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					Hendricks County EAA Chapter 1311
Monthly Newsletter — December, 2003
From the Chapter Secretary                                                                        --------------------
By Michael Mossman                                                      Chapter Web Site Updated
As we are now fully into the holiday time of the year we often find     The Chapter web site has been given a face-lift to kick off the
ourselves involved in many traditions: food and parties, visiting       new year. Although the URLs (addresses) are the same as
family and friends, putting up decorations, giving and receiving        before, the navigation through the site is now a bit easier with the
gifts, and hopefully taking the time to reflect on the reason for the   same clickable links on the left side of the page. We’ve bright-
season. Some traditions fade, some evolve, and a few continue           ened it up a bit with some more modern colors and little anima-
on for generations unchanged. Very rarely do we get the opportu-        tions at the top. Check your our web site at
nity to start our own traditions. Yet this year Chapter 1311 started
its own tradition with is first Christmas party. 16 of us braved the
snowy weather to visit the home of Tim and Erika LeBaron to cel-        Udvar-Hazy Day Trip Planned
ebrate with friendship, food and (talk of) flying. I hope that this     The Indy Aero Club has scheduled a one day trip to the new
tradition catches on in a big way. As we look forward to the            Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum at Dulles Airport. The trip on
opportunities that the coming year brings let’s all also look for-      January 22nd includes round trip airfare on an ATA 737, ground
ward to attending the next annual Chapter 1311 Christmas party.         transportation, museum entry, and dinner at the Dulles Marriott.
                                                                        Cost of the trip is $279 per person. If you are interested in going
Let’s give Tim and Erika a big thanks for hosting the party. A few
                                                                        on this trip, contact Jim Graham at 317-852-8119.
months ago when Tim announced that he would be hosting the
party we joked in the newsletter that Erika didn’t know about it.       Welcome New Members
Ironically, she didn’t know about it! But she has been a gracious       W have had many guests over the past few months and many
hostess decorating their home with an incredible amount of taste-       people have expressed an interest in our organization. Look
ful holiday decorations and an wonderful buffet dinner.                 around and see if you have any friends, family members or
Another tradition I’d like to start this year is the annual Chapter     acquaintance who are interested in aviation. Take the time to
wrap-up. Instead of a feature story about the program we’re pub-        invite them as a guest to the next meeting. If you see somebody
lishing a listing of the articles and events chronicled the past year   new, introduce yourself, welcome them, and invite them to sign
in the newsletter. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reminiscing about the fun     up. Also consider volunteering for the Membership Committee.
we’ve had the past year.                                                Dues are Due!
                                                                        EAA Chapter 1311's dues for 2004 are now due. Send your $20
December’s meeting                                                      to the treasurer, Vern Sullenger, 1763 Ramsey Lane, Plainfield IN
In lieu of a December meeting, the first annual Chapter 1311            46168 317-839-8728. Thanks!
Christmas Party was held on Saturday, December 13, 2003,                Support Our Servicemen
starting at 6:30 p.m. and Tim and Erika LeBaron’s home in
                                                                        The war is over but the struggle for lasting peace never ends.
Indianapolis. Erika spent a great deal of time decorating at least
                                                                        Please keep the hundreds of thousands of American men and
six Christmas trees throughout the house plus putting up many
                                                                        women in our military in your thoughts and prayers. As the holi-
other Christmas decorations. A hit with the members was the liv-
                                                                        days approach, we need to remember that these members of our
ing room Christmas tree which was decorated with toy airplanes
                                                                        family and friends are often many thousands of miles away from
(some motorized!) and other aviation-related items.
                                                                        home defending our freedoms.
IN ATTENDANCE: Tom and Suzy Chapman, Dave and Wanda
                                                                        In December of 2002 Jim Griffin joined Chapter 1311. Shortly
Clark, Mike and Livia Laurenzano, Tim and Erika LeBaron,
                                                                        before the war with Iraq started Jim signed back up as a Major
Michael and Katie Mossman, Bart Ng, Gary and Lynette
                                                                        with the Marines and has been serving in Iraq. He had been
Reynolds, Vern and Lou Sullenger, Paul Vogel. If you were there
                                                                        receiving the newsletter via email but this past couple of months
but didn't sign in, let us know.
                                                                        the emails to him have come back as undeliverable. If anyone
GIVING THANKS: Our host and president asked Dave Clark to               knows how to contact Jim, or knows of his whereabouts, please
give thanks before the delicious buffet dinner was served.              contact the newsletter editor at

OLD and NEW BUSINESS: No business was conducted at the                  Be sure let the newsletter editor know if any of our members or
meeting/party but Paul Vogel and Vern Sullenger coordinated the         their families have someone in the service, especially if they
transfer of the treasurer’s records.                                    have been called up for active duty. We'd like to recognize them
                                                                        and thank them for representing us so honorably.
NEW MEETING SCHEDULE: The meeting dates for the first
three months of the year will be on the first Wednesday of the          Support Our Member Businesses
month.                                                                  As a gesture of thanks to the members who donate their time,
                                                                        talent and materials to Chapter 1311's various activities, the
DOOR PRIZES: Suzy Chapman, Erika LeBaron and Gary                       board asked that members be able to advertise their normal busi-
Reynolds were awarded gift pens in the first round of drawings.         ness services on the website. We would like to post a list for your
Next, Wanda Clark, Michael Mossman, Lynette Reynolds, Lou               business, which can include business name, your name, phone
Sullenger and Vern Sullenger each won a free meal at the next           number, what you do, etc. We won't be able to host a full-blown
Chapter 1311 fly-in. Mike Laurenzano won a door prize consist-          web site for you but we can link to your site if you have one. We
ing of a year’s paid dues to the chapter, while Dave Clark gar-         invite all members to see the business services page and patron-
nered the grand prize: a year’s paid dues to the EAA.                   ize your fellow members' enterprises. Listing is free, and limited
Congratulations to all winners!
                                                                EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • December 2003 • Page 1
to those who have been a member in good standing for at least         We also delivered a Proclamation from Governor Joseph Kernan,
one year. Contact Michael Mossman for more information.               designating that day as “50 Flags to Kitty Hawk Day”.

