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									         Company                                               Capability

General Dynamics             As defense business strategies begin to focus on privatization of the
Information Technology, Inc. development and life cycle support of its systems, GDIT’s systems engineering
                             services play a larger and more essential role in the successful development of
                             effective and suitable combat systems. GDIT’s ship and combat systems
                             engineering services include:

                             Total ship engineering
                             Shipboard systems integration
                             Test and evaluation
                             Missile lethality engineering
                             Ship and combat systems interoperability
                             Electromagnetic environmental effects (E3)
                             Information systems
                             Defense operations
                             Doctrine development
                             Joint air defense architectural development
                             International operations

Integrated Data Services,    Founded in 1997, Integrated Data Services, Inc. (IDS) is a privately held
Inc. (IDS)                   Veteran Owned Business headquartered in El Segundo, CA with 203
                             professionals working in 14 states. IDS provides quality software products,
                             technical support services, and functional support services to the United States
                             Air Force, Army, Navy, Joint Programs, Combatant Commands, and
                             Department of Defense (DoD) agencies. More than 67 percent of our
                             employees are finance, budget, or acquisition professionals while 25 percent
                             are software developers and Oracle Database Administrators. IDS core
                             competencies include: Financial Mangement, Acquisition Management,
                             Business Process Reengineering and Improvement, CCaR Administration and
                             Training, Contract Reconciliation, Systems Integration, and Database
                       Business Process Reengineering and Improvement, CCaR Administration and
                       Training, Contract Reconciliation, Systems Integration, and Database

Integrity Management   Integrity Management Solutions, LLC (IMS) is a SBA 8(a) certified
Solutions, LLC         management consulting and technology services company. Our wide range of
                       products and services in the areas of program management, financial
                       management, information technology and systems engineering enables
                       government and commercial clients to successfully meet strategic and
                       operational goals .

                       IMS has assembled a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive
                       technical and program management experience in providing customer-focused
                       solutions utilizing tested and proven best practices. Our highly qualified staff
                       possess in-deth experience in multiple disciplines of program support
                       (budgeting & financial management, acquisition, IT support, systems
                       engineering and logistics). IMS comprehends and puts to use the basic skills of
                       management—planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling—so
                       people and systems harmonize to produce the desired results. We provide
                       government and commercial clients with integrated solutions that ensure
                       success in accomplishing overall program goals, objectives and operational
                       requirements. Our sound management approach and fiscal controls ensure
                       timely delivery of high quality, cost effective professional support services.
                       Our reliable and customer-focused solutions provide assistance in managing
                       program cost, schedule and performance risk. IMS is a company that
                       recognizes the importance of quality, integrity and responsiveness in the
                       performance of all its assignments.
government and commercial clients with integrated solutions that ensure
success in accomplishing overall program goals, objectives and operational
requirements. Our sound management approach and fiscal controls ensure
timely delivery of high quality, cost effective professional support services.
Our reliable and customer-focused solutions provide assistance in managing
program cost, schedule and performance risk. IMS is a company that
recognizes the importance of quality, integrity and responsiveness in the
performance of all its assignments.
International Systems        International Systems Management Corp (ISM Corp) is a small business
Management Corporation       dedicated to providing senior technical and program management expertise for
(ISM)                        US Navy systems. ISM Corp has decades of combined experience in designing,
                             implementing, and executing all phases of US Navy development programs,
                             from conceptual design through lifetime support, to include the necessary
                             programmatic support. Our staff has extensive experience in:

                             •Combat Systems Engineering Integration
                             •Computer Program Development Testing
                             •Ship Integration and Waterfront Testing
                             •Configuration Management
                             •Structural Design and Materials Research
                             •DOD Acquisition Management
                             •Program Financial Management
                             •Foreign Military Sales
                             •International Missile Programs
                             •Naval In-Service Engineering

                             ISM Corp supports the International Combat Systems section of the US Navy's
                             Program Executive Office for Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS). ISM
                             Corp specializes in providing high quality program management and systems
                             engineering support to US DOD international assistance and cooperative
                             development programs. These efforts include designing, implementing and
                             executing all phases of international programs, from concept development
                             through lifetime support.

