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									   Faith UMC
Mother’s Day Out
    School Hours: 10:00am – 2:00pm
Days of Operation: Wednesday and Thursday

          Katie McMullen, Program Director
             Telephone (816) 847-0008

           Faith United Methodist Church
                1950 Eagles Parkway
               Grain Valley, MO 64029

                                   Table of Contents

Welcome                                                3
Mission Statement                                      4
Age Groups                                             4
Class Schedule                                         4
Lunch                                                  4
Supply Lists                                           5
Tuition                                                5
Enrollment Fee                                         5
Late Pickup Charge                                     5
Security Procedures                                    6
Drop Off                                               6
Pick Up                                                6
Procedure for Releasing Children                       6
Clothing                                               6
Participation                                          6
Visitors and Volunteers                                7
Background Checks                                      7
Drills and Evacuation Plans                            7
First Aid and CPR                                      7
Immunizations and Health Records                       7
School Schedule                                        7
Bad Weather/School Closings                            7
Birthdays                                              7
Emergency Treatment                                    7
Sick Children                                          8
Medication                                             8
Special Instructions                                   8
Personal Toys and Belongings                           8
Discipline Policy                                      8
Discrimination Statement                               9
Reporting Suspected Abuse                              9
Donations                                              9
Comments                                               9

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Mother’s Day Out at Faith United Methodist Church! We are delighted you are
considering sharing your child with us. We are sensitive to the feelings you encounter when
taking that first step towards leaving your child in the care of others. We strive to make you
and your child feel as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to gain your trust so you can have
peace of mind while you are away from your little one(s).

Communication is the key to happy care. We want you to learn as much as possible about our
program and feel relaxed about leaving your child in our care. When you are relaxed, your
child will also be less apprehensive about you leaving. We also want to get to know you as we
get to know your child. This is the reason we have put together this handbook…we want you
to have the information about us at your fingertips!

Our curriculum is creative. Using Bible stories, we provide many avenues to fulfill the needs
for academics with emphasis on gross motor skills, social skills, and language development.
Our goal is to provide an environment where your child can learn and discover in a safe and
positive way. Through age appropriate activities, the staff plays with, encourages and
comforts your child – expanding horizons and guiding then to explore to their fullest potential.

We recognize that a child’s immediate family is the strongest influence on a child’s growth and
development. We welcome the opportunity of being an extension of your family and
encourage your participation in our program.

Faith believes MDO is an important community service. Fees are charges to cover the cost of
supplies and teacher pay.

Mother’s Day Out isn’t just for Mothers. Dads, grandparents or anyone who cares for young
children can benefit.

We look forward to meeting you!

In His Love,
Director and Mother’s Day Out Staff

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Mother’s Day Out is to provide quality childcare in a Christian environment.
It is our intent to provide Christian influence in our community in the area of early childhood
education while giving mothers an opportunity for free times to pursue other weekday
activities. Our program provides a safe environment, which supports the physical, social,
emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of each child. Our aim is to help each child
develop a positive attitude, self-confidence and a concern for others.

Age Groups
Our program serves children ages 1 year (before August 1) through 5 years. The children are
divided into the following classes:
1Year Old Room
2 -3 1/2 Year Old Room                        *** 4 or 5 year old may be eligible for Pre-K
3 ½ - 5 Year Old Room

Class Schedule
Below is a typical class schedule to give you an idea of the type of activities your child will be
participating in throughout the day.
10:00 - 10:10         Arrival Time
10:10 - 10:30         Morning Activity (Open play when finished)
10:30 - 11:00         Circle Time
11:30 - 12:00         Fine Motor Skills
12:00- 12:20          Open Play
12:20 - 1:00          Lunch and Rest Period
1:00 - 1:45           Afternoon Activity and Special Activities (Music, Art, Children’s Church &
1:45 - 2:00           Daily Wrap Up
2:00                  Pick Up

