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              A Salute to Women Today,
              Tomorrow and Yesterday
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A   Special   Supplement          To   The   Daily       Post-Athenian
Page A2 – The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010                                                    

Chris Hari                                                                                                                                                  Photo by
                                                                                                                                                            Greg Moses

Her job is administering healthcare                                                                                                                         While Chris
                                                                                                                                                            Hari isn’t a
                                                                                                                                                            doctor or
in a slightly different way                                                                                                                                 nurse, she
                                                                                                                                                            has still been
     GreG Moses              the hospital newsletter           One facet of Hari’s job                                                                      able to help
  Community Life Editor      and coordinating events,      has become another job                                                                           hundreds of
                             Hari’s work has also          all its own over the years:                                                                      people in her
    While most healthcare    allowed her to give back      Photography.                                                                                     25 years as
professionals use stetho-    to the community in a             “I made a side busi-                                                                         a healthcare
scopes, medications and      number of ways. She’s         ness out of taking photos,                                                                       professional.
bandages to help people,     served on several com-        and that’s how I met my                                                                          Hari is the
Chris Hari has touched       mittees and boards over       husband, Bruce,” she                                                                             director of
lives using a slightly dif-  the years and has even        said. “We started doing                                                                          public rela-
ferent approach.             helped organize a few.        weddings together and                                                                            tions and
    For the past 25 years,      “Most of them I’ve         that’s kept us busy.                                                                             marketing
Hari has been the direc-     been secretary for,” she          “When you shoot a                                                                            for Athens
tor of public relations      added with a laugh. “I’m      wedding,” she added,                                                                             Regional
and marketing for Athens     good with minutes.”           “you take about 1,000                                                                            Medical
Regional Medical Center.        One group she orga-        pictures from many dif-                                                                          Center.
While in her youth, Hari     nized was borne from          ferent vantage points. We
thought she’d want a         another. While serving        spend at least as much
career in a hospital, her    in the local chapter of       time going through and
job isn’t exactly what she                                                                go-to person for people        When Hari arrived in          “Every July for nearly
                             the American Cancer           picking the best shots as
had in mind at that time.                                                                 who want dogs.”            1985, the Athens Medical      20 years, we’ve somehow
                             Society, Hari, along with     we do actually shooting
    “I wanted to be a                                                                         Over the years, Hari   Mall had just been con-       managed to run 400 kids
                             co-workers Pris Cornwall      them, so it is time-con-
nurse,” she said, but then                                                                said she has witnessed     structed. Now, there is an    through the McMinn
                             and Lisa Stewart – an         suming, but we enjoy it.”
pointed out she changed                                                                   numerous changes in        entire complex of medical     County High School gym
                             oncology nurse – formed           Outside of work, Hari
her mind after suffering a                                                                both healthcare and the    specialties surrounding       in just a few hours for
                             the McMinn Area Cancer        enjoys spending time
debilitating disease while                                                                hospital – both for the    the hospital. For a num-      student physicals with no
                             Relief Fund.                  with her four grown
still in her youth                                                                        better.                    ber of years early in her     real hassles,” she said.
that left her                                                                                 “The delivery of       career, Hari said she can         While some of her
hospitalized for                                                                          healthcare is not even     recall helicopters having     co-workers’ faces have
a month.                    For the past 25 years, Hari has been the                      similar now to what        to land in the field across   changed, she said every-
                                                                                          it was when I started.     the street from the hospi-    one has been “wonder-
    “I saw what           director of public relations and marketing                      There have been so many    tal – now home to several     ful.”
the nurses
had to do and                for Athens Regional Medical Center.                          advances in medicine       medical offices – before          “It’s been such a
I couldn’t do                                                                             and technology,” Hari      the completion of the         privilege,” she said, “to
it,” she said.                                                                            said. “The hospital has    hospital’s helipad.           work with so many great
“Nurses are special peo-                                                                  grown to meet those            Of all the changes        people.”
                                  “We realized there was daughters: Sam, Jenia and
ple.”                                                                                     changes. I can remember    Hari has witnessed in
                               no relief organization for   twins Angie and Ellie.
                                                                                          when we got our CT scan,   more than two decades
    A native of northern
Illinois, Hari moved
                               people with cancer. ACS
                               mainly funds research,
                                                                “The best thing I ever
                                                            did in my life was have
                                                                                          and now we have PET,       at Athens Regional, she       C&D TIRE
                                                                                          MRI and digital mam-       said one thing has always
to Athens in 1983. A           but no groups were offer- children,” she said.
                                                                                          mography – all sorts of    remained constant for           Saluting All
graduate of Tennessee          ing financial help,” Hari        Hari also has two
Wesleyan College, she          said. “We started MACRF      grandchildren: Jayden,
                                                                                          technology in-house.”      nearly as long a period.       Working Women
was working at Athens          in 2000 and it’s still going age nine, and Layne, of
Insurance when, in 1985,       strong.”                     whom she said at age
she was offered her cur-          Hari has also helped      two-and-a-half is “a con-
rent position with the         with outreach efforts for    stant ball of motion.”
hospital.                      ARMC, teaching CPR               While her two-legged
    “I had no clue what I      courses and even orga-       children are all grown and
was doing then,” she said. nizing and working in            on their own, she still has
“The job has been a really health fairs.
nice fit, though, and I get
                                                            five four-legged young-                      Salutes
                                  “When we do flu shots, sters around the house.                                                                         Tammy Elmore
to do things that give me      while I can’t administer         “I have five dogs, and             All Working Women!                                “Where Service To You
satisfaction.”                 them, Pris did teach me      all but one of them know                                                                  Is Our Top Priority”
    In addition to writing     how to draw them so I        how to pose for photos,”                                                                 1613 West Madison Ave.
press releases, handling       can help the nurses,” she    she said. “I’m known                                                                           Athens, TN
advertising, publishing        added.                       around the hospital as the                                                                 (423) 745-5560                                                             The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010 – Page A3

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                              UGO Athens                                                                           UGO Etowah
Page A4 – The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010                                                       

Etowah Health Care Center
When exceptional attitudes change
lives for the better, all win
Bartlee e. NortoN                an important question:              these women of valor, the
    Special to The DPA           When I get older and need           reward comes from know-
                                 a place to stay, where              ing what they do every day
    ETOWAH – Life! What          can I go that will give me          is for the betterment of
does it mean to you?             shelter, care for my needs          another human being.
    When we think about          and share the common                    The ladies of Etowah
our own lives, does it ever      bond of love that every-            Health Care Center come
occur that while on the          one needs? The answer:              from all walks of life. Some
journey of life everything       Etowah Health Care                  are single mothers, oth-
doesn’t always turn out          Center!                             ers work more than one
exactly as planned? We              The team of special              job and still others have
                                                                                                                                                     Photo special to The DPA
get older and slower and         ladies who work together            even more responsibili-
are not able to do all the       24 hours a day and seven                                           All the women who work at Etowah Health Care Center make it a positive
things we were always            days a week stand out               SEE HEALTH CARE, A6            place for residents.
able to do.                      among the crowd. Though
    Then what? How do we         they have many years of
adapt to the natural ele-        knowledge and experi-
ment of aging? Where do          ence, daily challenges
we fit in and who is going       arise that require more
to take care of us? Is there     than just these wonder-
a point in life where we         ful accomplishments.
began to understand what         These ladies go the extra
truly matters? Quality of        mile by being committed
life is never something          to compassion, patience
that we want to set aside        and excellence. Many
just because we get older.       times our good deeds go
So that leaves us with

                                                                                     “Celebrating 15 Years”
                                 unnoticed, however for

                      Special: Now thru November

                      FREE Paraffin Dip                                   Thank You
                       With Chemical Service of
                       Highlights, Color or Perm
                                                                          Athens                                                                             Michael L.
                                                                                                                                                            Hoops, MD
                                                                         It has been a pleasure
                                                                          to serve you over the                                                                and his
                                                                            last 15 years & we                                                              experienced
   Hair Care                                                                                                                                                  staff look
                                                                         look forward to many
    For The                                                                   years to come.                                                                 forward to
  Entire Family                                                                                                                                             serving you.
                                                                          We appreciate
   745-8044                                                              your confidence
                                                                          & trust in our
                       Back row left to right: Rhonda Price, Nedra
                       Myers and Missy Marciniak. Middle row:

                       Jeannette Wattenbarger and Peggy Smith.
                       Front row: Libby Adsit & Norma McCuiston.                           597 Church Street in Cleveland • (423) 472-1996
                       Not pictured: Charlotte Dockery.                      Michael L. Hoops, M.D. Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery                                                                  The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010 – Page A5

