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                                    Griffin Gazette
 February/March 2011

                                                                                                       Sterling School PTA Newsletter

PTA PresidenT’s LeTTer
Hello Sterling Families,

I have said it before but I will say it again - just when you think you                                february
have everything scheduled and planned properly, “everything” expands                                   2    Class and Club Pictures
to include one more thing. January certainly brought a wonderful
opportunity to make special memories in the snow, but the impact of                                    5    Middle School Pancake Fundraiser
missing so many days of school and work certainly set many of us into                                  1    PTA Executive Board Meeting, noon
a spin not normally seen in January.                                                                   11 Middle School Dance
I want to offer a big thank you to Jill Adrien and all the folks that volunteered their time for our   15 Middle School Curriculum Info. Night
Health Fair Event. While the snow and school holiday impacted our attendance and resulted              21 Presidents’ Day – No School
in a disappointing turnout, Sterling PTA will continue to pursue health and wellness initiatives       25 PTA Bingo Night
to impact our students, their families, and our community. We have more great PTA events
planned for the rest of the year as well, so be sure to check the calendar and the information         March
you find regarding our February Bingo Night, March GO GREEN Event, and April Arts.
                                                                                                       1    PTA Executive Board Meeting, noon
Hopefully, many of you were able to find out about all the volunteer opportunities Sterling PTA        13-18 Spring Book Fair
offers at our January Volunteer Drop-In. Be on the lookout for information regarding nomina-
                                                                                                       15 PTA/Student Council Go Green! Night
tions for next year’s PTA Board and Committees. If you have an interest in being more involved
or have a passion for a particular area of support for our students, please contact me or someone      22-23 PASS Writing Test (Gr. 3-8)
else on our board. If you have questions or suggestions, we are always available for you. In addi-     23 Spring Pictures
tion to the programs and committees you find listed in your newsletter, we are adding a couple         24 Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night – K4-2nd grade
of new initiatives as part of our constant mission to support the needs of our students in all areas
of well-being and success. And as we expand our support of our students, it will take a commit-        april
ment from EVERY family to make Sterling the best it can be. So, pick a place where you can             6    Families for Lunch
plug in to support your child, our children, and their education! You won’t regret it!
                                                                                                       8    April Arts
Happy winter! Looking forward to spring!                                                               5    PTA Executive Board Meeting, noon
Lisa Wells, Sterling PTA President                                                                     14-15 K5–2nd Field Day
If you don’t try to make a difference, you won’t.                                                      15 3rd–5th Field Day
                                                                                                       18-22 Spring Break

                  FAmiLy Bingo nighT

                                                                                                           In This Issue:
                           Friday, February 25
                           Dinner 5:30 pm, Bingo 6:00 pm
Mark your calendars! The Sterling PTA will          as fabulous clearance finds to make this eve-
host its 3rd Annual Family Bingo Night              ning a success. We thank you in advance for
on Friday, February 25. We plan to have a           your generous contributions. We could not              Principal’s Letter ....................... 2
fantastic fun-filled night with dinner, games,      do this event without your generosity!
and prizes. We will have TEN action packed                                                                 Coming Events .....................1-5
rounds of Bingo with a dozen winners per            Don’t miss out on this great family event!             Middle School News ................ 5
round. Snacks and drinks will also be avail-        We hope to see you there!
                                                                                                           News and Programs ...............3-4
able. The class with the most attendance at
                                                    If you would like to be involved with Bingo            Guidance Dept. ....................... 6
Bingo Night will win a class party, so make
                                                    Night, please contact Bingo Co-Chairs
sure your friends and classmates are coming!
                                                    Caroline Welsh
                                                                                                           Business Partners ...................... 7
Once again, we will need your leftover (new         or Lara Farnsworth               School Funding Issues .............. 8
& unused) holiday and birthday gifts as well                                                               PTA Contact Info .................... 8
     Principal Johnstone
    A LeTTer From                                                                                                     sTerLing
                                                                                                         sPiriT nighT
    Dear Parents,
    As we begin 2011, we focus on finishing this       openly and                                        March 24 from 5:00-8:00
    school year as strong as possible. The end of      work together                                     Chick-fil-a on haywood rd
    the first semester gives us a chance to review     to support the
                                                       intellectual                                      Take a night off from cooking dinner, spin
    our students’ progress and refine our actions
                                                       curiosity and                                     the prize wheel, and join your classmates at
    to make sure we challenge every student. I
                                                       active par-                                       the last Spirit Night of the year! This time,
    hope that you are taking time to evaluate
    your choice of Sterling and its programs for       ticipation by                                     it’s a competition between K4-2nd grades,
    your child as well. As you take stock, review      students in managing their learning.              but everyone is welcome! So far, we have
    the beliefs of the school.                         • Students obtain personal academic growth        raised $720 for our school!

