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The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s Newsletter Second Quar ter 2003

Komen Professors of Survivorship
Work to Improve Quality of Life
    he Komen Foundation recently announced the recipients
T   of its 2003 Professor of Survivorship Award. They are
nutritionist Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, Ph.D., R.D., from
                                                                           make sense of the complex
                                                                           medical, personal and practical
                                                                           information on breast cancer, so
Duke University, and radiation oncologist Marisa C. Weiss,                 they can make the best decisions Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, Ph.D., R.D.
M.D., from Lankenau Hospital in Wynnewood, PA.                             for their lives. LBBC’s programs
                                                                           include conferences, workshops,
Established in 1999 by the Komen Foundation and given annually,            newsletters, a telephone helpline
the Professor of Survivorship Award recognizes and rewards                 and Web site and a nationwide
the efforts and achievements of individuals within the ranks of            train-the-trainer program that
medicine, research, education and advocacy for their efforts to            helps meet the needs of medically
improve the overall quality of life for breast cancer survivors.           underserved women. In 1998,
                                                                           Dr. Weiss authored Living Beyond
Dr. Demark-Wahnefried is associate research professor,                     Breast Cancer, a book that was     Marisa C. Weiss, M.D.
department of surgery, Duke University School of Medicine                  the first of its kind to focus
and Allied Health Programs, Durham, NC. She is a nationally                exclusively on breast cancer survivorship.
recognized nutritionist who has made significant contributions
to determining the causes of and solutions to one of breast cancer         Through the Komen Foundation’s 20-year association with the
survivorship’s most vexing problems: weight gain. During the               nation’s leading oncologists, researchers, physicians, psychosocial
past decade, her in-depth energy balance studies have focused              workers, public policymakers, survivors and breast cancer
on breast cancer patients that receive adjuvant chemotherapy.              advocacy groups, it has recognized the unique challenges breast
These efforts have resulted in 10 scientific papers and a                   cancer survivors can face.
renewed look at the issue among practitioners. Dr. Demark-
Wahnefried currently leads three National Institutes of                    “The establishment of the Komen Foundation’s Professor of
Health-funded studies to determine if diet and physical activity           Survivorship Award acknowledges that breast cancer survivorship
                                  programs can improve overall             challenges are complex and often encompass multiple areas of
  inside                          well-being and quality-of-life           emotional and physical concern,” said Rebecca Garcia, Ph.D.,
 Men Can Get Breast Cancer, Too 2
                                  issues for breast cancer and             vice president of health sciences for the Komen Foundation.
 MRI May Be Good News           3 prostate cancer patients.                “Quality-of-life issues for survivors can include self-image,
2003 Breast Cancer Statistics        3                                     concerns with overall health, employability and insurability,
Breast Cancer 3-Day                  4   Dr. Weiss is a practicing         sexuality, and the long-term psychological burden that frequently
Lee National Denim Day®              5   radiation oncologist at           accompanies the experience of life-threatening illness. Many sur-
New Board Leaders Named              5
Prevention & Early Detection         6
                                         Lankenau Hospital in              vivors tell us that these can be difficult issues to navigate through
Komen College Scholarship Awards     6   Wynnewood, PA. A well-            or around once treatment ends and ‘normal’ life resumes. These
The St. Paul Companies               7   known breast cancer advocate,     awards were established in direct response to survivors’ needs.”
Komen Champions for the Cure™        7   Dr. Weiss is the creator of two
Tell Us What You Think!              8   non-profit organizations,          Recipients of the Foundation’s Professor of Survivorship Award
Partners in the Promise              9
Affiliate & Volunteer News           10
                                         breastcancer.org and Living       each receive a cash award of $20,000 that is used to advance their
Rally for a Cure®                   11   Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC),      efforts toward improving the lives of breast cancer survivors.
2003 Pony Express                   12   designed to inform and support
Komen Affiliate in Puerto Rico       13   women affected by breast can-      Tell us what you think!
Brinker Receives Lifetime Award     13   cer and to improve the quality     In order to evaluate Frontline, the Komen Foundation’s quarterly newsletter, we’ve
Komen Race for the Cure® Series     14
Yoplait: Save Lids to Save Lives™   14
                                         of their lives. Her pioneering     created a survey that will help us determine what types of information and formats
                                         Internet-based organization        you prefer. By completing and returning the survey on page 8, you’ll be helping us
Marketplace                         15
                                                                            better communicate with you, our partner in the fight against breast cancer.
Your Donation Can Help              15   called breastcancer.org helps
                                                                            You can also complete this survey online at www.komen.org/frontlinesurvey.
New Education Material              16   women and their loved ones
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Men Can Get Breast Cancer, Too
By LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr., M.D., Chair, Komen Foundation Board of Directors

                                    ast fall, my dear friend, former U.S.                    breast cancer was caught
                                L   Senator Edward W. Brooke, was
                                 diagnosed with breast cancer. Not
                                                                                             fairly early and after
                                                                                             undergoing a modified
                                 unlike most Americans, before his                           radical mastectomy and
                                 diagnosis Ed thought breast cancer                          the removal of several lymph
                                 was primarily a woman’s disease and                         nodes on the right side,
                                 something that rarely occurred in                           he is doing quite well.
                                 men. As a result, he dismissed an early
LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr., M.D.    warning sign — in his case a nagging                        While his main goal was to
                                 pain on the right side of his chest.                        get healthy, Ed couldn’t help
                                                                                             but ponder the obvious during
Ed leads an active retirement (he served in the U.S. Senate until                            his diagnosis and ensuing
1978 and retired from private law practice in 1985), tending                                 treatment. He asked me on                     Edward W. Brooke (R-MA) served
animals on his farm in rural Virginia, swimming, playing tennis,                             several occasions, “If men can                in the U.S. Senate from 1969 to 1978
gardening and landscaping. He just assumed the discomfort in                                 get breast cancer, why aren’t                 and has the distinction of being the first
                                                                                                                                           African American elected to the Senate
his chest was his aging body’s way of slowing him down after                                 more doctors regularly using
                                                                                                                                           since the Civil War. He earned high praise
some overzealous digging in the garden. He ignored the pain                                  proven early detection methods                and respect for the trail he blazed for
for several months before finally consulting his physician.                                   like clinical breast exams and                African Americans in government service,
                                                                                             x-ray mammography to catch                    and in particular for his efforts on behalf
“Just a sore muscle,” his family doctor originally said. However,                            the disease early, when it is                 of civil rights and for the rights of the
                                                                                                                                           poor and elderly. The senator is 83 and
as time passed, rather than getting better, the pain became more                             most treatable?”
                                                                                                                                           resides with his wife, Anne, in Virginia.
persistent and pervasive. His wife, Anne, felt a small lump
under his nipple and urged him to have it re-examined. Using                                 One of the main reasons is cost. Insurance companies don’t
all available technologies (mammography, CAT scan, sonography,                               want to pay for procedures or exams for a disease that affects
needle biopsy), Ed’s physician finally diagnosed breast cancer                                a relatively small number of Americans. Another reason is
in September 2002.                                                                           awareness. Because most men don’t think they can get it, in
                                                                                             many cases the symptoms are ignored. And even if they do
In the immediate weeks following his diagnosis, Ed and Anne                                  have these signs checked out by their physicians, many general
were overloaded with information. They learned that many of                                  practitioners will simply put a stethoscope on a man’s chest to
the risk factors and statistics associated with breast cancer in                             listen for a heart problem and never think to do a breast exam.
women were the same for men. For instance, one of the main
risks for breast cancer for anyone is the simple act of aging.                               Ed is now working to change that perception. After taking
The older you get, the greater your risk. As with women, men                                 several months to come to terms with his own breast cancer, he
with relatives who carry a mutated breast cancer gene are                                    recently went public with his story. He plans to work with the
thought to be at greater risk. In addition, African Americans                                Komen Foundation to encourage physicians to perform breast
are more likely to die from the disease than Caucasians — a                                  examinations on men more regularly and to encourage insur-
statistic that is true for both genders, as African Americans tend to                        ance coverage for mammograms for men. “I love my privacy,”
get diagnosed at later stages when the disease has already spread.                           he said. “But I know that by talking about my own breast
                                                                                             cancer I may help other men who are unaware that they may
Others who may be at a higher risk for male breast cancer are                                have this disease. It’s my goal to raise awareness among men
those who take estrogen or who naturally produce higher levels                               and their healthcare providers that breast cancer is not limited
of the hormone (common with liver diseases such as cirrhosis).                               to women, and that early detection can save the lives of men
Men with Klinefelter’s syndrome, a genetic condition that results in                         whose breast cancer is found and treated early.”
low testicular function, and men who have had their chest exposed
to radiation treatment, are also thought to be at a higher risk.                             Ed credits his wife, Anne, for saving his life. “If she hadn’t looked
                                                                                             at that lump, I never would have done anything about it.”
Similar to most female breast cancer patients, outside of aging,
Ed did not have any of the other risk factors. Fortunately, his

