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        A Special Advertising Feature of the

    CATEGORY        2009 READER’S CHOICE WINNERS                                                           (
    Gold Winner                Please note: Companies are listed in the order in which they placed
                                       in the Telegraph Journal’s Readers Choice survey:
    Silver Winner
                    ACCOUNTANT                        Acacia Gallery                 Ralph’s Auto Repair
    Bronze Winner
                      Neil G. Hanlon                  (now Flynn
                                                      Fine Art)                      Scott’s Autobody &    A
                      Edward Betts                                                   Collision
                                                      Tim Isaac Art & Antiques
                      Peter Gaulton                                               AUTO DEALERSHIP
                                                      Handworks Gallery           (NEW)
                    APPLIANCE STORE
                                                  ATV DEALER                         Downey Ford
                      Sears                                                                                A
                                                      Eldridge’s Honda               Saint John Toyota
                      Dave’s Appliance
                                                      Power Store                    Brett Chevrolet
                                                      MacLean’s Powersports Ltd
                    ART GALLERY
                                                  AUTO BODY SHOP
                      Peter Buckland
                      Art Gallery                     Dobson’s Collision

AUTO DEALERSHIP                                                                     Paula’s Hair Studio
                             National Car Rental         Bayview Credit Union                                 Baptist Book Room
                           AUTO SERVICE                BARBER                       Salon DC                BOWLING CENTRE:
  Downey Ford
                             Coast Tire & Auto           Lancaster Barber         BED & BREAKFAST             Bowlarama West
  Auto Village               Service                     Shop
                                                                                    Mahogany Manor            Fairview Lanes
  Dobson Chrysler Dodge      Autotec Inc                 Haircraft
                                                                                    Inn on the Cove           Fundy Bowling Lanes
AUTO PARTS                   Henderson Auto Electric     Rothesay Corner Barber
                             Service Ltd                 Shop                       Dufferin Inn & Suites   BREAKFAST SPOT
  APM Ltd
                           BAKERY                      BEACHES AND                BINGO                       Cora’s
  Carquest Auto Parts
                                                       CAMPGROUNDS                  Exhibition Park           McDonald’s
  Napa                       Titus Bakery
                                                         Rockwood Park              Haymarket Square          AJ’s Restaurant & Lounge
AUTO RENTAL                  McPhee’s Home Bakery
                                                         Century Farms Family       Saint John UCT Club     BRIDAL/WEDDING
  Enterprise Rent a          Glen’s Village Square       Campground
                             Bake Shop                                              Bingo                   SHOP
                                                         New River Beach          BOOKSTORES                  Heavenly Gowns
  Budget Rent a Car        BANK
                                                       BEAUTY SALON                 Coles                     Carousel Bridal
  Discount Car and Truck     Royal Bank
  Rental                                                 Academy of Hair            Indigo                    Little Darlings

BUFFET                    CARWASH                     Three Mile Steakhouse &   COMPUTER                    Michaels
                                                      Pub                       TRAINING INSTITUTE
    China Coast             Garden Street                                                                   Fabricville
    Restaurant              Irving                                                Academy of
                                                      China Coast
                                                                                  Learning                  Walmart
    Jade City               White Rose Car Wash
                                                    CHINESE FOOD
                            Inc                                                   CompuCollege            DANCE INSTRUCTOR
    Hilton Saint John                                 China Kitchen
                            Esso, Marr Road                                       NBCC                      Danceability
BUILDING SUPPLIES                                     Linn Chau Restaurant
                          CATERER                                               CONTRACTOR                  Kim’s Academy of Dance
    Kent Building
                                                      China Coast
    Supplies                Childs Catering                                       Bonney                    Rothesay Ballet
                                                    COFFE SHOP                    Construction Limited
    Home Hardware           Old Tyme Pizza &                                                              DAYCARE
                            Restaurant                Tim Hortons                 John McKellar
    Ritchie’s                                                                                               Cochran’s Day Care
                            River’s Edge Catering     Java Moose                  John Flood & Sons
BULK FOODS                                                                                                  Kid Zone
                          CELL PHONE DEALER           Starbucks                 CONVENIENCE
    Bulk Barn                                                                                               Happy Clown Daycare
                            Bell Mobility           COMPUTER SALES
    Costco                                                                                                DEPARTMENT STORE
                                                                                  Circle K
                            Rogers                    Staples
CARPET CLEANING                                                                                             Walmart
                                                                                  Snackers Convenience
                            Cox Electronics           Cyber Solutions Ltd
    Sears                                                                                                   Sears
                                                                                  Airport General Store
                          CHICKEN WINGS               Dell
    Professional Carpet                                                                                     Zellers
                                                                                CRAFT &/OR
                            Kentucky Fried            Wacky Wheatley’s
    ServiceMaster Clean     Chicken                                             QUILTING SUPPLY