Pam Wilson
Customer service, product variety is key to                                                                                                                          Photo

success for Downtown Athens business owner                                                                                                                           by John
    JOHN SPRAGUE                                                                                                                                                     Wilson’s
                                  “That is the area I try       for the shop, with helping
                                                                                      your bed, get a lamp or a
        Staff Writer                                                                                                                                                 Downtown
                               to hit. I have bunions and       maintain quality customer
                                                                                      lamp shade and get your
                               most of my customers             service. Also, customers
                                                                                      furniture upholstered. It is
    Need shoes?                                                                                                                                                      business
                               probably do, too,” Wilson        know to expect a greet-
                                                                                      a one-stop shop for your
    Check.                                                                                                                                                           ventures
                               quipped. “I do clothes for       ing from Blackberry and
                                                                                      windows, your furniture,
    Need an outfit?                                                                                                                                                  include
                               comfort. Clothes for travel,     Charlie, a pair of small
                                                                                      your feet or your back or
    Check.                                                                                                                                                           Pam’s
                               shoes for comfort.               dogs in the shop.     for your bed.”
    Need a lamp shade?                                                                                                                                               Pizazz
                                  “I actually put shoes on         “You cannot get the   As a local business-
    Well … you get the                                                                                                                                               and
                               their feet. It is a self-serve   personal attention in the
                                                                                      woman and a member of
idea.                                                                                                                                                                Pam’s
                                                                                                  the Downtown
    Pam Wilson owns                                                                                                                                                  2 Step.
Pam’s 2 Step and Pam’s                                                                            Association
Pizazz and her husband,                Pam Wilson is a busy business owner.                       (DBA) as well
C.H. Wilson, has Sir                               She owns Pam’s 2 Step                          as the Athens
Lamps-A-Lot. All three                                                                            Area Chamber
shops share the same                                  and Pam’s Pizazz .                          of Commerce,
space on White Street in                                                                          Wilson sees
Downtown Athens and                                                                               the economic           have learned to be a little   said. “I have been in (busi-
together they can accom-       world and I want to go       malls (that we give). A   downturn that has affect-          more savvy with what they     ness) so long it is a roller
modate many different          back where I take care of    customer told (Ball) that ed virtually all business in       buy and when they buy it.     coaster.
needs.                         my customers,” Wilson        the reason she liked com- her shop, but is also confi-          Wilson said custom-           “It will rebound back. I
    Wilson adds her shop       said. “I tell them to sit    ing there is because we   dent the area will recover.        ers are buying more for       am doing OK, overall. I am
specializes in customer        down and I bring shoes to talk to her. I thought that     “People will buy shoes          necessity, like choosing      down some, but the shoe
service and – while open-      them – that is a rare thing. was a great compliment,”  and lipstick when they             comfort shoes rather than     part is doing well,” Wilson
ing the shoe option in         I feel very fortunate.”      Wilson said. “You can     can’t pay a bill,” Wilson          a glitzy style.               added. “But, still there are
March – it still has the           Wilson credits Barbara   buy a pair of shoes, buy  said. “I think Athens will            “Everybody has been
same items that she            Ball, who is an employee     an outfit, buy sheets for survive it. I think people         hit by the economy,” she       SEE PAM WILSON, A6
offered when she opened
Pam’s Pizazz more than a
decade ago.
    “I opened up Pam’s
Pizazz 15 years ago with
accessories and design,”
                                     Our Staff Members Make The Difference
Wilson said. “I continue                                                                                 You’ll find many long-term care facilities that, like ours,
to do custom upholstery                                                                                  are clean and comfortable. What sets us apart is the caring
– I have a commercial                                                                                    and dedication of our employees and volunteers.
five-person drapery work
room.”                                                                                                   If you would like to give just one afternoon a week to:
    “I have thought that
Athens needed a women’s
shoe store and I converted
my store from an acces-
sory store into a shoe
store on March 15 of this                                                                                            C
year, called 2 Step,” Wilson                              Returning The Love                                                   to Make a Difference
added. “I felt it was a
niche that needed filled
here – and I thought with
                                                            We Salute All Our Working Women At
                                            ETOWAH HEALTH CARE CENTER
all the good customers I
have had all these years, it
would work.”
    Wilson said her main                                                                     Intermediate And Skilled Care In A Modern Setting
focus for is comfort cloth-
ing or shoes.
Page A6 – The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010                                                                                      

Pam Wilson                                                                           Health Care                                                      ident if desired.
                                                                                                                                                          The ladies of
                                                                                                                                                                           She started off as a third-shift
                                                                                                                                                                           licensed practical nurse back in
                                                                                                                                                                           1993. Seven years later, she decided
Continued from A5                                                                    Continued from A4                                                and laundry          to go back to school to improve her
                                                                                                                                                      devote their         nursing skills and advance in the
people out there who had a demand for what they                                      ties awaiting them when they get                                 time to cleaning     health care field. She completed
want. I work with them, trying to give them options                                  home from work. These select few                                 a facility full of   her registered nursing (RN) degree
whichever way they want to go. I try to keep abreast                                 are asked to give more than the aver-                            small homes for      in 2003 and changed to a first-shift
with all the newest products.”                                                       age woman; they must give their                                  each resident        nurse. She remained in her RN role
   As for the DBA, Wilson says they are all the mem-                                 heart. With this in mind, they under-                            by cleaning          for only a short period of time before
bers are working to make Downtown come alive                                         stand that every day is an oppor-                                their rooms and      management began to realize how
again.                                                                               tunity to make a person feel loved,             Prock            washing their        much of a vital part she played in
   “The more we work on it, the more people come                                     cherished and appreciated.                                       clothes.             the success of Etowah Health Care
down there,” Wilson said. “I love the Downtown area                                      In today’s fast-paced and self-          All the ladies who control our           Center. She became a charge nurse
and I want to see it be successful.”                                                 centered society – where the value        business office work diligently every       in 2003 and then was promoted first
   Another product line Wilson offers is Hunter                                      of the elderly seems to be diminish-      day to make sure that business is           to resident care coordinator, then to
Douglas window treatments. She is an authorized                                      ing – these women put others before       handled in a professional manner            unit supervisor.
dealer for the high-quality products, including shades,                              themselves. It starts at the front door   and conduct themselves with the                 Dottie’s ability to lead was evident
blinds or shutters to cover a window. Recently, Wilson                               with our receptionist who shines due      utmost respect for our residents and        and others followed her guidance.
won a prestigious contract to provide curtains for the                               to her big smile and great attitude.      families.                                   She became the assistant director
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit                                  The nurses allow their compas-           Life is much better when we are          of nursing in 2004. In this role, she
in Atlanta. She also has made curtains for the German-                               sion to be the ship that guides them      having fun. This is where our activi-       often took on tasks typically per-
American Chamber of Commerce, also in Atlanta.                                       in giving excellent care by making        ties department comes in. These             formed by a director of nursing. With
And, all this with a five-person fabrication shop.                                   sure residents receive their medi-        ladies are always preparing ways for        that being said, she rose to the top as
   Wilson moved to Athens in 1968 and was owner of                                   cation correctly, while the ladies        our residents to live life to fullest!      the director of nursing in 2005.
three furniture stores here, in Knoxville and Maryville.                             of dietary prepare three balanced            However, out of every group of               Finally, our wonderful commu-
Then she moved into the manufacturing sector with                                    meals for more than 100 residents a       team players, there is always one           nity volunteers come with no expec-
Carver Chair and worked there for almost 35 years                                    day. Not only do they prepare these       individual who rises to the top. For        tation of receiving anything in return
before opening her shop in Downtown Athens.                                          meals, but if needed, they take the       Etowah Health Care, that employee           for their hard work but want to bring
   She is educated in design and has done much com-                                  time to individualize a meal for a res-   is Director of Nursing Dottie Prock.        a helping hand.
mercial design work for hotels such has Holiday Inn in
Sevierville and Best Western Motels in Chattanooga.
   In her personal life, Wilson is an active member
of Keith Memorial United Methodist Church and is
on the Pumpkintown Festival. She is also as active                                                  Sandy                         Sarah                           Laverne                          Milli
as a member of the McMinn County Living Heritage                                                    Phillips                     Newman                            Tuell                          Tallent

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   Holly and Ada spend as much time as needed every year to
   make sure they are able to offer the “newest and best” for                            442-5053 Night                                                                              745-2554 Night
                                                                                                                               105 Park Avenue, Athens • 745-4100
   their clients. That’s why it’s no surprise that Creating You
   is approaching it’s seven year mark with the same friendly
   faces. Stop by and see what Holly and Ada can do for you.
                   Services Offered:
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Kathi Mashburn
Spending time on TWC campus, Downtown living appeal to her
           JOHN SPRAGUE                                                                               Photo by John Sprague
                Staff Writer
                                                                                                      Kathi Mashburn has                         Kathy Mashburn is
    Kathi Mashburn has two biological,                                                                been a familiar face                       the administrative
one exchange and about 1,000 adopted                                                                  on the Tennessee
children to be involved with.                                                                         Wesleyan College                             assistant for the
    But somehow, she is able to maintain                                                              campus for seven                         Business Administration
her sanity.                                                                                           years.
    Mashburn is the administrative assis-                                                                                                       Department at TWC.
tant for the Business Administration
Department at Tennessee Wesleyan
    Her husband, Scott, is the vice presi-                                                                                                  eat in the dining hall with the kids,” she
dent for student life, this means he is                                                                                                     said.
in charge of the student activities and                                                                                                        Mashburn’s job description includes
the residence halls on campus. The                                                                                                          doing anything to support the business
Mashburns, which include daughter                                                                                                           department. Specifically, she advises
Kaitlin, 14; son Trenton, 10; and James                                                                                                     and sets the schedule for the evening
Castillo, 16, an exchange student from        dents on campus.                               and we live here – but we pride ourselves      students, proctors tests and completes
Madrid, Spain, live on campus. Because            “Most of the time we eat in the dining     in being involved with the students and        departmental reports for the Southern
of the close proximity, they often are        hall, it is convenient … it is good interac-   their lives. And in the dining hall students   Association of Colleges and Schools
involved in the lives of the students.        tion with the students,” Mashburn said.        will often sit with us as we eat.              (SACS), among other things.
    One way they foster that involvement      “One thing we pride ourselves as a fam-           “Sometimes it is nice to have our pri-
is to eat most of their meals with the stu-   ily – now, granted that we both work here      vacy at home, but most of the time we                    SEE KATHI MASHBURN, A9

                  866.490.1157 TOLL FREE
           423.507.1157      423.507.8266 FAX

        Standing, left to right: Kelly Hockman & Pat Kerr. Seated: Connie Landers.

