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					                                                                                   WPA NEWS          Official Quarterly News Bulletin of WPA

WWW.WPANET.ORG                                                                                                                                    June 2010

The WPA News: voice of                                   The new impact factor of
the WPA Components                                       World Psychiatry
The WPA News had established itself as a compre-
hensive and balanced voice of all of the components                                                                  Mario Maj
of our organization. As the previous issues of the                                                World Psychiatric Association
last couple years, this issue also reflects many prom-
ising activities in the field of psychiatry and mental                                                                               >>
                                                         World Psychiatry just received its new impact                                    international psychi-
                                                                                                              most, possibly all, othermore events see page 11
health across the world.
                                                         factor, 4.375. It ranks now in the top ten of in-    atric journals. The first objective is to reach as
                                                         ternational journals of general psychiatry and       many psychiatrists of the various countries of
No doubt, you will be pleased to read the outstand-
                                                         in the top twenty of all journals of clinical psy-   the world as possible, disseminating informa-
ing success of the official journal of WPA, World
                                                         chiatry, biological psychiatry and psychophar-       tion on recent significant clinical, service and
Psychiatry, and the Research Fellowships Pro-
                                                         macology.                                            research developments in a language that can
gramme for Early Career Psychiatrists. New calls
                                                                                                              be assimilated by the vast majority of them.
for applications, results of previous applications
                                                         The journal is now published in five languag-         Relevance to everyday clinical practice of the
and exciting report from Pittsburgh; all mirror the
                                                         es: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and           average psychiatrist and usefulness to foster
impact of this programme in improving world wide
                                                         French. Selected articles or abstracts are also      his/her professional growth are the two main
relations in our professional field. The report from
                                                         translated in other languages, such as Japanese,     criteria by which an article submitted to World
Haiti is another concrete example of how WPA
could mobilize human recourses, this time in the         Czech, Polish and Romanian, and posted on            Psychiatry is evaluated. In addition to this, the
case of a saddening natural disaster.                    the website of the WPA and/or relevant WPA           style of the paper must be simple and clear.
                                                         Member Societies. All issues of the journal can      The second objective is to give voice to psychi-
We are delighted to see the increasing interest of       be freely downloaded from PubMed Central             atrists of all regions of the world, encouraging
our Member Societies, Zonal Representatives and          (              submission of research papers, commentaries
Affiliated Associations in sending us news on their       and the WPA website ( The            and reports on innovative service modalities.
latest activities. You could read some of them on        paper version of the journal reaches more than
these limited pages of the WPA News and more on          33,000 psychiatrists in 121 countries, being for     Given these two objectives, it is understand-
our lately renewed website. Similarly, remarkable        many thousands of them the only accessible           able that the ingredients and the overall flavor
activities of our scientific sections are conveyed both   international psychiatric journal.                   of each issue of World Psychiatry are different
here and on the WPA website (                                                                 from those of other international psychiatric
                                                         In compliance with a decision made by the            journals. An important ingredient is repre-
WPA Scientific Meetings and WPA Publications              WPA Executive Committee in 2001, the jour-           sented by the forums, which are particularly
play a crucial role in improving the level of the        nal does not contain advertisements.                 appreciated by our readership and usually at-
quality of the psychiatric practice and training                                                              tract several quotations in the international lit-
across the world. Hence, the latest updated infor-       The publication of World Psychiatry has two          erature. Among the most successful forums we
mation is covered here for your convenience.             main objectives, which make it different from        published in the past few years are those on the
                                                                                                              concept of mental disorder (Wakefield, 2007),
I am especially grateful to the WPA EC Members                                                                on the steps and challenges in the development
and our Deputy Administrator, Pamela Atiase                                                                   of community mental health care (Thornicroft
for their support in expanding the richness                                                                   et al., 2008), on the role of functional impair-
of the content of the WPA News. Our graphic                                                                   ment in the diagnosis of mental disorders
designer Damla Süar is highly appreciated for                                                                 (Üstün & Kennedy, 2009), on conflicts of in-
her skillful efforts.                                                                                         terests in psychiatry (Fava, 2007), on early in-
                                                                                                              tervention in psychosis (McGorry et al., 2008),
I am sure you will continue to assist us in reflecting                                                         and on advantages and disadvantages of the
the activities of all of the WPA components by send-                                                          dichotomous classification of psychosis (Crad-
ing your contributions and comments.                                                                          dock & Owen, 2007). Each of these forums
                                                                                                              included participants from all continents. An-
Levent Küey                                                                                                   other special ingredient is represented by the
Editor, WPA News                                                                                                                           Continued on page 2

WPA NEWS               June 2010
Continued from page 1                              the world. This is certainly related to our dif-   Effectiveness and specificity of a classroom-
                                                   ficulty to convey the new image of psychiatry:      based group intervention in children and ado-
mental health policy papers, providing infor-
                                                   the image of an integrative discipline, which      lescents exposed to war in Lebanon. World
mation on innovative experiences in mental
                                                   deals with a broad range of disorders, includ-     Psychiatry 7, 103-109.
health care from various regions, or address-
                                                   ing some that are very common in the popu-         Katschnig H. (2010). Are psychiatrists an
ing issues, such as psychiatric brain drain
                                                   lation, using interventions that are at least      endangered species? Observation of internal
(Gureje et al., 2009) or burnout in psychia-
                                                   as effective as those available to most other      and external challenges to the profession.
trists (Kumar, 2007), which are rarely covered
                                                   branches of medicine. However, it would            World Psychiatry 9, 21-28.
in international psychiatric journals.
                                                   not be fair to state that psychiatry has just a    Kessler R.C., Angermeyer M., Anthony J.C.,
Among research reports, we give priority to        problem with promoting more successfully           de Graaf R., Demyttenaere K. et al. (2007).
international and national multicenter stud-       its new image. It has to be acknowledged that      Lifetime prevalence and age-of-onset distribu-
ies providing data on epidemiology of mental       our profession also has a problem, in several      tion of mental disorders in the World Health
disorders in various countries or testing in-      contexts in many countries, with making the        Organization’s World Mental Health Survey
novative modalities of mental health service       reality of its practice, research and training     Initiative. World Psychiatry 6, 168-176.
delivery or psychosocial interventions. In the     match up to this new image.                        Kumar S. (2007). Burnout in psychiatrists.
past few years, we hosted for instance two of                                                         World Psychiatry 6, 186-189.
                                                   Our hope is that the dissemination of World
the main reports on the World Mental Health                                                           McGorry P.D., Killackey E., Yung A. (2008).
                                                   Psychiatry will contribute to upgrade the im-
Survey Initiative (Kessler et al., 2007; Wang                                                         Early intervention in psychosis: concepts, evi-
                                                   age and the reality of psychiatry in as many
et al., 2007); the first community study of the                                                        dence, and future directions. World Psychia-
                                                   countries of the world as possible.
prevalence and correlates of mental disorders                                                         try 7, 148-156.
in Iraq (Alhasnawi et al., 2009), which attract-                                                      Thornicroft G., Tansella M., Law A. (2008).
ed the attention of the International Herald                                                          Steps, challenges and lessons in developing
Tribune, the Washington Post and the New           Alhasnawi S., Sadik S., Rasheed M., Baban
                                                                                                      community mental health care. World Psy-
York Times; and the first controlled trial of       A., Al-Alak M.M. et al. (2009). The preva-
                                                                                                      chiatry 7, 87-92.
a classroom-based intervention for children        lence and correlates of DSM-IV disorders
                                                                                                      Üstün B., Kennedy C. (2009). What is “func-
and adolescents exposed to war experiences         in the Iraq Mental Health Survey (IMHS).
                                                                                                      tional impairment”? Disentangling disability
in the Middle East (Karam et al., 2008).           World Psychiatry 8, 97-109.
                                                                                                      from clinical significance. World Psychiatry 8,
                                                   Craddock N., Owen M.J. (2007). Rethinking
Among the articles published in World Psy-         psychosis: the disadvantage of a dichotomous
                                                                                                      Wakefield J.C. (2007). The concept of mental
chiatry in the last two years, 25 (21%) had at     classification now outweigh the advantages.
                                                                                                      disorder: diagnostic implications of the harm-
least one author from a low or middle income       World Psychiatry 6, 84-91.
country, including seven with at least one au-     Fava G.A. (2007). Financial conflicts of inter-     ful dysfunction analysis. World Psychiatry 6,
thor from Africa.                                  est in psychiatry. World Psychiatry 6, 19-24.      149-156.
                                                   Gureje O., Hollins S., Botbol M., Javed A.,        Wang P.S., Angermeyer M., Borges G., Bruf-
The forum of one of the latest issues of World     Jorge M. et al. (2009). Report of the WPA          faerts R., Wai Tat Chiu et al (2007). Delay
Psychiatry, introduced by a paper by Katschnig     Task Force on Brain Drain. World Psychiatry 8,     and failure in treatment seeking after first on-
(2010), was entitled “Are psychiatrists an en-     115-118.                                           set of mental disorders in the World Health
dangered species?”. Indeed, we and our pro-        Karam E.G., Fayyad J., Nasser Karam A.,            Organization’s World Mental Health Survey
fession are stigmatized in many countries of       Cordahi Tabet C., Melhem N. et al. (2008).         Initiative. World Psychiatry 6, 177-185.

RESULT OF CALL FOR                                 with internationally recognized Centers of
                                                   Excellence in Psychiatry.
                                                                                                      The successful candidate will spend one year
                                                                                                      attending two short course modules (mental
APPLICATION FOR A                                                                                     health services research and international
RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP                                Within this programme, the World                   mental health), followed by a research intern-
                                                   Psychiatric Association is funding a one-year      ship based in the Institute of Psychiatry’s
World Psychiatric Association                      international mental health research fellow-       Health Service and Population Research
                                                   ship in collaboration with the Institute of        Department. In addition to attending depart-
In collaboration with the                          Psychiatry, King’s College London.                 mental and Institute of Psychiatry educa-
Institute of Psychiatry, King‘s                                                                       tional programs (journal club, case confer-
College London, UK                                 The Institute of Psychiatry’s program in           ences, grand rounds, Maudsley debates,
                                                   international mental health focuses upon the       epidemiology interest group, Health Service
The World Psychiatric Association, as part         interface between mental health and many           and Population Research Department semi-
of its Action Plan 2008-2011, has launched         acknowledged priorities in global health,          nars), the fellow is expected, with supervi-
a programme of research fellowships for            such as maternal and child health, HIV and         sion and support, to either develop a detailed
early-career psychiatrists from low- or lower-     other infectious diseases, suicide, migration      research protocol to be implemented in
middle income countries, in collaboration          and chronic diseases.                              his/her country, or to analyse and write up

                                                                                                                       WPA NEWS JUNE 2010

research data that he/she has previously col-    Forty-one applications were received by the
lected, or to conduct a secondary analysis of    deadline of November 30. The selection was
epidemiological data available to supervisors.   made by Profs. Martin Prince, Shitij Kapur,
                                                 and Mario Maj.
The selected fellow is Dr. Abiodun
Adewuya from Nigeria. His fellowship will
                                                                                                                           Research Fellow
start in April 2010.
                                                                                                                           Abiodun Adewuya

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS FOR                        USA is funding a one-year research fellowship
                                                 in the therapeutics of bipolar disorder.
                                                                                                    than five years elapsed since completion
                                                                                                    of residency training. The list of eligible
A RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP                                                                               countries (low- or lower-middle income
                                                 The main purpose of this fellowship is to pro-     countries) is available on the World Bank
World Psychiatric Association                    vide an opportunity for the recipient to get       website (http://www.
                                                 training in research methodology focusing on
Case Western Reserve School
                                                 the phenomenology and therapeutics of bi-          The fellowship holder will receive a subsidy of
of Medicine
                                                 polar disorder. The primary focus of research      30,000 Euros plus coverage of travel expenses
University Hospitals Case
                                                 conducted at this research center is the short-    (economy class). He/she will commit him-
Medical Center
                                                 and long-term treatment of bipolar disorder        self/herself to report to the World Psychiatric
Cleveland, OH, USA
                                                                                                    Association about the results of his/her activ-
                                                 with special emphasis on bipolar depression,
                                                                                                    ity, and to apply in his/her country of origin
The World Psychiatric Association, as part       rapid cycling pattern of presentation, and co-
                                                                                                    what he/she has learnt.
of its Action Plan 2008-2011, has launched a     occurring Axis I disorders. The training direc-
programme of research fellowships for early-     tor, Dr. Joseph Calabrese, holds the Bipolar
                                                                                                    Applicants should submit by e-mail their
career psychiatrists from low- or lower-middle   Disorders Research Chair and is Professor of
                                                                                                    curriculum vitae to the WPA Secretariat
income countries, in collaboration with inter-   Psychiatry at Case Western Reserve Univer-
                                                                                                    ( The deadline
nationally recognized Centers of Excellence      sity. For further information on the center,
                                                                                                    for applications is September 30, 2010.
in Psychiatry.                                   please visit the website

Within this programme, the Case Western          Applications are invited from psychia-
Reserve School of Medicine, Cleveland, OH,       trists less than 40 years of age or with less

MY EXPERIENCE IN HAITI:                          Mario Maj responded quickly, asking for my
                                                 full resume. I was then contacted by Drs.
                                                                                                    psychiatry, we focused on interrupting stress,
                                                                                                    anxiety, phobic and depression-based symp-
A BRIEF REPORT                                   Lynn Jones and Peter Hughes of the Inter-          toms interfering with normal grieving and
                                                 national Medical Corp., who interviewed me         self-righting so essential after mass trauma.
Kent Ravenscroft                                 and arranged my deployment.                        With scarce resources, limited personnel, lit-
                                                                                                    tle time, and often one chance to help people,
In 1961-1962 I had spent a year in Haiti as      We were one of the first commercial flights
                                                                                                    we had to be practical, and to link and lever-
a Yale undergraduate anthropologist near         into Port-au-Prince, and I was one of the first
                                                                                                    age the work through using and strengthening
Leogane, living with a Vodun priest and his      outside child psychiatrists to set foot on Haiti
                                                                                                    connection with family, friends and commu-
family. I was studying the relationship be-      soil. The chaos on the ground as we emerged
                                                                                                    nity. We also tried to institute and use brief
tween child rearing practices, psychosocial      from the airport was not so beautiful. The few
                                                                                                    follow-up techniques.
development, and spirit possession, trying to    working streetlights revealed collapsed build-
understand the dynamics and content of Voo-      ings along both sides as far as the eye could
                                                                                                    We also taught a basic psychiatric pharmacy.
doo possession states.                           see, with tent cities interspersed with make-
                                                 shift lean-tos around standing structures for      It had to be very basic, not just because of the
                                                 fear of aftershocks. The streets were thronged     experience level of the people we were teach-
When the earthquake struck, and I finally
                                                 with people, some nursing, others hawking          ing, but because of the very limited supplies
reached some of my still living friends, the
                                                 goods, many on crutches, several with am-          we had. But it was adequate and had the vir-
devastation and death stunned me, my tears                                                          tue of simplifying the treatment options and
                                                 putations. We passed the collapsed nursing
leading to determination to go to Haiti to                                                          teaching requirements. Keeping “stress psy-
                                                 school where 200 souls had perished in sec-
help. I contacted the Washington Psychiatric                                                        chophysiology” in mind, we taught patients
                                                 onds, and then the presidential palace, col-
Society, and they, in turn, put me in touch                                                         portable self-help intervention techniques,
                                                 lapsed and lopsided.
with the World Psychiatric Association efforts                                                      like rebreathing in a sac for hyperventilation
around Haiti. I sent a brief resume, including   After several days I was sent to Petit Goave, to   and palpitation, along with the Valsalva or
my past experience in Haiti and rusty Creole.    form a mental health team. Like in military        the childbirth “bearing down” maneuver.

