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100th Anniversary Logo Contest Winner Announced


									the Bay Area Scouter
                        2008 Vol 1.                                                                          March 2008

                        Bay Scout of America                         New “Scouter” Format
                                                                              You will notice that our new
                        100th Anniversary – 2010                     Bay Area Scouter has a slightly         Whitney
                                 As we approach the Boy                                                      Young, Jr.
                                                                     updated format. Our hope is that
                        Scouts of America’s 100th Anniversary
                                                                     this format will make it more           Service
                        it helps to look back at what has
                                                                     accessible to those who use the         Awards
                        made our organization the number
                                                                     internet often and want to read         Dinner
                        one youth serving program in the
                                                                     it online, and those who prefer a       -page 2
                        country. Over the next 24 months we
                                                                     printed copy and can print it out on
                        will chronicle those milestones that
                                                                     their computers and read it from
                        make up the Boy Scouts of America
                                                                     paper. The Scouter will be published
                                                                                                             Cub Scout
                        beginning with 1910:                                                                 Adventures
                                                                     quarterly. Please let us know what
                                 Watch for two more decades                                                  -page 2
                                                                     you think in the months to come by
                        in the next Scouter!
                                                                     Memorial Weekend                        News
                                                                     at Wente                                -page 3

                         100th Anniversary                           The BEST Family                         Brownsea
                                                                     Vacation Package in                     -page 3
                        Logo Contest Winner                          California!
                            Announced                                        There aren’t very many
                       Congratulations, Eagle Scout                  places in California where
                                                                     you can get a fabulous four
                           Philip Goolkasian !                                                               Changes
                                                                     day weekend package for
                                                                                                             -page 4
                       Troop 223, Sequoia Council                    only $65 per person including
                                                                     accommodations and meals !
                               When the time came to create the                                              Congratu-
                                                                             Wente Scout
                       extraordinary symbol that would mark                                                  lations
                                                                     Reservation’s Family Vacation
                       the milestone of the 100th Anniversary,                                               New Eagle
                                                                     Camp, Memorial Day Weekend is
                       we knew there was no one better to                                                    Scouts
                       create this icon than Scouts themselves.      that place! Boating, swimming,
                                                                                                             -page 4
                       During the latter half of 2007, more          hiking, archery, range activities,
                       than 4,000 Scouts from representing           horseback riding, crafts,
                       all 50 states – some even overseas –          campfires – there’s lots to do.
                       participated in a special contest to craft    Bring your fishing gear and catch
                                                                                                             -page 5
                       the logo that will serve as the centerpiece   some fish, go on a bird watching
                       for Boy Scouts of America’s 100th             trek, nature abounds at Wente
                       Anniversary.                                                                          Sports
                                                                     and you’ll want to be a part of it.