Page A8 – The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010                                                                

Linda Buchanan Mack
Meeting state reading standards by teaching with The DPA
    lu Shep Baldwin                                                                                                                                     for students.”
   The DPA NIE Coordinator
                                                                                                                     Linda Buchanan                        Linda Buchanan Mack is a
                                                                                                                                                        native of McMinn County and a
    Linda Buchanan Mack is a                                                                                          Mack is a special                 graduate of Tennessee Wesleyan
special education teacher at                                                                                         education teacher                  College. She has been in educa-
McMinn County High School.                                                                                                                              tion for 30 years. Her teaching
She is fondly called “Mrs. B” by                                                                                      at McMinn High.                   career includes experience at
her students and peers at the                                                                                                                           the elementary school level as
high school. Mack has been a                                                                                                                            well as the high school level.
DPA NIE teacher for three years                                                                                 and evaluation of print and                The Daily Post-Athenian NIE
and believes that having the                                                                                    non-print text. Mack utilizes The       program is a non-profit literacy
local newspaper in the class-                                                                                   DPA as a teaching tool for this         program. It is financially sup-
room is essential for enhancing                                                                                 standard with her students.             ported through sponsorships
what her students are required                                                                                     “My students look forward to         from local businesses and indi-
to learn.                                                                                                       receiving their local newspaper         viduals and The DPA.
    “I have been using The DPA                                                Photo by Lu Shep Baldwin          and learning from it,” Mack said.          For more information about
in my classroom for three years,”                                                                               “Other teachers, who have not           the NIE program contact
Mack said. “There is such a plea-   Linda Buchanan Mack (center) works with students on a                       participated in the NIE program,        Lu Shep Baldwin at lushep.
sure when you find an avenue        project involving copies of The Daily Post-Athenian.                        have become interested in the  or
in which your students will take    combining sentences, writing      in the content area of reading            program after hearing com-              745-5664 ext. 134. Baldwin is
an interest in reading. Using       and poetry. These are some of     for Mack’s students requires the          ments from students about how           also the Director of Educational
the newspapers offers me the        the areas of learning that I am   development of reading skills for         much they are enjoying reading          Services for Jones Media, Inc.,
opportunity to cover a lot of       required to teach.”               word recognition, comprehen-              and learning with The DPA. The          the parent company for The
the standard strategies such as;       One of the main standards      sion, interpretation, analysis,           newspaper offers a current text         DPA.

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Kathi Mashburn
Continued from A7
    “I collect data and create             “With Trenton’s disability, he          “They are growing his stem              “I don’t think you are ever           from her job and living on cam-
spread sheets for the business         is not that involved in sports or       cells right now,” Mashburn said.        totally prepared for what might           pus is to see the growth of the
department and our program             anything and actually the older         “I don’t fully understand it medi-      happen, it is a constant learn-           students she interacts with.
(to give to SACS). I do textbook       kids are at ages where I can            cally … they took some DNA              ing process. Not only Trenton,               And with so many children –
orders for Athens, I do all advis-     drop them off and leave them,”          and are growing it now.                 but all children – even ones with         her own and TWC students – to
ing for Athens evening (class-         Mashburn added. “That has got-              “They hope that someday,            disabilities – are all different,”        be around, it is highly doubt
es). It can be a juggling act,”        ten easier as time has gone by,         there is an area of the brain that      Mashburn said. “We always                 there will be a dull moment.
Mashburn said.                         actually.”                              will replicate,” she said. “And         think children are all the same,
    When you add in keeping up             Trenton has Angleman’s syn-         they hope they can take stem            but they are all different.”
with Kaitlin, Trenton and James,       drome (AS). It is a genetic condi-      cells and inject them and pos-              The Mashburns have been in
it can be a challenge.
    However, Mashburn says she
                                       tion where the 15th pair of chro-
                                       mosomes are either damaged,
                                                                               sibly turn on his (15th) chromo-
                                                                               some and he might speak one
                                                                                                                       Athens for seven years.
                                                                                                                           “We love living Downtown,”
                                                                                                                                                                     Got News?
gets a lot of support at home and      not present or just inactive.           day.”                                   Mashburn said. “It is very conve-
the age of the children helps.
    “I have a very supportive
                                           The condition is noted
                                       by developmental issues, an
                                                                                   Mashburn added much of
                                                                               the research is hypothetical and
                                                                                                                       nient to everything and we really
                                                                                                                       love living here. We would love                Get The
husband,” she said. “Scott’s job       inability to speak and the happy        still in development.                   to stay here, but you never know
is important, but he has always
put family first, if he can. There
                                       demeanor of the child, accord-
                                       ing to the Angelman Foundation
                                                                                   She said Trenton has a mild
                                                                               case of AS and that their family
                                                                                                                       where a career will lead you.
                                                                                                                           “Will we be here long-term? It              DPA!
are some things he cannot miss,        Web site,              is blessed. He is in his first year     is in God’s hands,” she said.
and has to make it. But he is a            Mashburn says Trenton has           at Westside Elementary School               “Just when you think you are              Call 745-5664
very, very supportive husband          been a part of four different case      this year. As there always is with      in control of your life, something
and one who is willing to work         studies at Vanderbilt University        a new teacher, there has been           happens and you find out you’re                to subscribe.
side by side with me raising the       Medical Center in an effort to          some adjusting by the staff in          not,” Mashburn quipped.
kids.                                  discover more about AS.                 the CDC classroom.                          One of the positive benefits

    Michelle Hoppe            Jolynn Hockman                  Tracy Howell            Stephanie Lingerfelt           Stephanie Buckner             Sarah Aikens              Leigh Ann Coleman
     County President             Loan Assistant              Branch Manager               Loan Officer                   Head Teller                   Teller                        Teller
    McMinn & Monroe                  Athens                       Athens                     Athens                       Athens                       Athens                        Athens

                            Athens Branch
                                                     We Salute Our Working Women!
                            1305 Decatur Pike                                                                                                        Niota Branch
                               423-745-8246                                                                                                         204 E. Main Street
                                   Lobby:                                                                                                             423-568-2330
                           Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.                                                                                                         Lobby:
                            Sat. 9 a.m.-12 noon                                                                                                    Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
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         Teller              Loan Assistant           Branch Manager              Teller                 Teller             Personal Banking Rep            Teller            Personal Banking Rep
         Athens                 Athens                     Niota                  Niota                  Niota                     Niota                    Niota                    Athens
Page A10 – The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010                                                       

Sandra Wilkey
Commitments to her family, work, community
and car restoration hobby keep her busy
   Anthony DAke                  “This is a family-run      said.                       make a stop in the area.
       Staff Writer          business, it’s very time-         “Work is play and play   Other out-of-state shows,
                             consuming,” she said.          is work” really describes   such as the Biloxi Cruising
   For Sandra Wilkey, she    “You have to be a jack-of-     one of Wilkey’s passions:   Tour and the Silver Springs
feels that the statement     all-trades and wear a lot of   Car restoration.            Ford Show, in Ocala, Fla.,
work is play and play is     different hats – you have         “Our love for cars       both were highly recom-
work best sums up her        to be able to do it all.”      and antiques was what       mended by Wilkey.
day-to-day                                                                                 Based here in Athens,
activities,                                                                             the Wilkeys sell and ship
whether it be                                                                           classic cars, street rods
balancing the               Sandra Wilkey balances the books                            and muscle cars all over
books at Maxi                  at Maxi Auto Service Center,                             the United States and to
Auto Service                                                                            Australia, Canada and sev-
Center, help-          helps her husband with car restoration and                       eral countries in Europe.
ing her hus-              volunteers at Morning Star Ministries.                           “We have restora-
band, David,                                                                            tion customers in sev-
with his car                                                                                                                                    Photo by Anthony Dake
                                                                                        eral states, currently
restoration or                                                                          we are restoring a 1966     Sandra Wilkey stands with her 1966 Sunbeam
helping to enrich the com-      Maxi Auto Service        inspired us to get serious                                 Tiger. Wilkey, and husband David, are currently
munity at Morning Star       Center is a franchised auto about car restoration,” she           SEE WILKEY, A11 restoring this rare classic.
Ministries.                  repair center. In all, the  said. “For us, a good vaca-
   Wilkey started as the     Wilkeys have owned and      tion is just going to some
office manager for her       operated Maxi Centers       car shows.”
husband, David, at Maxi      here in Athens, and in         The Wilkeys attend

                                                                                                   Save BIG On Your
Auto Service Center in       Sweetwater and Dayton.      around a dozen out-of-
1985. The Wilkeys have       Wilkey said they sold off   state shows each year.
three children: Wendy,       the stores in Sweetwater       She also provided

                                                                                                    Holiday Items!
Lance and Chad.              and Dayton to direct all    the names of a few car
   At Maxi, she handles      their efforts to the Athens shows for locals to attend,
accounting, payroll, and     store.                      including Grand Shows
personnel-related matters,      “We sold the stores to   in Pigeon Forge in April
in what she calls “a one-    other families and really   and September and Good
woman office.”               focused on Athens,” she     Guy Shows, which usually

                          TODAY IN THE
                        WORK FORCE...
                      A VITAL PART OF OUR                                                          Stop in and check out our selection of
                          COMMUNITY                                                             Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas Items!