Visit the business services page at       The replica of the Wright Flyer was making its first test-flight the
vices.html                                                            day we were there. They flew it again on the 21st and it was
                                                                      damaged in a “mishap” but it was quickly repaired for the big day
Project Reports                                                       on the 17th.
After the dinner at the Chapter Christmas party the guys were
itching to get down into the basement and see Tim LeBaron’s           We departed Kitty Hawk at 4:14 p.m. and flew to Elizabeth City
progress on his RV-8. After completing the tail feathers Tim has      NC, a short trip of about 30 miles to the northwest. We took a
moved on to the wing structure. Hanging from a simple jig             cab to the Hampton Inn for the night.
anchored to the ceiling, Tim has completed the skeleton for the
wings. His riveting looks really good!                                Friday, November 21, 2003: We departed Elizabeth City, NC at
                                                                      7:32 a.m. and arrived at Lynchburg, VA at 9:45 a.m. Now we
New member Bart Ng is building an RV-7A with a partner. They          were flying “into” the 30-mph wind and the progress was much
are planning on installing a Penn Yann Lycoming 360 engine            slower but the air was fairly smooth at about 1,000 feet above
soon. Since Bart is close to completing his project he promises a     the ground.
more in-depth report soon.
                                                                      We departed Lynchburg, VA at 10:42 a.m. and began our gradual
Michael Mossman has finally moved his Zenair CH 601 HDS               climb to 6,500 feet altitude to cross the 5,000 foot Blue Ridge
project from the garage to the maintenance hangar at Boone            Mountains. We anticipated the air being rough over the moun-
County Airport. The canopy has been installed and is looking          tains, as it usually is, but it was absolutely as smooth as glass
good. As soon as the wings can be taken from their racks in the       and the mountain crossing was made with hands off of the con-
garage and hung onto the airframe it’ll be nearly ready to start      trols and only occasional slight corrections being necessary. The
painting it. See click on the links to     visibility was fantastic and unlimited during the entire day. As we
Photo Series, then select Option 2 Interior for most recent pho-      approached the mountains we identified one mountain peak,
tos.                                                                  which we could see clearly from about 75 miles away.

Dave Clark’s flight to Kitty Hawk                                     At 1:01 p.m., we touched down at Lawrence County, Ohio airport,
By Dave Clark                                                         near Huntington, WV for fuel and coffee. We were able to coax
Dave Clark was chosen by the Experimental Aircraft Association        about 24 gallons of aviation fuel out of a cantankerous fuel pump
(EAA) to fly the Indiana State flag to Kitty Hawk, N.C. to help the   and were on our last leg to home at 1:55 p.m. The landscape
National Park Service celebrate the 100th anniversary of flight by    was now turning into a more familiar “flat land” type of picture. As
Orville & Wilbur Wright.                                              we crossed the river, I began to hum, “Back Home Again in
                                                                      Indiana” and it was great to be back in Hoosierland.
After checking with the aviation weather briefer, Dave and his
navigator/co-pilot, Paul Vogel, took off in their 50-year-old 1953    Hendricks County Airport came into view and we touched down
Piper Tri-Pacer aircraft from Hendricks County Airport on             at 4:29 p.m. after a 7-1/2 hour ride home from Kitty Hawk.
November 20, 2003 at 7:12 a.m.
                                                                      The entire round-trip took 13 hours of flying time, consumed 104
Dave and Paul are both retired and are enrolled as students in        gallons of aviation fuel, ($279), 4 pit stops, one night in a hotel
the Vincennes University Aviation Technology School where they        and countless cups of coffee.
are learning to be aircraft mechanics. Yes, they are doing this for
                                                                      Paul and I had a wonderful time and were privileged to be able to
the love of learning and not for a second or third career!
                                                                      carry the Indiana state flag to Kitty Hawk for the Centennial
Since we had a 30 mph tail wind, giving us about 140 mph              Celebration of Flight.
ground speed, we only needed to stop once for fuel on the trip
                                                                      I would like to thank the Experimental Aircraft Association for giv-
east. The weather was great, the air was smooth and the visibility
                                                                      ing me the opportunity to deliver our flag for this national celebra-
was unlimited. We stopped at Beckley, WV at 10:00 a.m., after a
2 hour and 48 minute flight. We used 23 gallons of fuel on this
leg.                                                                  Young Eagles
We departed Beckley, WV at 11:19 a.m., passed just South of           Now that the EAA’s goal of one million Young Eagles has been
Roanoke, VA at 11:52 a.m. and arrived at Kitty Hawk, NC, a nar-       met what are the plans for the program? More of the same! A kid
row strip of sand at the Atlantic Ocean, at 2:00 p.m. after a 2       doesn’t care how many others went flying before them, they only
hour and 41 minute flight. Our flight path took us across the         want their chance. And when you see the looks on their faces
Albemarle Sound, which put us over water for about 30 miles           after the flight you’ll know why you did it. The look of excitement
before reaching the Outer Banks and Kitty Hawk.                       and joy is something you won’t soon forget.

The winds were brisk at Kitty Hawk and it was a two-fisted land-      Let’s continue to introduce kids to the experience of flight and
ing but we made it safe and sound. Some people talk about the         share our passion for aviation. Hopefully we’ll inspire more kids
“Crowded Skies” but we didn’t see another airplane in the sky for     to seek careers in aviation or maybe to just study hard, get good
the entire flight East, except the contrails of airliners WAY above   jobs and follow in our footsteps.
us.                                                                   EAA Young Eagles Update: By newsletter publication date
The park rangers of the National Park Service and the official        more than 1 022,000 Young Eagles have taken their first airplane
photographer of the Centennial Celebration met us. There was a        ride.
brief ceremony during which they raised the Indiana State Flag at     EAA Flight Advisors
the Kitty Hawk Museum. Our flag will be a part of the celebration
                                                   People join the EAA and the local chapters for many reasons.
on December 17th and will then become a permanent part of the
                                                   Some, to learn how to build or restore and aircraft, some to learn
Centennial Exhibit in the Museum.