    To support a first-rate education for our          through self-evaluation of their approach         Come out and see which teachers will
    students, we believe the following:                to learning.                                      serve your meal!
     * Students of exceptionally high intellectual     • Self-esteem, honesty, fairness, respect,
    potential do not simply learn faster, they of-     empathy, integrity, and cooperation are es-
    ten learn in a qualitatively different way; they   sential in our dealings with one another.
    deserve appropriate rigor, complexity, and         • Students deserve opportunities for service,
    depth in what they learn, as well as oppor-        leadership, appreciation of cultural diversity,               VisiT The
    tunities to demonstrate significant academic
    and intellectual growth.
     * Fostering a love of learning is a shared
                                                       creative expression, and activities that enrich
                                                       their learning.
                                                       I want to thank our staff, PTA, School Im-
                                                                                                         schooL sTore
    enterprise among home, school, commu-              provement Council and all of our parents for
    nity, and student, and we will communicate         embracing these beliefs and choosing Sterling.
                                                                                                         The School Store hours are:
                                                                                                         Monday 7:40am-8:00am
                                                       David M. Johnstone, Principal
                                                                                                         Monday 11:00am-12:00pm

                                                                                                         Wednesday 7:40am-8:00am
     ouTdoor educATion &                                                                                 Wednesday 11:00am-12:00pm
                                                                                                         Thursday 11:00-12:00pm
                                                                                                         friday 7:40am-8:00am
      The Outdoor Education committee is gearing up for a
      busy spring! We will be planting the Asian Art Garden                                              Stop by the School Store on
      in the front courtyard in March and installing mulch                                               your birthday for a free pencil!
      and an herb garden in the Educational Garden in back.
      Watch the Newsflash for specific dates if you’d like to
      help. Extra hands are always appreciated!
      Many thanks go to the volunteers who helped spruce
      up the Educational Garden last fall and to Rick Blucas

                                                                                                           April/May Newsletter
      for donating shrubs that will attract butterflies and
      birds. Several classes used plants from the garden for
      raising caterpillars in their classrooms. This was a huge
      success as students could witness firsthand the stages                                                   DEADLINE
      of metamorphosis. The garden became home to many                                                                                        the
                                                                                                                 To submit information for
      Gulf Fritillary butterflies.                                                                                                 Griffin Gazette,
                                                                                                                next issue of The
                                                                                                                                          ci Beasley at
      We are also taking donations of new and used hand                                                      please email content to Tra
      tools, garden gloves and watering cans for students to                                         and     send photos to
      use for garden chores. A collection bin will be located                                                Kelly Stuart at stuartkelly1@g
      in the main hall starting February 14. If you have                                                          The deadline for  april/May is
      questions or would like to volunteer, contact                                                                         March 10th.
        Karen Wagner at
 Reflections                                go green STERLING STYLE!
                                           Attention Sterling, it’s time to Go Green!      a chance to win a special prize that any avid
                                           Join us on March 15th at 6:30pm for a           reader would love to have. Any guesses?
                                           gigantic event sponsored by PTA, Student        Drawing will be held at the end of the
   TogeTherWe Can                          Council, and the Media Center! There is
                                           much to learn about what it means to GO

