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					                                                INDIANA.                                                    179
                                                                                Ettab. Pages.
                                                                                 ISize. Sub.                Circ.
                        4,018; Monroe Co. (S.W.C.), pop. 17,673. 60 m. S. S. W. ofIndian-
BLOnMTNGTONt. POP- New Alb. &Chic. E.B. Tel. Exp. Banks. Has manufactures of woolen
   OJB oiiolis Louisv.,
          goods,' staves, etc., andlimestone quarries. Seat   ofthe Indiana 'University, (founded 1828).
       Courier (semi-weekly edition of J Tues &Fri
        horning World)
                                            l                    Democratic       1875 4 15x22 1.50
                                                                                     1894   4 15x22 3.00
       Mornin" World                Morn. ex. /Sfim...Democratic
          joun W. &Oscab H.Cbavens, Editors and Publishers.
       T?pnublican Progress                 Tuesday              Republican          1835   4 20x26 1.50   J1.460
           William A. Gabe, Editor and Publisher.
       Student                            {Sr. 2/ear.} Coll^iate
                                             SS.                                     1874 2°    Bxll Lo°     75°
           Students of   Indiana "University, Editors and Publishers.

                                           }WeeMy -
       Telephone                            Kyg.ex.Sun           Local               1892   4 13x20 3.00
                                                                 Republican          1877     11,100
                                                                                            4 15x22 1.50
        W. S. Bradfute, Editor and Publisher.
nr TTPFTONt, pop. 3,589 ;Wells Co. (N.E.), pop. 21,514. On Wabash R., 24 m. S. of Fort
        Wayne. Tol., St. L. <fcK. City; Ft.W., Cinn. &Louisv. E.Es. Tel. Exp. Banks. Has
        several saw and planing mills and carriage shops and several other manufactures.
    Banner Allen,Editor                  Wednesday         Democratic       1850 8 15x22 1.50 11,729
        p. A.                and Publisher.
    Chronicle                            Wednesday         Republican       1868 6 18x24 1.50 J1.325
           Chronicle Publishing Company.
       Evening    News
           Chronicle Publishing Company.
                                            Evg. ex. Sun         Independent    ..   1892   4 16x22 5.00    1677
       People's Press                    Friday             Populist   1894 8 15x22 1.00
       Fred. M.Binehabt, Editor ;C.H. Humphbey, Publisher.
BOONVILLEf, pop. 1,881; Warrick Co. (S.W.), pop. 21,161. 17 m. N. E. of Evansville.
       Louisv., Evansv. <fe St. L.R.R. Tel. Exp. Bank. Has tobacco factories. Coal mines
       in vicinity. Ina farming and stock raising district.
   Enquirer                           ....Saturday-
                                         Saturday...      ..Democratic
                                                            Democratic 1850 4 20x26 1.00                   1,077
       G. H.Hazen, Editor and Publisher.
   Standard                              Friday
       C. W. Bennett, Editor and Publisher.
                                                     .      Republican
                                                          ..Republican 1875 4 22x28 1.00      Jl,loo
BORDEN, pop. *250; Clark Co. (S.E.), pop. 30,259. Louisv., N. Albany &Chic. R.R. Tel.
BOBDEN,                                            30,259.
       Exp. Bank, New Albany.
   Clark County Sentinel
       A. E. Olmstead, Editor and Publisher.
                                                            Independent         .
                                                           ..Independent.. 1893 4 15x22 1.00

BOSWELL, pop. 558 ;   Benton Co.      (N W-), pop. 11,963. 29 m.W. by N. of Lafayette. Lake
       E. & West. R.R. Tel. Exp. Bank, Has tile works. Inan agricultural and live stock
   Enterprise                              Friday           Local          1886 4 17x24 1.00    $475
       W. Sam Leppbw, Editor and Publisher.
BOURBON, pop. 1,064 ;Marshall Co. (NO, pop. 23,818. 53 m. W. N. W. ofFort Wayne.
       Penna.R.R. Tel. Exp. Bank. Has manufactures of carriages, handles, lumber; extensive
       tile works, brick manufactories, etc.
   Mirror                                   Thursday        Republican     1871 4 20x26 1.50    1525
       Ignatius Mattingly,        Editor and Publisher.
   News                                     Thursday        Independent.. 1894 8 13x20 1.00
       Frank Carter, Editor andPublisher.
BRAZILt,pop. 5,905; Clay Co. (W.), pop. 30,536. 16 m. E. N. E. of Terre Haute. Van-
       dalialiine. Chic. &E.111.; and other railroads. Tel. Exp. Banks. Inthe Indiana block
       coal district. Has numerous colleries and extensive iron blast furnaces. Also manufac-
       tures of boilers, chairs, terra cotta, etc.
   Clay County Enterprise                   Thursday        Republican     1872 8 15x22 1.50      900
       Luther Wolfe, Editor and Publisher.
   Democrat                                Evg. ex. Sun     Democratic     1890 4 15x22 4.00      480
   Democrat Holtman,                        Thursday        Democratic     1880 8 15x22 1.50   1,032
       War. Travis, Editor ;
   Orthonomic Era
                          Editor andPublisher.
                               Chas. J. McCullough, Publisher.
       Samuel B.Riley, Editor and Publisher.
                                                                           1867 8 15x22 1.00 1.5C0
                                                                           1873 8 15x22 1.50 1,512
   Times                                   Evg. ex. Sun     Local          1888 4 17x24 4.00 J1.400
       Heskel &Grimes, Editors and Publishers.
BREMEN, pop. 1,076 ;Marshall Co. (N.), pop. 23,818. 18 m. S. byE. from South Bend.
       Balto. &Ohio E.R. Tel. Exp. Banks. Has a woolen mill,lumber and furniture works,
       foundry and machine works, etc. Ina farming and lumbering section.
   Enquirer                                Friday           Democratic     1885 8 15x22 1.50 t1,200
       Brook H.Bowman, Editor and Publisher.
BRIDGETON, pop. *300 ;    Parke Co. (W.), pop. 20,296. Abt 20 m. N. E. of Terre Haute.
       Chic. &S.East. R.E. Tel., Carbon. Exp. Bank, Rockvffle. Ina farming dist.
       Bulletin                             Friday               Local               1887   8 13x20 1.00     600
       James T.     Buck,
BRISTOL, pop. 535 ;Elkhart and Publisher. 39,201. 9m. N. E. of Elkhart. Lake Sh. &
                             Co. (N.), pop.
       Mich. S'thrn E.R. TeL Exp. Bank, Elkhart.
   Banner                          Friday          Republican     1877 4 18x24 1.25                         J520
       Banner Publishing Concern, Editors and Publishers.
UROOK, pop. *350; Newton Co. (N.W.), pop. 8,803. 11 m. N.E. of Kentland. Chic. &
       East. R.R. Tel. Exp. Bank.
   Up To Date                      Friday           Republican    1895 8 15x22 1.00
       W. Hammond Eobebtson, Editor and Publisher.
        °   Bold face— sworn. J Publishers' reports. Roman figures— estimated.
           :Census of1890. •Estimated; t County Seat. J Size of page.

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