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					                                                                    Brittany T. Wilkins 1

                          Brittany T. Wilkins

PhD (anticipated):   Florida State University     Tallahassee, FL

MSW:                 Florida State University     Tallahassee, FL       April 2006
                     GPA: 3.75

BA (psychology):     New College of Florida      Sarasota, FL           May 2003
                     Honors Thesis: Power within Distressed Interracial Marriages

HS Diploma:          Manatee High School          Bradenton, FL         June 1999
                     graduated top 10%


2007-2008            Florida State University College of Social Work Research

2006-2007            Florida State University College of Social Work Research

2004-2005            Florida State University School of Social Work Graduate

2003                 New College Foundation Grant

1999-2003            Florida Bright Futures Scholarship


Mental Illness Stigma; Mental Health; Chemical Dependency; Minority Issues


Registered Clinical Social Work Intern – Florida Department of Health

Domestic Violence Victims’ Advocate – State of Florida Coalition Against Domestic

Field Traumatologist – The Green Cross Academy of Traumatology
                                                               Brittany T. Wilkins 2


2003           Wilkins, B.T. (2003, March). Power Within Interracial Marriages.
               Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the National
               Conference for Undergraduate Research, Salt Lake City, Utah.


2007-present   Principal Investigators: Brittany T. Wilkins and Jean Munn,
               Ph.D., Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
               Practicum: Factors Associated with Enhanced Quality of Life
               During Widowhood
                Conceptualized and evaluated theory-driven SEM model
                Anticipate submitting findings for publication

2007-present   Principal Investigators: Brittany T. Wilkins and Neil Abell, Ph.D.
               Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
               Evaluation of the Validity and Reliability of Mental Illness Stigma
               Scale for Mental Health Professionals
                Created measurement instrument from established stigma theory
                Collected data from undergraduate and graduate students
                Analyzed validity and reliability of new instrument
                Anticipate submitting findings for publication

2007-present   Principal Investigators: Melissa Radey, Ph.D. and Brittany T.
               Wilkins, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
                Conducted literature review and annotated bibliography on
                 homelessness and employment
                Conducted literature review on qualitative coding techniques
                Anticipate coding qualitative data
                Anticipate aiding in submission of findings for publication

2007-present   Research Assistant: Principal Investigator Melissa Radey, Ph.D.,
               Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
               Meeting Employment Needs of Individuals Experiencing
               Homelessness: An Evaluation of Targeted Workforce Services
                Conducted and transcribed semi-structured interviews with
                 participants and employers

2006-2007      Research Assistant: Principal Investigator Jean Munn, Ph.D.,
               Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

2004-2005      Senior Research Assistant: Principal Investigator Ozlem
               Karairmak, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL/METU,
                                                             Brittany T. Wilkins 3

            A Test of the Trait-based Resiliency Theory: The American Study
             Aided in the concept development of the research project,
               scheduled survey times and locations, administered
               standardized surveys to assess undergraduate social work
               students resilience/functioning at the beginning of the semester
               and the middle of the semester

2004-2005   Research Assistant: Principal Investigator Dina Wilke, Ph.D.,
            Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
             Responsible for entry of research into an Endnote database,
                conducted literature searches, aided in the formation of courses
                taught abroad

2004        Research Assistant: Principal Investigator Charles R. Figley,
            Ph.D., Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
             Conducted semi-structured oral-history interviews with
               students self-identified as having performance anxiety

2001-2003   Senior Research Assistant: Principal Investigator Kimberly Ryan,
            Ph.D., New College of Florida, Sarasota, FL
            Relapse Prevention in Couples Following a Workshop Based
            Marital Therapy
             Data entry, Specific Affect Coding (SPAFF), developed a
               facial and emotional coding system to assess therapy and
               therapy outcome, aided in the development of a research
               manual, supervised other research assistants for follow-up
               portion of study

2002-2003   Principal Investigator: Brittany T. Wilkins
            Senior Honors Thesis: Power within Distressed Interracial
            Marriages, New College of Florida, Sarasota, FL
             Literature review, used SPSS for data analysis, examined
               dominance in interracial couples versus same-race Caucasian

2002        Research Assistant: Principal Investigators: John Gottman, Ph.D.
            and Alyson Shapiro, Ph.D., University of Washington, Gottman
            Marriage Lab, Seattle, WA
            Effectiveness of Preventative Workshop for Couples Transition to
             Conducted interviews for study, used SPAFF to code tapes of
                conflict discussions
            Longitudinal Newlywed Study
             Collected physiological data for study following newlyweds
                                                               Brittany T. Wilkins 4

