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             Cell Phones, Text Messages and Accidents
  It is just me or is there more        person who drives any vehicle in          likely to crash.
traffic accidents occurring here in     willful or wanton disregard for the       In fact, in a
New Tampa? Every day I see              safety of persons or property is          controlled test
more and more fender benders and        guilty of reckless driving.”              using drivers
sometimes, more serious car                A recent study demonstrated that       who had been
crashes. I also have noticed more       talking on your cell phone while          drinking and
people talking on their cell phones;    driving is just as dangerous as           drivers who
texting friends or tweeting while       driving while intoxicated. That           were talking on
driving. Usually, the person en-        would certainly fit the definition of     their cell phones, the drinking
gaged in one or more of those acts      “willful or wanton disregard for the      drivers were better overall drivers.
while driving is driving 10 to 20       safety of persons.”                       That does not mean that you should
miles below the speed limit, weav-         The study, published in the June       drink and drive. What it does mean
ing within a single lane; or driving    29 issue of Human Factors: The            is that your cell phone usage is far
erratically in some other fashion       Journal of the Human Factors and          more lethal than you probably
such as speeding up and slowing         Ergonomics Society, found that            realize.
down for no apparent reason.            drivers talking on cell phones, either       What the study should do is make
  I am surprised that more people       handheld or hands-free, are more          you ask this question: Is any cell
are not ticketed for reckless driving   likely to crash because they are          phone conversation or texted
for engaging in one or more of          distracted by conversation.               message as important as your
those activities while driving.         Researchers found that the drivers        safety or the safety of other drivers?
Reckless driving is defined in          on cell phones drove more slowly,            For information, call Nancy
Florida Statute 316.192 as “Any         braked more slowly and were more          Mitchell at 907-7717.


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