We looked for cycles of stress symptoms,            During the first weeks, we saw more acute            tal medical staff at the Notre Dame Hospital
and emphasized intervening just as the cycle        cases, and more cases having to do directly         to begin to refer some cases, first by teaching
began, using the above maneuvers, or posi-          with the trauma of the earthquake. But as time      some of their residents invited to our seminar,
tive imaging or progressive relaxation tech-        went on, there were fewer of the acute cases,       and then responding quickly to a pair of very
niques to break the cycle. We used behavior         and more of the chronic or severe cases. Part       psychotic patients that were quite upsetting
and cognitive-behavioral and desensitization        of this was just a matter of the time course of     to the staff. From this we developed a good
techniques to interrupt anxiety and phobic          such conditions as the earthquake receded into      mutual relationship. But rising expectations
avoidance states. We used journaling and as-        the past. Some of the change was just natural       in a situation short of psychiatric manpower is
signed homework, including re-establishing          resolution of acute stress and trauma reactions,    always a problem, which is why it is important
family connections through assigned group           some reflected the good work of the clinic, both     to emphasize training the front line Haitian
discussions of loss, or things blocking griev-      medical and psychosocial. In effect, possibly we    personnel to do the work. They will be stay-
ing. If certain priests refused to give funerals    were draining the acute cases from the “catch-      ing and we will eventually go home. Finally,
because the loved one’s body could not be           ment area”; at the same time, the presence and      though it may seem cost-efficient to centralize
found for burial, we recommended finding             reputation of the clinic was spreading into the     these kinds of mental health teaching clinics,
other more enlightened priests for this impor-      mountains and surrounding sugar plains, draw-       and they seem to be a luxury with low patient
tant family-unifying, arrested-grief unblock-       ing in more long-standing chronic cases. I’m        yield, it is always extremely important to do
ing ritual. And we used brief follow-up clinics     sure there are other explanations also.             this kind of work on the front line where the
to provide the continuity and support of the                                                            teacher as well as the doctors being taught can
clinic itself, and its nurses, and doctors to re-   Once our mental health clinics began to func-       feel the same pressure and pain, see what the
ward and insure that these things were done         tion, we went from just a few cases at first, to     realities are, and where the most staff of all
and that medicines were taken. We only used         the word spreading and lots of cases being re-      disciplines can see the work being done and
a “short medication leash”, doling meds out a       ferred. We were not primarily doing a service       the results happening. It supports everyone in
week at a time to get people back, and to help      mission, since our aim was to train the doctors     the effort.
the Haitian doctors see the value of continuity     and the nurses to do more of the work, and
and supportive follow-up. This also allowed         to get them interested and comfortable with
them to see if their diagnosis was correct, and     it. To this end, I gave all-day Saturday psycho-
to learn to adjust the medications and see if       social seminars and workshops. I also suc-
and how they worked.                                ceeded in getting an initially reluctant hospi-

University of Pittsburgh                            master’s levels clinicians with experienced         2. Women’s behavioural health Care
January – June 2010                                 child and adolescent psychiatrists.                 I did a four week rotation at a clinical re-
                                                                                                        search program for Women’s behavioural
                                                    B) Ongoing weekly research supervision: I am        health. This program focuses on mood dis-
I started my Fellowship on January 4, 2010.
                                                    involved in weekly clinical research meetings       orders among women in the puerperium. I
Since then, I have been doing clinical as well
                                                    with an expert group of MD’s, PhD’s, Masters        was introduced to planning and recruitment
as research rotations within the Department         level clinicians and statisticians. This has ena-   procedures for research participants, screen-
of Child Psychiatry at the Western Psychiat-        bled me to gain a better understanding of the       ing of post partum women for Depression
ric Institute and Clinic, University of Pitts-      stages involved in recruitment of patients and      using the Edinburgh Post Natal Depression
burgh Medical Centre as follows:                    controls, applying double blind procedures,         Scale and full assessments for women who
                                                    data storage and analysis. I am currently           had positive screens using the Structured
1. Child and Adolescent Bipolar (CABS) Clinic                                                           Clinical Interview for DSM IV (SCID). I was
                                                    analyzing and writing up data from the BIOS
A) Clinical Research Studies: I was intro-                                                              exposed to another study which involved
                                                    study under supervision. This study will deter-
duced to two clinic research studies being                                                              monitoring and follow up of mothers with Bi-
                                                    mine the psychosocial functioning of children
conducted at the clinic – the Pittsburgh                                                                polar disorder who had been on anti-manic
                                                    of parents with bipolar disorder as compared
Bipolar Offspring Study (BIOS) and the                                                                  agents during pregnancy with the aim of de-
                                                    with children of community control parents.
Course and Outcome of Bipolar Youth Study                                                               termining the course and outcome of the dis-
(COBY). I observed intake and longitudinal                                                              order. I was also exposed to a third study - a
                                                    C) Evidence based treatments: I observed
follow up assessments of both studies using                                                             randomized double blind clinical trial of Se-
                                                    clinical assessments and treatments of bipolar
                                                                                                        traline vs. Estrogen and placebo for women
instruments like the Structured Clinical In-        patients using the latest evidence based treat-
                                                                                                        with post partum depression. I was involved
terview for DSM IV (SCID), Kiddie Schedule          ments (pharmacotherapy, cognitive behavior
                                                                                                        in weekly monitoring of the study which in-
for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia           therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and fam-      cluded assessing mothers’ symptoms and in-
Present and Lifetime (KSADS–PL), Mania              ily therapy. I have become familiar with the        fant developmental outcomes. On the side, I
Rating Scale (MRS) and the Longitudinal             clinical and research diagnosis of BP spectrum      also had a brief introduction to bright light
Interval Follow Up Evaluation (LIFE). I also        disorders especially BP NOS which is still a con-   therapy for depressed post partum women. I
observed validation of assessments made by          troversial diagnosis in many parts of the world.    submitted an abstract for the annual Marcé
                                                                                                                         WPA NEWS June 2010

Society Meeting, titled “Perinatal Mental          B) Child and Adolescent Inpatient Unit: On         included a workshop on suicidal spectrum
Health Research: Harvesting the Potential”         this unit I had the opportunity be involved in     behaviours which are commonly associated
to be held in October 2010. This abstract          the acute stabilization of patients who were       with mood disorders, and treatment strategies
looks at cross cultural differences in risk fac-   in need of a higher level of care, and to work     for emotion regulation and distress tolerance
tors and presentations of puerperal disorders      with a multidisciplinary treatment team to         among emotionally dysregulated youth.
in a resource poor setting.                        facilitate this.
                                                                                                      These six months have been challenging and
3. Rotations at other units                                                                           rewarding with a broad range of clinical and
                                                   C) Partial Hospitalization program: This is
I obtained an institutional medical practice                                                          research exposure and I look forward to more
                                                   an intermediate level of care within the com-
license for the state of Pennsylvania. This                                                           challenges in the next half of the year.
                                                   munity which is currently not available in
enabled me to rotate through the following
                                                   Nigeria and most of the developing world.
clinical units:
                                                   I have gained invaluable experience on the
A) Consultation Liaison unit at the Chil-          structure and workings of this type of service
dren’s Hospital Pittsburgh: This service is        and how this can be modeled for the develop-
involved in the psychological management           ing world setting.
of patients with acute and chronic medical
problems within a Medical hospital setting.        4. Other activities
My role included acute assessment of pa-           I have had opportunities to participate in resi-
tients, formulating a treatment plan, com-         dent’s grand rounds, didactics, Journal clubs,
municating with families and primary physi-        as well as conferences on the latest evidence                           Tolulope Bella
cians, and arranging follow up mental health       based treatments for mood disorders. These                              Research Fellow
care when indicated.

                                                   a course on “Leadership and Professional           participants to develop skills of presentation
                                                   Development of Early Career Psychiatrists”,        of scientific material in spoken and written
                                                   organized by the Association for the Improve-      form as well as skills of conducting meetings,
                                                   ment of Mental Health Programmes (AIMHP,           of producing proposals for programs, those
                                                   Geneva) in collaboration with the WPA, will        for time management and for the assessment
                                                   be held with the participation of early career     of priorities.
                                                   psychiatrists from Turkey, in Heybeliada, Is-
                                                   tanbul from 1st to 4th October 2010.               The faculty of the course will be composed
                                                                                                      of Norman Sartorius (Director of the Course,
From the boat to Heybeliada.                       This course aims to provide early career psy-      Switzerland), Sir David Goldberg (UK),
                                                   chiatrists skills and knowledge necessary for      Levent Küey (Turkey), and Ömer Aydemir
In line with the WPA Action Plan 2008-2011         their professional development and to facili-      (Turkey).
(Goal 4: “To promote the professional devel-       tate the creation of networks of collaboration
opment of young psychiatrists worldwide”),         among them. Among others it will help the

The Egyptian Academy of Science has                psychiatry is no more marginalized in Egypt        recognition of an exemplary career, showing
bestowed upon Professor Ahmed Okasha on            and the Arab world, hoping that it will spread     at the highest level how a psychiatrist can
the 21st of June 2010 the “MUBARAK State           to other countries world wide.                     be at the same time a first-class clinician,
Prize for Medical Sciences 2010” named             Currently, Prof. Ahmed Okasha is the               an internationally recognized scientist and
after the Egyptian President. It is considered     Director of the WHO Collaborating Center           a person who tangibly contributes to the
to be the highest national prize for Medicine.     for Mental Health, Institute of Psychiatry, Ain    progress of his country”.
This award comes after Prof. A. Okasha had         Shams University, President of the Egyptian
received the state merit prize for medical         Psychiatric Association, President of the Arab
science in 2009.                                   Federation of Psychiatrists, Past President
                                                   of the World Psychiatric Association and a
Top academics and physicians from different        member of the WPA Council.
medical specialities were nominated, but
psychiatry prevailed. The mass media               Professor Mario Maj, WPA President, stated
commented that after this prestigious award,       that: “This prestigious prize is a well-deserved                       Prof. Ahmed Okasha
News from Member Societies, Zonal Representatives,
and Affiliated Associations
Contact: WPA Secretary General, Levent Küey,

                                                          that covered all actual aspects of anxiety and                  ticipants recieved a Certificate of Attendance
                                                          its comorbidity as a very common disorder                       with CME Credits.
                                                          in our country – during very difficult times
                                                          after the war and in times of transition. The                   During the Symposium, the guests, lecturers,
                                                          lecturers were from Bosnia and Hercegovina                      and participants had enough time to enjoy
                                                          Universities, Clinics and Community Mental                      the natural beauties of Vrućica Spa and also
10th Psychiatry Days of Bosnia
                                                          Health Centres along with invited Profes-                       the great atmosphere of the newly renovated
and Herzegovina
                                                          sors from the Republic of Croatia and the                       Congress Hotel “Kardial”, which has a long
                                                          Republic of Serbia, signifying the Psychiat-                    tradition in organizing Congresses.
The Annual Meeting of the Psychiatric As-                 ric Days. Welcome speeches were made by
sociation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, entitled the                                                                             The Gala Dinner officially promoted the
Tenth Psychiatry Days Teslić 2010 was held                                                                                existence of the Psychiatric Association of
on 26-27 March 2010 in Banja Vrućica Spa,                                                                                 Bosnia-Herzegovina and the participants en-
near the City Teslić with the main topic being                                                                            joyed in a relaxed atmosphere the food and
“Anxiety Disorders”. It was organised by the                                                                              pleasant music programme.
Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovi-
na and the Psychiatric Clinic of Banja Luka                                                                               After Psychiatry Days Teslić 2010 the organ-
Clinical Centre.                                                                                                          isers concluded that Psychiatric Days was in-
                                                                                                                          deed succesful and that such a Symposium
As with the one held last year in Banja Luka,                                                                             will continue to be held in the future.
                                                          A section of the participants at the Psychiatry Days meeting.
this year‘s Symposium in Teslić was very suc-
cessful. During the two days over 140 profes-             officials from the Ministry of Health and                        Marija Burgić-Radmanović, President
sionals in the field of mental health from all             Social Affairs of the Republic of Srpska and                    Alma Džubur-Kulenović and
over Bosnia and Herzegovina attended 16                   Banja Luka Clinical Centre, which indicated                     Dr. Goran Račetović, Secretaries General
lectures and five sponsored mini Symposia                  the importance of the Symposia. The par-                        Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina

First Symposium on Alcohology                             held on 23-24 April 2010 at the Hotel Tuzla                     academic part of the Symposium consisted of
in Bosnia and Herzegovina                                 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The co-                       six sessions which included plenary lectures,
                                                          organizers were the Institute for Alcoholism                    invited lectures and oral presentations. One
                                                          and other Addictions of Sarajevo Canton, the                    poster session and a special section for young
                                                          Department of Psychiatry of the University                      psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists and trainees
                                                          Hospital “Sestre Milosrdnice” (Zagreb, Croa-
                                                                                                                          on Education in Alcohology was held, as well
                                                          tia), the Association of Trainees and Young
                                                                                                                          as a workshop for nurses on Nursing Compe-
                                                          Psychiatrists/Neuropsychiatrist from Bosnia
                                                                                                                          tences in the Treatment of Alcoholism. The Sym-
                                                          and Herzegovina, the Community Clubs of
                                                                                                                          posium ended with a joint session for partici-
                                                          Treated Alcoholics of Serbia, the Croatian
                                                          Association for Alcoholism and other Ad-                        pants and beneficiaries entitled Experimental
                                                          dictions of Croatian Medical Association                        Club of Treated Alcoholics. At the Symposium,
                                                          and Reference Center for Alcoholism of the                      we extended our knowledge and shared our
                                                          Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the                    experiences on the contemporary approach
A section of the participants at the First Symposium on
Alcohology.                                               Republic of Croatia.                                            to the treatment of alcohol-induced disorders
                                                                                                                          through presentations of prominent experts
Organized by the University Clinic for Psy-               The participants attending the two-day Sympo-                   in the field in the region.
chiatry Tuzla, the Psychiatric Association of             sium were about 200 professionals in the field
Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Psychiatric As-                of mental health (psychiatrists, neuropsychia-                  During the second day of the Symposium,
sociation of Tuzla Canton the First Sympo-                trists, psychiatry/neuropsychiatry trainees,                    the inaugural Assembly of the Association of
sium on Alcohology in Bosnia and Herze-                   psychologists, psychotherapists, social work-                   Alcohologists and other Addiction Experts
govina with international participation with              ers and nurses) from Bosnia and Herzegovina,
                                                                                                                          in Bosnia and Herzegovina was held; this As-
the theme “Modern Approach in the Treat-                  Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and
                                                                                                                          sociation will be based in Tuzla.
ment of Alcohol-induced Disorders” was                    the Republic of Macedonia-FYROM. The

