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					                                          APC NEWSLETTER
                                          SMALL BUSINESSES, AND EXCELLENT SCHOOLS.

                                              P.O. Box 852, Arnold, Maryland 21012-0852
Vol. 7 No. 3                                                                                                      March 2006
                   The next meeting of Arnold Preservation Council will be on
    Wednesday, April 5, 2006 at 7:30 PM, Room 204 YWCA Building 1517 Ritchie Highway, Arnold

     Come learn about what transpired at our Design and Visioning Forum for Arnold’s Future!

     The Riverkeeper for the Severn River and the President of the Magothy River Association
                                       will be our speakers

         Minutes of the March 1, 2006 meeting:
President Sage Mumma called the meeting to order at                Jerry T. Crawford, author, Chesapeake Bay lecturer,
7:35 PM. She welcomed the members and guests,                      Bay Wise Master Gardener, and landscape designer,
including Brian Lancione, photographer, and Ted                    emphasizing an environmental approach to land
Kluga, reporter from the Severna Park Voice.                       development, discussed his approach to understanding
                                                                   the current situation of the Bay and some possible
Officer’s Reports:                                                 remedies. He explained that he has looked back about
Secretary:                                                         100 years to see how the bay has “lived” and he has
Doris Hansen reported that she had mailed and                      followed the variety of committees that have recently
emailed the February newsletter. The minutes of the                worked on trying to find solutions to the Bay’s
February 1, 2006 meeting were amended to include the               problems.
following: “In her presentation, Cathy Vitale said that            Over time, there have been a variety of levels of activity
there had been some drug-related activity in three                 dealing with the health of the Bay. Much that activity
areas of Arnold, among them Kimberley Woods. The                   has subsided. Mr. Crawford provided a handout on the
police are continuing to monitor this situation.”                  State of the Bay that covers this topic.
The minutes were approved as amended.                              Nitrogen is the Bay’s number one problem. The flush
Treasurer:                                                         tax has helped to reduce the nitrogen problem, but
Lucy Iliff filed the following report for February 2006:           upgrading of waste treated facilities and by re-
• Income            $83.76                                         establishing the natural filtration system of the Bay, by
          Dues, donations $80.00                                   helping with the oyster growth, is much needed. The
          Interest $3.76                                           introduction of the Asian oyster could be a viable
• Expenses:         $25,130.50                                     solution. CBF researchers have not yet finished their
          Stamps, printing, research $110.50                       study of this oyster, so no decision on introducing it into
          Dues refund $20.00                                       the Bay has been made. The Asian oyster is resistant
          Scenic Arnold to MD SHA $25,000                          to MSX, which attacks the current Bay oyster
• Balance as of 2/28/06                                            population once an oyster reaches 3 years of age.
          Checking $40.65                                          Some current fishing practices have been responsible
          Savings $1,742.03                                        for harming the Bay. Menhaden, a fish, is another
• Total Assets $1,782.68                                           natural filterer of the Bay waters. When the menhaden
The Bill to SHA ($25,000.00) has been paid. One                    were over-fished, the striped bass (rockfish) became
donor to the Scenic Arnold Project designated her                  more plentiful, which threatened the crab population.
donation for use on any part of the project. It will be            Breaking this cycle by restricting the harvesting of
used to help pay expenses for the forum and the                    rockfish could help the Bay be healthier. The increase
history project.                                                   in the amount of healthy SAV (sub-aquatic vegetation)
The treasurer's report was filed for audit.                        is helping to preserve the Bay’s young fish and crabs.
Vice President:                                                    Making the health of the Bay a political football has not
Missy Blevins reported on 2006 new and renewed APC                 helped. Mr. Crawford is of the opinion that monies
members. As of 3/1/06, APC has 16 Individual Voting                allocated for funding for Bay clean up should not be
Members, 7 Community Associations, 1 Institution, 1                invaded for other purposes. Developers should be
Business, and 49 Non-voting Associates. The large                  made aware of the huge impact overdevelopment has
jump in the last category is due to the 1-year                     on the Bay and stringent regulations should be put in
complimentary membership given to the donors to the                place concerning building in the watershed areas. Mr.
Scenic Arnold planting project.                                    Crawford stated that our laws need to have real teeth,
President:                                                         with significant fines, especially for the removal of trees