 Dr. Leffall is a noted breast surgeon and chair of the President’s Cancer Panel. He is the Charles R. Drew Professor of Surgery at Howard University Hospital and Medical School.
 He is currently serving a second term as chair of the Komen Foundation Board of Directors. Dr. Leffall and Sen. Brooke have been friends for more than 40 years. Dr. Leffall was the
 very first person the senator called when he was diagnosed with breast cancer.
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Studies Show MRI May 2003 Breast
Be Good News for     Cancer Statistics
At-risk Women, Not   Incidence Rates
                     In 2003 it is anticipated that 211,300 women and 1,300 men in
for Widespread Use   the U.S. will develop invasive breast cancer. New cases of in
                                                                       situ breast cancers will account for an additional 55,700 cases
    esearchers at the annual meeting of the American Society of
R   Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in May presented three studies
on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showing that MRI may
                                                                       this year. Approximately 85 percent of these will be ductal
                                                                       carcinoma in situ (DCIS). The most common cancers diagnosed
                                                                       in women are breast, lung and colorectal. Overall, breast cancer
have significant implications for women at high risk for breast         will account for 31 percent of all cancers diagnosed in women
cancer. The findings indicate that MRI is a more sensitive              this year. The differences between racial and ethnic groups can
screening tool than mammography, but results also suggest a            best be illustrated by comparing the incidence of breast cancer
lower rate of specificity among women screened with MRI.                cases in the female populations (per 100,000):
                                                                       • Caucasian                               137.0
“These studies are good news for women who fall into the               • African American                        120.7
‘high risk’ category — women who have the BRCA-1 or                    • Asian American/Pacific Islander           93.4
BRCA-2 gene mutation or who have a strong history of breast            • Hispanic/Latina                          82.6
cancer in their families,” said Rebecca Garcia, Ph.D., vice            • American Indian/Alaska Native            59.4
president of health sciences for the Komen Foundation.
                                                                       Mortality Rates
In the case of younger at-risk women, MRI could become a               The estimated number of breast cancer deaths in 2003 in the
method for breast cancer screening because mammography is              U.S. is 39,800 for women and 400 for men. Breast cancer is the
limited in its ability to detect abnormalities in the generally        leading cause of cancer deaths in women ages 20-39 and 40-59.
denser breast tissue of younger women. Many physicians                 Breast cancer is surpassed by lung cancer as the leading cause
currently rely on MRI, as approved by the Food and Drug                of cancer deaths for women 60 years and older. The annual
Administration (FDA) in 1991, for use in addition to                   mortality rates in the female population by racial and ethnic
mammography to enhance detection and diagnosis capabilities.           group (per 100,000) are as follows:
                                                                       • Caucasian                               29.3
“Despite its limitations, though, mammography remains the              • African American                        37.3
gold standard in detecting and diagnosing breast cancer,”              • Hispanic/Latina                         17.5
Garcia said. “The timing is not right to drive widespread              • American Indian/Alaska Native           14.8
demand for MRI. For a modality to become a standard of care            • Asian American/Pacific Islander          13.1
there must be consistency and standardization of equipment,
screening protocols, training and image interpretation.”               According to the most recent data, mortality rates declined by
Dr. Garcia added that with the release of the studies at ASCO,         1.4 percent per year during 1989 to 1995, and by 3.2 percent
“It is important to stress to the public that cost and accessibility   per year since then. The largest decreases have been observed
issues limit the widespread use of MRI in breast imaging,              in younger women, both white and African American. The
despite the encouraging findings of this study.”                        decline in the mortality rate is attributed to both early detection
                                                                       and improved treatment.
The Komen Foundation is a global leader in the fight against
breast cancer through its support of innovative research, educa-       Five-year Survival Rates
tion, screening and treatment programs. The Foundation devotes         For breast cancer that is localized to the breast, the five-year
a major category of its grants program to research that focuses on     relative survival rate is 97 percent. When breast cancer has
breast imaging technology and was among the first to provide            spread regionally, i.e., to the underarm lymph nodes, the
research grants specifically to study the efficacy of MRI in breast      five-year relative survival rate is 78 percent. Women who are
cancer screening and diagnosis. During the last five years, the         diagnosed with distant metastasis (e.g., bone, liver, lungs) have
Foundation has funded more than $3 million in research specific         a 23 percent five-year relative survival rate.
to MRI. In addition, the Foundation is a member and funding
source of the International Working Groups for Breast MRI.             CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, Cancer Statistics, 2003. V53:1. Jan/Feb. 2003.

To read more about the MRI studies mentioned in this article,
visit www.komen.org.
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Komen Foundation and National Philanthropic
Trust Join Forces for the Breast Cancer 3-Day
                                                net proceeds to establish the
                                                NPT Breast Cancer Fund, a
                                                special field-of-interest fund
                                                for breast cancer initiatives.
                                                As the primary beneficiary,
                                                the Komen Foundation will
        B   E   N   E   F   I   T   I   N   G   receive 85 percent of the
                                                net proceeds to support
                                                breast cancer research,
                                                education, screening and