                                                                                                      Dollar Palace                                 423-453-5685
                                                                                                              Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sun . 1 p.m.-6 p.m.
                              Engineered Materials
                                     Etowah, TN                                                                     The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010 – Page A11

Sandra Wilkey                                                                                   Here are 7 reasons why we understand
Continued from A10                                                                              women in the workforce:
Triumph for a customer in Louisiana and         ing cars as close to original condition as
a 1955 Fairlane race car for a customer         possible, and purchasing as many of their
in Illinois,” she said. “People all over the    parts and services as locally as they can.
world buy cars from this area. Tennessee            “We stick by what the car needs or the
is a great environment for restoration, we      customer wants,” she said.
have decent weather all year.”                      Wilkey said they have also built kit
    Wilkey says that while the restoration      cars, which according to her are like big
work is fun, her primary job isn’t that         model cars.
exciting.                                           “The best part about the kit car was
    “I do the book work and marketing,          the fact that when we finished we had a
the things that have to be done,” she said.     brand new car, and no rust, mud or other
“It’s behind-the-scenes work.”                  mess in our garage,” she said.
    Wilkey and her husband share a pas-             Outside the car world, Wilkey pursues
sion for old cars from custom-built kit         another passion, one which she actually
cars to clunkers that started with more         helped get off the ground: Morning Star
rust than paint.                                Ministries, an organization designed to
    “When we see an old car we see what         aid special needs adults in the commu-
it used to be,” she said. “When we fin-         nity.
ish with it, we are proud of the finished           Wilkey’s daughter, Wendy, is devel-
product.”                                       opmentally disabled, and she wanted to
    It’s not all about paperwork though.        search out a program that would help her
Wilkey said that restoring cars is kind
                                                daughter with interaction.
of like treasure hunting and sometimes
                                                    “Myself and a group of parents
finding rare parts can be a challenge.                                                            Meet the staff of your Athens Branch! Standing, from left to right: Sherry
                                                of other special needs adults started
    “It’s the thrill of the hunt,” she said.                                                    Newman, Brooke Moore, and Karen Godfrey. Sitting, from left to right:
                                                Morning Star Ministries,” she said.
“Sometimes you never know what you
                                                    At Morning Star, Wilkey’s daughter –        Ginger Carter, Lisa Moates, Lori Elliott, and Jamie Rudder.
are going to find.”
    One of the rarest cars the Wilkeys have     along with other special needs adults – is
                                                able to polish up on academics, health             These women understand how hard every woman works at their career,
restored to show and plan to sell is a 1966
Sunbeam Tiger.                                  and fitness, fitting in socially and partici-   their family, and themselves. And they have the same worries, concerns, and
    “It is a rare classic originally built by   pate in a number of projects and other          joys as you. We invite you into the Athens Branch, located on Congress
the Rootes Corporation in England,”             involvement exercises.                          Parkway next door to The Dairy Barn, to see how our products and services
she said. “Carroll Shelby (best known               “Morning Star also raises community
                                                                                                can make your life easier, because there’s no one busier than women today.
for designing the Shelby Mustang) was           awareness,” she added.
instrumental in its design.”                        Wilkey also started a special needs             Pay bills quickly, easily, and automatically with Online Bill Pay. Free
    According to Wilkey, while it might not     Sunday School class at First Baptist
                                                Church, to which other local churches
                                                                                                    with any BECU Checking Account. This services includes a payment
look like it, the car was built for racing.
                                                followed suit.                                      calendar to help you track scheduled and past payments.
    “The car has many of the original
parts, which adds to its rare state,” she           “We want to help enhance the lives of
                                                people with special needs,” she said.
                                                                                                    Check your balance, view statements, and make transfers anytime day
added. “It looked so sad and pitiful when
we found it in Alabama. It took us around           Wilkey was inspired to help after join-         or night with myBRANCH Online Account Access and the toll-free
18 months to restore it to where it is          ing the Athens Civitan Club, and says               Personal Account Line.
now. We still need a steering wheel and         that the club – along with her daughter at
tachometer to complete it.”                     home as a reminder – really led to form-            Need a loan but don’t have time to stop by and fill out an application?
    The Wilkeys hope to take the car to         ing the group.                                      Apply anytime, day or night, with our Online Loan Application.
Ocala, Fla., in January to have it inspected        For inquiries about Maxi Auto Service           Your application will be reviewed by a BECU employee just as if you
and registered by the Tiger Official            Center, the Wilkey’s car restoration busi-          had submitted it in person.
Registry.                                       ness or Morning Star Ministries, Sandra
    The Wilkeys pride themselves in keep-       Wilkey can be contacted at 368-1214.                Dislike electronic services and you just want to talk to a real person?
                                                                                                    Call us during regular business hours and a real person - one of these
                                                                                                    women - will always answer the phone.

                                                                                                 Anyone who lives or works in McMinn and
                                                                                                 Meigs County can use BECU’s services!
Page A12 – The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010                                                                    

          Donna Greene                                                Carolyn Clark
                                                Photo by
                                                Autumn Hughes                             Working with senior adults
                                                Donna Greene
                                                enjoys                                        brightens her day
                                                providing a
                                                calm, serene               Jason Reynolds
                                                environment                     Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by
                                                for her clients                                                                                                                   Jason
                                                at Bella Spa.            The loss of a 30-year career
                                                                      six years ago opened the door                                                                               Reynolds
                                                                      for another opportunity for                                                                                 Carolyn
                                                                      Carolyn Clark.                                                                                              Clark is
                                                                         Although she lost her job as                                                                             owner
                                                   Donna              president of Damy Industries                                                                                of Home
                                                                      when the plant closed in 2004,
                                                   Greene             Clark was able to start Home
                                                    is the            Instead Senior Care that August.                                                                            Care.
                                                                      Her former boss from Damy
                                                    owner             had opened one of the fran-
                                                   of Bella           chises in Charlotte, N.C., she
                                                                      said, so she was familiar with
                                                     Spa.             the concept. And, she wanted
                                                                      to work with seniors, since that
                                                                      helps fill the void following the
Calm atmosphere makes                                                 death of her parents.
                                                                         Home Instead provides non-

her glad to come to work                                              medical home care for seniors,
                                                                      including providing compan-
                                                                      ionship, fixing meals, doing
                                                                      light housekeeping, laundry,
  autumn hughes                    ily member would lead to a
    Citizen News Editor            new career.
                                                                      running errands and personal                                   After a 30-year career, Carolyn Clark
                                                                      care, Clark said. Visits range
   When Donna Greene
                                       Greene said her sister-in-     from three hours in length to                                   started Home Instead Senior Care.
                                   law developed multiple scle-       round-the-clock care.
was looking for alternative        rosis, so she called a massage        Patti Young, whose late
therapies for a loved one, an      school in Sweetwater to ask        relatives were clients of Home                        “Everyone has gone above           chise was easy, especially since
avenue she pursued was to          if massage could help with         Instead, recently wrote a thank-                   and beyond to make their last         Home Instead not only gave
learn more about massage           her symptoms. The women            you note to Clark to show                          years, months and days spe-           her training at the beginning
therapy. Little did she know                                          appreciation for the company’s                     cial,” Young wrote.
that her interest to help a fam-   SEE DONNA GREENE, A14              care.                                                 Clark said opening a fran-         SEE CAROLYN CLARK, A14

                                                                                         Trusted Care for the Senior You Care for.
                                                                                                                                                We Salute All Today’s Working Women!
                                                                                                                                                Being able to live at home can be one of the most
                                                                                                                                                important comforts in a senior’s life. Our carefully
                                                                                                                                                selected CAREGiversSM help make that possible,
                                                                                                                                                with a wide range of non-medical services, welcome
                                                                                                                                                companionship and a ready smile. At Home Instead
                                                                                                                                                Senior Care, we treat each senior as we would a
                                                                                                                                                member of our own family.

         HEIL TRAILER INTERNATIONAL                                                                                                                With a little help from a friend.
                                                                                                                                                 Call for a free, no-obligation appointment:
                                                                                                                                                     Athens 423-745-8232
                                                   423-745-5830                         Each Home Instead Senior Care franchise
                                                                                        office is independently owned and operated.                                                                                                            The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010 – Page A13

Patti Greek                                                                                          Stacy Lowe
Business built on service                                                                            Job satisfaction, pleasant working
   jason Reynolds
         Staff Writer
                                     Chamber of Commerce.
                                        The store sells fragrances,
                                                                                                     environment are top concerns
                                     jewelry, children’s and men’s
   Do not beware of Greeks           items, body care and per-                                                                                         jack slayton
Bearing Gifts.                       sonalized items, and more,                                                                                            Staff writer
   Patti and Jim Greek own           many of which are very
the shop, which draws its            affordable, Greek said.                                                                                     There is one simple reason why
name not only from their                Greek, a University of                                                                               Stacy Lowe has worked for the past 16
last name but from a play on         Mississippi graduate in art,                                                                            years at Plaza Electronics – she likes
words from Virgil’s “Aeneid”         began her retail career at                                                                              what she does.
dealing with a character’s           McClures, a former Nashville                                                                                “It’s very interesting – I have the
warning to others to not             department store. Not long              Photo by Jason                                                  opportunity to learn about the latest
be fooled by the infamous            after starting at the family-           Reynolds                                                        innovations in electronics and appli-
Trojan Horse.                        owned store, Greek was sent                                                                             ances – there seems to be something
                                                                             Patti Greek is co-
   The Greeks Bearing Gifts                                                                                                                  new coming out all the time,” said
                                                                             owner of Greeks
store has drawn national                                                                                                                     Lowe. “There’s also a chance every day
                                        SEE PATTI GREEK, A15                 Bearing Gifts.
attention through a mention                                                                                                                  to meet and talk with different people.
last year in “Southern Living”                                                                                                               It’s not the same routine and that
and has been named as a top                                                                                                                  makes it more enjoyable to get up each
25 gift store in the nation by
                                          Patti Greek brought her national-                                                                  morning and look forward to going to
an industry group. She was                  brand retail experience to her                                                                   work.”
named business and profes-                                                                                          Photo by Jack Slayton        Lowe began her working career at
sional woman of the year in
                                                 mother’s hometown.                                                                          age 18, taking various jobs, including
                                                                                                     Stacy Lowe stands in the kitchen
2008 from the Athens Area                                                                            display area at Plaza Electronics.                       SEE STACY LOWE, A15

     Heather Honeycutt, Patti Greek, Shawna Hart, Claire Hammontree, Emily Whiting & Susan Buttram

      It’s a real gift to work with such
            Wonderful Ladies!
                          G            Greeks
                                     Bearing Gifts
                                     ...the fine gift shop of Athens

              Downtown On The Square                
Page A14 – The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010                                                      

