The MacBook Air Why It Is Probably The Best Notebook In The Market

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					Here we will take a look at the new and exciting MacBook Air, one of the
latest editions from Apple and the Macbook family. One of the thinnest
and lightest MacBooks that Apple has produced up until now. Right away we
see that it has a very interesting configuration of ports and
connectivity. Starting with the right side, it offers a single USB port,
a standard audio out, a mini DVI port for monitor out. On the left side
of the unit, it has a mag latch for the power supply of the unit itself.
In general the MacBook Air is very clean and sleek; the surfaces are
smooth and well-defined. The very refreshing and unique design allows us,
not to worry about all the different ports and configurations that tend
to confuse us, or create information overload. If you are a business
traveler and need a multiple array of ports to use you can always simply
add a multi-device adapter that would accommodate this need. The MacBook
runs the latest version of the Mac OS, which is Leopard, and comes pre-
installed with an array of useful gadgets, everything from iTunes, iLife,
your Safari Web Browser, as well as Garage Band. Start up time is very
quick for most of the applications pre-installed in relation to other
laptops on the market today. I found that benchmarks were quicker than I
expected. We are really impressed with the performance and the agility
that MacBook Air has shown thus far. Coming in at around 2 pounds and a
paper-thin profile, the MacBook Air does hold up to the commercials that
show it sliding into a manila folder, it can. The other very interesting
item included in it is the multi-touch pad which is very large and easy
to use. When comparing this notebook to other closely related notebooks,
they don't even come close to the design or versatility. The MacBook air
being coupled with flash memory storage replaces the traditional hard
drive allowing this unit to perform faster and more efficient. Pictures,
video, movies and music have all been made simple with flash technology.
This also provides a faster application launch and a more stable unit.
This was also another reason the MacBook Air is so thin. The MacBook Air
also provides an integrated FaceTime camera. This camera is mounted in
the very thin bezel right above the display. With the Face Time
application, you can make video calls to other Mac devises such as
iPhone, iPod touch (with wi-fi connections) and of course video chats.
The processing power is provided by Intel Core 2 Duo. This allows for
optimal performance while multi-tasking or running more than 6
applications at once. With the Duo Core technology, it allows the
processors to alternate jobs, which improve overall performance. The 1.8
GHz processor couple with the 1066 MHz front side bus, allows this unit
to outperform anything in its class. With the NVIDIA GeForce graphics
card sporting 320mb ram, you will view hours of flawless video in full
HD. You will enjoy faster frame refresh rates while playing your favorite
video games. With iMovie your editing has been made that much easier.
Managing movies and photos have been accelerated due to the versatility
the graphics card provides. The overall performance and sleek look of the
MacBook Air are probably why it is the best notebook on the market, and
the reasons are very clear. This is a notebook that doesn't need to be
sold because, it sells itself. If you are looking for a solution to a
notebook problem, MacBook Air is the ticket. Get yours today.Cannot
afford to purchase one today? You can get it for free here:

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