Kratos Defense Engineering Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. is a diversified provider of advanced
Solutions, Inc.            engineering, weapon systems lifecycle support and IT services to key federal
                           government agencies, with an emphasis on serving the U.S. Department of
                           Defense (DoD). All Kratos processes are ISO 9001:2000 certified and
                           registered. This international quality standard is based on proven practices
                           demonstrated by top performing organizations that consistently produce quality
                           goods and services. Kratos’ areas of specialization include:
                           C5ISR Services
                           Weapon Systems Lifecycle Support
                           Critical Systems Integration
                           Security & Surveillance
                           Military Ranges & Technical Services
                           Engineering and IT Services
Provideo Management Inc. Provideo Management, Inc. was incorporated in 2004 and is a certified 8(a)
                         Small Disadvantaged Business. Provideo was founded to provide the
                         government customer the expertise and means to build a single disciplined and
                         integrated program management team and then apply this expertise to any large
                         acquisition development program. The knowledge and ability to deliver this
                         single, disciplined and integrated approach is the cornerstone of the services
                         offered by Provideo. Provideo currently provides Program and Financial
                         Management services to the Missile Defense Agency, our first customer, which
                         remains a preferred customer today. These services include Budget
                         Formulation, Justification, and Execution. Although initially focused on
                         Program and Financial Management services, Provideo has evolved to include
                         and provide Information Technology Solutions to the Federal Government to
                         help them solve their most critical technology and supply chain challenges.
                         Provideo provides IT business solutions to customers such as the Department
                         of Labor, Department of Justice, United States Marine Corps, and private
                         industry. These solutions include Network and System design; Value Added
                         Reseller services and Systems Integration and Implementation services.
   Sayres and Associates   Program Management, Acquisition Management, Business/Financial
                           Management, Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering
                           Support, Configuration/Data Management, QA Support, Acquisition Logistics,
                           Contract Management, Administrative Support

Strategic Insight          Strategic Insight (SI), a small business headquartered in Virginia, has over 25 years of
                           experience working with clients in the private and public sectors. We believe in
                           applying disciplined systems engineering to find solutions to the most difficult
                           challenges. We currently provide support to the Chief of Naval Operations Surface
                           Warfare Division; Program Executive Officer, Ships (PEO SHIPS) and Program
                           Executive Office, Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO (IWS)); the DDG 1000, LCS
                           Program and Electric Ship Offices; the Warfare Systems Engineering Department and
                           the Aegis BMD offices at Naval Surface Weapons Center, Dahlgren: and the Office of
                           Navy Research. We have also provided support to several Directorates within the
                           Missile Defense Agency and to various federal Agencies. Strategic Insight’s
                           Washington offices are located in Crystal City, the Washington Navy Yard, and in
                           Ballston, adjacent to ONR.
Systems Planning and   Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc. (SPA) is a professional services company
Analysis, Inc (SPA)    with a distignuished reputation for its objective and high caliber work in
                       national security and national defense programs. Founded in 1972, SPA brings
                       a proven legacy of excellence in systems engineering, operations analysis, and
                       program management services for the military Services, Government agencies,
                       and private industry. SPA offers unrivaled range and depth of experience in
                       modeling, simulation, and analysis of conventional multi-mission warfare as
                       well as asymmetric warfare environments to assess materiel solutions and
                       alternative concepts of operations for national defense decision-makers. SPA's
                       modeling acumen incorporates detailed platform/system data, mission and
                       campaign operations, and decision structures, intelligence products, tactics and
                       rules of engagement. SPA's expert engineering, scientific, and analytical staff
                       with proven advanced skills and fleet experience consistently develops
                       innovative approaches to problem-solving for some of the nation's most
                       complex problems, including:
                       o Ballistic Missile Defense
                       o Undersea Systems and Technology
                       o Radar and Sensor Technology
                       o Force Planning
                       o Joint Warfare Analysis
                       o Nuclear Weapons Security
                       SPA takes pride in its long-standing reputation of forward-thinking and
                       outstanding quality that has results in continued long-term business
                       relationships with top-level decision-makers.
Contract / Role     Customer   SeaPort-E Functional

