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									Plant Taxonomy                             REVIEW GUIDE                                  BIO 3520

REVIEW QUESTIONS – For Quiz #6 “Flower Morphology”

1.   Given a fresh flowering plant specimen of the family Liliaceae with vegetative and
     reproductive structures intact you should be able to complete the following with the aid of a
     “Plant Morphology Worksheet” [see ]
     a.   Perform a dissection as necessary to complete the “Worksheet” without the aid of text,
          references or any explanations/definitions of the terminology used on the “Worksheet.”
     b.   Include in your responses (a.) a floral formula.
     c.   Sketch a floral diagram beginning with the gynoecium and using the conventional
          symbols illustrated in Chapter 10.

2.   Given a familiar flower (e.g. Lilium, Alstroemeria, or Antirrhinum), be able to write a floral
     formula or floral diagram for the flower. Or, if the “unknown” specimen is described on
     your quiz, translate the information into floral formula or diageam.

3.   Given a floral formula of an unidentified flowering plant species, interpret the formula using
     appropriate terminology.

4.   Given a floral diagram of an unidentified flowering plant species, interpret the diagram using
     appropriate terminology.

5.   Review the terminology which is used to refer to floral structures. Then, represent the
     terminology accurately by answering.

     Note: Tuesday in Lecture, we will complete the discussion of Floral Morphology as
     addressed in Chapter 10, pages 143-155. Then, please read pp. 155-158, “Inflorescences.”
     We will reserve a study of “Fruits” for a later time. The quiz will not include either of these
     two subjects.

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