You need to provide a packed lunch for your child and an ice pack for items that need to be
kept cold. Finger foods that do not require cooking or reheating are recommended.
We provide milk for lunch but feel free to pack a different drink (no soda, please) with your
child’s lunch if you prefer. Please pack a cup to be returned if you would like your child to
drink the milk or water. Please put your child’s name on his/her lunch box or sack lunch.
Please send a bib (if needed) and napkin in the lunch box; the teacher may not see it in the
backpack/diaper bag at lunch time. We will try to ensure that your child eats well but the food
that was not eaten will be thrown in the trash when they are finished unless requested by the
parent to send it home or if it was not opened (example: a bag of chips or cereal bar that was
not opened will be sent back home). Please notify the director if child has any food allergies.

Supply Lists
               1 year old
To share:       2 boxes of baby wipes                   Labeled for   Diapers
                Paint                                   personal use: Change of clothes
                1 glue sticks (Ross brand works best)                  Prepared lunch
                Pocket Folder                                          Regular sized Back-Pack
                1 box of sandwich baggies
                1 box of Dixie disposable cups
                1 box of watercolor paint

             2-5 year old
To share:      1 box tissues                            Labeled for   Change of clothes
               2 box of baby wipes                      personal use: Drinking cup
               1 24ct box of Crayons                                   Prepared lunch
              Hand sanitizer                                           Regular sized Back-Pack
              1 Colorx Wipes
              Pocket Folder
              1 box of watercolor paint

Children are in class from 10:00am to 2:00 pm. The cost for a MDO session is $20.00 per day
per child. You can choose which day to bring your child (Wednesday or Thursday) upon
enrollment, depending on availability. You are responsible for payment even if you do not

Tuition payments will be due for each month on the first “school” day of each month. When
you register, you are agreeing to utilize our program for the entire school year, If there is a
need to withdraw your child, you agree to give us a 2 week written notice or tuition for the
month must be paid in full. The Mother’s Day Out program is a ministry, however, the
program functions totally on the income provided through the tuition fee.
Drop in reservations (for $20.00 per day) can be made by calling to see if space is available
for the day you want.

Enrollment Fee
Upon enrollment, there is a yearly, non-refundable registration fee of $50 per child. For two
children the fee is $75 and $100 for three or more children per family. This fee is to purchase
special supplies throughout the year.

Late Pickup Charge

Please be prompt when picking up your children. If you leave your child at MDO after 2:00 an
appropriate late fee will be charged. The late fee is $1.00 per minute. This is due the day of
your late arrival.

Security Procedures
Security is one of our highest concerns. After arrival and departure time the outside doors are
locked so we can monitor who enters. Doors are locked at 10:10am and unlocked at 1:50pm.
You cannot get into our area through the church’s upstairs main entrance. You must come to
the downstairs north door and ring the bell so we can let you in. The doors are not locked
from the inside so we will be able to exit in an emergency.

Drop Off
Please do not take your child to his/her classroom until 10:00. Teachers are making
preparations and are in and out of the room until then. Also, to make transitions easier,
please make saying your goodbyes to your child as quickly as possible.

Pick Up
Each child is issued 3 name tags that are to be used to pick up your child. We have drive-up
pick up located on the south side of the church in the circle drive. We ask that you pull
forward and place your child’s name tag in the passenger side window. We will individually
walk your child to your car. We do issue 3 name tags to be used if you are not able to pick up
your child. The child will not be released to anyone who does not have that name tag.

Please provide your child an extra change of clothes in a gallon sized zip lock bag. Even 3 and
4 year olds may have accidents or spill something on their clothing from time to time. We ask
the children to wear their Mother’s Day Out t-shirts that we provide at enrollment. Although
we do like to dress our kids in nice clothes for school they do have a tendency to get messy.
This will alleviate any unwanted stains on clothes. We have craft time and outside play when
the weather permits. Please dress your child so they will be comfortable if we go outside.
Label coats and sweaters. If you feel your child may need anything special for outdoor play
please notify the director.