                               Philip, from Sequoia Council,                                                 Celebrity
                                                                             Moms will love the dining
                       Troop 223, worked with renowned                                                       Golf Tour-
                                                                     hall meal option so you not only
                       graphic designer Kit Henrichs (an                                                     nament
                       Eagle Scout himself) to develop the final     won’t have to cook but best of all
                                                                                                             -page 5
                       design.                                       you won’t have to wash dishes.
                               In a future issue we will share       If your family enjoys the cooking
                                                                                                             A’s Tickets
                       information on those from our council         out of doors idea you can bring
                                                                                                             -page 6
                       who may have submitted entries to the                   --continued on page 7
                       Logo Contest.
                                                                            for Mom to enjoy a few one-on-
CUB SCOUT ADVENTURES                                                        one hours with her son without
                                                                            the distractions of other children,
TIGER CUB SAFARI             , we will send you a        laundry and washing dishes! Join
for Tigers and their                   confirmation at a later date. For    us for this fabulous event for only
                                       more information contact Kristine    $80 per Mom and son on April
                                       Biehl, Camp Director at (925) 1519   25-27, 2008. Limited to first 300.
         Tiger Cub Safari
                                       or Tiger Joe Stieber, Program        Register on line at
is just around the corner
– so sign up soon! Then                Director at (925) 817-9620.
come up and join us                                                         AHOY MATYS !
May 3-4 or May 17-18 at                                                         Now is the time to get ready for
Wente Scout Reservation                MOM ANd SON                          high seas ADVENTURES !!!
in Willits, California.                For Cubs and Webelos                     Wolf & Bear Adventure
    Shoot BB guns, and                          A great new adventure for   Camps are being held on the
bows and arows; go swimming and        Cub Scouts (second grade through     weekends of July 11-13 and July
boating; learn about nature and        fifth grade), and their moms, or     18-20 at Rancho Los Mochos
have LOADS of FUN!                     another adult female partner like    in the Livermore hills. A great
    This event is designed             grandmothers, aunts, siblings        program is being planned so be
especially for you Tigers and your     18+, etc., at Camp Royaneh in        prepared to ship off
partners. So come on up to Tiger       the beautiful coastal redwoods of    to ADVENTURE
Safari. Register on line at www.       Sonoma County. A great fun time      !!! Cost is only $135
                                                                            for Cub and adult
                                                                            partner before June 2
  Sixth Annual Whitney M. Young, Jr.                                        ($150 after).
                                                                                Follow the
     SERVICE AWARdS dINNER                                                  treasure map to
                                                                            Webelos Adventure
      Please join us in honoring the 2008 Recipients of the                 Camp at Camp
                                                                            Royaneh in Cazadero, CA.
                                                                            Webelos will have a wale of a
   For their contributions to youth and character education in              time with fun and ADVENTURE.
                   Oakland and San Francisco:                               Camp dates are August 4-9 and
                       William Patterson                                    11-16 and cost is only $215 per
                      Kline A. Wilson, Jr.                                  Webelos before June 2 ($245 after).
                                                                            Bus transportation to camp for
                    William “Bubba” Paris
                                                                            those who need it is only $25 per
                    David & Susan Grandt                                    Scout (until bus is full). So don’t
                                                                            walk the plank, sign up today!!!
                             Given on behalf of:                                Signups are available at www.
             THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA COUNCIL,                   Questions? Call Emily
                      BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA                                 Determan at (510) 577-9218 or
          Serving over 8,000 youths in Oakland and San Francisco  