Congratulations to our school winners                                                      GO Green in Style! Don’t miss the
                                           GREEN! Mark your calendars for this spe-
at the Council & District level of                                                         Recycle Fashion Show! Student Council is
                                           cial school-wide event and explore all
Greenville County PTA! The fol-                                                            sponsoring this fun and environmentally
                                           the ways that WE can preserve and protect
lowing schools are included in the                                                         conscious event. Listen and look for more
                                           our world.
Southwest Council: Augusta Circle,                                                         details at school on how YOU can GO
Blythe Academy, Grove Elementary,
                                           GO Green with recycled reads! Sup-              GREEN in style!
                                           port our first annual book drive by donat-
Hollis Elementary, Sara Collins, Stone                                                     read, renew, return! The book fair will
                                           ing your great-condition books that are
Academy, Summit Drive Elemen-                                                              be open March 13th thru March 18th with
                                           too easy or you have read too many times.
tary, Thomas E. Kearns Elementary,                                                         special evening hours during our spectacular
                                           These books will be used to create mini-
Welcome Elementary, AJ Whittenberg,                                                        GO GREEN Event on March 15th. Special
                                           library collections for young readers for
Beck Academy, Hughes Academy,                                                              activities are planned throughout the week
                                           their summer break from school. If your
League Academy, and Tanglewood                                                             to celebrate GOING GREEN WITH THE
                                           great-condition books are for older students
Middle. There are four councils in                                                         BOOK FAIR THING!
                                           or adults, that is okay too! We will donate
District 1 which represents all schools
                                           any books we can’t use to other community       For more information or to volunteer your
in Greenville County. The theme for
                                           literacy efforts. For every great-condition     time or talent to this event, please contact
2010 was “Together We Can”, and
                                           book you donate on March 15th, you earn         Lisa Wells, PTA President.
here are the winners at the Council
and District levels:
Council Winners                            Visual Arts
                                           2nd place Intermediate – Grace Davis
Film Production
                                           1st place Middle – Katie Beaudoin
1st place Primary – Kirstin Murr
1st place Intermediate – Jennifer Bailey
                                           1st place Intermediate – Cameron
1st place Middle – Isaiah Ho
                                           Honorable Mention Middle –
Music Composition                          Amanda Smith
3rd place Intermediate – Emma McFall
1st place Middle – Ethan Coppenbarger      District Winners
Photography                                Film Production
Honorable Mention Primary – Emmy           3rd place Primary – Kirstin Murr
Johnston                                                                                      tion and represent the Council. Our first
                                           3rd place Intermediate – Jennifer Bailey
3rd place Intermediate – Sara Johanson                                                        place District Winner will travel on to
                                           1st place Middle – Isaiah Ho
1st place Middle – Evan Kramer                                                                Columbia in the District’s portfolio. Our
                                           Music Composition                                  previously announced school winners that
(Pictured Below ▼)
                                                  2nd place Middle – Ethan Coppen-            did not advance at either the Council or
                                                  barger                                      District level will represent Sterling School
                                                   Visual Arts                                at the state competition on February 5.
                                                   3rd place Middle – Katie Beaudoin          Visual Arts and Photography winners will
                                                   (Pictured Above Right ▶)                   be announced that day. The winners of
                                                                                              the other categories will be announced
                                                                                              sometime before April 9 (the date for the
                                                   2nd place Intermediate –
                                                                                              SCPTA Convention in Sumter, SC).
                                                   Cameron Whitacre
                                                                                                    Thank you to all of our
                                                   We are very proud of all of our
                                                                                                  students who participated.
                                                   students! First place Council winners
                                                                                                      Together we DID!
                                                   will travel to the State PTA competi-

