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					HaveburyNews  for tenants and leaseholders
                                                                                                               December 2007

The Mayor and Ashley Bird (centre, middle row) with youngsters and helpers at Beaumont Close

Mayor of St Edmundsbury                                                                          Who was the lucky
opens community garden
The Beaumont Close community                         You may remember from reports in
garden, created by young people                      previous issues of Havebury News that
from the Priors Estate in Bury St                    the garden was formerly a derelict piece
Edmunds, has been officially                         of land. It has been brought to life as
opened by the garden's designer,                     part of a project led by Havebury and
                                                     West Suffolk's Crime and Disorder
14 year-old Ashley Bird, with
                                                     Reduction Partnership.
the help of the Mayor of St                                                                       To find out who won our 'Win a state of
Edmundsbury, Councillor Margaret                                                                   the art laptop' competition in the last
                                                                                                 issue of Havebury News, turn to page 17.
Charlesworth.                                                            (continued on page 2)

                                   Aspiring to excellence
    December 2007
        This Issue
    5th Anniversary celebrations . . .2

    Sheltered accommodation news 3

    Havebury in Bloom 07 . . . . . . . .4                  Roger Bolton (standing) with Havebury Chief Executive Steve Cook (centre), Havebury Chairman Colin Muge (second right)
                                                           and residents enjoying the celebrations
    Tenants' Forum Update . . . . . . . .6

    Financial Focus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
                                                           Havebury celebrates five years
                                                           Two hundred residents and guests                              Chief Executive Steve Cook also
    CIFG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
                                                           helped to celebrate Havebury's fifth                          launched Havebury's five year plan,
                                                           anniversary at a special event held at                        'Our Journey to Excellence' which will
    A day in the life . . . . . . . . . . . . .13          the Bury office in June.                                      take Havebury up to 2013. Four
                                                                                                                         hundred new homes will be built by
    Energy saving scheme . . . . . . . .14                 During the afternoon residents were                           Havebury and a further 1,000
                                                           joined by guests including members of                         properties are planned by the e2
    Heating safety . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14           the Bury St Edmunds Safer                                     Development Consortium, of which
                                                           Neighbourhoods Team, for live music                           Havebury is a member.
    News in brief . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15        and a hog roast provided by The Essex
                                                           Pig Company from 'Jimmy's Farm'.                              Havebury resident Gladys Walker from
    Development update . . . . . . . . .16                                                                               Northgate Lodge sheltered scheme in
                                                           Face painting, hair braiding and other                        Bury St Edmunds who, along with her
    Lucky laptop winner . . . . . . . . .17                activities were enjoyed by the children                       friends, was transported to the event by
                                                           and a celebration cake was cut by                             Havebury, said: “I enjoyed the afternoon
    Christmas competition . . . . . . .18                  Tenants' Forum members and                                    very much. It was lovely to get together
                                                           Havebury's first chairman Terry                               with everyone and see old friends.”
                                                           Clements, who was succeeded by
    Seasonal recipe . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
                                                           current chairman Colin Muge in 2005.                          An evening event was also held for local
                                                                                                                         business and community leaders
    Christmas carol concert . . . . . .18                  Speaking at the event Muriel Healey,                          including The Mayor of St Edmundsbury,
                                                           who was one of the first Forum                                Councillor Margaret Charlesworth; John
    Safer Neighbourhoods news . .19                        members and has represented tenants                           Griffiths, Leader of St Edmundsbury
                                                           on the Board of Directors since                               Borough Council and Richard Spring MP.
    You looked after us well . . . . . .21                 Havebury was formed, said: “The last                          Representatives from some of the
                                                           five years have flown by. Havebury has                        community projects which over the
    Residents Association . . . . . . . .22                done an excellent job and improved the                        past five years have received grants
                                                           lives of tenants. We are also very                            totalling £260,000 from Havebury's
    New opening times . . . . . . . . . .23                pleased with the way that Havebury's                          Community Investment Fund, also
                                                           employees have worked so closely                              joined the celebrations.
                                                           with residents.”

       Mayor of St Edmundsbury opens community garden                                                                                                (continued from front cover)

       At the opening the Mayor said: “I'm                 from Anglia in Bloom judges. It was                           the garden and recognition of all the
       very proud of the young people on the               singled out as one of the four areas                          effort which went into making this
       Priors Estate and what they have                    which helped Bury to win the Gold                             important project come to fruition. “
       achieved. They have all worked very                 Standard in the Permanent Planting
       hard and it's been lovely to see the                category of this year's Anglia in Bloom                       All the youngsters who worked on the
       garden, which is in my ward, progress               competition.                                                  scheme were presented with high street
       along the way. I'm sure it will be                                                                                vouchers as a thank you for taking part.
       enjoyed by many.”                                   Julia Rackowe, campaign manager for                           They were joined at the celebration
                                                           Bury in Bloom, said: “This is a real                          event by the volunteer helpers from
       The garden also received high praise                accolade for everyone who worked on                           Havebury and Norfolk County Services.

                                       Telephone: 08456 123851
Birthday celebrations                                                                                                        Residents plant tree
                                                                                                                             to mark sheltered
at sheltered schemes                                                                                                         scheme refurbishment
It was celebrations all round when residents of two sheltered
schemes owned by Havebury got into the party mood to celebrate
landmark birthdays.
Residents of Churchill Close in Clare                          the help of scheme manager Marian
hosted a special afternoon tea party in                        Potter, longest serving resident of 16
June to celebrate the scheme's 40th                            years Lillian Knock, and Councillor and
birthday. They were joined by scheme                           former Havebury Chairman Terry
managers Irene Arnould and Sheila                              Clements.
Conner, and Havebury's Chief Executive
Steve Cook, who helped to cut a                                Churchill Close has recently undergone
celebration cake.                                              a complete lounge and kitchen
                                                               refurbishment as part of Havebury's
Among the residents taking part in the                         ongoing sheltered housing
festivities was 67 year-old Charlie                            improvement programme. Further work
Twitchett who helped build Churchill                           is currently underway at Erskine Lodge.                       Hilda Dent and Sheila Wormleighton plant the tree, watched
                                                                                                                             by residents and guests
Close more than 40 years ago. Also
joining in the fun was fellow resident
                                                                                                                             Residents of Thingoe Lodge in Fornham All
Ruby Bumpstead, 78, whose parents                                                                                            Saints marked the completion of a major
both lived at the scheme.                                                                                                    improvement programme at the sheltered
                                                                                                                             housing scheme this summer by planting a
Further celebrations were held a week                                                                                        special tree in a newly created seating area.
later at Erskine Lodge in Great
Whelnetham to mark the scheme's                                                                                              The scheme's 19 residents chose a Sweet Gum
30th year.                                                                                                                   tree which was planted by resident Hilda Dent,
                                                                                                                             with the help of Havebury Board Director
Family and friends joined residents for                                                                                      Shelia Wormleighton. They were also presented
an afternoon of fun when the scheme's                                                                                        with a stereo system as a gift from Havebury.
oldest resident, 98 year-old Lucy                              Left to right: Marian Potter, Lillian Knock, Lucy Cornelius
                                                               and Terry Clements cut the celebration cake at Erskine        At the event, Havebury Chief Executive Steve
Cornelius, cut a celebration cake with                         Lodge
                                                                                                                             Cook, said: “The refurbishment at Thingoe Lodge
                                                                                                                             underlines Havebury's commitment to
                                                                                                                             providing tenants with the best possible
                                                                                                                             standards of housing. We are delighted to mark
                                                                                                                             the completion of this major project with a
                                                                                                                             couple of permanent gifts to the residents.”

                                                                                                                             The refurbishment includes an extension to the
                                                                                                                             communal lounge; modernisation and
                                                                                                                             expansion of the main kitchen area; a buggy
                                                                                                                             room for recharging electric vehicles; a fully
                                                                                                                             accessible toilet in the reception area; improved
                                                                                                                             bathroom with hydrotherapy bath and hoist,
                                                                                                                             and a new scheme manager's office.