       SATURdAY, MAY 10TH, 2008 · 7:30 p.m. ·                               HigH Adventure teAm
               Reception 6:00 p.m.                                          Cycling Course
           HILTON OAKLANd AIRPORT                                           May 3, 2008
           One Hegenberger Road · Oakland, California                               Can you ride a bicycle?
                                                                            Then you have completed the
  DINNER CHAIR, Julius Robinson, Union Bank of California                   prerequisites to take the Cycling
  KEYNOTE SPEAKER, John L. Burris, Noted Civil Rights Attorney              Course sponsored by the High
  CELEBRITY HOST, Kevin Brown, KBLX-FM                                      Adventure Team. Learn bicycle
                                                                            safety (particularly on road trips),
      For more information on how to reserve your place at 6th Annual       the care and feeding of your bike
       Whitney M. Young, Jr. Service Awards Dinner, please contact:         (and you!) for optimum efficiency
                                                                            and minimum risk.
              Frank R. Yoke, III, Director of Finance Services                      Sign up today! Only $25
              San Francisco Bay Area Council 510-577-9242                   per person. Contact jessel@sfbac.
                                               org for more information.

                                         page 2
BOY SCOUT CAMPING                                                                       SIBLING POLICY
Pre Camp                               include veteran Scouters with
                                       extensive experience as merit                   Due to liability considerations and
Leader’s                               badge counselors in these subjects.        the lack of appropriate facilities, the
                                                                                  San Francisco Bay Area Council must
Meeting                                        Spring Break Eagle
                                       Requirement Camp will be held              enforce the policy that only registered
        The                            at Camp Royaneh near the                   Scouts attend Scout related functions at
Precamp Leader’s                       Russian River town of Cazadero             camp. Children and siblings of those
meeting for units attending            from Monday, March 24 through              registered for that specific program are
                                       Saturday, March 29. Summer                 not to attend unless the program has
summer camp at Camp Royaneh                                                       been specifically designed with adequate
                                       Eagle Camp will be held at Rancho
and Wente Scout Reservation                                                       facilities to handle them.
                                       Los Mochos, located 19 miles
on March 29th from 10:00am to          south of Livermore in the beaufiul                 Family Camp is designed to
12:00pm, at the Youth Leadership       Livermore hills from Monday, June          handle the needs of the whole family,
Training Center in San Leandro.        16 through Saturday, June 21.              but Camporees, Webelorees, Summer
                                               On line registrations are          Cub Scout and Boy Scout long term
At this important meeting you                                                     resident camps are not the place for
                                       available at
will receive your summer camp                                                     siblings to stay overnight or participate
leader’s guide and get other                                                      in the program.
information that will help your
Troop have a successful camp
experience. There will be neat                    BROWNSEA-NYLT
camping stuff as door prizes and
lunch will be served after the
meeting for those who RSVP.
                                         What is Brownsea?
Plan to pick up your camp stuff             Brownsea - National Youth Leadership Training Course
orders.                                     (NYLT) is an intensive scouting experience specifically
        Please RSVP with Emily                designed for Scouts who are leaders of their Troops.
Determan at (510) 577-9218 or                  The course teaches fundamental leadership skills
email at                    (Communicating Well; Leading Yourself; Finding your
                                           Vision, Setting Goals, and Preparing your Plans; Leading
                                           and Teaching EDGE; Team Formation; Problem Solving;
                                          Conflict Resolution; Making Ethical Decisions; and Valuing
Eagle                                          People) in a weeklong, high-energy environment.
Requirement                                      The leadership principals taught will also apply in
                                                         school, church, work and in sports.
        Eagle Requirement Camp                         Brownsea-NYLT has limited space.
is a special Scout camp for focusing           Early registration and payment are highly advised!
on advancement in the required                                    For more information see
merit badges for Eagle – all of
                                                          our website at
them will be offered. Scouts who
do their homework (several badges
                                          There is a special letter for Scouts, Scouters and parents living within
require work done before camp,              the Fremont Unified School District: (
such as Personal Management,                                     Brownsea-Fremont.html )
Family Life, etc.) can earn up to 4
badges in a week.                        DISCOUNT DEADLINE: $20 discount (fee of $275) if paid by
        Although the focus of the
                                         April 30. After that date fee becomes $295.
camp is advancement, numerous
opportunities exist for free-
time fun and enjoyment such as           To learn more, visit the website and read the “FAQ”. If needed,
archery, shooting sports, field          you may contact us through the website
sports and more. The staff will
                                                            page 3
         ADVANCEMENT                                                  TRAINING
Additions to Rank                 a cyberbully and
                                                                               Now is a great time to
                                                                      think about getting trained in your
Requirements                      how you should
                                                                      position. With rechartering done
                                  respond to one.
                                                                      there are a lot of new leaders in your
       The National Youth                                             Units that need to get trained. Each
                                  The changes will
Protection Committee                                                  District has outstanding training
                                  be represented
recommended additions to                                              courses and excellent trainers
                                  in the 2008 Boy
Boy Scout rank requirements                                           staffing them. You can visit the
                                  Scout Requirements book and
that were approved and will                                           council website for information and
                                  the revised ninth printing of
become effective January 1,                                           dates of courses at www.sfbac.prg
                                  the 11th edition of the Boy Scout
2008. These changes will help     Handbook.
us advance the importance                                             Mark P. Hsu Mastomonaco,
of Youth Protection training                                                  Troop 333
beyond the initial Boy Scout                                          Spencer D. Huey, Troop 708
joining requirements, and keep                                        Micahel E. Keller, Troop 943
youth informed and actively                                           Andrew K. Kolchak, Troop 343
engaged in understanding the                                          Elbert Lum, Troop 12
key elements of personal safety
and protection.
                                  Our Newest                          Kenneth Lyons, Jr., Troop 299
                                                                      Andrew G. Makk, Troop 103
                                                                      Timothy M. Masuoka, Troop 29

