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CANDIDATE CITY                                                                          forces in Norway would be borne by
CHARACTERISTICS, LEGAL                                                                  the Norwegian Government. Both Fin-
ASPECTS AND SECURITY                                                                    land and Norway have significant
Finland, a country with a long tradition     The Helsinki Bid Committee con-            experience in hosting and providing
in winter sport. does not possess suf-       firmed that the terms of the Olympic       security for major international events,
ficiently high mountains in its territory    Charter and the Host City Contract         The Commission was received by the
to host the alpine skiing competitions       would be fully respected, including        President of Finland, Martti Ahtisaari
and thus proposes Lillehammer in             granting free access into Finland and      and several ministers and regional
Norway as the site for the alpine            Norway on the basis of a passport (or      authorities who confirmed the strong
events pursuant to Rule 38.2 of the          equivalent document) and the               support of the government for the bid.
“Olympic Charter”.                           Olympic identity card; allowing per-       The Commission was pleased to note
Whilst the individual venues are excel-      sons to work in Finland and Norway         the presence throughout the visit of
lent, the distance between Helsinki          to carry out their Olympic-related         the IOC Members in Finland, the NOC
and Lillehammer and the fact that a          functions prior to, during and after the   Presidents of both Finland and Nor-
large portion of the Games will be           Olympic Games; and allowing the            way and Olympians.
held in Norway. may lead to organisa-        entry into Finland and Norway of all
tional and operational burdens               goods (e.g. medication, equipment          SPORTS
The Bid Committee confirmed to the           and food) required by members of the       Helsinki presents a sports concept
Evaluation Commission that although          Olympic Family in relation to the          with activities in two countries: Helsin-
two countries are involved Helsinki is       Olympic Games, free of customs             ki for ice hockey, skating and curling;
the candidate city and thus overall          duties.                                    Lahti (Finland) for biathlon, nordic and
responsibility for the organisation of       Primary responsibility for security will   freestyle skiing; and Lillehammer
the Games lies with Finland.                 be under the jurisdiction of the Finnish   (Norway) for alpine skiing, snow-
Both Finland and Norway have a strong        Minister of the Interior working in        board, bobsleigh and luge.
and stable structure, politically and        coordination with the Norwegian            Both Finland and Norway have great
economically. Finland is a member of         Royal Ministry of Justice and the          experience in the organisation of
the European Communities and Nor-            future Organising Committee’s Secu-        major competitions and together hold
way, while not directly affiliated, enjoys   rity Board. The services of the Finnish    the record for participation in the
close connections with the European          Police Force, army and frontier guards     Olympic Winter Games and in the
Union. The bid is fully supported in Fin-    will be provided free of charge. In        Olympic medal standings in the Win-
land by the national and local authori-      addition, the Evaluation Commission        ter Games.
ties as well as by industry. The Bid         was provided with a document from          A favourable point for the bid is the
Committee provided the Evaluation            the Finnish Police Force stating its       proposed sites of the men’s and
Commission with evidence of a public         belief that, based upon a certification    women’s ice hockey competitions
opinion poll held in November 1998           from the Norwegian Royal Ministry of       which will take place in two arenas in
which showed that a majority of Helsin-      Justice and the Minister of Justice,       Helsinki and Espoo. Both are newly
ki’s population supported the bid.           the cost of state provided security        constructed (built in 1997 and 1999

                                              The Candidate Cities
                                              XX Olympic Winter Games in 2006

respectively). The Hartwall arena in          country, nordic combined and the           made aware that should FIS modify
Helsinki, with its adjacent training rink,    jumping events. Spectator capacity         the events programme, Finland would
10 minutes from the Olympic Village,          for ski jumping will be 80,000. Lahti      like to host the event.
and with a total capacity of 14, 000          will host the 2001 Nordic Skiing World     The bobsleigh and luge competitions
seats, IS of the highest standard and         Championships and has hosted many          will be held in Lillehammer. The track
has staged many major events includ-          international competitions in these        was used for the 1994 Olympic
ing the 1997 Ice Hockey World                 sports. There IS excellent access,         Games. The venue is located 5 min-
Championships.                                both by car and by train, with the sta-    utes from the Hafjell Village.