                                                                                                                             Each flat now has its own shower, separate
                                                                                                                             bedroom and updated kitchen and residents
                                                                                                                             were able to choose their own colour scheme,
                                                                                                                             carpets and kitchen units. New decorations and
                                                                                                                             carpeting have also been added.
Churchill Close residents raise a glass to celebrate the scheme's 40th birthday

    Havebury in Bloom prize giving event
    Winners                                     “During the prize giving a couple of                 Best Basket/Tubs
                                                winners said to me that they weren't                 The judges particularly liked the colourful
    Best Garden
                                                sure whether to enter as they felt their             arrangement of tubs and baskets at
    1st Mr Terry Clutterham
                                                gardens weren't good enough. Clearly                 Northgate Lodge in Bury St Edmunds
        New Road, Ixworth
                                                the judges had a different view and we               where Stan and June Clover, along with
    2nd Mr L Flatman                            sincerely hope that anyone hesitating                fellow resident Doris Mayhew, work hard
        Hopton Road, Thelnetham                 about taking part next year will take                to keep them in tip top condition.
    3rd Mr & Mrs Arnold                         the plunge and join in.”
        Tut Hill, Fornham All Saints                                                                 “We do it together and help each other,”
    Best Basket/Tubs                            John Bell of Marlows Home & Garden                   said Stan Clover.
    1st Stan and June Clover                    Centre, added: “Marlows was pleased to
        Northgate Lodge, Bury St Edmunds        be associated with the competition for               “If you get a broom in your hand it takes
                                                the second year running and provide                  the place of your stick and holds you
    2nd Ivan Briggs
                                                the prizes for the winners.”                         up,” added Doris Mayhew.
        Tayfen House, Bury St Edmunds
    3rd Mrs Kathleen Cummings                   Best Garden
        Hopton Road, Barningham                 Top prize in the Best Garden category
                                                went to Terry Clutterham of New Road,
    Best Communal                               Ixworth, whose wife Barbara had
    1st Churchill Close, Clare                  secretly entered him in the contest.
    2nd Northgate Lodge, Bury St Edmunds
    Best Newcomer                               “I'm really chuffed to win. Gardening
    1st Mrs Christine Gooch                     has always been my hobby and I now
        Bloomfield Close, Sapiston              spend all my time on it,” said Terry,
    2nd Mr B Howlett                            who's a retired lorry driver.
        Prince Charles Ave, Bury St Edmunds
                                                “This garden was a clear winner with a
    3rd Mr Marlow
                                                good mix of ornamentals and fruit and
        Chestnut Court, Haverhill
                                                vegetables. It was exceptionally well                Front row left to right: Northgate Lodge residents Doris
    3rd Mr & Mrs Mayes                                                                               Mayhew, Stan Clover and June Clover receive their prize
                                                presented and well thought out and is a              for Best Hanging Baskets/ Tubs from John Bell (back, left)
        Elm Close, Haverhill
                                                lovely working garden.” said John Bell.              and Peter Negri (back, right)
    Sunflower Competition Winner
          Sinead Knight
          Oliver Road, Bury St Edmunds

    Quality of entries even
    higher this year
    The atmosphere was buzzing as the
    winners of this year's Havebury in
    Bloom contest gathered for a prize
    giving event at our Bury offices in
    October. Families and friends also
    attended the event which was part of a
    special Community Evening.

    Peter Negri of Norfolk County Services,
    said: “We were delighted by the high
    quality of the entries in all categories.
    An extra category was added this year
    of 'Best Newcomer' to encourage as
    many residents as possible to take part.    Best Garden: Terry Clutterham of New Road, Ixworth

                             Telephone: 08456 123851
                                                            “                 “                                          NCS retains
Best Newcomer
The judges loved the individual features                           It was the biggest surprise
of Christine Gooch's winning garden in                             of my life and wonderful
Bloomfield Close, Sapiston, in particular
her innovative hedge design in the                                 to win
shape of an elephant and her rainwater
collection system.
                                                                                             Christine Gooch
                                                                                             Best Newcomer
                                                                                                                         Peter Negri, Commercial Director,
                                                                                                                         Norfolk County Services

                                                                                                                         We are delighted that Havebury
                                                                                                                         has awarded NCS its grounds
                                                                                                                         maintenance contract for a further
                                                                                                                         three years. We believe the service
                                                                                                                         has improved year on year and aim
                                                                                                                         to build on this further to enhance
                                                                                                                         the areas you live in.
Best Newcomer: Christine Gooch of Bloomfield Close, Sapiston
                                                                                                                         The contract includes the management of
                                                                                                                         Havebury's trees in public areas. Our aim
Best Communal                                               Tallest Sunflower
Another team effort helped Churchill                        It was seven-year-old Sinead Knight of                       is to ensure that, through regular
Close in Clare to clinch the top prize for                  Oliver Road on the Westley Estate in                         inspections and by taking timely action,
Best Communal Garden. Scheme                                Bury St Edmunds, who won the tallest                         the trees are kept in a safe and healthy
Manager Irene Arnould said: “All the                        sunflower competition. She was                               condition.
residents chip in to help in one way or                     awarded a £30 WH Smith card so she
another.”                                                   can choose her own prize.                                    We will also continue the process of site
                                                                                                                         development by clearing unsightly and
                                                            Sinead's sunflower literally towered                         inappropriately planted areas and replacing
                                                            above the rest, reaching a massive                           them with new trees, shrubs and lawns.
                                                            12 feet 6 inches.
                                                                                                                         We want to extend the level of
                                                            “It's fantastic, I couldn't believe I won,”
                                                                                                                         community involvement by organising
                                                            said Sinead, who attends Ickworth Park
                                                            School.                                                      'Ward Walks' where residents will be
                                                                                                                         invited to join NCS and Havebury
                                                                                                                         managers to look closely at their area and
                                                                                                                         discuss opportunities for improvement.
Peter Negri (centre) presents Churchill Close residents,                                                                 We also aim to establish a 'Customer Care
with their prize for Best Communal Garden. Residents left
to right: Wally Worthington, Tom Dawson and Charlie                                                                      Panel' to champion the cause of residents
Twitchett with scheme manager Irene Arnould
                                                                                                                         and ensure that we provide the best
“I am out there every day, there's                                                                                       service possible.
always something to do,” said Tom
Dawson, who worked as a landscape                                                                                        Photo Reporting will also be introduced
gardener for 30 years.                                                                                                   (see next edition of Havebury News for
                                                                                                                         details). Havebury residents will be
Charlie Twitchett added: “We all help.                                                                                   encouraged to send in photos from mobile
Tom does the hard work while Wally                                                                                       phones or digital cameras to highlight a
likes to do the watering and regularly                                                                                   specific problem or an example of
drenches himself with the hose! Sylvia
                                                                                                                         excellent service.
Johnson has a lot of expert knowledge
on plants and knows all the Latin                           Sinead Knight receives her prize for the tallest sunflower
names.”                                                     from Peter Negri (left), Muriel Healey and John Bell

    Tenants’ Forum U
    New Vice Chair
    for Forum
    Sandra Norris has been elected as
    Vice Chair of the Tenants' Forum for the
    second time.

    Sandra, who lives in Haverhill, takes over
    the position which she first held for a
    year from May 2006 from Ken French.
    She has been a member of the Tenants'
    Forum for two years and was appointed
    to Havebury's Board of Directors in May.