Tenderfoot Rank
Revised requirement 9:
                                    eagles                            Christopher A. McCormick,
                                                                              Troop 931
                                                                      Michael S. McKinley, Team 947
                                                                      Curtis L. Miller, Troop 708
                                                                      Jake D. Navarra, Troop 612
Explain the importance of the     The following
                                                                      Peter G. Nedeau, Troop 14
buddy system as it relates to     Eagle Scout                         Takashi Nguyen, Troop 20
your personal safety on outings   earned this                         Mark Paige, Troop 254
and in your                       high honor                          Ryan T. Patterson, Troop 942
neighborhood.                     during the last                     Steve T. Perry, Troop 906
Describe what                                                         Kyle J. Perry, Troop 943
                                  few months:
a bully is and                                                        Ethan M. Pyle, Troop 936
how you should                                                        Brendon M. Rudd, Troop 945
respond to one.                                                       Daniel C. Schwarze, Crew 919
                                                                      Anthony D. Shough, Troop 186
                                                                      Gregory F. Shuflin, Troop 103
Second Class Rank                                                     Anthony D. Simons DeBenedetti,
                                  Maurice B. Aufderheide, Troop 924
           New require-           Robert S. Barrett, Troop 916        Troop 945
           ment 8b:               Brian A. Bertoli, Troop 935         Mitchell A. Stanford, Team 802
                                  Kristaps J. Birznieks, Troop 943    Patrick T. Stueve, Troop 911
             Explain the three    Brian W. Burckhardt, Troop 110      Henry K. Szeto, Troop 58
                                  Justin Castaneda, Troop 901         Marc K. Tambara, Troop 29
             R’s of personal
                                  Alexander F. Chin, Troop 15         Michael A. Taylor, Troop 635
             safety and                                               Kevin H. Terashima, Troop 203
                                  Peter Choi, Troop 14
             protection.                                              Nicholas B. Tom, Troop 15
                                  Hayden R. Christensen, Troop 936
                                  James B. Crabtree, Troop 12         Adam J. Whitehouse, Troop 908
                                  Kelvin J. Davis, Troop 409          Gregory Y. F. Wong, Troop 12
First Class Rank                  Coai T. Denson, Troop 409           Nolan Wong, Troop 15
                                  Michael DiBona, Troop 876           Ernest H. Wong, Troop 153
New requirement 12:
                                  Kevin L. Eng, Troop 15              John N. Woodruff, Crew 941
                                  Eli Feriante, Troop 160             Dion Wu, Troop 153
Describe the three things you     Sean Y. Foo, Troop 103              Alan E. Yang, Troop 124
should avoid doing related to     Adam L. Foster, Troop 912           Thomas R. York, Troop 88
use of the internet. Describe     Collin M. Ho, Troop 202
                                            page 4
              Focus on Finance
Endowment News                                1910 SOCIETY                              levels of recognition in the 1910
                                                                                        Society that honor four very special
                                                                                        individuals who shaped modern-
HERITAGE SOCIETY                       Founded in 1910, the Boy Scouts                  day Scouting.
                                       of America has grown into some
         The Heritage Society          thing larger and more significant                1) Earnest Thomas Seton,
has been established by the San        than anyone anticipated. We honor                nationally known artist and
Francisco Bay Area Council, Boy        that special date by presenting the              naturalist, author of the first
Scouts of America, to recognize        1910 Society award to donors who                 official American Scout handbook
those who believe in preserving the    make gifts of $25,000 or more to                 and many other books important to
tradition and values of Scouting,      their council endowments. These                  Scouting;
as well as perpetuating its future     gifts can be in the form of cash,
for generations to come. The           securities, land, five-year pledges,             Seton Level membership:
Heritage Society is a program for      or other property suitable for a                 $25,000 minimum gift
individuals that have included         council endowment fund or easily                 2) Daniel Carter Beard, first
Scouting in their Estate Planning      converted to cash. There are four                chairman of the National
or have made an outright gift
to the Endowment Fund. The
numerous ways to make a gift                                 12th Annual
to the Endowment Fund are as
                                                        Boy Scouts of America
                                                          Sports Celebrity
                                                    Invitational Golf Tournament

        James E. West was the first
chief Scout Executive of the Boy
Scouts of America, and he served
in that position for more than
three decades. The James E. West
Fellowship Award is available for
gifts of $1,000 and up in cash or
marketable securities to the council
endowment fund. The gift must
                                                         June 23, 2008
be in addition to--and not replace                  Blackhawk Country Club
or diminish--the donor’s annual
Friends of Scouting support. Many
individuals    and     corporations                              Blackhawk, CA
make these gifts either on behalf
of someone else--such as in honor
of an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver
recipient, a retirement, a special       Golfers here is your chance to play a round at one of
accomplishment, or anniversary--or       the East Bay’s Premier Courses with local celebrities
in memory of a special individual.       including the Oakland A’s, Oakland Raider Legends and
If an institution is truly “the                   Randy Hahn from the San Jose Sharks
lengthened shadow of one man,” it
is more than fitting that the Boy                                          For more information,
Scouts of America honor James E.          Contact: Frank R. Yoke, III, Director of Finance, 510.577.9242 or
West’s significant contributions to                     San Francisco Bay Area Council Boy Scouts of America
Scouting in such a significant way.                           1001 Davis Street, San Leandro, CA 94577