                                                   how to fly, for others maybe just the opportunity to hang around
                                                           EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • December 2003 • Page 2
with like-minded people. There are hundreds of reasons to join,        project.
and each reason is valid. But once you've gotten that aircraft
ready for its maiden voyage, now what? Are you going to make           To download a printer-friendly PDF copy of the Project Report
the first flight? Are you current, and familiar with the type you've   questionnaire see
built? Are you at least a little apprehensive about what you are
going to do?                                                           To download a "printer-friendly" PDF copy of the Oshkosh ques-
                                                                       tionnaire see
Here's where an EAA Flight Advisor can come in. He/she can             tionnaire.pdf
help you prepare your flight testing program and see that you are
current. They can also give an objective go/nogo opinion when          ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
the emotions of your creation's first voyage is at hand.               'Twas the night before Christmas, and out on the ramp,
                                                                       Not an airplane was stirring, not even a Champ.
Do you have the right stuff? We need someone to step up and            The aircraft were fastened to tiedowns with care,
volunteer as a Flight Advisor. Chapter 1311 currently does not         In hopes that come morning, they all would be there.
have a Flight Advisor listed (at least the EAA web site says we
don't have one). If you are already a Flight Advisor, let the          The fuel trucks were nestled, all snug in their spots,
newsletter editor know so that we can list your services.              With gusts from two-forty at 39 knots.
                                                                       I slumped at the fuel desk, now finally caught up,
Gavel Needed                                                           And settled down comfortably, resting my butt.
Do you have a gavel that Chapter 1311 can use for the meet-
ings? Even better, do you have some scrap parts we can use to          When the radio lit up with noise and with chatter,
make a unique gavel? How about an old engine valve and rod for         I turned up the scanner to see what was the matter.
the gavel, and a used piston for the striking block? If you can        A voice clearly heard over static and snow,
scare up some of these parts or would like to make a gavel out         Called for clearance to land at the airport below.
of more "traditional" materials for the chapter please contact Tim
                                                                       He barked his transmission so lively and quick,
LeBaron or Mike Laurenzano.
                                                                       I'd have sworn that the call sign he used was "St. Nick".
Editorial Comments Sought                                              I ran to the panel to turn up the lights,
If you have an opinion on any story that appears in the newslet-       The better to welcome this magical flight.
ter, or any other aviation-related issue, we want to read about it.    He called his position, no room for denial,
We will make editorial space available for your responsible com-       "St. Nicholas One, turnin' left onto final."
ment. Please contact the newsletter editor at                          And what to my wondering eyes should appear,                                                But a Rutan-built sleigh, with eight Rotax Reindeer!
Building Tip                                                           With vectors to final, down the glideslope he came,
I was cutting a new form block out of plywood with a sabre saw         As he passed all fixes, he called them by name:
and had trouble seeing the drawn line because of all of the saw-       "Now Ringo! Now Tolga! Now Trini and Bacun!
dust that kept piling up. I kept blowing on it but didn’t have         On Comet! On Cupid!" What pills was he takin'?
enough wind to really keep the line clean. Had I spent more
money on a saw I might have been able to get one with a built-in       While controllers were sittin', and scratchin' their head,
blower or shop-vac attachment but I didn’t foresee this need.          They phoned to my office, and I heard it with dread,
                                                                       The message they left was both urgent and dour:
I now keep a supply of cheap drinking straws in my toolbox.            "When Santa pulls in, have him please call the tower."
These are perfect for directing a steady stream of air to the saw
lines without huffing and puffing. They work with sabre saws, rec-     He landed like silk, with the sled runners sparking,
iprocating saws, circular saws and band saws. They might even          Then I heard "Left at Charlie," and "Taxi to parking."
come in useful when sanding parts. You might try using some            He slowed to a taxi, turned off of three-oh
flexible straws for specialized operations. Just remember to           And stopped on the ramp with a "Ho, ho-ho-ho..."
breathe in through your nose and out through the straw. You
don’t want to suck up some dust.                                       He stepped out of the sleigh, but before he could talk,
                                                                       I ran out to meet him with my best set of chocks.
A/Is, technicians, mechanics and generally handy builders: You         His red helmet and goggles were covered with frost
may have heard of this tip before; no doubt that you have many         And his beard was all blackened from Reindeer exhaust.
that are even better. Why not share them with the chapter? Send
your suggestions to the newsletter editor.                             His breath smelled like peppermint, gone slightly stale,
                                                                       And he puffed on a pipe, but he didn't inhale.
Upcoming Newsletter Feature                                            His cheeks were all rosy and jiggled like jelly,
Project Reports — We have many active aircraft construction or         His boots were as black as a cropduster's belly.
restoration projects right now; our members would like to know
how your project is progressing. The newsletter editor will be         He was chubby and plump, in his suit of bright red,
contacting you in the coming month or two to find out about the        And he asked me to "fill it, with hundred low-lead."
status of your project.                                                He came dashing in from the snow-covered pump,
                                                                       I knew he was anxious for drainin' the sump.
We need members to participate in one or two of the planned
features above, and no previous writing experience is necessary.  I spoke not a word, but went straight to my work,
For the Oshkosh Report just mention as much or as little as       And I filled up the sleigh, but I spilled like a jerk.
you'd like. The newsletter editor will help out with spelling and He came out of the restroom, and sighed in relief,
grammar. Likewise with the Project Reports, feel free to offer as Then he picked up a phone for a Flight Service brief.
much information as you are comfortable with sharing. Just type   And I thought as he silently scribed in his log,
out some notes and email them to the newsletter editor. Note: we  These reindeer could land in an eighth-mile fog.
may contact you by phone or email for more information on your
                                                                            EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • December 2003 • Page 3
He completed his pre-flight, from the front to the rear,            FOR SALE — Four sets of very nice Koss headphones. Contact
Then he put on his headset, and I heard him yell, "Clear!"          Bob Vondersaar or Michael
                                                                    Mossman for details or to make offer.
And laying a finger on his push-to-talk,                            Proceeds benefit Chapter 1311.
He called up the tower for clearance and squawk.
"Take taxiway Charlie, the southbound direction,                    FOR SALE — Three lighted and adjustable flight desks for air-
Turn right three-two-zero at pilot's discretion"                    craft installation. Contact Bob Vondersaar
                                                           or Michael Mossman michaeland-
He sped down the runway, the best of the best,             for details or to make offer. Proceeds benefit
"Your traffic's a Grumman, inbound from the west."                  Chapter 1311.
