July                                                                      Creative Concepts Plus
                                  I’ve volunteered my entire adult
or August, that remains to be                                             Donna King
                                  life but being part of this group
seen, but we’ll definitely be                                             Tina’s Unisex
                                  will continue to be one of
back!                                                                     Clarke’s Home Hardware
                                  the most enriching and life
                                                                          B&E Mini Mart
                                  changing experiences for me.
This group’s aim is to                                                    G.S. Hunt
                                  Four members of our group
eventually open and staff a                                               St. Michael’s Parish
                                  are breast cancer survivors, yet
support center and be                                                     House of Stoyles
                                  these women have shown me
advocates                                                                 Bell Island Co-op
                                  that every day is one to be
for Bell Island women                                                     Dianne Whalen, MHA
                                  lived fully. They are a proud
diagnosed with breast cancer                                              Wabana Boys & Girls Club
                                  example of women everywhere
and their families                                                        Bell Island Foodland
                                  living with this disease.
To that end we will be                                                    Dominion Stores
                                  We salute them for their
fundraising nationally and                                                Dandelion Green
                                  dedication to this cause, for
internationally over the next                                             Sobey’s Stores
                                  their hard work on this project,
several                                                                   Ed Coxworthy
                                  and especially for their
months and we’ll keep you                                                 Costc
                                  courage. We dedicated this
posted on our activities                                                  Kitchen’s Store
                                  weekend to them –to those
through                                                                   Tim Horton’s
                                  who have
the RCMP monthly bulletin.                                                Mrs. Ursula Lahey
                                  lost their battle with this terrible
God bless each and                                                        St. Michael’s High
                                  disease, those still fighting that
everyone who participated in                                              Dr. Alexa Laurie
                                  battle and those magnificent
any way                                                                   St. Augustine’s
                                  survivors who are teaching us
for it all came together in one                                           Michael Laurie
                                  that every new day is one to be
of the most successful                                                    Black & White Lounge
                                  lived to the fullest.”
fundraisers and community                                                 Gary King
awareness events ever held                                                Tremblett’s Ambulance Service
                                  Kay Coxworthy,
on Bell Island! Always                                                    Personal Touch Salon
remember that breast cancer                                               Central Dairies
hits                                                                      Religious Book & Bible House
us indiscriminately. No one                                               Mr. Reg Durdle
is immune to this disease – it                                            Scotsburn Dairies
                                  Your Bell Island Breast
strikes young and old, rich                                               Mr. Lester Hawco
                                  Cancer Awareness Group:
and                                                                       Linda’s Grill
poor, the ordinary mortal and                                             The Bell Island Junior Blues
                                  Marg Cahill, Angie Cobb, Kay
the mega rich and powerful.                                               Hammond’s Construction
                                  Coxworthy, Dale Fitzgerald,
Few of us have not been                                                   Henry’s One Hour Photo
                                  Deanne Hiscock,
touched                                                                   David Foley Inspections
                                  Donna Kubik,Tracy Merrill,
in some way by this disease,                                              Rogers Bussey Law Firm
                                  Karen Seward, Gail Sweeney,
through the illness or loss of                                            Crafts & Decor
                                  Kathleen Wiseman.
a loved one, a friend,
coworker,                                                                AND ALL THOSE WHO
a neighbor or a member of                                                SPONSORED WALKERS AND
our community.                                                           HELPED IN A
                                                                         MILLION AND ONE OTHER WAYS
                                                                         TO MAKE THIS A REAL
                                                                         COMMUNITY EFFORT!
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Greetings from St. Michael's Parish

