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					Employer                      State           Rank
U of California - Davis       Davis,CA
U of California - Riverside   Riverside, CA
                                                             Dear        Addressee      Department    Company/University        Address Line 1
                      x                      note
                                        "Domestic" in
ABT Associates, Inc, Cambridge, MA      subject field                                                ABT Associates, Inc.

Acumen LLC, Burlingame, CA                                                                           Acumen LLC

Analysis Group                                                                                       Analysis Group

Aplia                                                                                                Aplia

Bank of Canada                                                                                       Bank of Canada

Bear Measurisk                                                                                       Bear Measurisk

Bates White                                                                                          Bates White
                                                                                                     Board of Governors of
                                                        Dr.                                          the Federal Reserve
Board of Governors                                      Shewmaker      Lil Shewmaker                 System

                                                                                                     Congressional Budget
Congressional Budget Office                                                                          Office

Cornerstone Research                                                                                 Cornerstone Research

Criterion Economics                                                                                  Criterion Economics

                                                                                                     Discover Financial
Discover Financial Services                                                                          Services

Fannie Mae, Washington, DC                                                                           Fannie Mae

                                                        Ms. Wiley-     Ms. Monica                    Federal Reserve Bank
Federal R Bank of Philadelphia                          Curtis         Wiley-Curtis                  of Philadelphia

                                                                                                     Federal Reserve Bank
Federal R Bank of New York                                                                           of New York
                                        indicate 'SS-
International center for research on    Demographer-                                                 International center for
women                                   Pop-Soc' in                                                  research on women

                                                        Dr. Schmitt    Dr. Schmitt                   Joint Commettee on
Joint Commettee on Taxation                             and Dr. Harvey and Dr. Harvey                Taxation

                                                        Dr. Schmitt    Dr. Schmitt                   Joint Commettee on
Joint Commettee on Taxation                             and Dr. Harvey and Dr. Harvey                Taxation
                                                                                                                                90 Hudson
                                                        Ms. Areson    Ms. Cheryl                     Lord Abbett
                                                                                                                                Street, 12th
Lord Abbett                                                                                                                     Floor

                                                                                                     Mathematica Policy
Mathematica Policy Research                                                                          Research, Inc.

Navigant Consulting                                                                                  Navigant Consulting

Pricewaterhousecoopers                                  Ms. Parisot                                  rs LLP

                                        “Job #
                                        200604” in
                                        your subject                                                 Public Policy Institute
Public Policy Institute of California   heading                                                      of California
                                                                                                     ECONOMICS, INC.
Quant Economics
                                                                       Economics                    RAND                     1776 Main St.
                                                                                                    Resources for the
Resources for the Future                                                                            Future

Welch Consulting                                                                                    Welch Consulting
                                                                       The School of
U of Adelaide                                                                                       The University of Adelaide

University of Auckland                                                                              University of Auckland

American University in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad                                                        American University in Bulgaria

Australian National University                         Dr. Kupacz                                   Australian National University
Cardiff U
                                                                       CENTER FOR
Center for Economic Research and Grad Educ
Concordia U

London School of Economics and Political Science reference number 01/06/LEC                         London School of Economics and Political Science
                                                                                                    UNIVERSITY OF
                                                                                                    NEW SOUTH WALES
U of New South Wales
                                                                                                    UNIVERSITY OF
U of Ottawa                                            Professor DevlinProfessor Rose Anne Devlin
     City              State     Zip            Country
  Cambridge            MA


Burlingame        CA                            
Silicon Valley

Ottawa, Ontario                               Canada

New York          NY                                      om

San Diego, CA & Washington, DC                  

Washington        DC                            

Washington        DC                            
Menlo Park

Washington        DC                            

Riverwoods        IL                                      m

Washington        DC                            
New York          NY                                      .org

Washington        DC                            
                                                          v and
Washington        DC                            
                                                          ov and
Washington        DC                            

Jersey City       NJ                   7302     

Princeton         NJ                            

Chicago           IL                                      m

San Francisco

San Diego                                       
               CA        90407
Santa Monica                          

Washington     DC                     

Washington     DC                     

Adelaide       SA         5005 Australia

Auckland                         New Zealand



                                 United Kingdom

Prague                           Czech Republic

Montreal                         Canada

                                 United Kingdom

Sydney                           Australia

Ottawa         Ontario           Canada
                                                 Dear             Addressee           Department
                                          Mr. Arnould         Eric J. Arnould      Division of
University of Arizona                                                              Retailing and
                                                              Tung Liu,            Consumer Sciences
                                                                                   Department of
Ball State University                     Mr. Tung Liu        Chairperson          Economics
                                          Dr. Debra Harless   Dr. Debra Harless,
Bethel University                                             Dean of Academic
                                                                                   Department of
Case Western Reserve University                               Reccruiting          Economics