Then I heard him proclaim, as he climbed thru the night,
"Merry Christmas to all! I have traffic in sight."                  TIG WELDING — Need custom welding for your project, or for
                                                                    repairs? Contact Tim LeBaron at
Thanks for Mark Rinehart (author unknown)
                                                                    FOR SALE — Stinson L-5 Landing gear Struts. Contact Kenny
Calendar of Events                                                  Shull 317-539-5542.
December 13-17 - First Flight Centennial Celebration - Kill Devil
Hills NC                                                            2003 Membership Roster
January 22 - Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum at Dulles Airport        LAST UPDATED       December 2, 2003
May 14-16 – Mid-Atlantic Fly-In and Sport Aviation Convention –     NAME               EMAIL ADDRESS                PROJECT(S)
Lumberton NC                                                        BALDWIN, Fred   2-Place Jet
                                                                    BEETHAM, John      Fokker D VII
Next Meeting                                                        CHAPMAN, Jeff              Piper Tri-Pacer
The next meeting will be Wednesday, January 7, 2004 starting
at 6:30 p.m. at the Aviation Technology Center and will be          CLARK , David           Restoring Aeronca Chief
chaired by chapter President Tim LeBaron. Program: Dave Clark       CRAWLEY, Dennis            Grumman Tiger
will speak about his trip carrying the state flag and governor’s    CUTHBERT, Steve             RV-8
proclamation to Kitty Hawk NC. Dave is also planning a photo        DAVID, Glen Sonora
slide showing the highlights of the trip.                           DUNAWAY, Jeff              RANS S-12S
                                                                    EDWARDS, John          —
Take US 40 (Washington Street) to Girls School Rd.                  GORDON, Ginger         RV3
Turn SOUTH onto Girls School Road (ATA office is on the corner)     GRIFFIN, Jim           Questar Venture
At the stop sign turn RIGHT onto Perimeter Road.                    GROVER, Troy        RV10
At next stop sign turn LEFT onto Hoffman.                           GUSTAFSON, Dale                Piper J-4
The Tech Center will be the second large building on your left.     HARRINGTON, Bill           Cessna 182
                                                                    HELTON, Dave             1950 Piper Pacer
Don't forget to INVITE A GUEST!
                                                                    HILL , Ken             RV9
Chapter 1311 Board of Directors for                                 LATHROP, Steve    bearcat
2004                                                                LAURENZANO, Mike       Bushby Mustang II
President — Tim LeBaron                                             LeBARON, Tim             RV8, Breezy, Ercoupe
Vice President — Mike Laurenzano                                    LONG, Chuck          Zenith 601 HDS
Secretary — Michael Mossman                                         MATEJCEK , Glen      RV8
Treasurer — Vern Sullenger
                                                                    MATEJCEK , Robin    RV8
Director — Glen Matejcek
                                                                    MELCHIOR, Dirk       F1 Rocket
Director — Dirk Melcher
                                                                    MOSSMAN, Michael Zenair 601 HDS
Director — Paul Vogel
                                                                    NG, Bart            RV-7A
Classified Ads                                                      NUGENT, Chuck        SE-5A Replica
FOR SALE — Free firewood to any Chapter member, $10 a cord          POULOS, Angelo      Cherokee 140
for non-chapter members. Trees are down, just cut up and haul
                                                                    REYNOLDS, Gary                RV6A
away. Location is at Pegasus Farms. Contact Mike Laurenzano
                                                                    RINEHART, Mark         Kolb Mark III Classic
at 201-5889
                                                                    ROEVER, Doug          RV-7 Tail kit
FOR SALE — (1) RCA Directional Gyro core. Good condition to         RUSH, Larry                   RV6A
send in for rebuild. $100; (1) RCA Attitude Gyro core. Good con-    SHULL, Kenny    PHONE 317-539-5542              Helping Others
dition to send in for rebuild. $100. Contact Gary Reynolds          SULLENGER, Vern            Cherokee 140
                                                                    TURNER, Arvel          RV-9A
FOR SALE — Lycoming fuel pump LW154732100. (new)                    VITTETOW, J.C.            PA22
$215.95 Aircraft Spruce. Sell for $175. Contact Gary Reynolds       VOGEL, Paul           Tri-Pacer                                                       VONDERSAAR, Bob       Steen Skybolt
                                                                    VONDERSAAR, Teresa Steen Skybolt
FOR SALE — O-470 engine. Contact Bob Vondersaar
                                                                    ZELLER, Gary         Brantly helicopter for details.
                                                                  See our chapter roster online at
FOR SALE — Inflatable life jackets for over-water flight, only $5 roster.html
each! Contact Bob Vondersaar or
Tim LeBaron Proceeds benefit Chapter            Did we miss anybody? Please let us know; we’ll get it updated
1311.                                                             right away.
                                                                           EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • December 2003 • Page 4
Airplane Spotter                                                                 presented to Bob for Teresa for her dedication as chapter
Always on the lookout for the new or unusual gift idea? Why not
something from America’s military past? This month’s Airplane                    Aircraft Spotter: Dave Helton's newest acquisition, an
Spotter features the U.S. Navy’s 1950s Drone Airplane                            Aerocomp Merlin.
Beechcraft Model KDB1A. It’s 15 feet long with a 12-foot wing                    Program: Professor Jeff Holle from Purdue University presented
span and is equipped with a 126 H.P. engine. Amaze your                          a program entitled "The Fundamentals of Composite Structures,"
friends! Confound your enemies! For only $4995.00 and a little                   or "The Very Least You Need to Know.”
extra electronics you can spy on your neighbor from the comfort                  Get PDF copy of the February 2003 newsletter at
of your La-Z Boy. Maybe even modify it to carry yourself our your                ters/030201_newsletter.pdf
pet chimp aloft. For more information see Have your credit card ready.                 March, 2003
Volunteer ground crew not included.                                              Meeting: met in Chuck Long's living room in Pittsboro on March
Quote of the Month                                                               4, 2003, chaired by President Tim LeBaron. 14 members, 7
“I confess that in 1901 I said to my brother Orville that man would
not fly for 50 years. Ever since I have distrusted myself and                    50/50: Glen Matejcek was the winner.
avoided all predictions.” Wilbur Wright, 1908                                    Trivia Question: Piper built a one-of-a kind P-51 with a turbine
Thanks to Mark Gilmore, Chapter 226 for this timely quote.                       engine with the intention of winning a government contract. What
                                                                                 was it called? Answer: "Defender.”
