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					                                              HAVEN OF TIOGA COUNTY
                                         HELPING ABUSE & VIOLENCE END NOW

                     The Voi ce of HAVE

                                                                              Summer 2008

                            Mystery Dinner
                 You’re Invited: Mystery Dinner at the Penn Wells
                                  Don and Meme Wannabe are hosting the event of the sea-
                                  son on September 7, 2008, beginning at 6:00pm. You are
                                  cordially invited to attend the grand opening celebration
                                  of their new lavish speakeasy, “The Four Deuces.” The
                                  cream, and not so cream, of society will be there. With
                                  gangsters, politicians, a jazz singer, dolls, molls, the mayor
                                  and many other interesting guests in attendance, there are
                                  sure to be a lot of big deals being made. We expect strin-
                                  gent security measures to be in place at such a large event.
                                  It is rumored that, New York Capo “Toto Tequila” is going
                                  to be in town. Could the Boss of Bosses be attending the
                                  Grand Opening?
                                   Our last mystery dinner was over ten years ago and every-
                                   one had such a wonderful time, we decided to do it again.
                                   You can come in 1920’s costumes (flapper/gangster) or
                                   everyday dress. This is sure to be an evening of fun and
                                   mystery. There will be a buffet dinner, salad bar, and des-
sert table. Cash bar will be available. The cost is $40 a person. If you have any questions
please call 570-724-3549 or 1-800-550-0447.
Name: ________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________ Phone: _____________________
       _______ Number of Persons @ $40 each = ___________
                      Limited participation — deadline August 22, 2008
                              Mail to: HAVEN of Tioga County
                                      6 Old Tioga St.
                                      Wellsboro, PA 16901
Make checks payable to: HAVEN of Tioga County
 PAGE 2                                                                             THE VOICE OF HAVEN

          BIG THANK YOU!
HAVEN would like to thank Jessica Grab and Alley Drew from the Don Gill Ele-
                mentary School in Wellsboro for having a clothing drive. The
                clothes are for children staying at the Hope House shelter. Jes-
                sica and her mom, Mary Grab delivered several bags and boxes
                of clothing to the HAVEN office. We are always touched by the
                generosity of individuals from the community when they donate
                items, money and time, but when it’s a child it’s even more
                touching. Jessica came up with this idea all on her own. Thanks again Jessica and
                Alley! You guys are great!

                       Pennies for Peace
                           The first annual Pennies for Peace
                           Project was a huge success! Six
                           schools participated: Liberty High
                           School, Cowanesque Valley High
                           School, Trinity Lutheran School,
                           Warren L. Miller (Mansfield) Elemen-
                           tary School, Mansfield High School,
                            and Wellsboro Elementary Schools
                            (Don Gill and Charlotte Lapla). The
                            Laurel Health Head Start Program
                            also contributed money towards
                            the project. Warren L. Miller had a
                            poster contest and there were
                            many great submissions. The rest
                            of the schools had penny fundrais-
                            ers. Between the schools they
                                raised approximately $900.
                                Thanks so much to all who par-

                                Upper left: students from Wellsboro Elementary
                                schools. Left middle and lower: Trinity Lutheran.
                                Upper right: a student from Charlotte Lapla and
                                Lower right: Shanisha Richardson who used the
                                Pennies as her senior project. Shanisha is from
                                Mansfield High School.
  SUMMER 2008                                                                                                PAGE 3

          Volunteers                                                        Quilts
                  Have you ever thought           HAVEN had two quilts do-
                  of volunteering but             nated for raffle recently by
                  thought who has the             some very generous indi-
                  time? Have you ever             viduals. One of the quilts
                  thought, I would like to        was donated by then
help out those in need or give back to            board member Nance Fol-
the community? If the answer is yes,              lis. The other quilt was donated by sisters
then HAVEN (Helping Abuse and Vio-                Nina McCarthy and Cora Thorton. This
lence End Now) has the perfect volun-             quilt was donated as part of a spaghetti
teering opportunities for you. We are             dinner fundraiser (see page 4). We
currently looking to form                         would like to thank these ladies for their
a fundraising committee.                          hard work, time, and generosity.
It is the perfect opportu-
nity for individuals who                                                                        Pictured left is the quilt
                                                                                                donated by Nina
have always wanted to                                                                           McCarthy and Cora
volunteer for HAVEN but                                                                         Thorton. Seated: Cora
                                                                                                Thorton, standing:
didn’t have the time to                                                                         JoAnne Osborne
commit to the 80 hours of training. If                                                          Pictured upper right is
you are interested in volunteering please                                                       the quilt donated by
                                                                                                Nance Follis
contact Tonya at HAVEN at 570-724-

Want to help
                                HAVEN of Tioga County is a private non-profit agency that provides free and confi-
                                dential services to victims of domestic and sexual violence. HAVEN runs primarily
                                through the funding of grants and charitable donations. If you would like to contrib-

                                ute to HAVEN, please detach this form and send it and your check, made payable to
                                HAVEN of Tioga County to: 6 Old Tioga St., Wellsboro, PA 16901.