                                                        page 5
Court of Honor, national Scout            Gold--$500,000 minimum                                                                                     Donations of Stocks &
commissioner, and author of many          gift commitment                                                                                            Marketable Securities
well-known books and stories for          Platinum--$1,000,000
youth;                                    minimum gift commitment
                                                                                                                                                    Have you considered
                                               The early founders of                                                                        making a gift to Scouting through
Beard Level membership:                the BSA had the vision and                                                                           appreciated stock? This would be
$10,000 minimum gift                   commitment to make Scouting the                                                                      a great way to support the San
3) Theodore Roosevelt, first Chief     number one youth organization in                                                                     Francisco Bay Area Council at a
Scout Citizen, first Vice President    the world. In that spirit, we honor                                                                  relatively low cost to you. If you
of the BSA, and President of the       the modern-day visionaries who                                                                       have stocks or securities that have
United States;                         qualify for the Founders Circle in                                                                   become highly appreciated in the
                                       their commitment to perpetuate                                                                       past year this gifting method may
Roosevelt Level membership:            the visions and beliefs of those                                                                     be the right fit for you.
$500,000 minimum gift                  founders.                                                                                                    If you do donate stocks or
4) Waite Phillips, one of the BSA’s    For more information on how                                                                          securities your tax deduction would
first benefactors, and donor to the    you can participate in one of                                                                        be the fair market value of your
BSA of almost 130,000 acres of         these endowment recognition                                                                          gift and your donation would not
land in New Mexico which became        programs, contact Frank R. Yoke,                                                                     be subject to capital gains taxes,
Philmont Scout Ranch;                  III Director of Finance Services at                                                                  which would be applied if you sold
                                       510-577-9242 or frayoke@bsamail.                                                                     your stock. The fair market value
Phillips Level membership:
                                       org                                                                                                  is generally considered to be the
$1,000,000 minimum gift
                                                                                                                                            average of the high and low of your
                                                                                                                                            securities on the day on which the
Founders Circle
The newest level of endowment
recognition, the Founders Circle, is
intended to recognize deferred gifts
designated for Council endowment
funds. With deferred giving (also
called planned giving) so widely
                                            BOY SCOUT DAY
                                            with the OAKLAND A’s
and effectively used by so many
                                                            Texas Rangers vs. A’s
donors, the BSA wants to recognize
the importance of such major gifts.                      Sunday, May 4th @ 1:05 PM
Donors are recognized for gift
commitments with a minimum                                               Discounted tickets for Scouts and their families
value of $100,000. Unlike the
other endowment recognition                                Pre-game parade around the field for uniformed scouts and leaders
awards, the donor may qualify                                                                      Line up in B Lot at 11:30 AM
for membership with gifts made                                       All uniformed scouts will receive a commemorative patch
    •	 Charitable bequests in a
        will or a codicil                   Name ___________________________________________________________________                  Groups of more than 25 tickets:

    •	 Charitable trusts, such as
                                                                                                                                         # Tickets                         Price per Ticket
                                            Address ________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                        ________      Field Level              @ $28 (reg $35)         $________
        unitrusts, annuity trusts,          City State Zip    ________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                      (Limited Availability)

                                                                                                                                                      Field Level              @ $20 (reg $30)         $________
        and lead trusts
                                            Phone    _________________________________________________________________

    •	 BSA Gift Annuities or BSA
                                                                                                                                        ________      Plaza Level              @ $16   (reg $24)       $________
                                            E-Mail    ________________________________________________________________

        Pooled Income Fund Gifts            Scout Council ________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                     Handling Fee                      $ 5.00

    •	 Life /retirement plan                Tickets to be left at Will Call?          YES NO
                                                                                                                                                                     TOTAL                         =   $________

        designations                                                                                                                  Groups of less than 25 tickets:

    •	 Other deferred gifts
                                            Name for Will Call        _________________________________________________                  # Tickets                        Price per Ticket