DEBT COUNSELOR                                     Recycling
                                                                           McDonalds                 Bustins
                         Superstore Pharmacy
  Allan Marshall &                                 Atlantic Industrial
                       DRY CLEANER                                         Wendys                    Sears
  Associates                                       Cleaners
                         New System                                        Subway                  GARDEN CENTRE
  Credit Counselling                            EVENT PLANNER
                         Laundry & Cleaners
  Services                                                               FIREPLACE DEALER            Brunswick
                                                   Accent Inspired
                         Addie the Tailor Inc                                                        Nurseries
  John Eisnor                                      Event Management        Alternatives
                         City Laundry Ltd                                                            Cedar Crest Gardens
DENTIST                                            Go Fundy Events         Valley Home & Hearth
                       ELECTRICIAN                                                                   Halifax Seed
  Dr. Bonner                                       Bowlarama               Squire’s Home Comfort
                         Lloyd Francis                                                             GAS STATION
  Dr. Shaw                                      EXERCISE FACILITY        FLOORING DEALER
                                                                                                     Irving Oil
  Dr. Brittain                                     Goodlife Fitness        Ritchie’s
                         Donovan Associates
                                                                                                     Co-op Gas Bar
DOG GROOMER                                        Nubody’s                B&N Flooring
                         Mike Hachey Electric
  Paw Shoppe &                                     Curves                FLORIST
                       ELECTRONICS STORE
  Kennel                                                                                           GIFT SHOP
                                                EYEWARE STORE              Paul’s Flower Shop
                         Future Shop
  Purrfect Pooches                                                                                   The Butterfly
                                                   Vogue Optical           Lancaster Florist
                         The Source                                                                  Shoppe
  Clip N Tails
                                                   Hakim Optical           Keirstead’s Flowers
                         Wacky Wheatley’s                                                            Moore’s Specialties
                                                   Sears Optical         FURNITURE DEALER
                       ENVIRONMENTALLY                                                               The Hallmark Store
  Shoppers Drug Mart
                       FRIENDLY                 FAST FOOD                  Leon’s
  Lawtons Drugs                                 ESTABLISHMENT
                         Fero Waste &

GLASS INSTALLER                 Erb Builders Ltd           Dairy Queen            KENNEL/BOARDING
                                                                                                            Cedar Crest Gardens
    Apple Auto Glass            Scott Bros Ltd             Scotsburn                                      LAWYER
                                                                                    Paw Shoppe &
    Speedy Glass
                                Kent Building Supplies     Baxters                  Kennel                  James Whelly
    Action Auto Glass         HOME FUEL DEALER           INSURANCE                  Saint John Animal       Clark Drummie
GOLF COURSE                                                                         Hospital
                                Irving Oil                 Rob Scott Insurance                              Scott Wilson
    Rockwood Park                                                                   Ann Savoy’s Country
                                Park Fuels                 Mitchell McConnell       Kennels                 Robert Creamer
    Golf Course                                            Insurance
                                Fundy Energy                                      KID’S TOY STORE         LIGHTING CENTRE
    Westfield Golf & Country
                                                           Allstate Insurance
    Club                      HOME RENOVATION                                                               Munroe Lighting
                                                                                    Toys R Us
                              COMPANY                    INVESTMENT                                         Design Centre
    Hampton Golf Club                                                               Paddington Station
                                Button & Button                                                             Kent Building Supplies
GROCERY STORE                                                                     LADIES CLOTHING
                                Renovating &               RBC Dominion
                                Painting                   Securities             STORE                     Light it Up By Design
    Atlantic Superstore
                                Erb Builders Ltd           CIBC Wood Gundy          Reitmans              LIVE VENUE
                                                                                    Sears                   Harbour Station
    Co-op Atlantic              Bonney Construction        Investors Group
                                Limited                                                                     Imperial Theatre
HARDWARE STORE                                             ScotiaMcLeod             Sandra’s Fashions
                              HOME SECURITY                                                                 Market Square
    Home Hardware                                        JEWELRY STORE            LANDSCAPING
                                ADT                                               COMPANY
    Kent Building Supplies                                 Sears Goldsmith
                                Cannon Security Inc        Studio                   Ernie’s Landscaping
    Home Depot                                                                      Ltd
                                Atlantic Alarm & Sound     Charm Diamond Center
HOME BUILDER                                                                        Urban Landscaping
                              ICE CREAM                    Peoples

LOCKSMITH                MEN’S CLOTHING            MUFFLER SHOP                   Staples Business           PET SUPPLIES STORE
                         STORE                                                    Depot
  McKee for Keys                                     Wonder Auto & Tire                                        Pet Corral
                           Moores Clothing for                                    Colpitt’s Office Products
  Aaron’s Locksmithing                               Speedy Auto Service                                       Pets Unlimited
  Mr. Deadbolt                                       Midas                        Covey Basics                 Village Pet Store
                           Ben’s Clothing
MASSAGE THERAPY                                    MUSIC STORE                    Grand & Toy                PHOTOGRAPHER
                           Mark’s Work Wearhouse
CLINIC                                                                            Grove Printing
                                                     HMV                                                       Photography
  Dalling Massage                                                                                              Flewelling
                                                     Morris Music               PAINT STORE
  Therapy                  Delta Brunswick
                           Hotel                     Musicstop                    Colour Centre
  Ambiance Day Spa
                           Colonial Inn                                           Kent Building Supplies       Freeman Patterson
  Massage Matters
                                                   NB (SAINT JOHN)
                           Hilton Saint John       ATTRACTION                                                PIZZA
                                                                                  Pittsburg Paints
                                                     Reversing Falls                                           Greco
BOUTIQUE                 MOTORCYCLE                                             PAVING COMPANY
                         DEALER                      Saint John City Market                                    Pizza Delight
  Stylin’ Mama, Baby                                                              Fundy Paving
  & Tot                    Eldridge’s Honda          Imperial Theatre                                          Vito’s
                                                                                  Black Seal Paving
  Thyme Maternity          Power Store             NIGHT CLUB/BAR                                            PLACE TO PLAY
                                                                                  H W McLean & Sons
MEAT STORE                                                                        Paving                     GAMES
                           MacLeans Sports           Three Mile
                                                     Steakhouse & Pub           PAWN SHOP                      Dooly’s
  On the Vine            MOVING COMPANY
  Atlantic Superstore                                Mediterranean Restaurant     Port City Pawn               Empire Theatres
                           The Ultimate Mover
                                                     O’Leary’s Pub                Shop                         Place 400/Just Play
  M&M Meats                Murphy the Mover
                                                   OFFICE SUPPLIES                Brideau’s Second Hand
  Cochran’s Country        East Coast Moving                                      Shop
  Market                                           STORE

