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A global leader in manufacturing highly
engineered heat transfer products
Agricultural Harvesting Machines | Air Compressor Lube Oil Cooling Systems | Aviation Fuels | Bearing Lubricating Systems

Blow Molding Machines | Brake Retarders | Broaching Machines | Brush Cutters | Chemical Process Heaters & Coolers | Chillers

Compressed Air Aftercoolers | Compressed Air Cooling | Compression Molders | Cutting Oil Cooling | Die Casting Machines

                                              As a global leader in

                                              manufacturing highly

                                              engineered heat transfer

                                              products, we provide

                                              applications in the mobile,

                                              industrial, process and

                                              compressor markets.

HydrostaticDrives | InductionBrazingMachines | IndustrialLasers | InjectionMoldingMachines | MachineTools | MiningEquipment

Paint Heating (Pavement Marking Machines) | Paper Making Machines | Pavement Compactors | Plastic Film Making Machines

Plastic Injection Molding Machines | Quenching Oil Coolers | Redi-Mix Concrete Trucks | Reduction Gears | Rough Terrain Fork Lifts
Diesel Engine Lube Oil Systems | Dynamometers | Engine Jacket Water/Glycol | Engine Oil Cooling Extruders | Fluid Drive Centrifugals

Fluid Power Systems | Gasoline Engine Lube Oil Systems | Gear Shapers | Gearbox Lube Oil Cooling | Golf Course Turf Mowers

Hydrostatic Drives | Heat Transfer Fluids | Hydraulic Couplings | Hydraulic Winches | Hydraulically Operated Robots

                               Our broad application of lean manufacturing          Our engineers are ready to solve the most

                               techniques enhances our operational excellence,      challenging system requirements with application

                               providing responsive on-time delivery of high        engineering for the most extreme conditions.

                               quality products at short catalog lead times.        Thermal Transfer Products applies the expertise

                               Our Tech Center provides value-added custom          and experience gained from 40 years of

                               design and expert application engineering support.   manufacturing high quality heat transfer products.

Solvent Coolers | Specialty Vehicles | Spraying Equipment | Stoker Drives | Street Sweepers | Test Stands | Timber Harvesting

Machines | Torque Converter Oil Cooling | Torque Converters | Tractors | Transformers | Transmission Cooling | Trucks-Off Road

Tube Formers & Testers | Turbine Oil Cooling | Vacuum Pump Seal Oil Cooling | Water & Process Heating | Welding Machines
customized cooling solutions

extruded Tubular bar
                 rugged & refined
                 T-BAR brings you the most refined cooling
                 technology on the market today. Engineered
                 with minimal components in an ideally simplified
                 configuration, T-BAR has unrivaled strength
                 and rigidity which ensures durable performance.

                 T-BAR is a flexible design using an extruded flow
                 path, and is a high performing and cost-effective          Tubular micrO
                 domestic aluminum solution.
                                                                            channel exTrusiOn

plate & bar
                 high Volume & low
                 Variety applications
                 P-BAR brings you the best solution in heat transfer
                 for higher volume (qty.) applications & when competitive
                 costs are key. Custom-engineered engine cooling with
                 remarkable heat rejection offers high performance
                 for mobile or industrial applications.
                                                                            cusTOm plaTe
                                                                            & bar design
                 P-BAR is a flexible design and a cost-effective            (p-bar™)
                 LCC aluminum solution.

seam Welded Tube
                 rugged & refined
                 S-BAR is a high strength automotive style core
                 design, built with durable multi row tube to header
                 plate design. S-BAR brings you the most affordable,
                 high flow cooling technology on the market today.
                 Engineered for use in applications with higher
                 temperatures and heat loads.

