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        <p>Just like all of the iPod touch devices, this new one will
retain the smooth, rounded shape of the former designs, therefore
forgoing the sort of flat surface of the new iPhone 4G. But other than
that, this new one is improved and filled with features that set it apart
from all other media devices built to date. Built even thinning than
previous models but sporting longer and more efficient battery life, as
well as more space capability, this new iPod takes on where the others
have left off and brings you a wild assortment of fun features making it
likely to be one of the biggest sellers this holiday season.</p>
<p>Using the same operating system and processor that the iPhone 4 uses,
including a three axis gyroscope which can enhance and enliven your
gaming experience. This combined with the Apple 4 processor as well as
the amazing retina display offering high definition images and clarity
will make it even better for you to play your favorite games on the
device, making it more interactive and exciting than ever before. The
lovers of the iTouch have already learned how to download apps from the
app store that let them plug in dozens of addictive and thrilling games
and now with the new device they will be able to enjoy these games with
even more sharpness and stunning visual quality.</p>
<p>Something that this device has that the others do not is the much
talked about camera. This camera will alter the entire function and
experience of the iTouch, making it far more advanced than it ever was
when it first began. The front facing and back facing camera allows you
to take high definition videos or photos and immediately load them onto
any other device. Or share them right from the iTouch itself as you can
briskly email them or post them to social networks and share your videos
and photos immediately after you capture them.</p>
<p>In addition, the iTouch has FaceTime, something that is slowly
becoming more popular, as it was present in the iPhone 4. However, since
it can only function if both parties have it, it has been rumored that
Apple will begin creating more products with this kind of feature so that
it will become a more broad based concept. That means, having the new
iTouch that already offers it can preset you for having the new wave of
communication that is bound to hit as this becomes a widespread and
common phenomenon. You will be able to talk to people with your iTouch
with the FaceTime app and you will be able to perform video calls to
others through the Wi-Fi connection.</p>
<p>Otherwise, the iTouch 4G offers you everything that the others do. A
great user friendly interface that has clear and colorful icons that
allow you to access the Internet page, the music, and photos, and videos
that are stored on your device, as well as allows you to check stocks and
the weather and access a map. You can do this with ease and efficiency
and also you can visit the app store and add games, social network apps
that allow you to make Facebook posts and Tweets with ease and from
anywhere where Internet is accessible. Also you will be able to enjoy
clear and sharp videos and movies from a screen that can be flipped
either sideways or vertically so you can choose which way gives you best
visual appeal.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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