PLACE TO SPEND                                             Kennebecasis Rentals   FACILITY                    SATELLITE COMPANYS
                                Cochran’s Country
LAST $10                        Market                                                                                         C
                                                                                     Chateau de                 Star Choice
                                                           United Rentals
    Great Canadian                                                                   Champlain
                              PUB/LOUNGE                                                                        Rogers Cable
    Dollar Store                                         RESIDENTIAL
                                                                                     Loch Lomond Villa
                                O’Leary’s Pub            CLEANING                                               Bell Express Vu
    Irving Oil
                                                         COMPANY                     Carleton Kirk Complex
                                Jake’s Steakhouse                                                               Cox Electronics
    Atlantic Superstore
                                                           Molly Maid             RIDING STABLES
                                Aquarius Pub &                                                                SEAFOOD MEAL
PLUMBER                         Restaurant                 ServiceMaster Clean       Kennedy Stables
                                                                                                                Billy’s Seafood
    Campbell’s                REAL ESTATE                  New Shine Cleaning        Rockwood Park Stables
    Plumbing & Heating                                                                                          Grannan’s Seafood
                                                         RESTAURANT                  Butternut Stables          Restaurant
    George Freeze Plumbing
    & Heating                                              Mediterranean             Jorrock Stables            Comeau’s Seafood
                                Prudential Summit Real     Restaurant                                           Restaurant
    Hickman’s HH & Sons Ltd     Estate                                            ROOFING COMPANY
                                                           Coffee Mill                                        SECOND HAND
POOL (INDOOR/                                                                        Dowd Roofing
                                Exit Realty                                                                   CLOTHING STORE
OUTDOOR)                                                   Swiss Chalet
                              REAL ESTATE                                            Fundy Roofing
                                                                                                                Hospice Store
    Canada Games                                         RESTAURANT WITH
                              REPRESENTATIVE                                         E & J Dugay Roofing
    Aquatic Centre                                       A VIEW                                                 Value Village
                                Lise Allen                                        RV SALES
    Emmerson Pools                                         The Falls Restaurant                                 Frenchy’s
                                Margaret McNamara                                    Leisure Time Sales
    Magic Mountain                                         Hilton Saint John
                                Betty Rourke                                         The RV Place
PRODUCE STORE                                              Lily’s Café
                              RENTAL COMPANY                                         Rae’s Trailer & Sports
    On the Vine                                            Top of the Town
                                A to Z Rentals                                       Centre
    Atlantic Superstore                                  RETIREMENT

SELF DEFENSE                   STEAK DINNER                TOWING SERVICE             YOGA CENTRE
                                 Aquarius                    Loyalist City Towing       Amana Institute
   Kio Karate Club               Restaurant
                                                             James Towing               Lifestyles Health &
   JVK Tae Kwon Do               Jake’s Steakhouse                                      Fitness Studio
                                                             Action Towing
   Lakewood Heights Karate       Three Mile Steakhouse &                                Yoga Outlet
                                 Pub                       TRAVEL AGENT
                               STORAGE FACILITY              CAA Travel
   Green Lee Shoes
                                 Tim Street Storage          Sears Travel
                                 Maritime Storage            Aquilla Travel
                                 Murphy the Mover          VETERNARIAN
                               SWIMWEAR STORE                Saint John Animal
   McAllister Mall                                           Hospital
   Lancaster Mall                                            Fundy Animal Hospital
   Brunswick Square                                          Avenue Animal Hospital
                                 Lilianne Lingerie
SIGN COMPANY                                               VIDEO STORE
   Meteor Signs                                              Blockbuster
                                 Asha’s Alteration
   Plasticraft Signs &                                       Scholten’s Convenience
   Graphics                      Addie the Tailor
                                                             Movie Tyme
   Flewelling Press              Stitch It
SKI HILL                       TANNING SALON
                                                             Magic Mountain
   Poley Mountain                Tropical Tan
                                                             Emmerson Pools
   Crabbe Mountain               Miami Tanning
                                                             Canada Games Aquatic
   Sugarloaf Provincial Park     Healthy Start               Centre