                 S-BAR is a lightweight, reliable,                          seam Welded Tube
                 and cost-effective aluminum solution.                      (s-bar™)
industrial & process cooling

Thermal Transfer Products manufactures custom designed and engineered heat                       series:
transfer products for industrial and process applications. Our copper, aluminum and              AOC   AOL   A   C & SSC
                                                                                                 AO    BOL   EC CA2000
steel heat exchangers are used in various applications including: hydraulic presses, injection   AOVH EK     EKT
molding and extrusion machinery and hydraulic power units, and elevators.                        AOF   K     SSA
                                                                                                 RM    B     OCA
compressed air

Thermal Transfer Products manufactures air to air aftercoolers, water to air aftercoolers,       series:
and air to oil lube oil coolers for air compressor applications in both catalog and custom       UPA AHP AB
OE models. Our high quality products provide outstanding cooling performance in rotary screw,    AA     AOL ACOC
                                                                                                 Belt Guard Aftercoolers
piston and centrifugal air compressors, as well as vacuum systems and blower lube oil coolers.
mobile cooling

Thermal Transfer Products serves the construction, agricultural equipment, on/off highway,              series:
turf, specialty equipment, mining machinery and forestry equipment markets worldwide.                   DH   M  MA
Our high quality oil coolers, radiators, and charger coolers are built from brazed aluminum or copper   DF   MF
                                                                                                        AOC AOVHM
round tube & fin, and are available in standard catalog product & custom designed OE modules.
Thermasys Tech center

Our Tech Center is available for
expert application engineering
support and product testing.
Working with our customers and
OEMs, we provide heat exchanger
performance modeling, performance
analysis and mechanical testing.

Our Tech cenTer
capabiliTies include:

 Calorimeter (auto & HVAC capable)

 Scanning electron and light microscopy

 Quartz furnace

 CAB & vacuum lab furnaces

 Salt spray corrosion chamber

 Burst chamber

 Pressure cycling

 Computational fluid dynamics
Global locations

NORtH AMERICA                           MIssION:
Franklin, Wisconsin
ThermaSys – General ThermoDynamics      to be the best supplier of highly
Racine, Wisconsin                       engineered copper/brass
ThermaSys – Thermal Transfer Products
                                        and aluminum heat exchanger
Montgomery, Alabama
ThermaSys – Heat Exchangers             components and assemblies.
ThermaSys – Thermal Components
ThermaSys – Tubing Products
Thermalex – joint venture

Dortmund, Germany
ThermaSys – ARUP

AsIA                                    5215 21st Street
Dalian, China                           Racine Wisconsin 53406-5096

ThermaSys                               tEl: (262) 554-8330
                                        FAx: (262) 554-8536

Our Businesses
                 PROduCts & CAPABIlItIEs                            MARkEts sERVEd

                  Brazed aluminum cooling modules                    T-BAR, P-BAR, S-BAR
                  Copper round tube and fin                          Mobile hydraulics
                  Air and shell/tube heat exchangers                 Industrial hydraulics
                  Expert applications support                        Compressored air
                  Oil cooler, radiators, charge air, aftercoolers    Process industries

                  Controlled atmospheric brazing
                  Radiators, condensers and oil coolers
                                                                     Lawn and Garden
                  Complete module assemblies
                  Patented condenser manifolds
                  Custom designed and engineered products

                  Heavy duty bolted and soldered radiators           Construction equipment
                  Mechanically bonded radiators                      Diesel powered electric generators
                  Cu/Br and aluminum products                        Military
                  Combination modules                                Rail locomotive
                  Charge air and oil coolers                         Timber harvesting

                                                                     Heat-exchange applications
                  Seam welded aluminum                               Automotive & non-automotive
                  round tube and profiles                            HVAC
                  Charge air cooler tubes                            Industrial
                  Condenser manifolds                                European, African and
                                                                     Pacific Rim markets

                  Brass and aluminum seam welded tubing              Industrial
                  Charge air cooler tubing                           Heat transfer
                                                                     North and South America

                  Brazed aluminum heat exchangers
                  Complete aluminum radiators                        Aftermarket replacement
                  Aluminum cores                                     Automotive
                  Plastic tank radiators                             Auto racing

                                                                     Thermasys LCC
                  Seam welded tube cores
                                                                     product management
                  Plate & Bar aluminum cores
                                                                     Asian market
                  In-tank coolers
                                                                     product procurement

                  Precision multiport                                Automotive HVAC
                  extruded aluminum tubing                           and heat exchangers
                  Condensers                                         Residential
                  Radiators, charge air coolers                      Commercial
                  and oil cooling profiles                           Global supplier

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