                             1st AnnuAl Greenville County
                                         reGionAl Fll
                                 HosteD by sterlinG sCHool
    Twenty-one teams and approximately 150              something from a comic book or sci-fi story, but
    students from around the Upstate competed           these are our three FLL teams here at Sterling.
    in the 1st Annual FIRST LEGO League                 Thirty aspiring engineers learned all they could
    Greenville Regional at Sterling School on           about biomedical engineering this season,
    Saturday, January 22. Roper Mountain Science        created innovative solutions to problems they          Sterling Stormers, in no particular order: Noah
                                                                                                            Broome, James Crowley, Griffin Gatchell, Christopher
    Center sponsored the event, and the Sterling        identified, and built some amazing robots that
                                                                                                            Hood, Patrick McGuire, Brian Tazuma, Alex Tedrow,
    PTA sold snacks, drinks and lunches to hungry       can accomplish all sorts of things you’d never            Eric Threldkeld, Kyle Wissig, Kyle Wolfe
    teams and spectators throughout the day.            guess were possible with Legos!
                                                                                                            to get to the safety of the ski lodge or other
    The Sterling FIRST LEGO League (FLL)          Through their research into preventable hearing           warm area before damage occurs. They were
    teams have been meeting once a week since     loss, the Sterling Stormers have concepted a              actually told that this is a marketable item!
    school started in August to prepare for       new creation called the “Mini-meter”, a personal
    competition. The teams scheduled extra        sound dosimeter that can be used by anyone                team infinity searched through seemingly
    practices and worked hard as they got close   but is targeted at youth. You may have seen               infinite possibilities to land on improving the
    to competition time, not even letting a snow  their posters around the school. In a fantastic           treatments for cardiovascular disease, a disease
    and ice storm get in their way!               infomercial-style presentation, which they were           from which over 61 million Americans suffer.
                                                  brave enough to share with the whole crowd                They created a design for a nanobot, that
    Why so much time for Legos? Because it is     after the judging, they rapped about their device,        with future technologies could be able to go
    more than just building Legos. Each year, the which would tell the wearer how long they could           through your arteries chewing up the plaque
    FLL challenge has a theme that focuses on a stay in a loud zone without damaging their                  buildup! This would be a great improvement
    different engineering discipline. This year’s hearing. An experienced team, they really put             on current technologies like bypass surgery
    FLL challenge was titled “Body Forward”       together the whole package, scoring first in three        and stents. Of course, even better yet would be
    where the teams researched biomedical         out of four areas of judging, and winning the             getting enough exercise, avoiding saturated fats
    engineering problems and then came up with coveted Champion’s Award for the region!
                                                                                                            and cholesterol in your diet, and not smoking!
    innovative solutions. At the competition,
    each team is judged in four areas: teamwork   The Blazing Blocks-reloaded are looking to save
                                                                                                            Sterling Stormers, who placed 1st in the
    skills, technical knowledge, research project some toes! They researched diabetic neuropathy
                                                                                                            regionals and Team Infinity, who placed 5th,
    presentation, and robot performance. It all   and the issues it can cause with regards to
                                                                                                            will be taking their robots and projects to
    sounds very serious, and the learning that    frost bite. Diabetics can have problems with
                                                                                                            Charleston on March 5 for the state-level
    took place is, but the actual competition     sensing when their skin is getting cold. The
                                                  team designed and developed a real working                competition. All of the kids had a great time
    is loud, crazy and a lot of fun! Costumes
                                                  prototype of a Lego foot with a thermocouple              learning about programming, teamwork,
    are encouraged, loud cheers are heard
                                                  sensor built into a sock. This device would have          building, and biomedical engineering. These
    everywhere, and even a little line dancing
                                                  a controller that would alert the wearer that             are definitely some of tomorrow’s brightest
    was done to celebrate.
                                                  their foot skin temperature had reached 65°F.             engineers, getting a head start on their careers
    The Sterling Stormers, Blazing Blocks-        Frostbite occurs when the skin temperature                through the FIRST LEGO League program
    Reloaded and Team Infinity sound like         reaches 50°F; using 65°F allows the wearer time           here at Sterling.