SNOWMOBILE                       Style N Tan               WEBSITE DESIGNER
                               TATTOO SHOP                   Mark Pridham Web
   Allstar Recreation                                        Design
                                 Wizzard’s Tattoo &
   Leisure Sales & Sport         Body Piercing               City & District Web
   MacLeans Sports               Pins & Needles
                                                             Web Power
SPA                              Outworld Tattoo
                                                           WELL DRILLING
   Sheila’s Day Spa              Pain & Pleasure           COMPANY
   Inn on the Cove             TAXI COMPANY                  ER Steeves Ltd
   Essential Esthetic & Hair     Diamond Taxi                Short’s Well Drilling
                                 Vet’s Taxi
                                                             Daye Well Drilling
                                 Coastal Taxi              WEIGHT LOSS
                               TIRE DEALER                 CENTRE
   Cleve’s Source for
   Sports                        Coast Tire                  Weight Watchers

   SportChek                     Canadian Tire               Tops

   Walmart                       Hunter Lake Tire            Herbal Magic
                                                                 READER’S CHOICE AWARDS
           2009 FORD FOCUS SE
         Power Window, Locks and much more.
                                                           Thank you for voting Downey Ford #1 in both the                                                2009 ESCAPE LIMITED
                                                                                                                                                         Leather, Moonroof, Chrome and more.
                                                                                                                                                        New Over $37,000
                                                            Best New & Best Used Auto Dealership category!
              New $20,220
    FLEET ADJUSTED PRICE                                                                                                                              FLEET ADJUSTED PRICE
                 $12,880                                                                                                                                        $26,880
                                                                                                                         2010 FORD RANGER
                                                               FORD FUSION HYBRID
                                                                                               Car Of
                                                                                              The year                                                       2010 FUSION SEL
             2009 EDGE LIMITED                                                                                                                         AWD, Leather, Moonroof, Sync and more.
      AWD, Leather, Chrome Wheels, List goes on.                                                                                                       New Over $37,000
        New Over $42,000                                                                                                                              FLEET ADJUSTED PRICE
                                                                                                                                         #1 Selling            $23,880
                 $29,880                                        2010 FORD F-150                                                         Small Truck
                                                                                                                                         in Canada
                                                                 #1 Selling
                                                               Full Size Truck
                                                                 in Canada
           2009 FLEX LIMITED                                                                                                                           2009 LINCOLN TOWN CAR
AWD, 2 Moonroofs, DVD for kids very cool, and very safe.
                                                                                                                                                       New Over $52,000
      New Over $50,000
                                                                                                                                                          AN AFFORDABLE
  FLEET ADJUSTED PRICE                                                           1575 Riverview Dr,   35 Consumers Dr,    Route 7, Hwy 1,
                                                                                                                                                       FLEET ADJUSTMENT OF
                                                                                      Sussex             Saint John        St. Stephen
               $32,880                                                                                                                                         $29,880
                                                                                  433-9000            632-6000           466-3730

AUTO DEALERSHIP (NEW)                             branches do a great job helping our personal      at 80 McAllister Drive in Saint John has ev-
AUTO DEALERSHIP (USED)                            and small business customers develop finan-       erything you’re looking for, and much more.
Downey Ford Lincoln
                                                  cial plans to meet their financial goals,” said   Open 10-6 Monday through Saturday, Friday
Gold in both categories                           Dave Wilson, Scotiabank’s District Vice-          evenings until 9.
                                                  President for West New Brunswick.
After more than 50 years in the auto busi-                                                          The Baptist Bookroom had its humble be-
ness, Downey Ford Lincoln, 35 Consumers
                                                  BINGO                                             ginnings in one small room; but this year is
Drive in Saint John, is still a family-owned      Exhibition Park Bingo - Gold                      celebrating its 50th anniversary at its much
company with family values. And that is a                                                           larger location. In stock you’ll find popu-
                                                  Exhibition Park Bingo every Tuesday and
big part of why their customers keep coming                                                         lar inspirational books, DVDs, CDs, Bibles,
                                                  Sunday. Come out to Exhibition Park every
back time and again to purchase and lease                                                           boxed cards, audio books and a large selec-
                                                  Tuesday and Sunday for the Best Bingo in
cars and trucks. The Ford Motor Company                                                             tion of children’s product; in addition to in-
                                                  Town. Exhibition Park Bingo offers Jack-
has been making great cars and trucks for                                                           spirational home décor and giftware. They
                                                  pots, Special Games... up to $15,000 total
more than 100 years and every year they just                                                        also carry church school curriculum and
                                                  available to be won each night. Bring a non-
keep getting better and better. So when you                                                         worship bulletins as well as provide Atlantic
                                                  perishable item for the Food Bank and re-
put together a great sales team like the one                                                        churches with customized church offering
                                                  ceive a Free Double-Action Game (one per
at Downey Ford Lincoln, with the top-qual-                                                          envelopes. Drop by and check out the many
                                                  person). Lots of Free Parking with easy ac-
ity vehicles Ford is rolling out today, who                                                         regular in-store products or shop online at
                                                  cess from McAllister Drive. Canteen on
could be surprised that it’s the most popu-                                                         www.baptistbookroom.com
                                                  the premises. Wheelchair Accessible. Early
lar car dealership in Saint John. Test drive a    games at 6:30, regular games at 7PM. Exhi- ELECTRICIAN
Downey Ford vehicle today.                        bition Park, 159 McAllister Drive. For more Lloyd Francis Electrical 2009 Ltd. - Gold
BANK                                              information call 633-2020 or see www.Exhi-
                                                                                               Lloyd Francis Electrical 2009 Ltd. is
Bank of Nova Scotia - Silver                      bitionParkSJ.com.
                                                                                               equipped to handle all electrical and data
The Bank of Nova Scotia’s core purpose is to
                                                  BOOKSTORE                                    cabling needs for residential, commercial
be the best at helping its customers become       Baptist Bookroom: Christian Books, Gifts     and industrial projects. Located at 1216
financially better off. “I think that we really   & Music - Bronze                             Sand Cove Road, Unit 28 in Saint John, and
put our customers’ interests at the forefront     Whether you’re looking for a good book, with over 50 years of experience as an elec-
of all of our discussions. We are definitely      need to buy something nice for an old friend trician, Lloyd Francis knows how to get a
committed to providing excellent custom-          or can’t find that special music you’ve been job done properly and that standard is main-
er service, day in and day out. I think our       looking for, the Baptist Bookroom, located tained by his employees. His electricians are

