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Swarovski is pleased to present a scintillating product portfolio to the Indian
market. Swarovski - the world leader in high-quality, precision-cut crystal -
strengthens its position as creative partners of choice for decorative lighting
solutions: With their culture of long-term business partnerships and specially
selected lighting and interiors stores, Swarovski provides sparkling inspiration
for architects, lighting and interior designers, as well as for discerning customers
in India and around the globe.

Two leading brands working in synergy
Swarovski brings two world-class brands – each with their own unique identity and
heritage – together under one roof. Swarovski, the designer’s choice for cut crystal since
it was founded by the Bohemian inventor Daniel Swarovski in 1895, is a global family-
owned business based in Wattens/Austria that manufactures the finest loose crystals as
well as creating design-driven finished products. Schonbek, founded in 1870 by
Bohemian Adolf Schonbek and wholly owned by Swarovski since 2007, is known for its
exquisite chandeliers. Today based in Plattsburgh/New York, Schonbek is the world
leading crystal lighting manufacturer with a long tradition of innovation, craftsmanship
and highest commitment to product quality.

Recognized as premium brands for standout lighting, luminaires and architectural
solutions, Swarovski and Schonbek bring a dazzling product range to India, destined to
illuminate and captivate its audience. The two brands are represented by a global
network of specialist lighting and interior retailers, all carefully chosen because of the
emphasis they place on superior quality, service and professional training for staff.

Lighting products radiate beauty and brilliance
Swarovski provides a broad and luxurious lighting portfolio of contemporary luminaires
and unique pieces created by leading international design talents. Schonbek is
renowned for creating ornate chandeliers that pay homage to rich traditions. Whatever
the style, each design radiates joie de vivre and becomes an individual design
statement through the judicious interplay of space, light and crystal.

The two brands, Swarovski and Schonbek, are also famous for their focus on customer
service, and can offer intensive support through all stages of architectural projects, from
consultation and sourcing to design and implementation.

Exclusive cooperation with Swarovski Authorized Lighting Partners
Scintillating Swarovski luminaires, lighting systems and designs from the Swarovski
Crystal Palace Collection are available in Swarovski Authorized Lighting Partner stores
in India. These specialist dealers and showrooms are selected to ensure that they
reflect the exacting standards of quality and service offered by Swarovski.
More information, plus a shopfinder, is provided on
The multifaceted Swarovski product range includes:

Octa – blending beauty and geometry
Intricate crystalline refractions and shadow-free illumination characterise the lighting
effects offered by the Octa, an asymmetric, contemporary luminaires that, as its name
suggests, takes the form of an octahedron. The eight crystal facets are cleverly
arranged to maximize reflection, transparency and brilliance, and the unique geometric
shape exudes a sleek, pared-back charm. Part of the Crystal Plato range, the distinctive
Octa gives out a warm halogen light and is available as pendant and ceiling recessed
luminaire. This 35W pendant works well above tables and bars.

Madison – elegance for prestigious spaces
Madison, with its stepped pyramid crystal format, minimum number of facets and clear
lines, is the guarantee of “less is more” elegance and big effect. The 25 cut facets, is
both impressive and eye catching. This luminaire is designed for use in well frequented
living spaces. A contemporary take on classic style, it works equally well in modern and
neo-classical interiors. The precision-cut crystal components in the halogen wall-
mounted version conjure fascinating light reflections and refractions, while the bold
crystal element in the LED pendant luminaire make this a decorative interior object in its
own right, as well as an optimal source of illumination above tables and bars. LED
technology convert electricity straight into light, are long-life, low maintenance, safe and
very low on energy use.

Circle – unrivalled brilliance
The Circle places pure precision-cut crystals with integrated LEDs on a stainless steel
frame to form a sparkling circle of light. Available in three different diameters which
together make up the Crystal Fame family, this elegant luminaire is a guaranteed eye-
catcher for public spaces. Highly contemporary in design, the Circle emits a magical
light, is height adjustable and is ideally suited to rooms that are 3m (9,8 ft) high or more.