Donna Greene                                                                                Carolyn Clark
Continued from A12                                                                          Continued from A12

were encouraged to come in and expe-             After all, she works with in a relaxing    but has continued training throughout       is like “Angel Tree,” Clark said. Several
rience massage. However, on the day           environment with soft music in the back-      her time with the firm. The company         area churches provide names of seniors
of their appointments, Greene’s sister-       ground, dim lighting and a calm atmo-         also provides resources to franchisees.     in need of gifts, and local stores gather
in-law had to cancel, but Greene went         sphere. Also, the scent of essential oils         “I’m a thorough believer in fran-       the gifts. Home Instead staff handle
ahead for her first massage. It would turn    used for aromatherapy permeates the air.      chises,” Clark said.                        the behind-the-scenes work and get
out to be a life-changing experience.            Greene has worked with chiroprac-              Providing senior care is a growing      the gifts to charities that deliver the
    “It was wonderful,” Greene said. “I       tors and has even suggested acupuncture       business, Clark said, since the over-65     items. Drop-off points include Kmart,
started school (to study massage therapy)     and other techniques to clients. Also, she    population will double by 2030.             Walgreens and Citizens Bank, she said.
the next week.”                               has good professional relationships with          Caregivers can go online to www.            “It’s really very rewarding,” she said.
    She left a job in sales that she had      other massage therapists in the commu- to find links to infor-         Although she stays busy working,
worked in for 12 years in order to go         nity.                                         mation about such topics of interest on     Clark spends her leisure time traveling.
to school. Before she could become               “There are a lot of us and we can          caregiving, she said.                       She visited Phoenix in January, and
licensed, Greene logged 500 hours of          take care of people and work together,”           Home Instead tries to match each of     Hawaii is her favorite place to travel —
study. Also, she earns 23 continuing edu-     Greene said.                                  its caregivers with a particular client’s   she’s been there twice.
cation hours every two years to remain           Greene also offers doula services for      needs based on an assessment the cli-
up-to-date in her chosen field.               pregnant woman. A doula is a trained          ent fills out, Clark said.
    Today, Greene is owner of Bella Spa       and experienced professional who pro-             “We know our caregivers well and
                                                                                                                                           WATCH OUR INTERNET WEBSITE
in Downtown Athens, which opened in           vides continuous physical, emotional          assess our clients and family,” she said.
October 2009.                                 and informational support to the mother           Clark has an office at 2105 Ingleside          AT WWW.dAIlypOST
    Bella Spa offers a variety of services,   before, during and just after birth; or who   Ave. in Athens and in Maryville, Tenn.                ATHENIAN.COm
including traditional massage, hot stone      provides emotional and practical support      McMinn, Monroe, Blount and Loudon
massage, facials and waxing. Greene said                                                    Counties are her service areas.                    FOR OUR pRETTy AS
                                              during the postpartum period.
her oldest client is 94 years old, and “we       Greene said the next birth she is              Home Instead participates every                A pICTURE lISTINGS.
even do a children’s massage.”                scheduled to help with is planned for         year in “Be a Santa to a Senior,” which
    “I couldn’t do it without the girls,”     January in Chattanooga.
Greene said, mentioning Casey                    A longtime Meigs County resident,
Eisenmenger and Sheila Womac. “The            Greene and her husband of 32 years,
three of us share everything.”                James, have one daughter, Kristen, a chef.       We Salute ALL Working Women!
    All three women are certified massage     In her spare time, Greene participates in
therapists, and Eisenmenger is an aesthe-     local health fairs, and has donated her            You Haven’t Seen Assisted Living
    Greene has worked in this area more
                                              services for various causes.
                                                 “I’m an avid reader – I love to read,”              Until You’ve Seen Us!
than eight years, including more than six     she added.
years working with Lisa Brown Massage.           Greene said that five years from now
    “I worked with Sheila and Casey at        she expects to still be in business in
Lisa’s,” Greene said.                         Downtown Athens.
    She was voted “Best of the Best” mas-        “We want to add some services,” she
sage therapist earlier this year, and was     said, adding she plans to keep prices
also selected as the best in The Daily        competitive “so everybody has an oppor-
Post-Athenian’s Reader’s Choice poll in       tunity to experience massage therapy.”
2009.                                            Bella Spa is open Monday through
    “I tell people I have the absolute best   Friday by appointment. Call 453-5145 for
job in the world,” Greene said.               more information.

                                                                                                  With quality care for seniors in a nurturing, homelike
                                                                                              setting, Morning Pointe Assisted Living offers more freedom
                                                                                                             and support than ever before.
                                                                                                                                                   Call for
                                                                                                                                               information or
                                                                                                                                               come by for a
                                                                                                                                                personal tour
                                                                                              1025 Crestway Drive, Athens                      423-745-0608
                                                                                                                                     Debbie Moody
                                                                                                                                                                     Executive Director                                                                    The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010 – Page A15

Stacy Lowe
                                                 away from the workplace, as well.
                                                     ª I like to read, relax by the pool or trav-
                                                 el,º said Lowe. ª I think everybody needs
                                                 time away ± it' s rejuvenating and keeps
Continued from A13                               everything fresh.º
clerking in a record store ± ª when they              Lowe says the decision to work was
were called record stores,º she said.            not an either-or one, but a combination
Around age 20, she ventured into the             of personal choice and necessity.
electronics and appliance field where she             ª For me it' s both ± I enjoy working,
has been ever since.                             but have a great appreciation for those
    Along the way
she acquired her
husband, Jamie,
and they have
                                  Stacy Lowe has worked more than
one son, Mike,                      16 years in the retail business.
    Lowe says
working and
having a family can be difficult at times,     women who choose to stay home and
but you learn to cope with the balancing       raise a family,º said Lowe. ª In today' s
act.                                           financial times, it' s also necessary if you
    ª There are times, with the hours you      want to enjoy a certain lifestyle and pro-
work in the retail business, that you' re      vide for the needs of your family.º
going to miss out on some things at               At this point, Lowe has no intention
home or school ± it' s inevitable,º said       of altering her career plans or leaving the
Lowe. ª You just do the best you can and       employment of Mike Murphy at Plaza
understand there aren' t enough hours in       Electronics.
the day to get everything done.                   ª I enjoy my job and have a boss who
     ª It seems these days, for the most part, make me feel valuable ± that' s important
we' re able to do both better than we used to me,º said Lowe. ª We' re like a family
to ± I guess we have more experience at        here ± it' s a pleasant working environ-
making the necessary adjustments.º             ment.
      Lowe does admit to enjoying herself          ª I' ll continue to work as long as I can.º

Patti Greek
Continued from A13
to New York on her first purchasing trip.        Fine Gifts from Jody Rogers, and seven
   ª I didn' t even know what a purchase         years ago bought their North Jackson
order was,º she said. ª They just put me         Street building. They were drawn to
on a plane.º                                     Athens because her mother, Nancy
    Greek worked as a gift and holiday           Mahery Williams, is from here. Her father
merchandise buyer for three-and-a-half           is Harry Williams.
years, and McClures taught her that cus-            Although Patti Greek is not a McMinn
tomer service and gift wrapping were the         County native, she has numerous rela-
top priorities in retail. She calls the for-     tives here, including her mother' s Mahery
mer McClures store a ª mini-Nordstrom.º          relatives as well as the Nankivells. Her
    She moved to Dallas to get married to                       .O.
                                                 grandfather, F Mahery, founded Athens
Jim, and worked for Crabtree & Evelyn            Stoveworks, and her uncle Charles
as a store manager. She was promoted             Mahery drew calendar scenes of McMinn
and opened stores for the chain, and             County landmarks for Citizens National
the family moved to Woodstock, Conn.,            Bank. Reproductions of those drawings
where she eventually became director             are on sale in the shop in various formats.
for the U.S. retail division, overseeing            Greek is involved with the Tennessee
117 stores. Crabtree & Evelyn was sold,          Overhill Heritage Association, Downtown
and so the couple, both of whom worked           Business Association and the Creating
for the chain, left and set their sights on      a Rural Entrepreneurial System in
Athens, her mother' s hometown.                  Tennessee. She is vice chairwoman of
    The Greeks moved to Athens in                the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce,
June 1996 and opened their store in              and a member of Mars Hill Presbyterian
September. They bought William Rogers            Church.
Page A16 – The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010                                                          

Bunny Fisher Browder                                                                                                                                                  Photo by
                                                                                                                                                                      Lu Shep

She knows the value of the

newspaper in the classroom
                                                                                                                                                                      an NIE
  Lu Shep BaLdwin               University of Tennessee        own creative newspaper                                                                                 activ-
 The DPA NIE Coordinator        (Knoxville) student mail-      lessons and ideas with                                                                                 ity guide
                                box starting with my           other teachers and Lu                                                                                  in her
    Bunny Fisher Browder        first day of college. After    Shep Baldwin, The DPA                                                                                  class-
is a DPA NIE teacher at         I began my education           NIE Coordinator.                                                                                       room.
Westside Elementary             courses at UT, I somehow           “Numerous DPA NIE
School in Athens. She has       knew that newspapers           sponsors have visited her
been a teacher at Westside      were going to play a large     classroom and have not
Elementary since 1985,          part in my future career       only observed but partici-
initially hired as a Title I    as a teacher. I saved a lot    pated in NIE lessons with
teacher. Browder has been                                      Browder and her students.
teaching fourth grade at                                       The sponsors are always
Westside for 20 years.                                         impressed with her NIE        standards that include;        students learn best when        Newspaper costumes
    Incorporating news-              Since 1985                activities and how obvi-      media, selecting sources,      actively involved. What      are another way that
papers in the classroom             Bunny Fisher               ous it is that the students   and main idea in a visual.     better text than something   Browder utilizes The DPA
curriculum has been an                                         are eager to be engaged       Communication is a new         they can hold, read, write   for creativity and recy-
ongoing commitment                    Browder                  in learning from their        standard that includes         on, tear, cut, and glue!”    cling. She stated that the
that Browder has made               is a DPA NIE               local newspaper,” stated      main idea of a speech and      Browder continued.           costumes are great for
since she began her teach-                                     Baldwin.
ing career in a Louisiana            teacher at                    Browder comments,
                                                                                             interactive behaviors that
                                                                                                                                            SEE BUNNY FISHER BROWDER, A18
                                                                                             are appropriate for group
classroom in the 1970s.               Westside                 “With the increased rigor     activities. An author’s pur-
She knows the value of                                         and higher standards at
having the local news-
                                     Elementary                all grade levels, I have
                                                                                             pose is always important,