                                                                                 New Members: Chuck Nugent from Carmel IN. His ideal project
Chapter 1311 Year-End Wrap-Up                                                    it would be to restore a basket case Waco, but he might settle for
By Michael Mossman                                                               an RV-8. Mark Rinehart, a charter member of Chapter 1311,
A popular year-end feature in the news media is the annual                       rejoined. He is building a Kolb Mark III Classic.
wrap-up of stories and events that defined the previous year.                    Tool Review: Drill Doctor
Radio and television, being limited by time, often provide their
own version of “The Top Ten.” These might be the top ten news-                   Using PDAs in Aircraft tip: Leave your stylus in the case and
makers, top ten news events or whatever. Newspapers kick in                      buy a few plastic banjo player finger picks. Put one on your index
their top ten lists, too, but like to elaborate a bit more on the year.          finger next time you fly. Try it!
At the newspaper I worked for we dedicated a prodigal amount of                  Aircraft Spotter: A rare Japanese Zero is being restored in
time and effort to publish our chronicle of the previous year.                   Minnesota.
Since we don’t have a feature story about a program this month
I’d like to present the following year-end newsletter wrap up:                   Program: Chuck Long, host for the March meeting, described his
                                                                                 career as a Controls Design Engineer for GM, netting more than
January, 2003                                                                    25 patents in electro-hydraulics. He spoke of his former part-time
Meeting: at Aviation Technology Center on Tuesday, January 7,                    business designing, building and selling a flight simulator kit, and
2003, chaired by President Tim LeBaron. 38 in attendance.                        projects that included electric-powered scooters and go-karts for
                                                                                 his children. His featured project is a Zenair CH 601 HDS.
Trivia Question: Who built the engine for the Wright 1903 Flyer,                 Get PDF copy of the March 2003 newsletter at
and how much horsepower did it have? Answer: Charles Taylor,                     ters/030301_newsletter.pdf
12 h.p
                                                                                 April, 2003
New Members: Bill Harrington, who flies a Cessna 182, joined at                  Meeting: At the Aviation Technology Center on Tuesday, April 1,
the January meeting. Gus Gustafson is officially a member, too.                  2003. Shortly after 6:30 p.m., chaired by President Tim LeBaron.
He claims a Piper J-4 as his project.                                            8 members and 5 guests
Mystery Aircraft: Robert Coatney, Macomb IL, acquired a                          50/50: Michael Mossman $17.
MacDonald S-20/21 aircraft project. This project was in the
Indianapolis area a while.                                                       Trivia Question: "What aircraft was manufactured in the largest
                                                                                 numbers in the history of the world?" Answer: Germany's WW-II
Program: The chapter and guests were treated to a "ropes                         fighter, the Messerschmidt ME-109. Approximately 33,000 were
down, hands-on" tour of auto dealer Tom Wood's hangar, where                     built.
he houses is collection of aircraft and projects. Wood claims sev-               Airspace Restrictions: Mike Laurenzano wrote a report on
eral flyable aircraft: a P-51 Mustang, Bearcat, T6 (actually a Navy              Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR), including information on
SNJ-5), F86 jet, Lancair, the Citation, Beechcraft Bonanza, and a                how to avoid them and what to do if accidentally stumbling into
Pitts in various stages of repair, plus wings and all kinds of parts             one.
lining the walls.
Get PDF copy of the January 2003 newsletter at   EAA Countdown to Kitty Hawk: David Clark was selected to be
ters/030101_newsletter.pdf                                                       Indiana’s representative for EAA's Countdown to Kitty Hawk.
February, 2003                                                                   Clark and his aircraft partner Paul Vogel will carry an Indiana
                                                                                 state flag and proclamation from Governor Frank O’Bannon to
Meeting: at the Aviation Technology Center, chaired by President                 Kitty Hawk sometime in May or June in their 1953 Piper Tri-
Tim LeBaron. 12 members and at least 8 guests.                                   Pacer.
Trivia Question: "What was the first practical use of the air-                   Flying Report: Dirk Melchior, Manager of Flight Standards for
plane?" Answer: "air mail.”                                                      Chautauqua Airlines, wrote about flying a SAAB-340 turboprop
50/50: A new monthly feature for the chapter is a 50/50 drawing.                 on its last mission, a trip to the bone pile in the Mohave Desert.
Glen David was the winner.                                                       Chautauqua is now a jet-only regional airline flying Embraer
                                                                                 regional jets under the colors of US Airways, American, Delta and
Recognition: A commemorative certificate, plaque and "Charter
                                                                                 America West.
President pin" was awarded to Bob Vondersaar, and a certificate
                                                                Centennial Aircraft Builder: The EAA announces the
                                                                      EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • December 2003 • Page 5
Centennial Dataplate for aircraft builders who complete their pro-             slide show presentation, highlighting his career as a Phantom jet
ject between Dec. 17, 2002 and Dec. 17, 2003.                                  fighter pilot in the Richtofen Squadron of the German Air Force.
                                                                               Get PDF copy of the June 2003 newsletter at
Meigs Field Closed: Citing "homeland security reasons,"                        ters/030601_newsletter.pdf
Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley ordered the historic Meigs Field
razed without notice on March 31, 2003.                                        July, 2003
                                                                               From the Chapter Vice President: Mike Laurenzano addressed
Terry Airport fate: The Indianapolis Star reported that Hamilton
                                                                               the controversies about the previous Trivia Question and the
County may buy Terry Airport. Owner Ray Van Sickle had agreed
                                                                               issue of hand-propping airplanes.
to a sale contract with $1.8 million up front and a balloon pay-
ment at the end of five years.                                                 Meeting: Held at Pegasus Farms (Monrovia IN) on Saturday,
                                                                               July 12, 2003, chaired by Vice President Mike Laurenzano. 14
Program: Noblesville native Don Roberts spoke about his career
                                                                               members and at least 11 guests.
in the Navy and as a public school industrial arts teacher. Don
parlayed his passion for aviation into several aircraft projects that          New Business: Mike Laurenzano proposed that the chapter
were scratch-built by his high school students. Many of Don’s                  extend lifetime memberships to Bob and Teresa Vondersaar.
school projects were of his original design, using salvaged or                 50/50: No 50/50 was conducted at this meeting.
donated materials and innovation scaling and drafting tech-
niques.                                                                        Trivia Question: "What was the first production military tricycle
Get PDF copy of the April 2003 newsletter at   aircraft and the first production civilian tricycle aircraft?" Answers:
                                                                               "B-24 Liberator" and "Ercoupe.”