    “I am delighted to be elected once again
    as Vice Chair of the Forum,” said 63 year-
                                                  Muriel Healey (front) with Tenants' Forum members
    old Sandra. “It's good to know that I have
    the support of my fellow Forum members                                                            Board Director Sheila Wormleighton added:
    as it is a very busy role but one that I
    thoroughly enjoy. Everything I do, I do for
                                                  First Life                                          “By awarding Muriel with the first Life
                                                                                                      Presidency we acknowledge her
    the benefit of the tenants as I want to
    make sure they have the best standard of
                                                  President                                           commitment, loyalty and dedication to
                                                                                                      Havebury, to its tenants and to the
    housing possible.”
                                                  at Havebury                                         Borough. She is very much respected and
                                                                                                      admired and has been a true ambassador.”
    One of Sandra's key aims is to help set up
                                                  Long standing Forum member Muriel Healey
    a Youth Forum for younger Havebury
                                                  was awarded Havebury's first Life Presidency
    residents. She added: “I want to see more
                                                  at its Annual General Meeting in September.
    young people become involved in
    community life and a Youth Forum will
                                                                                                      Havebury welcomes
                                                  Muriel, 87, who lives in Haverhill, was
    give them an opportunity to put forward
    their views. I hope this will help to see a
                                                  honoured for her loyalty, commitment and            new team member
                                                  enthusiasm in representing tenants' views
    return to traditional family values which
                                                  over a period spanning 14 years.                    A new face has joined
    is central to a strong community.”
                                                                                                      the Havebury team as
                                                  At the event Muriel said: “I have enjoyed my        a trainee Communities
    As Havebury's Sheltered Housing Tenant
                                                  time as a Tenants' Forum member and                 and Tenants Adviser.
    Representative, Sandra already has an
                                                  Board Director and to become Havebury's
    active role within the housing association.
                                                  first Life President is an honour. I'll be          Sarah Edison, 23, began
    She also sits on Havebury's Community
                                                  continuing my aspirations for Havebury and          working at the Bury
    Investment Focus Group and is a member
                                                  its tenants in my new role.”                        office back in April as
    of the Performance Panel, Website                                                                                           Sarah Edison
    Committee and Corporate Complaints                                                                an Administration
                                                  Muriel was an ambassador for the transfer           Assistant and quickly became involved with a
                                                  of housing stock from St Edmundsbury                range of projects including this year's Havebury
                                                  Borough Council to Havebury when it was             in Bloom competition.
                                                  formed in 2002, using her skills and energy
                                                  as Forum Vice Chair during this crucial             In her new role Sarah is busy helping to set up
                                                  period.                                             a Youth Forum for younger Havebury residents
                                                                                                      and also a 'Sounding Board' group, made up of
                                                  Councillor and Havebury Board Director              around 200 tenants who will give their ideas
                                                  Terry Clements, who was Chairman of                 and views on Havebury's services.
                                                  Havebury in 2002, said: “Muriel was a real
                                                  ambassador from the start. She was the rock         Sarah said: “No two days are the same and I
                                                  on which Havebury's strong foundations              love meeting different people which is a large
                                                  were built and helped extol the benefits of         part of my job. Next year I hope to begin a
                                                  transfer. She has taken on board new ideas          qualification in Tenant Involvement and I'm
                                                  and has been passionate about Havebury's            looking forward to getting to know more
    Sandra Norris                                 successful development.”                            residents over the coming months.”

                                Telephone: 08456 123851
  Forum visits
  House of
  Commons                                          David Ruffley (centre left) and Tom Murray (centre right) with members of the group at the Houses of Parliament

  Forum members joined local MP David              tour of the House of Commons, House of                       Forum member and Board Director Tom
  Ruffley at the Houses of Parliament in July      Lords and various rooms used by HM The                       Murray, who was instrumental in organising
  to discuss issues including affordable           Queen during the State Opening.                              the trip, said: “The tour of the House of
  housing as part of their annual team             David Ruffley, MP for Bury St Edmunds who                    Commons was extremely good and our time
  building away day.                               is the newly appointed Shadow Minister for                   with David Ruffley was excellent. He
                                                   Police Reform, also answered questions from                  answered all of our questions and was full of
  They were joined by members of Friends of        the group on a range of subjects including                   praise for Havebury as an organisation and
  Havebury and the Stronger Communities            the education system and his views on                        its staff.”
  Team for the trip which included a guided        Havebury's performance.

  Calling all tenants,
                                                   Sounding Board - If you would like to                        Members will have a real say in their
  leaseholders and                                 give your views but don't have much time                     neighbourhoods.
  young people                                     to spare then the Sounding Board is for you.
                                                   This consultative group of tenants and                       For more information on how to get
                                                   leaseholders will be asked for their views                   involved or for an application pack please
  How YOU can get involved:                        from time to time on subjects of their                       contact Sarah Edison on 01284 722033 or
  Tenants’ Forum - We are looking for people       choice.                                                      email
  to join our Tenants' Forum to help influence
  decisions at Havebury. You don't need any        Youth Forum - Any young people who are             
  experience and we'll even help with your         interested in getting involved with their
  travel and childcare costs.                      community can join this new group.

  Forum members                                    Bury resident Malcolm has been a member
                                                   of the Tenants' Forum since transfer in
                                                                                                                Malcolm said: “I am looking forward to the
                                                                                                                challenge and helping to ensure that the
                                                   2002. He joins Roger and three other Forum                   promises made to tenants at transfer
  join Board of                                    members who sit on the Board of Directors
                                                   and play an influential role in how
                                                                                                                remain a priority for the future. I have
                                                                                                                enjoyed my work with the Forum and
                                                   Havebury's homes and neighbourhoods                          becoming a Board Director will step this up
  Directors                                        are managed.                                                 another level.”

  Congratulations to Forum Chair Roger
  Bolton and Forum member Malcolm Searle
  who have both been elected Board Directors.

  Roger, who lives in Haverhill, has been a
  member of the Tenants' Forum since 2003
  and became Vice Chair in 2004, before being
  voted in as Chair in 2005.

  He said: “My role as Tenants' Forum Chair
  has always been to best represent the views
  of fellow residents. As a member of the
  Board of Directors I will be able to expand
  on this positive role and take tenants'
  opinions straight to the Board for discussion.
  I am looking forward to the challenge.”          Roger Bolton                                                  Malcolm Searle

                                          Are you having difficulty
    Credit Union
    opens in Bury                         paying your rent?
                                          Rent arrears is a very serious problem, not      always very careful in distinguishing the
    Bury St Edmunds now has its own       only for tenants who face increasing debt, but   difference here.
    Credit Union with more than 50        also for Havebury. If we don't collect all the
    members who are already saving        rental income which is owed to us by our         You can be assured that anyone who really
    money on a regular basis!             tenants, then the services we provide for you    can't pay will receive our full assistance
                                          will suffer. We need to maximise our income      throughout the arrears procedure, even if the
                                          in order to run our services and improve your    matter goes to court. But if you simply opt to
    You may remember from previous        homes.                                           pay other creditors rather than Havebury or
    issues of Havebury News that                                                           use non payment to cope with a holiday or
    Credit Unions provide those people    To help us maximise rental income, we offer      Christmas debt, our arrears team will be in
    who have difficulty opening a         assistance to everybody who is unable to pay     contact with you! At worst, you could be in
                                          their rent. Our Benefits Team, for example, is   danger of losing your home.
    regular bank account due to           always on hand to help you claim the full
    factors such as low income or         amount of Housing and other benefits you         Remember, if you're experiencing difficulties
    previous financial problems, with a   are entitled to.                                 with paying your rent, please contact
    secure way to save money. Credit                                                       Havebury's Benefits Advice team on our
    Unions also offer low cost loans to   However, not all arrears are caused by people    Customer Helpline. The Citizens Advice
                                          on low incomes or those who have not             Bureau (Bury 01284 753675 and Haverhill
    regular savers.                       claimed full benefits. Some people don't pay     01440 704012) is another organisation which
                                          because they choose not to, but Havebury is      may be able to help you.
    Bury's Credit Union officially
    opened in November and has two
    collection centres where members
    can deposit money. These are
                                          Havebury's policy on
    located at The Centre in St Johns
    Street, open on Wednesdays
    between 10am and 1pm, and the
                                          rent increases
    Anselm Community Centre on the        When Havebury was first established in           inflation (using September figures), plus
    Mildenhall Road estate, also open     2002, we gave each of our tenants a              0.5%, plus £2 per week.
                                          guarantee as to the rent they would be
    on Wednesdays between 3.30pm          paying for the next five years, a promise        Havebury will only apply the maximum rent
    and 6pm.                              that we kept. This promise expires on 31st       increase where rents will not meet the
                                          March 2008 so now seems a good time to           targets set by 2012. Therefore, taking a
    The Credit Union is looking for       explain how Havebury will approach the           typical rent of £68.51 per week as an
    volunteers to staff both collection   issue of future rent increases.                  example, the maximum your rent could
                                                                                           increase to is £72.57, if inflation stands at
    centres and to join the Committee.    Each Havebury property has a target rent         2.5 per cent. This is an increase of £4.04 per
    If you are interested in helping or   which has to be achieved by 2012. This is        week.
    would like to find out more about     calculated according to Government
    the financial services on offer,      guidelines, with 70% based on average local      Each year Havebury will determine the level
    please contact Bury Credit Union      earnings compared to national figures, and       of rent increases subject to this maximum.
                                          30% based on the property itself. The
    on 01473 690690.                      Government also says that rents cannot           If you have any queries or would like further
                                          increase by any more than the rate of            advice on rent payments please contact

                          Telephone: 08456 123851
                                                                                                 New personal loan
                                                                                                 scheme for tenants
Your new rent statement
By now you will have all received a new style rent statement. It is clearer and more
informative than the old statement and we hope you will find it useful.

