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Curriculum Vitae of Walter Davies by wuyunyi


									                              WALTER G. DAVIES
                                925.548.0098 ·

 Electronic Data     Work from home/Felxible location 7/2005 - 7/2006
                     Infrastructure Specialist with the Automated Operations (AOPS) group
                     Unix Systems Administrator

                             Unix systems administration and management (primarily Solaris but also Red
                              Hat Linux and HP-UX)
                             Working with both the AOPS Opsware automation system as well as the EDS
                              Opsware Control Centre automation system
                             Also performed many one-off or special projects involving hands-on
                              administration or maintenance:
                                   o Custom software or patch installations
                                   o Configuration updates for EMC provisioning
                                   o Break/fix scenarios involving system access through the service
                                        processor or console and interacting with the FORTH prompt
                                   o Firmware upgrades
                             Wrote various scripts to customize or automate tasks:
                                   o Original and modified Bourne and Korn shell scripts for system
                                        startup, watchdogs, cron entries, etc.
                                   o Automation scripts for running audits or updating configurations
                                        across the entire AOPS infrastructure
                                   o Scripts for inclusion in the Opsware automation core
                             Various projects such as:
                                   o Small to medium-scale multi-server patching
                                   o Medium to large-scale software and application updates
                                   o Medium to large-scale software and configuration audits
                                   o Server builds and site decommissions
                                   o Storage management and provisioning using Solstice Disk Suite and
                                        Veritas Volume Manager
                                   o Security auditing and hardening (BSM, bastille)
                                   o Policy compliance (PCM) and change management
                             Developing and improving processes within the team
                             Working with other teams to develop and improve processes for the

Private Consulting   Albany, Oregon 10/2003 - 7/2005
                     Unix and Network Systems Consulting

                             Providing services to local companies
                             Custom programming in C, PHP, Shell, etc.
                             Internal and external network security audits
                             Programming for web, database, and integrated applications
                             Electronics and firmware design

Lund Performance     Albany, Oregon 9/2001 - 10/2003
                     Unix Systems Administrator
                    Designed and implemented plan for in-house NIS to NIS+ migration
                    Maintain NIS+ accounts, NFS cross-mounts, and development environments
                    Designed and implemented new Development LAN subnet
                    In charge of in-house security audits and procedures
                    Maintain network backups and scripts
                    Use and develop internal tools to monitor performance and analyze trends
                    Brought in and set up new T1 line

            Unix Performance Consultant

                    Configuration and performance analysis on Solaris and HP-UX systems
                    Trend performance and provide upgrade paths
                    Identify performance bottlenecks and provide solutions
                    Assist other analysts with system-wide and kernel-level debugging and
                    Help the company transition into the Unix market

            Technical support for Solaris and HP-UX product software

                    "Product Tours" — online demo walkthroughs — of Solaris and HP-UX
                    Taking technical support calls and emails
                    Tracking calls and emails in tech support database

Loudcloud   Sunnyvale, California 7/2000 - 5/2001
            Senior Operations Engineer:

                    Resolving customer issues related to Unix systems and the programs or
                     applications running on them (e.g. DNS, mail servers, application suites such
                     as BEA Weblogic, Netscape Application Server, Netscape Enterprise Server,
                     Apache, Oracle, etc., and customer code, etc.).
                    Manage hundreds of customer servers both directly and through automation
                    Managed user accounts, software packages, and configurations by creating
                     and modifying RPMs that were pushed to customer machines by automation
                     software. Used RPMs extensively in customer environments, pkg utilities in
                     local environments, and dpkg utilities on personal workstation.
                    Be available and on call 24x7 for 24x7 environment.
                    Educating NOC staff in the Tao of Unix.
                    Assist in the design, build, and maintenance of NOC workstations and servers
                     as well as network applications, programming, tools, and functionality.
                    Chip in automation tools and whatnot to make life just a little easier to live with.