Make a monetary                 Name _________________________________________________

contribution! Your              Address _______________________________________________
                                City ___________________________ Zip ____________________

contribution can
                                _____ I am interested in volunteering.
even be given in                _____ I am interested in a speaker for my church, school, community group or work
memory or in
honor of someone.               We thank you for you gift. HAVEN of Tioga County is a 501 (c) (3) corporation. All
                                gifts are tax deductible. A copy of our official registration and financial information
                                may be obtained from the PA Dept., of State by calling toll free within PA: 1-800-732-
                                0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.
 PAGE 4                                                                                              THE VOICE OF HAVEN

                                         Spaghetti Dinner
                             A spaghetti dinner was held April 13th to benefit
                             HAVEN of Tioga County. Mountain View United
                             Methodist Parish held the event and it was coor-
                             dinated by Sherri Butters. There was a tremen-
                             dous amount of time and effort put in to the
                             event and the group did a phenomenal job. The
                             dinner was great and the deserts extraordinary.
                             There was a basket raffle done with many inter-
                             esting themes. As mentioned in the “Quilts” arti-
                             cle a quilt was donated by Nina McCarthy and
                             Cora Thorton. All in all the event raised just shy
                             of $1900. HAVEN is very thankful for the effort
                             put forth by all the caring individuals involved.
                             Those who attended can attest it was a delicious
                             evening away from the stove with funds going
                             to a cause which greatly needed the support.

                                      You will be missed!
I would like to take a moment to thank all our board members for their dedication and support. Unfortunately, we have
lost a few due to terms ending, relocation, and other commitments. Please accept my sincere thank you for all your hard
work. We will miss you. As part of the board these individuals have helped with our awareness programs, fundraising
events, and overseeing the organization. Even though these individuals no longer sit on the board of directors, they still
participate in our events. Thank you for your continued dedication.
                                                              Patti Mihalik
                                                              Executive Director

                                    Ruby Baker                                  Joel Coleman
                                    Nance Follis                                Sharon Kent
                                    Tondelaya Baylor-Ayewoh                     Robin Baer
                                                      Margaret Groff
Pictured Left in upper right hand corner: Nance Follis and Pictured right: Joel Coleman from the WAM event.
 SUMMER 2008                                                                  PAGE 5

            Walk A Mile In Her Shoes®: Update

      Saturday, April 18, 2008 was a fabulous day here in Wellsboro! We had over
60 walkers join together with HAVEN of Tioga County in raising awareness to end all
forms of any Sexual Violence. Walkers walked throughout the town, holding signs,
wearing high heels, and verbalizing their thoughts about Rape, Sexual Assault and
Gender Violence. Following the walk, walkers returned to The Green for refresh-
ments and a time to debrief.
      The walk was successful in raising the community’s awareness for a need to be
proactive in eliminating all forms of violence. Walkers and supporters raised money
through sponsors to continue the work HAVEN of Tioga County does to work with
survivors of these crimes. A total of $1330 was raised to help continue our services!
      Next year you should plan to join us!! This was an event like no other and you
wouldn’t want to miss it again!
      We wish to express our gratitude to our businesses that stepped up to help out
HAVEN of Tioga County. The Penn Wells Hotel/Lodge, Dandy Mini Marts, Acorn
Markets, Citizen’s & Northern Bank, Weis Markets, and Crawford’s Print Shop were
among the supporters to help promote community awareness. We are thankful for
their help! Many volunteers, groups, and staff members were active in participating
in the walk and preparations! We wish to express our gratitude for your assistance.
 HAVEN OF TIOGA COUNTY                                                       NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE
 6 Old Tioga Street
 Wellsboro, PA 16901
                                                                               Wellsboro, Pa
 Office Hours
 8:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri                                                         Permit No.36

 24-Hour Hotline

 “All people have the right to live in a
 safe, non-violent environment.
 Through prevention and intervention
 services, HAVEN of Tioga County
 strives to reduce domestic and sexual

 This newsletter was made possible by funds from:
 Mansfield Area United Way
 Wellsboro Area United Fund

                   Hope House Wish List
Please bring all donations to HAVEN’s office:       6 Old Tioga Street
                                                    Wellsboro, Pa 16901

We are in need of the following items for our shelter:
Bleach                                             Clorox Sanitizing Spray
Deodorant                                          Dish Soap
Furniture/Dusting Spray                            Dryer Sheets
Laundry Baskets                                    Laundry Detergent
Light Bulbs (60, 75, & 100 Watt)                   Napkins
Mr. Clean / Lysol (household cleaners)             Paper Towels
Swiffer Cleaning Solution                          Swiffer Wet Pads
Tissues                                            Toilet Paper
Windex / Window Cleaner
Feminine Products (Pads, Tampons, Panty Liners)
Gift Cards for Wal-Mart, Grocery Stores, Hair Salons, Gas Cards, etc.