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         Born in Southampton, England. You were always a very energetic child. You are an adopted child, knowledge you
gained when your foster parents told you about it. You have no memory of your living parents and despite your adopted
status, your foster parents named you, raised you proper, and for all intents and purposes they are your Mom & Dad.
         You experienced a normal, middle class, upbringing. You attended high school, graduated with honors, and went
to college. You graduated from college with a major in politics, but somehow found college unfulfilling. Since, you were
very athletic you decided to join the British army.
         It changed your life. Since you had a college degree you became an officer and choose to become infantry
platoon commander. After about a year and change you rose in rank to Lieutenant. When you got promoted, you tried
out for the British SAS.
         Grueling is not a word that adequately describes the hell you go through as a trainee for the SAS. You passed,
however, and became of a member of that elite corps. Upon graduation you were assign to Sabre Squadron (The training
wing of the SAS). After about 6 months of training, you were assigned to Air Troop (Paratroopers) of B Squadron of the
22nd SAS Regiment. You were now an active duty Special Ops infantryman.
         After about 3 months with the troop, the leader died in a training accident (parachute malfunction). You were
promoted to Captain and assigned as Troop leader of B Squadron’s Air Troop. You have been on the job about 2 months
and have done well with this group despite being a green Captain.
         You wake up, finish your morning PT and are called into the Major’s office. His face looks serious, you’ve been
around long enough to know that his look is the kind that invites danger.
         You get excited. A real mission, at last. This is where your story begins.

       Driven to excel, smart, strong, highly athletic, and utterly loyal to Queen and country. The typical high
performance soldier.

        1) What is your character’s general appearance? Height, weight, sex, hair color, eye color, etc. Any special
            appearance stuff? Like lots of piercings or tattoos? What race are you?
                a. White, English looking. Brown hair, brown eyes. 6’2”, 210 lbs. SAS Tatoo located on spine below neck
                     and collarline.
        2) What is your character’s name?
                a. Geoff Colebrooke
        3) Does your character have any artistic or musical abilities?
                a. Play immediate style acoustic guitar (Folk style) Actually own guitar.
        4) What are character’s political affiliations (if any)?
                a. Hawkish political party. Does periphally get involved in party functions.
        5) What are you character’s religious beliefs (if any)?
                a. Practicing Protestant, go to church once a week. Your character believes in God and Jesus.
        6) Do you have any childhood friends? If so, how many? Describe them out.
                a. No.
        7) Did/Does your character have any role models / mentors?
                a. Norman S. Desert Storm General. Mentor. English WWII General (Work this out).
        8) Does your character have any unusual habits? Or physical traits? How do people usually react to you when
            you first meet them?
                a. Not very self-possessed. Friendly to meet at first then will follow up with response.
        9) Would you kill or die for your country? Or for a cause?
                a. Yes, and yes for country. Not really for a cause.
        10) What is your normal daily routine? Where exactly do you live and work? In general, describe the area that
            you live in.
                a. Jog every morning. Basic Military lifestyle.
        11) Do you have a significant other? Perhaps a family? Describe that relationship.
                a. Female friends. No family. Love Mom and Dad.
12) What are your character’s dreams and goals? And how do you plan to achieve them?
        a. Taking life in stride and doing the best you can.
13) Do you have any quirks or idiosyncrasies?
        a. Not really.
14) Do you have any questions for the GM?

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