Defiance College                                              Academic Dean

Elizabethtown College                                         Human Resources

Elon University                           Dr. DeLoach         Dr. Steve DeLoach
                                                              Chair, Search      Department of
Harvard School of Public Health                               Committee for      Population and
                                                                                 Department of
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign                       Labor Search       Economics
                                                                                 Department of
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign                                          Economics
                                                              Economics Search
Indiana University Kokomo                                     Committee          School of Business
JOHNS HOPKINS BLOOMBERG                                       Kevin D. Frick,    Department of
SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                       Ph.D., Health      Health Policy and
                                                              Professor Norman Department of
LOYOLA COLLEGE IN MARYLAND                Prof. Sedgley       Sedgley, Chair     Economics Search
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS-                                  Search Committee, Department of
BOSTON                                                        Search 695d        Public Policy and
                                                              Prof. Edilberto F. School of Labor
Michigan State University                 Prof. Montemayor    Montemayor,        and Industrial

University of Nevada Las Vegas            Dr. Miller          Stephen Miller
                                                              Chair,               Department of
UNIVERSITY OF REDLANDS                                        Econometrics         Economics
                                                              Dr. Stephen Rubb,    Department of
Sacred Heart University                   Dr. Rubb            Chair, Economics     Economics and
                                                              Doug Williams,
University of the South                   Prof. Williams      Chair of Economics
                                                              Health Economics     School of
Washington State University                                   Faculty Search       Economic Sciences

Westfield State College


The Brattle Group

Cambridge Group
Ernst & Young                             Ms. Sedgwick
ERS Group                          Ms. Thomas       Gena Thomas
LOUIS, St. Louis, MO               Dr. Wall         Howard J. Wall
GLOBAL ENERGY DECISIONS                   

DEMOCRATIC STAFF                                    Democratic Staffing Coordinator


LIBERTY MUTUAL GROUP               Dr. Strassberg   Peter Strassbertg

MDRC, New York, NY & Oakland, CA
Company/Universit   Address Line 1                  City        State           Zip
The University of                        Tucson                         85721-0033
Arizona                                                    AZ
Ball State                               Muncie                         47306
University                                                 IN
Bethel University 3900 Bethel Drive      St. Paul                       55112
University of
California - Merced                      Merced            CA
Weatherhead         11119 Bellflower
School, Case        Ave                  Cleveland         OH           44106

Defiance College     701 N. Clinton St   Defiance          OH           43512
College              One Alpha Drive     Elizabethtown     PA           17022

Elon University                          Elon              NC
Harvard School of    665 Huntington
Public Health        Avenue, I-1102      Boston            MA           02115
University of
Illinois-Urbana-                         Champaign         IL
University of
Illinois-Urbana-                         Champaign         IL
Indiana University   2300 South
Kokomo               Washington St       Kokomo            IN           46904-9003
Johns Hopkins        624 N. Broadway,
Bloomberg School     Room 606            Baltimore         MD                         21205
Loyola College in
Maryland                                 Baltimore         MD                         21210
University of        100 Morrissey
Massachusetts        Blvd.               Boston            MA           02125
Michigan State
University                               East Lansing      MI           48824-1032
University of
Nevada - Las Vegas                       Las Vegas         NV
University of
Redlands             P.O. Box 3080       Redlands          CA           92373-0999
Sacred Heart
University           5151 Park Avenue    Fairfield         CT           06825
University of the    735 University
South                Avenue              Sewanee           TN                         37375
Washington State
University           101 Hulbert Hall    Pullman           WA           99164-6210
Westfield State
College                                  Westfield         MA

Bearingpoint                             Washington        DC

The Brattle Group                        Cambridge         MA

Cambridge Group                          Chicago           IL
The Conference
Board                                    New York          NY

Ernst & Young                            Washington        DC
ERS Group           4901 Tower Court   Tallahassee     FL   32303
Federal Reserve
Bank of St. Louis                      St. Louis       MO
Global Energy
Decisions                              Sacramento      CA
Institute for
Defense Analyses                       Alexandria      VA

                 G-01 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Joint Economic Committee           Washington          DC   20510
Kavoussi and
Associates                         San Antonio         TX
Liberty Mutual
Group                              Boston              MA

MDRC                                   New York        NY

          online, recs paper

          online before 0101,
          no ind.recs.


          reference labor
          economist in cover


Cost-Benefit Economist in your subject line
                                        Dear      Addressee Departme Company/ Address             City
      Employer              note                               nt    University  Line 1
RTI International                                                    Internation               RTP
                                                                     Urban                     Washingt
Urban Institute                                                      Institute                 on
                                                                     INSTITUT                  Bonn
Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn U                             E FOR