It shows your balance and your individual payments. If you receive Housing benefit, this
will also be highlighted.                                                                        Havebury has teamed up with
                                                                                                 Foundation East, a not for profit
In future this statement will be sent out to all tenants every quarter and can be
requested from the Arrears Recovery team.                                                        organisation in Bury St Edmunds, to
                                                                                                 offer a personal loan scheme for
                                                                                                 residents who are unable to access
                                                                                                 regular bank or building society

                                                                                                 Through Foundation East you can borrow
                                                                                                 small amounts to help purchase items
                                                                                                 such as clothes for a job interview,
                                                                                                 household items such as a washing
                                                                                                 machine or to fund a training course.
                                                                       • Total rentthis period
                                                                         costs for
                                                                                    and other

                                                                                                 The interest rate (the amount you have
                                                                                                 to pay back on top of what you borrow)
                                                                       • Housing received by
                                                                                  and other
                                                                                                 is 24% for loans under £1,000 and 22%
                                                                         Havebury towards        for loans over this amount. The money
                                                                         your rent
                                                                                                 can be paid back fortnightly or monthly
                                                                                                 over a period of three months to three
                                                                       • Rent paidthe total
                                                                                   by you
                                                                                                 years. Full advice will be given by
                                                                         rent over the           Foundation East to help you understand
                                                                         3 month period
                                                                                                 the terms of the loan.

                                                                       • Your new balance        Havebury Finance Manager, Stephen Shaw
                                                                                                 said: “Some residents may have
                                                                                                 experienced difficulties obtaining loans in
                                                                                                 the past and turned to door step lenders
                                                                       • Your individual
                                                                                                 who can charge interest up to 177%.
                                                                                                 The personal loan scheme, operated by
                                                                                                 Foundation East, provides an alternative
                                                                                                 to these high cost lenders. It is part of our
                                                                                                 programme of financial advice and help
                                                                                                 available to tenants.”

                                                                                                 If you would like to find out more about
                                                                                                 the personal loan scheme please contact


     Residents take a seat                                                                      Tenants' Forum
                                                                                               member joins CIFG
     at Clements Resource
     The lack of summer weather didn't stop residents of the Clements Estate in Haverhill
     from making the most of new wooden tables and chairs outside the Clements
     Resource Centre. They were bought with the help of a £254 grant from the
     Community Investment Fund.

     Instead of holding formal meetings once a month, residents now gather at the Centre
     every Monday and Thursday mornings between 9.30am and 12 noon. This new
     approach has encouraged more people to drop in to meet friends and discuss local
     issues over a cup of coffee. Local Councillors, the police and Havebury representatives
     also call by to address any issues residents may have.

                                                                                               Forum member Joan Wright has
                                                                                               joined Havebury's Community
                                                                                               Investment Focus Group as a
                                                                                               tenant representative.

                                                                                               In her new role Joan will help to
                                                                                               recommend local groups and
                                                                                               projects to the Havebury Board for
                                                                                               funding. To date over 100 projects
                                                                                               have benefited from grants totalling
                                                                                               more than £260,000.

                                                                                               Joan, who lives on the Westley
                                                                                               Estate in Bury St Edmunds, said:
                                                                                               “This is entirely different to my
                                                                                               work with the Forum and it's
                                                                                               interesting to hear about the hard
                                                                                               work so many people do for the
                                                                                               benefit of the local community. The
                                                                                               Fund is very worthwhile and I look
                                                                                               forward to becoming more involved
                                                                                               in the months to come.”
     Visitors to the Clements Resource Centre enjoy the new tables and chairs

                                        Telephone: 08456 123851
y Investment Focus Group                                                                  CIFG
   Community Investment Fund launches new report
   A new Community Investment Fund                     ourselves in many different              requests for grants, so that the
   report has been published, giving                   networks locally. There are many         success of the
   many examples of the projects that                  successes to celebrate and the new       Community
   have benefited from the fund during                 Annual Report shows that success.”       Investment Fund
   the period April 2006 to March                                                               continues,”
   2007. It was launched at Havebury's                 He reported that the grants              he added.
   Community Evening in October,                       awarded to local groups had
   where Chris Allen, Chair of the                     enabled the recipients to attract
   Community Investment Focus                          'matched' funding from other
   Group, said:                                        organisations. The total value of
                                                       matched funding now amounts to
   “The Focus Group is succeeding in                   over £4.25 million.
   attracting a wider range of
   organisations to apply for funds,                   “We want the community to
   which we are achieving by involving                 inundate our team with new

  Homeless volunteers create
  garden at Ickworth House
  Visitors to Ickworth House in                       Tayfen House resident Peter Shefford      getting my hands dirty and doing
  Horringer will be able to enjoy a new               added: “It’s been great. I really enjoy   something useful.”
  wildlife area in the grounds of the                 getting out into the countryside,
  National Trust site, thanks to the
  efforts of residents from Tayfen
  House in Bury St Edmunds, and a
  £1,000 grant.

  Volunteers from the homeless
  support centre are working hard to
  create the area which will include a
  butterfly garden and artificial wildlife
  habitats. When finished, the site will
  be used by local schools as an
  education facility.

  Ivan Briggs, project manager at Tayfen
  House, said: “The volunteers
  thoroughly enjoyed the work. It's a
  great way for residents to gain
  worthwhile work experience on a
  project which will really benefit the
  local community.”
  Volunteers and staff from Tayfen House on the job

                                      Community Investment Focus Group                                           CIFG
                                      New CIFG projects
     Kitchen upgrade for Neurological centre                                                      Other new grants
     community facilities for Bury takes step                                                     Haverhill Big Day Out......................£734
     All Saints Church on the Priors Estate in
                                               closer                                             Churchill Close Residents
     Bury St Edmunds has received a £3,170                                                        Bradfield St George Village
                                                   Plans for a new centre in Bury St
     grant to upgrade the kitchen area of its                                                       Hall Committee.............................£750
                                                   Edmunds for people who have suffered
     newly expanded community facilities. The                                                     Anselm Community Centre
                                                   strokes and conditions such as Multiple
     grant follows an initial boost of £5,000 to                                                    Summer Activity Scheme...........£430
                                                   Sclerosis have progressed, thanks in part
     help build the new amenities. Numbers
                                                   to a £1.5k grant to West Suffolk Headway.
     of users are expected to increase from
                                                   It is hoped that the Centre will bring
     4,000 to 10,000 per year.                     together the expertise of various local
                                                   organisations to provide new facilities
     New play equipment                            and support.

     for Fornham St
     Martin                             Youth Shelter for
     A £2,000 grant has been awarded to
     Fornham St Martin Parish Council to help      Young people in the village of Stanton are
     upgrade the play equipment available for      benefiting from a new outdoor shelter,
     young families in the village. Young tots     thanks in part to a £3,560 grant. The
     to early teens can now enjoy the new          graffiti proof shelter has been built to
     facilities which include swings, a            provide young people with a place to
     roundabout and a seesaw.                      meet. It is also hoped that the project will
                                                                                                  Above: Summer Activity Scheme at the Anselm
                                                   promote social inclusion and help to           Community Centre
     New flooring for                              reduce antisocial behaviour.                   Below: Haverhill Big Day Out

     village church
     A £1,933 grant has been awarded to
     St Thomas A Beckett Church in Great
     Whelnetham for new flooring in the
     north aisle. The work has been carried
     out as part of a £35,000 programme to
     provide improved facilities for local
     social groups.

     support for young
     St Nicholas Hospice in Bury St Edmunds
     has been awarded a £2,312 grant for a
     pilot project to help young people cope
     with bereavement. A group of 16-25
     year-olds were able to work through their
     grief by making a DVD about the person
     they had lost. They were also offered
     professional counselling.

                               Telephone: 08456 123851
Athe life of
Pat Spring Scheme Manager, Westbourne Court, Haverhill
I've worked as a scheme manager for more          There is always a lot going on and we like to     joined us in October for a nice dinner and
than 20 years in various locations across West    provide entertainment and treats for the          entertained the residents with his singing -
Suffolk and have been at Westbourne Court         residents when we can. In the summer I            a good time was had by all!
for almost three of those.                        delivered 37 cream teas with Sheila Connor,
                                                  scheme manager at Churchill Close, as a           I'm very happy in my job and although it can
The first thing I do when I get in around 8am     special treat from Havebury for the residents     be a little stressful at times I wouldn't change
is to switch over from Invicta, the personal      here and at Burton End in Haverhill. BBC          a thing. I retire in four years time and will be
alarm service which enables residents to call     Radio Suffolk presenter Brian Mann also           really sad to leave as we are like a family.
for immediate help out of hours. I then call
each of my residents to check they are all OK.
Some of them have carers but they may not
arrive first thing, so I like to make sure they
have everything they need in the meantime.