Dear Parishioners and

We are all back into the         I wish to highlight two main       activities.
routine of school. Church        events:
and family life after a                                             Please support our cause and
wonderful summer and the         1. Home Religion Program;          make your contribution. For
many celebrations with           All youth who wish to register     more information, please
family and friends.              for the religious education        consult the parish bulletin.
                                 program must do so
As a parish family we are        immediately. We have a             My friends, let us continue to
busy planning our schedule       program for all age                work together and strengthen
of events for the Fall which     groups and especially for          the "faith" in our community. I
include the Home Religion        kids preparing for the             ask for your continued support
Education Program for our        sacraments. I remind               and encourage those who
youth ;                          families that children in grade    have not been part of our
                                 2 or planning to celebrate         church celebrations in the past
Fall Fair Events;                Eucharist this year will also      to please reconsider
Memorial Service in              be confirmed at the same           and become involved.
Noevember for our                time. This may seem a little
deceaed realtives and            strange but it's the new focus     Let us give thanks for the
friends;                         and guidelines from the            many blessings we share and
                                 archdiocese. More                  go forth and help our
Thanksgiving; Advent and         information is available if        town to be strong in faith and
Christmas. These are the         you call the parish office.        loving in our service to all
regular activities of the Fall                                      people.
schedule and we truly            2. Fall Fair: We are in need
count on your faithful           of your support. We have
support.                         planned for our annual             Sincerely;
                                 Dinner, bingo, Sale of             Father Wayne Dohey
                                 Works, card game and other
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    We are looking for your
    service in our town
    regardless of which                The Club has been doing             members or more with this
    changing                           well with events to raise funds     new change.
    room you use - the mens            to help the youth of the
    or the womans!                     community. But                      We meet each Tuesday
                                       we don’t have enough                evening at the Town Hall
    The Kiwanis club in Bell           members!                            Building at 7:00. Please
    Island has had another                                                 consider a few meeting
    wonderful productive               You asked for and you got it.       each month and join
    year. Over the past four           The club is now non gender          in.....we want to see you
    months the club                    specific meaning we want all        soon.
    recognized over 4300               potential members from the
    dollars made from canteen          community. Being 2006 this          Need more info call any
    sales at the Motocross             change from having only men         club member or myself at
    events, 1600 dollars from          in the club will only foster more   the office at 488-3312.
    an annual dinner held in           ideas and suport to the cause
    June with guests from              of helping kids which is our        Boyd Merrill –
    below the equator and              mandate. We presently have          Club Secretary
    anther almost 300 dollars          20 members on file. We should
    raised from other events.          be able to have at least 40

First ~ Eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it.
Second ~ The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.
Third ~ Some people try to turn back their odometers. Not me, I want people to know "why" I look this
way. I've traveled a long way and some of the roads weren't paved.
Fourth ~ When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to youth, think of Algebra.
Fifth ~ You know you are getting old when everything either dries up or leaks.
Sixth ~ I don't know how I got over the hill without getting to the top.
Seventh ~ One of the many things no one tells you about aging is that it is such a nice change from
being young.
Eighth ~ One must wait until evening to see how splendid the day has been.
Ninth ~ Being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable.
Tenth ~ Long ago when men cursed and beat the ground with sticks, it was called witchcraft. Today it's
called golf
And finally ~ If you don't learn to laugh at trouble, you won't have anything to laugh at when you are old.
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 The Lions Club

Minutes of the Regular
Meeting of the Portugal Cove -    was absent this week.
                                                                   This will be brought to a future
St. Philip’s                                                       meeting.
Lions Club                        Membership: Lion Bradley
                                  agreed to get prices and
                                  letters for mail out, together   The issue of the Presidency is
12 September 2006                                                  deferred to the next meeting
                                  with paper and envelopes from
                                  Staples.                         with more Lions in attendance.
Meeting called to order at
7:30. Lions invocation said by                                     The Club discussed the
all                               Correspondence: RE: DGO at
                                  Marystown (Oct. 20-21); note     possibility of another cold plate
                                  of thanks from Garden of Hope    for the fall.
Guest: Lion Martin Smith
was introduced and a letter of    at the Health Sciences Centre;
                                  Club Renewal Initiatives         Next meeting there should be
introduction from PDG T.                                           drafted a list of major
(Valie) De Bruin (District 410C   from Intl. President Jimmy
                                  Ross; note of thanks from the    donations for the year,
* South Africa) was read with                                      including Journey for Sight,
respect to Lion Martin.           Autism Society; swimming
                                  pool initiative for the Max      Cavalcade, Fire Dept. and
                                  Simms Camp, note of thanks       Camp. We should also
Minutes of the last meeting                                        discuss a Charter Night given
were read by Lion Bradley         from the Senior’s Resource
                                  Centre.                          this is the 30th anniversary
Motion Lion Olive / 2nd Lion                                       of the Charter.
Nancy that the minutes be
accepted. Carried.                New Business: Lion Fred read
                                  a letter from Julie Tucker.      Ticket draw made $1,090.
                                  Motion by Lion Josephine, 2nd    Prize won by Bernie Eisen,
Business arising from minutes.                                     2nd to Jim Knox,
Lion Jerry McClendon              Lion Nancy that Ms. Tucker be
                                  sponsored $1000. The             3rd to Roger Hammond.
indicates he is going to join a
Club in Texas this year. Lion     Club will have to closely
                                  scrutinize all large donations   Bills for Payment: Nil
Nancy attended at the
Cemitaph on July 1st on behalf    over the summer and will have
                                  to convene, even on an           Go Around and adjournment at
of the Club. Lion Mary                                             9:10 p.m.
delivered the Lions               emergency basis to discuss
I.D. Kits to the school.          these in future.
                                                                   Lion Bradley Moss * Secretary.

