ALS by shuifanglj


									Never Give Up

   ALS                QuickTime™ and a
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  By Anna W.
   Period 5     Lou Gehrig
 Form of a Motor Neuron Disease
 Effects and kills Motor Neurons,
 nerve cells in the central nervous
 Ruins voluntary muscle movement
 IS fatal
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 Normal neuron and Muscle
   Healthy neuron
 ALS affected muscle
   Dying cell body               Qu ic kTime ™ and a
                                     dec omp re ss or
                           are n eed ed to se e th i s pi cture.

   Thin decaying myelin
   Wasted muscle
 Early Symptoms
   Weak muscles
   Slurred speech
 Later Symptoms
   Unable to stand or walk
   Cannot preform manual tasks
   Loss of speech and swalloing
               Who gets it
 ALS is not contagious
 About 30,000 people have ALS in the US
   Few thousand diagnosis in the Bay Area
 FALS (familial ALS) is genetic
   10% of adult ALS onsets is hereditary
 Ages 40-60 mostly get ALS
   Occationally aged 20
 My grandmother who was
  diagnosed with ALS
 She has to be helped with
 Has lost her speech                 QuickTime™ and a

   Uses voice apps on her iphone
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                                    My Inspiration
 KK inspired me to do my HDP on ALS
 Whenever I think of her it reminds me,
  things in my life could be worse, and to
  never give up.
 Learning about ALS brought me a lot
  closer to my grandmother, who won’t be
  around for much longer because usually
  ALS kills you in 5-7 years, KK is in her forth
       QuickTime™ and a
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                                     No One Knows                           Qu i ckTi me ™ an d a
                                                                               de co mp res so r
                                                                   a re ne ed ed to se e thi s p i ctu re .

 Not much at all is known about ALS, Lou
   Gehrig’s disease at the moment.
         Not the cause . . .
         Or the cure.
 But more is being discovered everyday,
  so someday there will be a cure.
 I want to help scientists find it,

                                     And I’ll never give up.
                                       (Never Give Up is the ALS
                                         Association’s slogan)

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