    he Komen Foundation                         “The Breast Cancer 3-Day
T   and the National
Philanthropic Trust (NPT)
                                                will have an enormous impact
                                                on funding for breast cancer
are collaborating on the                        research and patient support
Breast Cancer 3-Day, a series                   programs,” said Eileen
of three-day walks that will                    Heisman, president of the
raise millions of dollars for the               NPT. “This life-changing
fight against breast cancer.                     experience provides individuals
The first three events will                      an opportunity to make a            cancer for the future,” said     cause, together walk 20 miles
take place in San Francisco,                    personal difference in the fight     Patrice Tosi, executive vice     a day for three days to battle
CA, November 7-9, 2003;                         against breast cancer and           president and chief operating    breast cancer one step at a
Los Angeles, CA, November                       allows our organization the         officer of the Komen              time. For some participants,
14-16, 2003; and San Diego,                     opportunity to be a part of an      Foundation.                      the Breast Cancer 3-Day is a
CA, November 21-23, 2003.                       incredibly worthwhile event.”                                        tribute to those lost to breast
Additional events are planned                                                       “A significantly different        cancer, for others it is a rally
for 2004 with specific dates                     The Komen Foundation and            fundraising opportunity          for loved ones still fighting the
and locations to be announced.                  the NPT estimate that these         than currently offered by the    disease and for many it is a
                                                charity-driven events will          Foundation, the 3-Day event      celebration of their lives as
The NPT, an independent                         realize more than $50 million       series allows us to reach a      breast cancer survivors.
non-profit organization, will                    through 2004 alone to fund          whole new audience. We           Whatever their inspiration,
manage the events and will                      critical breast cancer research,    strive to offer different        all walkers have the same
direct up to 15 percent of the                  education and community             programs that speak to           goal: to raise money to save
                                                outreach programs.                  people’s varying interests so    lives and to help put an end
                                                                                    we can bring into the fold       to breast cancer.
                                                Putting the                         millions of individuals ready
       EVENT DATES                                                                  to make a difference.”           For more information or to
                                                Dollars to Work
                                                “As the primary beneficiary                                           become a walker, supporter or
    November 7-9, 2003                                                              About the Breast                 volunteer “crew member,” visit
     San Francisco, CA                          of the Breast Cancer 3-Day
                                                series, the Komen Foundation        Cancer 3-Day                     www.breastcancer3day.org,
                                                can extend its funding reach        At each Breast Cancer 3-Day      or call 1.800.825.1000.
  November 14-16, 2003                                                              event, thousands of women
     Los Angeles, CA                            to positively affect the lives of
                                                individuals and their families      and men, including breast can-
                                                who face breast cancer today        cer survivors, family members,
  November 21-23, 2003                                                              friends and supporters of the
      San Diego, CA                             and invest in an end to breast

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Christina Applegate Proves
Denim Is Powerful Stuff
                              ctress Christina Applegate, star       life and she hopes everyone who wears jeans on Lee National
                          A   of such films as The Sweetest Thing
                         and A View from the Top, has joined
                                                                     Denim Day® will think about their own breast health.

                         forces with Lee Jeans to raise funds        “I have been blessed with a career where I have a voice —
                         and awareness for the fight against          the opportunity to speak out and make a difference,” said
                         breast cancer. Applegate is the 2003        Applegate. “Lee National Denim Day is an easy way to help
                         spokesperson for Lee National Denim         create awareness about the importance of early detection. I
                         Day®, a one-day event that raises           want to encourage more people to join me on Lee National
                         millions of dollars for the Komen           Denim Day so we can raise millions to help save lives.”
                         Foundation in support of breast
cancer research, education, screening and treatment programs.        Last year, 1.2 million people helped raise more than $6.7
                                                                     million, bringing the seven-year total to more than $36 million
For the eighth year, millions of people nationwide will think        raised on Lee National Denim Day® for breast cancer
about breast health as they slip into their favorite jeans on        research, education, screening and treatment programs.
Friday, October 10 and make a $5 donation to the Komen
Foundation. This year’s fundraising goal is $6.5 million.            “Funds raised from Lee National Denim Day over the last
                                                                     seven years have helped fund valuable programs that could not
“The power of millions of individuals joining together on one        have been funded otherwise,” said Susan Braun, president and
day, for one cause is immeasurable,” said Kathy Collins, vice        chief executive officer of the Komen Foundation. “We have
president of marketing for Lee Jeans. “It is our goal to raise       made major advancements in the fight against breast cancer,
millions of dollars for research and community outreach programs     but there is still much to be done. We cannot underestimate the
as well as raise awareness so everyone will do breast self-exams     power of programs like Lee National Denim Day to help raise
and get regular check-ups. Christina Applegate’s personal            much-needed funds and help raise public consciousness that
story will reach people nationwide and Lee Jeans is honored          breast cancer has not been cured — yet.”
to have her help lead the charge this year. ”
                                                                     In the coming months, Applegate will make personal appear-
Applegate is speaking out about Lee National Denim Day® in           ances on behalf of Lee National Denim Day® and appear in a
honor of her mother, Nancy Priddy, who was diagnosed with            national print ad campaign with the hope of recruiting millions
breast cancer when Christina was only seven years old.               of people to join the fight against breast cancer. To register
Applegate believes early detection helped save her mother’s          your company, school or organization call 1.800.521.5533 or
                                                                     visit www.denimday.com.

New Board Leaders Named
    he Komen Foundation has named Stephen Wilson                     chair. Dr. Leffall is the Charles
T   Wyatt, D.M.D., M.P.H., and Neel Stallings to its board of
directors. Dr. Wyatt will serve a one-year term on the Komen
                                                                     R. Drew Professor of Surgery at
                                                                     the Howard University College
                                                                                                         Stephen Wilson        Neel Stallings
Foundation Board of Directors. He currently serves as the            of Medicine. He is a surgeon,
                                                                                                         Wyatt, D.M.D., M.P.H.
associate director for cancer control at the Lucille P. Markey       oncologist, medical educator and
Cancer Center, University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY.              leader in professional and civic organizations. In May 2002, Dr.
Stallings will serve a one-year term as the elected Affiliate         Leffall was appointed by President George W. Bush as a member
representative on the board. A four-year breast cancer               and chair of the President’s Cancer Panel.
survivor, Stallings helped plan the first Komen Race for the
Cure® in Charlotte, NC, in 1997 and has served on the Komen          Other members of the Komen Foundation board of directors
Charlotte Affiliate’s board since 1999.                               are: Norman Brinker, Linda Custard, Connie O’Neill, Lynn
                                                                     Sellers (vice chair), Robert Taylor and Barney Young. Please
In addition to the appointments of Wyatt and Stallings, LaSalle D.   visit www.komen.org for more information about our board.
Leffall, Jr., M.D., will serve a second two-year term as board
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Prevention & Early Detection: Key Ingredients
to Winning the War on Cancer
By Rep. Deborah Pryce (OH-15)
                                hanks to the remarkable advocacy           Patient Navigator, Chronic Disease Prevention, and Outreach
                        T       and awareness efforts of the cancer
                           community, Congress has made clear its
                                                                           Act, legislation I recently introduced with my colleague,
                                                                           Democratic Caucus Chairman Robert Menendez of New Jersey.
                           support for fighting cancer tooth and nail.
                           In fact, just this year, Congress fulfilled      The Patient Navigator, Outreach, and Chronic Disease Prevention
                           its five-year goal to double the budget of       Act is a bipartisan effort that recognizes that navigating the health
                           the National Institutes of Health (NIH),        care system can be an insurmountable barrier for many people,
                           bringing funding for this premier institution   especially when they are poor, underinsured, or uninsured. The
                           to a record $27.2 billion. It is truly extra-   idea behind the bill is to help people stay healthy and navigate
Rep. Deborah Pryce (OH-15) ordinary to see this level of commitment        through the health system, from screening to diagnosis. It
from the federal government to continue supporting and                     will fund a primary care provider to conduct culturally and
encouraging medical research. After all, research is the back-             linguistically competent prevention screenings, as well as a
bone of ensuring new medications and treatments move from                  patient navigator to assist patients with referrals, follow-ups,
bench to bedside. And while we continue to encourage the                   and general navigation of the health care system. A key
development of life-saving new treatments for cancer, we                   component of the bill is year-round outreach to the target
must also focus on one of the most vital components in the                 community, in a language the community understands and in a
effort to save our friends and family from this terrible disease —         manner that is culturally sensitive.
prevention and early detection.
                                                                           The bill we’ve introduced will complement the work of organi-
Earlier this year, President Bush issued a proclamation declaring          zations like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation,
April 2003 Cancer Control Month. The President stated that,                who have already put in place model programs that fund a
“More than 3,500 Americans are diagnosed with cancer each                  variety of community-based breast cancer screening and
day. Yet experts believe that half of all cancer deaths are                treatment projects, like patient navigator programs, for the
preventable…During Cancer Control Month, we renew our                      medically underserved. The Foundation’s commitment to a
commitment to overcoming cancer by learning more about its                 public-private partnership to eradicate breast cancer is
prevention and early detection.”                                           commendable and should be emulated.