trained professionals who follow the elec-       ed us the #1 Fireplace Dealer in Saint John.     carpet and all types of building supplies,
trical codes and conduct required to ensure      Having been in business for 33 years we          from plumbing to lumber. Their friendly and
that your project is safe, sound and secure      have successfully helped many customers          experienced staff is there to help you and
through standards set by both the provincial     make good decisions and we will strive to        with Ritchie’s discount prices, you know
and federal guidelines.                          help customers make good Alternative heat-       you’re getting the best quality for the best
                                                 ing decisions in the future.                     value.
For all of your electrical needs, contact
Lloyd Francis Electrical 2009 Ltd. at 506- Since our beginning, in 1977, we have al-              For all of your building supplies and floor-
657-3160 or email: powerbythehour@gmail. ways carried quality brand names, names                  ing needs, come on down to Ritchie’s Dis-
com .                                          like Vermont Castings, Pacific Energy, Val-        count Warehouse.
FIREPLACE DEALER                               or, Dimplex, Majestic, Enviro and Jotul. Our       B & N Flooring – Silver
                                               customers have appreciated products that
Alternatives – Gold                                                                            Serving customers in Saint John and sur-
                                               deliver high performance and are contempo-
It can be overwhelming making a decision rary in their design, features and options.           rounding areas since 1954, B & N Flooring
on a hearth product. Will it be wood, pellet,                                                  offers its residential and commercial custom-
                                               It is an honor to have been given this recog-   ers the latest trends in flooring. Located at
electric or gas? Will it be a stove, insert or
                                               nition. It also brings a responsibility. We will1190 Fairville Boulevard, this family-owned
fireplace? What about cast iron versus plate
                                               continue to look for new hearth products and    business has built its fine reputation on top-
steel? How important are efficiency ratings?
                                               for ways to make our customer experiences       quality workmanship and customer service.
What colors are available? Will I need a new
                                               better than ever. (by Kathy Blair, Manager)     With a full range of products from hardwood
chimney? Do I need a certified installer?
And the list goes on.                          FLOORING DEALER                                 to the luxury glass tiles popular today, their
                                                 Ritchie’s Discount Warehouse – Gold           experienced staff put the finishing touch on
At Alternatives our primary goal is to as-                                                     every professional installation. They appre-
                                                 (Also took Bronze in Reader’s Choice)
sist you in making the right decision for                                                      ciate the support of the greater community
your particular situation. We want you to be     Long known as the number one consumer’s over the last half-century and look forward
confident with your decision and enjoy the       choice in flooring sales and installation, to serving past and future customers in the
outcome for years to come. The fact that we      Ritchie’s Discount Warehouse, 715 Rothe- years ahead.
carry all the hearth products means we have      say Avenue in Saint John has been family
no biases and it is easy for us to provide ad-   owned and operated for more than 44 years. FLORIST
vice and objective information.                  Ritchie’s carries a large stock of various Paul’s Flower Shop Ltd. - Gold
                                                 types and brands of flooring; including hard- Paul’s Flower Shop Ltd., 1370 Rothesay Road
We appreciate that our customers have vot-
                                                 wood, laminate, Cushionflor, ceramic and in Saint John, has been a family-owned busi-