N/A               Multiple     3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5,
                               3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10,
                               3.11, 3.12, 3.13, 3.14,
                               3.15, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18,
                               3.19, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22,

GS-35F-         JPEO       3.12, 3.18, 3.20, 3.21
0272J/W9113M- Chemical and
10-F-0011/Prime Biological
FA8771-11-C-      Secretary of    3.12
0001/Prime        the Air Force -

N00178-04-D-      NAVSEA,        3.20
4066/EH06         PEO Ships
(subcontractor)   Acquisition
N61331-10-P-      NSWC          3.20
4019 / Prime      Panama City

N00178-04-D-      SPAWAR,       3.20
4143 / HR01       Deployable
(subcontractor)   Joint
                  Command and
                  Control Joint
N00178-04-D-    US Navy/   3.2, 3.20
4018-EH01 / Sub NAVSEA PEO
                IWS 3A

N00024-01-D-    US Navy/   3.2, 3.20
7014-0009 / Sub NAVSEA PEO
                IWS 1/4/7

N00178-05-D-   NSWC         Kratos has the depth
4659/ Prime    Daglgren     and experience to assist
                            us in all 22 functional
HQ0006-07-F-     Missile                         3.21
0036             Defense
/Subcontractor   Agency

10P-EOA02-       Department of Software Engineering,
0064/Prime       Justice       Development,
                               Programming, and
                               Network Support

11C-EOA02-       Department of Information System
0037/Prime       Justice       (IS) Development,
                               Information Assurance
                               (IA), and Information
                               Technology (IT)
N00039-05-C-    Department of 3.11, 3.16, 3.18, 3.20,
0019/ Prime     the Navy,     3.21, 3.22
                Space and
                Naval Warfare

N00178-07-C-    Department of   3.2, 3.5, 3.7, 3.10, 3.11,
2010/Prime      the Navy,       3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 3.16,
                Program         3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21,
                Executive       3.22
                Office Ships
                (PEO Ships)

N00178-04-4129- NSWC            3.20, 3.21
0002/ Prime     Dahlgren
N00024-10-C-     OPNAV N86     Modeling, Simulation,
5132             Surface       Stimulation, and
(Seaport)        Warfare       Analysis Support

GS-23F-0109J/    OPNAV N86     Modeling, Simulation,
N00024-04-F-     Surface       Stimulation, and
B136/            Warfare       Analysis Support
Subcontract      Directorate
W74V8H-04-C-   Joint          Modeling, Simulation,
0053           Integrated Air Stimulation, and
               and Missile    Analysis Support
                  Brief Description of Scope/Deliverables

GDIT's experience encompasses systems engineering and systems
development, mission and threat analysis, and acquisition management for
surface combatants and submarine programs. GDIT applies its core systems
engineering disciplines in support of most major surface ship and submarine
weapon systems acquisition projects, including Ballistic Missile Defense, Ship
Self Defense, Theater Air Defense and the Virginia Class submarine program.
As these and other complex Navy programs are integrated into the joint battle
management command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
(BMC4I) umbrella of future warfare, GDIT will play a vital role.GDIT has
contracts within every zone of SeaPort-E.