Financial Reports given and       Lion Fred attended the 1st
carried                           Cabinet meeting in Arnold’s
                                  Cove and reported to the Club.
Committees: VOCM Bingo:           Lions are encouraged to
Finished                          volunteer for the MD
                                  Convention in May.
Lion Bert’s Pennies: Lion Bert    Proposal by Lion Fred re: Max
                                  Simms Camp 10 car draws.
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The Lions Club – Part 2

Since 1976 the Portugal               Maybe you are a former
Cove - St. Philip’s Lions             member or have been a
have been doing good                  beneficiary of a Lion’s                the individuals listed if you have
things in our community and           program who wishes to give             any questions about becoming a
we wish to expand, to do              something back. Maybe                  Lion and making a difference by
even more for our                     you have moved here                    volunteering in our community.
growing town. Over the                from a community that had
years we have made                    an active Lion’s Club.                 We look forward to meeting you!
hundreds of donations and             There is a multitude of
provided assistance to                reasons why people join the            Frank Libbey....895-8594
many less fortunate                   Lions. Have you ever                   Dorothy Fowler....895-0146
individuals in our town.              thought of yours??                     Randy Dicks*895-2353
                                                                             Sharon Andrews....895-2445
We have also supported                Meetings are held from 7:30            Bradley Moss....729-7647
various programs in our               to 9:30 on the second and              Boyd Merrill....488-3312
school and our library, as            fourth Tuesday of the month            Mary Thorne....895-6644
well as providing financial           (September to June), at the            Gladys Churchill...579-7515
assistance in concert with            Holy Rosary Parish Hall.               Nancy Somerton....895-2137
1.4 million Lions worldwide           We encourage you to                    Olive Churchill...895-2603
to any number of disasters,           review our brochure at your            Josephine Somerton....895-2236
youth and vision programs.            leisure, and contact any of            Bert Driscoll....576-4557
                                                                             Fred Thompson...895-6940

Will Rogers, who died in a plane crash with Wylie Post in 1935, was probably the greatest political sage this
country has ever known. Enjoy the following:

1. Never slap a man who's chewing tobacco.
2. Never kick a cow chip on a hot day.
3. There are 2 theories to arguing with a woman...neither works.
4. Never miss a good chance to shut up.
5. Always drink upstream from the herd.
6. If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
7. The quickest way to double your money is to fold it and put it back in your pocket.
8. There are three kinds of men: The ones that learn by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of
them have to pee on the electric fence and find out for themselves.
9. Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.
10. If you're riding' ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it's still there.
11. Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier'n puttin' it back.
12. After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came
along and shot him. The moral: When you're full of bull, keep your mouth shut.
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   R.C.M.P Community Concerns

       This month’s Highway traffic act submission has to do with Drinking and Driving along
       with the importance of seat belt, child car seat use and intersection safety. The
       following are fact sheets concerning the above mentioned topics so Buckle up and
       don’t drink and drive.

