Google dominates the world markets and 52% of its revenue comes from overseas

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        <p>China wholesale online shop ePathChina, today wrote articles
on the analysis of Google and its competitors global income structure,
and thought that the company still have great revenue potential.</p>
<p>In today's world, most companies implement cross-regional operations,
and sales of commodities in the world. Ten years ago, less than one-third
of S &amp; P 500 companies revenue came outside the United States, and
now, this proportion has been more than half, and is still growing.</p>
<p>In fact, investors generally underestimate the overseas demand. More
importantly, for those large multinational companies who have established
a solid foundation in the local market of, the future growth mostly is
from overseas markets.</p>
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ePathChina will look at the status of Google as this guide. Not only will
analyze where sales and profits came from, but also analyze the changes
of its overseas sales.</p>
<p>Currently 48% Google sales comes from the U.S. market, but five years
ago this proportion was as high as 61%. The company has tried to promote
the overseas market, but it has not been too successful in China and
Russia,in these two markets the leading search engine are Baidu and
Yandex. However, Google still occupy the top spot in most markets, in
most European market its share was even higher than the United States.
Google's share in India in recent years has remained at 80%. The
prosperity of these market makes Google's overseas business grow faster
than the United States.</p>
<p>In addition, it is also needed to make a comparison for the income
structure of Google and its competitors. As <a rel="nofollow"
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ePathChina statistics, Google has 48% of its revenue from the U.S.
market, Baidu 99.8 % of revenue comes from China, Microsoft's U.S.
revenue accounted for 58%, Yandex Russian domestic market revenues is up
<p>It is not difficult to see, Google distributed geographically more
diversely than the opponent. Yandex and Baidu has been trying to expand
overseas markets, but got little success.</p>
<p>While face some obstacles in China and Russia, Google seems to have
dominated successful in most countries. With the acceleration of Internet
popularity in emerging markets, the company is expected to obtain more
substantial revenue stream.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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