I then check my e-mails and deal with
anything which has come up but as for the
rest of the day - who knows! You have to be
very flexible in this job and my duties vary
from day to day. I may have to carry out a
needs assessment on a potential new
resident, look after a resident who is ill, or
generally provide help and advice.                Pat with Westbourne Court resident Sadie Miller

   Join in the fun at Beetons Lodge
    If you'd like to get out of the house         including quizzes and sing alongs or card
    to meet other people and enjoy                playing and board games. After a tasty
    yourself then Beetons Lodge                   meal (for which there is a charge)
    sheltered scheme could be the place           members can enjoy a game of bingo or
    for you!                                      take part in a raffle over afternoon tea
                                                  and coffee.
    Beetons Lodge in Tollgate Lane
    provides day care facilities for older        Speakers and entertainers regularly visit
    people living in and around Bury St           the centre and outings to the seaside or
    Edmunds. Companionship,                       for a pub lunch add to the fun!
    entertainment, recreation and a hot,
    home-made meal are all on offer for           There are 23 places available each day
    members who meet from 10.00am                 at Beetons Lodge which also provides
    to 2.30pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays            important respite care for family and
    and Fridays.                                  friends who are acting as carers. If you
                                                  would like to find out more, please
    On arrival members can catch up               contact manager Kate Carter on
    with friends over a cuppa. This is            01284 701901.
    followed by a range of activities                                                               Regular activities are part of the fun

                                                                                             Bright idea to
                                                                                             cut energy bills
                                                                                             A new scheme to help you cut the
                                                                                             cost of your gas and electricity bills
                                                                                             has been launched by Havebury in
                                                                                             partnership with PCL Energy

                                                                                             The Havebury Energy Service
                                                                                             Scheme aims to provide you with
                                                                                             easy access to cheaper gas and
                                                                                             electricity through chosen energy

                                Keep safe and warm                                           supplier Scottish and Southern
                                                                                             Energy Group. The company has

               this winter
                                                                                             been selected due to its competitive
                                                                                             rates and excellent customer service.

                                                                                             The service also offers an energy
     When the weather's cold, the last thing       Set your heating to come on about         advice line for residents which will
     you need is a problem with your central       30 minutes before you get up and          help you save money and the
     heating system. To help keep you warm         to turn off 30 minutes before you         environment. You may also be
     and safe, our gas and heating contractor      go to bed - there will still be plenty    eligible to claim free low energy
                                                                                             light bulbs.
     Aaron Services Ltd has put together           of heat left in your home to keep
     some useful tips which might save you         you warm.                                 Mark Randall of PCL Energy Services
     a few pennies too!                            Make sure your room thermostat is         explains: “Trying to find the cheapest
                                                   set correctly. Reducing the               and most efficient energy supplier
        If you're going away for a few days,       temperature by one degree can             for your home can be a difficult and
        set your central heating to come on        reduce your fuel bill by up to 10%!       confusing task due to all the
        twice a day at a low temperature.          Never tamper with gas appliances          conflicting information available.
        This helps avoid the problem of            yourself and please make sure you
        freezing or burst pipes if there's a       provide Aaron Services with access        “We also find that many people
                                                                                             moving into new homes remain with
        sudden cold snap.                          to your home when requested so
                                                                                             the existing gas or electricity
        Check radiators are warming up             they can carry out vital safety
                                                                                             supplier as this is the easiest option
        properly. If they're hot at the            checks.                                   - but it's not necessarily the
        bottom and cold at the top, air                                                      cheapest.
        could be trapped in the system and      Finally, if you suspect a gas leak or have
        they will need to be 'bled'.            any problems with your gas appliances,       “We work hard to get the best deal
        Alternatively, if your radiators are    please contact Havebury immediately          for tenants and have teamed up
        hot at the top and cold at the          on 08456 123 851.                            with one supplier who we believe
        bottom, there could be a blockage                                                    can give the majority of residents
        affecting the free flow of water and                                                 the best all round service. However,
                                                                                             if we can't offer a cheaper solution
        a 'power flush' may be necessary.
                                                                                             through our chosen supplier, we will
                                                                                             help residents to look for a better

                                                                                             For further information on how you
                                                                                             could benefit from the energy saving
                                                                                             scheme, call now on 0800 7834761,
                                                                                             visit or pick
                                                                                             up an Energy Services leaflet from
                                                                                             reception. 'Energy Awareness' &
                                                                                             'Basic Bank Account' leaflets also

                             Telephone: 08456 123851
                                            Leaseholder open day
                                            In August Havebury offered leaseholders     Havebury is legally required to consult
                                            the chance to give their views on           with leaseholders on issues affecting
                                            proposals for the new grounds               them. The feedback from the open day
                                            maintenance contract (see page 5)           was very useful and helped to shape the
                                            during a special open day at the Bury       new grounds maintenance contract.
                                            offices.                                    Individual issues raised by leaseholders

                                                                                        during the event have also been
                                            Members of Havebury's Property team         followed up by the Property team.
                                            were on hand to answer questions            For further information, please contact
                                            about two different tenders for the         Havebury's Leasehold and Right to Buy

in brief                                    contract, including the costs to
                                            leaseholders under each proposal.
                                                                                        officer Liz Row on 01284 722197.

Data pots                                   Have you returned your
Havebury has launched a scheme to
provide paramedics with vital
information on residents who are
                                            Deeds of Variation?
                                            We sent Deeds of Variation to all           carry out an improvement to your
elderly, live alone or have a medical
                                            tenants in July. These update your          home or perhaps purchase it, an out of
condition, in the event of an
                                            tenancy agreement with minor changes        date tenancy contract could result in
emergency.                                  that are all to the benefit of you, the     delays.
                                            tenant. The Tenants' Forum has
The idea is to provide vulnerable           supported this. It is important that        If you require any further information,
residents with a small plastic container    your documentation with Havebury is         or you have misplaced the document,
called a 'data pot', which includes their   up to date since should you wish to         please contact Havebury.
medical details and information such
as blood group and next of kin.
                                            Thank you for not smoking
The pot is kept in the residents' fridge    Havebury would like to thank residents,     places and work premises. Therefore we
and a sticker put on their front door       employees and visitors to our offices for   should point out that our contractors
or window so that the emergency             complying with the new 'no smoking'         who carry out work in residents' homes
services know where to find it and          legislation which was introduced in July.   can refuse to enter a property if the
access the vital information.                                                           tenant smokes as this is in effect their
                                            The new rules ban smoking in all public     'workplace'.
If you would like to know more about
the scheme, please call Havebury and
ask for Wynn Scott or Gay Moore.            Havebury ranked                             reasonably modern facilities and
                                                                                        services such as central heating.

Communal doors                              highly in home                              In this major national survey, one in
                                                                                        four homes in England were found to
A short reminder about the problems
caused by wedging communal doors
                                            condition survey                            be below the required standard.
open in shared properties.                                                              Havebury fared much better, however,
                                            Havebury is well above the national         with only 10.4 % of its properties said
                                            average when it comes to living             to be 'non-decent'. An average of 24%
This can damage the door and lock
                                            conditions and energy efficiency in         of properties owned by Registered
system which not only costs
                                            tenants' homes, according to the            Social Landlords were below standard.
Havebury time and money to repair,
                                            English House Condition Survey which
but can also affect the security of
                                            covers all properties, including those      Havebury, which is investing £1million
the building. Therefore it would be
                                            that are owned privately.                   per month in improving tenants'
appreciated if this practice was                                                        homes, aims to have 100% of its
stopped!                                                                                properties meeting the 'decent' homes
                                            To be rated as 'decent' a home must be
                                            in a reasonable state of repair and have    standard by 2010.

     Young families welcomed                                                                                       Howard Estate, Bury
                                                                                                                   Work will begin early next year to

     to homes of the future                                                                                        transform a former derelict pub site on
                                                                                                                   the Howard Estate in Bury St Edmunds
                                                                                                                   into eight new affordable homes.

                                                                                                                   The £1 million development in St
                                                                                                                   Olaves Road consists of five, two and
                                                                                                                   three bedroom houses and three, one
                                                                                                                   and two bedroom flats. The homes have
                                                                                                                   been designed by Rees Pryer Architects
                                                                                                                   in Bury.

                                                                                                                   Havebury worked closely with local
                                                                                                                   residents, St Edmundsbury Borough
                                                                                                                   Council and landowners Marcus King to
                                                                                                                   find a development solution for the site.
                                                                                                                   The area had become an unpopular
                                                                                                                   eyesore since the old Merry-go-round
                                                                                                                   pub was burnt down.