                                                                                                                              WPA NEWS June 2010

Participants were treated to a Welcome re-         The Symposium in Tuzla was highly success-         changes not only in the field of psychiatry
ception, a Gala Dinner, and a social event         ful and based on responses from attendees,         and medicine but in wider communities.
with short excursions which gave them the          each found the event to be an important
opportunity to experience some of the at-          knowledge-sharing venue. It was also won-          Marija Burgić-Radmanović, President
tractions of Tuzla Canton. There was also an       derful to see many colleagues from differ-         Alma Džubur-Kulenović and
exhibition by the companies that sponsored         ent countries of the region coming together        Dr. Goran Račetović, Secretaries General
the Symposium.                                     for the event, to enhance cooperation and          Izet Pajević, President of the Organizing
                                                   friendship, as well as to contribute to positive   Commitee

The 7th Mostar`s Psychiatric                       of the Symposium was organized through 16
Saturday                                           oral sessions with lecturers from all Bosnia-
                                                   Herzegovina`s Universities and invited lec-
                          Organized by the         turers from the Republic of Croatia (Zagreb
                          Medical Faculty          and Split University), and one sponsored Mini
                          University of Mo-        Symposium. During the course of the Sympo-
                          star, Clinic for         sium, we experienced professional and high
                          Psychiatry Mostar        quality new knowledge and approaches to the
                          and for the first         field of psychosomatic medicine and liaison
time co-organized by the Psychiatric Associa-      psychiatry and highlighted again the impor-
                                                                                                      Opening of The 7th Mostar’s Psychiatric Saturday.
tion of Bosnia-Herzegovina, The Mostar`s           tance of integrative medicine and psychiatry,
Seventh Psychiatric Saturday with the main         as well as the growing role of psychiatry in
                                                                                                      the exchange of knowledge between experts
theme “Psychosomatic Medicine: When the            other medical disciplines in our country and
                                                                                                      and scientists from Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Soul Speaks Trough the Body” was held at           region. On 25 June a Satellite Symposia was
                                                                                                      as well as other countries from the region
the Hotel Ero in Mostar, Bosnia and Herze-         held entitled “Value of Treatment and Impor-
                                                                                                      with a high academic level, and is one of
govina, on 26 June 2010.                           tance of Choice in Psychiatry”, organized by
                                                                                                      most important annual psychiatric events in
                                                   Eli-Lilly in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A Wel-
                                                                                                      Bosnia and Herzegovina.
During the one-day Symposium the partici-          come Dinner as an introduction to the main
pants included about 150 professionals in the      Programme was held the following day for
field of mental health (psychiatrists, neuro-psy-   about 50 psychiatrists.                            Izet Pajević, President
chiatrists, psychiatry/neuropsychiatry trainees,                                                      Goran Račetović, Secretary General
psychologists, psychotherapists) and other         The Mostar`s Psychiatric Saturday is a tradi-      Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina
participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina,          tional Symposium with the main goal of re-         Dragan Babić, President of the Organizing
Croatia and Slovenia. The professional part        newing collaboration and creativity through        Committee

An International Conference “From                  al Conference “From Adolescence to Adult-          the abstinence oriented programs for young
Adolescence to Adulthood - Normality               hood - Normality and Psychopathology”.             people in communities, Introduction to
and Psychopathology”, in Cyprus                    The Conference will take place from 9 to 12        dance movement psychotherapy and drama
                                                   of September 2010 at the Palm Beach Hotel,         therapy, Resonance Phenomena in the task
                                                   in Larnaca, Cyprus and has as participants,        groups of the therapeutic community, etc.
                                                   scientists from more than 25 countries.
                                                                                                      So far we have confirmed over 21 sympo-
                                                   We are pleased to announce that the proce-         siums, nine workshops, and 130 speakers
                                                   dures for the preparation of the Conference        from over 25 countries, including Europe,
                                                   are successful and we are moving towards           the USA, Asia, and Africa.
                                                   their final stages. The symposiums and the
                                                                                                      If you need any further information or clari-
                                                   round tables of the specific conference have
                                                                                                      fication concerning the Conference please
                                                   been enriched with a wide range of subjects
                                                                                                      do not hesitate to contact the Conference’s
                                                   such as first episode of Psychosis, early inter-
                                                                                                      official website
                                                   vention in Schizophrenia and bipolar disorders,
                                                                                                      Please note that the final submission date for
                                                   depression, OCD, ADHD, Autism, PTSD, Pre-
                                                                                                      the abstracts has been set for 15 July 2010.
                                                   vention of Violence, War Trauma, etc.
The Cyprus Psychiatric Association with the
collaboration of the WPA Section on Child          There will be Workshops on various sub-            Neophytos Papaneophytou
and Adolescent Psychiatry and the WPA Sec-         jects such as Eating disorders, Depression         President of the Cyprus Psychiatric
tion on Preventive Psychiatry will organize,       and bipolarity, Family therapy approaches,         Association
under the auspices of WPA, the Internation-        psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Play therapy,
IASP Silver Jubilee Conference Lucknow,                                                                                The conference was co-sponsored by the
15-17 November 2009: an outstanding                                                                                    World Psychiatric Association. The scientific
success                                                                                                                sessions were absorbing and marked by excel-
                                                                                                                       lent participation. Besides, the legendary hos-
The Silver Jubilee National Conference of the                                                                          pitality of Lucknow was visible everywhere.
Indian Association for Social Psychiatry held
on 15-17 November 2009 at Lucknow, India was                                                                           Our heartiest congratulations to Prof. JK
an outstanding success. The landmark event                                                                             Trivedi and his dedicated team, and to our
was to celebrate the 25th year of the formation                                                                        Secretary General, Prof. Rakesh Chadda for
of the Indian Association for Social Psychiatry      Inauguration of the Silver Jubilee Conference of IASP,
                                                     Lucknow, November 15-17, 2009: Seen in the picture are
                                                                                                                       organising this major event in such a remark-
(IASP - a Member Society of the WPA). The            Prof. Vinod K Sinha (Editor), Dr. Adarsh Chawla, Profs. R.K.      able manner.
theme of the conference was ‘Mental Health:          Chadda (Secretary General), Roy Kallivayalil (President-Elect),
                                                     RC. Jiloha (Acting President), and JK Trivedi.
Prioritizing Social Psychiatry’.
                                                     papers and poster presentations. A workshop                       Roy Abraham Kallivayalil
The scientific programme included symposia,           on “Psychotherapy” conducted by Prof. Vijoy                       President-Elect, Indian Association for
invited lectures, orations, award papers, free       Varma (USA) was an important highlight.                           Social Psychiatry

                          The Clinic for Psychia-                                                                      Miroslava M. Jasovic-Gasic
                          try, Clinical Centre of                                                                      President of the Scientific Committee
                          Serbia, in collaboration                                                                     President, Serbian Psychiatric Association
                          with the Serbian Psy-
                                                                                                                       Nadja P. Maric
                          chiatric    Association,
                                                                                                                       President of the Organizing Committee
                          Psychiatric Section of
                                                                                                                       Secretary General
Serbian Medical Society and Serbian Young
                                                                                                                       Serbian Psychiatric Association
Psychiatrists Section is organizing the
XXXVIII EDUCATION SYMPOSIUM:                         Philip Mc Guire (UK) guest speaker at the XXXVII
“EARLY PSYCHOSIS – A CHALLENGE                       Symposium, 2009.

                                                     United States, the United Kingdom, Germany,
AND THERAPY” at the Hotel Continental,
                                                     Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Her-
on 4-5 November 2010 in Belgrade, Serbia.
                                                     zegovina, Serbia, and EPA CME course entitled
                                                     “Delusions - from diagnosis to treatment”.
The Symposium has a long tradition and inter-
national participation. This year, the program       The second announcement will be published
includes plenary lectures by experts from the        soon.

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                                        ➜ WWW.WPANET.ORG

                                                                                                                             WPA NEWS June 2010

IV Gender Workshop: Woman, Hypnoticsedatives and
Dual Disorders, 22 September 2010, Barcelona, Spain

                                The Spanish Association of Dual Pathology (SEPD) will         Organizers/Coordinators
                                be presenting this year in Barcelona the 4th National         Prof. Miquel Casas Brugué,
                                Gender Workshop, entitled “WOMAN, HYPNOTIC                    Vice-president of the Board, SEPD
                                SEDATIVES AND DUAL DISORDERS”.                                Dr. Carlos Roncero, Vice-secretary of the Board, SEPD
                                                                                              Dr. José Ma Vázquez, Local autonomico for Cataluña,
                                The workshop will take place on 22 September.                 member of the Board, SEPD

                                The scientific programme has been carefully elaborated         For more information visit our web page:
                                by the organizers, and we feel sure that with your assis-
                                tance and support this workshop will be once more a suc-
                                cess and of undeniable profit to all those professionals
                                interested to dual pathology.

Annual Congress
For the third consecutive year, the Swedish             Another section was the “Need for change -         Carlberg. Prof. Jan Beskow was appointed an
Psychiatric Association held its annual con-            by whom and how?” which dealt with aware-          honorary member of the society.
gress. Approximately 500 of the 1700 mem-               ness, risks and stigma of schizophrenia, and
bers attended.                                          bipolar disorder.                                  Dinner was held at Berns Salonger. Enter-
                                                                                                           tainment consisted of operatic vocals and a
                                                        Participants also had the opportunity to           presentation by the former presidents of the
                                                        “Meet the Expert”. Consumers Associations          association.
                                                        held programs each day. Child and Adoles-
                                                        cent Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry were       The last day consisted of “Risk Assessments
                                                        also represented.                                  in Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry” and
                                                                                                           presented current research on memory in re-
                                                        Lise-Lotte Risö Bergerlind, President of the       lationship to ECT.
                                                        Swedish Psychiatric Association, opened the
                                                        congress and reported results for 2009 and         Many members were positive about the Con-
                                                        plans for 2010.                                    gress. They were satisfied with the scientific
                                                                                                           programs, cultural elements and the social
Swedish actress Gunilla Röör.                           The first day ended with a mingle and a the-        contact with others in the profession.
                                                        atre presentation, “Rickard the III - villain or
The Southern Theatre in Stockholm hosted                victim?” The Swedish actress Gunilla Röör,         The Swedish Psychiatric Congress appears to
the congress.                                           together with individuals from the board and       be a winning formula. In 2011, the congress
                                                        members gave us a fascinating experience.          will take place in Gothenburg.
On the first day, the National Board intro-
duced the “National Guidelines for Anxiety              The second day members listened to lectures
and Depression”. Other topics covered were              regarding Neuro-medicine Symposium, Con-           Stina Djurberg
bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders, and              sultation Psychiatry, Elderly Psychiatry, and      Swedish Psychiatric Association
compulsory psychiatric treatment.                       Addiction.

One section introduced the “Current Swedish             The annual meeting was held in the evening
Psychiatric Research”; eight young Swedish              which included awarding the Swedish Psychi-
scientists presented results and new projects.          atric Association’s Cultural Prize to Ingrid

In early June, the Brazilian Association of        and then write and send questions to be an-        membership. Using the online conference
Psychiatry (ABP) launched a new tool to            swered in real time.                               tool, we can actually make the regional work-
help members exchange experiences and                                                                 shop reach all the professionals in that geo-
knowledge. The online conference tool was          According to ABP president João Alberto            graphic area. We narrow the barriers raised
inaugurated on June 2, prior to the sched-         Carvalho, this is another innovative initiative    by distance when we interconnect our mem-
uled regional workshops held by ABP.               by the association to reach the majority of        bers, spawning democratic access to knowl-
                                                   members. “It is essential for all professionals    edge and reinforcing the workshops’ regional
Using a system produced exclusively by ABP,        to remain up to date. We have thus invested        and integrative characteristics”, stated João
members can monitor video talks by experts         in ways to foster this opportunity for all our     Alberto Carvalho.

“Science and Social Commitment” is the             Twenty courses have already been confirmed          and Peter Bower from the United Kingdom.
theme of the 28th edition of the Brazilian         and are listed on the program of the Congress,     Brazilian speakers will feature such names as
Congress of Psychiatry (CBP), to be held           considered the largest event in psychiatry in      Roberto Lent, Wagner F. Gattaz, and José
on October 27-30 in Fortaleza. The annual          Latin America and one of the specialty’s           Jackson Coelho Sampaio.
congress draws more than 5,000 participants,       most important meetings in the world.
including psychiatrists, psychologists, social                                                        Online registration is available on the Con-
workers, nurses, occupational therapists, stu-     More than 160 special activities are sched-        gress website. Registrations submitted by
dents, and other health professionals, and         uled, in addition to round tables, workshops,      September 19 will receive special discounts.
aims to value psychiatrists and guarantee          forums, debates, and symposia. Internation-        See:
that scientific progress translates into practi-    ally renowned speakers include Adriano Vaz-
cal benefits for society.                           Serra from Portugal and German E. Berrios

The Brazilian Association of Psychiatry            addicts, which should be based on technical        Finally, it is essential to invest in training.
(ABP) is convinced that the increase in crack      knowledge and scientific evidence emphasiz-         Unfortunately, Brazil still lacks a sufficient
consumption in Brazil and the government’s         ing a comprehensive, balanced, and hierar-         number of psychiatrists and other mental
difficulty in providing treatment for addicts       chically organized network for patients.           health specialists to deal with the situation
have become a serious public health problem.                                                          adequately. The initiative should also pro-
Recently, given the launching of a government                                                         vide for a career plan for physicians in the
                                                   ABP is also opposed to any action classified
plan to deal with crack, ABP stated its position                                                      public healthcare system, including better
                                                   as “harm reduction” in the case of crack. Ex-
on what the association considers essential for
                                                   perience has shown that the results are nega-      work conditions and pay, in addition to im-
public policies to treat drug addiction.
                                                   tive. It is necessary to create a support struc-   proved distribution of such health profes-
The measures defended by ABP to contain            ture for families affected by the problem, as      sionals throughout the country.
the crack epidemic include treatments for          well as for patients.