    Team Infinity, left to right, back to front: Anthony Cinquemani, Andrew       Blazing Blocks-Reloaded, left to right: Timothy Clayton, Gram Grant,
     Kim, Ian Chiu, Jacob Faires, Connor Watson, Heath Chase, William               Ricky Jeletic, Dylan “Pickle” Sham, Will Aldridge, Andrew Chen,
             Pelletier, Amelia Pelletier, Zoe Stuart and Mark Wall                 Brady Bizzell, Blake Mitrick, Austin Baxley and Samantha Mosher
Middle School Message
                                                                                                  sc Book AwArds
                                                                                                  ProgrAm uPdATe
    From mrs. meisTen
                                                                                                Voting for the SC Book Awards Program is
As we begin the third marking period, we        for this wonder-
                                                                                                right around the corner! All students wish-
have already begun making preparations          ful event. We
                                                                                                ing to participate should have completed
for the 2011-2012 school year. All rising       like to ask 7th
                                                                                                reading the minimum required number of
6th, 7th, and 8th grade students along          grade parents                                   books from the appropriate list by the end
with their parents are invited to attend our    to be a part of                                 of February. The list may be found on the
Middle School Curriculum Information            this committee                                  SCASL website at<http://
Night on February 15:                           so 8th grade                          > under Book Awards or on
                                                parents can be                                  the Sterling Media Center wiki at http://
middle school Curriculum                        home with their                       
information night                               child as they get
                                                ready for the dance. Be on the look out for      Mrs. Nichols, media specialist, will read
rising 6th Grade - 6:00 pm: Come                                                                many of the picture book nominees to
                                                the volunteer request or feel free to email
out and learn all about middle school at                                                        students in K-5 through grade 2. These
                                                Mrs. Meisten about this committee.
Charles Townes Center. You will receive                                                         students will vote during a scheduled library
information about how to sign up for aca-       8th Grade trip: We are all getting excited      time. The requirements for students in
demic and electives classes, hear from the      for a fun-filled trip to Charlotte, NC. There   grades 3-8 are located on the library’s wiki
6th grade team of teachers, and learn about     have been two payments collected totaling       along with the reading logs that must be
day to day life in middle school from Mrs.      $100. The next payment of $100 is due           submitted, a verification of reading. Please
                                                                                                contact Stephanie Nichols at snichols@
Meisten. There will also be an opportunity      on February 17. The final payment is not
                                                                                       if you have questions.
to learn more about our middle school           due until April 1. That payment is listed
related arts classes such as Band, Graphic      as $109 but we will notify parents of the
Arts, and Life Fitness.                         actual amount after fundraising money has

rising 7th and 8th Grade - 6:45pm:
                                                been collected and applied.

                                                Finally, don’t forget about our applebee’s
                                                                                                sAVe The dATe
You will receive your teacher recommenda-
tions for academic classes and learn about      Pancake fundraiser on february 5th.                  Spring Book Fair
                                                Come out for a fun-filled breakfast with
the new online registration system that all
students will be required to use. In addi-      your Sterling friends and be served by our
                                                                                                    March 13-18, 2011
                                                                                                    Going Green is a Book Fair Thing!
tion, the 7th and 8th grade team of teach-      8th grade students.
                                                                                                          More info to come!
ers will talk about middle and high school
level classes.