                                                                                                                   Key Potential
                                                                                                                   More than 30 privately owned
                                                                                                                   properties in Suffolk have been secured
                                                                                                                   to house families on St. Edmundsbury
     Helen and Sebastian Harridge with Havebury Chief Executive Steve Cook and Risby Ward Councillor Mary Levack   Borough Council's waiting list, thanks
                                                                                                                   to the success of a property
     Tenants living in new 'green' homes in the                 Edmunds to one of the new three-                   management scheme run by Havebury
     villages of Barningham and Risby were                      bedroom terraced homes in Barningham.              in partnership with the Council.
     presented with a bay tree as a welcome                     Jenna Bowes said: “I love it here and the
     gift by Havebury when the developments                     children are so much happier, with a lot           Key Potential guarantees rent and
     were officially opened in September.                       more space, a garden and central heating,          provides a high quality service to
                                                                none of which we had before.”                      private sector landlords. It has been
     The three new homes in Sandy Lane,                                                                            operating across St Edmundsbury for
     Barningham and four new properties in                      In Risby young family, Sebastian and               over two years. Havebury has also won
     Quays Road and The Avenue in Risby, have                   Helen Harridge and their two children,             a contract with Breckland District
     all been built to blend in with their village              moved from a one-bedroom flat in Bury              Council in Norfolk where properties
     setting. Designed to the Eco Homes Very                    St Edmunds to their new two-bedroom                have already been secured in Thetford,
     Good standard, the homes are all                           flat in the village.                               Dereham, Swaffham and Watton.
     landscaped and have been fitted with
     energy efficient boilers and water saving                  “We are really pleased with the move and           For further information, contact
     features.                                                  love it here,” said Sebastian Harridge.            Dale Moore, Private Homes
                                                                                                                   Co-ordinator on 01284 722037.
     Security windows, enhanced security                        Havebury invested £785,000 in the
     doors and home office facilities have all                  construction of the new developments
     been included and at Sandy Lane, the                       which were built by Cocksedge Building
     houses have been designed to 'Lifetime                     Contractors with the support of St
     Home' standard which allows for future                     Edmundsbury Borough Council and the
     adaptability should current or future                      Housing Corporation.
     tenants need equipment such as hoists,
     lifts or a downstairs shower.                              Havebury made a successful bid to
                                                                the Housing Corporation for £150,000
     Thomas and Jenna Bowes moved with                          through the e2 Development
     their three young children from a                          Consortium to part fund the project.               Members of the Havebury team get the Key Potential
                                                                                                                   message across
     privately rented, cramped flat in Bury St

                                       Telephone: 08456 123851
House Swap                                                                                   Computer help connects
                                                                                             Mildenhall Estate residents
A new website                                                                                to the Internet
has been launched to help residents who                                                      Residents of the Mildenhall Estate in
wish to exchange their homes with other                                                      Bury are enjoying new computer
tenants.                                                                                     facilities at the Anselm Community
                                                                                             Centre in Anselm Avenue, thanks to
Havebury has teamed up with Circle                                                           IT equipment and support provided
Anglia, a group of housing associations                                                      by Havebury.
working in the East of England, to offer the
online service called House Exchange.                                                        Six computers, complete with
                                                                                             keyboards, mice and monitors have
You can quickly and easily register online                                                   been donated for the Centre's
and once your application has been                                                           Computer Room by organisations
approved, you will be sent a sign-in and                                                     including Havebury.
password by post. You can then start
searching the system for suitable housing                                                    Members of Havebury's IT
                                                Keith Francis with his new laptop
matches in your chosen area and also find                                                    department have installed all the
three-way exchanges. Please note that if                                                     equipment and computer software,
you don't log on for three months, your
application will automatically be cancelled.
                                                Lucky laptop winner                          including a broadband internet
                                                                                             connection so that the community
                                                Congratulations to Keith Francis of          has access to the World Wide Web.
If you do not have access to the internet       Jarman Close in Bury St Edmunds who is
there are computers situated in the             now the proud owner of a Compaq              Alan Turner, Chair of the Mildenhall
Tenants' Resource Centres at our Bury and       c542ea laptop computer and case worth        Road Estate Committee Association,
Haverhill offices. However, if you have any     £500 after winning our reader                said: “Without Havebury we wouldn't
difficulties, a Customer Service Adviser will   competition in the last issue of             have any computer facilities and Ben
be happy to print off details of potential      Havebury News!                               Palmer, Tony Weaver and Paul
exchanges and post them to your home.                                                        Rowley of Havebury's IT team have
                                                We had a great response to the               been absolutely magic. We are now
Letters have been sent to all those tenants     competition with more than 275 entries       planning to offer basic computer,
who were registered on the old MOVEUK           and Keith, pictured, is looking forward to   literacy and numeracy courses for
system, giving details of House Exchange        getting to grips with his prize.             local residents and are looking at
and inviting them to register.                                                               providing an after school homework
                                                He said: “I have never had a computer        club for youngsters.”
For further information visit                   before and will now have to learn how or            to use one. I am very surprised to have      A special plaque has been put up in
click on the link to House Exchange on the      won as it is the first Havebury News         the Computer Room to mark
Havebury website.                               competition that I have entered.”            Havebury's support. This latest
                                                                                             donation follows two grants totalling
                                                                                             £10,000 which were awarded by
 Do you like the new look Havebury News?                                                     Havebury's Community Investment
                      You may have              enjoy reading. We've also altered the        Fund to help build the £650,000
                      noticed that we've        style of the newsletter which now            community centre which was
                       made a few changes       includes more colourful photographs          officially opened in February.
                       to the appearance        and larger text.
                        and content of
                        Havebury News.          Havebury News is also now printed on
                                                paper made from 80% recycled
                       We've worked             materials, so you know we're doing our
                        hard with the           bit for the environment!
                         panel and used         Tell us what you think and give us your
                         feedback from          ideas please for future issues. Either
                          residents to          write to Brenda Pelling at Havebury or
                           come up with         email
                     new articles and
     features which we hope you will                                                         Alan Turner tries out the new equipment provided
                                                                                             by Havebury

     Get 'Christmas-cracking'
     on our festive competition!
     Christmas is almost here so why               will receive gift vouchers and a mention in
     not get into the festive spirit with          the next issue of Havebury News.
     our latest competition!                       So don't waste anymore time - get out
                                                   your paints, felt tips, glitter and glue and
     We all love to give and receive Christmas     start creating your Christmas masterpiece.
     cards but have you ever tried making your     We look forward to receiving your entries!
     own? Over the next few weeks we'll be
     looking for the most colourful and creative
     greetings cards you can design- the more
     imaginative the better!

     The competition is open to anyone aged
                                                     Christmas opening                            Havebury Carol
     16 years and under and there will be two        times                                        Concert
     judging categories; four to 11 year olds        Havebury's Bury and Haverhill offices        Following the success of last year's
     and 11 to 16 year olds. All entries should      will close for Christmas on Friday 21st      event, Havebury's second Carol
     be posted or delivered to Havebury’s            December at 4.00pm and re-open               Concert will be held in Bury St
     offices in Haverhill or Bury and clearly        at 9.00am on Wednesday 2nd January           Edmunds Cathedral on Friday 14th
     marked for the attention of Nicola Clarke.      2008.                                        December at 2.30pm.
     The closing date is Wednesday 19th
     December.                                       The 'out of hours' service will be in        If you would like to attend, please
                                                     operation over this period in case           contact Nicola Clarke. We look forward
     First, second and third prizes will be          of emergency.                                to seeing you there!
     awarded in each category and the winners

       A Winter treat
        It's that time of year again when there's nothing better than some good
        old comfort food to put a smile on our faces! So here is a favourite
        recipe of Tenants' Forum member Agnes French for you all to enjoy.