The 36th Annual Event of the FINTECO               The meeting was evaluated by means of              way, the script was inspired by “The Clouds”, a
Foundation (Argentina) was held in July            DVDs created by the participants.                  book by Juan José Saer, late Argentine author.
2010 at the School of Medicine of the Fed-
                                                   As a premiere in America, a Spanish docu-          Other works that were presented dealt with
eral University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The main topic of the meeting was “Health          mentary film “Another Space, Another Time”,         non-conventional approaches proposed by
through the Creative Expression”.                  directed by Ana Martinez, was presented.           new techniques envisioning an integral treat-
                                                                                                      ment of the psychiatrical patients, such as
The participants attending the Forum were          The script dealt with a journey through Argen-     painting, music, sculpture, literature, theater,
120 specialists in the field of mental health       tina and was performed by patients undergoing      physical activity, or film-oriented workshops
from Paraguay, Italy, Spain, the USA, and          a rehabilitation process coordinated by two psy-   as a demonstration of how such activities con-
Argentina. Eighty per cent of these partici-       chiatrists. The purpose was to show the wide       tribute to generating a patient’s resilience – an
pants were psychiatrists; the rest were profes-    rehabilitation possibilities through an approach   aspect which is considered to be essential for
sionals devoted to relevant disciplines.           centered mainly on the patients involved. In a     psychiatric patients’ rehabilitation today.

                                                                                                                              WPA NEWS June 2010

News from WPA Sections
Contact: WPA Secretary for Sections, Miguel R. Jorge,

The Association for Child and Adolescent                                                                   and NGO organizations) and parents of
Psychiatry and Allied Professions of Serbia                                                                children with mental health problems. Sug-
(DEAPS) was formed in 2004 in Belgrade                                                                     gested themes such as pervasive disorders,
and it is recognized and accepted by the in-                                                               contemporary ethiological concept, psycho-
ternational organizations such as IACAPAP                                                                  logical developement – theories, deviations,
(International Association for Child and Ad-                                                               risk factors, learning difficulties and conduct
olescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions)                                                                disorders in school, mental health of children
and ESCAP (European Society for Child and                                                                  with special needs, depression, self-mutila-
Adolescent Psychiatry). The WPA Section                                                                    tion and suicide of adolescents, abuse and
                                                  Plenary session at the II Congress of DEAPS, Zlatibor,
on Children and Adolescent Psychiatry ac-         Serbia, April 22-25, 2010.                               neglect, eating disorders, substance abuse
tively supports DEAPS as well.                                                                             among adolescents, children and adolescents
                                                                                                           in institutions (medical, social, educational)
                                                  from abroad. More than 230 participants had
The goals of the Association are focused on                                                                responded to the most common mental prob-
                                                  presentations, 12 plenary lectures were held,
raising the level of professional knowledge                                                                lems of children and adolescents, appealing
                                                  six of which were given by prominent foreign
and organizational models of mental health                                                                 to those who deal with their mental health.
                                                  experts. Colleagues from the United King-
care of children and adolescents, as well as on
                                                  dom, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Republic
gathering and organizing the professionals of     of Macedonia-FYROM, Bosnia and Herze-                    The WPA Section on Child and Adolescent
different occupations for the same purpose:       govina, and Romania participated with se-                Psychiatry will continue to support national
further development of child and adolescent       lected topics. Members of the WPA Section                congresses, due to beliefs that mental health
psychiatry and allied professions.                on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry actively              of children and adolescents is the national
                                                  participated in the Congress.                            capital and investment in their future.
The 2nd Congress of DEAPS took place
in Zlatibor, Serbia, on April 22-25, 2010.        DEAPS and the Congress were opened
The congress was a great opportunity to ex-       for mental health professionals as well for              Milica Pejovic Milovancevic
change experiences and knowledge, but, as         other medical doctors, medical associates,               Secretary, WPA Section on Child and
well, a chance for developing collaboration       colleagues from social services, education,              Adolescent Psychiatry
with other mental health care professionals       youth associations and organisations (State

Current important activities of the WPA Sec-      the first draft of the DSM-V criteria. Some of            for psychotic disorders, for new ideas about
tion on Schizophrenia center around the re-       the more important changes suggested in the              where to place psychotic disorders in ICD-11,
vision of the major classification systems of      first draft were the inclusion of a psychosis             in assessing the factors of a Content Model
mental disorders, DSM-V, and ICD-11. Both         risk syndrome, the deletion of the schizo-               for the reclassification of mental disorders,
conceptual and methodological issues arise.       phrenia subtypes, and the introduction of a              and questions of the utility and the feasibility
The Section Chair is a member of the Psycho-      range of dimensional assessments. A similar              of any reclassification of psychotic disorders
sis Workgroup of the American Psychiatric         Psychosis Working Group is currently being               with a view to the global use of ICD-11.
Association, which provides recommenda-           established by the WHO and will be chaired
tions for the revision of the classification of    by the Section Chair. The WHO group shall
the psychotic disorders in the framework of       establish formal liaison with the correspond-            Wolfgang Gaebel
developing DSM-V. This group has been ac-         ing APA group and will take special inter-               Chair, WPA Section on Schizophrenia
tive for about 18 months now and is currently     est in reviewing the evidence pertinent to
reviewing the suggestions received regarding      any suggestions for novel diagnostic criteria

ISAD 5th Biennial Conference Report              on topics as diverse as treatment resistant                 ISAD’s next conference will be held in Lon-
                                                 depression, diet and nutrition and the CAN-                 don, UK in 2012 (Website:
                                                 MAT guidelines.
                                                                                                             ISAD represents the World Psychiatric Asso-
                                                 Poster sessions gave young researchers a                    ciation Section on Affective Disorders. ISAD
                                                 great opportunity to showcase their work and                is hosted at the world renowned Institute of
                                                 the well attended oral communications ses-                  Psychiatry, King’s College London. The
                                                 sions sparked lively discussions.                           ISAD Administrator, Caroline Holebrook,
                                                                                                             also serves as the Secretary of the Section.
The International Society of Affective Disor-    The delegates had fantastic networking op-                  ISAD Fellows, Dr Sagar Parikh and Prof Cor-
ders (ISAD) held its 5th Biennial Conference     portunities and took part in an informal sci-               nelius Katona are Chair and Co-chair, respec-
in Vancouver, Canada on 16-19 April 2010.        entific speed-dating session! The gala dinner,               tively, of the Section.
The conference format was a mixture of ple-      held at the Vancouver aquarium, included an
nary lectures, symposia, oral communica-         amazing display from the dolphins.                          Caroline Holebrook
                                                                                                             Secretary, WPA Section on Affective
tions and posters.
                                                 The conference received CME accredita-
Despite being effected by the volcanic disrup-   tion from the University of British Colum-
tion in Iceland the conference went ahead        bia and European Accreditation Commit-
as planned and over 300 delegates from 36        tee in CNS as well as receiving co-sponsor-
countries enjoyed excellent presentations        ship from the WPA.

Epistemology and Methodology of Psychiatry: a Joint Symposium of the WPA Section on Philosophy
and Humanities in Psychiatry and the WPA Section on History of Psychiatry

As part of the activities of the WPA Re-                                                                     al context on the recognition of psychiatric
gional Meeting in St Petersburg (June 10-12,                                                                 symptoms (requiring for a more methodical
2010), the WPA Section on Philosophy and                                                                     research on the epistemology of symptom
Humanities in Psychiatry and the WPA Sec-                                                                    recognition processes), to arguments for the
tion on History of Psychiatry carried out the                                                                reformulation of psychiatric nosology and
joint symposium “Epistemology and Methodol-                                                                  the proposition of a conceptual model for a
ogy in Psychiatry”. Chaired by Profs. Drozd-                                                                 more efficient integrative dialogue between
stoy St. Stoyanov and German Berrios, the                                                                    psychopathology and neurobiology. A more
symposium included contributions from                                                                        detailed report on the symposium can be
Lilia Gurova (Bulgaria), Roger Smith (UK),       From L to R: Massimiliano Aragona (Italy), Drozdstoy St.    found at
                                                 Stoyanov (Bulgaria), Peter Morozov (Russia), Sergey Ovsy-
Massimiliano Aragona (Italy), Drozdstoy St.      annikov (Russia), and Roger Smith (UK).
Stoyanov and associates (Bulgaria/USA),
Ivana Markova (UK), Georgi Popov (Bulgar-                                                                    Adriano C. T. Rodrigues
ia), and from Sergey Ovsyannikov with Peter      papers presented in the symposium provided                  Secretary, WPA Section on
Morozov (Russia). Aiming at a comprehen-         a wide coverage of topics — ranging from the                Philosophy and Humanities
sive understanding of relevant issues pertain-   role of reflexivity in mental and behavioral                 in Psychiatry
ing to the epistemology of psychiatry, the       phenomena, and from the influence of caus-

                                                                                                                              WPA NEWS June 2010

  WPA Scientific Meetings
  Contact: WPA Secretary for Meetings, Tarek Okasha,

Upcoming Major WPA Scientific Meetings
  September 2008
 September 2010

WPA International                                       veloping country, which gives expression to
                                                        the expectations the world‘s people place on
Congress                                                China‘s future development.
1-5 September 2010
                                                        We hope that you will be able to join us
Beijing, China                                          during the golden autumn of 2010 in Bei-
                                                        jing, China to attend and participate in the
“Global psychiatry at the frontier:                     scientific programme as well as visiting the
sharing the future”                                     world cultural heritage during or after the
                                                        Congress, like the Forbidden City, the Great
The WPA International Congress “Global                  Wall of China, the Summer Palace, and the      The Temple of Earth.
psychiatry at the frontier: sharing the future”         Ming Tombs and then take part in the World
will take place in Beijing, China from 1 to 5           Exposition in Shanghai, China.                 Co-Chairpersons
September 2010, hosted by the Capital Medi-                                                            Levent Küey (Turkey)
cal University (CMU) and the Chinese Soci-              For further information, please visit the      Xiangqun Wang (China)
ety of Psychiatry (CSP). We will invite inter-          Website of the Congress        Tsuyoshi Akiyama (Japan)
nationally renowned experts in the field of              or contact the Congress Secretariats:
psychiatry and mental health to give keynote                                                           Secretary General
lectures as well as symposia and workshops              Contacts:                                      Gang Wang (China)
representing different fields of psychiatry and          Secretary General:
related disciplines. The component of the               Prof. Gang Wang
                                                                                                       SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE
Congress will be Keynote Lectures, Update
Symposia, Regular Symposia, Regional Sym-                                                              Chairpersons
                                                        Secretariat of the Organizing Committee:
posia, Oral Communications, Workshops,                  Ms. Melissa Yang                               Pedro Ruiz (USA)
Posters and Satellite Symposia.                         Tel.: 86 10 67772042                           Mingyuan Zhang (China)
                                                        Fax: 86 10 67772050
                                                        Email:                      Co-Chairpersons
As is well known the World Exposition will
                                                                                                       Edmond H. Pi (USA)
be held in Shanghai, China from 1 May to 31             Secretariat of the Scientific Committee:
                                                                                                       Jingping Zhao (China)
October 2010. The World Exposition serves               Dr. Junjuan Yan and Dr. Ying Geng
                                                        Tel: 86 10 58303068                            Helen Herrman (Australia)
as an important platform for displaying his-
                                                        Email:                      Miguel Jorge (Brazil)
torical experience, exchanging innovative
                                                                                                       Allan Tasman (USA)
ideas, demonstrating esprit de corps and                Committees:
looking to the future. The Exposition will be                                                          Secretary General
the first registered World Exposition in a de-           President of the Congress
                                                                                                       Zhanjiang Li (China)
                                                        Mario Maj (Italy)

                                                        Directors of the Congress                      INVITED SPEAKERS:
                                                        Xiaomin Wang (China)
                                                        Jingping Zhao (China)                          KEYNOTE LECTURES
                                                        Dongfeng Zhou (China)                          Mario Maj - Lessons learnt in the implemen-
                                                                                                       tation of community mental health care

                                                        ORGANIZING COMMITTEE                           Pedro Ruiz - The role of acculturative stress
                                                                                                       on mental health and mental illness
                                                                                                       David Goldberg - Towards ICD-11, revising
                                                        Tarek Okasha (Egypt)
The Congress venue – China National Convention Center                                                  the classification for mental disorders in pri-
(CNCC).                                                 Xin Ma (China)                                 mary care
Norman Sartorius - Challenges and hopes for
global mental health
Kari Stefansson - Genetics of mental disorders


Donna E. Stewart - Treating depression in

Dilip V. Jeste - Successful aging in schizo-

Dinesh Bhugra - Pathways into care of black              View of the Forbidden City.
ethnic minority patients

Parameshvara Deva - Changing practices and
                                                         WORKSHOPS                                         Depression and diabetes
policies in Asian psychiatry - the challenges
                                                         Michael Musalek - Humanistic treatment in         Chair: N. Sartorius
Ahmed Okasha - Promoting patients’ rights
                                                         psychiatry                                        Speakers: N. Sartorius, O. Gureje, M. Riba,
is an investment for mental health: transcul-
                                                                                                           and J. Chan
tural perspective
                                                         Robert Pynoos - Modernizing disaster men-
Otto Steenfeldt-Foss - Experiences from joint            tal health                                        Learn from REAP study
educational programmes on medical ethics
and ethical conduct                                                                                        Chairs: Tian-Mei Si and Yan-Ling He
                                                         REGULAR SYMPOSIA                                  Speakers: N. Shinfuku, E. Lee, Yuan-Yue
Juan J. Lopez-Ibor - The dawn and evolution                                                                Wang, and Yu-Tao Xiang
of the word anxiety                                      Disaster psychiatry update                        Comment: Norman Sartorius
Oye Gureje - Somatoform disorders: decon-                Chairs: R. D‘Souza and P. Deva
structing complexity                                     Speakers: D. Bhugra, P. Deva, S. Sundram,
                                                         and R. D‘Souza
Sam Tyano - The impact of parental suicide
on children and adolescents offspring
                                                         Coercion and mental health
Sheila Hollins - Meeting the health and men-
                                                         Chairs: A. Okasha and D. Stewart
tal health needs of children and adults with
                                                         Speakers: A. Okasha, D. Stewart,
intellectual disabilities
                                                         N. Stotland, and O. Steenfeldt-Foss
Shekhar Saxena - Mental disorders in ICD-                Moderator: D. Moussaoui
11: current status and future directions                 Discussant: N. Sartorius and O. Gureje