                                                   It Makes a Difference!
related arts: If you are interested in learn-
ing more about Yearbook, Advanced Art,              ThAnks For coLLecTing Box ToPs!
Life Fitness or one of our other electives
please stop by our drop in session with the
related arts teachers from 6:20-6:45.

in addition, please mark your calendars           In December, we received a $1,600 check from Box Tops for Education from submis-
for the following end of the year festivities     sions since March 2010. Please continue to send in your Box Tops regularly so we can
for 8th grade.                                    collect, sort and package them by
                                                  the appropriate deadlines. Our next
8th Grade Dance: We will soon begin               submission deadline is February 28.
planning the 8th grade dance. The middle          Please note that we keep track of Box
school volunteer coordinator will be look-        Top submissions by student and class
ing for 7th and 8th grade parents who are         so you will still get credit towards any
interested in helping with the preparations       future contests.                                                                         

                       What Does it Mean to Be Gifted?
                                    From The guidAnce dePArTmenT...

    Excerpt from the Duke Gifted Letter, Winter      only a start. Creative individuals also benefit    their parents to bear in mind that few people
    2009 edition                                     from practical skills. Many highly creative        are exceptional at everything they turn their
                                                     people spend their lives feeling frustrated        hand to. Rather, most people succeed by
    Written by Robert J. Sternberg, Ph.D.
                                                     because they cannot figure out how to              identifying their strengths and weaknesses,
    When parents think of their children as          persuade any-one to listen to them. Their          making the most of the one, and finding
    gifted, they usually think of high IQ scores,    underdeveloped practical skills leave them         ways to compensate for the other. At a talk
    high SATs, high ACTs, high grades, and the       unable to attain the success they seek.            once I said to the woman next to me that I
    like. But research shows that there is much                                                         wished I could speak as well as the speaker
                                                     Other people have excellent practical skill
    more to giftedness than the academic ability                                                        did. “That’s the wrong thing to wish for,” she
                                                     but not analytic skill or creativity. Their
    and achievement that U.S. society values.                                                           remarked. “You should wish to find your own
                                                     talent lies more in persuading others to do
                                                                                                        way to excel.” She was right. We all need to
    Conventional tests emphasize memory              things than in finding worthwhile things
                                                                                                        find our own path.
    and analytic skill. At least two other kinds     for them to do. Many heads of state, for
    of skill, however, are important to success      instance, have misled their countries because
    in life: creativity and practical know-how.      their powers of persuasion and enforce-

                                                                                                          Thank You!
    Children need creativity to come up with         ment—their practical skills—are highly
    many ideas, analytic skill to decide which of    developed, while their ideas are not.
    their ideas are worth pursuing, and practical
                                                     So parents and teachers should help their
    know-how to apply them and to persuade
                                                     children develop not only their memory
    others of their value. Although some people
                                                     and analytic skill but their creativity and
    are more creatively, others more analytically,
                                                     practical skill. To develop creativity, children     The Health and Wellness Committee
    and others more practically gifted, at least
                                                     should be engaged in activities that enable          would like to thank all of our vendors
    some level of all three skills is important.
                                                     them to discover, invent, imagine, and sup-          and participants in our First Annual
    One of my gifted students, “Alice,” who was      pose; to develop analytic skills, they should        Health Fair:
    very strong analytically, for instance, got      be encouraged to evaluate, critique, com-
    high test scores and excellent grades and was    pare, and contrast; and to develop practical         Nurse Rapp
    very good at analyzing other people’s ideas,     skills, they should be given opportunities to        Y - Liz C. Stoioff
    but she was not so good at forming her           use, apply, and implement. Moreover, par-            Y (GIT) – Matt Green
    own. Nor did she apply ideas flexibly. Her       ents should model the skills they wish their
    traditional academic giftedness had come at                                                           Kimberly Baker – Clemson Extension
                                                     children to acquire.
    a price. She did well as long as someone told
                                                     Simply taking children to see a museum               Ken Meisten – Chiropractor and
    her what to do; otherwise, she was at a loss.
                                                     exhibition on dinosaurs, for example, will           Massage Therapist
    Alice’s schooling probably had made her this
                                                     not help them develop their intellectual             EarthFare – Jennifer Brewer
    way. She had been so heavily rewarded for
                                                     skills, but asking them analytic, creative, and
    her analytic giftedness that she had had no                                                           Safe Kids Upstate – Lillian Garcia and
                                                     practical questions relevant to the exhibition
    incentive to develop creativity and practical                                                         Kathy Harper
                                                     will: How did small dinosaurs protect them-
    skill.                                                                                                Greenville Track Club – Joe Hammond
                                                     selves from large ones? What might have
    On the other hand, other individuals may         happened if the dinosaurs had not become             Greenville Yoga – Jennifer Johnston and
    be very creative but may fail to recognize       extinct but had lived for many more genera-          Lynn Harmon
    which ideas are good ones. One student           tions? What do we have to learn from the             Small Smiles Dental Center
    with whom I went to graduate school,             dinosaurs? Why do we refer to some people            Skin Analysis/Dermatologist – Kelly
    “Jimmy,” was highly creative but found it        as dinosaurs?                                        Starnes
    hard to distinguish between good ideas and
                                                     It may seem like a daunting task to try to           Miss Leachman
    bad ones. He has not been as successful as
                                                     develop all three kinds of skills—analytic,
    he might have been if he had cultivated his
                                                     creative, and practical—in your child. But it        We look forward to putting on this
    ability to analyze the relative value of his                                                          health fair next year (without the week of
                                                     is worth the effort.
    ideas.                                                                                                snow prior)!
                                                     Of course, it is important for gifted chil-
    High IQ is a start toward giftedness, but
                                                     dren, regardless of their abilities, and for