                                                                                                                             Kids Eat Free!
                                                                                             and newspapers are a
paper as a teaching tool               School.                 found newspapers to be a      great way to teach types of
and as an additional edu-                                      very valuable tool. This is   writing such as to inform,
cational resource for her                                      especially true with some     persuade, and entertain.”
students.                                                      of the new fourth grade          “Research shows that
    Browder states,
                                                                                                                                Tuesdays 4:00 - Close
                                of those DPA newspapers
“Newspapers offer a diver-      and my first students, in
sion from textbooks and         the Louisiana kindergar-
provides the students           ten class, were introduced
with a “living history” of      to reading and writing
their community. When
newspapers are combined
                                through old copies of The
                                Daily Post-Athenian.”                                                                                                      Free Kids Meal
                                                                                                                                                             with Each
with school classroom               Since The DPA did not
computers, computer             have an established NIE
labs, Smartboards, library      program in 1985, when
books, and textbooks            Browder began teach-                                                                                                        Adult Entree
– teachers can present          ing at Westside, she had
multilevel and cross-cur-
riculum lessons.”
                                to secure copies of The
                                DPA from any resources
    When Browder began          that she could locate. She
her teaching career in kin-     would even buy, with her                                                                                                   Ages 10 and Under
dergarten in an inner city      own money, 50 copies, at
school in Louisiana, she        a time, of The DPA so that
was given a plastic crate of    every child could have                                                                          1804                                    Dine-In Only
supplies which included         their own newspaper copy                                                                     Decatur Pike                            No Other Discounts
some construction paper,        for the daily lessons in her
                                                                                                                               Athens                                    Sun.-Thur.
a few bottles of glue, a pair   classroom.                                                                                                                             11 a.m.-9 p.m.
of scissors, and 25 pencils.        When The DPA estab-                                                                      745-2626                                    Fri. & Sat.
                                                                                                                                                                      11 a.m.-10 p.m.
    She comments,               lished an NIE program,
“Thanks to my parents,          Browder became a contin-
I had received The Daily        ual participant in the NIE
                                                                                                                                       HOME OF THE FLAMEKIST® STEAK
Post-Athenian in my             program often sharing her                                                                    The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010 – Page A17

Carolyn Melton
High school job at library has lasted 36 years
Jason Reynolds                                                                           good jobs in high
      Staff Writer               Carolyn Melton has been a librarian                     school,” she said.
                                                                                            The couple’s
   Carolyn Melton is a              at the E.G. Fisher Public Library                    daughter, Taylor,
people-person, a trait                         for over 36 years.                        recently graduated
that has come in handy                                                                   from Cleveland State
over the 36 years she                                                                    Community College.
has worked at E.G.                                                                       She plans to attend
Fisher Public Library.                  Library, including the move from
                                        Hornsby Street to the current site  the University of Tennessee at
   The librarian said she likes get-
                                        on Ingleside Avenue in 1996.        Chattanooga after taking a break.
ting to know people and having
                                           The “new” library is larger and  Melton said her daughter’s move
the support of her friendly co-
workers. She loves to read, which       has more to offer residents of      to Cleveland left the house a little
helps her recommend books to            city, which has grown during her    more empty.
visitors and make them feel wel-        career. Now, with so many people       “It’s been a big adjustment at
come, she said.                         unemployed, a lot of people come    home … having an empty nest,”
   “One day I’ll be on the other        to the library to use the computer, she said.
side of the counter,” Melton said.      she said.                              But, Taylor visits on weekends
   Her favorite types of books             Both she and her husband,        and takes part in Sunday dinners,
include black history, romance          Chuck, started their jobs in high   her mother said. Carolyn Melton
and history, she said.                  school — he works at Mayfield       said she grew up with seven sib-                                           Photo by Jason Reynolds
   Melton said she has seen a lot       Dairy Farm.                         lings, and Sunday dinners were a              Carolyn Melton has worked for E.G. Fisher
of changes at E.G. Fisher Public           “We were both blessed to find    big occasion.                                 Public Library for more than 30 years.

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                                                           Edward Jones, your local financial advisor meets with you
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                                                           financial picture. That way, we can find the life insurance
                                                           policy that best suits your family’s unique needs.

                                                           Because all the toys in the world aren’t worth as much to
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Page A18 – The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010                                                                                               

   Volunteering:                                                                                     Bunny Fisher Browder
   Helping others could                                                                              Continued from A16
                                                                                                     classroom presentations or projects.   Browder believes that important             Browder has been an active
   actually help you                                                                                     Westside Elementary School’s
                                                                                                     Character Education Program is
                                                                                                                                            decisions for adult living can only be
                                                                                                                                            made with decision-making skills
                                                                                                                                                                                     member of her church, Trinity
                                                                                                                                                                                     United Methodist Church in Athens,
                                                                                                     “Victor.” Browder uses The DPA as      and objective information – both of      and her community.
                          Courtesy of ARA Content                                                    an educational resource to support     which she believes can be gained            With retirement in sight, Bunny
                                                                                                     the program.                           through the effective use of the         Browder is looking forward to vol-
      The health benefits of volunteering are well                                                       She has used “Just Don’t Do It”,   newspaper in schools.                    unteer work at Westside Elementary,
   documented and include reduced stress and                                                         an NIE anti-drug educational sup-         Bunny Browder, an Athens              E.G. Fisher Library in Athens,
   an increased feeling of self worth. It is no won-                                                 plement, and copies of the weekly      native, and the daughter of the late     and becoming more active in her
   der that for many people with chronic condi-                                                      Kid Scoop student activity page        Jim Fisher of Athens and Margaret        church.
   tions, volunteering can even help maintain or                                                     on setting goals and teasing. The      Fisher of Athens. She is married            The DPA NIE program is a
   improve one's physical health.                                                                    Kid Scoop page is published each       to Richard C. Browder, Sr. The           non-profit literacy program. It is
      Hand in Hand for RA (www.handinhand-                                                           Wednesday in The DPA.                  Browders have three children and         financially supported through spon- is a national awareness campaign                                                           Browder wants educators and        seven grandchildren.                     sorships from local businesses and
   that encourages people with the painful chronic                                                   parents to use their local newspaper      Her educational background            individuals in the community and
   joint disease rheumatoid arthritis (RA) to learn                                                  to teach skills other than reading,    includes; Ingleside School, McMinn       The DPA.
   about the benefits of volunteering and share                                                      writing, and math. She wants stu-      County High School, the University          For more information about
   their own inspirational stories.                                                                  dents to use their knowledge from      of Tennessee (Knoxville), and            the NIE program contact Lu Shep
      To take advantage of what your community                                                       newspapers to understand the real      Louisiana State University in Baton      Baldwin at lushep.baldwin@
   may offer or to find ideas, try visiting your local                                               world, its potentials, shortcom-       Rouge, Louisiana. She continued or 745-5664 ext.
   recreation center, YMCA or town hall. These                                                       ings, problems, aspirations, and       her education with graduate courses      134. Baldwin is also the Director
   places post community activities and list where                                                   achievements. She believes that        from the University of Tennessee         of Educational Services for Jones
   volunteers are needed.                                                                            this will help students become         (Chattanooga), Tusculum College,         Media, Inc., the parent company for
                                                                                                     more informed and aware citizens.      and Cumberland University.               The DPA.

    Saluting All Our Women Today!

                                                                                                             Salutes the Women
                                                                                                                of this area!                                        Your Hometown Specialty Bakery
                                                                                                        We Take Pride                                                              and
   Pictured left to right, back row: J.J. Murrey, Jill Russell, Haly Watson and Edith Young. Front
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                                                                                                       you, our valued
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                                                                                                                                               The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010 – Page A19

Sherry Loring                                                                                                                                                            Photo by
                                                                                                                                                                         Autumn Hughes

Consignment store owner                                                                                                                                                  Sherry Loring
                                                                                                                                                                         has owned

enjoys being her own boss
                                                                                                                                                                         Shoppe for
                                                                                                                                                                         nine years.
          autumn hughes
           Citizen News Editor
                                                            Sherry Loring
   For Sherry Loring, owning a business                    owns Grapevine
was a longtime dream that came true.
   She wanted to be her own boss, so she
                                                         Consignment Shoppe.
bought Grapevine Consignment Shoppe
– an established clothing consignment               shop. With the state of the economy, she
store – from a longtime friend.                     has seen many new consignors over the
   Loring has owned the Athens busi-                past year or two.
ness for nine years. She said making the               “A lot more people are consigning
store a success takes a lot of work, but it         rather than donating,” Loring said, add-
is worth it.                                        ing she pays consignors at the end of the
   “If I weren’t here, I’d miss all the nice        month rather than offering store credit.
people I’ve met,” Loring said.                         At Grapevine Consignment, clothing
   She would also miss out on some great            for women ranges from casual attire to
clothing – Loring buys most of her own              formalwear, as well as shoes, accessories,
wardrobe items from the shop.                       jewelry, belts and purses.
   Loring said she has regular custom-
ers, as well as new faces, who come by to                         SEE SHERRY LORING, A21

                                                                                    Honesty. Integrity.
                                                                                   All in a day’s work. The farming and
                                                                                agriculture industry keeps our community
                                                                                 and our country strong, and we’re proud
                                                                                       to be a part of that tradition.
                                                                               We value hard work, honesty and integrity,
                                                                                  the same qualities you look at when
                                                                                      considering your financing.

