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					                                                                   630.983 6064

XNet can host your equipment
at a fraction of what it costs to maintain your own data center.

And unlike other facilities, we don’t leave you hanging when you
have problems or questions. At XNet, we’re known far and wide
for our personal, expert, and timely technical support.

With XNet, you can:
   Get up and running fast. We have immediate rackspace and bandwidth avail
   ability — and room for you to grow with us.

   Focus on your business, not the headache and cost of building your own infra

   Leverage our expertise in network infrastructure and server management at a
   fraction of the cost of hiring your own engineers.

   Already have a data center? Use our facility as an off site backup and disaster
   recovery site for your existing critical systems.

Read what our customers are saying about us:
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Our Colocation Packages:

     Drop N’ Go Colo                         Standard Colocation                   Managed Colocation

     Simple, no frills colocation.           Enterprise grade colocation            True hands off critical
     For expert users and small              with unparalleled hands on             computing.
     businesses who just need                service including remote               Get enterprise grade colo
     the basics.                             media swapping and                     with managed services
                                             remote reboots without                 included, tailored fit
     Be up and running in
                                             the extra fees.                        to your needs.
     minutes: simply sign up,
     drop off your server, and go!

                                               We offer several levels of colocation
                                               solutions to best meet your needs.

                                              Custom configuration options are available and range from single
     single      partial      full
                                              servers to full racks.
     server      rack         rack

 Get a QUOTE today: call (630) 983 6063

 Say goodbye to downtown traffic hassles and parking expenses!
 Our offices and data center are located in Lisle, IL, along the I 88
 Illinois Research and Technology Corridor.

                                                                                                      630.983 6064
                                                                              internet > connectivity > solutions

Core Data Center Specifications                                               CCF Rack Specifications
  Precision Cooling – Industry leading dual compressor HVAC systems           INTERNAL dimensions:
  in an N+1 redundant configuration for ultimate redundancy and unit                                                       19” (internal)
  Un Interruptable Redundant Power – Our utility, generator, and redun
  dant UPS systems all work together for totally redundant power to your
  critical systems.
  Full Network Redundancy – Geographic redundancy, network redun
  dancy, and multiple Tier 1 connectivity providers for robust blended
  connectivity (read details about our network).                                                                               42U/731/2”

  Redundant Core Routing – We take no risks with your connectivity. Our
  core routers at both locations are redundant to ensure 100% network
  Self healing network. Your equipment stays connected to the Internet
  via SONET Fiber and multiple network connections (details), even in the
  event of a global net wide situation. – but it doesn’t stop here. Our CCF
  does this …
  Flexible Space Availability – from single server space to full locked                                       24” (external)
                                                                                  Standard 19” wide rack mounts
                                                                                  Universal mounting rails
                           Conditioned power with UPS                             Numbered “U” spacing
                           Battery backup
                           Generator backup
                                                                                  Fully meshed doors front and rear
                           AC and DC power available                              Locking front and rear doors
                           2x 20 amp circuits per cabinet – custom build          Vented top panel
                           available                                              Rear metal wire management loops (4 per side)

                           Temperature and humidity precision climate
                           controlled                                             Power distribution unit is located at U21 and/or U22
                           N+1 redundant dual compressor air conditioners         Network management connection is located at U42
                           Sufficient power for full capacity                     Cage nuts and rack screws available
                           Multi carrier fiber connectivity
                           Diverse, redundant Tier 1 Internet providers
                           “Semi” Carrier netural                                                                78 1/2”
                           Redundant core routing                                                                24”
                           Self healing network                                                                  41”
                           Roof access availability for mounting
                           almost any type of antenna
                                                                                                                 42U (73 1/2”)
                           Key card access                                                                       19”
                           24x7 accessibility                                                                    38 1/8”
                           Video surveillance                                                                    29”
                           Fire suppression system                                                               2 1/2”
                           FBI hardened building                                                                 6 13/16”

                           Server management
                           Remote location data backup                                                           1U Mounting
                           WAN management                                                                        1/3U
                           OS patch management                                                                   19”
                           Firewall and IDS                                                                      29”
                           System monitoring and event notification                                              100 Lbs

                                                                                                                    630.983 6064

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