ness since 1964, specializing in fresh flow-     taking the time to recognize our company.”       or services such as windows and doors, floor
ers and plants for all occasions. With trained   GIFT SHOP                                        coverings or kitchen cabinetry and design,
designers on staff Paul’s Flower Shop offers                                                      their staff is always available to assist you
                                                 The Butterfly Shoppe - Gold
creative floral designs and advice for all oc-                                                    in choosing the best products for your par-
casions.                                         The butterfly is a symbol of freedom and at      ticular need.
                                                 The Butterfly Shoppe at 36 King St in Up-
Paul’s Flower Shop offers same-day delivery                                                       Located at 80 Beaver Court in West Saint
                                                 town Saint John you can enjoy the freedom
in the greater Saint John and Kennebecasis                                                        John, Hatfield Home Hardware also carries
                                                 to browse at leisure. A fun clothing and gift
Valley areas, and guarantees quality prod-                                                        a complete line of building supplies and
                                                 boutique, expect to find something different;
ucts and dependable service. The Valentine’s                                                      hardware including plumbing and electri-
                                                 whether in a gift of special soap, a beauti-
Day special at Paul’s Flower Shop is buy one                                                      cal, a wide range of paint products as well
                                                 ful scarf, fashionable handbag or the wide
dozen roses for Valentine’s Day and get a                                                         as seasonal items; serving both residential
                                                 selection of jewellery, which this spring will
second dozen free, that can be redeemed be-                                                       and commercial customers.
                                                 include a line of funky, locally made silver
tween July 1- September 30; order your Val-
                                                 and gemstone jewellery.                          For all of your hardware needs, drop in to
entine’s flowers early to avoid disappoint-
                                                                                                  Hatfield Home Hardware, open Monday
ment. Open Monday-Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., If you enjoy personal service, Wendy Gallant
                                                                                                  – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m., Saturday 7:30
Saturday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., closed on Sunday. and her staff would love to assist you. Spring
                                                                                                  a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday 12-4 p.m.
GAS STATION                                  and summer specialties include a wide vari-
                                             ety of dresses, shawls and light sweaters for        JEWELRY STORE
Irving Oil – Gold
(Also took Gold in the Home Fuel Dealer
                                             special occasions with new fashion pieces            Goldsmith’s Studio - Gold
category & Silver in the Place to Spend      arriving weekly. Known for an artistic flair a
                                                                                                  Locally owned and operated for over 20
Last $10 category)                           step inside The Butterfly Shoppe will inspire
                                             a departure from the everyday.
“Thank you Saint John for recognizing our                                                         We create and custom designed on site just
company’s home heating and retail servic- HARDWARE STORE                                          for you.
es! For over 80 years, we’ve been proud to Home Hardware – Gold
call Saint John home, and we look forward (Also took Silver in the Building Supplies              Our experts here can help you make the right
                                             category)                                            selection.
to continuing to contribute to this growing
and vibrant community. We would also like Hatfield Home Hardware                                   We have the widest selection of diamonds
to thank our people who live our values and Hatfield Home Hardware prides itself on               east of Montreal.
commitment to customer service everyday. providing total customer satisfaction. And
Most of all, thank you to our customers for whether you’re looking for quality products           What ever yopu choose, your Goldsmith gift

is backed by our free warranty.             Our convenient location on the corner of         the highest rated baby car seats and stroll-
                                            Crown and Union Streets provides full-ser-       ers. They also carry a wide range of baby
Goldsmith Studio in Sears for the very best
                                            vice features that are part of our Shop, Eat,    equipment, stylish and comfortable materni-
in price, Quality and service-Garanteed.
                                            Play and Explore experience. A big part of       ty clothing and post-birth specialty items for
LAWYER                                      our facility is the Boardwalk, which cele-       mom and baby. Stylin’ Mama, Baby and Tot
Clark Drummie – Silver                      brates the essence of Maritime living with       now has a second location, on the corner of
Clark Drummie, Lawyers/Avocats.             activities and events each and every day all     King and York Streets in downtown Freder-
                                            summer long, all at no charge.                   icton. Once again, Jenny Scott and her staff
Clark Drummie is a full-service bilingual                                                    thank their customers for choosing them for
law firm with offices in Saint John and St. Each of the businesses located in Market         this fantastic award.
Stephen, NB. The Partners and Associates Square offer something unique which con-
of the firm, as well as maintaining respon- tributes to the diversity of the centre. The     MEN’S CLOTHING STORE
sibility for their individual clients, have Hilton Hotel, Saint John Trade and Conven-       Ben’s Clothing And Shoes Ltd. - Silver
departmentalized into seven areas of prac- tion Centre, in addition to a variety of retail   Serving the residents of Saint John since
tice: Corporate & Commercial, Litigation, shops, professional and health care services,      1945, Ben’s Clothing and Shoes Ltd. carries
Real Estate, Administrative, Family, Wills recreation outlets, food service locations        quality names such as Columbia, Helly Han-
& Estates, and Admiralty and Shipping law. and the Saint John Free Public Library are        sen, Carhartt, Woolrich, Rockport, Clarks
The Real Estate group handles transactions all there to serve you.                           and many more. They also stock a wide se-
ranging from individual home purchases to Welcome to Market Square, Saint John’s             lection of ‘Big and Tall’ products. The folks
full scale development projects. The Family Festival Place!                                  at Ben’s Clothing and Shoes Ltd. aim to
Law group handles Adoption, Custody and                                                      please; they provide top-rate customer ser-
Divorce cases as well as Probate and Estate MATERNITY & BABY BOUTIQUE                        vice in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere
Administration. For information call 506- Stylin’ Baby, Mama and Tot – Gold                  and continually provide quality products that
633-3800 or see www.clarkdrummie.ca.        From prenatal to young children, you’re sure     meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.
LIVE VENUE                                 to find the best selection at Stylin’ Mama,       Located at47 Prince Edward Street in Saint
Market Square Boardwalk – Bronze           Baby and Tot, located on the first level of       John, Ben’s Clothing and Shoes Ltd. is open
                                           Market Square. Saint John’s foremost mater-       Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sat-
Market Square Defies Winter Blues And nity and baby boutique stocks everything the           urday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Visit their store
Heats Up The New Year!                     mother-to-be will need for that special time      to see their complete selection or check out
At Market Square we pride ourselves on be- and that new little person in her life. They      their website at www.bensclothing.com
ing the cornerstone of Uptown Saint John. stock a variety of quality brands including MOTEL/HOTEL

