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					T H E   V O L U N T E E R   C E N T E R ,    W H E R E   V O L U N T E E R S   A N D   N O N P R O F I T   O R G A N I Z AT I O N S        C O N N E C T.

Fall 2007
Volume 2
Issue 1            center                                                      of the
                                                                               East Bay

Student Volunteers
Receive President’s
In September, over 70 student
members of the Volunteer Center’s
Youth Action Council (YAC) received
the President’s Volunteer Service
Award. The Presidential award is
designed to recognize volunteers who
have made a sustained commitment
to volunteer service. To qualify for the
award, each of our student volunteers
contributed at least 00 hours of
volunteer service in a 2 month period.
This year, Brian Louie received his fifth
President’s award for his volunteer
service. A senior at Monte Vista High
School, Brian began volunteering with
YAC in the seventh grade. He is has
the longest tenure with YAC and is the
student president of the program.
                                                                                                                     Patricia Weaver, Kay Schroeder and Jan Rayl
“He’s matured a lot over the past
five years,” says YAC Program Director,              RSVP—An Invitation to Serve
Joan Tomasini. “It’s been fun to see him             The Volunteer Center is starting its 3rd year as sponsor of the RSVP program. RSVP is
grow from a shy boy into a leader who                a well established program of the National Senior Service Corps, it provides people
is great at getting other teens involved             55 years and better the opportunity to apply their life experience to volunteer jobs
in volunteering.”                                    designed to meet community needs.
“He’s kind of a silent leader, but                   For Patricia Weaver, our Volunteer Coordinator, it’s a little bit like being a
kids listen when he starts talking,”                 matchmaker except her match is a volunteer with a volunteer opportunity. During
Joan says.                                           interviews Patricia is able to find out what is of interest to the volunteer and then she
Brain had a desire to help out the                   checks her “little black book” for a perfect match. With over 75 opportunities she’s
community for a long time and found                  sure to find a good match. There are over 700 such programs in the country serving
the YAC program through a friend.                    non-profit agencies of all types.
It has made a large impact on his life.              Most of our new volunteers come as referrals from their friends and family. If you
                                                     know someone who is interested in volunteering have them give Patricia a call at
                       continued on page 4           925-472-5769 and she’ll find them a perfect match. >

                                                                                                                                              Fall 2007       
Week of Caring:
September 2007
                                             Make a Difference
This month, thousands of local               in Three Easy Steps
employees donated their time
and efforts to Bay Area nonprofit
                                                                First go to
organizations through United Way
of the Bay Area’s Wewek of Caring
program. During this Week of Caring,
volunteers painted domestic violence
                                                                            On the upper right side of
                                                                            the page, click where it
counseling centers, distributed
                                                                            says, “Sign up–It’s Free!”
food to families in need, and helped
disadvantaged job seekers select new
clothes for job interviews.                                                On the next page, select
                                                                           Group ID and enter the
Our Volunteer Center is a key partner
                                                                           Volunteer Center’s Group ID,
in this program. Our role is to collect
                                                                           which is 3481380. Then click
the projects from the nonprofits that
                                                                           on “Search.”
need help and match their projects
to the corporate volunteer groups.           Easy Way to Donate
Companies participating in Week of
                                             Raising money through eScrip is an easy way to contribute to the Volunteer Center.
Caring 2007 included: Chevron, Wells         Local eScrip merchants including Safeway, Macy’s, Office Max and Big 5 will
Fargo, The Dow Chemical Company              contribute up to 8% of the purchases you make to the Volunteer Center at no cost
and Enterprise-Rent-A-Car. >                 to you! >

                                                          T h e V O L U N T e e R C e N T e R O f T h e e a s T B ay
    We like to recognize                                                 2007 BOaRD ROsTeR
    our major supporters
    and partners                             Position      Name                     Position                   Organization

    Chevron                                  Chair         Robin Raber-Luna         Senior Vice President      Wells Fargo

                                             Vice-Chair    Dalen Randa              Deputy Probation Officer   Alameda County
    Contra Costa Times
    Corporation for National
                                             Treasurer     Luis Aguilar             Manager, Finance           Chevron
    and Community Service                                                           Development Program

    Dean and Margaret Lesher                 Secretary     Peter Meadow             Attorney                   Law Office
    Foundation                                                                                                 of Peter Meadow

    East Bay Foundation                      Officer       Elaine K. Lai            Business Instructor        City College of San
    Hallock Family Foundation
                                             Officer       Chris Styles             Student                    UC Davis
    Wells Fargo
                                             Officer       Debbie Nordstrom         Marketing Manager          Contra Costa Times
    United Way of the Bay Area
                                             Officer       Marlo Johnston           Employment Manager         Sutter Health

                                             Officer       Lonna Coleman            Vice President             Bank of the West

