DEFINITION DEFINITION Structure it addresses the archeticture of

Structure: it addresses the archeticture of the earth- the
structures that make up the earth's crust, and that form in response to applied forces
and stresses
Index fossils: are fossils that used to identify geologic periods and have some
characters such as short vertical range, wide geographical distribution and must have
a strong shell in order to withstand the the environmental conditions
Unconformity: erosional surface representing a significant break in deposition( and
geologi time ).. it has 3 different types; angular unconformity, disconformity and
Sequence: a stratigraphic unit composed of a relatively conformable succession of
genetically related related strata bounded at its top and base by unconformities or their
correlative conformities
Mud-logging unit: it contain sophisticated data acquisition equipments for analyzing
drilling fluids and cuttings, some of these equipments are rig monitors,
chromatograph, core plugging apparatus, fluoroscope, microscope, computers and
vacuum oven
Mud circulation: the rig uses mant pieces of equipmentsto circulate and treat mud..
mud circulation begins at the mud tanks then through the mud pump-the heart of the
circulation system- mud is sent to the drill string and bit passing through the stand
pipe and rotary hose and after reaching the bit it has been jet away from it through
some openings, mud then continue its way up through annulus carrying the cuttings
with it passing by mud return line and finally reach the shale shaker which remove the
cuttings from the mud and sent it again to the mud tanks and continue the circulation
again and again.
attic oil: is a crude oil located at the top of a reservoir, above the optimal production
zone. Its location makes it uneconomical to extract by conventional technology
Clysmic fault: is a rift at the eastern part of the Gulf of suez in egypt

3- WHAT is the difference between diagenesis and erosion?
Diagenesis: it refers to all changes (textural, physical, chemical, biological) in
sediments or sedimentary rocks, which occur after deposition but excluding processes
involving high enough teperature and pressure to called metamorphism.
Erosion: it is a result of exposure to the is a process of break up and
corrodes solid rock. it can be occur by a fluid(air or water).
4- WHEN SP can not be measure??
The SP will not be created unless there is no conductive fluid in the hole. In other
words, it will work in air, gas or oil-filled holes. Also there must be at least a small
amount of permeability present to allow the potentials to be created.

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