May, 2003                                                                      Lunch: Hamburgers and hot dogs grilled by Angelo Poulos and
Meeting: Hendricks County Airport on Saturday, May 3, 2003 for                 hostess Peggy Mershon, plus chips, fruit salad and more goodies
the first annual Fly-In and Chicken Barbecue. At least 16 mem-                 brought by attendees.
bers in attendance and more than 40 paid guests
                                                                               Program: Dr. Worthe Holt, talked about being a civilian physi-
50/50: No 50/50 was conducted at this meeting.                                 cian and military jet pilot in the National Guard, including tours of
                                                                               duty in Kuwait and Iraq. Holt passed around hundreds of pho-
Flying Report: Michael Mossman reported on a flight in of a
                                                                               tographs from his tours and of Kuwait and Iraq.
Zenair CH 601 HDS, built by Ray Ridenour of Elkhart IN.                        Get PDF copy of the July 2003 newsletter at
Young Eagles: Coordinator Chuck Long organized a Young
Eagles event for Boy Scout Troop 302 from Danville. Vern                       August, 2003
Sullenger and Jim Snyder signed on as the pilots. After Snyder                 From the Chapter President: Tim LeBaron writes about this
experiences engine troubles, Gary Reynolds lofted a few in his                 summer experiences in Seattle’s NTSB office investigating crash-
RV-6A.                                                                         es, plus visits to the Arlingon fly in, Puerto Rico, Canada, and
Aircraft Spotter: Air Force One was in Indianapolis for a visit by             more than ten states.
President George W. Bush.                                                      Meeting: Held at the Aviation Technology Center on Tuesday,
Program: Instead of the usual Tuesday evening meeting,                         August 5, 2003, chaired by Vice President Mike Laurenzano. 13
Chapter 1311 held its first annual Fly-In and Chicken Barbecue                 members and at least 4 guests were present
on Saturday, May 3. Announced at the Tuesday, April 1, meeting,                Treasurer’s Report: The chapter has $1,589.10 in the bank with
the committee consisting of Jeff Chapman, Gary Reynolds and                    34 members in good standing.
Larry Rush barely had a month to get everything ready. Jeff’s
grilled chicken turned out to be a big draw for the fair-weather               Old Business: The application for the 501c6 tax exempt status
event, with the chapter banking a small profit.                                was completed and mailed last month.
Get PDF copy of May 2003 newsletter at
ters/030501_newsletter.pdf                                                     Project Reports: Verbal reports were offered by Jeff Dunaway,
                                                                               RANS; Ken Hill, RV-9; Michael Mossman, Zenair 601 HDS;
June, 2003                                                                     Mark Rinehart, Kolb Mark III Classic; and Bob Vondersaar, Steen
Meeting: met in the Aviation Technology Center on Tuesday,                     Skybolt.
June 3, 2003, chaired by Vice President Mike Laurenzano. 7
                                                                               New Business: Tim LeBaron plans on returning to town in time
members and 3 guests
                                                                               for the September meeting.
Business: The chapter is considering a transition from 501c3 to
                                                                               Board of Directors: met on July 21 discussing various chapter
501c6 as a tax-exempt status
                                                                               business issues including dues, membership, the chapter web-
New Members: Gary Zeller joined the chapter in May; he has a                   site, elections and a review of the bylaws.
Brantly helicopter. John Edward from Coatesville also joined.
                                                                               50/50: Arvel Turner won $17.
Serving in the Service: Chapter 1311 member Jim Griffin, a
                                                                               Trivia Question: "Before it became known as JFK International,
major in the First Marines, writes about his experiences and
                                                                               what was the previous name of this airport?" Answer: "Idlewild."
observations from Iraq.
                                                                               A second trivia question, "What year and month was NASA
Shades State Park Airstrip Closed: Gary Reynolds reported                      formed?" Answer: October 1958.
that the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has
                                                                               First Lifetime Members: Lifetime memberships were extended
permanently closed the airstrip at Shades State Park.
                                                                               to Bob Vondersaar and Teresa Vondersaar.
Air France Retires the Concorde: On Thursday, June 12, Air
                                                                               Member Businesses: Chapter 1311 now has a page on our
France's Concorde, F-BVFA, took off from Paris' Charles de
                                                                               website advertising the business services of members who have
Gaulle Airport for the very last time.
                                                                               been in good standing for at least one year.
Aircraft Spotter: Troy Grover’s recently completed RV-6, with a
                                                                               Oshkosh Chronicles: EAA Board of Directors Member and
tilt-forward canopy and very well-equipped panel.
                                                                               Treasurer John Beetham attended AirVenture this year for the
Program: Chapter member Dirk Melchior gave a program and                       30th consecutive time, which was his 44th time to attend the
                                                             EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • December 2003 • Page 6
annual fly-in. John’s main reason to attend AirVenture was to                   verted to an in-flight refueler?" Answer: B-29.
participate in the Finance & Audit Meeting and the Joint Board
                                                                                New Members: Steve Cuthbert is building an RV-8. He attended
Meeting. Dale Gustafson attended his 43rd "Oshkosh" this year,
                                                                                Oshkosh for the second time. Steve Lathrop custom builds com-
his 37th consecutive. Gus served as a judge for the old planes
                                                                                ponents for the auto racing industry, and is building a 4-seat
and antiques. He also sat at the head table and answered ques-
                                                                                Bearhawk scratch.
tions as the one in charge of judging antique aircraft.
                                                                                Aircraft Building Assistance Offered: Member Kenny Shull
EAA Young Eagles Update: By newsletter publication time more
                                                                                lists his project as "helping others." As an A/P, machinist and tool
than 952,900 Young Eagles have flown.
                                                                                & die maker, Kenny can claim that he made or repaired parts for
Sport Pilot Rule Moves Forward: FAA Administrator Marion                        the P-38 restoration "Glacier Girl.”