Rajiv Tandon - Psychopathological domains                WPA and partnerships for mental health
in schizophrenia                                                                                           Bird’s Nest Stadium, where the 2008 Olympic Games
                                                         Chair: H. Herrman                                 was held.
Thomas A. Widiger - Dimensional and cat-                 Speakers: H. Herrman, Xin Yu, and
egorical models of psychopathology                       S. Katontoka
Edmond Pi - Cross-cultural psychopharma-
cology: an update                                        Mental disorders in different levels of health    Toward excellence in Asian psychiatry and
                                                         care: Primary care and liaison psychiatry         psychiatric practices
Scott Stroup - Effectiveness of antipsychotic
medications                                              Chair: M. R. Bennasar                             Chairs: N. Shinfuku and Wei Hao
                                                         Speakers: D. Moussaoui, M. R. Bennasar,           Speakers: N. Shinfuku, P. Deva, Wei Hao, J.
                                                         and L. Küey
                                                                                                           Afzal, and R. D‘Souza
                                                         Launch of the Chinese version of the revised
                                                         WPA Educational Programme on Depression           Evidence based psychosocial rehabilitation
                                                                                                           in Asia
                                                         Chairs: M. Maj and Dongfeng Zhou
                                                         Speakers: A. Tasman, N. Sartorius, and Xin Yu     Chairs: N. Shinfuku and Jing-Ping Zhao
                                                                                                           Speakers: N. Shinfuku, Jing-Ping Zhao,
                                                         Depressive disorders: a selective review of the   J. Afzal, U. Pichet, A. Soghoyan, and P. Deva

                                                         Chairs: N. Sartorius and A. Tasman
                                                         Speakers: M. Phillips, A. Tasman, and
The main venue for the opening ceremony of World Expo,   S. Tyano

                                                                                                                               WPA NEWS June 2010

  January 2011

WPA Regional Meeting                          INVITATION
26-28 January 2011                           People with mental disor-
Cairo, Egypt                                 ders are at increased risk
                                             for several physical diseases
“Co-morbidity between                        and have a higher mortality
mental and physical disorders” for natural causes than the
                                             general population. Their
                                             access to physical health
care is reduced and the quality of the physical care they receive is worse
compared to the general population. If we are really concerned about
the quality of life of our patients and the protection of their civil rights,
we cannot ignore that physical health is a crucial dimension of quality
of life in these persons, and that access to a physical health care of the
same quality as that available to the rest of the population is a basic
right of these persons as human beings and as citizens.                         The River Nile in Aswan.

This Regional Meeting will review the research evidence about the               Meeting, whose speakers will include many of the most renowned inter-
comorbidity between mental disorders and physical diseases, the factors         national experts in the field.
which contribute to generate this comorbidity, and what can be done to
                                                                                I look forward to meeting you in Cairo.
address the problem.
                                                                                Prof. Mario Maj
The city of Cairo, which hosted an excellent World Congress of Psychiatry       President of WPA Regional Meeting - Cairo
in the year 2005, will be the extremely attractive venue of the Regional        President, World Psychiatric Association


                                                     misdiagnosed and under diagnosed. The life            Mental disorders were known to Ancient
                                                     span and quality of life of our mental patents        Egyptians 5000 years ago. In spite of the mys-
                                                     are less than the general population. Clinical        tical beliefs, psychiatric patients were cared
                                                     training and postgraduate curricula should            for, and treated as were those with physical
                                                     have an emphasis on the co-morbid medical             ailments; for example mental disorders were
                                                                                                           known as an integral part of heart and uterine
                                                     conditions with psychiatric disorders so that
                                                                                                           disorders. Mental disorders were one entity in
                                                     the psychiatrist should have proper access for
                                                                                                           Pharonic Egypt.
                                                     diagnosis and management of their medical
                                                     disorders. It is a good opportunity to high-          The theme of this WPA Regional meeting
Abou Simbel Temple in upper Egypt.                   light this co-morbidity in the next WPA               to be held in Cairo, Egypt is “Co-morbid-
                                                     regional symposium in Cairo where ancient             ity between mental and physical disorders”
                                                                                                           which reflects one of the focuses of the WPA
                                                     Egyptians believed that the site of all mental
                                                                                                           in this trienniums action plan. The meeting
One of the main caveats of our current psy-          illness was in the heart as revealed in Eber‘s
                                                                                                           objective is to increase awareness to all mental
chiatric classifications is the high prevalence       papyrus and at treatment was physical rather          health professionals about the high co-occur-
of co-occurrence of psychiatric disorders            than mystical.                                        rence of mental and physical disorders and
because of the overlap of symptoms and blur-                                                               the strategy for early detection, intervention
ring of delineation of disorders. What is more       You are welcome to Cairo to discuss what was          and management.
alarming is the high co-morbidity between            realized 6000 years ago of the physical and
                                                     mental co-morbidity.                                  You are welcome in Egypt to be partners in
physical and mental disorders. Recent studies
                                                                                                           the scientific program as well as to enjoy the
revealed that the prevalence of cardiovascular,
                                                     Prof. Ahmed Okasha                                    heritage of Egypt.
cerebrovascular, diabetes, hyperlipidaemia,          Honorary President of WPA Regional Meeting
emphysema, etc ... are commoner in mental            - Cairo                                               Contact person: Prof. Tarek Okasha
patients than in the general population. Our         President, Egyptian Psychiatric Association           Fax: +202 29200908
patients may have high threshold for pain            President, Arab Federation of Psychiatrists           Email:
and so many painful physical disorders are           Past President, World Psychiatric Association         Website:

 April 2011

WPA Regional Meeting                                                                               Dear Colleagues,
14-17 April 2011                                                                                   You are cordially invited to participate in the
Yerevan, Armenia                                                                                   WPA Regional Meeting to be held in Yerevan,
                                                                                                   Armenia, from April 14-17, 2011. The meeting
Dear Colleagues,                                                                                   is devoted to mental health challenges in the
                                                                                                   present era of globalization.
I am happy to invite you to participate in the
WPA Regional Meeting to be held in Yerevan,                                                  We value the participation of mental health pro-
Armenia, from 14 to 17 April, 2011.                                                          fessionals from regional and global networks. It
                                                The Opera House on the Liberty Square.       is a great pleasure to host an international con-
We are living in a world which is changing                                               ference on recent advances in research, education,
dramatically, where a variety of new challenges are emerging for our and treatment of mental disorders relevant to practicing psychiatrists
mental health and several factors which used to facilitate our coping in multicultural settings.
with adversities are becoming less effective. We psychiatrists cannot
                                                                            The conference highly appreciates the exchange of academic knowl-
ignore these changes and the ways they are affecting the epidemiology,
                                                                            edge and experience, as well as the opportunity for networking and col-
phenomenology and treatment response of several mental disorders.
                                                                            laboration among professionals from different countries. It aims to be
                                                                            a ground for open discussions that will contribute to the development
The transition period which several Eastern European countries are
                                                                            of new initiatives and programs.
undergoing, with its impact on the mental health of the population, is
a good example from which we can take several lessons.                      Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the cultural heritage of one of the
                                                                            world’s ancient civilizations, enjoy mountainous landscapes and expe-
This WPA Regional Meeting will give visibility to the experience of         rience Armenian hospitality!
colleagues from Eastern Europe and, at the same time, review the
impact of sociocultural and economic changes and their implications         We look forward to meeting you in Yerevan.
for psychiatric practice, research and services in several other areas of
the world.                                                                  Armen Soghoyan
                                                                            President, Armenian Psychiatric Association
Armenia, an important bridge between East and West and a fascinat-
ing country, rich of culture, natural beauties and vibrant humanity, will   Local Organizers
be an excellent location for the event.                                     Armenian Psychiatric Association
                                                                            Armenian Medical Association
I look forward to meeting you in Yerevan.                                   E-mail:
                                                                            Contact person: Armen Soghoyan
Mario Maj                                                                   E-mail:
President, World Psychiatric Association                                    Website: 2011

 June 2011

WPA Thematic Conference                                                     education of students and residents, of guidelines and algorithms for
9-12 June 2011                                                              diagnosis and treatment, of prevention programmes and of research

Istanbul, Turkey                                                            protocols, but most of them are not frequently implemented in ordi-
                                                                            nary practice and, even when they are, the fidelity of their application
“Re-thinking Quality in Psychiatry: Education,                              is rarely evaluated, and the problems encountered in their translation
Research, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment”                                 to different contexts and cultures are rarely debated.

Dear Colleagues,                                                            The image and the credibility of our profession depends on the quality
                                                                            of the education, research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment that
I am happy to invite you to attend the WPA Thematic Conference
                                                                            we are able to deliver in ordinary practice, rather than on the standards
to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 9 to 12 June 2011, dealing with
                                                                            that we are able to propose.
quality assurance in psychiatric education, research, prevention,
diagnosis and treatment.
                                                                            This Thematic Conference will be a unique opportunity to focus on
This is certainly an issue which deserves a special attention. Our          this crucial and timely issue, with the participation of colleagues from
discipline and profession can rely today on a variety of curricula for      all regions of the world.

                                                                                                                         WPA NEWS June 2010

The unique beauties and cultural heritage of Istanbul                                         Psychiatrists of the world are invited to meet where
will represent a further attraction.                                                          the continents meet for better mental health for
I very much hope you will consider to attend and
actively contribute to the scientific programme.                                               Psychiatrists of the world will meet in Istanbul, in
                                                                                              the summer of 2011, during the World Psychiatric
Mario Maj                                                                                     Association Thematic Conference.
President of the Conference
WPA President
                                                                                              The main theme of this international conference
                                                                                              is inviting the participants to reflect on the qual-
Dear Colleagues,                                                                              ity of the education systems, research agenda and
                                                                                              evidence, theoretical conceptualizations, issues of
In my capacity as President-Elect of the World                                                prevention, and daily experience of diagnoses and
Psychiatric Association (WPA), I encourage all of                                             treatments in psychiatry.
you to attend and participate in the WPA Thematic
Conference organized by the Psychiatric Association                                           During this WPA Thematic Conference, organ-
of Turkey and Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society, and                                           ized by WPA, in collaboration with the Psychiatric
to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, on June 9-12, 2011.                                           Association of Turkey and Turkish Neuropsychiatric
                                                                                              Society, besides a high quality scientific programme,
In this conference, the topic of “Psychiatric Quality                                         a scientific research awards programme, a fellowship
Related to Education, Research, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment”       programme for early career psychiatrists, a photo competition and
will be addressed exclusively and comprehensively; thus offering an        exhibition (“Better Mental Health for All: People, Places, Faces”) and
opportunity to learn in depth all of the most relevant and important       a rich cultural programme will also be held.
aspects on these subjects. The already selected key speakers are all top
experts on this topic selected for this conference. In the past, the WPA   In the name of the Organizing Committee, I am delighted to invite
always conducted excellent scientific meetings in collaboration with        you to join us for this conference where we will review and discuss the
the two WPA Member Societies from Turkey.                                  means to improve the quality of our professional praxis.

Besides, the beauty of Istanbul as well as other cities and regions of     The beautiful city, Istanbul, with her modern amenities and the splen-
Turkey are excellent additional incentives to visit Turkey and attend      dors of her cultural heritage will be an excellent seat for a perfect meet-
this conference.                                                           ing, one that will impress treasured and lasting memories.

I look forward to seeing you in Istanbul in 2011.                          Levent Küey
                                                                           Chairperson of the Organizing Committee
Sincerely,                                                                 WPA Secretary General
Pedro Ruiz
Chairperson of the Scientific Committee                                     Website:
WPA President-Elect                                                        Contact: Levent Küey (

 September 2011

15th World Congress of Psychiatry                                          and practice, with the contribution of the most prominent experts of
                                                                           the various topics.
“World Psychiatry 2011:
Our Heritage and Our Future”                                               An outstanding scientific programme is being built up. The 24
                                                                           Keynote Lectures and the 18 Core Symposia have been already final-
18-22 September 2011                                                       ized and are outlined in Tables 1 and 2.
Buenos Aires, Argentina                                                    In addition, the programme will include Regular Symposia,
                                                                           Workshops, WPA Section and Zonal Symposia, Oral Communication
The World Congress of Psychiatry, organized by the World Psychiatric
                                                                           Sessions, Poster Sessions and Sponsored Events. The deadline for
Association every three years, is the main international scientific         submission of Regular Symposia and Workshops is October 31, 2010.
event in the field of psychiatry. The 15th World Congress aims to           The deadline for submission of WPA Section and Zonal Symposia,
provide a comprehensive overview of those achievements which have          Oral Communications and Posters is November 30, 2010. The guide-
stood the test of time (our heritage) and of the most promising cur-       lines for submission can be found on the website of the Congress
rent trends (our future) in the various areas of psychiatric research      (

                                                                         KL9. Psychiatry and general medicine (T. Wise)
                                                                         KL10. Clinical approach to schizophrenia (W.T. Carpenter Jr.)
                                                                         KL11. Clinical approach to bipolar disorder (E. Vieta)
                                                                         KL12. Clinical approach to major depression (M.E. Thase)
                                                                         KL13. Clinical approach to eating disorders (C. Fairburn)
                                                                         KL14. Clinical approach to personality disorders (A.E. Skodol)
                                                                         KL15. Clinical approach to anxiety disorders (D. Stein)
                                                                         KL16. Epidemiology of mental disorders (R.C. Kessler)
                                                                         KL17. Psychodynamic psychotherapies (P. Fonagy)
                                                                         KL18. New and old addiction disorders (C.P. O’Brien)
                                                                         KL19. Child psychiatry (J. Rapoport)
                                                                         KL20. Old age psychiatry (D. Jeste)
                                                                         KL21. Mental health consequences of trauma and violence
                                                                               (A.C. McFarlane)
                                                                         KL22. Ethics and human rights (F. Lolas)
                                                                         KL23. Women’s mental health (D. Stewart)
                                                                         KL24. Epidemiology and prevention of suicide (M. Phillips)