As we marked Cancer Control Month and National Minority                    By furthering this collaboration between the private and public
Cancer Awareness Month in April, I was reminded of the                     sectors, we will maximize our resources and close in on that day
extraordinarily innovative and creative initiatives being imple-           when cancer no longer threatens the lives of our loved ones.
mented in communities across this nation to place early detection
and prevention on the side of every American. I’m pleased to               The Komen Foundation thanks Rep. Pryce for her efforts in bringing
have the opportunity to highlight one of these initiatives, the            attention to the importance of the Patient Navigator program.

Six Students Earn 2003 Komen College
Scholarship Awards
  n September 2001, the Komen Foundation announced the                     Out of 49 applications, six scholarships were awarded for
I launch of the Komen College Scholarship Award program.
This award is intended to provide much-needed financial
                                                                           2003 to the following students:
                                                                           • Emily Meinen — Komen Tarrant County Affiliate
assistance toward college tuition and fees for students who                • Jonathan Hellyer — Komen Denver Metropolitan Affiliate
have lost a parent to breast cancer. In the initial phase of the           • Ruth Kane — Komen Milwaukee Affiliate
award, recipients will receive a maximum of $10,000 per year               • Melissa Cole — Komen Greater Lansing Affiliate
for up to four years. The program is jointly administered by               • Gray Garmon — Komen Dallas County Affiliate
the Grants Department at Foundation Headquarters and                       • Jenna Baker — Komen Indianapolis Affiliate
Komen Affiliates that have chosen to participate in the program.
                                                                           Congratulations to these awardees!
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Innovations in
Corporate Giving:                           Komen Champions for
The                                         the Cure™ Expands
St. Paul                                                              T  he Komen Foundation’s grassroots public policy pilot project,
                                                                         Champions for the Cure™ (Champions), has expanded by adding six
Companies                                                            new pilot Affiliates. The new pilot Affiliates, selected by application
                                                                     process, include the Komen Central Valley, Greater Cincinnati, Greater
                                                                     Kansas City, Indianapolis, Phoenix and San Francisco Bay Area
                                                                     Affiliates, as well as the Komen Pittsburgh Race for the Cure®. These
                                                                     Affiliates join the Phase I pilot Affiliates, including the Komen
                                                                     Arkansas, Austin, Denver Metropolitan, Mid-Kansas, Northeast
                                                                     Louisiana, North Jersey, Oregon and Southwest Washington,
                                            Sacramento Valley and Vermont Affiliates. Together, these Affiliates will work to increase federal
                                            investment in innovative breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment programs.

                                            Launched in 2002, Komen Champions for the Cure™ is working to educate Congress, the President,
                                            policymakers, Affiliates and the public about what they can do to make a difference in breast health
Val Hallgren, Komen Twin Cities Affiliate,
and Jay S. Fishman, chairman and chief      and breast cancer care public policy. The Komen Foundation is working closely with the Champions
executive officer, The St. Paul Companies    pilot Affiliates to build, educate, support and sustain grassroots public policy advocacy and expand
                                            influence at the federal, state and local levels. The Foundation welcomes the new pilot Affiliates to the
    o mark its 150th anniver-               project and looks forward to another successful year of Komen Champions for the Cure™.
T   sary, The St. Paul
Companies gave nearly 10,000                Komen Champions for the Cure™ is working to educate
employees $100 (for a total of
$1 million) to direct to their              Congress, the President, policymakers, Affiliates and the
favorite charities. Through the
innovative charitable giving
                                            public about what they can do to make a difference in
program — called “Thanks a                  breast health and breast cancer care public policy.
Million” — company employ-
ees donated to nearly 1,800
charities worldwide. The list               Funding Initiatives
of charities was eclectic, rang-            This year, Champions is focused on increasing federal funding for breast cancer research and
ing from national health and                education and outreach programs for the medically underserved and ethnic minority populations.
children’s organizations to                 Funding efforts at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Cancer Institute (NCI),
lesser-known entities such as               the National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities (NCMHHD) and the Centers
a nonprofit that rescues retired             for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the National Breast and Cervical Cancer
greyhound racing dogs.                      Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP) are essential in helping to put an end to breast cancer.

The Susan G. Komen Breast                   To this end, Champions is asking policymakers to support the following funding levels for fiscal year
Cancer Foundation received                  2004: $29.6 billion for the NIH; $5.9 billion for the NCI; $200 million for the NCMHHD to help
the largest number of employee              fund research and programs aimed at reducing disparities in the overall rate of disease, incidence,
grants, with 532 employees                  prevalence, mortality and survival of many ethnic minority and underprivileged Americans; and $220
designating company money to                million for the CDC’s NBCCEDP to ensure that medically underserved and low-income women
the Foundation. The Children’s              have access to potentially life-saving breast and cervical cancer screening services. Additionally,
Cancer Research Fund was a                  Champions supports an increase in funding for the National Institution for Enviromental Health
close second, receiving 440                 Sciences for research concerning links between enviromental factors and breast cancer.
grants. The Saint Paul,
Minnesota-based commercial                  Get Involved!
property-liability insurance and            You do not have to be a Komen Affiliate to join the effort. By visiting the Komen Foundation’s
asset management services                   public policy Web site, www.policy.komen.org, anyone can send an e-mail to their members of
             (continued on page 9)          Congress requesting support for these critical funding increases. You can also become a Komen
                                            e-Champion™ through the Web site and receive call-to-action e-mail alerts and updates about
                                            what’s happening in breast cancer policy.
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   PA              RT N E R S                                           I N                  T H E                         P        R O M I S E
The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is proud to partner with a variety of corporate partners. No matter what their size or scope, all of our partners share a
dedicated spirit and a generous commitment to the fight against breast cancer.