When you bring your child to MDO we hope they will participate in all of our activities. We will
not force a child to do an activity they do not wish to do but we will encourage them. Your
support in encouraging them is greatly appreciated.

Visitors and Volunteers
Special events at school are always a fun time. If you would like to volunteer your time for one
of these events please notify the teacher or director and arrangements can be made.
Otherwise this is your day out take advantage of the day your child gets to spend with us. If
volunteer help is needed the program will utilize the church volunteers already in the building.

Background Checks
Employees must have a clear background check before they are hired to work with the

First Aid and CPR
At least one person on the staff will be trained in basic first aid and CPR.

Drills and Evacuation Plans
Evacuation plans are posted in the rooms. Bi-monthly safety drills will be conducted.

Immunizations and Health Records
Any child who attends MDO must have a current copy of their immunization record and
completed health record on file with us. These records can be obtained from your child’s
doctor. Please keep us updated on any changes to your child’s record.

School Schedule
We are open each Wednesday and Thursday that the Grain Valley School District is in session.
We are not open when Grain Valley Schools are closed.

Bad Weather/School Closings
When Grain Valley Schools close due to bad weather, we will close as well. Please check the
news for school closings on bad weather days. Due to inclement weather we will forgive 1
snow day each month.

A child’s birthday may be celebrated at Mother’s Day Out. Please let your child's teacher know
in advance so they can set up a good time to celebrate your child's special day.
Parents/guardians may provide cupcakes or other simple refreshments for this special
occasion. Party invitations can be handed out for the entire class.

Emergency Treatment
If your child becomes seriously ill or is injured while in our care we will seek medical treatment
for them. We will NOT transport your child to an urgent care facility or the hospital.
We will call an ambulance for treatment if injury is severe enough and some one on your

child’s emergency call list can be reached. We will contact you immediately in an emergency.
Please be sure to leave updated contact numbers with us.

Sick Children
If a child becomes ill while in our care, parents will be notified to come pick him/her up.
Please arrange to pick up your child within 30 minutes of this call. If we cannot reach you, we
will call the numbers on your emergency contact list.
Please keep your child at home if:
     They have a fever of 101˚ or above.
     They have vomited in the last 12 hours.
     They have diarrhea.
     They have heavy nasal discharge.
     They have a red or sore throat.
     They have lice, scabies, impetigo or ringworm.
     They have chickenpox, measles or mumps.
     They have an eye infection (pinkeye).
     They have an unexplained rash.
     They have unexplained pain.

We prefer not to give medication to children during MDO. Please give any needed medication
before or after school.

Special Instructions
If you have special instructions please have them written out and ready to give to the teacher
when you drop off your child. This saves time and limits confusion at check in.
Remember to label everything you bring to school with your child’s name. This
simplifies the teacher’s job, as it is very difficult to keep track if who brings what and the
children are often unable to identify their things.

Personal Toys and Belongings
Children should leave their personal toys at home or in the car. This prevents toys from
getting lost or broken and keeps younger children from playing with toys that are not safe for
them. We understand that some children may have a security item that they need to keep
with them. If your child has difficulty without this, you may send it.

Discipline Policy
Mother’s Day Out teachers use discipline to protect a child from injury to themselves or others.
Distraction, redirection and time out are used. We model proper behavior so the children
know what is expected from them. Physical punishment is not allowed. Disciplinary measures
will be age appropriate and handled with discretion. In most cases, steps will be taken by the
classroom teacher to correct any behavior problems. If the child is sent to the Director’s office

more than three times in a year, a letter will be sent home and a plan of action will be decided
with the parents, director and teacher. If the behavior continues after the second step the
child may be asked to leave the program.

Discrimination Statement
We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, handicapping
conditions or ancestry.

Reporting Suspected Abuse
We are required by law to report any suspected abuse to the authorities.

Please check with the director or your child’s teacher.

If you have questions, comments, compliments or suggestions please let us know. Feel free
to write down comments and leave them in the director’s box in the church office.


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