How To Rank On Google With These 9 Strategies Using Smart Keywords

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					Today I want to show how to position yourself in Google, using keywords
strategies that can help build an array of content that is loved by
search engines, receives instant ranking, and helps you generate
targeted traffic to a blog or web site of your choice.      The reason
people suck when it comes to SEO, is because they feel they should focus
on optimizing their website entirely, as opposed to optimizing each piece
of content they create.

  Now do not get me wrong, having a well organized and optimized blog, or
website is very important because it helps your ranking the best long-
term content.       But today we will discuss some simple strategies to
help optimize your content, which ultimately will help to optimize your
blog or website, and especially to show you how to position yourself
accordingly in Google.       Powerful strategies to use in your content
that will help you rank on google.        The first step, I will be showing
you is how to start ranking in Google using Keyword Research!
Keyword Research       Before any topic, you must know what words you are
trying to sort out and see what kind of competition that exists for each
keyword. Once achieved, the next step is to actually begin the process
of content creation.       Headlines       Your title should contain the
keyword you want to rank for.        The first paragraph      The first
sentence of the first paragraph shall also contain the keywords you want.
H1, H2, H3 Tags       Make sure your keywords are used appropriately with
the H tags. If you use a WordPress blog a website, it is very easy to do,
simply select your keywords and select the appropriate tag H.
Italic, bold, stress       You can also make sure that your keywords are
in italics again bold and underlined once.        Photos      A good idea
is to place an image in the body of your content, which has an ALT tag
"with the keyword in it.       Hyperlink       It is also advisable to
establish a link with the keyword, pointing to the content you've
created!      Keyword Density        Make sure you use the right amount of
keywords in your content. A good rule is to use the keyword once every
100 words.       Keywords in the final paragraph       Finally, we also
want to use the keyword once in the last paragraph of its content.
Simple SEO Strategies Summary        Now I know you could tell me this
sounds like a lot of work, but if you're serious about getting your
content found, this is the best way to create virtual real estate
online                         Now that you know how to use this 9 step
strategy that will help you Rank On Google, the next thing important to
your content is watching the How To Rank On Google Video Tutorial.
Learn How To Implement The strategy outlined in this article plus more,
during my 5 Day Marketing Makeover, Take Action Right NOW!!

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