                                                                         Table 2. 15th World Congress of Psychiatry – Core Symposia

                                                                         CS1. Functional psychopathology (Chairperson: S. Kapur)
                                                                         CS2. Prevention of mental disorders and promotion of mental
The official language of the Congress will be English. Simultaneous              health (Chairperson: S. Saxena)
translation into Spanish and Portuguese will be available for Keynote    CS3. The family of persons with severe mental illness
Lectures, Core Symposia and selected Regular Symposia. There will               (Chairperson: K.T. Mueser)
be a special track in the scientific programme with Symposia and          CS4. Gene-environment interactions in mental disorders
Oral Communication Sessions in Spanish or Portuguese.                           (Chairperson: N. Craddock)
                                                                         CS5. Pharmacotherapies in psychiatry: our heritage and
Fellowships will be available for psychiatrists under 40 years of age
                                                                                our future (Chairperson: H.-J. Möller)
and with no more than five years elapsed since completion of their
                                                                         CS6. Resilience and recovery in persons with mental disorders
psychiatric training. Selection criteria and guidelines for submission
                                                                                (Chairperson: A. Bellack)
can be found on the website of the Congress.
                                                                         CS7. Early interventions in psychiatry
An extremely attractive programme of tours for Congress participants            (Chairperson: P.D. McGorry)
and accompanying persons has been organized. Details can be found        CS8. Conflicts, terrorism and mental health
on the website of the Congress.                                                 (Chairperson: R.J. Ursano)
                                                                         CS9. Social brain and social cognition
This is going to be a memorable event. Psychiatrists from all coun-             (Chairperson: R.I.M. Dunbar)
tries of the world are invited to attend and to contribute.              CS10. Children with mental disorders do become adults
                                                                                (Chairperson: B. Birmaher)
                                                                         CS11. Globalization and mental health (Chairperson: D. Bhugra)
Table 1. 15th World Congress of Psychiatry – Keynote Lectures            CS12. Non-pharmacological somatic treatments in psychiatry
KL1. Classification and diagnostic systems (N. Sartorius)                        (Chairperson: H.A. Sackeim)
KL2. Genetics of mental disorders (P. McGuffin)                           CS13. Mental health care in low-income countries
KL3. Community mental health care (G. Thornicroft)                              (Chairperson: O. Gureje)
KL4. Psychosocial rehabilitation (R.E. Drake)                            CS14. Access and adherence to mental health care
KL5. Culture and mental health (R. Alarcón)                                     (Chairperson: V. Patel)
KL6. Neuroimaging of psychoses (P. McGuire)                              CS15. Improving quality of mental health services
KL7. Cognitive-behavioural psychotherapies (K. Shear)                           (Chairperson: R. Jenkins)
KL8. Intermediate phenotypes in psychiatry (D.R. Weinberger)

                                                                                                                         WPA NEWS June 2010

Future WPA Scientific Meetings
 July 2010                                                                   23-25 September 2010: “IV Congreso Paraguayo de Psiquiatria”,
                                                                             Asuncion, Paraguay. Organizer: Paraguayan Society of Psychiatry.
                                                                             Contact: Dr Andres Arce. E-mail:
1-3 July 2010: “1st International Congress on Borderline Personality
Disorder”, Berlin, Germany. Organizer: German Association for DBT.
Collaboration: a) Association for Research in Personality Disorders (ARPD)    October 2010
b) Dutch Foundation for Psychiatry and Religion Austrian Association
for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (ÖGPP) c) Central Institute of Mental
Health, Mannheim (CIMH) d) European Psychiatric Association (EPA)            4-7 October 2010: 12th Annual Meeting of the International Society
e) European Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ESSPD) f)        of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) “Bridging the gap between science
German Association for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (DGPPN) g)               and clinical practice in the addiction field”, Milan, Italy. Organizer:
International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ISSPD) h)      International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM). Collaboration:
Swiss Association for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (SGPP). Contact: Dr.      WPA Section on Addiction Psychiatry. Contact: Dr. Giancarlo La
Thorsten Kienast. E-mails: a) b) borderline-     Pietra. E-mail: Website: Website:        
7-11 July 2010: “IV Pan-American Congress on Child and Adolescent
Mental Health”, Havana, Cuba. Organizer: Cuban Society of Psychiatry.        5-7 October 2010: The First National Conference of Psychiatry for
Collaboration: Cuban National Group for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.     the Saudi Psychiatric Association “Mental Health in a Socio-cultural
Contact: Dr. Cristobal Martinez Gomez. E-mail:        Perspective”, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Organizer: Saudi Psychiatric
                                                                             Association. Collaboration: a) King Faisal University, Medical Education
10 July 2010: “Arte, Salud y Comunidad”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.            b) British Arab Psychiatric Association c) Institute of Psychiatry Ain
Organizer: WPA Section on Mass Media and Mental Health.                      Shams University. Contact: Dr. Mohamed Khaled. E-mails:
Collaboration: FINTECO. Contact: Dr. Miguel A. Materazzi. E-mail:            a) b) Website:
                                                                             18-22 October 2010: “XIV Spanish Congress of Psychiatry”, Barcelona,
11-14 July 2010: WPA Section on Epidemiology and Public Health
                                                                             Spain. Organizers: a) Spanish Society of Psychiatry b) Spanish Society
Meeting 2010 “Prediction in Psychiatric Epidemiology - From Childhood
and Adolescence to Adulthood”, Lisbon, Portugal. Organizer: WPA              of Biological Psychiatry. Contacts: a) Prof. Julio Vallejo b) Prof JM
Section on Epidemiology and Public Health. Collaboration: Faculty            Menchon. E-mail: Website:
of Medical Sciences, Nova University of Lisbon and Paris Descartes 
University. Contact: Prof. José Miguel Caldas de Almeida. E-mail: Website:                           22-24 October 2010: “4th International Conference of Schizophrenia
                                                                             (ICONS)”, Chennai, India. Organizer: The Schizophrenia Research
                                                                             Foundation (SCARF). Contact: Dr. R. Thara. E-mail:
 August 2010                                                                 Website:

19-21 August 2010: “VII World Congress of Depressive Disorders and           23-27 October 2010: XX World Congress of Social Psychiatry “Promoting
International Symposium on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder”, Mendoza,          the Integration of Health and Mental Health”, Marrakech, Morocco.
Argentina. Organizer: University of Cuyo. Contact: Dr. Jorge Nazar. E-       Organizer: World Association of Social Psychiatry (WASP). Contacts:
mail: Website:                   a) Prof. Julio Arboleda Florez b) Prof. Driss Moussaoui. E-mails: a)
                                                                    b) Website:
 September 2010
                                                                             30 October-1 November 2010: International Conference on Transcultural
1-5 September 2010: WPA International Congress “Global psychiatry
                                                                             Psychiatry: “Migration, Mental Health and Transcultural Psychiatry
at the frontier: sharing the future”, Beijing, China. Organizers: a)
Capital Medical University b) Beijing Anding Hospital of Capital             in the 21st Century”, Barcelona, Spain. Organizer: WPA Section on
Medical University. Collaboration: Chinese Society of Psychiatry.            Transcultural Psychiatry. Collaboration: University of Barcelona,
Contact: Dr. Gang Wang. E-mail: Website:                 Sant Pere Claver Hospital. Contact: Dr. Joseba Achotegui. E-mail:                                                     Website:

9-12 September 2010: “International Conference from Adolescence              28-31 October 2010: “Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists (PRCP) 14th
to Adulthood - Normality and Psychopathology”, Larnaca, Cyprus.              Scientific Meeting”, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Organizer: Pacific
Organizer: Cyprus Psychiatric Association. Collaboration: a) European        Rim College of Psychiatrists. Collaboration: a) Australian and New
Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ESCAP) b) Hellenic              Zealand Association of Mental Health b) Royal Australian and New
Psychiatric Association c) Hellenic Society of Child and Adolescent
                                                                             Zealand College of Psychiatrists. Contact: Prof. Philip Morris. E-mail:
Psychiatry. Contact: Dr. Neophytes Papaneophytou E-mails: a) b) Website:           Website:

15-17 September 2010: “1st Congress of Dual Pathology and Addictive           November 2010
Disorders”, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Organizer: Asociación de Conductas
Adictivas y Patología Dual de Iberoamérica (ACAPI). Collaboration:           4-6 November 2010: “International Symposium on Psychiatry and
Section of Substance Abuse Disorders of APAL. Contact: Dr. Javier Didia      Religious Experience”, Ávila, Spain. Organizers: a) International Juan
Attas. E-mail: Website:              J. López-Ibor Foundation b) WPA Section on Religion, Spirituality
                                                                             and Psychiatry. Collaboration: a) University of Mystic-CITES b) Dutch
18 September 2010: “Sociedad, Multitud y Salud Mental”, Buenos
                                                                             Foundation for Psychiatry and Religion c) Castilla and Leon Society of
Aires, Argentina. Organizer: WPA Section on Mass Media and
Mental Health. Collaboration: FINTECO. Contact: Dr. Miguel A.                Psychiatry. Contact: Dr. Peter J. Verhagen E-mail:
Materazzi. E-mail:                                    Website:

18-21 November 2010: “4th Dual Congress on Psychiatry and the                   Women’s Mental Health. Contact: Debra Tucker. E-mail:
Neurosciences”, Thessaloniki, Greece. Organizer: Hellenic Society for           Website:
the Advancement of Psychiatry and Related Sciences. Collaboration: a)
World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP) b)               21-25 March 2011: “16th World Congress of the World Association for
International Neuropsychiatric Association (INA). Contact: Prof. C. Soldatos.   Dynamic Psychiatry (WADP)”, Munich, Germany. Organizer: World
E-mail: Website:               Association for Dynamic Psychiatry. Contact: Dr. Sabine Funk. E-mail:
19-21 November 2010: XVII National Conference of the Indian Association
for Social Psychiatry “Public Mental Health and Social Psychiatry”,             25-27 March 2011: “10th Workshop on Costs and Assessment in Psychiatry
Cochin, India. Organizer: Indian Association for Social Psychiatry.
                                                                                - Mental Health Policy and Economics”, Venice, Italy. Organizer: WPA
Contact: Prof. Rakesh K Chadda. E-mail:
Website:                                                        Section on Mental Health Policy and Economics. Contact: Dr. Massimo
                                                                                Moscarelli. E-mail: Website:
23-26 November 2010: “Iranian Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting”,
Tehran, Iran. Organizer: Iranian Psychiatric Association. Contact:
Dr. Ahmed Jalili. E-mails: a) b)         April 2011
                                                                                7-8 April 2011: “Mental Health in the big cities”, Milano, Italy.
24-27 November 2010: “DGPPN Congress 2010”, Berlin, Germany.                    Organizer: WPA Section on Urban Mental Health. Collaboration:
Organizer: German Association for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy                  Italian Psychiatric Association. Contact: Dr. Mariano Bassi. E-mail:
(DGPPN). Contact: Michael Grözinger, MD. E-mail:     Website:
                                                                                14-17 April 2011: “WPA Regional Meeting”, Yerevan, Armenia.
                                                                                Organizer: Armenian Association of Psychiatrists. Contact: Dr. Armen
 December 2010                                                                  Soghoyan. E-mail:
8-10 December 2010: “11th Pan Arab Psychiatric Conference”, Khartoum,           18-20 April 2011: 1st International Conference on Cultural Psychiatry in
Sudan. Organizers: a) Sudanese Association of Psychiatrists b) Arab             the French Speaking World “Migration Challenges and Mental Health”,
Federation of Psychiatrists. Contact: Prof. Abdullah Abdelrahman. E-mail:       Paris, France. Organizer: WPA Section on Transcultural Psychiatry.                                                     Contact: Dr Rachid Bennegadi. E-mail:
10-12 December 2010: “Meeting of the African Association of Psychiatrists
and Allied Professions”, Khartoum, Sudan. Organizers: a) Sudanese
Association of Psychiatrists b) African Association of Psychiatrists and         May 2011
Allied Professions. Contact: Prof. Abdullah Abdelrahman. E-mail:                                                     10-11 May 2011: “IAPA-New Zealand International Conference on
                                                                                Schizophrenia”, Invercargill, New Zealand. Organizer: Indo Australasian
17-19 December 2010: International Psychiatric Conference of the                Psychiatry Association. Contact: Dr. Russell D’Souza. E-mails:
Pakistan Psychiatric Society “Awareness and Prevention Strategies for           a) b)
Psychiatric Disorders in Developing Countries”, Islamabad, Pakistan.            Websites: a) b)
Organizer: Pakistan Psychiatric Society. Contact: Asima Khan. E-mail: Website:
                                                                                 May - June 2011
 January 2011                                                                   29 May-2 June 2011: “Royal Australian and New Zealand College of
                                                                                Psychiatrists (RANZCP) 2011 Annual Congress”, Darwin, Northern
14-15 January 2011: “2nd Indian Global Psychiatry Initiative 2011”, New         Territory, Australia. Organizer: Royal Australian and New Zealand
Delhi, India. Organizer: Global Federation of Indo Psychiatry Associations.     College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP). Contact: Louise Hain. E-mail:
Collaboration: Canadian Psychiatric Association. Contact: Prof. Russell Website:
D’Souza. E-mails: a) b)

26-28 January 2011: WPA Regional Meeting “Co-morbidity between                   June 2011
mental and physical disorders”, Cairo, Egypt. Organizer: Egyptian
Psychiatric Association. Contact: Prof. Tarek A. Okasha. E-mail:                9-12 June 2011: WPA Thematic Conference “Rethinking Quality in Website:                         Psychiatry: Education, Research, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment”,
                                                                                Istanbul, Turkey. Organizers: a) Psychiatric Association of Turkey b)
                                                                                Turkish Neuropsychiatric Association. Contact: Dr. Levent Küey.
                                                                                E-mail: Website:
 February 2011
1-28 February 2011: “12th Virtual Congress of Psychiatry Interpsiquis
2011”. Online. Organizer: Collaboration: Jerónimo Saiz          July - August 2011
Ruiz. Contact: Dr. Pedro Moreno Gea. E-mail:
Website:                                                   31 July-4 August 2011: “3rd World Congress of Asian Psychiatry”,
                                                                                Melbourne Australia. Organizer: Asian Forum Australasia and
                                                                                Australian Asian Medical Federation. Contact: Dr. Russell D’Souza.
 March 2011                                                                     E-mails: a) b)
7-11 March 2011: “Psicohabana 2011”, Habana, Cuba. Organizer:
WPA Section on Classification, Diagnostic Assessment and
Nomenclature. Collaboration: Cuban Society of Psychiatry. Contact:               September 2011
Dr. Wilfredo Castillo Donate. E-mail:
                                                                                18-22 September 2011: “XV World Congress of Psychiatry”, Buenos Aires,
16-19 March 2011: 4th World Congress on Women‘s Mental Health                   Argentina. Organizers: a) Argentinean Association of Psychiatrists
“Biological, psychological, and socio-cultural aspects of women‘s men-          (AAP) b) Argentinean Psychiatrists Association (APSA) c) Foundation
tal health”, Madrid, Spain. Organizer: International Association for            for Interdisciplinary Investigation of Communication (FINTECO).
Women’s Mental Health (IAWMH). Collaboration: WPA Section on                    Contact: Mariano R. Castex. E-mail:
                                                                                                                          WPA NEWS June 2010