        Caramel Cup Cakes (makes 10)               is approx 0.5cm thick then cut out
        Ingredients:                               bun size pieces with a round pastry
        100g or 4oz plain flour                    cutter. Place round cases into a
        25g or 1oz granulated sugar                bun tin.
        50g or 2oz margarine                       Bake blind at 350ºF/ 175ºC or gas
        1 small tin of condensed milk              mark 4 for 15 to 20 minutes
                                                                                                  Agnes French tries out the recipe in her kitchen
                                                   When the condensed milk is done,
        Method:                                    remove the tin and leave to cool a
        Place the unopened tin of condensed        little (you could pour cold water on
        milk in a saucepan of hot water and        it to cool the outside). Once it is cool
        boil for 1 hour 30 minutes. You should     enough to handle, open the tin of
        put a lid on the pan to prevent the        milk very carefully. This is best done
        water boiling off and make sure that       by an adult as the condensed milk
        the pan doesn't boil dry as this could     will have caramelised and may shoot
        be dangerous.                              out of the tin.
        Meanwhile, mix the flour and sugar         Pour or spoon the caramel into the
        together thoroughly and then turn          pastry cases.
        the mixture out onto pastry board.         Place the filled cases into the
        Knead the margarine into the mixture       refrigerator and allow to cool.
        until it resembles a crumbly dough.
        Carefully roll the mixture out until it    Enjoy!                                         Caramel cup cakes

                               Telephone: 08456 123851
Students brighten up the skate park in Haverhill

Haverhill students                                                                                Community police
                                                                                                  sessions for
                                                                                                  Haverhill residents
create art in the park                                                                            Residents living in Haverhill are invited
                                                                                                  to meet their Safer Neighbourhood
                                                                                                  Team at weekly 'surgeries'. These are
Haverhill's Safer Neighbourhood Teams                coloured with original works of art really   being held every Monday morning from
would normally discourage graffiti but over          adds to the skate park. We didn't want       10am to 12.00 noon and every Friday
the summer they helped youngsters add                to stop the youngsters being creative, so    afternoon between 2pm and 4pm, at
to the 'art work' in a local skate park as           we have helped them to decorate the          Havebury's offices in Manor Road.
part of a project to brighten up the area.           park how they want it, so they can leave
                                                     their mark and make the area look fun,       This is your opportunity to discuss
During the Art On the Park project,                  not run down.”                               any issues or concerns you may
students from Castle Manor School in                                                              have with the team about the
Haverhill designed and painted artwork in            Mick Walker, head of art at Castle Manor     area you live in.
the park with the help of London street              School, was equally impressed, adding:
artist Duncan.                                       "The students have been really focused
                                                     and put a great deal of effort and
                                                     thought into the work."                      Watch your purse
                                                     The feedback from the student artists        As we approach the busy Christmas
                                                     themselves showed what an impression         shopping season, it's not just local
                                                     the project had made on them. One            shops that are after your money,
                                                     student said, "I got a real buzz out of      thieves are also very interested in the
                                                     doing the spraying and being given the       purses of the unwary.
                                                     opportunity to do something for the
                                                     town that the kids can enjoy."               Please remember to always keep your
                                                                                                  bags zipped up and secure. Never leave
                                                     All the comments have been fed back to       them unattended at any point whilst
                                                     the partners involved in the project, and    browsing for bargains in the shops and
                                                     ideas such as lighting and CCTV will be      never leave your credit or debit card
PC Will Wright
                                                     considered to make the skate park an
                                                                                                  pin numbers in your purses.
                                                     even safer and more attractive place for
PC Will Wright from the Haverhill North              the young people of Haverhill.
Safer Neighbourhood Team explains: “A                                                             If you would like a free purse bell to try
few graffiti tags are unsightly and can be                                                        and deter thieves, please enquire at
offensive - but a whole area brightly                                                             your local police station.

      Please check before
      you redecorate
                                                           Elderly residents spread
      Are you thinking of redecorating or
                                                           festive cheer to children
      putting down laminate flooring in your               Residents of Northgate Lodge sheltered scheme in
      home? If so please let us know your                  Bury St Edmunds got into the spirit of Christmas early this year
      plans, as any major changes to your                  to provide festive gifts for children in underprivileged countries.
      property should be approved by
      Havebury before you start work.                      Members of the scheme's craft group                       idea to join Operation Christmas Child
                                                           made presents and bought small gifts                      came from a leaflet I picked up from
      In most cases we are very likely to                  to pack in shoe boxes and send to                         Havebury and when I mentioned it to
      agree to any proposed improvements,                  children all over the world as part of                    the residents they couldn't wait to get
      but if you are in line for re-wiring work,           Operation Christmas Child, an annual                      started. They loved getting involved
      new central heating or a new kitchen to              campaign run by international charity                     and hope that their gifts will put a
      be fitted by our contractors, it would be            Samaritan's Purse.                                        smile on the faces of less fortunate
      sensible to wait until after any work has                                                                      children across the world.”
      been completed. This way your hard                   Scheme manager Jane Frost said: “The
      work is not disturbed.

      At the beginning of each year, residents
      on the improvements programme for
      the next 12 months will be notified by
      letter. You can also check Havebury's
      website for the schedule of work to be
      carried out over the next five years. If
      you are unsure of your position or have
      any queries please do not hesitate to
      contact us.

                                                           Northgate Lodge residents get into the festive spirit. Left to right: Alfreda Amey, Muriel Pickup, Rosemary Gill,
                                                           Scheme Manager Jane Frost; June Clover, Doris Mayhew, Josephine Sanford and Havebury Rents Advisor Mel Walmsley.

     Happy 101st                                          Want more choice?
     birthday Annie!                                      A new way of letting properties which allows applicants to express an interest in
                                                          vacant homes they would like to live in is due to go live in February 2008.
     Many happy returns to Annie Atkinson
     who celebrated her 101st birthday on                 The new 'Home Link' letting scheme will give applicants more choice over the
     26th October with a special party for                properties they move into. Further information will follow in the next issue of
     family and friends at Redwood Gardens                Havebury News.
     sheltered scheme where she is a resident.

                                                          How are we performing?
                                                          To find out how Havebury performed over the last
                                                          financial year, see the 2006/07 Annual Report included
                                                          with this issue of Havebury News.

                                                          Also enclosed is a leaflet on how to reduce
                                                          condensation in your home which we hope you
                                                          will find useful. This is particularly important
                                                          during the colder winter months when we are
     Annie with her 81 year-old son-in-law Edgar Soames   less likely to ventilate our homes.

                                       Telephone: 08456 123851
“You've looked after us well”                                                                            Send us your survey
say Roy and Irene                                                                                        A big thank you to all our residents who have
                                                                                                         completed and returned their Customer Needs
                                                                                                         Survey forms. However, the responses only
Haverhill resident Roy Brown has sung                                                                    account for 18% of tenants and we would still
Havebury's praises in its fifth                                                                          like to hear from many more of you.
anniversary year.
                                                                                                         The information included in these forms is
Roy, who's 82 years old and his wife                                                                     very important as it helps us to understand
Irene, aged 80, have lived in Broadcroft                                                                 your needs so that we can provide the
Crescent on the Parkway estate for                                                                       services you require. For example, if you let us
nearly 50 years. For much of this time                                                                   know that you have difficulties with your
the couple were tenants with St                                                                          eyesight, we can provide you with
Edmundsbury, before becoming                                                                             information in large print or Braille.
Havebury residents when housing stock          Roy and Irene Brown in their home
was transferred in 2002.                                                                                 Or if you have a disability which makes it
                                               Grove where they saw the new houses                       difficult for you to get to the door, we can
He says: “I was cautious about the             in Broadcroft Crescent being built. They                  make sure that visitors understand this and
transfer of the housing to Havebury's          asked if they could have a three                          allow more time for you to answer.
ownership, but I've got no complaints. In      bedroom semi-detached property, to
fact I've got a lot of praise.”                meet the needs of their growing family.                   Some residents have asked why we need to
                                                                                                         ask for personal information such as your
Roy, who was diagnosed with diabetes           In 1958 they moved in, just before their                  religion or sexual orientation. The answer is
nearly 20 years ago, has been registered       youngest son's second birthday. They                      that Havebury is required by the Housing
blind since 1994 and also has great            now have four grand children.                             Corporation to prove that the quality of
difficulty walking.                                                                                      services we provide is equally good for all
                                               “Havebury can be trusted. Their repairs                   residents.Without this information we cannot
He continued: “Havebury has been very          team has been so responsive and quick                     show that all our tenants are treated equally.
good in adapting the house for me,             in carrying out jobs for us, most recently
installing a stair lift and converting the     when our hot water system broke down.                     If you haven’t already returned your survey
bathroom. They are very good at                The plumber Ray, electrician Les and                      forms you may receive a call from us
organising things when we need them.           carpenter Paul have all been so                           requesting this information. Providing the
Social services are also very helpful and      courteous and deserve praise, as do the                   information is optional and it will not be held
Irene, who I'm dependent on, is a              Neighbourhood Rangers who have been                       against your personal or property records.
marvellous lady.”                              a help,” said Roy.                                        Newer versions of the survey will include a
                                                                                                         brief explanation but if you require any
The first five years of Roy and Irene's 56     Irene added: “Well done Havebury.                         further information on how the information
year marriage was spent living in Beech        You've looked after us well.”                             is used, please contact Terry Thompson at
                                                                                                         Havebury or e-mail
  Havebury helps recognise sporting achievements
                                                                                                         Win £30 shopping vouchers!
  Former Havebury Chairman Terry
  Clements joined some of St                                                                             The survey forms can be completed online
  Edmundsbury's top sports people at the                                                                 through our website and
  2007 Abbeycroft Leisure Sports Awards                                                                  are also available by telephoning Havebury.
  in September to present a trophy                                                                       By completing the forms you also have the
  sponsored by Havebury’s Tenants’ Forum.                                                                opportunity to win £30 of Sainsbury's
                                                                                                         vouchers as every 50 forms we receive will be
  Terry Clements presented the ‘Spirit of                                                                entered into a prize draw. The lucky winners
  the Games’ award to Miles Leathers for                                                                 so far are:
  his success at this summer’s Suffolk                                                                   Mr T Nuttall       Mr S Dolby
  Youth Games. Terry said: “It was great to                                                              Ms B Barker        Mrs C Dawe
  be part of the event and to help                                                                       Mr R Stannard      Mrs P Norton
  celebrate the sporting achievements of                                                                 Mrs R Moskala      Mr W Worthington
  people of all ages and abilities. Havebury                                                             Miss B Wales       Miss L Lackey
  sponsored and helped to judge the                                                                      Mr S Wilson        Mr E King
  'Spirit of the Games' award which went
  to a very worthy recipient.”                 Terry Clements presenting Miles Leathers with his award   We look forward to hearing from you!