Thank You, Republic of Tea!                                                                                        car design. This Lilly-designed ban-
    ollowing a recent request sent to corporate partners for                                                       dana is the sixth in a series of annual
F   additional funding for superior-ranked research grants,
Ron Rubin, Minister of Tea for the Republic of Tea, sent the
                                                                                                                   designs that Ford — a National Series
                                                                                                                   Sponsor of the Komen Race for the
Komen Foundation a check for $100,000. We are so thrilled to                                                       Cure® — distributes to Race partici-
receive this additional contribution, which is over and above                                                      pants nationwide. A limited-edition
the funds raised through the company’s Sip for the Cure™                                                           Lilly Pulitzer-designed silk scarf
program! Thank you, Ron and the Republic of Tea!                                                                   will be sold at Bloomingdale’s stores
                                                                                                                   nationwide this fall to help raise
                                           RE/MAX                                          money in the fight to eradicate breast cancer. Last year’s
                                     E/MAX, Co-Sponsor of                                  scarf campaign with designer Kate Spade raised more than
                                     the Breast Cancer Survivor
                                 Recognition Program for the
                                                                                           $340,000 for the cause and is just one example of Ford’s
                                                                                           ongoing commitment, dedicating more than $60 million to
                                 Komen Race for the Cure®                                  fight breast cancer since 1995. For more information about
                                 Series, recently held a Fashion                           Ford’s commitment to the fight against breast cancer, visit
                                 Show and Networking                                       www.fordvehicles.com/thecause.
Luncheon in connection with its 2003 RE/MAX International
Convention. Nearly $5,500 generated through luncheon ticket
sales and bids on special hand-painted plates benefited the
Foundation. After the fashion show, which was sponsored by                                                                     Lean Cuisine Serves Up
Saks Fifth Avenue, 10 RE/MAX breast cancer survivors                                                                           Hope with Special Plate
walked down the runway in white outfits as RE/MAX                                                                         ean Cuisine invites you to Do
International President Margaret Kelly, a survivor herself, told
their stories. The white outfits signified each person’s victory
                                                                                                                         Something Good for the Cure™ while
                                                                                                                     adding designer flair to your kitchen.
over cancer.                                                                                                         Lean Cuisine is offering an original,
                                                                                           hand-painted ceramic plate from the studio of Mackenzie-Childs.
                        Ford Is Tied to the Cause                                          For each plate purchased, Lean Cuisine will donate $5 to the
                      his year, Ford has teamed up with fashion
                      designer Lilly Pulitzer to create the 2003
breast cancer awareness bandana. The bandana made its official
                                                                                           Komen Foundation and the fight against breast cancer. Founded
                                                                                           in 1983, the Mackenzie-Childs collection began with hand-formed
                                                                                           majolica dinnerware and now includes furniture, glassware,
debut at Komen Race for the Cure® events in May. The playful                               enamelware and home accessories. The exclusive, whimsical,
pink and green patchwork bandana combines an exclusive                                     8-inch designer plate is available at www.leancuisine.com while
Lilly butterfly pattern with pink ribbons and a classic Ford                                supplies last.

(St. Paul Companies continued from page 7)                                                 “We greatly surpassed these expectations with an 85 percent
                                                                                           participation rate. This level of involvement demonstrates our
company announced that it would double its employees’                                      employees’ enthusiasm for supporting the community and for
contributions to the top two organizations, bringing total                                 having a voice in the company’s philanthropic efforts.”
contributions for the Komen Foundation to $106,400.
                                                                                           Fishman said the “Thanks a Million” program was a great
“When we kicked off this program, we were told by outside                                  opportunity to celebrate The St. Paul Companies’ long history
experts not to expect more than 40 percent of employees to                                 of supporting the communities where its employees live and
participate,” said Jay S. Fishman, chairman and chief executive                            work. “We saw this as a substantive and meaningful way to
officer for The St. Paul Companies.                                                         celebrate our 150th anniversary,” he said.

                                                                                           Val Hallgren of the Komen Twin Cities Affiliate accepted the
                                                                                           donation on behalf of the Foundation at a May 5 event in
                                                                                           St. Paul, MN.
frontline    10

  A     F F I L I A T E                                & V             O L U N T E E R                                            N        E W S
Komen Colorado Springs Affiliate Honors                                                                                               April 29, with a
Top Volunteers                                                                                                                       Volunteer Fiesta.
    he Komen Colorado Springs Affiliate recently awarded
T   the Komen Cameo Award to volunteers Linda Boettcher
and Marie Swigert. Board President Bard McMullen, M.D.,
                                                                                                                                             Nancy Byrd, vice
                                                                                                                                             president of the
presented the award, which is given to exceptional volunteers                                                                                Domestic Affiliate
who significantly impact the community.                                      Front row (from left): Verne Franklin, Virginie Guihur and       Network, welcomed
                                                                            Betsy Katz. Back row (from left): Petie Witter, Darlene Steinke, everyone to the
                                                                            Debbie Johnson, Mila Ramos, Ferne Painter, Sue Ann Gilman, fiesta and graciously
Boettcher has served on the Komen Colorado Springs Race
                                                                            Yvonne Halvachs, Linda Lindsey and Linda Kay Peterson            thanked all of the
for the Cure® committee for eight years. Six years ago,
Boettcher volunteered to serve as secretary for the Race in an              volunteers for coming. Each volunteer was presented with a letter
effort to improve communications within the growing number                  signed by Susan Braun, president and chief executive officer of
of volunteers. She continues to keep communications open                    the Foundation; LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr., M.D., chair of the Komen
as well as assisting with graphics and negotiating in-kind                  Foundation board of directors; and Byrd. Lynn Dodson, manager
donations from commercial printers.                                         of volunteer services, and Jenny McClendon, Helpline coordina-
                                                                            tor, presented a commemorative gift to each of the volunteers.
Marie Swigert began her volunteer activities with the Komen
Foundation in 1998 by reviewing grant applications. She then                                                         Komen Tidewater
logged several hundred hours of service in 2000 when she took                                                        Affiliate Jazzes
on the tremendous task of producing the community needs                                                              Things Up
assessment for the Komen Colorado Springs Affiliate while also                                                    n February 21 the women
serving on the grants committee. Swigert currently serves as
co-chair of the grants committee.
                                                                                                                 of the Old Dominion
                                                                            University (ODU) Lady Monarch basketball team played the
                                                                            women of Drexel University in a Colonial Athletic Association
                                    Komen Charlotte                         (CAA) contest at the Ted Constant Convocation Center in
                                    Affiliate Pairs Up                       Norfolk, VA. The halftime show featured a Jazzercise
                                    with MARMI                              performance by the Hampton Roads. Over 250 tickets were
                                               ARMI, an upscale             sold with a portion of the sales donated to the Komen
                                   M           women’s shoe and
                                         accessory store, opened its
                                                                            Tidewater Affiliate. Jazzercise has played an active role in
                                                                            the Affiliate, helping runners warm up on Race Day. A big
                                         newest location in Charlotte,      thank-you to Amour Mickel of Jazzercise for her help and
                                         NC, the weekend of April 11 in     involvement in this project.
Todd Wolff, Wolff Shoes; Tari Schutzman,
Komen Charlotte Affiliate fundraising     SouthPark Mall. On April 10,
chair; Steven Marlette, MARMI/Wolff      MARMI selected the Komen                                 Florida Volunteer Recognized
                                                                                                  athryn Becker, president of the Komen
Shoes marketing director                 Charlotte Affiliate as an honored
guest of a private preview party and ribbon cutting. At the
event, MARMI presented the Komen Charlotte Affiliate with
                                                                                                 KMiami/Ft. Lauderdale Affiliate, was a
                                                                                             finalist for the prestigious 2003 Greater
a $5,000 check to help in the fight against breast cancer.                                    Miami Chamber of Commerce’s HealthCare
                                                                                             Heroes Award. Finalists were selected
Komen Volunteer Fiesta                                                      Kathryn Becker   for their impact on the local community,
   he week of April 27 through May 3, 2003, marked the 30th                                  one-on-one outreach to individuals and
T  annual National Volunteer Week (NVW), sponsored by the
Points of Light Foundation and Volunteer Centers National
                                                                            advancement of the missions of their organizations. Kathryn
                                                                            was featured in a video presentation and received recognition
Network. The event began in 1974 when President Richard                     before more than 300 members of the local healthcare community.
Nixon signed an executive order establishing National Volunteer             It was a wonderful way to convey the Komen message to a
Week as an annual celebration of volunteering. Since then, every            targeted audience while giving Kathryn some well-deserved
U.S. President has signed a proclamation promoting NVW.                     recognition. Under her leadership, the Komen Miami/Ft.
                                                                            Lauderdale Affiliate reached two record-breaking benchmarks
The theme of the 2003 NVW was “Celebrate Volunteers —                       in 2002: more than 6,500 participated in the Affiliate’s Race
The Spirit of America.” Komen Foundation Headquarters                       and $474,000 was raised.
joined in the celebration by honoring its volunteers on Tuesday,                                                         (continued on page 11)
                                                                                                                                         11    frontline