Blakey announced that the FAA had completed work on the final
                                                                                Oshkosh Chronicles: Chuck Long made his fifth visit to
rule. The rulemaking package has been forwarded to the
                                                                                Oshkosh this year with his 16-year-old son Nick. Chuck and Nick
Department of Transportation (DOT) for review.
                                                                                drove to southern Wisconsin for some camping before and after
Building Tip: Michael Mossman reports that an easy way to                       the show, and were able to spend one full day at the event.
assemble the small, split aircraft wheel halves without pinching                Building on his 25-consecutive-year tradition, Glen Matejcek
the tubes is to slip a thin piece of cardboard around the rim.                  attended yet another "Oshkosh" with his wife, Robin, and nine
                                                                                other friends. Roughing it from Sunday through Sunday at Camp
Shades State Park Airstrip Update: Gary Reynolds provided
                                                                                Schoeller, Glen's main purpose for attending was to see friends,
copies of an email exchange signifying the DNL’s long-standing
                                                                                shop and have fun. They also managed to "laugh, giggle, drink
intent to close the airstrip at Shades State Park.
                                                                                beer (and) annoy vendors."
Terry Airport News: Terry Airport was purchased on July 15 by
                                                                                Arlington Report: Unable to attending Oshkosh for the first time
Hamilton County. County officials believe that the time is ripe for
                                                                                in ten years, Tim LeBaron visited the Arlington Fly-In for the first
airport improvements, including new hangars and more expand-
                                                                                time. He met Dick Van Grunsven from Van's Aircraft and Bob
ed facilities. They assert that housing more aircraft, including
                                                                                Mackey from EAA Headquarters. Although on call with the NTSB
more corporate aircraft, will pay for the improvements through
                                                                                Tim still had the opportunity to shoot many photographs.
profitable fuel sales and hangar rentals.
                                                                                EAA Young Eagles Update: By newsletter publication time more
RC Model Airplane Flown Across Atlantic: Retired engineer
                                                                                than 969,000 Young Eagles have flown.
Maynard Hill, 77, of Silver Spring, MD, designed and flew an 11-
pound balsa wood-and-mylar model plane from Cape Spear,                         Tool Review: Michael Mossman reports on a cheapie sheet
Newfoundland, to County Galway, Ireland                                         metal Shrinker/Stretcher combination made by U.S. Industrial
                                                                                Tool. Tips and techniques for its operation are offered.
Aircraft Spotter: On Wednesday, August 13 four men flew in a
Cirrus SR22 into Boone County Airport.                                          Building Tip: Steve Lathrop’s tip for flanging the lightening holes
                                                                                in a sheet metal rib or bulkhead consists of some very simple
Quote of the Month: from President Woodrow Wilson
                                                                                dies cut from 1/8-inch aluminum plate and shaped with a router.
Program: Airworthiness Inspector Kay Lannoye, from the
                                                                                Finish That Project: A rewrite of a story that appearing in
Indianapolis FSDO, spoke and length and in great detail about
                                                                                September 2002 Kitplanes magazine, Lynne Wainfan wrote
the processes and paperwork required to get a amateur-built air-
                                                                                about the "Top 10 Reasons People Stop Building Their
craft inspected and certified. Lannoye provided many samples
                                                                                Airplanes." They are: 10, Job Change; 9, Ran Out of Money; 8,
and resources, many of which have been added to the chapter
                                                                                New Kids; 7, Had to Move; 6, Got Interested in Another Building
web site.
Get PDF copy of the August 2003 newsletter at   Project; 5, Waiting for Parts from the Factory; 4, Didn't Want to
ters/030801_newsletter.pdf                                                      Fly the Airplane, Even When It Was Finished; 3, Lost Their
                                                                                Medical; 2, Came Upon a Technical Challenge; 1, Took Much
September, 2003                                                                 More Time than Expected.
From the Newsletter Editor: Michael Mossman writes about the
processes of getting a newsletter out every month.                              New Project Started: Chuck Nugent brought in a wing rib jig and
                                                                                plans for his scratch-built project, a WW-I two-seat SE-5A replica.
Meeting: Aviation Technology Center on Tuesday, September 9,                    Chuck discussed the intricate details of the design and his inten-
2003, chaired by Vice President Mike Laurenzano. 10 members                     tions for powering the craft.
and 3 guests.
                                                                                TFR Violations are a Serious Issue: A Boone County pilot is
Treasurer’s Report: No change in the coffers from last meeting                  intercepted by an F-15 and monitored until he landed, following
Old Business: Mike Laurenzano filed the application with the                    a flight violated the TFR from President Bush’s visit to
IRS for conversion to 501c6 status. The IRS replied that they                   Indianapolis.
needed a $150 application fee for the conversion.                               Quote of the Month: Taken from "Yeager", by Chuck Yeager and
Dayton WPAFB Trip: Glen Matejcek reported that only a couple                    Leo Janos
members expressed interest in taking a trip to the Air Force base               Planning Makes The Difference: Mike Laurenzano wrote a
museum this October.                                                            report about experiencing an in-flight engine problem with nearly
Shades State Park Airstrip: Gary Reynolds reports that from a                   catastrophic results. He attributes his flight plan of staying close
1990 Shades meeting the DNR wanted to close the airstrip, citing                to airports and willingness to turn back and land at a nearby air-
financial hardship and a desire to build a nature center.                       port as the decision that saved his neck.
                                                                                Get PDF copy of the September 2003 newsletter at
New Business: Kay Lannoye, program presenter and the August
meeting, addressed some specific questions about inspecting                     October, 2003
and certifying amateur-built aircraft that required additional
                                                                                Meeting: Held at the Hendricks County Airport on Saturday,
research. Mike Laurenzano reported on Kay’s responses.
                                                                                October 11, 2003. No business meeting was held. At least 14
50/50: Glen Matejcek won $17.50.                                                members were recorded plus many guests from neighboring
Trivia Question: "What was the first (operational) airplane con-                chapters.
                                                                 EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • December 2003 • Page 7
Chapter Elections: The slate of candidates is announced and                      able. Anyone know of Jim’s whereabouts or of any way to contact
the procedures for balloting are described.                                      him are asked to notify the newsletter editor.