Sage Mumma reported that Ann Fligsten had sent APC                 in the critical area and buffer zones.
a note of thanks for the live orchid plant she had                 Organic gardening can help save the Bay as well. Bay
                                                                   Wise/Master Gardeners offer free landscape advice on
received in    appreciation   for her four years       of          how to create outdoor plantings and landscaping that
will reduce adverse impact on the Bay and its                  The joint CBF/MRA Grasses for the Masses
watershed area. Users of septic systems can get free            project will be sponsoring its fifth annual
kits to help reduce the nitrogen from their systems.            workshop on March 24. Participants will grow
Composting is also helpful.        Use of slow-release          underwater grasses that will be planted in the
fertilizers, rain barrels, and planting less grass were         river. Interested persons can contact Carl Treffat
among Mr. Crawford’s suggestions.                     
                                                               Along with its oyster restoration partners, the
Standing And Special Committee Reports:                         MRA is working on a plan to reseed some of the
Land Use: Arnold Farms:                                         existing oyster reefs.
Zoning Enforcement is looking into the issue of whether        Earth Day (April 22) activities include the annual
Arnold Farms exceeds the nursery farm limitations.              oyster dive with the Naval Academy and NOAA,
Sage Mumma’s letter to Inspections & Permits (I & P)            and      participating   in   the    Environmental
on 8/15 /05 was sufficient to be considered a formal            Awareness Fair at Anne Arundel Community
request to P & Z, which promp-ted the opening of a              College.
case. Joannie Coleman-Casey (Director of Zoning                Residents of North Shore contacted the MRA
Enforcement) and Helen Simpson (Inspector for the               about a 7,500 square foot house being
case) will be making sporadic site visits over the next         constructed on Hickory Point in Pasadena, which
few months, including the growing season months, to             replaces an existing 900 square foot home. The
monitor whether Arnold Farms is in compliance with the          county has informed them that because that lot is
“accessory retail or wholesale uses portion of the AA           buffer exempt, the house can be built in the
Co. Code. That section states, “accessory retail or             buffer without variances.
wholesale uses may not occupy more than 1% of the              The Board of Appeals hearings on Dobbins
lot, excluding green houses and required setbacks,              Island are scheduled for March 21, 22 and 23 at
growing, and plant display areas.” According to Gail            the Arundel Center. The owner is appealing the
Smith, (2/8/06 email) P&Z has returned site plans to            Administrative Hearing Officer’s denial of the
Arnold Farms at least twice to make revisions. No               variances he needs to build a large home on
specifics of what the site plans were for or when or if         Dobbins. He is also requesting variances to
they had been adequately revised and subsequently               disturb steep slopes in order to build a driveway
accepted and for which of the permit requests the               up the north face of the island to his house, and
revisions were made.                                            variances to permanently disturb wetlands in a
Gail Smith has also requested that Jan Russell ask              cove on North Shore to construct a driveway,
Donnie Woodrow (I&P) to helps us sort out the status            ramp and pier.
of the building permits for Arnold Farms.                      The Board of Appeals hearings on Little Island
                                                                are scheduled over nine sessions, beginning in
                                                                April and ending in July.          Opponents are
Scenic Arnold: Ann Fligsten reported on the up-coming
                                                                appealing both the variances that would legalize
                                                                retroactive permits for his home, and the
    The Sun ran an article on APC and the forum
                                                                administrative decision to approve his application
       this week.
                                                                for retroactive buffer exempt status.
    Planning for the forum on Saturday, March 4,
                                                               Severna Park residents report that pilings have
       2006 is going well.       We plan on 30-50
                                                                been installed in the headwaters of Cypress
       attendees and all will be invited to lunch
                                                                Creek, apparently for the newly opened Assisted
       provided by Arnold businesses: (Safeway, Papa
                                                                Living Facility. They have made inquiries to the
       John’s, Fishpaws, and Subway).
                                                                Maryland Department of the Environment about
                                                                the lack of notification and proposed dredging of
    Volunteers are still needed to help on the day of          the shallow waters.
      the forum.                                                Al Johnston reported that the dredging project
  APC members and friends were encouraged to                    had begun. There is no active permit, to allow
  attend and bring their ideas for Arnold’s future!             the dredging and it will be stopped.
