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									Lounge Chair

When we think of the term "lounge chair", Archie Bunker's comfortable overstuffed
armchair comes to mind. Those cozy "easy chairs" aren't as popular as they used to be.
They tend to symbolize a sedentary lifestyle (ie: La-Z-Boy) that's not exactly politically
correct these days. There are still places for lounge chairs in our lives, however, because
as busy as we are, there's still a time to relax and unwind.

Sitting pretty

Many modern lounge chairs pay homage to the great designers of the 20th century.
Charles Eames and Alvar Aalto chairs make a statement about the owner's taste and
values besides being extremely comfortable pieces of furniture. The classic Eames
Lounge Chair and matching Ottoman are priced in the $4000 range. Great Italian design
houses such as Artek produce modernist lounge chairs priced in the $2000 to $3500

Not so Lazy Boys

The more traditional lounge chairs are still with us. La-Z-Boy, Barcalounger, and other
manufacturers are going strong and have tried to keep pace with changing lifestyles and
decorating trends. Higher-end models include some of these features:

        Adjustable lumbar and full-body support.
        Home Theatre set-ups.
        Integrated cup holders and tray tables.
        "Cool Chair" refrigerated storage.
        Electric reclining functions.
        Adjustable heated seat.
        Rocking chair function.
        Massage and massage + heat function.
        Built-in telephone.

The La-Z-Boy "Oasis" recliner achieved a measure of fame by "starring" in the popular
television sitcom "Friends". The Oasis is a black leather full-featured recliner. It has a
six-can beer cooler in one arm, a 99-number memory telephone, remote controlled heat
and 6-motor massage systems, and a fold-out foot rest. The ultimate in lounge chair
luxury! Most lounge chairs and recliners fall into the $1000 to $2500 price range with
some exceptions on either end of the scale.

Lounging poolside

Lounge chairs have a cool cousin who likes nothing better then to relax in the yard or by
the pool. These lounge chairs aren't the typical cushy behemoths, those are much too
heavy to move around. Outdoor lounge chairs fall into two categories:
       Chaise lounges -- These are classier versions of the standard webbed lawn chair.
        Chaise lounges have stronger metal frames that are often powder coated or PVC
        vinyl coated to resist weathering. The seat fabric is usually polyester mesh which
        is cool and easy to clean. They may have detachable padded cushions.

       Outdoor recliners -- The outdoor version of the easy chair. A strong but light
        metal tube frame and breathable mesh fabric provide comfort, flexibility, and low
        maintenance. Some outdoor lounge chairs come with a removable padded
        headrest. Prices for quality outdoor lounge chairs and chaise lounges range from
        $70 on up.

Modern life is hectic, and we all need to take a break sometime. A comfortable lounge
chair is the perfect place to curl up and kick off your shoes. All you need to complete the
dream is a friendly dog to bring you your slippers and the newspaper!

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