       Fact Sheet: Drinking and Driving

       Did you know?
       Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) estimates that in 2003 (the most recent
       year for which official statistics are available), 1,002 people died in alcohol-related
       crashes on public roads in Canada.
       Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) refers to the weight of alcohol (expressed in
       milligrams) in a standard volume of blood (usually 100 millilitres). For example, it is
       an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada to operate a motor vehicle with a
       BAC that exceeds 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. Because the
       amount of alcohol in the breath is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol in
       the blood, BAC is readily (and most often) measured by means of a breath test -
       i.e., using a "breathalyzer".
       The number of fatally injured drinking drivers has declined by 41% since 1987. The
       level achieved in 1999 (33% of fatally injured drivers with positive BACs) was the
       lowest point reached in the past three decades. It went up again to 39% in 2003
       (the most recent year for which official statistics are available).
       A wide range of drugs (illicit as well as prescription and even some sold over-the-
       counter) have impairing effects on driving-related skills. It is also known that many
       of these drugs are found in drivers involved in serious road crashes - as many as
       25% of fatally injured drivers have been found to be positive for some
       psychoactive substance.
       You can be charged with impaired driving on your own property. The Criminal
       Code of Canada applies not only to public roads and highways but to private
       property as well.
       You can be charged with impaired driving under the Criminal Code of Canada
       even if your BAC is below the legal limit, or if you have not been drinking at all. If
       the police officer determines that your ability to operate the vehicle is impaired, you
       can be charged with impaired driving.

       (continued on page 22..)
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  (RCMP Community Concerns continued from page 21…)

  Source of statistics - Traffic Injury Research Foundation Fact Sheet: The Importance
  of Seat Belt , Child Car Seat Use and intersection safety

  Did you know ?
  At 50 km/h, an unrestrained vehicle occupant weighing 80 kg (176 lbs.) will strike
  whatever it hits first with a force of 2,785 kg (6,215 lbs.). Seat belts distribute that
  force evenly to the stronger parts of your body.
  Lap/shoulder belts reduce the risk of fatal injury to front seat occupants by 45% and
  the risk of moderate to critical injury by 50%. Those numbers jump to 60% and 65%,
  respectively, for people riding in light trucks.
  75% of people ejected from their vehicles die.
  The inside of a vehicle has what's called the engineered life space. It's specially
  designed to handle collisions and protect vehicle occupants. The seat belt will keep
  you inside that engineered life space.
  Seat belts offer the best protection against ejection. Airbags are a supplement, not a
  Most parents know that a child who weighs less than 18 kg (40 lbs.) must be
  properly secured in a child safety seat. In addition:
  • A child who weighs less than 9 kg (20 lbs.) must be in a rear-facing child safety

  • A child weighing between 9 kg and 18 kg must be in a forward-facing child safety

  Seat belts and child safety seats are the most cost effective means we have of
  reducing injury and death from motor vehicle collisions. All provinces and territories
  have seat belt and child restraint laws. Police will be enforcing these laws.
  Safety experts strongly recommend that you install a booster seat to replace a child
  safety seat when your child turns 6 or weighs more than 18 kg.
  Although most motorist regularly buckle up (app 87%) 39% of fatally injured
  occupants in 2003 were unbelted.
  Children under the age of 12 should be in the back seat. It's always the safest place
  for them, especially if your vehicle is equipped with a supplemental restraint system
  (SRS), otherwise known as airbags.

  Intersection are particularly dangerous to motorist. In 2003 28% and more than 40%
  or all serious injuries occurred at intersections

                          Source of statistics : Alberta Occupant Restraint Program

  Drive Safely....Cst. RAYNER
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Wabana Sunrise Would Like to Sincerely Thank Everyone

