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Opening minutes…


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									                                                       Volume 23, Issue 2                            June 4, 2007

                                                            Rotary Club of Point West - Sacramento, CA
                                                                Service above self

                                                         Bud’s Pub!

                                                                             23rd Term                 December 5, 2007

The Objectives of                  Opening minutes…..
Rotary International:

 The development of ac-
                                                       Bud “I’m
   quaintance as an opportu-
   nity for service.                                   Sooooooooooooo
                                                       Excited” Acker-
 High ethical standards in                           man rang in the
   business and professions;       20th meeting of the 23rd term of the
   the recognition of the wor-
                                   Rotary Club of Point West, Sacra-                                          Lawrence Olson once more
   thiness of all useful occu-                                                                                was beaten up by President
   pations, and the dignifying     mento, on a splendid Friday morn-
                                   ing at the Red Lion. Kudos to Bud                                          Bud for having recom-
   of each Rotarian’s occupa-
                                   who ordered the Sergeant at Arms                                           mended an employee of his
   tion as an opportunity to
   serve society.                  to fine everyone in the chow line a                                        for the GSE program
                                   buck for being late; it looked like                                        through another Rotary
 The application of the ideal                                                                               chapter last October – but
   of service in each Rotar-       Bea Arthur even strong armed our
                                   speaker James Scott for a fine.                                            hey – no hard feelings -
   ian’s personal, business
                                   Welcome to Point West, James!!
                                                                           Shameless Commerce                 Lawrence announced that
   and community life.
                                   Art Dorl led the assembly in the            Department                     his business – Pavilion,
 The advancement of inter-                                                                                  located at 2334 Fair Oaks
   national understanding,
                                   Pledge and Guy Heilman con-            If you want your car washed
                                   ducted a heartfelt version of ―God                                         Boulevard in Sacramento,
   goodwill, and peace                                                    RIGHT, head to Pavilion Car         was voted the Best Car
   through a world fellowship      Bless America.‖ Our invocator was
                                   Lawrence OIson, whose prayer
                                                                             Wash at 2334 Fair Oaks           Wash in Sacramento by
   of business and profes-
   sional persons                  started off straight, heartfelt and     Boulevard in Sacramento!!          Sacramento Magazine.
   united in the                   sincere, then modestly veered into     Voted BEST by Sacramento            Lawrence presented every-
   ideal of ser-                                                                                              one in the room a certificate
                                   humor about Mr. Excitement. Well               Magazine!!                  for a FREE exterior car
                                   done, you had to be there!
                                                                            thanks for the free car wash,     wash!! Ah, Lawrence, no
                                                                                    Lawrence!!                good deed ever goes unpun-
Inside this
                                        New Member!!!!!                                                       ished, more on this to come!