   A       F F I L I A T E                                 & V             O L U N T E E R                                      N       E W S
 (continued from page 10)                                                                                                   The recipients are individuals
                                                                                                                            or organizations that have
                                            Kick-Off for the Cure™                                                          made a difference in the
                                                                                                                            health of Northwest Arkansas.
                                            Held in Spokane
                                                                                                                            This year, the Komen Ozark
                                           ick-Off for the Cure™ was
                                          the inaugural event of
                                      the new Komen Eastern
                                                                                                                            Affiliate was one of three
                                                                                                                            Eagle Award winners recog-
                                                                                                                            nized. Since its formation five
                                      Washington Affiliate. Held on
                                                                                                                            years ago and with the help of
                                      the first day of spring, March
                                                                                                                            volunteers and sponsors, the
                                      21, 2003, in the Pennington
                                                                                                                            Komen Ozark Affiliate has
 Jane Floyd, president, Komen Eastern
                                      Ballroom of the recently                  Gaye Cypert, Cynthia Tune, Alison Levin and
                                                                                                                            invested $1.4 million in local
 Washington Affiliate                  restored Davenport Hotel                  Sarah Faitak of the Komen Ozark Affiliate
                                                                                                                            agencies in Northwest
                                      in Spokane, WA, the new
                                                                               Arkansas. The six-county service area is comprised of Benton,
 Affiliate presented the mission of the Komen Foundation,
                                                                               Carroll, Crawford, Madison, Sebastian and Washington coun-
 provided an overview of the Affiliate’s service area and
                                                                               ties. One nominator wrote, “This grassroots organization has
 introduced the Affiliate’s board of directors and sponsoring
                                                                               filled a tremendous void in regional women’s healthcare, it has
 partners. Kick-Off for the Cure™ marked the beginning of
                                                                               helped provide education, screening and treatment to a diverse
 great things to come!
                                                                               group of women who otherwise would not have had access to
                                                                               mammograms and clinical breast examinations.” The success
 Komen Ozark Affiliate Honored                                                  of the Komen Ozark Affiliate can be attributed to the large
     ach year, the Washington Regional Foundation of
E    Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville, AR,
 hosts a gala to honor winners of its prestigious Eagle Award.
                                                                               volunteer network that embraces its mission.

Rally for a Cure® Swings into Action
                                                   early detection.            They opened the Rally event
                                                   However, the events         to men, women and junior
                                                   also raise important        golfers of all abilities and
                                                   funds for the Komen         staged a putting contest at
                                                   Foundation in support       the elementary school to get
                                                   of its mission to eradi-    children involved. The event
                                                   cate breast cancer as a     even drew the attention of a
                                                   life-threatening disease.   local television station. The
                                                                               event exceeded everyone’s
Irene Herrera, Michele Nelson and Anita Owings       The Rally for a Cure®     expectations by raising
                                             event held annually at            awareness and more than                Nationwide, Rally raised
     ally for a Cure® is the                 Overland Park Golf Club in        $38,000 over the past
R    nation’s largest cause-
oriented women’s golf program.
                                             Overland Park, KS, is just one
                                             example of the tremendous
                                                                               two years.
                                                                                                                      $3.1 million in 2002. Since
                                                                                                                      the program began, more
                                                                                                                      than $9 million has been
In 2002, the program reached                 reach a Rally event has on the    Recently, the Komen Kansas             raised to support the Komen
more than 150,000 golfers at                 entire community. When a close    City Affiliate honored the              Foundation’s mission. With
more than 2,800 golf facilities              friend and local elementary       Overland Park Golf Club                the support of Golf for Women
throughout the country. The                  school principal was diagnosed    Rally for a Cure® as the “2002         magazine and Titleist, Rally
primary mission of Rally for a               with breast cancer, Irene         Special Event of the Year”             looks forward to another
Cure® is to raise breast cancer              Herrera, Michele Nelson and       because of the dedication              record-breaking year. For
awareness and spread the                     Anita Owings decided to take      shown by Irene, Michele                more information, visit
message of the importance of                 their community’s Rally event     and Anita.                             www.rallyforacure.com or
                                             to the next level.                                                       call 1.800.327.6811.
frontline      12

Pony Express Relay 2003: On the Road to a Cure
                        his summer, the Women’s Motorcyclist           delivering the mail to homesteaders and ranchers in rural parts of
                    T   Foundation (WMF) will host Pony
                    Express Relay 2003, a cross-country motorcycle
                                                                       the Western United States,” said Sue Slate, co-founder of the
                                                                       Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation and co-organizer, along with
                    event organized to raise breast cancer             Gin Shear, of Pony Express Relay 2003.
                    awareness and funds in support of the
                    Komen Foundation and its fight against the          Celebrity wranglers for the 2003 event include former Texas
                    disease. More than 1,000 riders are expected       Governor Ann Richards, actor Rob Lowe and NBC Today
                    to participate in this year’s challenge, which     News Anchor Ann Curry.
Ann Richards        kicks off in three different U.S. locations
                    during July and August.                            Along the way, riders deliver messages of hope to women and
                                                                       families touched by breast cancer. Riders raise money to partic-
                    The Western Trail of Pony Express 2003             ipate in the event and pay all of their own expenses during
                    begins July 24 in Seattle, WA, and finishes         the ride. All money raised supports the Komen Foundation’s
                    Aug. 1 in Los Angeles. The Central Trail           mission to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease
                    begins Aug. 7 in Wichita, KS, and ends             through research, education, screening and treatment.
                    Aug. 24 in New York City. The Eastern Trail
                    starts on Aug. 14 in Orlando, FL, and ends         BMW of North America is a major sponsor of the 2003 Pony
Ann Curry
                    Aug. 24 in New York City. All riders are           Express Relay and has been actively involved in the event since
                    invited to take part in the finale on Aug. 24       its inception in 1993. Many of the stops along the Pony Express
                    in New York City.                                  routes take place at BMW motorcycle dealerships.

                    “We take our name and attitude from a              To learn more about the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation, the
                    pioneering organization that was known for         exact dates and stops planned for Pony Express 2003, how to
                    its pluck and its courage in facing the elements   send a breast cancer message to a loved one anywhere in the
                    and the geographic challenges of this country      world or to make a pledge through Pony Express to the fight
Rob Lowe
                    in order to get an important job done —            against breast cancer, visit www.ponyexpressrides.com.