               Media Session
                Collected physiological data for a Discovery Health Channel
                 television special

2002           Research Assistant: Principal Investigator Chris Sabatelli, BA
               New College of Florida, Sarasota, FL
                Coded the emotional content of Mark Strand's poems based on
                  the Content Analysis of Verbatim Explanations (CAVE)
                  coding system, developed by Martin Seligman and Chris

2001           Principal Investigator: Brittany T. Wilkins
               Independent Study
                Literature Review: Domestic Violence Affecting a Woman’s

2000           Principal Investigator: Brittany T. Wilkins
               Independent Study
                Nonverbal Matching in Same-Sex Dyads
                Literature Review: Effects of Insomnia on Personality


2006-present   Behavioral Health Counselor, Addiction Recovery Center
               (ARC)/Townsend Recovery,
               Tallahassee, FL
                 Assess adults for substance abuse/dependency
                 Counsel DUI offenders and individuals on probation
                 Lead ARC-affiliated Al-Anon group
                 Monitor client’s treatment plan progression
                 Coordinate and facilitate the family portion of ARC’s
                    Intensive Outpatient Program

2006-2008      Assistant to the Editor of Traumatology for Media Reviews,
               Traumatology, The International Journal, Tallahassee, FL
                Responsible for soliciting various media appropriate for review
                  by the Journal including books, periodicals, educational videos,
                  software, and Internet sites
                Aids in the determination of which media products should be
                  reviewed, at what length, and by whom
                Contacts the potential reviewer and works with the reviewer to
                  deliver the review ready for the Journal production department
                  in a timely fashion

2006           Substance Abuse Counselor/Intern – Juvenile Outpatient
               Program, DISC Village Inc., Tallahassee, FL
                                                                Brittany T. Wilkins 5

                  Assessed adolescents using a biopsychosocial measure
                  Constructed treatment plans based on client’s individual needs
                   and goals
                  Coordinated and conducted individual and family sessions
                  Maintained communication with other agencies with which
                   client is involved
                  Referred clients to appropriate services
                  Co-facilitated family support groups

2005-present   Admission/Discharge Coordinator – Crisis Stabilization Units
               and Detoxification Unit, Apalachee Center, Tallahassee, FL
                Responsible for coordinating the formulation and
                  implementation of all client service plans
                Coordinate/complete clinical and administrative paperwork
                  related to client movement through the system
                Provide individual and group supportive counseling/therapy
                Certified in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

2004-2006      Copy Editor, Traumatology, The International Journal,
               Tallahassee, FL
                Responsible for editing Journal before publication
                Aid to Office Manager

2005           Founder and Facilitator, Bouncing Back After the Storm,
               Tallahassee, FL
                Created a support group for persons displaced due to Hurricane
                   Katrina and Hurricane Rita
                Worked with Green Cross, Red Cross, and Department of
                   Health to coordinate the concept, the services, and the location

2005           Protective Services Intern, Children’s Home Society,
               Tallahassee, FL
                Conducted supervised home visits with clients
                Prepared legal documentation including judicial reviews and
                   case plans
                Active in all aspects of the dependency court process
                Familiar with the legal proceedings of the termination of
                   parental rights

2003-2004      Head Instructor of Social Studies, Gulf Coast Vocational
               Institute (a second-chance school), Sarasota, FL
                Taught Geography, American History, World History,
                   Economics, and American Government to adolescents (grades
                   6-12) that had been expelled from public school
                                                            Brittany T. Wilkins 6

               Created lesson plans for students of varied ability levels
                (including ESE and ESOL)
               Administered the MBA (Mini Battery of Achievement to
                determine age to grade level ratio)
               Prepared and administered mandatory standardized tests
               Certified in Florida with a Temporary Teaching Certificate

2002-2003   Co-founder and co-facilitator, peer counseling support group for
            individuals with mood disorders, New College of Florida,
            Sarasota, FL
             Prepared and facilitated weekly group meetings
             Interviewed referred students
             Participated in weekly meetings with post-doctoral supervisor
             Interviewed and chose replacements for the following school

2003        Interview Supervisor, New College of Florida, Sarasota, FL
             Supervised telephone interviewers in a follow-up study
               comparing marital intervention and bibliotherapy control

2002        Intern, Gottman Marriage Lab, University of Washington,
             Seattle, WA
              Conducted meta-emotion interviews for study examining the
                effectiveness of preventative workshops for couples
                transitioning to parenthood
              physiological hook-up of participants in the lab

2001-2002   Psychiatric Technician, Coastal Behavioral Healthcare Inc.,
            Sarasota, FL
             Recreational counseling and supervision of adults and
               adolescents on the Crisis Stabilization Unit
             Certified in AIDS training, TEAM training, and Infection
               Control training