                                                                                                                             Havebury tees
                                                                                                                             off to support
                                                                                                                             local charities
                                                                                                                             Three local charities have shared a
                                                                                                                             record £9k financial boost, thanks to the
                                                                                                                             efforts of more than 80 golfers who took
                                                                                                                             part in Havebury's third annual golf day
                                                                                                                             at Haverhill Golf Club in September.
     Mary Lawrence (Howard Estate Residents Association); Arthur Smith (Mildenhall Road Residents Association), Gordon
     Jones (Westley Estate Residents Association), Steve Cook (Chief Executive, Havebury Housing Partnership), Alan Turner   The Bury St Edmunds branch of Multiple
     (Mildenhall Road Community Association), Colin Muge (Chairman, Havebury Housing Partnership) and Sandra Norris          Sclerosis, Rehabilitation charity Focus
     (Vice Chair, Havebury's Tenants' Forum).
                                                                                                                             and St Nicholas Hospice will all benefit
                                                                                                                             from the proceeds of the event.
     Residents Associations                                                                                                  Clive Gillam, corporate fundraiser for

     meet with Havebury                                                                                                      St Nicholas Hospice who took part in
                                                                                                                             the golf day, said: “We are extremely
                                                                                                                             grateful to Havebury for supporting the
     Representatives from local Residents                         St Edmundsbury Borough Council.                            Hospice and the money raised will help
     Associations were invited to meet with                       Neighbourhood Rangers and other                            considerably with the work we do across
     Havebury in October to share information                     representatives from Havebury regularly                    West Suffolk to help people with life
     on their local concerns and see how they                     attend Residents Association meetings and                  limiting illnesses and their families. It
     can work together on improving                               estate inspections also take place.                        was a marvellous day and great to see
     neighbourhoods. Havebury made a                              Havebury invited the Residents                             everyone having such a good time in
     commitment during the event to help                          Associations to regularly feed through                     support of three very worthwhile
     address some of the issues raised about                      information about local issues.                            causes.”
     vandalism and alcohol abuse.
                                                                  More Tenants' Forum Members
     Steve Cook, Chief Executive of Havebury,                     encouraged
     said: “There's no one area where Havebury
     is the sole landlord. Instead there are very                 Sandra Norris, Vice-Chair of the Tenants'
     mixed communities in terms of ownership                      Forum, encouraged the Residents
     of the housing, so it's very important that                  Associations to nominate tenants and
     we engage closely with neighbourhoods.                       leaseholders for the Tenants' Forum, which
     We want to develop a Decent                                  is seeking new members. A greater
     Neighbourhood Standard as part of our                        number of members will help Havebury to
     new five year strategy and the Residents                     broaden its involvement in
     Associations' support is welcomed on this.”                  neighbourhoods.

     Every two years Havebury asks its tenants                    Alan Turner from the Mildenhall Road
     questions about neighbourhood problems                       Community Association, said: “We need to
     as part of its Status Survey and shares                      work together to solve the issues that
     this information with local police and                       arise. Havebury can't work alone.”                         Clive Gillam, left, with other players

     Holiday fun!
     Youngsters from the Priors and
     Mildenhall Estates took part in a
     day of motor biking adventure in
     Cambridgeshire as part of a summer
     activity scheme, run by Havebury and
     St Edmundsbury Borough Council, to
     help build skills such as teamwork.

                                        Telephone: 08456 123851
                    New opening times
                    From Monday 7th January 2008 Havebury's new
                    opening times for the Haverhill and Bury offices will be:

                    Monday to Wednesday                 9am to 5pm
                    Tuesday and Thursday                8am to 5pm
                    Friday                              9am to 4pm

                    Christmas opening times
                    Havebury's Bury and Haverhill offices will close for
                    Christmas on Friday 21st December at 4.00pm and
                    re-open at 9.00am on Wednesday 2nd January 2008.

                    The 'out of hours' service will be in operation over
                    this period in case of emergency, please telephone:
                    08456 123 852.

              Useful Telephone Numbers
  ALL REPAIRS (Including out of hours)                                    MAIN SWITCHBOARD
  08456 123 852                                                           08456 123 851
  (low call rate applies)                                                 (low call rate applies)
  Our operators will ensure that your call reaches its destination or a message is taken!
  Essential Numbers
  SMS text service                                    07781 482888        St Edmundsbury BC – Haverhill (Switchboard)    01440 702271
  Anti-Social Behaviour Hotline                       08000 758999        St Edmundsbury Feedback Line                   01284 757031
  Minicom – Bury St Edmunds                           01284 722121        Waste collection/recycling queries             01284 757320
  Minicom – Haverhill                                 01440 718484        Street lighting faults                         0800 591 055
  St Edmundsbury BC – Bury (Switchboard)              01284 763233

  Contact addresses
  BURY ST EDMUNDS                                                         HAVERHILL
  Havebury House, Western Way, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 3SP          Havebury House, Manor Road, Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 0EP

                   Don’t forget to check our website at:

Safer Neighbourhoods
To contact these officers, please ring the Central Call Answering number 01284 774100 and you will be connected
to a member of your Safer Neighbourhood Team [SNT] for that area.
SNT Officers for St Edmundsbury:                                                                 SNT Officers for Haverhill
BURY WEST                                        RURAL NORTH (based at Ixworth)                  Haverhill SNT Sergeant - Sgt Sarah Bartley
Sgt Clifton     PC Illsley PSCO Redstall         Sgt Claire Mowson PC Sheena Tate
                PC Potter PSCO Medcraft                            PC Lindsey Whittaker         HAVERHILL SOUTH
                PC Rowe PCSO Chittock                              PCSO Jonathan Burke          CPO Michael Potter - Chalkstone Estate
                                                                                                CPO Stuart Wilson - Clements Estate          PCSO Claire Fuller - Chalkstone
                                                                                                PCSO Les Scott - Haverhill Town
BURY EAST                                        RURAL CENTRAL (based at Horringer)
Sgt Clifton     PC Owen PCSO Morton              Sgt Claire Mowson PC Graham Howe     
                PC Warby PCSO De Jongh                             PC Phil Scarfe
                                                                   PCSO Robert Bailey           HAVERHILL NORTH                                                             CPO Will Wright - Old Haverhill, Parkway
                                           CPO Rupert Beynon - Cangle Ward
BURY CENTRAL                                                                                    PCSO John Woodgate - Old Haverhill,
Sgt Henthorne PC Ellis      PCSO Critchley       RURAL SOUTH (based at Clare)                   Parkway
              PC Fox        PCSO Wilson          Sgt Neil Ireland   PC Ruth Horton              PCSO Alex Foster - Cangle Ward
              PC Bala       PCSO Morgan                             PC Brendan McKenna
                                                                    PCSO Deborah Carroll-Beer

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To receive this information in large print, on audio or in translation,
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