The Espoo ice arena is located in the         tion situated adjacent to the Stadium.     Finland and the Lillehammer area in
suburbs of Helsinki 20 minutes from           A new facility for freestyle skiing will   Norway offer stable winter conditions,
the Olympic Village, and is to be com-        be constructed in the Messilä Ski          albeit with a slight chance of very cold
pleted in January 1999 with 8,000             Centre ten minutes from Lahti.             spells. The Lahti ski jumping venue is
seats. A training arena will be built         The alpine skiing events will take         wind exposed, and improved wind
adjacent to the ice arena.                    place in Norway at two sites used for      screens are planned.
The existing “Helsinki Arena”, located        the XVII Olympic Winter Games in
12 minutes from the Olympic Village           Lillehammer in 1994: Hafjell, the pro-     PARALYMPICS
with a capacity of 8,000 seats, has           posed site of the Olympic Village, will    The Paralympics will be organised
recently been completely renovated            host the men’s and women’s slalom,         under the operational and financial
with the addition of a training rink and      giant slalom and combined slalom;          responsibility of the future Organising
will host the figure skating and short-       and Kvitfjell, 40 minutes from the Haf-    Committee of the Olympic Winter
track speed skating events. Moreover,         jell Village, is proposed for the men’s    Games. All relevant guarantees given
two training rinks are foreseen 5 min-        and women’s downhill, combined             by the authorities concerning the
utes from the Olympic Village. The            downhill and super-G.                      Olympic Games will also apply to the
1999 World Figure Skating and                 Both areas offer good access espe-         Paralympics.
Women’s Ice Hockey Championships              cially by railway. The runs have suffi-
will also be held in Helsinki.                cient lift and snow making equipment.      OLYMPIC VILLAGE
A new covered speed skating oval              In Norway experience has been              NOC delegates will be accommodat-
with 6,000 seats will be built in Mylly-      gained from the very successful            ed in one Olympic Village in Helsinki,
puro, 5 minutes from the Olympic Vil-         organisation of the Olympic Winter         one Olympic Village in Lillehammer
lage for which further study will be          Games in 1994.                             and additional accommodations in
required regarding the spectator area.        The Evaluation Commission                  Lahti.
The curling competition will take place       expressed concern over the use of          The Olympic Village in Helsinki is
in the Pirkkola arena in Helsinki, 10         the same course for the men’s and          located 9 km from the city centre.
minutes from the Olympic Village. The         women’s downhill as it may not be          Post Games, the Village will be a new
rink needs to be completely renovat-          acceptable to FIS for safety reasons.      residential area. The plans call for 650
ed and will hold 2,100 spectators.            The Bid Committee proposed that a          apartments with 1,700 beds. During
The post-Olympic use of the ice facil-        new downhill course be constructed         the visit of the Evaluation Commission
ities is excellent as all arenas will be      at Kvitfjell, for which discussions are    the Bid Committee offered to enlarge
dedicated to ice sport development            taking place but no definite proposal      the Village capacity by 1,000 beds to
after the Games.                              or financing arrangement was avail-        make it possible for visiting athletes
All the facilities in Helsinki and the sur-   able at the time of evaluation. The        and officials to stay in the Village.
rounding region are expected to be            Evaluation Commission believes that        The northern part of the Village will
easily accessible by public trans-            this issue must be resolved prior to       have 4-5 storey buildings, whilst in the
portation.                                    June 1999.                                 southern section buildings will be ter-
Lahti, 75 minutes from Helsinki. has a        The snowboard competitions are also        raced or detached houses, two or
worldwide reputation for nordic ski           planned at Hafjell with giant slalom to    three storeys high. The Commission
events. Its ski stadium, within walking       take place on the alpine skiing slope      expresses concern as to the size of
distance of the additional accommo-           and the half pipe on a venue yet to be     some rooms which appear to be very
dations, will host biathlon, cross-           constructed. The Commission was            small. All residential blocks and the


buildings in the international zone will    modated in Helsinki (350 rooms),              dations in Lahti will serve as an
serve as residences after the Games.        Lahti (250 rooms) and Lillehammer             opportunity to upgrade an area of the
The Helsinki Village will primarily         (250 rooms) at NOC cost.                      town centre and to provide safe-
accommodate athletes and officials          The OCOG will reimburse NOCs for              guards for groundwater.