2001-2002   Intern, SPARCC (Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center),
            Sarasota, FL
             Conducted clerical work and answered phones including crisis
               calls for domestic violence/rape program
             Completed the Core Competency Training for Domestic
               Violence Advocates

2001        Volunteer, Children First – Head Start Preschool, Sarasota, FL
             Supervised and played with the children once a week

2000-2001   Sleep Technician, Strong Solutions, P.A., Ellenton, FL
                                                                           Brittany T. Wilkins 7

                            Prepared the physiological hook-up and monitored clients
                            Scored polysomnographs using VISTA


2003-2004                Instructor: Social Studies (2003-2004 school year)
                           Taught Social Studies to middle and high school students in a
                             second-chance school

2002                     Teaching Assistant: Clinical Interviewing Tutorial (Fall, 2002).
                         Professor: Kimberly Ryan, Ph.D.
                          Responsible for organizing readings and course materials
                          Aided in running course sessions

2002                     Teaching Assistant: Research on Couples: A Focus on the
                         Transition to Retirement (Fall, 2002)
                         Professor: Kimberly Ryan, Ph.D.
                          Responsible for consultation with students
                          Followed students’ performance on assignments

2001                     Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Psychology (Fall, 2001)
                         Professors: M. Barton, Ph.D., G. Bauer, Ph.D., C. Callahan, Ph.D.,
                         H. Harley, Ph.D., and K. Ryan, Ph.D.
                          Lectured and lead class discussion
                          Responsible for grading exams and consultation with students


2006-present             Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) Student Affiliate

2005-present             National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Student Affiliate

2004-present             The Green Cross Foundation/Academy of Traumatology

2002-present             American Psychological Association (APA) Student Affiliate

2002-2004                American Psychological Society (APS) Student Affiliate


Introduction to Psychology                     Developmental Psychology
Psychology of Emotions                         Social Psychology
Cognitive Development                          Cognitive Psychology
Biological Psychology                          Research Methods in Psychology
Abnormal Psychology                            Developmental Psychology Laboratory
                                                                            Brittany T. Wilkins 8

Marriage and the Family                      Stabilization of the Acute Patient Theory & Practice
SPAFF: An Investigative Reading Project      Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
Cognitive Behavioral Therapies in Practice   SPAFF Laboratory
Tests and Measures                           Couple Research Laboratory
Ethics and Experimentation                   Statistics
Pedagogy for Introductory Psychology         Clinical Interviewing Tutorial
Advanced Statistics and Research Lab         Current Psychotherapies
Psychology Senior Seminar                    Pedagogy for Couple in Transition
Thesis Tutorial                              Sociology of Gender
Policies and Programs                        Theories and Models
Social Work Research                         Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Social Work Practice                         Evaluation of Social Work Practice
Groups                                       Psychopathology
Crisis Intervention                          Family Counseling
Chemical Dependency                          Women’s Issues in Social Work
Philosophy of Science                        General Linear Models
Theories and Models                          ANOVA
Measurement                                  Focus Groups
Race, Ethnicity, and Health


   Reliable SPAFF (Specific Affect) coder
   Reliable CAVE (Content Analysis of Verbatim Explanations) coder
   Reliable polysomnograph coder using VISTA
   Trained in the placement of EEG and other electrodes for physiological data
   Experienced with Endnote software
   Experienced with statistical software including SAS and SPSS
   Experienced with Microsoft Office
   Experienced with inpatient behavioral observation notation (DAP, SOAP, etc.)
   Trained in Gottman’s Meta-Emotion, Oral History, and Play-by-Play interviews


Michael Campbell, Ph.D., Lecturer in Behavioural Science/Psychology
      University of the West Indies
      School of Clinical Medicine and Research
      Queen Elizabeth Hospital
      Bridgetown, Barbados

Alyson F. Shapiro, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
      School of Social and Family Dynamics
      Arizona State University
      Social Sciences 116, Box 873701
      Tempe, AZ 85287-3701
                                                     Brittany T. Wilkins 9

Barbara M. Kavanagh, RN/LCSW
       Addiction Recovery Center/Townsend Recovery
       2260 Wednesday Street, Suite 300
       Tallahassee, FL 32308

Patricia L. Johnson, Ph.D., Assistant Editor
        Traumatology, the International Journal
        922 D East Lafayette Street
        Tallahassee, FL 32301

Jane Dwyer, MSW, Social Services Supervisor
      Apalachee Center, Inc.
      2634 Capital Circle NE
      Tallahassee, FL 32308

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