                                             Officer       Carmella Icay-Johnson    Retired                    Clorox

2     The Volunteer Center of the East Bay
Share the Spirit                                          Notes from our
expansion into                                            Executive
Alameda County                                            Director
We are pleased to announce that this year                 It’s the time of year when I am
the Share the Spirit Holiday Program will                 writing final reports for many of
be expanded to include all of Alameda                     our grants. The reports include
County. The Bay Area News Group—                          activity reported by the numbers.
East Bay, our partner in the Share the                    “The number of volunteer referrals
Spirit, now includes the Oakland Tribune,                 were up from 0,40 to 4,945 or a
Alameda Times Star, The Argus (Fremont),                  44% increase 2007 vs. 2006.” It was
Daily Review (Hayward), in addition to our                while writing one of those reports
longtime partner, the Contra Costa Times.                 recently that I sat back and reflected
Each year thousands of low-income                         on the impact of those referrals.
children and their families received food,                When I look at the types of
toys and clothing during the holidays.                    volunteer opportunities instead
Recent recipients have included the                       of the numbers I see the smile and
Child Abuse Prevention Council who                        relief of the face of the senior who
told us “Your support is, by far, the major               had their income taxes completed
contributor for our holiday effort for our                by a Tax Aide volunteer; the smile on the high school student that realizes that
families, mostly single mothers and young                 college might be a possibility at the Be A Mentor Program; the smile of a shut-in
children.” and the Perinatal Council who                  who just received their lunch and a visit from Meals on Wheels and the smile on the
said that “Without your continued support                 Annual AIDS walker as they receive a bottle of water from a volunteer. I could go on
our families holiday season would be                      and on with over 900 opportunities we have listed on our website (there I go with
dismal”.                                                  the numbers again!) but each one of them have the potential for creating a smile on
We are delighted that the program                         the face of the people being helped and the volunteer too.
will extend to Alameda and allow us to                    If you’re not volunteering and want to smile a little more go to our website
expand our outreach to Alameda County             and check it out—it may make you smile.
agencies. >                                               –Lorraine Meuleners

                                                                                                        RSVP Volunteer
                                                                                                        Recognition Events
     Donate a Car                                                                                       September is the volunteer recognition
                                                                                                        month for our Retired and Senior
     Are you thinking of selling or trading in that old car, boat or RV? Why not donate it to the
                                                                                                        Volunteer Program (RSVP). Volunteers
     Volunteer Center instead? As a charitable contribution your donation could make a big
                                                                                                        were invited to afternoon teas to honor
     difference. Go to to donate your car, truck, boat or trailer through our
                                                                                                        them for their dedication and service to
     partner, Car Program LLC. Please remember to select “The Volunteer Center of the East Bay”
                                                                                                        our community. Over the past year, RSVP
     as the charity you’d like to benefit from your donation.
                                                                                                        volunteers have volunteered over 45,000
     Or, if you prefer to speak with a representative, please feel free to call toll-free seven days    hours.
     a week at 1-800-237-5714 to start our no-hassle car donation process.
                                                                                                        “It is our honor to recognize this
                                                                                                        dedicated group who selflessly gives
                                                                                                        so much of their time to help the
                                                                                                        community, year after year.”
                                                                                                        —Jan Rayl, RSVP Program Director.

                                                                                                        This year, the Center hosted two RSVP
                                                                                                        recognition events to celebrate volunteers
                                                                                                        throughout Contra Costa County. Parties
                                                                                                        were held on Sept.  in Hercules and
                                                                                                        Sept. 20 in Clayton. >

                                                                                                                                    Fall 2007    3
The Volunteer Center of the East Bay          Volunteer Profile: Fran Osborne
240 Shadelands Drive, Suite 2
                                              Twenty years ago, Fran Osborne volunteered for
Walnut Creek, California 94598
                                              The Volunteer Center’s holiday program. Though,
T: 925.472.5760
                                              she signed up to be a seasonal volunteer, Fran hasn’t
F: 925.472.5780
                                              left yet. She worked with the Center’s Adopt-A-                               Family program for several years and became a part
                                              of the office team about  years ago.
                                              “Fran is such a thoughtful person,” says Karla
                                              McCormick, Program Director. “She is dependable,
                                              hardworking and extremely concerned with the
                                              needs of our volunteers and nonprofit agencies”
Newsletter Editor       Lorraine Meuleners
                                              Every Tuesday morning, Fran volunteers at the
Writer                  Lauren Rau
                                              Center’s front desk and serves as the first point of contact to the public. Over the
Designer                Nancy Siller Wilson   phone, e-mail or in-person, she helps potential volunteers find the right position to
                                              meet their interests and schedules.
                                              “I like what I do,” says Fran. “I like connecting people with volunteer jobs. I think
President’s Award,
                                              volunteer work is essential. There are a lot of nonprofit organizations who wouldn’t
continued from page 1
                                              be able to make it without volunteers.”
                                              Fran is currently working on a project to help our partnering nonprofits. Through
                                              her outreach efforts, the Center reconnected with 7 agencies needing volunteer
                                              help during the month of June.
                                              “Fran is extremely committed to helping local nonprofits find volunteers. In that
                                              vein, she has spent countless hours contacting agencies asking them to renew their
                                              listing,” says Karla.
                                              Yet, it is connecting with people in the community that means the most to Fran.
                                              She has many fond memories of people she’s met while volunteering at the Center.
                                              Among her memories, it is one about a woman giving back that touches her most.
“Along with growing up and                    “I remember meeting one lady who had five kids,” Fran says. “She had been helped
maturing, volunteering helped form            by the Adopt-A-Family program for five years. She got her life turned around and I
my character. I learned how to be             met her one year when she came back to the Center to volunteer for the Adopt-A-
a good volunteer from previous                Family program. She volunteered every day for two weeks.”
YAC presidents and volunteers.
I think good volunteers do it because
they want to help other people,
not just for a college application.”
Brian is an excellent example of the
300 students who participate in the                      center                of the
                                                                               East Bay
YAC program every year. We are proud                      2401 Shadelands Drive, Suite 112
to honor their service. >                                 Walnut Creek, California 94598

Support the Volunteer Center
The Volunteer Center could not
operate without the generosity of
individual donors. If you would like
to support the Volunteer Center,
you may send a contribution in
the enclosed envelope or donate
online at

4    The Volunteer Center of the East Bay

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