                              Thank you to the
                        sTerLing schooL Business PArTners!
The businesses listed below have supported our school by becoming Sterling School Business Partners. Look for the Sterling School window
cling at their place of business, and feel free to drop by and let them know how much the Sterling family appreciates their support. If you
would like more information on becoming a Sterling School Business Partner, please contact Stacie Brubaker at
Barley’s taproom and Pizzeria                Ken Presley and associates                       Vr Business Sales, Mergers & acquisitions
Josh and Rebecca Beeby                       Taxes - Financial Coaching                       Mike and Mary Roberts
Restaurant                                                        Business Broker                                                               
                                             Kimberly W. Kerl
Carolina health innovations                  Residential Designer                             Word Play Pediatric Therapies
Ken and Jen Meisten                                Lisa Baumhofer
Chiropractic - Massage - Wellness                                                             Pediatric Speech, Occupational, Physical Therapy            League Manufacturing                   
                                             Fraser and Linda League
Carolina nephrology, Pa                      CNC Machining
Istvan and Kim Bognar              
Medical Practice - Kidney Care                   Master Kim’s World Class tae Kwon Do
                                             Michelle Kim
                                                                                                 ThAnk you!
Carolina Women’s health                      Martial Arts School
Vanessa Mazzoli                    
Obstetrics/Gynecology                 Piedmont Orthopaedics
                                             Tom Baumgarten
Cosmetic Dentistry                           Orthopaedic Care
Spyros Koutsioukis                                              The Sterling FLL Teams would like
Dentistry        Quick Crate                                         to thank Caterpillar and Fluor for their
                                             Fraser and Linda League                             continuing generous support of our
Distinctive Designs                          Collapsible, Reusable Shipping Crates               program, and Dr. Martine LaBerge
Annette Duncan                                                       and the BioEngineering Department at
Interior Design
                                                                                                 Clemson University for helping us learn
864-963-8338                                 riverside Property Mgmt
                                             Greg Clark                                          about BioEngineering this season.
Doctors express                              Residential Property Mgmt, Sales, and Rentals
Tim Groves                         
Urgent Care                       Switch-a-roos Children’s Consignment Sale
                                             Lori and Mark Holcombe
foothills Veterinary hospital                Children’s Consignment Sale - Feb./Aug.
Dan Randall                        
Veterinary Hospital                        Synesis international, inc.
                                             Kathleen and Scott Payne
hamilton automation, inc.                    Comp Sys Cons. for Mfg, Dist, & Svc Ind.
Rob and Sherri Aldridge            
Systems Integrator            The Graphic Cow Company
                                       Clayton Hunt
Joyner hoover Commercial Property Mgmt Graphic T-Shirts and Apparel
Steve Hoover                           1-800-GRAFCOW
Property Mgmt/Real Estate                   The Sinclair Group, inc.
                                       Kimberly Sinclair
Kelly Stuart Design                    Human Resource Consultant
Graphic Design               
                                         sCHool FunDinG issues
    By nancy Kennedy, Communications VP                 figures are not based on standard accounting         Why don’t they cut money for state and
                                                        practices. Here are four examples:                   school district administration and put it in
    We hear so much these days about the                                                                     the classroom?
                                                        1. They count transfers of funds between
    current budget situation in our state. There
                                                        categories within a school district as additional    About 2% of state and federal K-12 funding
    is no doubt it is dire. Our legislature will
                                                        expenditures. Transfers are not expenditures.        is used to operate the South Carolina
    have to make a lot of hard decisions as they
                                                        Including “within-district transfers” artificially   Department of Education. Of Greenville
    work on next year’s budget. However, as a
                                                        inflates state public education annual               County Schools operating funds, less than