from curling, figure skating, ice hock-     the price of the least expensive econ-        The proposed extensive awareness
ey, speed skating and short track           omy air fare ticket either to Helsinki or     programme targets young people. It
speed skating. The distance to the          Oslo airport for athletes and officials       will include a campaign for physical
stadium for Opening and Closing cer-        (Aa, AC, Am and Ao accredited per-            activity, health and the environment.
emonies is approximately 15 minutes.        sons).                                        Advances in environmental impact
The Bid Committee offers additional                                                       research and technology are also
accommodation in Lahti, 75 minutes          ENVIRONMENT                                   hoped for benefits to be derived from
from the Olympic Village, with 1,200        Environmental standards in both Fin-          the Games.
beds for athletes and officials com-        land and Norway are generally con-
peting in cross-country skiing, ski         sidered to be high, with low pollution        MEDICAL/HEALTH SERVICES
jumping, nordic combined, biathlon          levels. The Games will take place in          The medical plan for the Olympic
and freestyle. The accommodation            locations already dedicated to sport.         Games calls for the use of existing
will be built in the city centre of Lahti   The intended legacy of the Games is           medical infrastructures in Helsinki,
in the immediate vicinity of the ski sta-   to improve attitudes and increased            Lahti and Lillehammer for the Olympic
dium, and adjacent to the existing          awareness about nature protection             Games.
Lahti sports hall and Polytechnic           and resource management.                      In both countries, the medical care is
schools, which will comprise the inter-     The Helsinki Municipal Environment            state-of-the-art and the health care
national zone.                              Centre will have a central role in the        system is well-developed.
The Olympic Village for Lillehammer         management and supervision of the             Upon confirmation of their profession-
to be built in Hafjell (Norway) will        programme, together with the future           al status by their NOC, medical per-
accommodate the athletes and offi-          OCOG. In the near future, it will intro-      sonnel will have authorization to prac-
cials from alpine skiing, snowboard,        duce environmental guidelines for             tice within their respective national
bobsleigh and luge. The Bid Commit-         major events, including sports com-           delegations and to provide emer-
tee offers 1,250 beds in two or three       petitions.                                    gency services as necessary, both in
storey buildings located in close prox-     Environmental management of the               Finland and Norway.
 imity to the alpine finish area which,     Games is part of the existing sustain-        The Candidature Committee propos-
after the Games, will be turned into a      able development processes (“Agen-            es that doping control analysis will
 holiday resort.                            da 21 ”) in Lahti and Helsinki, and it will   take place in the IOC accredited labo-
The distance from the accommoda-            benefit from the experience of Lille-         ratories in Helsinki and Oslo (Norway),
tion to the Kvitfjell alpine centre for     hammer ’94. The future OCOG pro-              with the two laboratories working in
 men’s and women’s downhill and             poses to use the successful environ-          close cooperation.
super-G is approximately 40 minutes.        mental management system of the               The Candidature Committee con-
Travel time from the Olympic Village in     Lahti Ski Festival for the Helsinki           firmed that members of the Olympic
 Helsinki by air shuttle and bus shuttle    venues as well. At this time, no              Family will receive medical treatment
transportation will be approximately        detailed plan for environmental coor-         free of charge.
4.5 hours.                                  dination for the entire Games has
 During the visit of the Evaluation         been developed.                               ACCOMMODATION
Commission, the Bid Committee               As most of the necessary infrastruc-          Helsinki has considerable accommo-
 offered    transportation      between     ture is in place, the total environmen-       dation and hospitality infrastructure.