        Available when you submit your
    announcement in The Daily Post-Athenian
    Let Us Help You Plan Your Special Day!
            320 S. Jackson Street • Athens • 745-5664                          
  •Tux Rentals          •Invitations            •Insurance
  •Photography          •Honeymoon              •Financial Tips                     812 N. Congress Parkway, Athens               Bobbye Ward, April Newman, Nancy Miller, Courtney Hall
                                                                                                                                                   and Sherry Landers
Page A20 – The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010                                                                

Lisa Bell
Creating art, beautiful images is part of her everyday life
   Andy BrusseAu                                                                                                                 Friend Muffin” won Best             on display at the Robin’s
        Staff Writer                                                                                            Photo
                                                                                                                by Andy          of Show at the Mid-East             Nest in Sweetwater. She
                                                                                                                Brusseau         Tennessee Regional Fair.            has sold pieces in England
    Local artist Lisa Bell                                                                                                       Another piece, “Cowgirls,”          and Canada, and recently
had been out of the work-                                                                                       Local            won Top 40 at a Knoxville           completed a commis-
force for 24 years, but she                                                                                     artist           show. Also, she has won             sioned piece for a player
is quickly getting back in                                                                                      Lisa Bell        several CAL awards and              from the Dallas Cowboys.
the swing of things and                                                                                         shows            was accepted into the                   Fuller’s Frame Shop
has quickly established                                                                                         some of          Dogwood Arts Festival.              is located at 302 Bank
herself as a talented and                                                                                       her work            Bell displayed some of           St., in Athens, and may
well-respected artist.                                                                                          that she         her work at the Etowah              be reached by calling
    “It’s been going great,”                                                                                    displays         Art Walk, and has work              745-7489.
Bell said. “It’s good to have                                                                                   at Fuller’s
the opportunity to show                                                                                         Frame
my work in public.”
    Bell works out of
                                                                                                                Shop in
                                                                                                                                    COLOR EVENT
Fuller’s Frame Shop
Wednesday through                                                                                                                                         FALL 2010
Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to                                        the original and a dozen        second solo exhibit at the                            Color Collection
5:30 p.m., and also does                                          cards, as well as framing.      E.G. Fisher Public Library.
commissioned work. She               Lisa Bell
                                                                  She does original greeting      Her first library exhibit                           FREE GIFT*
is available for appoint-           has quickly                   cards of her work that she      was mostly pencil work,                                With purchase
                                                                                                                                                   Bid dry skin a “dew” with
ments and to schedule
photo sessions. She will
                                    established                   says are great for special      and the recent exhibit was                       trial-sized hydrators in a
                                                                                                                                                       coordinating bag:
                                                                  occasions and make for a        more pastels.
work from a photo and               herself as a                  “one-of-a-kind” gift.              She is president of
                                                                                                                                                              LUXIVA Daily Moisture Milky
                                                                                                                                                            Cleanser, LUXIVA Daily Moisture

customers can bring their          talented and                       Bell has spent most of      the Community Artists’
                                                                                                                                                          Toner, LUXIVA Daily Mositure Cream
                                                                                                                                                           & LUXIVA Nightly Moisture Cream

own photo or she can take                                         the last 24 years raising her   League (CAL), and one of        Bring in this ad for a free makeover!
it herself.                        well-respected                 five children, but has been     her duties is to organize          Book your appointment now!
    Bell paints portraits              artist.                    pursuing her love for art       exhibits in the library gal-
and works with animals.                                           at home. She relies on the      lery.
Her works include water-                                          kids for help, and says “the       She has won many
color, pencil and mono-            She says she can do            older kids kind of take care    awards for her work.                 916 Dupitt Street, Athens
type print. Monotoype           more detail with pencil,          of themselves.”                    Her piece titled “My                    453-5763
is where the artist inks a      but is “not afraid to put my          She also spends many
plate and makes a print,        finger in any medium.”            evenings in support of her
and every print is unique.         At Fuller’s, she sells         husband, State Rep. Mike
She also does some acrylic      originals and prints of           Bell, who is a currently
work, which is a type of        her work. She also fea-           running for a seat in the
paint.                          tures her work on custom          state senate.
    “My favorite style is       Christmas cards, including            She recently had a her
whatever I am working on
at the time,” Bell said.
    One of her favorite
works she calls a “Mini-
Trip,” which comprised
                                  New Beginnings
of three separate pieces
called triptychs, which are
                                      Salon                                                                                                Lingerie - Petite to
like artist trading cards.                                                                                                                 Plus Sizes
    Most of her prints are        Hairstyles, Perms, Color
of intimate moments –                                                        Nancy Crisp, Owner                                            Garters & Hosiery
people doing what they do
naturally. She does a lot of
                                      Thanks For 15 Years Of Serving You!                                                                  Romantic
candid and local scenes.              Tues., Wed., Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Thurs. 9 a.m.-7 p.m.;                                               Enhancements
    Bell likes rain paintings                          Sat. 9 a.m.-12 noon
– which are actually done                                                                             Visit us at
                                       By Appointment or Walk-Ins Welcome
in the rain – and spatters
from droplets makes each
one unique.
                                     125 County Rd 100, Decatur •   423-507-8542                                                                 The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010 – Page A21

5 ways women can prevent injuries                                                        Sherry Loring
 Courtesy of ARA Content

    Women’s bodies are

                              1.      Brace your
                                      ankles to prevent
                                                            5.     Get gear made
                                                                   for women. Why
                                                            use equipment made
                                                                                         Continued from A19
                                                                                             “I have clothes from          “If I don’t have it, I fig-              specials at her store: 25
built differently than        sprains. Ankle sprains        for men when women’s         infants to plus sizes for      ure somebody else has it,”                  percent off, 50 percent off
men’s bodies. This means      occur when a ligament is      equipment is so read-        women,” Loring said.           she said.                                   and a $1 rack.
that women’s shoes,           stretched or torn. Women      ily available? Braces            Also, the store stocks        Grapevine                                   “We change them every
pants and even women’s        are more susceptible to       and supports made            some items for men.            Consignment Shoppe is                       30 days,” she said.
socks are constructed to      ankle injuries, as they       for women are as close           “I have three wedding      now accepting fall and                         Grapevine
fit women’s unique pro-       have narrower feet than       as your local Walmart.       dresses,” Loring said.         winter clothing, but there                  Consignment Shoppe is
portions. However, when       men, and their heels – in     Properly proportioned        “I like to have a little of    are still great buys on                     open from 11 a.m. to 5
it comes to braces and        particular – are narrower     equipment can make           everything.”                   summer items.                               p.m. Wednesday through
supports, women have          compared to the front         a huge difference. For           Some new arrivals to          “I don’t totally clean                   Saturday. The store is
classically been forced to    of the foot. Women who        instance, women’s hips       the shop include clothing      out all my summer stock,”                   located at 719 S. Congress
make do with equipment        favor high-heeled shoes       are on average much          brands American Eagle,         Loring said, adding that                    Parkway, just north of
made to fit men.              must be especially care-      wider than men’s hips        Hollister, Eddie Bauer,        customers who are plan-                     Brownie’s Restaurant.
    For women, men-           ful: The higher the heel,     and women simply have        Abercrombie & Fitch,           ning a warm-weather get-                       For more information,
centric equipment can         the more unstable the         different proportions all    Land’s End, Gap and Old        away or cruise this winter                  or to make an appoint-
be both uncomfortable         ankle is likely to be.        around. Make sure to         Navy.                          can find clothing in her                    ment with Loring to
and ineffective, and can
fail to deliver the neces-
sary support that women
                              2.      Support your
                                      knees when you
                              go running, dancing,
                                                            wear apparel and equip-
                                                            ment that takes this
                                                            into consideration. Men
                                                                                             Loring is originally
                                                                                         from Illinois, and moved
                                                                                         to this area in 1972. She
                                                                                                                        store year-round.
                                                                                                                           Loring posts monthly
                                                                                                                                                                    consign clothing, call

need. Many women              waterskiing or even just      would certainly never        and her husband, Bill,
choose to go without          walking around. Women         wear equipment built for     share their Meigs County
rather than use braces        are up to four times more     women, so why would          home with six dogs and
and supports that don’t       likely to suffer tears of     you use equipment made       two cats. She has one
fit correctly.                the anterior cruciate liga-   for men?                     daughter, Trisha, who lives
    Companies such as         ment in their knees.              “Women may have          in the Nashville area with
Wellgate for Women are
                              3.      Use protection
                                      when typing, tex-
                                                            different needs than
                                                            men, but they have the
                                                                                         her husband, Richard.
                                                                                             Loring doesn’t mind
                                                                                                                                            Magic Scissors
leading the fight to make
women-specific ankle,         ting, tweeting or playing     same demands when it         recommending her cus-

                                                                                                                        A Beautiful Look
knee and wrist supports       video games. Women are        comes to quality, durabil-   tomers try a different store

                                                                                                                                              Salutes All
available. A variety of       three times more likely       ity, and strength in their   if she doesn’t have in stock
knee supports are now         to develop carpal tun-        equipment,” says Barclay.    what they’re looking for.
designed specifically for     nel syndrome than men.

