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					 Date       Time        Session          Name                                Title
Thu 4th      16:00                                        REGISTRATION
             19:00                                              Dinner
Fri 5th   08:30-08:40                          Welcome and Introduction: Francine Govers
                                   M. COATES     Searching for Avirulence Genes in Hyaloperonospora parasitica
                                   G. van den
                      I. Chair: F. ACKERVEKEN    Gene discovery in the Arabidopsis downy mildew pathogen H. parasitica
                         Govers    N. CHAMPOURET Profiling of R-AVR interactions in wild Solanum using RXLR effectors of
                                                 Phytophthora infestans
                                   B. TYLER      Role of RXLR effectors in Phytophthora sojae virulence and avirulence
          10:00-10:40                                     Coffee and Posters
                                   M.R.          Defence Gene Signalling in the Phytophthora infestans -Potato
                                   ARMSTRONG     Interaction
                                   A.P. REHMANY  Investigating interactions between the downy mildew ATR1NdWsB
                                                 avirulence protein and Arabidopsis proteins
                      II Chair: P. P.M.J.A. van  Identification and characterisation of Phytophthora infestans avirulence
                      Bittner-Eddy POPPEL        gene PiAvr4
                                   S.C. WHISSON  Defining the role of the RXLR-EER motif in secreted proteins from
                                                 Phytophthora infestans
                                   E.M. GILROY   Plant Disease Resistance Involves an Apoplastic Cysteine Protease
                                                 Cathepsin B
          12:30-14:00                                             Lunch
                                    E.J. ROBERTSON Functional characterisation of a Kazal-like protease inhibitor from the fish
                                                   pathogen Saprolegnia parasitica
                                    E. GAULIN      Oomycete pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMP) : The
                      III Chair: S.                example of the Cellulose-Binding Domains of secreted proteins
          14:00-15:40               K.             Are lectin receptor kinases involved in the recognition of Phytophthora
                                    BOUWMEESTER effectors?
                                    J. MEITZ       Molecular variation of downy mildew pathogenicity factors
                                    S. CASIMIRO    Transcriptomics of the host-pathogen interaction in crucifer downy
                                                   mildew: a road to new genes of Hyaloperonospora parasitica
           15.40-late                                     Wageningen Festival
Sat 6th                             N.J. GRUNWALD Cloning of candidate microRNAs from Phytophthora sojae and P.
                        IV Chair:                  ramorum
                        Pieter van
Sat 6th
                        IV Chair:
                        Pieter van H.S. JUDELSON    Transcriptional networks in Phytophthora development
            10:00                  C.R. BRUCE       Proteomic analysis of Phytophthora infestans asexual life cycle stages
                                   A. SAVIDOR       Expressed Peptide Tags: An additional layer of data for gene prediction
          10:00-10:40                                      Coffee and Posters
                                    C. WALKER       A DEAD-box RNA-helicase is required for normal zoospore development
                                                    in the potato late blight pathogen Phytophthora infestans
                         V Chair:   H. MEIJER       Genome wide analysis of phospholipid signalling genes in Phytophthora :
          10:40-12:00     Howard                    novelties and a missing link
                         Judelson   N. HORNER       Functional characterisation of a putative hemolysine gene of the
                                                    mycoparasitic oomycete Pythium oligandrum
                                    A.J. PHILLIPS   Molecular studies of the Saprolegnia-fish interaction
          12:00-13:30                                               Lunch
                                    M. BLANCO       Genetic structure of the tobacco blue mold pathogen, Peronospora
                                    R. DONAHOO      tabacina in North America, Central America and thetropicalis
                                                    Hybridization between Phytophthora capsici and P. Caribbean
                                   J. DIEGUEZ-      "Phylogenetic relationship amoung Saprolegnia diclinaparasitica-
                         VI Chair:
          13:30-15:10              URIBEONDO        isolates"
                        Dave Cooke
                                   J. McDOWELL      Segmental Duplications and Intragenic Expansion Mold the RPP7
                                                    Resistance Gene Cluster.
                                    P. BONANTS      Quantitative multiplex detection of (plant) pathogens
          14:10-15:40                                      Coffee and Posters
                                    O. HURTADO      Generation of an inbred line in Phytophthora capsici for genome
                        VII Chair:
          15:40-16:40               J.B. RISTAINO   Comparative analysis of the mitochondrial genome organization in
                        Brett Tyler
                                                    Phytophthora species and related Straminopiles
                                    M. ZODY         Genome sequencing and annotation
          16:40-18:00                                Discussions: Brett Tyler
                          Keynote Matthias Hahn: 'Nutrient uptake, metabolism and protein transfer into
                             host cells: Trying to understand the role of haustoria in rust biotrophy'.
               19:30                                          Dinner

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