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        <p>Due to the declining prices of electronics in the market of
entertainment devices, owning an Apple iPod model has become quite
affordable. It is reported that iPod sales have become higher than any
other portable media player in the market. You have got a new iPod, you
use it for a while, after which it suddenly freezes up. In such a
situation, a frozen iPod would surely be a frighting thing, since you do
not know what actually has happened. You need to understand that this is
not really a serious problem, and you can reset your frozen iPod touch,
nano, or classic by just following a few simple steps. Read on to know
more about troubleshooting a frozen iPod.<br><br> How to Reset a Frozen
iPod<br><br> If your iPod is frozen, the very first thing you need to
check is whether the battery is charged enough. In order to unfreeze the
iPod, you can connect it to a computer and check if this works. This
troubleshooting step goes for all models in the iPod family, from nano to
the latest touch.<br><br> If you are dealing with an iPod Nano or a
classic model, you will have to ensure if the hold switch is released.
Toggle the switch back and forth to check if it works. If this does not
work, you then have to move further and reset the device. For this
purpose, you need to simultaneously press the 'Menu' and 'Select' button,
for around 6-10 seconds. By doing so, the iPod will be reset and the
Apple icon will appear on the screen. Note that the data will not be lost
in this process.<br><br> In case of an iPod touch, for resetting the
device; you have to press and hold and Sleep/Wake button for few secs,
after which you would view a red arrow with a message 'Slide to power
off'. You then have to slide the arrow to the right, which reboots the
player. Sometimes, resetting would have to be done a few times for the
device to work fine.<br><br> The last resort if the iPod is not working
is to restore it completely. However, the flip side of this option is
that all the data will be lost, since factory settings will be initiated.
Therefore, it is better if you have a backup of all data in Apple iTunes
library. The restore function can be used after connecting the iPod to
iTunes and clicking on the restore tab.<br><br> This was some general
troubleshooting information about a frozen iPod. Remember that to solve
most iPod problems, it is suggested to charge the battery and try
resetting the device. For other detailed information on iPod problems and
solutions, it is recommended that you visit the website of Apple
Computers and browse through the help guides. For issues such as iPod
touch screen not working, you can try the above mentioned steps or take
the device to a nearby Apple store. Note that resetting needs to be done
first, and if that does not seem to work; restoring is the next
alternative. Just make sure that you have a backup of data in your
computer before going in for the restore.&lt;!-- From --&gt; &lt;!--
google_ad_section_end --&gt; The Apple iPod touch is a device that has
surely revolutionized the use of entertainment gadgets. This is an iPod
which has the prominent feature of the touch technology used in the Apple
iPhone. This is an all in one entertainment device for gaming, music,
videos, movies, and even Internet access. Along with all these
entertainment offerings in the iPod touch, there is an ocean of
applications made by Apple Computers that are exclusively made for the
iPhone and the iPod touch.<br><br> Surprisingly, there are around 200,000
applications available on the Apple online store that can be used on iPod
touch and iPhone, with each having its unique entertainment potential.
Moreover, these applications are sorted out according to the categories
such as games, <a rel="nofollow"
4g.html">entertainment, sports, travel, social networking, news, and many
others. Therefore, choosing top apps for iPod touch really becomes a
difficult task. Following is a list of the top apps for iPod touch
2010.</a></p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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