 DSW Receives 2002 LPGA Komen
 Award Presented by Yoplait
      esigner Shoe Warehouse (DSW) recently received the               2002 LPGA Komen Award
D     2002 LPGA Komen Award Presented by Yoplait for its
 efforts in the fight against breast cancer. DSW sponsored the
                                                                       Presented by Yoplait,” said
                                                                       Mike Levison, DSW’s vice
                                                                                                        Kristal Parker-Manzo, Marisa Baena,
                                                                                                        Betsy King, Mike Levison, Michele Redman
 2002 DSW Bonus Pool, a program that awarded monetary                  president of marketing and       and Jill McGill
 donations to the Komen Foundation based on the performance            public relations. “Over the
 of six DSW-sponsored LPGA Tour players, including Marisa              years, DSW has been committed to helping organizations
 Baena, Pam Kerrigan, Betsy King, Jill McGill, Kristal                 dedicated to women’s causes, and it brings us great joy to
 Parker-Manzo and Michele Redman.                                      know our contribution this year will help the efforts of the
                                                                       Komen Foundation.”
 For every sub-par round a DSW-sponsored player recorded
 during an LPGA Tour event in 2002, DSW made a $500                    The LPGA Komen Award Presented by Yoplait is given to
 donation to the Komen Foundation in support of breast cancer          the person or organization that sets an example for others by
 research, education, screening and treatment programs. A total        making an outstanding contribution through personal or pro-
 charitable donation of $100,000 was made to the Komen                 fessional efforts via the game of golf to generate national and
 Foundation on behalf of DSW and its LPGA players in 2002.             local support for breast cancer research, education and efforts
                                                                       to eradicate the disease. The Komen Foundation has been
 “We have enjoyed the working relationship with both the               the official national charity of the LPGA since 1992. If you
 LPGA and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and                  would like more information on the LPGA/Komen award and
 we are extremely proud to be chosen as the recipient of the           eligibility, please call Cathy Levering at 386.274.6253.
                                                                                                                      13   frontline

                                 Komen Foundation Establishes
                                 Affiliate in Puerto Rico
                                 Komen Puerto Rico Affiliate         Breast cancer is the most         Foundation are organized
                                 plans to address the unmet         commonly diagnosed type of        by groups of local, dedicated
                                 breast health and breast cancer    cancer among women in             volunteers who must complete
                                 needs of the Puerto Rico com-      Puerto Rico, affecting approx-    a detailed Affiliate application,
                                 munity by conducting educa-        imately one in five women          followed by a comprehensive
                                 tional outreach, providing         during their lifetime. However,   community needs assessment.
                                 breast cancer resources to         detection of breast cancer at
                                 local hospitals, collaborating     an early stage provides a         In addition, the applicant
                                 with other local cancer            greater chance of survival        must be able to demonstrate
                                 organizations to include           and more treatment options.       significant support for the
                                 support services for breast        When the disease is confined       Komen Foundation’s mission
     ecognizing the growing      cancer patients and establishing   to the breast, a patient’s        from the local medical and
R    global impact of breast
cancer, the shared challenges
                                 a grant program to fund
                                 local breast cancer education,
                                                                    five-year survival rate is over
                                                                    95 percent.
                                                                                                      scientific community, as well as
                                                                                                      from the business community
among countries worldwide        screening and patient                                                and civic organizations. The
and the value of coordinated     support programs.                  “The Komen Foundation             applicant is also asked to make
advocacy in the battle against                                      pledges our support to bring-     initial recommendations for
the disease, the Komen           “Breast cancer knows no            ing breast cancer services and    awareness and education
Foundation has built upon        boundaries,” said Susan            the life-saving message of        programs, taking into consid-
its highly effective U.S. and    Braun, president and chief         early detection to the Puerto     eration the availability of
international operations by      executive officer of the            Rico community through our        adequate screening as well as
establishing an Affiliate in      Komen Foundation. “The first        new Affiliate,” Braun said.        treatment services for those
Puerto Rico.                     step in the global eradication     “It is the continued dedication   diagnosed with breast cancer.
                                 of this disease is to build        of women and men around
As an international Affiliate,    awareness and to capture the       the world that will enable        All of the money raised by
100 percent of the funds         hearts and minds of people in      us to win the fight against        international Affiliates
raised by the new Affiliate       the United States and around       breast cancer.”                   remains in their respective
will remain in Puerto Rico       the world. Only then can                                             countries to support breast
to support non-duplicative,      we be strong advocates for         The Komen Foundation also         cancer research, education,
community-based breast           change, both in terms of           has international Affiliates in    screening and treatment
health and breast cancer         public policy and overcoming       Italy and Germany. Like their     programs.
outreach programs for the        certain cultural barriers.”        U.S. counterparts, interna-
medically underserved. The                                          tional Affiliates of the Komen

Nancy Brinker Receives Lifetime
Achievement Award from ASBS
                          omen Foundation Founder Nancy Brinker was honored as the first recipient of the American Society of
                     K    Breast Surgeons’ Lifetime Achievement Award on May 3. The award was presented at the society’s
                      2003 Annual Scientific Meeting held April 30-May 4 in Atlanta, GA.

                      Brinker, who established the Komen Foundation in 1982 in memory of her sister, Susan G. Komen, who lost
                      her battle with breast cancer at age 36, was honored for her dedication and leadership in patient advocacy,
                      building awareness and raising funds for breast cancer research and community outreach programs.

                      “Members of the American Society of Breast Surgeons have helped breast cancer survivors lead productive,
                      self-confident and happy lives following surgery,” Brinker said. She thanked the ASBS for its dedication to
                      advancing breast surgery and pioneering methods for improving patients’ quality of care.
frontline       14

2003 Komen Race for the Cure® Series
                                        Date                           Site   Date                           Site   Date                                        Site
                                        Jan    25   West Palm Beach, FL       Jun    28           Brainerd, MN      Oct       4                Oklahoma City, OK
                                        Feb    23            El Paso, TX      Jun    28              Decatur, IL    Oct       5                  New Orleans, LA
                                        Mar    15           Lafayette, LA     Jul     4             Greeley, CO     Oct       5                        Omaha, NE
                                        Apr     5        Fort Worth, TX       Jul    19      Albuquerque, NM        Oct       5                          Reno, NV
                                        Apr     5           Jackson, MS       Jul    19              Aspen, CO      Oct      11                     Cleveland, OH
                                        Apr     5       San Antonio, TX       Jul    19              Fresno, CA     Oct      11                    Des Moines, IA
                                        Apr     6             Tucson, AZ      Jul    27         Manchester, VT      Oct      11                      Louisville, KY
                                        Apr    12        Indianapolis, IN     Aug    10   Colorado Springs, CO      Oct      11                  Wichita Falls, TX
                                        Apr    12               Waco, TX      Aug    10       Kansas City, MO       Oct      12                        Denver, CO
                                        Apr    26         Cincinnati, OH      Aug    16          Cheyenne, WY       Oct      12                       Phoenix, AZ
                                        Apr    26        Fayetteville, AR     Sep     7             Boston, MA      Oct      18                         Dallas, TX
                                        Apr    27            Lansing, MI      Sep     7      San Francisco, CA      Oct      18                         Lenoir, NC
                                        May     3        Charleston, WV       Sep    13          Lexington, KY      Oct      18                          Miami, FL
                                        May     3         Las Vegas, NV       Sep    13             Monroe, LA      Oct      18                    Terre Haute, IN
                                        May     3    Winston-Salem, NC        Sep    13            Scranton, PA     Oct      18                     Texarkana, TX
                                        May    10             Atlanta, GA     Sep    13               Tulsa, OK     Oct      18                     Thibodaux, LA
                                        May    10               Boise, ID     Sep    14         Milwaukee, WI       Oct      19                      Princeton, NJ
                                        May    10    Daytona Beach, FL        Sep    14     New York City, NY       Oct      19                Temecula Valley, CA
                                        May    10        New Britain, CT      Sep    14           Portland, OR      Oct      25                     Charleston, SC
                                        May    10           Ottumwa, IA       Sep    14             Toledo, OH      Oct      25                   Jacksonville, FL
                                        May    10               Peoria, IL    Sep    20           Knoxville, TN     Oct      25                        Macon, GA
                                        May    10          Richmond, VA       Sep    20            Lubbock, TX      Oct      25                      Memphis, TN
                                        May    10        Sacramento, CA       Sep    20         Shreveport, LA      Oct      25                        Tupelo, MS
                                        May    10     Salt Lake City, UT      Sep    20      St. Petersburg, FL     Oct      25                 Virginia Beach, VA
For the most up-to-date information
on the 2003 Komen Race for the Cure®    May    10          Syracuse, NY       Sep    21             Bangor, ME      Oct      26                       Honolulu, HI
Series, contact our automated hotline   May    10               Tyler, TX     Sep    21           Evansville, IN    Oct      26                     Providence, RI
at 1.888.603.RACE or visit              May    11      Minneapolis, MN        Sep    27            Amarillo, TX     Nov       2                         Austin, TX
www.komen.org.                          May    11        Philadelphia, PA     Sep    27        Battle Creek, MI     Nov       2                   Los Angeles, CA
                                        May    11         Pittsburgh, PA      Sep    27       Chattanooga, TN       Nov       2                      Nashville, TN
                                        May    17         Columbus, OH        Sep    27      Grand Rapids, MI       Nov       2                     San Diego, CA
                                        May    17            Helena, MT       Sep    27          Greenville, SC
                                        May    18             Elmira, NY      Sep    27             Wichita, KS     International Races
                                        May    31           Madison, WI       Sep    28      Coeur d’Alene, ID      May 18                             Rome, Italy
                                        Jun     1             Seattle, WA     Sep    28     Orange County, CA       Jun 29                     Frankfurt, Germany
                                        Jun     7               Plano, TX     Oct     4             Albany, NY
                                        Jun     7      Washington, D.C.       Oct     4          Baltimore, MD      Dates subject to change.
                                        Jun     8            Buffalo, NY      Oct     4        Birmingham, AL
                                        Jun    14          Davenport, IA      Oct     4           Charlotte, NC
                                        Jun    14   Raleigh-Durham, NC        Oct     4              Chicago, IL
                                        Jun    14          St. Louis, MO      Oct     4            Houston, TX
                                        Jun    21             Detroit, MI     Oct     4         Little Rock, AR