U of Melbourne, Australia                                                University of MelbourneMelbourne
                         later, add
Monmouth College,        reference                                       Monmout
Monmouth IL              list                                            h College             Monmouth
University of                                                            U of
California - San Diego                                                   California            San Diego
University of Arizona                                                    of Arizona            Tucson
American Express                                                         Express               Phoenix
                                                                         Ameripris             Phoenix
Ameriprise Financial     http://www                                      e
Federal R Bank of                                                        FEDERAL
Buffalo                                                                                        Buffalo
                         www.fredd                                       Freddie               McLean
Freddie Mac                                            Mac
U of Copenhagen                                                          TY OF                 Copenhagen
University of Essex      expired                                         University of Essex   r
California Energy                                                        California            Sacramen
Commission                                                               Energy                to
                                                  Dr. Steve   Department Baylor
Baylor University                     Dr. Green   Green       of         University            Waco
                 State   Zip    Country



Melbourne                      Australia



                                           won't find
            AZ                             job
                                           won't find
            AZ                             job


Copenhagen                     Denmark .econ.ku.d

            TX                             n@baylor.e
                                                  Dear                           Addressee                          Department

                 Employer        note

Amherst College                         Professor Woglom      Professor Geoffrey Woglom                   Department of Economics

Arizona State U                                               Recruiting Chair                            Department of Economics

Auburn University                                             Chair, Economics Department Search Committee

Babson College                          Prof. Polutnik        Prof. Lidija Polutnik                       Economics Division

Baruch College (CUNY)                   Professor Tandon                                                   Zicklin School
                                                              Professor Kishore Tandon, Economics Recruiting Committee of Business

                                                                                                          Department of Economics and
Beloit College                          Dr. Adams             Jeffrey L. Adams, Chair                     Management

Berry College                                                 Economics Search, Office of the Dean        Campbell School of Business

Boston University                                             Junior Faculty Recruiting Chair             Department of Economics, College of Arts and Sciences

Brown University                                              General Economics Search Committee          Department of Economics

Buffalo State College                   Professor Ratkowski                                                 Department of Economics and Finance
                                                              Professor Alex J. Ratkowski, Chair, Search Committee

California Polytechnic State U          Dr. Hamilton          Dr. Stephen Hamilton, Chair                 Economics Area, Orfalea College of Business

                                                                                                          Division of the Humanities &
Caltech                                                       Chair, Economics Recruiting                 Social Sciences 228-77

California State U - East Bay           Dr. Maxwell           Nan L. Maxwell, Chair                       Department of Economics

Claremont M College                                           Chair, Economics Search Committee           Department of Economics

                                                                                                          The John E. Walker Department
Clemson U                                                     Faculty Search Committee                    of Economics

Central College, Pella, IA              Dr. Naour             Dr. Paul Naour, Provost

U of Chicago                            Dr. Conley            Cynthia Cook Conley                         Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies

Coe College                             Dr. Roy               Dr. Marc Roy, Dean of the Faculty           Economics Search

                                                                                                          Department of Economics and
College of Charleston                   Dr. Hefner            Dr. Frank Hefner                            Finance

College of New Rochelle                 Dr. Thompson          Dr. Richard H. Thompson, Dean               School of Arts & Sciences

Columbia U                              Dr. McGowan           Christina McGowan, Assistant to the Chair   Department of Economics

Cornell U                               Professor Possen      Professor Uri Possen                        Department of Economics

Dartmouth C                                                   Economics Recruiting Chair                  Department of Economics

Drew U                                  Professor Smith       Professor Bernard Smith                     Department of Economics

Duke                                                          Department Chair                            Department of Economics
Duke - Public Policy                                                                               Sanford Institute of Public Policy
                                                     Professor Philip J. Cook, Search Committee Chair

Eckerd C                          Dr. Oberhofer      Dr. Tom Oberhofer

Fairfield U                                          Chair                                           Department of Economics

Fairfield U                                          Chair (2)                                       Department of Economics

Florida Atlantic U                                   Chair, Economics Search Committee               Wilkes Honors College

Florida International U           Prof. Thompson                                                Department of Economics
                                                     Prof. Peter Thompson, Search and Screen Committee

Fordham U                                            Recruitment Chair                               Economics Department

Fordham U                                            Recruitment Chair                               Economics Department

FSU                                                  Junior Faculty Recruitment                      Department of Economics

Georgetown U                                         Search Committee 2006                           Department of Economics

Georgetown U                                         Chair, Economist Search Committee               Georgetown Public Policy Institute

Georgia Southern U                Dr. Yang           Dr. Bill Yang, Search Chair, Search # 51781     School of Economic Development

Georgia State U                   Ms. Griffin        Ms. Caroline Griffin, Administrative Specialist Department of Economics, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

Haverford C                       Dr. MacDonald      Merleen MacDonald, Search Secretary             Department of Economics