  Speaker—James Scott          2                   Past President          President Bud – Tom is a slow
  Exchange Student             2                   Tom Knox read           bicyclist, a bad fisherman and           Head Table
                                                   in new member           an even worse golfer. Mike
  PWR Election                 2                                                                              The Head Table consisted
                                                   Tom Johnson.            Cendro presented Tom with the
                                                                                                              of Rob Angell, Chris
  Classified Ad Dept.          2    Tom Johnson is a neighbor of           requisite Rotary in a Bag, and
                                                                                                              Huessman, Carol Van
  12 Days of Christmas         3    President Bud and unlike Bud is        President Bud gave Tom a Ro-
                                                                                                              Bruggen, and our guest
                                    good looking and intelligent.          tary Shares pin. Welcome,
  RI Foundation                3                                                                              speaker James Scott .
                                    He married his bride Marie in          Tom!!
  Sightseers                   3    Reno and they have four chil-
  Upcoming 2 x 2’s             4
                                    dren. Tom is yet another attor-
                                    ney to join PWR. He shares
  Announcements, etc.          4    many things in common with
                Bud’s Pub!
                    Speaker—James Scott                                                       Board Elections!
                    Carol Van Brug-       the last stop, the last house on the block
                    gen introduced        to find an opportunity to ensure no stu-       Past President Doug Weill an-
                    our guest speaker     dent is left behind.                           nounced that elections will be held at
                    James Scott.          We believe in a place in our community
                                                                                         our meeting next week, December
                                          for all youth, the gifted in our society,
                                          that gives them an advantage in our            7th. Candidates are:
James Scott is Founder and CEO of
Juveniles at Risk in Sacramento. Af-      world, and we will work tirelessly to
                                          create that place. We have proven our          For President Elect Elect — G. Al
ter being voted ―Most likely to suc-
                                          ability to succeed; our efforts and meth-      Howenstein;
ceed‖ in high school James got off
track and spent ten years in drugs and    ods have been proven highly effective to
alcohol. After many attempts to get       this point. We are asking those individu-      and for Board:
clean he finally succeed at Altua Vil-    als and organizations concerned about               Pam Lapinski,
lage and has been clean for fifteen       the at-risk youth in our community to               Del Countess,
years. Between 1992 and 1999 Greg         help us raise funds                                 Maria O’Neil,
worked full time and also sponsored/      so that we can
                                          realize our vi-
                                                                                              Rich Price,
mentored over 800 young men. In                                                               Jennifer Curtsinger,
2002 Greg founded Juveniles at Risk       sion."
                                          It was a fascinat-                                  Craig Evans,
(JAR), and has assisted students in                                                           John Valentine, and
acquiring their GED. Included in the      ing talk from a
                                          man who is work-                                    Mike Cendro.
curriculum is his own version of the
Twelve Step Program to help students      ing valiantly to change the world; Presi-
address their alcohol and drug issues.    dent Bud did not present our speaker           If you are unable to attend this
His goal is to help students with their   with a bottle of Madrona wine – good           December 7th meeting, you can vote
emotional awareness, education, and       move Bud.                                      via absentee ballot (1 vote for Presi-
ability to get and keep a job.                                                           dent and four for Board). Contact
Juveniles at Risk Mission State-                                                         Doug this week by email:
ment:                                                                                    Bigweill@sbcglobal.net
"At Juveniles At Risk our mission is
saving the lives of poor, drug and al-
cohol addicted, emotionally unbal-
anced youth; specifically those high
school and foster youth students that
are emotionally, physically, or sexu-
ally abused or become dropouts,
homeless, or gang members. This is

Exchange Student Presentation!!!!                                                            Classified Ad Dept.
                    Chris Huessman                                                             Wanted: PW Rotary of Sacramento
                    provided a fascinat-         can get around easily on
                                                                                               Male and/or Female member for
                    ing insight into his         bikes, with an excellent
                                                                                               Part Time Employment. Unbeliev-
                    home town of                 economy.                                      able Benefits. Few Hours. Flexible
                    Lingen, Germany.             Chris participates at home in a church        hours. Rotary Youth Exchange
Chris let everyone know it is a small            youth group, where they meet in the           looking for outstanding personnel
town with a population of only 55,000.           basement and occasionally adult bever-        to assist Rob Angell on a part time
He has a wonderful family, they love to          ages are consumed (the Germans take a         basis. Excellent leader who can use
bike ride, have done rides of up to 450          different view of these things). His          the help. Opportunity to meet and
                                                 village celebrates an event that took         interact with foreign students (like
miles. Chris developed an interest in                                                          Christopher). Duties are varied
RYE because his family hosted exchange           place in the fourteenth century and cul-
                                                 minated in the liberation of the village,     and flexible. The real gift you re-
students from overseas. His school’s                                                           ceive is working with these young
garage has room for 800 bicycles and             and the liberation included four tons of
                                                                                               people. Contact Rob Angell at :
only 20 cars. Because it is such a small         beer (not making this up).
                                                                                                          488 2255
town, everyone
    Page 2
                    Volume 23, Issue 20
                                                                                                     RI Foundation
         Cost of the 12 Days of Christmas Up 4.1%
                                                                                                               Past President Larry
                                                                                                               Suddjian gave a report
                           Every year since 1984, the clever folks at PNC Wealth Man-                          on the RI Foundation;
                           agement figure out just how much it would cost to present                           we closed the month
                           one's true love with the items mentioned in the song The
                                                                                                               with $11,000 in contri-
                           Twelve Days of Christmas. While the list is intended to be
                                                                                            butions from PWR members; and the as-
                           humorous, PNC claims the tally does mirror actual eco-
                                                                                            tounding news that the Gates Foundation
                           nomic trends.
                                                                                            has awarded the Rotary Foundation a
                           This year's grand total, from a partridge in a pear tree to 12   challenge grant of One Hundred Million
                           drummers drumming, purchased repeatedly as indicated in          Dollars, which Rotary will match, dollar
                           the song, is $78,100. The total for those 364 items is up 4%
                                                                                            for dollar, over three years. This is the
                           from last year. If you choose to shop online, the price is
                                                                                            largest single grant ever given to a volun-
                           quite a bit more - $128,886.
                                                                                            teer service organization and represents a
                           The hike in minimum wage is to blame for some of the in-
                                                                                            tremendous validation of the approach
                           crease over last year. Those eight maids a milking now fetch     and success of our PolioPlus program.
                           $47 compared to $41 last year. That only seems fair since        The initial $100 million will be distrib-
                           the ladies haven't had a wage increase since 1997. Higher
                                                                                            uted by The Rotary Foundation through
food and gold costs are also reflected in the increased total. But not every item has
                                                                                            grants to the World Health Organization
gone up over last year. The cost for partridges, turtle doves and French hens has re-
                                                                                            and UNICEF in direct support of polio
mained steady over the past year as have swans and ladies dancing.
                                                                                            immunization activities in 2008.