Yoplait: Save Lids to Save Lives®
    hanks to the millions of individuals who participated in Yoplait’s Save Lids to Save Lives®
T   program in 2002, nearly 11 million pink lids were collected. As a result, Yoplait donated more
than $1 million to the Komen Foundation and the fight against breast cancer.

Yoplait, the National Presenting Sponsor of the Komen Race for the Cure® Series, looks forward to
continued support of the pink lids program in 2003. And with your help, Yoplait will reach its new goal of a maximum donation of
$1.2 million. For each pink lid mailed in by consumers, Yoplait will donate 10 cents to the Komen Foundation (up to $1.2 million).
For more information, visit www.yoplait.com.
                                                                                                                                                                                  15   frontline

Show your support for the fight against breast cancer with our unique line of pink ribbon
                                                                                                    Your Donation Can
merchandise. Fifty to 80 percent of the purchase price of all products sold by the Komen
Foundation will benefit the Foundation and the fight against breast cancer. To see more
                                                                                                    Help Us Eradicate
items, visit the Komen Marketplace at www.komen.org.
                                                                                                    Breast Cancer
                                                                                                    The simple act of writing a check or placing a donation on your credit card could quite
                                                                                                    literally save someone’s life. Any contribution (large or small) helps us continue our
                                                                                                    quest in the fight against breast cancer.

                                                                                                    Please accept my contribution to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
                                                                                                    to support the Foundation’s breast cancer research, education, screening and
         Seeds of Hope                  Pink Ribbon T-shirt                Winning the Race
       Item No. 706-142               Item No. 706-04100                 Item No. 706-06100         treatment programs.

                                                                                                    City:                                        State:                    Zip:
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   Rhinestone Pink Ribbon Pin    Pink Ribbon Topiary Note Cards       Susan Bear, Fourth Edition    E-mail:
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Pricing Form (All prices include applicable sales tax.)                                             In honor of:                                                                         (name)
Item No.           Product                                        Quantity   Item Price     Total   In memory of:                                                                        (name)
706-142            Seeds of Hope                                              $ 10.00
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706-04100-XS Extra Small                                                      $   15.00
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706-06100          Winning the Race                                           $   10.00
706-100-MD Rhinestone Pink Ribbon Pin                                         $   10.00             Please remember the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in your will and
706-P1100          Pink Ribbon Topiary Note Cards                             $   11.50             United Way, federal employee and local employee campaigns.
706-40314          Susan Bear, Fourth Edition                                 $   20.00
Total Product Cost                                                                                  Increase your donation with employer matching funds.
Add Shipping & Handling*                                                                            Many employers will match your personal donation. Check with your company for
Total                                                                                               more information on matching gift programs. Employer matching gifts may also be
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Payment Options
• Check enclosed payable to: The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
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Placing Your Order                                                                                  Mail this form and your donation to:
• Online: www.komen.org         • Mail: The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation                 The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
                                        P Box 932361, Atlanta, GA 31193-2361
                                         .O.                                                         .O.
                                                                                                    P Box 650309
• Tel: 1.877.SGK.SHOP           • Questions? Please call 1.877.SGK.SHOP                             Dallas, Texas 75265-0309
• Fax: 1.877.581.7037
                                                                                                    Or, you may also place your donation on a credit card by using the secured server
Shipping and Handling* (Based on Total Product Cost)                                                on our Web site at www.komen.org or by calling our National Toll-Free Helpline at
$1 - $100 = $7.50 | $101 – $250 = 10.0% | $251 – $500 = 8.0%                                        1.800 I’M AWARE® (1.800.462.9273).
$501 – $1,000 = 7.0% | Over $1,000 = 6.0% | USA only
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       5005 LBJ Freeway, Suite 250
       Dallas, Texas 75244                                                                                                                                  Breast Cancer Foundation

       Tel: 972.855.1600 Fax: 972.855.1605
       1.800 I’M AWARE®

Instructional BSE
Tool (CD-ROM)
Item No. 806-01501
                                                                 T    he Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation was founded
                                                                      on a promise made between two sisters — Susan Goodman
                                                                 Komen and Nancy Goodman Brinker. Suzy was diagnosed with
    his multimedia interactive
T   tool demonstrates Breast Self-
Examination (BSE) and provides
                                                                 breast cancer in 1978, a time when little was known about the disease
                                                                 and it was rarely discussed in public. Before she died at the age of
                                                                 36, Suzy asked her sister to do everything possible to bring an end
step-by-step instruction in BSE using animation and voice-over   to breast cancer. Nancy kept her promise by establishing the Komen
audio clips. The viewer has the option to hear the audio in      Foundation in 1982 in Suzy’s memory. More than 20 years later,
English or Spanish. The topics include: Early Detection,         the Komen Foundation is a global leader in the fight against breast
Information about BSE, Looking as Part of BSE, Feeling as        cancer through its support of innovative research and community-
Part of BSE, Variations of BSE and Conclusions (BSE as part      based outreach programs. Working through a network of Affiliates
of the three-step approach to breast health).                    and events like the Komen Race for the Cure®, the Komen Foundation
                                                                 is fighting to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease
In addition to the instruction, viewers may participate in an    by funding research grants and meritorious awards and supporting
                                                                 education, screening and treatment projects in communities around
interactive self-test that will allow them to quiz themselves
                                                                 the world.
on their understanding of how to perform BSE. Video-based
animations and voice-over audio are utilized in the quiz.        frontline newsletter
Viewers are able to score their results immediately.             Founder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Nancy Brinker
                                                                 Chair, Komen Foundation Board of Directors . . . . . . . . .LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr., M.D.
The CD-ROM is great for group presentations and may be           President and Chief Executive Officer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Susan Braun
purchased by calling 1.877.SGK.SHOP. The tool is also            Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Maureen O’Donnell
available for individual use online at www.komen.org/bse.

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