  September - October 2011                                                      October 2012

29 September-1 October 2011: “3rd European Conference on                       17-21 October 2012: “WPA International Congress”, Prague, Czech
Schizophrenia Research (ECSR)”, Berlin, Germany. Organizer:                    Republic. Organizer: Czech Psychiatric Association. Contact: Dr. Jiri
Competence Network on Schizophrenia. Contact: Dr. Victoria Toeller.            Raboch. E-mail: Website:
E-mails: a) b)
                                                                                January 2013
 October 2011                                                                  10-12 January 2013: “WPA Regional Meeting”, Asuncion, Paraguay.
                                                                               Organizer: Paraguayan Society of Psychiatry. Contact: Dr. Jose Britez
5-8 October 2011: “II International Congress Dual Disorders Addictive          Cantero. E-mail:
Behaviors and Other Mental Disorders”, Barcelona, Spain. Organizer:
Sociedad Española Patología Dual (SEPD). Collaboration: NIDA
(National Institute on Drug Abuse, EEUU) and APAL. Contact: Prof.               April 2013
Miguel Casas. E-mail: Website:
                                                                               10-13 April 2013: “WPA Regional Congress”, Bucharest, Romania.
16 October 2011: “1st Meeting: Psychiatry in Everyday Clinical                 Organizer: Romanian Psychiatric Association. Contact: a) Dr. Dan
Practice”, Thessaloniki, Greece. Organizer: International Society on           Prelipceanu b) Dr. Eliot Sorel. E-mails: a) Dr. Dan Prelipceanu
Neurobiology and Psychopharmacology (ISNP). Collaboration: WPA                 ( b) Dr. Eliot Sorel (
Section on Psychiatry in Private Practice. Contact: Dr. Kostas N.
Fountoulakis. E-mail: Website:
                                                                                June 2013
  November 2011                                                                12-14 June 2013: “WPA Third Thematic Conference on Legal and
                                                                               Forensic Psychiatry”, Madrid, Spain. Organizer: Spanish Society
3-5 November 2011: WPA Regional Meeting “Focusing on Asian                     of Legal Psychiatry. Contact: Dr. Alfredo Calcedo Barba. E-mail:
Mental Health: Current and Future Perspectives”, Kaohsiung., Taiwan. 
Organizer: Taiwanese Society of Psychiatry. Contacts: a) Dr. Cheng-Chung
Chen b) Dr. Hin-Yeung Tsang. E-mails: a) (Dr. Cheng-   19-23 June 2013: “WPA International Congress”, Istanbul, Turkey.
Chung Chen) b) (Dr. Hin-Yeung Tsang)                      Organizers: a) Psychiatric Association of Turkey b) Turkish
                                                                               Neuropsychiatric Society. Contact: Dr. Levent Kuey. E-mail:
15-17 November 2011: “Iranian Psychiatric Association Annual         
Meeting”, Tehran, Iran. Organizer: Iranian Psychiatric Association.
Contact: Dr. Ahmed Jalili. E-mails: a) b) Website:
                                                                                September 2013
24-27 November 2011: “2nd International Congress on Neurobiology,              12-16 September 2013: “WPA Regional Congress and XXIII APM
Psychopharmacology and Treatment Guidance”, Thessaloniki,                      National Congress”, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. Organizer: Mexican
Greece. Organizer: International Society on Neurobiology and                   Psychiatric Association. Contact: Dr. Eduardo A. Madrigal de León.
Psychopharmacology (ISNP). Collaboration: Section on Psychiatry                E-mails: a) b)
in Private Practice. Contact: Dr. Kostas N. Fountoulakis. E-mail:              c) Website: Website:

  February 2012                                                                 October 2013
                                                                               20-24 October 2013: WPA Thematic Congress “Human Factors in Crisis
9-11 February 2012: WPA Thematic Conference “Community                         and Disaster Interventions”, Melbourne, Australia. Organizer: Indo
Psychiatry and Family Medicine: Joint Promotion of Mental Health               Australasian Psychiatry Association. Collaboration: a) WPA Section
Care”, Granada, Spain. Organizers: a) World Psychiatric Association            on Disaster Psychiatry b) RANZCP. Contact: Prof. Russell D’Souza. E-
b) Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry. Collaboration: a) WONCA             mail: Website:
International & WONCA Europe b) University of Granada. Contact:
Dr. Francisco Torres. E-mail:
                                                                                February 2014
  March 2012
                                                                               6-8 February 2014: “WPA Regional Meeting”, Kampala, Uganda.
                                                                               Organizer: Uganda Psychiatric Association. Contact: Dr. Fred Kigozi.
29-31 March 2012: WPA Thematic Conference “Addiction Psychiatry”,
                                                                               E-mails: a) b)
Barcelona, Spain. Organizer: Socidrogalcohol. Contact: Dr. Julio
Bobes Garcia. E-mails: a) b)

                                                                                September 2014
  May - June 2012
                                                                               13-18 September 2014: “XVI World Congress of Psychiatry”, Toronto,
31 May-2 June 2012: “WPA Regional Meeting”, Tehran, Iran.                      Canada. Organizers: Canadian Psychiatric Association. Contact: Heather
Organizer: Iranian Psychiatric Association. Contact: Dr. Ahmed
                                                                               Cleat. E-mail:
Jalili. E-mails: a) b) Website:

  September 2012

13-15 September 2012: “WPA Regional Meeting”, Bali, Indonesia.
Organizer: Indonesian Psychiatric Association. Contact: Dr. Tun
Kurniasih Bastaman. E-mail:

Contact: WPA Secretary for Publications, Helen Herrman,

WPA PUBLICATIONS:                                                                                                         common mental disorders. Each volume
                                                                                                                          covers a specific mental disorder, with a set of
                                                                                                                                                                            Editors: Tyano S, Keren M, Herrman H,
                                                                                                                                                                            Cox J. April 2010.
BOOKS AND JOURNALS                                                                                                        systematic reviews of the research evidence,
Helen Herrman                                                                                                             each followed by commentaries produced            Religion and Psychiatry: Beyond Boundaries.
                                                                                                                                                                            Editors: Peter J. Verhagen, Herman M. van
WPA Secretary for Publications                                                                                            by psychiatrists from various countries and
                                                                                                                                                                            Praag, Juan J. López-Ibor Jr., John Cox,
                                                                                                                          representing different schools of thought.
                                                                                                                                                                            and Driss Moussaoui. December 2009 /
                                                                                                                          Nine volumes exist, several in second or third
The WPA publications program aims to                                                                                                                                        Hardback. ISBN 9780470694718
                                                                                                                          edition and several translated into various
promote the goals of the Association and
                                                                                                                          languages including Russian, Spanish,             Contemporary Topics in Women’s Health:
specifically to: 1) disseminate information
                                                                                                                          Portuguese, Italian and Turkish. A volume is      Global perspectives in a changing society.
about clinical, service and research
                                                                                                                          forthcoming on Substance Abuse Disorders.         Editors: Prabha S. Chandra, Helen Herrman,
developments in the mental health field to
                                                                                                                          The series Anthologies of International           Jane Fisher, Marianne Kastrup, Unaiza
the largest possible number of psychiatrists
                                                                                                                          Psychiatric Texts (Series Director D.             Niaz, Marta Rondon, and Ahmed Okasha.
and health professionals across the world; 2)
                                                                                                                          Moussaoui) and Anthologies Online includes        September 2009 / Hardback / 544 pages.
promote and give visibility to good quality                                                                                                                                 ISBN 9780470754115
                                                                                                                          classical texts produced by psychiatrists of a
research carried out in low and middle income
                                                                                                                          given country or group of countries published
countries. These goals are pursued through                                                                                                                                  Depressive Disorders, 3rd Edition. WPA
                                                                                                                          in English for the first time, accompanied by
the official journal of the Association, World                                                                                                                               Series Evidence and Experience in Psychiatry.
                                                                                                                          essays on their authors. Electronic versions
Psychiatry, the publication of books on topics                                                                                                                              Editors: Helen Herrman, Mario Maj, and
                                                                                                                          are now available through the WPA website
relevant to the ethical and successful practice                                                                                                                             Norman Sartorius. August 2009 / Hardback /
                                                                                                                          and link to Wiley-Blackwell Interscience. The
of modern psychiatry, and offering support                                                                                                                                  344 pages. ISBN 9780470987209
                                                                                                                          series Images of Psychiatry illustrates the
to psychiatric journals in low- and middle-
                                                                                                                          depth and breadth of experience in psychiatry     Handbook of Service User Involvement in
income countries.
                                                                                                                          around the world.                                 Mental Health Research. Editors: Jan Wall-

WPA                     World Psychiatry,                                                                                                                                   craft, Beate Schrank, and Michaela Amering.
   World Psychiatry                                                                                                       All Wiley-Blackwell books published for
                                                                                                                                                                            Foreword: George Szmukler. April 2009 /
                        edited by WPA Presi-

                                                                                                                          WPA are available online. Translation into        Hardback / 272 pages. ISBN 9780470997956
                             Volume 8, Number 1                        February 2009

 EDITORIAL              dent Prof. Mario
 Physical health care in persons with severe
 mental illness: a public health and ethical priority
                                                             The role of efficacy and effectiveness trials
                                                             A.J. RUSH
                                                             Social functioning and quality of life as measures

                                                                                                                    35    additional languages and appropriate ways
                                                             of effectiveness in the treatment of schizophrenia

                        Maj, is a high qual-
                                                             J.S. KWON, J.-S. CHOI

                                                                                                                          to disseminate books and electronic content       Recovery in Mental Health: Reshaping
                                                             RESEARCH REPORTS
 Enhancing research and treatment of mental              3
 disorders with dimensional concepts: toward                 Migraine in affectively ill Mexican adolescents        37
 DSM-V and ICD-11                                            S.C. DILSAVER, F. BENAZZI, K.J. OEDEGAARD,
 R.F. KRUEGER, S. BEZDJIAN                                   O.B. FASMER, K.K. AKISKAL, H.S. AKISKAL
 Relationship problems and the DSM: needed               7   Indexation of psychiatric journals from                40

                        ity journal of in-
 improvements and suggested solutions                        low- and middle-income countries: a survey
 R.E. HEYMAN, A.M.S. SLEP, S.R.H. BEACH,                     and a case study
 M.Z. WAMBOLDT, N.J. KASLOW, D. REISS                        C. KIELING, H. HERRMAN, V. PATEL,

                                                                                                                          to colleagues in low- and middle-income           scientific and clinical responsibilities.
                                                             J.J. MARI
 Metabolic syndrome in people with                      15
 schizophrenia: a review
 R. VAN WINKEL                                               Mental health policies on reporting child sexual       45
                                                             abuse and physician-patient sexual relationships

                        ternational mental
                                                             D.E. STEWART, E. VENOS, I.J. ASHRAF
 PRAGMATIC TRIALS OF PSYCHOTROPIC DRUGS?                     Community mental health care in the Asia-Pacific 49

                                                                                                                                                                            Michaela Amering and Margit Schmolke.
                                                             region: using current best-practice models
 Effectiveness as an outcome measure for                23

                                                                                                                          countries are under continuing discussion
                                                             to inform future policy
 treatment trials in psychiatry                              C. NG, H. HERRMAN, E. CHIU, B. SINGH, ON BEHALF
                                                             MENTAL HEALTH DEVELOPMENT PROJECT

                        health, disseminated
 Clinical trial design: horses for courses              28   WPA SECTION REPORT
 J.R. GEDDES                                                 Embodiment and schizophrenia                           56

                                                                                                                                                                            Translation: Peter Stastny. June 2009 /
 Much ado about small differences                       29   G. STANGHELLINI

                                                                                                                          with publishers.
 The silver lining of recent effectiveness trials       30   LETTER TO THE EDITOR                                   60
 Do “real world” studies on antipsychotics              32   WPA NEWS

                        to all countries and
 tell us the real truth?                                     The WPA General Assembly in Prague                     62
 H.-J. MÖLLER                                                and the new WPA leadership

                                                                                                                                                                            Hardback / 280 pages. ISBN 9780470997963
 The quest for a meaningful evidence base               33   The WPA International Congress                         62
 in psychiatry                                               “Treatments in Psychiatry: A New Update”
 R. EMSLEY, S. HAWKRIDGE                                     (Florence, April 1-4, 2009)

                        distributed to more                                                              ISSN 1723-8617

                        than 32,000 psychia-                                                                              WPA Books Published by Wiley-Blackwell.           Psychiatrists and Traditional Healers:
trists worldwide. It is produced in English,                                                                                                                                Unwitting partners in global mental health.
Spanish, Chinese and Russian languages, in                                                                                All available at 20% discount price to            Editors: Mario Incayawar, Ronald Wintrob,
partial translation in Romanian, and a new                                                                                members of WPA Member Societies, through          and Lise Bourchard. Honorary Editor:
edition in French language. The journal is                                                                                link from             Goffredo Bartocci. March 2009 / Hardback
now indexed by Medline, Current Contents                                                                                                                                    / 296 pages. ISBN 9780470516836
and the Science Citation Index. Full articles
                                                                                                                          Forthcoming                                       Psychiatric Diagnosis: Challenges and
and abstracts from its inception in January
                                                                                                                                                                            prospects. Editors: Ihsan M. Salloum and
2002 are available online through Medline/                                                                                Substance Abuse. WPA Series Evidence and          Juan E. Mezzich. March 2009 / Hardback /
Pubmed and the WPA website. Its second                                                                                    Experience in Psychiatry. Editors: Ghodse         328 pages. ISBN 9780470725696
ISI impact factor, released in June 2010 is                                                                               H, Herrman H, Maj M, Sartorius N. Due
4.375, ranking it among the top ten of clini-                                                                             mid-2010.                                         See also Online Anthologies of International
cal psychiatric journals. The WPA Bulletin                                                                                                                                  Psychiatric Texts (below)
on Depression is edited by Prof. Driss Mous-                                                                              Depression and Diabetes. Editors W Katon,
saoui as education for primary care doctors                                                                               M Maj, N Sartorius. Due July 2010.
and residents in psychiatry. Two issues have                                                                                                                                Published
been published each year, since 1993. 50,000                                                                              Depression and Cancer. Editors D Kissane,
                                                                                                                                                                            Disaster and Mental Health. Editors: Juan
copies are distributed worldwide in five dif-                                                                              M Maj, N Sartorius. Due September 2010.
                                                                                                                                                                            José López-Ibor, George Christodoulou,
ferent languages (sometimes up to eight dif-                                                                                                                                Mario Maj, Norman Sartorius, and Ahmed
                                                                                                                          Depression and Heart Disease. Editors A
ferent languages).                                                                                                                                                          Okasha. 2004. ISBN 9780470021231
                                                                                                                          Glassman, M Maj, N Sartorius. Due October
The series Evidence and Experience in                                                                                                                                       Early Detection and Management of Mental
Psychiatry is a highly successful publishing                                                                                                                                Disorders. Editors: Mario Maj, Juan José
venture that compares research evidence                                                                                                                                     López-Ibor, Norman Sartorius, Mitsumoto
and clinical experience concerning the                                                                                    Parenthood and Mental Health: A bridge            Sato, and Ahmed Okasha. 2005. ISBN
diagnosis and management of the most                                                                                      between infant and adult psychiatry.              9780470010839