Errata: Mike Laurenzano’s humorous comments about the FAA                        New Project Under Construction: Troy Grover, along with his
may have been misinterpreted. A clarification was published cor-                 wife, Andrea, has started construction on a four-seat Van’s RV-
recting the report.                                                              10. This will be the fifth RV-series aircraft that Troy has built on
                                                                                 assisted in building.
Oshkosh Chronicles: Stephen Cuthbert writes about visiting
                                                                                 Project Report: Chuck Long recently ordered a Jabiru 3300
Oshkosh in his Volkswagen camper.
                                                                                 engine and firewall-forward package for his Zenair CH 601 HDS
Young Eagles: Chuck Long organized a rally with Glen David,                      project.
Ken Hill, Gary Reynolds, Jim Snyder and Vern Sullenger on
                                                                                 EAA Countdown to Kitty Hawk: David Clark and Paul Vogel
October 11, just before the Fall Fly-In. More than 19 Young
                                                                                 planned to fly their Piper Tri-Pacer from 2R2 to Kitty Hawk NC on
Eagles and a few excited parents took to the sky.
                                                                                 November 5 but the weather wasn't favorable. Their next attempt
Young Eagles Update: By newsletter publication time more than                    (November 14) was scrubbed due to a problem with the brakes.
981,000 Young Eagles have taken their first airplane ride
                                                                                 Young Eagles: On Saturday, November 8, 2003, David Clark,
Young Eagles Tip: Jim Snyder’s idea for printing Young Eagles                    Glen David, Ken Hill, Jim Snyder and Paul Vogel provided anoth-
pilots’ information on inkjet labels is presented.                               er 13 Young Eagles of Boy Scout Troop 92 with their introduction
                                                                                 to flight. The event was organized by coordinator Chuck Long;
Restaurant Review: Michael and Katie Mossman sample the
                                                                                 Michael Mossman provided ground support.
wares and admire the ambiance at Pilot Pete's, an on-airport
restaurant at Schaumburg IL.                                                     EAA Young Eagles Update: EAA’er Rick Ellis of Freeport IL,
                                                                                 flew the one-millionth Young Eagle Andrew Grant on October 25
EAA Flight Advisors: EAA Flight Advisors for the chapter are
                                                                                 in his Piper Cherokee Warrior. Both Rick and Andrew will be
asked to volunteer.
                                                                                 EAA's special guests at the Centennial of Flight celebration in
Building Tip: Michael Mossman writes about using a modified                      December at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
spring-loaded center punch to fix blind rivets that are set a bit too
                                                                                 New Runway Officially Opened: Hendricks County
                                                                                 Airport/Gordon Graham Field’s new 4,400-by-100-foot runway
Flying Report: Michael Mossman wrote a report about flying a                     was dedicated on October 18. The $12.5 million airport was offi-
135-h.p. Piper Colt equipped with STD’d vortex generators.                       cially opened on June 27, 2002, using state and federal funding.
Aviation History Television Program: PBS program “Who                            Crane IN TFR Lifted: The federal government lifted the
Killed the Red Baron?” was taped and made available to interest-                 Department of Defense's flight restriction over Crane, Indiana.13
ed chapter members.                                                              TFRs remain.
Quote of the Month: Song quoted in the book "A Wing and a                        Boeing Enters ‘Kitplane’ Market: Boeing’s new aircraft propos-
Prayer" by Harry H. Crosby                                                       al, the 7E7 Dreamliner, is designed to compete with the Airbus's
Program: Chapter 1311’s first fall fly-in was held on a beautiful                A330-200. Boeing plans to outsource most major components in
Saturday on October 11. Chuck Long had a local Boy Scout                         a move that it claims will pare production costs.
troop and a few other excited kids lined up for a Young Eagles                   New Enterprise Started: Chapter 1311 member Troy Grover
rally. A new attention-getter for this fly-in was Gary Zeller arriving           has started a Builder's Assistance service called Grov-Air, supply-
in his Brantly B-2 helicopter. Gary Reynolds, Larry Rush and Dirk                ing technical assistance to other builders of RV-series aircraft.
Melchior cook and served to more than 45 paying guests.
Get PDF copy of the October 2003 newsletter at   Are You a Redneck Pilot?: Aviation humor submitted by Mike
ters/031001_newsletter.pdf                                                       Foushee, Columbus EAA Chapter 729.
November 2003                                                                    Airplane Spotter: Swing-wing B-1 Bomber made its way through
Meeting: Held at the Aviation Technology Center on Tuesday,                      central Indiana on October 18th. The fuselage was transported
November 4, 2003. 16 members and many guests were signed                         on semi trailers via Interstate 74, headed to Ashland, Nebraska.
in; more students from VU attended but didn’t sign in.                           Quote of the Month: Personally I’m always ready to learn, I do
Treasurer’s Report: The chapter netted $44.69 profit from the                    not always like being taught. - Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)
October Fly-In, leaving about $1,727 in the checking account.                    Program: EAA Chapter 1311 President Tim LeBaron had been
50/50: Dirk Melchior won $12.00.                                                 an instructor at Vincennes University's aviation program for sev-
                                                                                 eral years. Due to severe budget cuts Tim found himself without
Chapter Elections: 68% of the members voted in the election.                     a job so he looked to the National Transportation Safety Bureau
Sixteen voters opted to write in a candidate for president; Tim                  for employment possibilities. Of the NTSB's ten regions, only the
LeBaron was declared the winner. For vice president Mike                         Seattle region expressed an interest in Tim for an internship. A
Laurenzano nudged out Larry Rush. Michael Mossman and Vern                       total of 26 applicants vied for the slot, but Tim was chosen.
Sullenger (both unchallenged), were elected secretary and trea-                  Get PDF copy of the November 2003 newsletter at
surer, respectively. Dirk Melchior, Glen Matejcek and Paul Vogel
edged out Jeff Dunaway for Class II board of directors.
New Member: Bart Ng joined Chapter 1311 at the November
meeting. Bart "teaches" math at IUPUI.
Dues are Due! Chapter 1311's dues for 2004 are now due. Send
your $20 to the treasurer, Paul Vogel, or to incoming treasurer
Vern Sullenger.
Servicemen update: Chapter 1311 is trying to locate member
Jim Griffin, who re-upped with the Marines as a Major. Email
newsletters and notices to Jim have been returned as undeliver-
                                                                EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • December 2003 • Page 8

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