Financial Analysis/Execution. Analyzing, assessing financial issues of
importance, to include providing executive administrative support. Prepare
drafts and reconcile financial execution documents, develop and sustain
program/financial execution system. Assist reporting to HQ staff and provide
financial and programmatic information used for resolving external inquiries.
Training Support. Provide training support for program/financial system
complete with training guides. Contracts Support. Provide contract baseline,
reconciliation, close-out, and NULO/ULO support. Information System
Development. Provide complete life cycle development and sustainment
support of program/financial system to include Information Assurance (IA)
support for system approval and Information Technology (IT) support for
network access and authentication.
Information System Development. Provide complete life cycle development
and sustainment support of program/financial system to include Information
Assurance (IA) support for system approval and Information Technology (IT)
support for network access and authentication. Support includes requirements
definition, design, development, test, modification, installation,
implementation, quality assurance, training, documentation, and system
integration for Acquisition Business Systems. Generated all systems
documentation required to complete the DoD Information Assurance
Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) and obtain an Authority to
Connect (ATC) and an Authority to Operate (ATO) for program/financial
system. Unit tested each upgrade and delivered requirement within each
customers unique hosting environment comprised of 300 databases in 17
locations to include classifications of Secret, Top Secret (TS), and TS/SCI
(Sensitive Compartmented Information).

A. Provide financial management analysis and support for budget
development, justification, execution and reporting.

B. Assist in developing accurate cost estimates (and modeling, where
necessary) for Program Objective Memorandum (POM) and what-if drills
based on the use of parametric, trend, analogy, engineering bottoms-up and
expert opinion analyses. Ensure that the estimates include the appropriate
baseline configuration and that all non-recurring costs have been taken into
consideration. Analyze 7300 submissions by the PARMs and determine
reasonableness and accuracy of the estimates.

C. Assist in preparing budget exhibits for the NAVCOMPT, OSD, and
President's Budget submissions. Provide assistance in researching and writing
responses to comptroller and higher level authority questions and inquiries.
Provide rapid response for reclamas and time sensitive inputs..
a. Program, Planning, Budget and Execution (PPBE) support: Closely
monitors all acquisition programs that fall within NSWC PCD mission areas
(i.e. littoral mine warfare systems, amphibious/expeditionary) and provide
analysis of programmatic impacts to NSWC PCD. Provide analysis of Program
Budget Coordination Group (PBCG) issues and provide a summary of impacts.
b. Congressional Tracking: Work with FMBE to monitor and analyze all
congressional appropriation/authorization bills and reports for NSWC PCD
impact. Provide summarized reporting of proposed committee
recommendations and budgetary changes impacting the NSWC customer base.
c. Liaison support: Act as a DC Metro Area liaison between NSWC PCD and
Program Executive Officer, Littoral and Mine Warfare (PEO LMW). Draft
acquisition program reports and documentation relative to applicable statutory
and regulatory acquisition requirements. Work closely with OSD PA&E,
FMB, NAVSEA and PEO LMW staff to closely monitor and analyze all
acquisition programs within NSWC PCD mission areas. Participate in
Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) and Working Groups that support Analysis of
Alternative studies, Program Management reviews, Weapons Systems
Explosive Safety Review Board, Supportability elements and other efforts
d. Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (Navy ERP) support: Assist NSWC
PCD in the transitioning to Navy ERP. Assist in the training of NSWC PCD
Provided direct support to the DJC2 Business Financial Manager in the
planning, programming, budgeting and execution of the DJC2 program. IMS
support services included DJC2 spend plan development for all program
funding and resource allocations, coordination with DJC2 Assistant Program
Managers (APMs) to ensure resources are appropriately allocated to meet
program milestone and goals, assisting with the submission of the CNO N61
Program Objective Memorandum (POM), providing analysis for and assisting
in the development of Program Budget Decision (PBD) reclamas,
Congressional budget mark appeals, budget reduction impact statements, and
program deficiency statements. Budgeting support included OPN, O&M, N
and RDT&E, N budget exhibit preparation and justification; Acting as a
liaison between CNO N61, PEO C4I and SPAWAR 01 personnel on financial
related issues; Tracking of funds and appropriations through the congressional
Provided support to the DJC2 Acquisition Program Manager on various tasks
including assisting in the development and updating of the DJC2 Acquisition
Strategy, Acquisition Program Baseline (APB), Cost Analysis and
Requirements Document, Economic Analysis and Earned Value Management
(EVM) reporting data.
ISM’s Standard Missile (SM) FMS team assists the IWS 3A Program
Manager, Deputy Program Manager, Technical Director and International
Program Manager in all matters related to the international sales and support
of SM-1, SM-2 and SM-6.
Support development of International SM strategies, coordinate efforts among
SM Program Office, Field Activities, Prime Contractor, NAVSEA PEO IWS
4.0 and Navy International Programs Office (NIPO). Coordinate the annual
SM International Users Group (ISMUG), reviews and assesments of USN
technology protection and documentation release for STANDARD Missile and
annual STANDARD Missile Cooperative Council. Provide Technical and
Programmatic support for execution of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)
for Upgrades and Improvments and Production of SM with foreign countries.

