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Samsung 9 Series Notebook Out-Sleeks Apple's MacBook Air


									Samsung's launch on Thursday of the the ultra-thin, ultra-light, and
premium-design 9 Series notebook puts it head-to-head now with Apple's
MacBook Air - and so begins the war of the sleek notebooks.

Announcements on Thursday of dell H018N revamp of the MacBook Pro and
Intel's Thunderbolt universal connection technology may have garnered
most of the Dell Dell XPS M1530 battery media's attention, but if what
you're looking for is the sleekest, most portable (and fully-capable)
notebook now, Samsung has just taken the lead. Series 9 notebooks have
launched in South Korea, Samsung's home country, and are expected to
begin selling in the U.S. and other countries in March. Since the Dell
Studio 14z battery isn't due for a refresh for another several months,
the Samsung Series 9 may be your most portable, thinnest and lightest
notebook option right now. In many respects, the Samsung 9 Series is
much like the MacBook Air, with a premium design and high-end price. The
9 Series has an MSRP of $1,599 compared to the $1,299 to $1,599 price
(depending on storage capacity) of the MacBook Air - not a whole lot of
difference. For that price, the Samsung 9 Series gets you a slightly
thinner and lighter Dell XX327 battery   (0.64 inches thick versus the
MacBook Air's 0.68 inches; 2.89 pounds versus 2.9 pounds), more memory
(4GB versus 2GB), and aircraft-grade Duralumin material (twice as strong
as aluminum). It boots Windows in under 20 seconds, has 160-degree
viewing angles, and otherwise seems tailored for premium notebook users
who care about both form and function. Because the specs and pricing are
so close, deciding between the 9 Series and the MacBook Air may be a
matter of OS preference, or, essentially, that age-old question: are you
a Mac or a PC? "Stylish," "slim," and
"powerful" are words that seemingly were reserved for Apple
notebooks and products in general. With the 9 Cell Dell KY265   Series
launch, Samsung signals its determination to challenge dell XX337 and
other competitors for that high-end mobile market, with an ambitious plan
to boost sales of global notebooks by 80 percent this year, according to
a recent Bloomberg report. In other words, the thin notebook war and the
era of MacBook Air rivals has officially begun - good news for notebook
users all around.

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