                Save the date…..                                                                  Sightseers…...
                                                                                            Our guests Ed Bach and Joanne Hel-
MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!                                                                        gaarn from Rotary chapters back in Ce-
December 20-21st       Salvation Army              December “bundle of joy”…                dar Rapids, Iowa; Dan and Deborah
                       bell ringing &                     16—John Lindow                    Johnson, who are hosting Chris Huess-
                       food distribution                                                    man at their home; Chris Huessman
                                                          21—Thomas Davis
                       John Valentine                                                       himself, our RYE student; soon-to-be-Red
                                                          26—Tom Knox                       Badged Tom John-
April 26, 2008         Festa di Vino                      28—Richard Oliver                 son; David Eastiss
                       Pam Lapinski                                                         from the UC Davis
                       Mary Lyn Kagan                                                       Med Center; Mike
                                                                                            Grandinetti (JAR),
June 15—18, 2008 RI Convention, LA
                                                                                            Bob Willett’s friend
                 Roger Gaskin
                                                                                            of forty years, although I have to say in
September 20, 2008 Brewfest                                                                 all candor he looks considerably younger
                   Tim Armstrong                                                            than Bob; Sherri Sabata, PWR Ambas-
                                                                                            sadorial Scholar; and Rabbi David
                                                                                            Wechsler-Azen, guest of Pam Lapinski.
        Board Members, etc.!
                 President                 23rd Term Board                      Sergeant-atArms
              Bud Ackerman                  Bud Ackerman                        Trish Harrington               Editors:
              President-Elect                 Candy Dahl                    RI Foundation Chairman
                                                                                                                 John Valentine
             Charlene Drabant                 Robert Ellis                       Larry Suddjian                  Mary Lyn Kagan
      Immediate Past President                Dick Oliver                  PWR Foundation Chairman
                Doug Weill                   Scott Graham                         Keith Tronson
                 Treasurer                  John DiGiusto               Speakers, Greeters & Invocators
              Jamie Williams                 Dan Haverty             Dick Prater; Russ Fujii & Dick Goodell

                 Secretary                     Dan Hall                           Membership
             Jennifer Curtsinger           Robert Willett, Jr.       Mike Cendro, Mark Copeland, Dave Garese
    Page 3                                                                        & Jack Kasper
               Rotary Club of Point West - Sacramento, CA