                                                                                                                                        ________      Field Level              @ $30 (reg $35)         $________

        approved by the local
                                            Credit Card Type VISA MC AMEX DISC                                                                        (Limited Availability)

                                                                                                                                                      Field Level              @ $24 (reg $30)         $________
                                            Credit Card # ____________________________________                                                        Outfield

As with the 1910 Society, there are
                                                                                                                                        ________      Plaza Level              @ $19   (reg $24)       $________

four levels of membership within
                                                                                                                                                                     Handling Fee                      $ 5.00
                                                      All orders must be                           Oakland A’s
                                                       mailed or faxed                         Attn: Boy Scout Day

the Founders Circle. They are:                       by Friday April 25th
                                                     FAX # 510-563-2398
                                                                                                  PO BOX 2220
                                                                                               Oakland CA 94621
                                                                                                                                                                      TOTAL                      =     $________

    Bronze--$100,000 minimum                                       For more information contact the Oakland A’s
    gift commitment                                              510-638-GOAs (4627) or
    Silver--$250,000 minimum                          *** Offer not good day of game. Tickets will be mailed to the address above. Orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis.
                                                           Tickets subject to availability. If first choice is unavailable, A’s will assign next best seats and charge accordingly. ***

    gift commitment
                                                                page 6
                                                                 Ideal Year of Scouting
                                                                 Wouldn’t it be nice to participate in all the
                                                                 Scouting activities you wanted to and be able
                                                                 to pay for uniforms, advancement, camping
                                                                 and registration fees, all without any money
                                                                 coming out of everyone’s pocket? Imagine
                                                                 doing only one fundraiser each year and
                                                                 being able to fund your entire “Ideal Year of
                                                                 Scouting!” It’s possible.
                                                                 What is the Ideal Year of Scouting??

                                                                         •	      Providing a year round quality Scouting
                                                                                 by following each step in the process

                                                                         •	      Providing the “Experience of a Lifetime”
                                                                                 your Scouts!

Finance --from page 6
donation was made. If you
                                                                                                        Memorial Weekend
own highly appreciated                             Scouts Special Offer                                 from page 1
stocks or securities, this                             See An Imaginative Musical
method of donation could                                 Ask an Actor Questions
be right for you.                                       Tour the Stage and the Set
        Contact Frank R.                                                                                your food and prepare
Yoke, III at 510-577-9242                                              This delightful musical from     it in your campsite.
for additional information                                             the team that created Rag-       (Dining Hall meals
                                                                        time and Seussical re-tells
on donation of Stocks and                                               the time-honored tale of a      begin with Saturday
Marketable securities.                                                king who gets into trouble try-   breakfast and conclude
                                                                              ing to be great.
                                                                                                        with Sunday dinner).
Property Donations                                                     In this version, 14-year-old     Monday breakfast is
                                                                       Marcus is about to become
        Did you know                                                    the next Emperor, but he        available for a minimal
that the San Francisco                                                 hasn’t finished reading his      fee for any campers.
                                                                         “How to be an Emperor”
Bay Area Council does                                                   guide. Already, the towns-              There’s more
accept donations of motor                                             people need his help. What’s      information on our
                                                                      a fellow to do? In comes the
vehicles and boats? If                                                Swindler, arguing that clothes    website that you’ll want
you have a car that you                                                make the man—and he has          to check out – it is at
are thinking trading in;                                              just the outfit. Will someone
                                                                       call the Swindler’s bluff, or
consider donating this to                                              will Marcus show up in front             And don’t forget
the San Francisco Bay                                                    of the whole town in his
Area Council.                                                                   underwear?              that we have two other
        You can do the                                                                                  weekends one August
                                                                     22-25 and Labor Day
same with your boat. A
donation can be helpful             Performances at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts
                                             2640 College Avenue, Berkeley
                                                                                                        Weekend. Camp
to you especially if the                       TICKETS $10                                              Royaneh also has a
slip fees are bogging you    Offer Available April 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 at 2pm                        Labor Day Weekend
down.                                                                                                   Family Camp – attend
                                             Call 510-296-4433 or
        For additional             email for tickets                         both for a double shot of
informa-tion contact Sonia                                                                              fun!
Castillo 510-577-9211.
                                                           page 7

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