                                                                                                                                            Working Women!
women. Because they           The modern age is full of
are made for women, not       repetitive wrist activities
only do they fit better,      that can certainly add up
but they are also more        over time. Using a wrist
comfortable and flatter-      brace at work or at home
ing to a woman’s body.        can help keep pressure
    For instance,             off your wrists and let
                              you stay in touch and
                                                                     A successful
Wellgate’s Slimfit Ankle
Support is designed to        reduce the risk of injury.            holiday party
easily slip into a woman’s
shoe. There are no seams
protruding under the
                              4.      Use a support that
                                      fits, especially if
                              you suffer from arthritis
                                                                   is just a phone
                                                                      call away.
foot and no bunching          or other joint problems.           423-506-3693
in the elastic support        Women are 41 percent
around the ankle itself,      more likely than men to                                                                                      Front row: Crystal Johnson, English Walden and Janet
making them perfect           suffer from arthritis, in                                                                                    Woods. Second row: Cushie Stoika, Megan Baker and
for high heels. Wellgate’s    addition to many other                                                                                       Michelle Sharpe. Standing: Jesse Goodman, Karen Leamon,
lineup even includes the      muscle and joint prob-                                                                                       Jeanie Sneed, Tiffany Cornelius, and Billy Lowry.
only knee brace made          lems as they age. Physical

to fit plus-sized women       therapy and exercise
– the Wellgate UltraLite      help to alleviate arthritis                                  A Full Service
Knee Support.                 symptoms, and a brace                                      Catering Company

    Megan Barclay, a          that fits the contours of                                   Owners Brandi Owens
New York City physical        the female body helps                                         & Maria Jaibat
therapist, offers five ways   women to exercise more
women can help prevent        safely.                                                                                                                                   423-745-4612
Page A22 – The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010                                                            

Why there is no better time to be a female entrepreneur
       ARA Content                                                                 Photo        it is today, women with       accounting. The advice       mater, DeVry University,
                                                                                   by ARA       entrepreneurial minds can and insights they gave me        is home to five colleges of
     While women have                                                              Content      take a look at the needs of   were invaluable,” she says. study with a deep offering
struggled historically with                                                                     the population and                                               of degree programs
                                                                                   The num-
equal pay and discrimina-                                                                       ask themselves how                                               that prepare students
tory treatment within the
                                                                                   ber of
                                                                                                they can help meet           Today, women’s labor                for a multitude of in-
workplace, national trends                                                                      those needs.”               force growth should be demandyour plan in      careers.
and statistics show that                                                                            She offers three                                                • Put
there’s never been a better
                                                                                                tips for aspiring              faster than men’s.                writing. Talamonti
time to be a business-                                                                          entrepreneurs:                                                   stresses that having
                                                                                   ues to
woman.                                                                                              • Find a mentor.                                             an idea isn’t enough.
                                                                                   grow at
     According to the                                                                           Talamonti explains that           • Further your educa-    It’s essential to put a
                                                                                   twice the
Bureau of Labor Statistics                                                                      once she identified the       tion. “Making sure you       strong, thoughtful busi-
                                                                                   rate of
(BLS), in 1950 about one                                                                        need for financial manag-     have the appropriate level ness plan down on paper
                                                                                   all U.S.
in three women partici-                                                                         ers within her community, of certification is key,”        before executing anything.
pated in the labor force.                                                                       she sought the advice of      Talamonti notes. “Before         “Once I developed my
But by 1998, nearly three                                                                       respected professionals       beginning your business,     initial business plan, I
of every five women of                                                                          in her network before         consider returning to        asked my mentors, both
working age were in the                                                                         fleshing out her plans of     school to get an advanced professional and educa-
labor force. In addition,      porate world, Talamonti             practical skill that could   becoming a financial con- degree in your field of          tional, to review my ideas
the BLS notes that wom-        realized that she wanted            allow me to become           sultant.                      choice. It’s important to be before I implemented
en’s labor force growth        to venture out on her own           entirely independent,”           “When I started think-    an expert in your indus-     them,” she says.
should be faster than          and start a business. With          says Talamonti.              ing about launching Good try - and your customers              Talamonti is passionate
men’s. The Department of       hopes of furthering her                Talamonti’s success       Egg, I spoke with women       will want to know your       about the opportunities
Labor notes that women         knowledge and increas-              has led her to encourage     in several industries, all    background and creden-       available for women in
are projected to account       ing her business acu-               her female peers to follow   tangentially related to       tials.” Talamonti’s alma     today’s economic climate.
for 51.2 percent of the        men, Talamonti returned             their own dreams.
increase in total labor        to school, attending                   “Now is truly the
force growth between           DeVry University to earn            best time for women to
2008 and 2018.
     According to a recent
article in Newsweek titled
                               her master’s degree in
                               accounting and financial
                                                                   think about starting their
                                                                   own businesses,” says
                                                                   Talamonti. “When the
                                                                                                                                                          We Salute
“Women Will Rule the
World,” by 2005, women
                                  “I felt accounting was a         economy is changing as
represented more than a
third of people involved
in entrepreneurial activity,
and the number of wom-
en-owned firms continues
to grow at twice the rate of
                                                                                                                                                           All Over
all U.S. firms. As authors
Jessica Bennett and Jesse
Ellison write, “Indeed,
                                                                                                                                                          The World!
it’s not a leap to say that
female entrepreneurship
may help revive the for-
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                                         Broker, ABR, CRS, SFR
                                          Cell 593-8713
                                                                       Rosezella Crabtree
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tunes of the middle class
in the developed world.”
     Rita Talamonti, a per-
                                                                                                       World Poverty in over 30 countries.
sonal financial advocate
who recently launched
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entrepreneur in today’s                   Dianne Jarvis                 Cathy Swafford
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ronment. Her story mir-                                    #1 in Tennessee                              A Fair Trade Ministry That Fights World Poverty & Hunger
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around the country: After                  
several years in the cor-                                  423.746.0227                                                                                The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010 – Page A23

What is a stay-at-home parent really worth in dollars & cents?
 Courtesy of ARA Content                                                                                                                  build-up in ways that can       the children.
                                                                                                                                          provide benefits to the            • Defining and address-
    Have you ever put a                                                                                                    of ARA         family while the caregiver      ing retirement income
dollar figure on how much                                                                                                  Content        is living,” Gay says. “I have   needs.
the stay-at-home parent                                                                                                                   found that in many cases,          • Preparing a college
in your household would                                                                                                    There is       a combination of term           savings plan.
earn for all the jobs they                                                                                                 value in       (or temporary coverage)            • Caring for loved ones,
do? Or how about the                                                                                                       staying        and permanent insurance         including preparing for
adult child who is now                                                                                                     at home,       may be the ideal answer         long-term care needs.
caring for aging parents or                                                                                                too.           for growing families who           “As a parent myself, I
other relatives?                                                                                                                          need the coverage but also      understand that discuss-
    So how much is a stay-                                                                                                                want to start the process       ing unforeseen life events
at-home parent’s work                                                                                                                     in an affordable way.”          can be unsettling. But
really worth? According to                                                                                                                    Gay suggests families       not having that impor-’s 2010 Mother’s                                                                                                                also consider discussing        tant discussion can leave
Day Paycheck for Mom’s                                                                                                                    other financial planning        families unprepared and
Job, the time mothers                                                                                                                     topics when formulat-           truly in a place we hope a
spend performing 10 typi-                                                                                                                 ing a well-rounded plan,        family never will be - with-
cal job functions would                                                                                                                   including:                      out options,” says Gay.
equate to an annual salary      as a working mother, I         In addition, 234,000                        “Once a family takes               • Creating an emergen-      “Working with a financial
of $117,867 for a stay-at-      know how many different        school-aged children are               a deeper look at both               cy fund and developing a        professional can help
home mom.                       hats that caregiver is wear-   watched over by 140,000                the value of the wage-              budget that both parents        families leverage tools like
    Historically, families      ing all at the same time,      fathers who stay at home.              earner and the caregiver,           can commit to.                  whole life insurance that
often undervalue the pri-       including caring for and           Families reviewing their           depending on the family’s               • Creating a will and       can offer a solid sense of
mary caregiver’s contribu-      nurturing kids emotional-      financial plans should                 needs, a whole life insur-          assigning guardianship of       security for any family.”
tions, and that can lead        ly, physically and intellec-   look at the value a care-              ance policy can be a good
to some troublesome cir-        tually, cooking the family’s   giver provides the family,             fit. A permanent policy
cumstances in the event         meals, cleaning the house,     and plan for an insurance              that provides coverage
                                racing in between playing      policy that gives the fam-             for the entire life of the
                                                                                                                                                 Saluting Today’s
that there is a disability or
unexpected death and the        with the kids and keeping      ily flexibility if something           owner, may also help cre-
caregiver’s contributions       the laundry moving along,      were to happen to the                  ate flexibility for the fam-
are no longer available to
the family.
                                running errands and driv-
                                ing all over town in the
                                                               caregiver.                             ily through its cash value                 Working Women!
    The result is that          same pattern three times
many “stay-at-homers”           a day! The truth is that if
have been inadequately          you had to pay for each
accounted for in family         of those services, the cost
financial plans, leaving        can be exorbitant – even
both the financial and          prohibitive. Families today                           Saluting Our
emotional stability of the      need to make sure that
family at even greater risk
if funds aren’t available
                                they not only think about
                                the value of the hours           Working Women Of Today!
to help cope as a family        that are being worked
rebuilds.                       out of the house, but also
    “When I talk to fami-       consider those hours
lies who have made the          being put into working in
decision for one parent to      the home – and actually
stay home, I’m surprised        assign the true combined
by how often families           value that they’re worth.”
overlook the value of               The demand for more
the work being done             information about the              Back row, left to right: Janet Utter, Tracy McDonald, Shannon Adams,
by the family caregiver,        role of stay-at-home dad           Stephanie Hamilton, Donna Combs, Cyndy Stephens. Front row, left to
                                                                   right: Melissa Gaynor, Toby Swafford, Courtney Smith. Not pictured:
                                                                                                                                             Open thru lunch for your convenience
whether that’s a man or a       has also led to other stud-        Michelle Hockman and Robin Long.                                                  and all day Saturday!
woman,” says Kelley Gay,
assistant vice president,
Market Development for
                                ies, in addition to Salary.
                                com’s. About 25 percent
                                of America’s preschoolers
                                                                                 Hair Kingdom                                                 FULLER’S FRAME SHOP
Massachusetts Mutual            are cared for by dad while        We Carry                           We Use
Life Insurance Co.              mom is at work, according                                                                                            302 Bank Street • Athens • 745-7489
(MassMutual). “Trust me,        to the U.S. Census Bureau.                                  745-7812                                                      Monday - Saturday 9:30-5:30
Page A24 – The Daily Post-Athenian, " Women Today", Friday, October 15, 2010

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