Hillsdale C                       Dr. Craig          Mickey Craig, Dean

Hollins University, Roanoke, VA   Dr. Fleck          Juergen Fleck, Chair                            Department of Economics and Business

Hope College, Holland, MI         Prof. Lunn         Prof. John Lunn, Chair                          Department of Economics, Management and Accounting

University of Houston                                Applied Microeconomics Recruiting Chair         Department of Economics

University of Idaho, Moscow, ID   Professor Miller                                                College of Business and Economics
                                                     Professor Jon R. Miller, Economics Search Committee Chair

Indiana University, Bloomington                      Recruiting Committee                            Business Economics and Public Policy,

Indiana University South Bend     Dr. Herschede                                                   School of
                                                     Dr. Fred Herschede, Chair, Economics Search Committee Business and Economics
                                                                                                  Department of Economics,
                                                                                                  College of Business
Kent State U                                         Chair, Recruiting Committee                  Administration

                                                     Rev. Thomas P. Looney, C.S.C., Ph.D.,
King's C                          Dr. Looney         Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Lawrence University               Dr. Finkler        Merton D. Finkler, Chair                        Department of Economics,

LSU                               Dr. Newman         Robert Newman                                   Department of Economics

Louisiana Tech U                  Dr. Gilley         Dr. Otis W. Gilley                              Department of Economics & Finance
University of Louisiana, Lafayette      Professor Greco         Professor Anthony J. Greco, Head             Department of Economics and Finance

Lycoming C                              Dr. Sprunger            Philip Sprunger, Chair                       Economics Department

UMD                                     Professor Lichtenberg                                                Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
                                                                Professor Erik Lichtenberg, Open Rank Search Committee Chair

U of Massachusetts - Amherst                                    Chair, Hiring Committee                      Economics Department

Miami University, Hamilton, Ohio                                Office of the Senior Associate Dean          Economics Lecturer Recruiting

                                                                M. Thomasson, Chair, Economics Recruiting
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio          Dr. Thomasson           Committee                                    208 Laws Hall

Minnesota State U                       Dr. Sharma              Ved P. Sharma, Chair                         Department of Economics

University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS                           Croft Search Committee                       Department of Economics

Mount Union College                     Dr. Horning             Martin Horning, Chair of Search Committee,   Department of Economics

Naval PostGrad School Monterey          Prof. Moses             Prof. Douglas Moses, Senior Associate Dean

Northern Illinois U                                             Recruiting Committee,                        Department of Economics

PA State U - Hazleton                                           Chair, Junior Recruiting Committee

PA State U -U Park                                              Chair, Senior Recruiting Committee

Portland State U                        Dr. Walker              John Walker                                  Department of Economics

                                                                                                             Department of Economics,
Purdue U                                                        Chair, Recruiting Committee                  Krannert School of Management

                                                                                                             Department of Economics &
Rhodes C                                Dr. Pittman             Dr. Deborah Pittman, Chair                   Business

                                                                Office of Human Resources & Equal
Salem State College                                             Opportunity                                  352 Lafayette Street

Samford U                               Dr. Taylor              Dr. Beck A. Taylor, Dean                     School of Business

San Jose State University                                       Recruitment Chair                            Department of Economics

                                                                                                             Department of Economics,
Santa Clara U                           Ms. Squyres             Ms. Sharon Squyres                           Leavey School of Business

Scripps College                         Professor Dillon        Professor Patricia Dillon                    Department of Economics

Southern Methodist U                    Dr. Saggi               Dr. Kamal Saggi, Chair                       Department of Economics

State U of Binghamton - NY                                      Search Committee                             Department of Economics

                                                                                                             Department of Economics &
Stephen F. Austin U                                             Economics Search Committee                   Finance

Stony Brook U                                                   Chair, Recruiting Committee                  Economics Department
                                                                                                             Department of Economics,
                                                                                                             Finance, and Accounting, Search
SUNY - Oneonta                          Dr. O'Dea               Dr. William O'Dea                            Committee Chair
Swarthmore College              Ms. Carroll       Ms. Nancy Carroll                            Department of Economics

Syracuse U                      Dr. Mitra         Devashish Mitra                              110 Eggers Hall

Trinity C                       Dr. Grossberg     Adam Grossberg, Chair                        Department of Economics

Tufts U                                           Search Committee                             Department of Economics

Tulane                                            Faculty Search Committee                     Department of Economics

U of Colorado - Boulder                           Microeconomics Search Committee Chair        Department of Economics

                                                                                               Department of Economics &
U of El Paso                    Professor Smith   Professor Wm. Doyle Smith                    Finance

                                                                                               Department of Economics, Henry
U of Iowa                                         Recruiting Committee Chair                   B. Tippie College of Business

U of Kansas                     Dr. Comolli       Paul Comolli, Search Chair                   Department of Economics

U of Kentucky                                     Recruiting Committee                         Department of Economics

