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					Plant Reproduction Worksheet # 1                        Name ____________________
AP Biology

1. The diploid generation in plants produces gametes.          (1.) true   (2.) false

2. The sporophyte is dominant in flowering plants.         (1.) true   (2.) false

3. All gametophytes are (1.) n. (2.) single-celled. (3.) 2n. (4.) a myth of AP Bio teachers

4. In plant life cycles, which of the following sequences is correct?
   (1.) sporophyte, mitosis, spores, gametophyte (2.) spores, meiosis, gametophyte, mitosis
   (3.) gametophyte, meiosis, gametes, zygote (4.) zygote, sporophyte, meiosis, spores
   (5.) gametes, zygote, mitosis, spores

5. Which cell(s) has a different ploidy level from the rest? (1.) cells of a gametophyte
   (2.) zygote (3.) root cells of a flowering plant (4.) cells of a sporophyte (5.) somatic cells

6. In the evolution of land plants, sporophytes became dominant over gametophytes
    due primarily to what adaptation? (1.) airborne pollen (2.) vascular tissue
    (3.) seeds (4.) diploidy (5.) flowers

7. Before aquatic plants could move onto the land, they had to:
   (1.) develop a way to absorb minerals from the soil (2.) find a means of conserving water
   (3.) develop a way to reproduce on land (4.) all of the above (5.) none of the above

8. The development of a vascular system in plants allowed: (1.) water to move from
   the roots to the leaves (2.) carbohydrates to move from the leaves to the roots
   (3.) a rigid structure that enabled plants to grow taller
   (4.) both a and b           (5.)    a, b, and c

9. The gametophyte generation is the dominant generation in
    (1.) roses (2.) mosses (3.) conifers (4.) ferns
10-14 Correctly complete the missing generation lines on the graphic below, then use the graphic to
   provide a description of the process of alternation of generations in plants.
    In your discussion include the following:

-- chromosome number of the sporophyte generation
-- cell division process producing spores
-- chromosome number of the gametophyte generation
-- cell division process by which gametes are produced in plants

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