 Helsinki and Lillehammer for IOC, IF,      tal impact will be limited. Except for        Currently there are 6,255 hotel rooms
 NOC delegations and the media free         the Helsinki Olympic Village which has        in Helsinki, with additional hotel con-
 of charge. The exact categories of         undergone thorough studies, no                struction planned, and another 4,145
 accreditation should be defined            assessments have been prepared for            rooms within one hour of the city.
 before the IOC Session in June 1999.       proposed new venues. Construction             Lahti has 887 hotel rooms and an
 NOC extra officials (As) will be accom-    of the proposed additional accommo-           additional 635 rooms within 35km of

                                            The Candidate Cities
                                            XX Olympic Winter Games in 2006

the city. Lillehammer and the ski areas
of Hafjell and Kvitfjell have 2,180 hotel
rooms within 35km of the competition
venues. Oslo, with its considerable
accommodation, is approximately 2.5
hours from Lillehammer.

The proposed accommodation for the
Olympic Family, except for the
Olympic Village, is as follows:

q IOC, IFs, NOCs:
   800 rooms (hotels in Helsinki);
   200 rooms (hotels in Lahti);
   200 rooms (hotels in Lillehammer).
q IF technical officials:                   trols. An effort is currently underway to   Session. The round trip travel time of
   160 rooms (hotels in Helsinki);          confirm such a policy for hotels in the     approximately 9 hours, in addition to
   50 rooms (hotels in Lahti);              three regions. It appears likely that       the schedule of events, makes a one
   35 rooms (hotels in Lillehammer).        hotels will also adopt a policy for mini-   day trip between Helsinki and Lille-
q Media:                                    mum length of hotel stay.                   hammer very difficult.
   5,500 rooms (hotels in Helsinki);                                                    Helsinki, Lahti and Lillehammer all
   1,500 rooms (hotels in Lahti);           TRANSPORTATION                              have very good experience in specta-
   2,500 rooms (hotels in Lillehammer).     Helsinki possesses substantial infra-       tor management. The public trans-
q Sponsors:                                 structure for air, rail, sea and road       portation system is good between
   2,000 rooms (hotels in Helsinki);        access. The gateway to Finland will         Helsinki and Lahti.
   600 rooms (hotels in Lahti);             be the Helsinki Vantaa International
   500 rooms (hotels in Lillehammer).       airport, 20 km from the city centre.        MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION
q Volunteers/Security forces:               The gateway to Norway for athletes          The Main Media Centre (MPC and
   Number unspecified (Private              participating in Lillehammer will be the    IBC) will be housed in the Helsinki
   accommodation)                           new International airport at Garder-        Trade Fair Centre. This state-of-the-
                                            moen, north of Oslo, opened in 1998,        art complex has a total surface area
The Candidature Committee stated            150 km from Lillehammer.                    of 38,800m2 in four large exhibition
that if IOC Members were to travel to       Finland has a well developed road           halls with 5,000 parking places. A
Lillehammer and wished to stay              network. The Helsinki-Lahti motorway        congress hall seating 1,500 people is
overnight, the cost of such accom-          (E75) will be completed in December         available for press conferences. The
modation would be borne by the              1999. The main railway links are being      Finnish Fair Corporation, which owns
future OCOG. The cost, if any, to IF        improved in order to shorten travel         the Centre, has undertaken to make
and NOC representatives, officials          times. Helsinki possesses large ship-       all of its facilities available to the future
and media for short-term Lillehammer        ping docks with 4 terminals for Swe-        OCOG six months before the Games.
stays had not been determined. The          den, Germany and Estonia.                   There will be media sub-centres in Lahti
Evaluation Commission believes that         During the Games there will be a            at the ski stadium, and in Lillehammer
this issue must be resolved prior to        Helsinki-Oslo air shuttle service (8 per    in Håkons Hall (ice rink during the 1994
the IOC Session in June 1999.               day) which will be at the disposal of       Olympics) for written press only. Little
A resolution passed by the Helsinki City    the Olympic Family. Flight time is          information was received about con-
Council supports the control of hotel       approximately 85 minutes. This shut-        nections between them, particularly
prices. Moreover, the three largest hotel   tle will be free of charge throughout       regarding the international signal.