U of Maryland                   Dr. Martinez      ATTN: Elizabeth Martinez                     Department of Economics

U of Michigan                                     Associate Chair for Recruiting               Department of Economics

                                                  Chair, Recruiting Committee, Department of   Department of Economics, 118
U of Missouri                                     Economics,                                   Professional Building

U of Montana                                      Labor Economics Search Committee             Department of Economics

                                                                                               Department of Economics and
U of Notre Dame                 Prof. Jensen      Prof. Richard Jensen, Chair                  Econometrics

U of Pittsburgh                                   Search Committee, c/o Georgia Spears         Department of Economics

                                                  Orlando Sotomayor, President, Personnel
U of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez    Dr. Sotomayor     Committee                                    Department of Economics

U of Rochester                                    Economics Search Chairman                    Department of Economics

U of South Florida                                Department of Economics Recruiting Chair     Department of Economics

Sam Houston State U                               Search Committee, c/o                        Department of Economics and International Business

Southern New Hampshire U                          Chair, Economics Search, C/O Human Resources and Development-ECO

U of Southern California        Ms. Miller        Ms. Young Miller                             Department of Economics
                                                                                               Department of Economics, c/o
                                                                                               Human Resources, Mail
U of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN   Dr. Papagapitos   Dr. Agapitos Papagapitos                     #AQU217

U of Tampa                                        Human Resources - c/o Economics Search

                                                  Chair, International Trade/Econometrics
U of Tennessee                                    Search Committee                             Department of Economics

U of Texas - Arlington                            Search Chair, c/o Virginia Marzoni           Department of Economics
U of Texas at Austin                                        Faculty Recruitment Committee                   Department of Economics

U of Utah                                                   Administrative Officer                          Department of Economics

U of Vermont                                                Chair                                           Dept of Economics

                                                            Chair, Microeconometrics Recruiting
U of Washington                                             Committee                                       Department of Economics

U of West Georgia                    Dr. Boldt              David Boldt, Chair                              Department of Economics

U of Wisconsin - Madison             Kenneth D. West, Chair Kenneth D. West, Chair                          Department of Economics

U of Wisconsin, La Crosse                                   Chair, Search and Screen Committee              Department of Economics

UNC-Pembroke                         Dr. Ashraf             Dr. Mitu Ashraf, Search Committee Chair Department of Economics and Finance, School of Business

                                                                                                         Department of Economics and
University of Arkansas-Little Rock   Dr. Galchus            job #197 to Dr. Ken Galchus                  Finance, College of Business
                                                                                                         Department of Economics and
                                                                                                         Finance, Mitchell College of
University of South Alabama          Dr. Forbus             Dr. Philip Forbus, Chair of Search Committee Business

UVA                                                         Applied Micro Recruiting Committee              Department of Economics

Valparaiso U, IN                                            Virginia Shingleton, Chair                      Department of Economics

                                                            Peter L. Rousseau, Chair of Junior Recruiting
Vanderbilt U                         Dr. Rousseau           Committee                                       Department of Economics

Virginia Commonwealth U                                     Chair, Recruiting Committee                     Department of Economics

UNIVERSITY, Blacksburg, VA                                  Faculty Search Committee                        Department of Economics

Wake Forest U                                               Search Committee                                Department of Economics

Washington College                   Ms. Foster             Cynthia Foster, Faculty Secretary

U of Washington Seattle                                                                                 Department
                                                            Chair, Microeconometrics Recruiting Committee or Chair of Economics

Washington U in St. Louis                                   Junior Faculty Search Committee                 Department of Economics

                                                                                                            Bureau of Business and
West Virginia U                      Dr. Witt               Dr. Tom S. Witt, director                       Economic Research
                                                            Economics Search Chair, Professor Michael
                                                            Meeropol, c/o Dean School of Arts and
Western New England College                                 Sciences

Westminster College                  Professor Buckley      Professor Terry Buckley, Chair                  Simon Department of Accounting, Business Administration, Economics & M

Wheaton College                      Professor Miller       Professor John Miller                           Department of Economics

Worcester State College, MA                                 Director of Human Resources

                                                                                                            Department of Economics,
Williams College                     Professor Bradburd     Professor Ralph Bradburd, Chair                 Morey House

                                                            Dr. Michael Webb, Chair, Economics Search
Xavier U                             Dr. Webb               Committee
Cato Institute                                         Hiring Committee

Competition Policy Associates      Dr. France          Titus France

German Inst. For Econ Research                                                                  Personnel Department

Gov of Canada, dept of finance     Mr. Tunea           Mr. Claudiu Tunea                        Department of Finance

Greylock Mackinnon Associates      Dr. Froelich        Amy Froelich, Recruiting Coordinator

Huron Consulting                                       attn Economic Recruiting

Impaq International                Dr. Davaz           Recruiting Committee, c/o Serap Davaz

