2010 Risks of Infant Formula

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					Most people know “breastmilk is best”.       Babies who are fed infant formula               The Cost of Formula Feeding a Baby
They may not know that there can be          are at a higher risk for:                             for the First 6 Months*
risks associated with using a breastmilk                                                     Infant Formula
substitute like formula.                        •    lung infections
Each mother and family makes an                 •    middle ear infections (otitis media)        Types of                Commercial
important decision about how to feed                                                             Commercial              Infant
their baby. Health Canada recommends            •    becoming overweight                         Infant                  Formula Cost
babies receive only breastmilk for the                                                           Formula***              for 6 months
first 6 months and continue to breastfeed       •    diabetes
                                                                                                Powdered                    $ 669.60
for up to 2 years or more while eating                                                          Liquid                      $ 726.79
                                                •    diarrhea
nutritious solid foods.                                                                       Concentrate
Formula feedings are sometimes used for         •    infection from contaminated formula
                                                                                            * Formula Costs were collected in June 2007 in the
medical or personal reasons. Mothers’                                                       City of Thunder Bay by the Thunder Bay District
                                                •    chronic illness
own milk is best if a baby needs extra                                                      Health Unit.
feedings. When breastmilk is not                                                            *** Iron-Fortified Cow’s Milk Formula
                                                •    reduced cognitive development
available, an appropriate breastmilk
substitute /formula is used. Cow’s milk         •    effects of environmental               Breastfeeding saves money.
and goat’s milk are not suitable for                 contaminants
babies less than 9-12 months old.                                                           The cost of feeding a baby powdered
                                                •    allergies                              formula for one year in Thunder Bay is
Barriers to breastfeeding:                                                                  $1339.20.
                                                •    asthma                                 This does not include the cost of bottles,
•   not knowing how to breastfeed or                                                        nipples, and cleaning items needed for
    what to do if problems occur                •    heart disease
                                                                                            feeding infant formula.
•   personal experiences & feelings             •    higher risk of SIDS
                                                                                            What could you buy with the money
•   cultural norms & decades of public          •    childhood cancers                      you save?
    bottle feeding                              (Information taken from Risks of Formula
                                                Feeding, Infact Canada, November 2002,          High Chair
•   lack of support by health care              revised July 2006)                              Car Seat
    workers, workplace, family or                                                               Crib
    partner                                     Mothers who do not breastfeed are at            Baby swing
                                                a higher risk for:                              Changing Table
•   practices like scheduled or restricted                                                      Stroller
    feedings, routine supplementation &          •       overweight                             Babysitting services
    the use of bottles and pacifiers             •       osteoporosis                           Exersaucer
                                                 •       reduced child spacing                  Groceries
•   formula company advertising
                                                 •       some types of cancer
                                                                                                           Baby Bottles
                                                    If you have questions
Most baby bottles are made from a chemical
which makes hard plastic called polycarbonate
(also known as Bisphenol A). It is also referred
                                                    about breastfeeding
                                                    contact these community
                                                                                                        Risks of
to as the #7 recycling symbol with the letters PC   resources
often found under the bottle. According
to Health Canada, there is a chance that this       Thunder Bay District Health Unit         625-
chemical is released when boiling water is poured   5972
into the baby bottles.

If using bottles made with polycarbonate:
                                                    Breastfeeding Connection – in the District only
                                                    Health Unit Breastfeeding Clinic
                                                                                             625-       Formula
                                                    Maternity Centre Support Services       684-6228
    •   Boiling water should be cooled to room      La Leche League                         346-8477
        temperature before it is poured into the    24 hour referral line                         211
        bottles.                                    Toll free                         1-877-586-5638

    •   Bottles that are cracked and scratched      visit
        should be thrown out               or
Switch to:
    •   Switch to bottles numbered 2, 4 or 5 or
        labeled as bisphenol A free

    •   Glass baby bottles. However, these are
        not recommended for use if child is
        holding their own bottle and the bottle
        may be dropped or thrown.
For more information: please visit our website at and search "home environment".

Baby bottles should never be heated in the
microwave as the liquid may heat unevenly and
can cause burns to your child.

        If you need information about                                                                           guide
                                                                                                              A guide to
        how to safely prepare, store                      Breastfed babies are less likely
        and feed infant formula contact                  to be sick in the first year of life,                the health
                                                          saving money, time and worry!
        your health care provider.
                                                                                                            risks & cost

                                                                                           May 2010

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