chains, which together count for 75%        the Games for some categories of the        The media will be accommodated in
of the hotel rooms in Helsinki, have        Olympic Family and media which              5,500 rooms in Helsinki, 1,500 rooms
agreed in principle to hotel price con-     should be determined prior to the IOC       in Lahti, and 2,500 rooms in Lilleham-


mer. Further information is required       the two Olympic Villages and the           the cities of Helsinki and Lahti. The
concerning prices and services,            additional team accommodation, as          issue of ambush marketing needs to
The Host Broadcaster would be the          well as transport and technology,          be further negotiated in Norway. As
Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE).        appears to be understated. Further-        far as control of air space and street
YLE has served as host broadcaster         more, a low contingency reserve has        vending is concerned, the Bid Com-
at the many winter sports events in        been provided for in the expenditure       mittee believes that the public author-
Finland and has contributed to the         budget. On the revenue side however,       ities of both countries have the nec-
production of the international signal     the television rights budget has been      essary legal means to provide ade-
at the Olympic Winter Games.               conservatively estimated thereby pro-      quate safeguards.
Finland has state-of-the-art telecom-      viding a global contingency reserve
munication infrastructure                  on the overall budget.                     CEREMONIES, CULTURE
                                                                                      AND OLYMPISM
                                                                                      The Opening and Closing ceremonies
                                                                                      will take place at the 1952 Olympic
                                                                                      Stadium which has recently under-
                                                                                      gone renovations (1990 and 1997)
                                                                                      and has a 35,000 seating capacity. It
                                                                                      is within walking distance of the IOC,
                                                                                      IF and NOC hotels.
                                                                                      Medal award ceremonies will take
                                                                                      place in Senate Square in central
                                                                                      Helsinki for all events taking place in
                                                                                      Finland. The medals for alpine skiing.
                                                                                      snowboard, bobsleigh and luge will
                                                                                      be awarded in Lillehammer.
                                                                                      The many cultural events planned
                                                                                      both prior to and during the Olympic
                                                                                      Games are enhanced by the rich cul-
FINANCE AND MARKETING                      B. Marketing                               tural traditions of both Finland and
                                           The Marketing revenues have been           Norway. The existing Olympic educa-
A. Finance                                 budgeted on the basis of a pro-            tion project, directed by the Finnish
The Council of State has issued a          gramme involving both the territory of     Olympic Academy, and the plans for
decision-in-principle to underwrite        Finland and Norway. Agreements             its further development, are of partic-
losses up to FIM 2 billion (US$ 370        between the Bid Committee and the          ular interest.
million) for the 2006 Olympic Winter       Finnish Olympic Association, as well       A Youth Camp for 500 participants
Games. If the City of Helsinki is elect-   as between the Bid Committee and           will be held at the Finnish Sports
ed, a legislative proposal on the guar-    the Norwegian Olympic Committee            Institute 30km from Lahti from 11th-
antee will be prepared for submission      and Confederation of Sports have           20th February and will be free of
to Parliament.                             been drafted and was due to be             charge for all participants. A budget
The OCOG operating budget is               signed in March 1999. These agree-         has been set aside for the youth
based on the financial information         ments will provide for the terms and       camp to cover free accommodation
from the 1994 Olympic Winter               responsibilities of each of the parties.   and catering and to subsidise travel
Games in Lillehamer and from the           Whilst some of the sponsorships are        expenses. All NOCs will be invited to
organisation of a number of World          expected to cover both countries,          participate.
Championship events in the recent          others will be limited to one territory.
past.                                      As far as ambush marketing is con-
Whilst the operating budget for sports     cerned, the Bid Committee has
                                                                                      NB: Excerpted from the IOC Evaluation
events and for the MPC/IBC appears         reserved strategically placed advertis-    Commission report for the XX Olympic Winter
reasonable, the operating budget for       ing spaces at Helsinki Airport and in      Games in 2006 published in January 1999.