ISM lead the Combat Systems Development team, carrying responsibility for
program and engineering support services for the Combat Systems
Engineerting team to include planning, management and direction of systems
engineering tasks associated with the acquisition, pre-planned product
improvements and integration of combat system elements into surface ships.
ISM performed risk assessments and trade-off analysis to provide technical
strategies and alternatives for IWS 1.0 leadership deciions. ISM reviewed
Computer Program Specifications, Computing System Requirements
Documents and ongoing computer program development metrics to advise
IWS 1.0 of program status and risks.

ISM lead the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) tasking under this contract and
provided support in three major areas: Engineering, Releasability and Case
Formulation. ISM's team assisted the Technical Director in all technical
matters relating to emerging and ongoing International and FMS programs.
These efforts involved detailed technical evaluations of system integration
activities, coordination of in-country technical assistance requests and
responses to Liaison Information Transmittal Reports (LITRs) for foreign
navies. ISM coordinated the review and assessment of USN technology
Kratos has established broadly qualified work forces and operating facilities in
all seven zones. We have formed a team to provide the U.S. Navy and the U.S.
Marine Corps the full spectrum of engineering and technical capabilities. Our
team has complementary capabilities and geographic presence in all zones and
includes high performing small business partners.
Provided support in the areas of Financial Management, Acquisition
Management, and Business Operations for the Missile Defense Agency
(MDA). Provided Financial Management support in the areas of Budget
Formulation, Justification, and Execution. Provided Acquisition
Management support including assistance in efforts related to acquisition
strategy, acquisition plans, tasking and statements of work and deliverables,
contract processing, and the measurement, monitoring, and management of
metrics for cost, schedule, and performance. Provided Business Operations
support including assistance in efforts related to the budget planning, financial
planning, program planning and scheduling, action item databases, building
relationships with organization's financial personnel, records and knowledge
management, external affairs, and personnel administration support.

Deliver software and consulting to streamline the rollout of VoIP services by
Department of Justice via the host platform Loki Portals:

Loki Portals provides an interface for self-care, both by users and their site
administrators. Its objective is to provide DoJ customers the control they’ve
come to expect with modern communications systems and to reduce the
support burden at DoJ.

• Loki Portals Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance
• Project Schedule which sets forth the project phases, milestones, and fees
associated with each milestone
• Final Requirements Definition which sets forth a functional description of
the project software
• Software to implement target functionality
• Documentation describing end user functions for the application

The project will provide delivery of engineering and training support to
prepare itemized sites for replacement of existing telecommunications
equipment with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in a BroadSoft
Broadworks environment. The project will include installation of VoIP per
DOJ standards at the itemized sites inclusive of core BroadSoft Broadworks
configuration and provisioning work. The project will include training
delivery at the itemized sites.
Sayres supports Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR),
PMW-740, providing comprehensive program management/analysis, financial
planning, Foreign Military Sales (FMS) case management, and contract
management services. Sayres provides routine program status and analysis of
program metrics to various U.S. Government and Taiwanese authorities.
Sayres program management analysts support the Program Manager through
financial planning and execution of project resources, analysis and
documentation of requirements, and assessing the impacts of proposed
changes. Our professionals work closely with the program management office
to coordinate with the U.S. Navy System Commands, Navy International
Programs Office, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Po Sheng USG support
contractors and System of Systems Single Integration Contractor (S3IC)

Sayres provides experienced Acquisition Program Services for the ship
acquisition programs within Naval Sea Systems Command/PEO Ships,
specifically DDG 1000 and the Littoral Combat Ship. These programs involve
executive level acquisition program management services and liaison functions
to include expertise in Programmatic Congressional Liaison,
Navy/Congressional Budgeting Process & Programmatic Financial
Management Insight, Procurement/Acquisition Strategy, and Analysis of
Production Progress within the shipyards. This requirement also includes the
ability to prepare documents and briefs for senior Navy leadership, provide
insight and analysis of long term planning for Navy shipbuilding programs and
produce recommended solutions at the Program Manager and above level.