Wabana Sunrise would         multi-talented Jeremy             with much anticipation.
like to sincerely thank      Harnum, superb drummer
everyone who                 Brian Lahey, tremendous           Last, but definitely not least
contributed to a very        David Kent, the gregarious        thank you to Mr. Dave Rees,
successful, fun filled,      Ambrose (Honky Tonk Man)          President, Quidi Vidi Brewery
exciting summer of music     Rose, fabulous Bob                for your tremendous support
and friends on Lance         French, the magnificent Mac       and the members Lance Cove
Cove Beach. The              Babb, Irish extraordinaire        Beach Development Fund Inc.
valuable contribution        Billy Madden, and the very        Board of Directors. Your
from the tremendous          talented Josh Carter.             unrelenting hard work,
musicians who added to       Also, honorable mention           continued efforts we fully
the camaraderie every        goes out to the enthusiastic      recognize and indeed
Sunday will not be           volunteers who took valuable      appreciate.
forgotten. Particularly to   time to assist with ticket
the marvelous Marion and     sales etc. on our behalf. Billy   This winter will be busy for
Bart McCarthy who “got       Lahey, Linda Hickey, Janet        us! Your comments or
their duds in order and      and Rosaira Mercer, Brenda        suggestions are welcome and
came across the water”       Butler, Kelly Littlejohn, and     you may contact any one of us
every single weekend         Mary Ann Gendreau…. Your          over the coming
during the summer and        tireless efforts were certainly   months. Again, a million
unequivocally enlightened    appreciated!                      thanks, looking forward to
our afternoons with                                            seeing you all “on the beach”
phenomenal songs and         To you the “punters”……Bell        next year.
outstanding musical          Islanders, Vacationers,
talent. To the incredible    Visitors, Friends and             Slainte,
contributions from Bell      neighbors. We thoroughly
Island’s own talented        enjoyed entertaining you, as       Nate Hammond, Jimmy Shea, George
crew who added to the        much as you enjoyed the           Jackman, & Bill Ford
line up each Sunday…..       entertainment. The                 Wabana Sunrise
gifted Jerome Warren,        friendships and fun made
renowned Sam Rose, the       each Sunday a tremendous
brilliant sax men Clyde      experience for us and we
Hibbs and Rev Ford….the      look forward to next year
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 The final Sunday in              to see the expressions on          comradeship can
 September has become a           the faces of loved ones,           sometimes be
 very special Sunday for          may it be a wife, friend,          overwhelming and may
 all members of law               partner or the two little boys     take time to somehow
 enforcement agencies             left behind by a slain             adjust to what has
 across Canada that help          officer.                           happened or the
 protect us during our daily                                         thought of what could
 lives. I am referring to the     You always hope to go and          happen.
 Police memorial service          not see any new faces
 which is held every year         there or not have any              In 1998 we lost one of
 in Ottawa. Being part of         names read for the                 our own officers; the
 the Police Services in the       previous year. But that very       regional police funeral
 waterloo region, gives me        seldom happens. Another            was attended by
 the opportunity to attend        year means another list of         thousands of officers
 and witness for myself,          names.                             from all across Canada
 the sadness on the faces                                            as well as the United
 of literally thousands of                                           States and abroad. As
 people.                          Prayers are said, songs are        the host department, it
                                  heard, people from different       was our honor to
 It may just seem like            levels of government speak         participate in the
 another memorial service         and then there is the              procession from the
 to some people that may          presentations of hats, hats        church; we walked three
 just happen to be there.         that were worn by the              and one half kilometers
 But to someone who has           recent fallen officers. There      and not two words could
 either lost a partner or         could be the straw hat of          be heard spoken by
 spouse in the line of duty,      the OPP, the forge hats of         anyone.
 it is a chance to reflect        the different regional
 and openly see how               departments, hats from the         I want to remind people
 much these people give           Forestry division as well as       that this isn’t just a time
 of themselves on a daily         the hats of fallen prison          to remember our fallen
 basis. every time they           guards. Then there were            friends, but also a time
 leave home to go to work         the five Stetsons of the           to say Thank You for
 they end up helping              RCMP, all presented at one         the career that they
 someone they have never          service.                           have chosen and assist
 met of and may never                                                them in every way
 meet again.                      This is where your heart           possible to make their
                                  strings start to pull in your      job easier. The less
 While standing with the          chest and there is a real          work these officers
 massed Police choirs             show of emotion through            have, the safer we as
 from across Canada, on           out the sea of red that were       citizens can feel.
 the steps of the Centre          there to honor their fallen
 Block, you get a chance          comrades. The show of
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                                              JODY ANN O’BRIEN
                                            SOURCE WIKIPEDIA
                                            BSc NUTRITION

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As all of you know, the First Annual Walk of Hope for Breast Cancer
was a huge success!!!!!