    parent, I am very concerned about cuts to
                                                        expenditures by $760 million.                        2% is used for central administration. Most
    public K-12 education and wanted to share
                                                        2. They use an incorrect student count. The          state public education funding is spent on
    some information with you.
                                                        “$13,000” per pupil figure does not count            instruction. Independent, CPA audited data
    There are so many different facts and                                                                    shows that across South Carolina 71 cents
                                                        all the students that are funded. It does not
    figures thrown around, and they all seem                                                                 of each public school district dollar directly
                                                        include the nearly 22,000 four-year-olds
    to contradict each other, especially when it                                                             supports classroom instruction. Over the
                                                        who attend public schools, nor students
    comes to school and per student funding.                                                                 past two years, state funding for the South
                                                        at schools operated by the Department of
    So, I went to Public Education Partners                                                                  Carolina Department of Education has been
                                                        Corrections and the Department of Juvenile
    Greenville County for answers. The                                                                       cut by 45%. During the same period, local
                                                        Justice. It is wrong to include expenditures
    following information comes from their                                                                   school districts have had their state funding
                                                        for these students but not divide that
    website, with their permission.                                                                          cut by about 22%.
                                                        number by all the students funded.
    How much are we actually spending                                                                        But aren’t there more than 1,000 employees
                                                        3. They include capital projects and debt
    per pupil?                                                                                               at the State Dept. of Education?
                                                        service. Based on independent, CPA
    The most recent independent, CPA audited            audits, long-term investments for property           The department currently has about 430
    state data shows that South Carolina spent          acquisition and school construction should           positions and approximately half of those are
    an average of $9,162 per pupil in 2007-08.          not be included in computing day-to-day              federally funded. The agency also employs
    The figure for Greenville County Schools            operating costs.                                     450 people (mostly mechanics) in school
    was $8,114. Per pupil spending is based on                                                               bus maintenance facilities across the state.
                                                        4. The $13,000 per pupil figure not only
    all operational expenditures including those                                                             Dept. of Education staff carries out laws and
                                                        includes construction costs but double
    funded by state and federal governments as                                                               mandates established by the State Legislature
                                                        counts them. School districts sell bonds to
    well as those funded by local school districts.                                                          and U.S. Congress.
                                                        pay for the construction of schools and then
    Why do I keep hearing that per pupil                pay off the bonds over a period of many              i hope this has been helpful. if you have
    spending in South Carolina is more than             years. The $13,000 figure includes both the          more questions, please go to the Public
    $13,000 per student?                                amount paid to the architect and contractors         education Partners website: http://www.
    Some organizations put out figures in an            to build the school and the amount spent to
    attempt to create negative public opinion           pay off the school’s construction bonds. This
    about public education in our state. Their          is “double counting” construction expenses.

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