Levy Economics Institute of Bard
College                                                Human Resources-3406

Levy Economics Institute of Bard
College                                                Human Resources-3906

Litigation Analytics, INC.         Dr. Morgan          L.J. Morgan

JPMorgan Chase                     Dr. Skelding        Ann Skelding

Lexecon                            Dr. Paul            Robert Paul

Massachussetts Department of                                                                    Office of Tax Policy and
Revenue                            Dr. Ozyurt          Kazim P. Ozyurt, Supervising Economist   Analysis

Nathan Associates                  Dr. French          Gary L. French, Senior Vice President

Nera Economic Consulting           Dr. Dunbar          Dr. Frederick C. Dunbar

Pricewaterhousecoopers             Dr. Schafer         Leslie Schafer

Princeton Economics Group                              Economist Search Committee

U.S. Department of Justice                             Recruiting Committee, Economic Analysis Group

Workers Compensation Research
Institute                                              Personnel                                WCRI

University of Calgary              Dr. Wilman          Dr. Elizabeth Wilman, Department Head    Department of Economics

Carleton U                                             Chair, Appointments Committee            Department of Economics, Re: Applied Microeconomics/Behavioura

International Christian U                              Chair, Economics Search Committee        Division of International Studies

London Business School             Dr. George          Helen George                             Department of Economics

University of Montreal             Professor Bossert                                               Committee
                                                       Professor Walter Bossert, Chair, Recruiting Département de Sciences Economiques

Simon Fraser U                     Dr. Schmitt         Nicolas Schmitt, Associate Chair         Department of Economics

U of Victoria                                          Chair - Search Committee                 Department of Economics
U of Warwick   Mrs. Gudger                                             Department
                             Mrs Gill Gudger, Secretary of Recruitment Committee of Economics

U of Windsor   Dr. Townley   Dr. Peter G.C. Townley, Head           Department of Economics
  Company/University           Address Line 1               City        State           Zip           Country

Amherst College            P.O.Box 500             Amherst         MA           01002-5000

Arizona State University   PO Box 873806           Tempe           AZ           85287-3806

Auburn University          P.O. Box 244023         Montgomery      AL           36124-4023

Babson College             Westgate Hall           Babson Park     MA           02457

                           One Bernard Baruch
Baruch College (CUNY)      Way, Box B10-225        New York        NY           10010

Beloit College             700 College St.,        Beloit          WI           53511

                           2277 Martha Berry
Berry College              Hwy, NW                 Mount Berry     GA           30149-5024

Boston University          270 Bay State Road      Boston          MA           02215

Brown University           Box B                   Providence      RI           02912

Buffalo State College      1300 Elmwood Ave.       Buffalo         NY           14222

California Polytechnic State University            San Luis Obispo CA                         93407

California Institute of
Technology                                         Pasadena        CA           91125

                             25800 Carlos Bee
California State University-East Bay               Hayward         CA           94542

Claremont McKenna
College                    500 E. Ninth St         Claremont       CA           91711-6400

Clemson University         222 Sirrine Hall        Clemson         SC           29634-1309

Central College            812 University Street   Pella           Iowa         50219

University of Chicago      1155 E. 60th St.        Chicago         IL           60637-2745

Coe College                1220 1st Ave NE         Cedar Rapids    IA           52402

College of Charleston                              Charleston      SC           29424

College of New Rochelle                            New Rochelle    NY           10805-2339

                           Mail Code 3308, 420
Columbia University        W 118 St.               New York        NY           10027

Cornell University         418 Uris Hall           Ithaca          NY           14853- 7601

Dartmouth College          6106 Rockefeller Hall Hanover           NH           03755-3514

Drew University            36 Madison Avenue       Madison         NJ           07940

Duke University                                    Durham          NC           27708
                            Duke University             Box 90245               Durham           NC   27708-0245

                                                        4200 54th Avenue
                            Eckerd College              South                   St. Petersburg   FL   33711

                                                        1073 North Benson
                            Fairfield University        Road                    Fairfield        CT   06284

                                                        1073 North Benson
                            Fairfield University        Road                    Fairfield        CT   06284

                            Florida Atlantic University 5353 Parkside Drive     Jupiter          FL   33458

                            Florida International University                    Miami            FL   33199

                            Fordham University                                  Bronx            NY   10458

                            Fordham University                                  Bronx            NY   10458

                            Florida State University                            Tallahassee      FL   32306-2180

                            Georgetown University                               Washington       FL   20057

                                                        3520 Prospect Street,
n Public Policy Institute                               NW, Suite 400           Washington       DC   20007

                            Georgia Southern
                            University                  PO Box 8152             Statesboro       GA   30460-8152

                            Georgia State University    P.O. Box 3992           Atlanta          GA   30302-3992