Colonial Inn – Silver                          web site at www.theultimatemover.ca. We Open Mike with Brent Mason also showcas-
Colonial Inn in Saint John                     appreciate the support of our customers for es up-and-coming talent. With St. Paddy’s
                                               making us number one in the city.             Day just around the corner O’Leary’s Pub
Located at 175 City Road in Saint John, the                                                  is gearing up for that great annual Irish fest,
Colonial Inn is located just a few blocks from NIGHT CLUB/BAR                                including the O’Leary’s breakfast for char-
Uptown Saint John, near Harbour Station Mediterranean Restaurant / Blue Olive                ity on March 13. See you at the pub!
and the Harbour Passage walking trail. The – Silver
inn offers one or two bed accommodations
                                               (Also took Gold in the Restaurant cat-        PAVING COMPANY
                                               egory)                                        Fundy Paving - Gold
in king or standard size with many amenities
including TV, wireless Internet service, daily Great food at reasonable prices has made the Fundy Paving has been serving its custom-
newspaper, clock radio and hair dryer. Take Mediterranean Restaurant, located at 419 ers from Sussex to St. Stephen for many
time for a dip in their brand-new pool or re- Rothesay Avenue, one of the best places to years and looks forward to doing so again in
lax in the sauna; then enjoy a fabulous meal eat in Saint John. Relax and enjoy their tra- 2010. Offering pavement application for res-
in the on-site Ambassador restaurant, featur- ditional Greek fare such as their mouth-wa- idential, commercial and industrial clients,
ing 24-hour service, Canadian dishes includ- tering souvlaki or any of their many other Fundy Paving also provides surfacing for
ing fresh seafood, and daily buffet breakfast. delectable dishes including chicken caccia- tennis courts and parking lots. Experienced
ATM/banking, audio/visual equipment and tore, stir fry, lasagna and their signature Sir- employees and their use of top-notch equip-
banquet facilities are also available.         loin and Tenderloin Tips. Drop in for an eve- ment result in high quality paving projects,
                                               ning’s entertainment and listen to the sounds all of which are guaranteed for two years.
                                               of weekly live entertainment. Whether it’s For a free estimate, beginning April 1, call
The Ultimate Mover - Gold
                                               a quick lunch in the diner, a casual drink in locally at 506-657-7341; or toll-free at 1-
A locally owned and operated company, The the bar with friends or an evening out with 800-838-3466. Fundy Paving appreciates its
Ultimate Mover can help you when the time family, the Mediterranean Restaurant – Blue customers support in voting it number one in
comes to make a move. Whether it’s a home Olive is the best choice for a satisfying ex- the Reader’s Choice Awards.
or business relocation, moving items from perience.
one area to another within your home or O’Leary’s Pub – Bronze                               POOL
business, a general delivery to be made or (Also took Gold in the Pub/Lounge cat-            Canada Games Aquatic Center, Saint
you need to store some items, the Ultimate egory)                                            John - Gold
Mover has the equipment, clean trucks and Every city needs an Irish pub and Saint John Celebrating its 25th year in operation in 2010,
the know-how to get it done quickly and ef- is fortunate to have O’Leary’s Pub, located the Canada Games Aquatic Centre is a lega-
ficiently. And they are fully insured to pro- at 46 Princess Street in the historic uptown cy from the 1985 Canada Summer Games. It
tect your business or household goods. They area. Fondly known as ‘The Traditional Place serves the needs of the greater Saint John re-
also offer a debris-removal service such as to Meet Your Neighbour”, O’Leary’s was es- gion and is the only 50 meter aquatic facility
old furniture, appliances, construction, fire tablished in 1987 and since that time has be- in New Brunswick. It is an award winning
or flood.                                      come the cities’ top musical entertainment facility which includes a 50 meter competi-
For all of your moving needs, call The Ul- centre, featuring not only traditional and tion pool, 1 and 3 metre diving boards and a
timate Mover at 506-672-6633 or email us East Coat artists but musicians from across 5 metre tower, two 25 metre leisure pools and
at ultimatemover@rogers.com, or view our Canada and the US. Wednesday evening’s enclosed tot’s pool. The Aquatic Centre also

has two water slides, sauna, steam room, two    There’s nothing like coming home to a clean       round Maritime steak and seafood restau-
hot tubs and well equipped fitness centre.      house, and when you choose Molly Maid to          rant. We want you to feel free to drop in
The Canada Games Aquatic Centre offers a        give you a hand, your cleaning worries are        without a lot of preplanning whether as a
variety of aquatic and wellness program-        over. Molly Maid guarantees that regardless       group of visitors, a family gathering, a busi-
ming to fulfill everyone’s needs. Become a      of how often you require their services, your     ness luncheon or a group of friends, you will
member and enjoy the many programs and          house will be thoroughly cleaned, includ-         be pleased with our casual gourmet.
services offered, or just drop in whenever      ing the sanitation of bathrooms and kitchens
                                                                                                  What is Casual Gourmet? It is an attitude
you like; there’s something for everyone at     and washing floors and all cupboard doors.
                                                                                                  that understands that gourmet cooking is not
the Canada Games Aquatic Center.                They’ll give each room a complete vacuum-
                                                                                                  merely fancy sauces, but fresh ingredients
REAL ESTATE COMPANY                             ing, dust your baseboards and furniture, all
                                                                                                  cooked to order. It is not soup to nuts, it is
                                                of your ornaments, lampshades and light fix-
RE/MAX Saint John Inc. - Gold                                                                     what satisfies the mood, whether the mood
                                                tures and wipe away all of those little hand
                                                                                                  calls for Greek salad, fresh broiled salmon
RE/MAX Saint John Inc. has had the plea-        or paw prints. Molly Maid staff provide their
                                                                                                  fillets or great Canadian prime rib of beef
sure of serving its customers since 1997 and    own transportation, cleaning supplies and
in addition to its Saint John location now has  equipment and, for your peace of mind, are
offices in Rothesay, Hampton, St. Stephen       bonded and insured. For convenience and re-
and St. Andrews. Their 50 plus full time        liability, call Molly Maid today at 506-647-
agents are happy to assist their clients with   6243.
all of their real estate needs.                RESTAURANT WITH A VIEW
RE/MAX agents are professionals who are The Falls Restaurant - Gold
backed by the knowledge of real estate, pro-
                                               The Falls Restaurant is a special place to
fessional integrity and years of experience,
                                               see, relax and enjoy one of the most famous
allowing them to offer their customers the
                                               reversing phenomena. A place where we
best real estate service available today. For
                                               provide menu consistency, friendly service,
real estate service you can count on, give RE/
                                               great food, fantastic view, all in a casual, yet
MAX a call today or check out their web site
                                               sophisticated atmosphere.
at www.remax-sjnb.com . Canada’s number
1 choice in Real Estate.                       From tennis shorts to tuxedos, be as casual
RESIDENTIAL CLEANING COMPANY in your attitude and attire as you like or as
                                               formal as the occasion requires. You will
Molly Maids – Gold
                                               always be received at the Falls, an all year