Program Support: Analyzze & assess technical and programmatic issues
affecting "W" Dept. Functional Support: Manage a series of war rooms
providing administrative support, graphic development & document
SPA provides continuing tactical warfare analyses, program decision-support,
and POM advice to the OPNAV Surface Warfare Division (N86) concerning
the full range of integrated air and missile defense (IAMD) matters. IAMD
includes: anti-air warfare (AAW) against air/surface/sub-launched cruise
missiles as well as bombers and fighters themselves; exo- and endo-
atmospheric ballistic missile defense (BMD); multi-mission surface warfare,
surface-to-air and air-to-air warfare operations; IAMD battle managment ,
command, control, and communications (BMC3) by netted forces including
the MDA Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) and assets; non-kinetic
missions and left-of-launch capabilities to counter Red command and control,
intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeting (C2ISR-T). IAMD
analysis encompasses tactical operations in forward theaters and hemispheric
homeland defense of the 50 states, US territories, allies, and national interests.
SPA analysis and support responsibilities include addressing: mission
capabilities, streagths, gaps, and requirements; program development and
acquisition; independent advice; and representation of N86 leaders, their
interests, and surface warfare equities in other forums.

On behalf of the Surface Warfare Directorate (N86), SPA led and conducted a
Navy-wide, multi-organizational study to update the Navy's anti-air warfare
(AAW) ship self-defense performance requirements for the 21st Century.
SSTAMDA became the newly published policy statement for ship self-defense
performance requirements and replaced the previous 1996 AAW Ship Self-
defense Capstone Requirements Document. SSTAMDA analysis significantly
extended previous Navy analyses by considering advanced threats and their
most likely employment, by modeling and quantifying the contribution of area
air defense, by considering the impact of RF environments upon combat
systems performance, and by measuring collective group defense as well as
single unit actions. SPA used its own advanced engineering-based operations
research/systems analysis skills and tools, as well as led the technical analysis
design and conduct of several dominant Navy laboratories. SPA designed a
broad set of 2016 and 2024 tactical situations (TACSIT) to reflect real-world
and projected plausible operations, expected missile defense operations, and
intelligence community projections of the evolving threat to the fleet. The
TACSITs reflected multiple regional situations and conditions, a wide array of
mixed, multi-dimensional, and force-on-force threats and combat actions, and
SPA is a member of a multi-organizational team in support of JIAMDO, an
element of the JCS (N8). The team provides required operational support
expertise, necessary to enable the execution of MDA operations, interactions,
and efforts within the BMD operational community across the globe. SPA
provides manpower at the JIAMDO HQ and personnel to travel to necessary
sites of geographically dispersed Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS)
programs and deployed components. SPA brings expertise in operational,
technical, fielding, and sustainment matters to support BMDS missile systems,
sensor systems, command and control (C2) systems, as they are prepared for
operational used by warfighters. SPA provides planning and execution of
Combatant Commander (COCOM)/Developer Wargames such as NIMBLE
FIRE and NIMBLE TITAN. SPA contributes to developing and assembling
Joint IAMD operational concepts, Initial Capabilities Document (ICD)
development, and staffing of these doucments though the Functional
Capabilities Board (FCB), the Joint Capabilities Board (JCB), and the Joint
Requirements Oversight Committee (JROC). SPA contributes to JIAMDO's
liaisons with the Services in support of developing Joint IAMD programs and
concepts, assessing capabilities and gaps, developing requiremetns, and

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