                            Haverford College           370 Lancaster Avenue Haverford           PA   19041

                            Hillsdale College                                   Hillsdale        MI   49242

                            Hollins University          P.O. Box 9663           Roanoke          VA   24020

                                                        41 Graves Place, PO
 of Economics, Management and Accounting                Box 9000                Holland          MI   49422

                            University of Houston                               Houston          TX   77204-5019

                            University of Idaho         P.O. Box 443161         Moscow           ID   83844-3161

                            Kelley School of Business 1309 East Tenth Street Bloomington         IN   47405-1701

                                                        Mishawaka Ave., P.O.
Business and Economics                                  Box 7111             South Bend          IN   46634

                            Kent State University                               Kent             OH   44242-0001

                            King's College              133 N. River St         Wilkes-Barre     PA   18711

                            Lawrence University         P. O. Box 599           Appleton         WI   54912
                            Louisiana State
                            University, Ref: Log
                            #0655                                               Baton Rouge      LA   70803-6306

                            College of Administration & Business, Louisiana Tech University      LA   71272
University of Louisiana-Lafayette Box 44570       Lafayette         LA        70504-4570

Box 1, Lycoming College     700 College Place     Williamsport      PA        17701

University of Maryland      2200 Symons Hall      College Park      MD        20742-5535

University of Massachusetts Thompson Hall         Amherst           MA        01003

                          1601 University
Miami University Hamilton Boulevard               Hamilton          OH        45011

Miami University                                  Oxford            OH        45056

Minnesota State University-Mankato                Mankato           Minnesota 56001

University of Mississippi 373 Holman              University        MS                 38677
                          Accounting, and
Mount Union College       Administration, 1972    Alliance          OH        44601

GSBPP, Naval                555 Dyer Road,
Postgraduate School         Ingersoll Hall Rm     Monterey          CA        93943

NIU                                               DeKalb            IL        60115

                        613 Kern             University Park PA
The Pennsylvania State University Graduate Bldg                               16802

Pennsylvania State          613 Kern Graduate
University                  Bldg                  University Park   PA        16802

Portland State University   P.O. Box 751          Portland          OR        97207-0751

Purdue University           403 W. State St       West Lafayette    IN        47907-2056

Rhodes College              2000 North Parkway    Memphis           TN        38112

                                                  Salem             MA        01970

Samford University          800 Lakeshore Drive   Birmingham        AL        35229

                            One Washington
San Jose State University   Square                San Jose          CA        95192-0114

Santa Clara University      500 El Camino Real    Santa Clara       CA        95053

                            1030 Columbia
Scripps College             Avenue                Claremont         CA        91711

Southern Methodist
University                                        Dallas            TX        75275-0496

Binghamton University                             Binghamton        NY        13902-6000

Stephen F. Austin State
University                  P.O. Box 13009        Nacogdoches       TX        75962

SUNY at Stony Brook                               Stony Brook       NY        11794-4384

SUNY College at Oneonta Box WJ                    Oneonta           NY        13820
Swarthmore College            500 College Avenue   Swarthmore     PA        19081

Syracuse University                                Syracuse       NY        13244

Trinity College                                    Hartford       CT        06106

Tufts University              Medford              Medford        MA        02155

Tulane University                                  New Orleans    LA        70118

University of Colorado        256 UCB              Boulder        CO        80309

The University of Texas at
El Paso                                            El Paso        Texas     79968-0543

                              108 John Pappajohn
University of Iowa            Business Building    Iowa City      Iowa      52242

                              213 Summerfield Hall,
                              1300 Sunnyside Ave    Lawrence      KS        66045
                              335 Gatton Business
                              and Economics
University of Kentucky        Building              Lexington     KY        40506-0034

University of Maryland                             College Park   MD        20742

                              611 Tappan Street,
University of Michigan        238 Lorch Hall       Ann Arbor      MI        48109-1220

University of Missouri                             Columbia       MO        65211-6040

University of Montana         32 Campus Drive      Missoula       Montana   59812-5472

University of Notre Dame 434 Flanner Hall          Notre Dame     IN        46556-5611

University of Pittsburgh                           Pittsburgh     PA        15260

University of Puerto Rico
at Mayaguez                   PO BOX 9262          Mayaguez                 00681

University of Rochester       Box 270156           Rochester      NY        14627-0156

University of South Florida                        Tampa          FL        33620-5500

Sam Houston State University                       Huntsville     TX        77341-2118

                        2500 North River
Southern New Hampshire University                  Manchester     NH        03106-1045

University of Southern        3620 S. Vermont
California                    Avenue               Los Angeles    CA        90089-0253

University of St. Thomas 2115 Summit Avenue        St. Paul       MN        55105

                              401 W. Kennedy
The University of Tampa       Boulevard            Tampa          FL        33606-1490

                              508 Stokely
University of Tennessee       Management Center                   TN        37996-0550

University of Texas-
Arlington                     Box 19479            Arlington      TX        76019
                            1 University Station,
The University of Texas at Austin 1.116, C3100      Austin            TX        78712

