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					The Google Panda update was a tsunami for search engine marketers. Some
people love the changes made while others can't stand it. Whatever your
view of the big changes, the important thing to understand is there is no
going back and, in fact, things are going to continue going in the
direction of Panda at least according to Matt Cuts of Google.       What
did Panda really do? Well, it did a number of things, but the real key
seems to be that it did a number of spammy content and sites that offer
no real value to anyone. You know what I am talking about. We've all been
frustrated by sites ranking highly that have content that is clearly
duplicate content or spun articles that are barely readable. This was so
maddening because Google supposedly was focusing on the readability of
the content on sites, something that was clearly not happening.

  The Panda update finally appeared to address these issues. Junk sites
were pounded and either deindexed or dropped massively in the rankings.
This expanded to article directories which almost always contained the
same articles in their databases. Unfortunately, this meant some of the
better article directories were downgraded just as much as the weak ones.
Trend      So, what can we take from the Panda update in relation to the
future? Well, nothing has really changed when it comes to the emphasis of
the search engines. Specifically, content is king. Matt Cutts of Google
spoke at the SMX Seattle conference and confirmed what he has always said
- invest in original, quality content. He further noted Google is going
to continue to emphasize social media marketing, which is hardly
surprising given the challenge facing the company in the form of
Facebook.       How do you plan for the future with your site given these
changes? Simple. You must tailor your site towards exclusive, original
and engaging content. On top of this, you need to actively engage in
social media and generate a bevy of different types of links for your
site. Sadly, the days of just pumping out articles to build links and
gain rankings are long gone.       Article Marketing Dead?      All of
this begs the question of whether article marketing is dead when it comes
to SEO? I don't think so. This form of link building was badly abused, so
one can see why Google would downgrade it. That being said, sharing
content is what the web is all about and for Google to completely ignore
it would go against its primary tenet of liking sites that publish
important content. Article marketing should be part of an overall link
building program. Blowing out a bunch of spun articles, however, is no
longer a good move.       Rick Warder provides SEO services to clients
serious about getting rankings at

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