Delegates to Community Organizations                      Broadneck Federation – Joe Hoppa reported the
MRA delegate, Diane Scherer reported the following:       following from the 2/23/06 meeting:
  The MRA hosted its fourth annual “State of the              USNA Athletic Director Chet Gladchuk provided
     Magothy” forum at AACC on February 15.                       additional details concerning the new Ice
     Topics included water quality and living                     Skating/Tennis Facility to be built adjacent to
     resources in the river, the North Cypress Branch             the Naval Academy Golf Course.
     watershed project, reforestation projects and                Phase one - construction of the building shell,
     land conservation easements.                                 ice rink, limited spectator seating, restrooms
  The Board of Public Works held a public meeting                and locker rooms.
     on February 9 to discuss last December’s 3                   Phase two - six indoor tennis courts. Phase two
     million gallon sewage spill into Mill Creek. Due             will not start until funding is available.
     to a large audience and long agenda, a second                This project is being paid for by with private
     meeting will be scheduled.                                   funds.
       Community groups that now use the ice rink in                   people have been threatened for turning
       Dahlgren Hall will continue to be able to use the               culprits in.
       new facility when not in use by academy                       • Call 410-222-6145 for crime watch items.
       personnel.       Some concern was expressed                   • Reminder – it is against the law to leave a
       about potential traffic issues. If traffic problems             car. running unattended.
       do occur, Mr. Gladchuk requested that he be              Aspire Centennial Maureen Carr York, the
       notified immediately. No timetable has been                 new GSPC president, reported the following
       reported for this project, but the phase one                  • Mindy’s is selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts,
       portion should bee completed in time for the fall               and baseball caps with the Centennial
       hockey practice and season.                                     insignia on them.
    Chris Soldano, a representative of the Anne                     • There will be a symphony and traveling
       Arundel County Office of Planning and Zoning                    history.
       discussed various development/zoning issues.             Zoning & Legislation - Al Johnson
       His presentation was similar to the 1/4/06                    • County pension plan is good but health care
       presentation to APC, but more process-related.                  costs are getting very large, $110 million per
      A resolution supporting Senate Bill 168, a bill to              year.
       double the existing fine structure for overweight             • A new Eastern district police station is to be
       vehicles on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and its                   built.
       approaches, was submitted for approval.                       • Wastewater pipe system will have to be
       Implementation of the new fine structure will                   upgraded. Pipe to be relined.
       hopefully reduce the damage done to the bridge               Schools - Beth Slicker described the new
       by overweight vehicles. The resolution was                    school board election plan. She said that the
       approved by a majority of the community                       AB day plan and the Math program are under
       representatives.                                              discussion.
    The next Broadneck Federation meeting will be on           The next GSPC meeting will be on March 14. At 7:30
    3/23/06, Magothy River Middle School                       PM in the conference room of the S.P. Library.
GSPC: Lucy Iliff reported the following from the 2/14/06
meeting:                                                     Other Reports:
      Gail Smith discussed the senior citizen               Ed Parker announced that a new set of plantings will be
       assistance center on Riva Road where seniors          going in along the B & A Trail across from Chesapeake
       can get help for signing up for the new federal       Academy. It will be plantings in memory of Kevin
       prescription drug program.                            Dooley, a highly regarded P & Z employee who passed
      Scott Hymes listed the Severn River Keeper’s          away recently.
          • Resource                                         New Business:
          • Clean streams and shoreline                      A. A. Co. School Board nominating process has begun.
          • Advocate - pro bono lawyers for the Bay          As a 501 c 3 organization, APC is entitled to nominate
          • Will hold parties                                1 (one) candidate for the Board of Education from
      Lois Villmaire is the new assistant director of       District 33a/B for 2006. APC can also send delegates
       P&Z. She distributed a handout on some                (1 for every 50 members of our organization) to the
       zoning changes, among which were:                     BOE Hearings and nonpartisan Convention.            The
        • Waterfront lot definition has been changed to:     deadline for candidates for the Board has passed.
           1) A lot that abuts the mean high waterline       Delegates to the nominating convention, which is on
           or 2) a lot that abuts land owned by a            Wed. May 3, 2006 at Arundel HS in Gambrills 6 PM,
           homeowner’s association that abuts the            should submit their registration information by mail