I have been fundraising for 10 years and never have I seen such generosity from people, as
I have on Bell Island!!! To date, we are now over $12,000. Yep, $12,000 and all from the
people of Bell Island.

Breast Cancer is such a worthy cause considering 60 women are diagnosed daily and of
those 60 women, 15 will die!. In Newfoundland and Labrador over 350 women are
diagnosed annually. That's 350 to many! This disease robs us of our mothers, daughters,
sisters, and the list goes on. The only way we will stop this disease is to continue to
educate and donate when we can to this worthy cause in the hopes of one day finding a
Cure for Breast Cancer!

I'm going into my ninth year, however, the battle started for me at 28! This brings me to
another startling fact. The incidence of women diagnosed with breast cancer age 25-35 is
on the rise. Breast Cancer is no longer a disease for "just" women over 40!.

We need to do everything we can to support Breast Cancer and the many women who are
presently battling this disease and surviving the disease, on Bell Island right now!

There is no CURE for Breast Cancer, just periods of remission!!! Doctors say if a woman
survives the first five years with no recurrence, then she has a better chance of surviving
five more!

My dream is to live long enough to see a Cure for Breast Cancer so our daughters, sisters,
mothers, never have to go through what we have!

As a matter of fact, while away this summer for treatment, a young 34 military man, who had
just arrived home after surviving time in Iraq, was dying of metastatic breast cancer! Yes,
breast cancer also affects 3-5% of men!

Again, thanks for all your support, donations and prayers! Bell Island is a community that
may be small but big on heart!

Kathleen Wiseman
Bell Island Breast Cancer Awareness Committee Member
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                            You know you are from Newfoundland when:

                              1. You never meet any celebrities except Buddy Wasisname and Toni
                              Marie Wiseman.

Contact Us:                   2. Your idea of a traffic jam is ten cars waiting to pass a tractor-trailer on the
If you have any              3. "Vacation" means going to St. John's for the weekend.
comments, concerns, or       4. You've seen all the biggest bands 10 years after they were popular everywhere
questions about the         else.
newsletter please
contact us:                  5. You measure distance in hours when traveling across the province,
                            and full days when measuring distance across the country.
Cpl. Boyd Merrill at:        6. You know several people who have hit moose more than once.
                             7. Your classes were often cancelled because of snow.
                             8. You often switch from "heat" to "A/C" in the same day.
                             9. You use a down comforter in the summer.
We can also be reached      10. Your grandparents drive at 100/km per hour through 13 feet of snow in a raging
at the
                            blizzard - without flinching.
RCMP Detachment at
116 Memorial Street.        11. Your social life consists of drinking at parties, in the woods or downtown, and
(709) 488-3312.             bingo, darts, cards & fishing after 30.
                            12. You see people wear hunting clothes or jogging suits to social events.
                            13. You install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlocked.
                            14. You think of the major four food groups as moose meat, beer, fish and berries
                            and a typical meal portion for you would feed a European for two days.
The newsletter is also
available on the internet
                            15. You carry jumper cables in your car and you know how to use them
at website:                 16. There are 4 empty cars running in the parking lot at the convenience store at          any given time.
                            17. You only own three spices: Salt, Pepper and Ketchup.
                            18. You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.
                            19. Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow.
                            20. You think everyone from a bigger city has an accent and dresses funny.
                            21. You think lingerie is a short flannel night dress.
                            22. You know all 4 seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Construction.
                            23. It takes 3 hours to go to the store for one item when you're ina rush because
                            you have to stop and talk to everyone you know.
                            24. You have a satellite dish/cable with 500 channels and still watch NTV.
                            25. You consider a snow blower a recreational vehicle.
                            26. Everyone knows a snowmobile in the back of a new truck is the sign of a well off
                            27. You have your own rubber boots & ball cap for picking berries and fishing.
                            28. The shed and the barn are acceptable places for grown men and sometimes
                            women to drink and socialize.
                            29. You actually understand these jokes, smile, and tell them to all your friends from

                            Gotta be proud to be a Newfoundlander!

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