Verve – light-filled and colorful
Verve, part of the Crystal Glance range, is an ingenious, decorative luminaire that
connects together crystal prisms within a tubular surround. The length of each fixture
depends on the number of prisms used: the wall-mounted luminaires use two, six or
eight rows. High voltage halogen casts a warm, pleasing light that refracts within the
crystal prisms, drawing out rainbow colors from each facet. Predominantly designed for
prestigious private residences, the wall luminaire can be mounted horizontally or
vertically to give off spectacular light reflections

Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection: Sparkle Shady by Jaime Hayón
A dazzling interplay of solidity and mutability, Sparkle Shady by design supremo Jaime
Hayón features a series of light shades covered in a textile and Swarovski crystal ‘skin.’
The shades’ appearance can be altered using the twinkling interchangeable skirts,
creating an ever-engaging, living installation. Formerly of Fabbrica, Hayón’s eclectic
projects include toys, furniture, interior design and installations.

Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection: Blossom by Tord Boontje
Blossom, a twisted bejewelled branch inspired by the natural world and the emotional
associations of Swarovski crystal, is a signature Tord Boontje work, effortlessly mixing
handicraft, folk and technological traditions. The world-famous founder of Studio Boontje
trained in industrial design at the Design Academy, Eindhoven and the Royal College of
Art, London. His work draws on the belief that modernism need not mean minimalism.
The breathtaking Schonbek product range includes:

Sophia, a cast chandelier imbued with the spirit of the 18 century, is entirely supported
by its rococo cast framework. Every element, from candleholders and bobeches to the
tiniest connector, is also elaborately cast. Exuberant leafy and floral motifs and lattice-
like patterns are etched and incised in great detail throughout the castings. Sophia is
offered in several choices of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS effects, including Silver Shade,
Golden Shadow and Golden Teak, as well as clear crystal.

Jasmine is a crystal chandelier cut from giant blocks of rare, flawless, optic crystal,
characterized by smooth surfaces and razor-sharp faceting. The massive centerpiece is
highly refined, with large angular planes that produce expansive rainbows of spectral
light. The bobeches are created from complementary oversized faceted crystal. While
Jasmine echoes the basic shape of a classic chandelier, all extraneous embellishment
has been avoided: the simple design allows the beauty of the crystal to shine out.

Refrax™ Wave
The Refrax™ Wave, as its name suggests, resembles an enormous wave of light. Its
complex geometric shape is made possible by the use of a new kind of dense crystal
curtain. Part of Schonbek’s Geometrix collection, this modern chandelier creates lighting
spaces that are both minimalist and dazzling all at the same time. Refrax™ is MADE
In 1895, Daniel Swarovski, a Bohemian inventor and visionary, moved to the village of
Wattens, Tyrol in Austria, with his newly-invented machine for cutting and polishing
crystal jewellery stones. From this beginning that revolutionised the fashion world,
Swarovski has grown to be the world’s leading producer of precision-cut crystal for
fashion, jewellery and more recently lighting, architecture and interiors. Today, the
Swarovski group, still family-owned and run by 4th and 5th generation family members,
has a global reach with some 24,800 employees, a presence in over 120 countries and
a turnover in 2009 of 2.25 billion Euros. Swarovski comprises two major businesses,
one producing and selling loose elements to the industry and the other creating design-
driven finished products. Swarovski crystals have become an essential ingredient of
international design. Since 1965 the company has also catered to the fine jewellery
industry with precision-cut genuine and created gemstones. Showing the creativity that
lies at the heart of the company, Swarovski’s own brand lines of accessories, jewellery
and home décor items are sold through more than 1,800 retail outlets worldwide. The
Swarovski Crystal Society has close to 350,000 members across the world, keen
collectors of the celebrated crystal figurines. And in Wattens, Swarovski Kristallwelten,
the multi-media crystal museum, was opened in 1995 as a celebration of Swarovski’s
universe of innovation and inspiration. The Swarovski group also includes Tyrolit®,
manufacturing grinding tools, Swareflex, for road safety reflectors, Schonbek, the largest
manufacturer of crystal chandeliers in North America and Swarovski Optik, producing
precision optical instruments.

For further information and PR material, please contact:
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Swarovski International PR
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