(au jus).                                         Lily’s Café, a food experience you won’t SHOE STORE
Lily’s Café – Bronze                              want to miss.                            Green-Lee Shoe Ltd. – Gold
Located in Rockwood Park on Lily Lake,            SAINT JOHN ATTRACTION
                                                                                                  Green-Lee Shoe Ltd. carries just about ev-
Lily’s Café in the Hatheway Pavilion is the       Reversing Falls - Gold                          ery type of shoe and boot you’ll ever need,
newest addition to the park, offering the ulti-   Reversing Falls Jet Boat Rides                  including the largest selection of metal and
mate in casual dining in the Saint John area.                                                     non-metal safety boots anywhere. Located at
                                                  Come challenge the surf and ride the rapids
A beautiful stone fireplace provides a magi-                                                      59 Bentley, off Chesley Drive in Saint John,
                                                  on the Reversing Falls Jet Boat Rides, locat-
cal ambiance and diners can enjoy the great                                                       Green-Lee Shoe Ltd. carries great brand
                                                  ed at 55 Fallsview Avenue in Saint John. This
food in a relaxing and cozy environment. As                                                       name shoes and boots for everyone and some
                                                  experience offers the only way to really feel
warm weather approaches, Lily’s Café will                                                         terrific handbags and accessories. Serving
                                                  the power of this unique phenomenon: when
offer weekend musical entertainment, with                                                         its customers for 28 years, Green-Lee Shoe
                                                  the. You will climb them, jump them, cross
no cover charge, on their new licensed out-                                                       takes a realistic approach to sales and ser-
                                                  them - 20 minutes of unlimited thrills that
door patio deck. Just minutes from the city                                                       vice. Find the highest quality for the lowest
                                                  you won’t forget. The regular 2010 season
center the Pavilion can accommodate over                                                          prices, get careful fitting advice and service
                                                  begins June 6, ending September 27, leav-
330 guests and is the perfect setting for wed-                                                    with no receipt needed; they can tell you ev-
                                                  ing daily from 10 a.m. until dark, weather
dings and business conferences; and you can                                                       erything you’ve purchased there for the last
                                                  conditions permitting. Check out their web
choose from a variety of foods served by a di-                                                    18 years. Drop in or give them a call at 506-
                                                  site at www.jetboatrides.com for more infor-
verse selection of caterers. For reservations                                                     693-1455, toll-free at 1-800-463-7411 to
or more information call 506- 693-3586.                                                           discuss your footwear needs.

TRAVEL AGENT                             For the last 5 years, Mark Pridham
CAA Travel Saint John - Gold             Web Design has been helping busi-
                                         nesses throughout North America
Much more than being the largest         use the web to connect with their
provider of roadside assistance, as      customers. Mark and his team pro-
the largest leisure travel agency in     vide custom solutions that can in-
Canada today CAA (Canadian Au-           clude website design and develop-
tomobile Association) is a full retail   ment, database development, email
travel agency offering trip planning,    campaigns, content management,
booking of cruises, and inclusive        e-commerce and integration with
vacation packages to the travelling      social media.
public. However, CAA members
enjoy preferred rates and benefits       Mark believes that open and clear
including the member savings pro-        communication with your customers
gram which offers discounts at many      is key in today’s marketplace, and
hotels, restaurants and retail stores.   the web is the main stage. Mark’s
CAA is also a full-service provider      online campaigns, geared towards
of many types of insurance such as       getting results, have a proven track
auto, life and travel medical. Drop      record of being effective in increas-
in to CAA Travel, 378 Westmorland        ing brand awareness and sales.
Road in Saint John, to find see how      For a professional web-based solu-
much you too can benefit as a mem-       tion, contact Mark Pridham today at
ber.                                     639-3420 or visit him on the web at
WEBSITE DESIGNER                         www.markpridham.com
Mark Pridham Web Design -
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  Karen Estabrooks - First Place - $500 Ir ving Dollars
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