                                                                                                                   WPA NEWS June 2010

Families and Mental Disorder: From              Editors: Helmut Remschmidt, Barry               Universitatsverlag WINTER          Heidelberg
Burden to Empowerment. Editors: Norman          Nurcombe, Myron Lowell Belfer, Norman           2006 ISBN 382531670X
Sartorius, Julian Leff, Juan José López-Ibor,   Sartorius, and Ahmed Okasha. 2007. ISBN
Mario Maj, and Ahmed Okasha. 2005. ISBN         9780470512456
                                                                                                Other WPA Books
                                                Anthologies and Online Anthologies of
                                                                                                Advances in Psychiatry, Third volume.
Psychiatry as a Neuroscience. Editors: Juan     International Psychiatric Texts
                                                                                                Editors: George N. Christodoulou, Miguel
José López-Ibor, Wolfgang Gaebel, Mario         (Series Director D. Moussaoui)
                                                                                                Jorge, Juan E. Mezzich, Beta Medical Arts,
Maj, and Norman Sartorius. 2002. ISBN           Online at:
                                                                                                Athens, Greece, 2009/ 289 pages. ISBN
9780471496564                                   onlinebooks (via link from
Psychiatry in Society. Editors: Norman
                                                                                                Psychiatry and Sexual Health: An Integrative
Sartorius, Wolfgang Gaebel, Juan José           Anthology of German Psychiatric Texts.
                                                                                                Approach. Editors: Juan E Mezzich and
López-Ibor, and Mario Maj. 2002. ISBN           Editor: Henning Sass. 2007 / 526 pages.
                                                                                                Ruben Hernandez-Serrano on behalf of
9780471496823                                   Adobe E-Book. ISBN 9783000204258
                                                                                                the WPA Educational Program on Sexual
Psychiatric Diagnosis and Classification.        Anthology of Spanish Psychiatric Texts.         Health. Published by Jason Aronson, USA
Editors: Mario Maj, Wolfgang Gaebel, Juan       Editor: Juan José López-Ibor, Carlos            2006 (an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield
José López-Ibor, and Norman Sartorius.                                                          Publishers). Available on-line at www.
                                                Carbonell Masiá, and Jean Garrabé.
2002. ISBN 9780471496816                                                              
                                                2001 / 552 pages. Adobe E-Book. ISBN
                                                9780470986745                                   Essentials of Clinical Psychiatry for sub-
Evidence and Experience in Psychiatry                                                           Saharan Africa. Editors: Frank G. Njenga,
                                                Anthology of Italian Psychiatric Texts.
Series                                                                                          Wilson Acuda, Vikram Patel, and Mario
                                                Editors: Mario Maj and Filipo M. Ferro.
                                                                                                Maj. Published by Masson, Milano 2005.
Bipolar Disorders. Editors: Mario Maj,          2002 / 432 pages. Adobe E-Book. ISBN
Hagop S. Akiskal, Juan José López-              9780470986707                                   Advances in Psychiatry. Editor: George N.
Ibor, and Norman Sartorius. 2002. ISBN                                                          Christodoulou, Beta Medical Arts, Athens,
9780471560371                                   Anthology of French Language Psychiatric        Greece, 2002 (232 pages).
                                                Texts. Editors: François-Régis Cousin, Jean
Dementia, 2nd Edition. Editors: Mario           Garrabé, and Denis Morozov. 1999 / 552          Advances in Psychiatry, Second volume.
Maj and Norman Sartorius. 2003. ISBN            pages. Adobe E-Book. ISBN 9780470986721         Editor: George N. Christodoulou, World
9780470849637                                                                                   Psychiatric Association, Paris, France,
                                                                                                2005/282 pages. ISBN 2902050046
Depressive Disorders, 3rd Edition: Editors:     Images in Psychiatry
Helen Herrman, Mario Maj and Norman
Sartorius. August 2009 / Hardback / 344         Images in Psychiatry: An Arab Perspective.      WPA Scientific Sections Officially Linked
pages. ISBN 9780470987209                       Editors: Ahmed Okasha and Mario Maj.            Journals
                                                Co-editors: Aida Seif El Dawla and Tarek
Eating Disorders. Editors: Mario Maj,           Okasha. Published by Scientific Book House,      Affective Disorders – Journal of Affective
Katherine Halmi, Juan José López-Ibor,          Cairo 2001.                                     Disorders
and Norman Sartorius. 2003. ISBN
9780470848654                                   Images of Psychiatry: The Caribbean.            Classification, Diagnostic Assessment and
                                                Editors: Frederick W. Hickling and Eliot        Nomenclature – Psychopathology
Obsessive-Compulsive    Disorders, 2nd          Sorel. Published by Stephenson’s Press
Edition. Editors: Mario Maj, Norman                                                             Clinical Psychopathology – Psychopathology
                                                Limited, Jamaica 2005.
Sartorius, Ahmed Okasha, and Joseph
Zohar. 2003. ISBN 9780470849668                 Images in Psychiatry: Poland. Editors:          Ecology, Psychiatry and Mental Health
                                                Adam Bilikiewicz and Janusz Rybakowski.         – Idee in Psichiatria
Personality Disorders. Editors: Mario Maj,      Published by Via Medica, Gdansk 2002.
Hagop S. Akiskal, and Juan E. Mezzich.                                                          Intellectual Disability – Journal of
                                                ISBN 8372583374
2005. ISBN 9780470090367                                                                        Intellectual Disability Research
                                                Images of Psychiatry: Romania. Editors:
Phobias. Editors: Mario Maj, Hagop S.                                                           Mental Health Economics – Journal of
                                                Eliot Sorel and Dan Prelipceanu. Published
Akiskal, Juan José López-Ibor, and Ahmed                                                        Mental Health Policy and Economics
                                                by InfoMedica, Bucharest 2004.
Okasha. 2004. ISBN 9780470858332
                                                Images of Spanish Psychiatry. Editors: Juan     Personality Disorders – Personality and
Schizophrenia, 2nd Edition. Editors: Mario      José López-Ibor, Carmen Leal Cercós and         Mental Health
Maj and Norman Sartorius. 2003. ISBN            Carlos Carbonnell Masiá. Editorial Glosa
9780470849644                                                                                   Transcultural Psychiary – Transcultural
                                                2004. ISBN 847429200X
Somatoform Disorders. Editors: Mario Maj,                                                       Psychiatry
                                                Images in Psychiatry: German Speaking
Hagop S. Akiskal, Juan E. Mezzich, and
                                                Countries, Austria; Germany; Switzerland.       Women’s Mental Health – Archives of
Ahmed Okasha. 2005. ISBN 9780470016121
                                                Editors: Eugen M. Wolpert. Konrad Maurer,       Women‘s Mental Health
The Mental Health of Children and               Aicha Hind Rifai, Ernst Ulrich Vorbach,
Adolescents: An area of global neglect.         and Martin Hambrecht. Published by
                                                This information on WPA Publications was updated in June 2010.
 Official Quarterly News Bulletin of WPA

 June 2010

WPA Executive Committee              WPA Board (Zonal Representatives)                                                  The World Psychiatric Association (WPA)
President:                           Z1 Canada:                               Z10 Eastern Europe:
Prof. Mario Maj (Italy)              Prof. Raymond Tempier (Canada)           Prof. Armen Soghoyan (Armenia)            The WPA is an association of national psychi-
President-Elect:                     Z2 United States of America:             Z11 Northern Africa:                      atric societies aimed to increase knowledge and
Prof. Pedro Ruiz (USA)               Prof. Michelle B. Riba (USA)             Prof. Driss Moussaoui (Morocco)           skills necessary for work in the field of mental
                                     Z3 Mexico, Central America and the       Z12 Middle East:
Secretary General:                   Caribbean:                                                                         health and the care for the mentally ill. Its
                                                                              Prof. Charles Baddoura (Lebanon)
Prof. Levent Küey (Turkey)           Dr. Mauricio Sanchez (Nicaragua)                                                   member societies are presently 135, spanning
                                                                              Z13 Central and Western Africa:
Secretary for Education:             Z4 Northern South America:               Dr. Joseph Adeyemi (Nigeria)              117 different countries and representing more
Prof. Allan Tasman (USA)             Dr. Fabrizio Delgado (Ecuador)           Z14 Eastern and Southern Africa:          than 200,000 psychiatrists.
                                     Z5 Southern South America:
Secretary for Finances:                                                       Prof. Solomon Rataemane (South Africa)
                                     Dr. Luis Risco (Chile)
Prof. Tsuyoshi Akiyama (Japan)                                                Z15 Central and Western Asia:             The WPA organizes the World Congress of
                                     Z6 Western Europe:
                                                                              Dr. S. Ahmad Jalili (Iran)                Psychiatry every three years. It also organ-
Secretary for Meetings:              Prof. Linda Gask (UK)
Prof. Tarek Okasha (Egypt)                                                    Z16 Southern Asia:
                                     Z7 Northern Europe:                                                                izes international and regional congresses and
                                     Dr. Henrik Wahlberg (Finland)            Dr. E. Mohandas (India)
Secretary for Publications:                                                   Z17 Eastern Asia:                         meetings, and thematic conferences. It has
Prof. Helen Herrman (Australia)      Z8 Southern Europe:
                                                                              Prof. Naotaka Shinfuku (Japan)            65 scientific sections, aimed to disseminate
                                     Prof. Miguel Roca Bennasar (Spain)
Secretary for Sections:              Z9 Central Europe:                       Z18 Australasia and the South Pacific:     information and promote collaborative work in
Prof. Miguel R. Jorge (Brazil)       Prof. Dusica Lecic-Tosevski (Serbia)     Dr. Julian Freidin (Australia)            specific domains of psychiatry. It has produced
                                                                                                                        several educational programmes and series
                                                                                                                        of books. It has developed ethical guidelines
WPA Council                                                                                                             for psychiatric practice, including the Madrid
Prof. E. Peter Berner (France)       Prof. Juan J. López-Ibor (Spain)          Prof. Norman Sartorius (Switzerland)
                                                                                                                        Declaration (1996).
Prof. Jorge A. Costa e Silva (USA)   Prof. Juan E. Mezzich (USA)               Prof. Fini M. Schulsinger (Denmark)
Prof. John Cox (UK)                  Prof. Ahmed Okasha (Egypt)                Prof. Costas Stefanis (Greece)
Prof. Felice Lieh-Mak (China)        Prof. Pierre Pichot (France)              Prof. Sam Tyano (Israel)

WPA Standing and Operational         Standing Committee on Review               Operational Committee on Meetings
Committees                           Ahmed Okasha (Chair)                       Tarek Okasha (Chair)
Standing Committee on Ethics         Donna Stewart (Co-chair)                   Wolfgang Gaebel (Co-chair)
Sam Tyano (Chair)                    Oye Gureje (Member)                        Haroon Chaudhry (Member)
                                                                                Rodrigo Cordoba (Member)
Paul Appelbaum (Member)              Otto Steenfeldt-Foss (Member)              Alberto Monchablon (Member)
Julio Arboleda-Florez (Member)       Nada Stotland (Member)                     Jiri Raboch (Consultant)
Afzal Javed (Member)                 Driss Moussaoui (Consultant)               Fouad Antoun (Consultant) (Deceased)
Constantin Soldatos (Member)         Norman Sartorius (Consultant)
                                                                                Operational Committee on Publications
Standing Committee on Nominations    Operational Committee on Education         Helen Herrman (Chair)
Mario Maj (Chair)                    Allan Tasman (Chair)                                                               What are its Aims?
                                                                                Helen Chiu (Member)
Tsuyoshi Akiyama (Member)            Jerald Kay (Member)                        Jair Mari (Member)
Sheila Hollins (Member)              Anne Lindhardt (Member)                    Christopher Szabo (Member)              The core missions of WPA include the
Fred Kigozi (Member)                 Dan Stein (Member)                         Peter Tyrer (Member)                    following:
Fernando Lolas (Member)              Pichet Udomratn (Member)                   Christian Kieling (Consultant)
                                     Bulent Coskun (Consultant)                 Vikram Patel (Consultant)
                                                                                Garry Walter (Consultant)               • To encourage the highest possible stand-
Standing Committee on Planning       Savita Malhotra (Consultant)
Pedro Ruiz (Chair)                   Brian Martindale (Consultant)              Michelle Riba (Special Adviser)           ards of clinical practice
Levent Kuey (Co-chair)                                                          Driss Moussaoui (Special Adviser)       • To increase knowledge and skills about
Helen Herrman (Member)               Operational Committee on Finances          Operational Committee on Sections         mental disorders and how they can be
Juan Mezzich (Member)                Tsuyoshi Akiyama (Chair)                   Miguel Jorge (Chair)
Tarek Okasha (Member)                Florence Baingana (Member)                                                           prevented and treated
                                                                                Michaela Amering (Member)
Edgard Belfort (Consultant)          Francois Ferrero (Member)                  Luis Salvador-Carulla (Member)          • To promote mental health
Tania Peon Valdes (Consultant)       Marianne Kastrup (Member)                  Russell D’Souza (Member)                • To promote the highest possible ethical
Parameshvara Deva (Consultant)       Massimo Moscarelli (Member)                Ron Wintrob (Member)
                                                                                                                           standards in psychiatric work
                                                                                                                        • To disseminate knowledge about evidence-
                                                                                                                           based therapy and values based practice
WPA Secretariat                      Geneva University Psychiatric Hospital     Tel: +41 22 305 5737                    • To be a voice for the dignity and human
                                     Bâtiment Les Voirons                       Fax: +41 22 305 5735                       rights of the patients and their families, and
Ms. Anna Engstrom (Sweden)           2 Chemin du Petit Bel-Air                  Email:           to uphold the rights of psychiatrists
                                     1225 Chêne-Bourg                                                                   • To facilitate communication and assistance
Deputy Adminstrator                  GENEVA                                                                                especially to societies who are isolated
Ms. Pamela Atiase (Switzerland)      Switzerland                                WEBSITE: WWW.WPANET.ORG                    or whose members work in impoverished

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