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									Directions for ad hoc iPhone Application distribution

To bypass the App Store and install an iPhone application, the UDID of the
iPhone is needed to set it up for ad hoc distribution. The UDID is a 40 digit
hexadecimal key unique to each phone.

   1. Obtain the UDID value by plugging your iPhone into a computer with
      iTunes and clicking on the device on the iTunes left frame.
   2. At the top of the summary screen there should be a section labeled
      iPhone that displays the name, phone number, serial number, etc.
   3. If you click on the Serial Number this will change to the UDID - that's the
      hexadecimal number needed to build an ad hoc provisioning file.
   4. Cut and paste the UDID into an email and send to the developer.
   5. You will receive back a zip file containing both a .app file and a
      .mobileprovision file.
   6. Drag each unzipped file one by one onto iTunes, then synchronize your
      iDevice to install the adhoc app on the device.

  MobilityForge, a fnSys Company – PO Box 406 Boulder CO 80306 - 303.827.1919
7. If this is the second time you are updating your adhoc app, besure to
   delete the app from your device before syncing with iTunes. Otherwise
   the app may not install because apps built for adhoc distribution generally
   don’t increment version numbers.

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