            Systems Administrator:

                    Provide an interface from the Network Operations Center to the Deployment
                     and Infrastructure groups in system admin/Unix - related concerns.
                    Work with development and R&D teams to develop internal automation and
                     problem-solving/tracking software.
                             Work with internal IT departments to better design NOC machines, servers,
                              and networks.
                             Help design and improve processes and procedures.

    Liberate         San Carlos, California 3/1999 - 7/2000
                     Systems Administrator:
Technologies, Inc.

                             Maintaining DNS tables (primary DNS for the lab, secondary DNS for the
                              corporate network)
                             Managing multiple e-mail servers and e-mail gateways
                             Installation, configuration, and tuning of server hardware and software
                             Adding to network infrastructure with network switches and load balancers
                             Juggling resources and their usage

                     Server QA Engineer:

                             Black- and white-box testing of Java- and C-based client-server software
                              serving web content, e-mail, etc. to thin clients.
                             Work with developers to improve software and software packaging
                             Kept local skunkworks CVS server for trying out code and builds outside of the
                              main tree.
                             Program automated tests through standalone and API-supplied environments.

Hybrid Networks,     San Jose, California 2/1998 - 2/1999
                     Web Administrator/Programmer

                             Design and build customer support website featuring multiple levels of access
                              based on customer subscription level, site search, newsgroup-like forum,
                              downloads, and Java-based front-end to customer support database.
                             First implemented on Windows NT 4.0, Service Pack 3 running Internet
                              Information Server 3.0. Later ported to Solaris 2.6 running Netscape Enterprise
                              Server 3.5.1.
                             Solaris server features enhanced security and management features by virtue
                              of modified and self-developed administrative scripts such as process
                              monitoring and logging. Wrote monitoring programs to page me with
                              descriptive error messages (seldom needed ;).
                             Write utility scripts in sh and Perl for distribution to customers.
                             All projects managed in self-maintained CVS, with full backups and
                              documentation for all programs written and all processes developed.

      Intuit         Mountain View, California 11/1997 - 1/1998
                     Internet Production Specialist (Development Engineer)

                             Design and implement web pages per internal Business Unit specifications.
                             Design and/or debug CGIs written in Perl, JavaScript, and various shell
                              languages (csh, awk, etc.).
                              Work closely with IT department to improve code push and go-live processes.
                              Knowledge of German became useful on a redesign for a site in Germany.

Stats On Site, Inc.   Hayward, California 8/1997 - 11/1997
                      V.P. Research & Development

                              Responsible for purchasing, designing, implementing, and maintaining
                               heterogeneous Unix/Windows/Mac network.
                              Responsible for writing custom database program in Java and building a
                               communications delivery system for medical emergency information.
                              Served on the Board of Directors.

Hybrid Networks,      Cupertino, California 4/1997 - 8/1997
                      Network Test Engineer

                              Responsible for testing cable modem hardware and software, writing test
                               cases and test plans.
                              Made recommendations for equipment purchases for use in tests.
                              Wrote shell scripts for automated testing and data retrieval.

Apple Computer,       Cupertino, California 9/1996 - 4/1997
                      Cross-Platform Test Engineer

                              Test new hardware and software for Apple's line of DOS/Windows compatible
                              Responsibilities included finding, verifying, reporting, and regressing bugs as
                               new builds of the software and new hardware became available.
                              Unix experience led to the position of Directly Responsible Individual for
                               NeXT/OPENSTEP project. Responsibilities for the DRI position included
                               gathering information about the NeXT OPENSTEP operating system and
                               reporting on how Apple planned to implement the technology into its new
                               operating system.

 One24 Intranet       Sunnyvale, California 4/1996 - 9/1996
                      Network Engineer

                              Assist in maintenance, expansion and integration of TCP/IP networks.
                              Design Intel-based servers and network solutions for clients.
                              Teach seminars on Linux, X Window installation and configuration, and Intranet
                               solutions for business.
                              Update, revise, improve, and maintain One24's website.
                              Responsible for written proposals, advertisements, fliers and related materials.
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