           mean high-water line (in order to allow piers     before 3/15/06. Registration after that date is possible
           to be constructed on the community property       but the fee increases for $8 to $15. Contact APC by
           for use by these lots)                            email of phone (410-544-1273) to get the registration
        • 20ft. Setback changed to 7 + 7.                    form for the convention and full information on the
        • Signs - New language has been added,               process.
           which states that the person or organization
           that is the subject of sign shall be presumed     Announcements:
           to be the party that erected the sign. This id      APC wish list
           for enforcement purposes.                             GSPC delegate (meetings - 2nd Tuesday of
        • Special exception or variance is now valid for           each month at the SP Library)
           18 months.                                            PR helper (must have access to computer and
        • A second community meeting will be held af-              fax machine)
           ter the final plan is completed.                      APC Brochure writer
  New GSPC Officers were elected for 2006.                      Membership drive helper – stuff envelopes and
  Eastern District Police Report                                  affix stamps – one-time job
        • There has been a rise in crime in Severna
           Park, due mostly to drugs. There are                Gonzales Research and Marketing Strategies
           Methamphetamine labs in the area.                   conducting a focus group roundtable discussion on
        • Graffiti and vandalism are growing. Some
 environmental issues in AA Co for Phil Bissett (R) -                2006 HAZARDOUS WASTE SCHEDULE
 candidate for Co. Exec. 3/7/06, 6 - 8 PM
                                                                  Date                   Location
  Saturday, March 18 – hazardous waste recycling                 03-18-      Millersville Landfill & Resource
  at Millersville Landfill                                         06               Recovery Facility
                                                                                 389 Burns Crossing Road
  Elizabeth Wyble, President of the Friends of the B&A
                                                                 04-08-         Sudley Convenience Center
  Trail sent the following invitation to APC:                      06            5400 Nutwell Sudley Road
                  YOU ARE INVITED
                      TO THE                                     05-20-       Glen Burnie Convenience Center
      FRIENDS OF ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY TRAILS                        06                 100 Dover Road
      ANNUAL MEETING AND AWARDS CEREMONY                                               Glen Burnie
                                                                 06-10-      Millersville Landfill & Resource
                 AT SEVEN O'CLOCK p.m.                             06               Recovery Facility
                MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2006                                           389 Burns Crossing Road
          19 CRAIN HIGHWAY, GLEN BURNIE                          07-15-         Sudley Convenience Center
                                                                   06            5400 Nutwell Sudley Road
                    SPEAKER TOM ROSS                                                      Deale
    Former Assistant Director of the National Park Service       09-09-       Glen Burnie Convenience Center
 Presently, Executive Director Maryland Recreation and Parks       06                 100 Dover Road
                             Assn.                                                     Glen Burnie
                                                                 10-21-      Millersville Landfill & Resource
                                                                   06               Recovery Facility
                NATIONAL TRAIL SCENE
                                                                                 389 Burns Crossing Road
  LEARN OF FRIENDS NEW AND CONTINUING PROJECTS                   11-18-       Glen Burnie Convenience Center
          NEW TRAILS BEING CONSTRUCTED                             06                 100 Dover Road
                     AWARDS                                                             Glen Burnie

  The next APC meeting will be held on April 5, 2006.
  The speakers will be the River keeper for the Severn         The February/March copy of Inside Annapolis
  and the Magothy River Association President. They            Magazine had an entire article on recycling. Below
  will discuss their jobs and how the public can               is a list of some websites on recycling given in the
  become involved in the preserving the rivers.                article
  7:30 PM at the YWCA.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.
Respectfully submitted,                              

Doris Hansen, Secretary                                        http://maryland,

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   and help us save $$ while getting your
          newsletter more quickly.                   

                 APC Meeting dates for 2006

    The following speakers are scheduled for our 2006
    meetings. Watch this space for updates!

    April 5            Severn Riverkeeper and MRA
    May 3              David Dionne-Update on Trails
    June 7             Cpl. Wayne Tannis, AA CO Police
    September          “Arnold, Maryland, The Little Post
                       Office That Grew”
    October 4          Janice Harvey – YWCA CEO
    November 1         Arnold Fire Department

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