                            1645 Campus Center
University of Utah          Dr. Room 308            Salt Lake City    UT        84112-9300

                            239 Old Mill, 94
University of Vermont       University Place        Burlington        Vermont   05405

University of Washington    Box 353330              Seattle           WA        98195-3330

University of West
Georgia                                             Carrollton        GA        30118
                   7446 Sewell Social
                   Science Building,
                   1180 Observatory
UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN                             Madison           WI        53706-1393

University of Wisconsin-
La Crosse                                           La Crosse         WI        54601

UNC Pembroke                                      P. O. Box
                            One University Drive, Pembroke 1510 NC                       28372

University of Arkansas at
Little Rock                                         Little Rock       AR        72204

University of South
Alabama                                             Mobile            Alabama   36688-0002

University of Virginia      P.O. Box 400182         Charlottesville   VA        22904-4182

Valparaiso University       1800 Chapel Drive       Valparaiso        IN        46383
                            2301 Vanderbilt
                            Place, VU Station B
Vanderbilt University       Box 351819              Nashville         TN        37235

Virginia Commonwealth
University                  Box 844000              Richmond          VA        23284

Virginia Tech               3016 Pamplin Hall       Blacksburg        VA        24061-0316

Wake Forest University      Box 7505                Winston-Salem     NC        27109

                            300 Washington
Washington College          Avenue                  Chestertown       MD        21620

University of Washington    Box 353330              Seattle           WA        98195-3330

Washington University       Campus Box 1208         St. Louis         MO        63130-4899

West Virginia University    P.O. Box 6025           Morgantown        WV        26506-6025

Western New England
College                     1215 Wilbraham Road Springfield           MA        01119

                            501 Westminster
Westminster College         Avenue                  Fulton            MO        65251

Wheaton College                                     Norton            MA        02766

Worcester State College     486 Chandler Street     Worcester         MA        01602-2597

Williams College            121 Southworth St       Williamstown      MA        01267

Xavier University           3800 Victory Parkway Cincinnati           OH        45207-3212
                         1000 Massachusetts
Cato Institute           Avenue             Washington        DC                   20001

Competition Policy       55 Second Street,
Associates               Suite 1800            San Francisco CA                    94105

DIW Berlin           Strasse 5, D-14195        Berlin         Germany
                     140 O’Connor St,
                     18th floor, East          Ottawa,
Government of Canada Tower                     Ontario        Canada    K1A0G5

Greylock McKinnon        One Memorial
Associates               Drive, Suite 1410     Cambridge      MA        02142

Huron Consulting         550 West Van
Group                    Buren St. 17th Floor Chicago                              60607
                         10420 Little         Columbia
                         Patuxent Parkway,
Impaq International      Suite 300                            MD        21044

Bard College             PO Box 5000           Hudson        NY         12504-5000

Bard College             PO Box 5000           Hudson        NY         12504-5000
                         127 Main Street,
Litigation Analytics,    Building II
INC.                                          Ridgefield      CT                    6877
                         111 Polaris Parkway,
                         Mail Code OH1-
JPMorgan Chase           0246                 Columbus        OH                   43240

                         332 S. Michigan
Lexecon                  Ave.                  Chicago        IL                   60604

Department of Revenue P.O. Box 9550            Boston         MA        02114
                      2101 Wilson                                                                 
                      Boulevard, Suite
Nathan Associates Inc 1200                     Arlington      VA        22201

                         1166 Avenue of the
NERA                     Americas              New York       NY                   10036

PricewaterhouseCooper 1301 K Street NW,
s LLP                 Suite 800W               Washington     DC                   20005
Princeton Economics      707 State Road,
Group                    Suite 223                            NJ        85400                     

                         Suite 10-000, 600 E Street NW
U.S. Department of Justice                    Washington      DC                   20530

                         955 Massachusetts
                         Ave                   Cambridge      MA        02139

University of Calgary                          Calgary        Alberta   T2N 1N4            Canada

Carleton University      1125 Colonel By Drive Ottawa         ON        K1S 5B6            Canada

International Christian UniversityOsawa, MitakaTokyo                    181-8585           Japan

London Business School Regent's Park           London                   NW1 4SA            United Kingdom

Université de Montréal                         Montréal
                         C.P. 6128, Succursale Centre-ville             QC H3C 3J7         Canada

Simon Fraser University 8888 University DriveBurnaby          BC        V5A 1S6            Canada

University of Victoria   P.O. Box 1700 STN CSC
                                             Victoria         BC        V8W 2Y2            Canada
University of Warwick   Coventry             CV4 7AL   United Kingdom

University of Windsor   Windsor    Ontario   N9B 3P4   Canada

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