                                            Upcoming Speaker, Invocator, Greeters,               Missed a Meeting? Make it up…...
      Rotary Club of Point West -           Tickets & Cashiers:                                  MONDAY
            Sacramento CA                                                                        11:30—S. Sac Casa De Los Ninos
                                            December 7, 2007—                                    Noon—Oroville Depot Restaurant
 District 5180 - Club Number 22656                                                               Noon—Citrus Heights CH Comm Ctr
                                            Speaker—Marshall Sperbeck
            P.O. Box 15006                                                                       Noon—Foothill Highlands Lionsgate
                                              Sac State College Head Football Coach                     Hotel—McClelland Park
    Sacramento, CA 95851-0006
                                            Invocator—Dick Oliver                                Noon—Walnut Grove Wimpy’s Rest.
                                                                                                 Noon—Radison, Sacramento Club
                                            Greeter—Jeff Milde                                   6:45—Fair Oaks F.O. Comm. Clubhouse
                                            Ticket Taker—Takes Money Home—                       TUESDAY
                                                                                                 7:00a—Mather/Perkins Mills Station
                                                     Richard Price                                     Community Hall
                                            Money—Bob Porter                                     7:00a—Oroville-Sunrise Depot Rest.
                                                                                                 7:00a—Sacto Breakfast, Ganul’s J St
                                            December 14, 2007—                                   7:00a—Sutter Buttes Bonanza Conv. Ctr
                                                                                                 Noon—Arden Arcade Chateau Rest.
                                            Speaker—Christmas Promise                            Noon—Rancho Cordova Elks Lodge
                                            Invocator— Ray Benetti                               Noon—Roseville Sierra View CC
                                                                                                  6:30p—Carmichael Café Capri Rest
                                            Greeter—Dave Randolph                                WEDNESDAY
                                            Ticket Taker—Takes Money Home—                       7:15a—Natomas Xcaret Rest
                                                                                                 7:15a—Laguna/Elk Grove
                                                     Jeff Milde
     Service Before Self                                                                                  Valley Hi Country Club
                                            Money—Richard Price                                  7:15a—El Dorado Hills EDH
       Check out the Web                                                                                  Comm. Svc. Pavillion
    www.pointwestrotary.com                         Gino’sRaffle:                                         Whitney Country Club
                                            Lawrence Olson (did we say yet that                  Noon—E. Sac Zigatos Rest.
                                            his business – Pavilion, located at                  Noon—E.G. Vince’s Rest.
Interesting fact Department:                2334 Fair Oaks Boulevard in Sacramento,              Noon—N. Sac Double Tree Hot.
John Caselli ran the CIM                    was voted the Best Car Wash in Sacramento            5:30p—Midtown Harlow’s Rest.
Marathon Sunday Dec 1. Go                   by Sacramento Magazine was fittingly the             THURSDAY
John!!!!                                    winner of Gino’s Raffle with $54 Simoleons.          7:00a—Roseville Sunrise Carrow’s
                                                                                                 7:00a—Folsom 718 Sutter St, Ste. 200
Hear ye, Hear ye… Announcements                                                                  12:15p– Sac. Cathedral Hall
                                                                                                           1017 11th St. Sacramento
 Pam Lapinski - gave a Festa update:            Salvation Army: Don Delach distrib-            7:00p—Folsom Lew Howard Park
  ―Mary Lyn Kagan and I talked and we feel        uted signup sheets for bell ringing Friday     FRIDAY
                                                                                                 7:00p—Orangevale La Placita Rest.
  that we are on track and don't need a meet-     December 21 at Arden Fair; we need 42
                                                                                                 12:15p—Granite Bay
  ing in December, given everyone's busy          Rotarians to help, this is a great activity,   Piatti’s
  schedule. However, we want to let you           particularly for those new to the club.
  know that we are available at any time for      John Valentine announced signups for
  a consult, individually or with your com-       the food basket distribution at Cal Expo            2x2 Schedule
  mittee. We are also available for a drink       Saturday the 22nd, and also encouraged the
  anytime :) Our next meetings will be Janu-      members to bring unwrapped toys to our           Dec. 14, 2007 Joannie Mather and
  ary 10 and 24. We are partnering with the       next two meetings for distribution through       Charlene Drabant
  B Street Theater School Tour!                   the Salvation Army. Don will have sign-
                                                                                                   Jan. 11, 2008— Gordon Gerwig
 Lou Fifer - we gave three units, Down-          ups at the registration table the next two
                                                  meetings if you did not get a chance to sign     and Carol Van Bruggen
  town three, we are ahead 66-63. It’s the
  holidays – give blood, it’s the gift of life.   up!

        Upcoming PWR Board and Committee Meetings                                                       Meetings (cont)
Brewfest Committee:      PWR Foundation:       RI Foundation:           RYE:
  Done 4 now!             Thur., Dec. 20th      TBA                     Wed., Dec. 19th      Public Relations:         PWR—BOARD
                          7:00a—8:30a                                   6:00p—7:30p           TBA                        Tue. Dec. 4th
                          Harrold Ford (Howe) Festa di Vino:            Clarion Hotel                                    7:00—8:30a
                                                 Jan. 10th               Auburn & Fulton                                 AT&T Bldg.
Sweetwater Proj:         Benevolent Giving:      5:45—7:00p                                                              2700 Watt Ave
 TBA                      Wed. Dec. 19th         TBA                                                                    (north entrance)
                           555 University Ave. RYL Awards:
                           Conference Center    TBA

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